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Business Plan Writing Service

Maximize your chances of getting funded

Our business plan writers develop plans that can help you win funding.

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What you can expect working with our Team:

business plan service near me

Business planning pros

You’ll work with a professional plan writer who will build a custom business plan for your unique industry

business plan service near me

The #1 planning tool

Get free access to LivePlan software, which makes it easier to share and update your plan

business plan service near me

A winning format

Our unique business plan format has helped over 1 million businesses

Expert business plan writers for any type of business

People in a business planning meeting in their office

Business plans for startups

  • Establish milestones to achieve success.
  • Outline accurate startup costs.
  • Fully establish the vision for your business.

Man discussing his business plan on a phone

Pitching to investors

  • Plans are formatted to meet lenders' expectations.
  • Ensures your projected financials are realistic.
  • Be prepared with a strong plan to back up your pitch.

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Retail, eCommerce, restaurants and other popular industries

  • Plan writers with experience and expertise in your industry.
  • Insights into what details are vital to succeed in your industry.
  • Develop a strong value proposition to stand out from the competition.

What makes our business plan writing services different?

Our business plan format has helped companies raise millions.

Our writers use a business plan structure that has been tested and refined over the past 20 years. So when you hire a LivePlan business plan writer, you'll be maximizing your chances of securing a loan or investment.

Screenshots of LivePlan pitch and revenue breakdown screens

Business plan writers trusted by top business schools across the U.S.

Since 1988, Palo Alto Software—the creator of LivePlan—has helped over a million entrepreneurs achieve success. Our business plan structure is even taught at top universities, such as Princeton and Rice.

Get matched with a business plan writer who knows your industry

Our writers are experienced professionals who have written hundreds of business plans. That means there will most likely be someone on our team who has experience in your specific industry.

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The best decision I could have made to launch my business in the right direction. I definitely recommend these services to entrepreneurs and future small business owners.

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Elite Liason Consulting

Maximize your chances of securing funding

Hire a LivePlan business plan writer today

How the process works:

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Research and discovery

We first gain an in-depth understanding of your business. Then, we begin market research and examine your growth drivers.

Plan Writing

Once our research is complete, we'll write the body of your business plan and provide you with a draft to review.

Financial modeling

We'll turn your financial assumptions into forecasts that include everything lenders and investors need to see.

Design and review

You'll get a polished business plan with a design that matches your brand. You can then print the plan or share it online with a unique and private link.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form below to connect with a liveplan team member, your request has been received..

A LivePlan business plan writing expert will email your quote shortly.

Get a head start today:

My plan writer was responsive, and understood my vision from our first communication. I now have a living document that I can use and manipulate as needed going forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business plan writing help and services for hire, will you review my plan and make changes.

Our review-only service just includes feedback, but if you decide you'd like to engage in our full plan writing service after participating in a review, we'll give you a discount.

What if I already started writing my plan?

If you have a partially completed plan, we can work with that. In fact, it helps the plan writing process go faster because we'll have to ask fewer questions, but you'll want to choose the full business plan writing service.

Do you do market research? What does that include?

Yes, we do market research. We have access to industry reports for most industries and we will use them to lend more credibility to your plan and validate the assumptions we are making in your financials.

What is included with the full plan writing service?

When it's all said and done, you'll have a full, lender or investor ready business plan, a one page pitch, and a free year of LivePlan so you can make changes to your plan as well as use our cash flow and business management tools to stay on track.

Can you guarantee that my business will get funded?

There are a lot of factors that go into the decision making process for lending that are beyond our control, like your personal credit. What we can say is that it is very difficult to get funding without a solid business plan and we make solid business plans.

Will you share my information?

We take your privacy very seriously and will not share your information.

How long will it take to finish my plan? / Do you offer an expedited service?

The average business plan completes in 3-6 weeks, depending on your responsiveness to your writer and our work load. We offer expedited services if you are in a rush.

Yes, we can deliver an expedited plan in as little as two weeks for an additional $1,000.

Does my business plan include financials?

What formats do you deliver in.

We deliver in PDF format, Word and we also give you access to edit your plan in a free LivePlan account.

How many pages is the average business plan?

We subscribe to the lean business planning method so we try to keep your plan short and to the point. Depending on the complexity of your business, your finished plan can end up being anywhere from 25-50 pages.

Pricing and Options

How much does this service cost.

The full plan writing service cost can vary depending on your needs. Book a call with us to request a quote. We also offer a lower cost business plan review service and a forecasting service.

Do you offer a la carte services?

We offer a review service (feedback only, no edits), forecast only service or full business plan writing service. If you have a partially completed plan, we can work with that, but you'll want to choose the full business plan writing service.

Do you offer a review service?

Yes. One of our business planning experts can review your plan and financials line by line and give you critical and constructive feedback to help improve your plan and increase your confidence when it comes time to deliver.

Do you offer an expedited service?

What if i don't like my plan.

You'll have the opportunity to review and leave feedback after each draft. We recommend taking the time to be thorough and thoughtful in your feedback as that is your chance to help mold your plan into something that really resonates with you.

Expert Plan Writers and Consultants

Who writes my business plan.

You will be paired with one dedicated individual from our small team of highly trained and experienced business planning professionals. Each one is a uniquely qualified business planning expert who can translate your ideas into a business plan that will appeal to your audience.

Is my plan writer an expert in my industry?

Our business plan writers are experts specifically in business plan writing. We've worked with every industry imaginable so the likelihood that they have some familiarity with your industry is high, but if you are looking for a business consultant this may not be a good fit.

What kind of background will my writer have? Are they outsourced from other countries? Have they been writing business plans for very long?

We are a small team of well educated business planning experts. Each writer's background varies but they all have financial or business education as well as years, small business management or consulting and business plan writing experience. They are all well vetted and really good at what they do, which is write plans that help you get funded.

Small Business Definitions

What is a business plan.

In its simplest form, a business plan is a guide—a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals. At its heart, a business plan is just a plan for how your business is going to work, and how you're going to make it succeed. Read our full article on "What is a business plan" here.

What is in a business plan?

The executive summary is an overview of your business and your plans. It comes first in your plan and is ideally only one to two pages. Most people write it last, though.

The opportunity section answers these questions: What are you actually selling and how are you solving a problem (or "need") for your market? Who is your target market and competition?

In the execution chapter of your business plan, you'll answer the question: how are you going to take your opportunity and turn it into a business? This section will cover your marketing and sales plan, operations, and your milestones and metrics for success.

Investors look for great teams in addition to great ideas. Use the company and management chapter to describe your current team and who you need to hire. You will also provide a quick overview of your legal structure, location, and history if you're already up and running.

Your business plan isn't complete without a financial forecast . We'll tell you what to include in your financial plan, but you'll definitely want to start with a sales forecast, cash flow statement, income statement (also called profit and loss), and your balance sheet.

If you need more space for product images or additional information, use the appendix for those details.

Read our full article "How to Write a Business Plan — the Comprehensive Guide" for more information, here.

Why is a business plan important?

There are many reasons why it is important to have a business plan. A business plan is essential if you're seeking a loan or investment, can help you make big spending decisions with confidence and is a solid foundation for ongoing strategic planning and prioritization. Read our full article on "8 Reasons Having a Business Plan is Important" here.

What is a business plan writer/consultant?

A business plan writer/consultant is a business and financial expert who can help guide you through the process of creating a business plan and do much of the labor involved in creating it. They will work with you to understand your business model, do market research, create financial projections and offer guidance as all of those pieces are brought together in a full business plan document.

How to pick a business plan writer/consultant?

Picking a business plan writer or business plan consultant is an important decision — you'll want to find someone dedicated to your success, with experience in your industry or field and that is in it for the long haul. Read our full article on "Things to Look for When Hiring a Business Plan Writer" here.

Why should you pay someone to write your business plan?

You don't have time. Starting a business is time consuming. Oftentimes people have to juggle a regular 9-5 job while working on starting their business. That doesn't leave a lot of time for a big writing project. Hiring a professional to write your business plan can help you give you time to focus on the tasks that are critical to getting your business off the ground.

You want to make sure it is done right, the first time. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Hiring a professional to write your plan for you can give you the peace of mind that your plan is the best it can be when you present it to potential lenders or investors.

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How Much Do Business Plan Writers Cost?

business plan cost

When you’re starting or growing a business, it’s important to have a clear plan in place. Writing a business plan can help you outline your goals and sales strategies, and it can be a valuable tool when seeking funding from potential investors such as venture capitalists or a bank loan. 

If you don’t have time to write your own business plan, or if you need help getting started, professional business plan writing services can be a great option. But, how much do these services cost? And is it worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look.

How Much Should I Pay For a Business Plan Writing Service?

Professional business plan writers and consultants generally charge between $2,000 and $25,000. However, the cost largely depends on the required quality of your plan, the complexity of your business plan, and the length of the document. Professional business plans for very small companies may only require a few thousand dollars to be written, while more complex business plans for larger, growing companies can easily cost over ten thousand dollars.

There are also private consultants who will write or edit your business plan on an hourly fee basis. Fees can range from $50 to $300 per hour or more, depending on the consultant and the complexity of your business plan.

Whoever you choose to get started with your business plan, be sure to consider what’s included in your service. At the very least, you should expect:

  • Comprehensive business plan including an executive summary, market analysis, marketing plan, financial plan with 3-5 years of financial projections, and other essential components required by potential investors
  • Customization based on your business model and specific to your business needs
  • Well-researched business plan based on relevant industry information and a thorough competitive analysis

There are several companies out there that offer complete business plan writing services. However, the quality of their work can vary dramatically. If you’re considering hiring outside help to write your business plan, choose carefully.

It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to these types of services. If you go with a cheap plan writer, you run the risk of ending up with a low-quality business plan. If your business plan isn’t strong and professional-looking, it may be harder for you to get funding or attract investors.

Looking for a Business Plan Writer?

You’ve come to the right place!  Since Growthink was founded in 1999, we have provided business plan writing services for thousands of clients including startups, small business owners, nonprofit organizations and mid to large-sized companies. 

We understand that writing a business plan can be a time-consuming process for many entrepreneurs.  Hiring a business plan writer will allow you to quickly and expertly create a custom business plan.

 Expert Team of Business Plan Writers

 Fully Customized Business Plans

 Market & Competitor Research

 Complete Financial Projections

 Strategic Consulting For Growth & Funding

Get Started Now!

Call us at (800) 216-3710 or complete the form below and one of our business plan writers will reach out to you to schedule a time to speak about your business plan needs.

You can learn more about our business plan consulting services here

What Factors Impact Business Plan Pricing?

Some things that impact business planning services pricing include:

  • Length – Longer, more complex business plans will cost more than shorter business plans.
  • Company Size – A business plan for a large or complicated company can be more expensive to write.
  • Level of Expertise – Smaller companies may opt to hire less experienced writers who charge lower prices, while larger, well-established companies choose to work with high-quality professionals who charge higher rates. You can’t expect a less experienced writer to help you achieve your goals (funding, growth) for your business plan.
  • Turnaround Time – Generally, shorter turnaround times mean increased prices. Typically it will take 3-4 weeks to write a quality business plan.
  • Additional Services – Some companies offer additional services, such as business plan presentation and pitch deck editing and support. These can cost extra.

To really get your business off the ground, it’s important to have a business plan in place that has been written by someone with the expertise to put together a successful business plan. A professional business plan consultant is an excellent investment for increasing your chances of securing the funds you need to start and/or grow your business. However, it’s important to do your research and choose carefully when you’re ready to hire.

Who Can I Hire To Write My Business Plan?

When choosing a business plan writer or consulting firm, it’s important to look for a company with significant business experience and proven expertise in business plan development. Look for companies that have been around for at least five years and do business plan writing on a regular basis. They should also be able to provide references from other companies that they’ve worked with.

A Business Plan Writing Company or Consultant

When hiring a business plan writing service , you’ll have two primary options. You can opt to work with a single writer or a dedicated team of experts who will be responsible for the entire project. The price of the service may vary depending on which option you choose.

A business plan writer typically costs less than an entire team, but it’s important to keep in mind that you may have less control over the outcome. The upside is that your business plan will be written by an expert with a deep understanding of the writing process.

When choosing this route, you should ask for references and examples of previous work. Before hiring any business plan writer, be sure they have the proper credentials and experience to meet your needs. You should also ask about any fees associated with revisions or updates.

Many businesses choose to work with a business plan consulting firm that offers a collaborative team of experts. This type of company will give you the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to utilize the knowledge and expertise of all the experts involved in the project, while still retaining control over the direction and vision of your business plan.

If you’re trying to determine how much it will cost to work with a business plan writing service, take some time to explore all of your options before making a final decision. You should consider both pricing models as well as the qualifications offered by the various service providers in your area. Doing so will ensure you find the most qualified choice for your business planning needs.

You Can Write It Yourself

If you are a newer entrepreneur or business owner or you are trying to save money, there are several free resources available online to help you write your business plan. The Small Business Administration (SBA) and your local Chamber of Commerce offer business plan services, workshops, or courses that can help you get started. Using a business plan template is a great way to quickly and easily complete your plan, especially if you are unfamiliar with the business planning process.

Some business owners are comfortable writing business plans without any outside help. This option offers you complete control over the process, but it typically takes more time than you have to spare. For that reason, not writing your own plan is usually recommended for experienced business owners, even those with plenty of business plan writing experience.

In most cases, experienced business owners who write their own business plans will have a better idea of what elements are needed and how they should be presented. However, it can still take considerable time to compile all the necessary information into a cohesive business plan that meets your audience’s needs. And it’s one thing to write a business plan; it’s another to write a business plan that gets investors or lenders to write you a large funding check.

A Combination of Business Planning Services

If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a comprehensive business plan service, combining outside services with writing your own business plan may be the best option. This approach gives you complete control over the process, while still allowing you to benefit from an expert business plan writer’s advice. It is also a great option for entrepreneurs who don’t have time to write their plan but aren’t quite ready to hire someone else to do it either.

Other business services that could help you include:

  • Market Research – Conducting thorough market research can help you determine which business opportunities are viable. Experienced consultants can help you identify your target customer so you can design the right marketing strategy to reach them.
  • Copywriting Assistance – Many entrepreneurs have a great product or idea, but lack the writing skills needed to effectively advertise it in their business plans or online marketing materials. A business plan copywriter can help you create a compelling marketing message that resonates with your target audience.
  • Startup / Growth Opportunities – If you’re thinking about starting a business or expanding your established business, it’s important to consider all of the potential opportunities before diving into something that may not be feasible for your current situation. A business plan consultant can help you identify what makes your business idea unique and how you can capitalize on those opportunities.
  • Business Plan Review – Once you’ve completed your business plan, it’s important to have it reviewed by an expert. They can identify any gaps or mistakes in logic that could affect how potential lenders or investors perceive your business idea.

As with any decision affecting your company’s future, you should take the time to explore all of your options before committing to a specific service provider. The goal is not only to find the best fit for your budget and needs but also to find a business plan consulting service that can meet your expectations and deliver quality content on time and within budget.

Is It Worth It To Use a Professional Business Plan Writing Service?

As with anything else, you’ll get what you pay for. If you are short on time or don’t have the writing skills required to write a business plan, it may be worth considering a professional writing service. These services can help you complete the necessary research and planning to get a comprehensive business plan written for your company.

How Growthink Can Help Your Business

Since 1999, Growthink has developed thousands of business plans for entrepreneurs and business owners to start and/or grow their businesses. From small business owners to Fortune 500 companies, we have provided a variety of business plan services to meet the needs of each client.

Our business planning services include:

  • Business Plan Consultants – Our experienced business plan consulting team has helped numerous businesses from small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations identify new opportunities and develop their business plans using existing information where possible, or by conducting new research as needed.
  • Business Plan Writing Services – Our business plan writers are experienced professionals who are committed to providing you with a business plan that delivers results. Depending on your needs, our business writers can either help you complete the research and writing process, or write your business plan for you from start to finish.
  • Done For You Market Research – Our market research team can conduct independent market research for your business through access to several market research databases. Utilize this research to help you write a business plan that is more in-depth and gives you a distinct advantage over competitors in your industry.
  • Private Placement Memorandums – Growthink’s experienced business consultants can help you prepare a private placement memorandum (PPM) that is tailored to the unique needs of your business. PPMs are used to help businesses raise capital from accredited investors.
  • Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template – Our simple business plan template is available in MS Word and when completed can be sent to investors and lenders in Adobe PDF format. Use this business plan template to help you focus your business concept on the information that is most relevant for lenders and investors, while also providing a flexible foundation for future growth.
  • Business Plan Writing Help Center – We have a wide variety of free resources for business planning on our website. Use our selection of 200+ business plan examples to help you write a business plan specific to your industry or learn more from our selection of business planning and funding articles.

No matter what product or service you choose, we wish you success in your business venture

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Expert business plan writers.


Plan the Launch & Growth of Your Business

We are the largest and best rated business plan company in the United States. We specialize in providing high-quality, comprehensive and beautifully designed business plans at a competitive price point. Our business plans can be used for strategic planning, internal planning, investor fundraising and bank funding. We are the best in the business. Don’t settle for anything less! 

  •'s #1 Business Plan Company (2016-2022)
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business plan service near me

Increase Your Chances of Raising Capital

You have only one chance to make that crucial first impression with investors and lenders. A detailed and well-drafted business plan is the key to making your path to funding shorter and simpler. Our business plans writers and consultants handle everything for you so that you are completely prepared for your investor, bank, or grant meeting.

  • Suitable for Lenders, Angel Investors & VC/PE
  • $3+ Billion in Debt & Capital Raised over 10 Years
  • Proven to Increase Funding Odds by 5x

Get Your Free Business Plan Writing Proposal

What you'll get:.

  • Business Plan Content Advice
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  • Custom Marketing Advice
  • Custom Funding Advice
  • Why We Are The Best Choice
  • What We Charge

Experienced Business Plan Experts & Advisors at Your Service

business plan service near me

Our Proven Engagement Process

Interviews with management team, conduct strategic market research, develop financial projections, business plan documentation, draft review call, editing process & final delivery, expect the absolute best, experienced consultants.

We partner you with a team of senior consultants who have helped entrepreneurs in over 100 industries. No salespeople, junior analysts, or outsourced vendors.

Strategic Advisory Process

We don’t just document your ideas onto paper. As your consultants, we brainstorm, research, and recommend the best strategies to launch and grow your business.

Fully Customized. No Templates.

No templates or long questionnaires. We work with you to strategize your business and build a customized plan to represent your unique vision.

Cost Effective & Results Driven

We understand that time is money. We guarantee the highest quality work at the most competitive price, handling all business plan writing and research so you have more time to focus on launching and growing your business.

Over $1 Billion in Funding Raised

We understand the requirements of financial institutions, angel investors, and institutional capital partners. Our clients also get access to our investor and bank network, that we have built over multiple years.

Growth Strategy Implementation

The business plan is just step one in our process. We can help you through every stage of growth. Including creating a website, generating leads, implementing effective marketing campaigns, bookkeeping, and a lot more.

Market Research Access

We have access to more than 15 reputable market research databases at our disposal, including IBISWorld, Euromonitor, Hoovers, Mintel, Statista, Freedonia, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, and First Research.

Best Quality, Competitive Pricing

We offer professionally developed business plans at competitive prices. We provide the highest quality business plans in the industry at rates that are half of the price that some of our competitors charge.

Award Winning Service

Guaranteed to exceed your lender & investor's expectations.

Our business plans have helped over 5,000+ companies across 150 industries acquire over $3 Billion in debt and equity funding. We build well-researched, comprehensive business plans that provide you with the highest probability of approval. 

Includes your company’s general ownership, incorporation information, operational timelines, and key hiring needs.

Our Clients Are Our #1 Priority

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Katharine Walker

business plan service near me

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Ronkot Design

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  • EB-5 Visa Business Plan

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Starting a Business | Buyer's Guide

6 Best Business Plan Writing Services

Published October 21, 2020

Published Oct 21, 2020

Blake Stockton

WRITTEN BY: Blake Stockton

This article is part of a larger series on Starting a Business .

A well-written, well-researched business plan is vital to the success of a new business or venture. It can attract investors and help you get a bank loan. Not every businessperson has the time or expertise to craft a winning business plan. Fortunately, there are companies with decades of experience that will assist. We evaluated several and found the six below to be the best business plan writing services available.

Top 6 Business Plan Writing Services

How we evaluated business plan writing services.

All the business plan writing services we evaluated had MBA writers and years of experience in many industries. To distinguish the best, we examined the following:

  • Price: Most do not list prices, although customer quotes put many of them in the $3,000 range.
  • Expertise: We considered years in service, qualifications of the writing and management teams, and industries served.
  • Types of Business Plans: Some companies focus only on plans for funding or strategic planning. Others offered more specific plans like visa business plans. Still, others narrowed their focus more tightly. Some also offer pitch decks and presentation-ready formats.
  • Turnaround Time: The average business plan turnaround time was two weeks, with additional time for revisions. Always ask about how much time you get for revisions and if there are additional costs involved.
  • Additional Services: Several of these companies offer additional services to help you succeed. If you are considering mentorship or know you’ll need some assessment, having one of these companies build your plan could give you a head start in building a relationship.

Bargain Business Plan: Best Overall Business Plan Writing Service

Bargain Business Plan

Bargain Business Plan is one of the least expensive business plan services we reviewed. Still, it offers experienced writers and a wide range of plans that includes immigration and visa plans. Overall, it has excellent reviews from customers. You can view samples of their well-designed plans. It’s the only service that provides flat-rate pricing as well.

Visit Bargain Business Plan

Bargain Business Plan Pricing

  • Bargain: $1,599. For startup businesses with simple business models looking to apply for small business loans or seeking a blueprint for development
  • Economical: $1,999. For startup and existing businesses with a more complex operation, such as restaurants and child care centers
  • Optimum: $2,799. For businesses seeking government grants, investments from venture capitalists, and funding through the SBA’s CDC/504 Loan Program
  • L-1 Visa: $1,999
  • E-2 Visa: $2,199
  • EB-5 Visa: $3,499
  • Consultations: Free

Bargain Business Plan Services

  • Detailed Business Plans: All plans include custom written business plans with market analysis, financial projections, and marketing plans. Higher-level plans offer more details, and each plan is designed for its specific purpose. For example, SBA loan versus visa.
  • Quick Turnaround: Drafts are done in seven to 10 days, with 14 days of unlimited revisions.
  • Experience: Bargain Business Plan has served 900 industries over the past 12 years and has worked with 500 partners and 10,000 customers. For immigration business plans, they work with immigration experts across the country. User reviews praise their expertise and attention to detail as well as share successes.

Why We Like Bargain Business Plan

Startups don’t always have a big budget for business plans, but it can be a key document for achieving success. Bargain Business Plan offers custom, well-researched, and beautifully designed business plans at excellent prices. The willingness to revise is a big plus as well.

Optimal Thinking: Best Plan Writing Service for Startup and Growing Companies

Optimal Thinking

Optimal Thinking says it best works on business plans for “early stage and existing businesses expanding organically or via acquisition.” It claims a 92% success rate with its business proposals. In addition, it offers other programs to help businesses succeed.

Visit Optimal Thinking

Optimal Thinking Pricing

Varies anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000, depending on plan and scope. Call for a quote.

Optimal Thinking Services

  • Expertise: Optimal Thinking has team members who are senior business executives, MBA writers, and industry experts in financing, operating, and marketing companies of all sizes. It  also has 27 years’ experience in writing business plans.
  • Plans address potential roadblocks: Optimal Thinking helps ensure success by anticipating potential business challenges, such as restrictive government regulations, economic issues, or market industry changes. Then, it includes ways to work around or through these issues.
  • Additional Programs: The company offers mentorship, employee motivation programs, and business assessments of communications, resources, opportunities, and more.

Why We Like Optimal Thinking

Optimal Thinking works with large companies such as Red Bull and Warner Brothers. Its writers have extensive experience in financials and business. Applying that knowledge to a business plan, even for a startup, means you will get not only a well-written and well-researched plan but also one that is informed by their years of expertise. This is also a company you can build a relationship with—get coaching and assistance in other areas of your business.

Wise Business Plans: Best Business Plan Writing Service for Specialized Plans

Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans has one of the widest varieties of plans of the providers we reviewed. Its business plans are well-researched and thought out, as well as beautifully designed. It works to make sure your ideas and the plan are sound and offer additional services to help you with execution, including funding referrals.

Visit Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans Pricing

Pricing varies, though users have quoted prices around $3,000. To get a specific quote, call for a consultation. After the first revision, Wise Business Plans charges $199 per revision.

Wise Business Plans Services

  • Investor Business Plan
  • Bank Business Plan
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Nonprofit Business Plan
  • Franchise Business Plan
  • L-1 Business Plan
  • E-2 Business Plan
  • EB-5 Business Plan
  • EB-5 Regional Centers
  • Merger And Acquisition Business Plan (M&A)
  • Private Placement Memorandums (PPM)

It also offers professional feasibility studies, PowerPoint presentations, pitch decks, and straight market research.

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Logo Design
  • Flyer and Brochure Design Services
  • Business Printing Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Business Consulting Services for Startup Company
  • Website Design
  • Business E-books Resources
  • Small Business Marketing Services
  • Experience: Wise Business Plans hires MBA writers, financial and market analysts, and graphics designers. The company has done thousands of business plans in over 400 industries.

Why We Like Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans has a reputation for doing more than creating a plan for you. It challenges you to make sure your assumptions and ideas are the best they can be. Reviewers on its Facebook page praise the quality of the final product, noting especially the graphics.

Pro Business Plans: Best Business Plan Writing Service for Startups & Canadian Visas

Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans gets props for the focus of its plans. While all the services we reviewed will build custom business plans, Pro Business Plans is one of the few that has plans that specifically focus on specific issues. It also has industry experts in finance/accounting and immigration.

Visit Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans Pricing

Pricing varies—call for a consultation.

Pro Business Plans Services

  • Focus: Pro Business Plans offers the usual range of business plans: SBA/bank, investment, L-1, E-2, EB-5. However, it also has plans specifically for nonprofits, startups, and the Canadian visa (PNP) program. It also has a pure market analysis product if your goal is to understand your industry before launching your business or expanding into a new area.
  • Experience: Many Pro Business Plans team members come from major accounting firms or have extensive experience working in venture investment capital. The company has served over 900 industries and has over 500 partners, including contacts in the visa application process.
  • Fast Turnaround: You can get your business plan drafted in four to seven calendar days, with seven days of close collaboration to get all the details polished.

Why We Like Pro Business Plans

In addition to the variety of plans and experience of the writers, what impressed us about Pro Business Plans was that users said they often went beyond simply writing the plan, providing advice and coaching during the process. Other reviews praised its market and financial research.

Go Business Plans: Best Business Plan Writing Service for Visa Business Plans

Go Business Plans

While Go Business Plans can work with any industry, its business consultants have had notable success with E-2, EB-5, and L-1 visa business plans. It can create business plans for investors, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, and strategic and internal planning.

Visit Go Business Plans

Go Business Plans Pricing

Go Business Plans does custom pricing within the range of $2,000 to $10,000.

Go Business Plans Services

  • Customized templates: The writers create custom plans. First, they schedule a one-hour interview with you for the basics, then conduct market research, financial analysis, and company and industry analysis, and compare you to the competition. They work with you to ensure it meets your expectations as well as SBA standards.
  • Advice and Assistance: Go Business Plans brainstorms and researches business strategies to advise you and can help with creating a website, generating leads, implementing marketing, and other services.
  • Immigration/Visa Business Plans: Go Business Plans has helped entrepreneurs from over 100 countries get their visas. It has drafted plans for 300 lawyers and over 1200 applicants. It works directly with your lawyer to make sure the plan and the legal applications are consistent as well.
  • Extensive market research: The business consultants have access to over 15 market research databases, including some of the top-tier ones like IBISWorld, Euromonitor, Hoovers, Mintel, Statista, Freedonia, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, and First Research.

Why We Like Go Business Plans

This business plan writing service offers expertise at competitive prices, and according to past customers, is willing to go the extra mile to help ensure success. Many customers of its business plans went on to use its other services such as website development.

LivePlan: Best Business Plan Writing Software for DIY


Rather than a consulting service that writes the plans for you, LivePlan is a software that helps you build a business plan. Plans start at $20 per month, and prices decrease if you purchase a six-month or annual plan. It offers additional tools to monitor your company’s progress, as well. This is the right choice for the entrepreneur on a budget or one who has done the research and needs a software to help them put it into an attractive format for presentation.

Visit LivePlan

LivePlan Pricing

LivePlan has a pay-as-you-go system but discounts for multiple months. Your first month is only $10, and it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • $20 per month, for monthly plans (First month $10)
  • $18 per month for six months
  • $15 per month for 12 months

LivePlan Features

  • Ease of use: Start by filling out the questionnaire and follow the instructions to create a basic plan. The software creates the financial tables, charts, and reports. Choose from 10 themes to create a professional-looking report that is SBA-approved.
  • Integrations: Sync to your QuickBooks or Xero to create reports or update sections. Export plans to Word or PDF, or put it in PowerPoint to make a slideshow presentation.
  • Tools that go beyond the business plan: LivePlan offers real-time performance dashboards to track budgets and goals. Benchmark data shows you how you are faring compared to others in your industry or location. Create and track milestones for measuring your progress as you grow.
  • Help features and examples: If you are blocked or unsure how to create a part of your plan, you can access over 500 examples in all types of industries and watch expert tutorials. Have a problem with the software? Reach support by phone, email, or chat.

Why We Like LivePlan

LivePlan offers an economical way for businesses that are comfortable with their data to create professional business plans for investors or banks. Additionally, it lets you create as many as you wish, so you can customize your plans for your audience or need or update them as your company grows. With budgeting and forecasting tools, it also helps you execute your business plan so your company can succeed.

Other Business Plan Writing Services Worth Considering:

  • Cayenne Consulting: Cayenne provides a highly qualified team of writers and has experience not only in business plan writing but also in other investment materials and private placements. It’s a good service for those looking for funding.
  • Growthink: This company has highly qualified and educated writers with extensive international experience. It is good for international businesses and business plans for strategic planning and mergers or acquisitions.
  • Masterplans: This company is more expensive than most on our list (prices ranging from $10,000 to $49,999) but is a highly reputable company that has created over 18,000 business plans for SMBs to multimillion-dollar investment projects.
  • Way2markit: This company provides business plans for investing, franchises, nonprofits, banks/SBA loans, and more. It also provides other business services from idea development to website design.
  • Freelance: You can find qualified business plan writers on freelance sites like Upwork. They may be less expensive. Before hiring anyone, be sure to check their qualifications and portfolio.

Bottom Line

Business plans are not cheap to create, but they can pay off by getting additional investment, secured loans, visas, or a clear direction for your company’s growth. For research purposes, be sure to know which type of business plan is right for your company. Each of the six business plan writing services reviewed offers decades of experience, high-quality reports, and reasonable prices.

Learn more about How to Start a Business in our complete guide.

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Blake Stockton

Blake Stockton is a staff writer at Fit Small Business focusing on how to start brick-and-mortar and online businesses. He is a frequent guest lecturer at several undergraduate business and MBA classes at University of North Florida . Prior to joining Fit Small Business, Blake consulted with over 700 small biz owners and assisted with starting and growing their businesses.

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Expert Business Plan Writer

Get the business plan you need to succeed with our professional business plan writing services.

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Expert Business Plan Writer

Professional Business Plan Writer at Your Service

We are WiseBusinessPlans, a specialized and trusted business plan writing service company since 2010. Our expert MBA business plan team crafts tailored plans for startups, small businesses, non-profits, and larger enterprises in various industries, including those seeking investor funding. With 13+ years of experience, we’ve helped businesses secure over $1 billion in funding, written 15,000+ business plans, and provided 100,000+ hours of business consultation. Our success reflects our commitment to delivering results and fostering business growth.

Our seasoned and proficient business plan writers specialize in creating bespoke plans for a diverse range of sectors, including startups seeking investor funding, retail businesses, eCommerce ventures, restaurants, and various other thriving industries. With over 13 years of hands-on experience and expertise in market research, financial projections, and strategic planning, we possess the knowledge and skills to craft plans that cater to the unique needs and goals of each client

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

  • Get custom business plan by experts in just 14 days
  • Get your business plan printed for physical presentation
  • Industry-specific knowledge and experience
  • Market research, financial projections, marketing strategies
  • Unlimited revisions and consultations
  • Satisfied clients from startups to large corporations
  • Quality format, presentation, and pitch deck

Our Sample Business Plans

bank business plan sample

What Our Clients Say

Our business plan includes:, executive summary, marketing strategy, competitive advantages, management & personnel, investment analysis, product & service description, company overview, use of funds, swot analysis, barriers to entry, branding & marketing, pro-forma financials, how do our business plan writing process work.

Schedule initial consultation to discuss needs, goals, and preferences.

Business concept, Target market, Resources, & Requirements.

Include Scope, Deliverables, Timeline & Pricing. Sign agreement.

Industry Trends, Regulations, Competition & Preferences.

Conduct research, analyze data, identify the market & evaluate the competition.

Objectives, Market analysis, Strategy, branding, Financials & exit plan.

Our Writers Review and revise the draft plan based on client feedback.

In the end, our writers deliver finalized plan in the agreed format (digital/print).

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Top Ten Reviews

Need a Business Plan? We Can Help

We are a team of professional business plan writers with over 13 years of experience. We write customized business plans for any industry and purpose. Whether you need a business plan for a startup, a franchise, a non-profit, or an immigration visa, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Our Recent Clients

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About Wisebusinessplans

Wise’s mission is to help inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders  Plan,   Build  and  Fund   their business vision.

Our MBA writers are the best in the industry. Each Professional Business plan writer has extensive experience writing custom business plans in various business industries. We have compiled research in more than 400 industries globally.

Our clients have raised billions in funding through banks (debt financing) and investors (debt/equity financing). Our experienced team can provide valuable insight.

What do The UPS Stores, LegalZoom and other leading corporations have in common? They trust their clients to Wisebusinessplans ! Thousands of satisfied customers and + “5-star reviews” written by our previous clients.

Business Project Meeting

Wisebusinessplans is a top business plan writing service that helps entrepreneurs and business owners create professional and customized business plans. We have expert writers with industry knowledge and experience. We offer various services, such as market research, financial projections, SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, operational plans, and executive summaries. We work with the clients to understand their needs and goals. We deliver high-quality and attractive business plans with presentation and pitch decks. We ensure confidentiality, security, and satisfaction. 

Wisebusinessplans charges different prices for different types of business plans, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. The prices range from $1,650 for a bank-ready business plan to $5,000 for an investor-grade business plan. The prices include market research, financial projections, content writing, editing, formatting, design, presentation, pitch deck, and unlimited revisions. The prices do not include any additional fees or taxes.

Wisebusinessplans has a fast and efficient process for completing a business plan. The process consists of four steps: discovery call, first draft delivery, revision process, and final delivery. The discovery call is a 30-minute phone call where the writer gathers information about the client’s business idea, goals, expectations, and preferences. The first draft delivery is within 10 to 14 business days after the discovery call. The revision process is where the client reviews the first draft and provides feedback or requests changes. The writer makes the necessary revisions and sends the second draft within 7 to 10 business days after receiving the feedback. The final delivery is where the client approves the second draft and receives the final version of the business plan in PDF format along with the presentation and pitch deck in PowerPoint format

Wisebusinessplans has several ways for clients to contact them. We have a toll-free phone number (1-800-496-1056) that is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. We also have an email address ( [email protected] ) that is available 24/7. 

MBA education: Wise Business Plans writers have MBA degrees from reputable universities and colleges. We have studied various aspects of business administration, such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, strategy, and entrepreneurship. We have also developed analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that are essential for writing effective business plans.

If you’re asking whether a business plan writer will review your plan and make changes, the answer is yes. We will create a specific business plan for your particular industry and make sure it is prepared to satisfy lender requirements.

We can work with a partially finished plan that you have. In reality, it speeds up the plan writing process because there will be less questions to answer.

By the end of the service, you will have a comprehensive business plan that is ready for presentation to a lender or investor. Additionally, you will receive a one-page pitch and a year of free access to Wisebusinessplans, which allows you to make modifications to your plan and use helpful tools for managing cash flow and business operations.

While there are factors that are beyond our control, such as personal credit, we can confidently say that having a solid business plan is crucial for securing funding. We specialize in crafting strong business plans and believe that this greatly increases the chances of receiving funding, however, guaranteeing funding is not within our power.

Yes, we take your privacy very seriously and guarantee that your information will not be shared.1

We offer PDF and Word formats, as well as the option to edit your plan through a complimentary Wisebusinessplans account.

Our approach to business planning is focused on being succinct and concise. We follow the lean business planning method, so the length of your plan will depend on the intricacy of your business. Typically, the finished plan ranges from 25-50 pages.

In case you are not satisfied with your plan, you can review it and provide feedback after each draft. We suggest that you take your time and give careful consideration to your feedback as it is your chance to shape your plan into something that truly speaks to you.

You will work closely with a dedicated individual from our team of highly skilled and experienced business planning professionals. Each team member is a qualified expert in business planning and will be able to effectively translate your ideas into a compelling business plan that resonates with your target audience.

Yes, our expedited service can deliver the plan in just two weeks for an additional cost of $1,000.

Yes, we provide three distinct services: a review service (providing feedback only without making any changes), a forecast only service, and a complete business plan writing service. If you have a partially completed plan, we can collaborate with you on that, but we suggest opting for the full business plan writing service.

Our team of business plan writers are specialized in crafting top-tier business plans. They have experience working with a diverse range of industries, making it highly probable that they have some familiarity with your specific industry. However, if you are in need of a business consultant, this may not be the best fit for you.

Get Business planning and writing consultation

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  • 1-800-496-1056

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"With SCORE, I got so many opportunities. Everything from starting, how to build, to actually selling online. I took every possible advice whether it's legal, educational, informational, mentoring, everything. I've relied on SCORE. SCORE has been my secret weapon, I must say."

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"Pete Slosberg is GOLD. From securing my position in the market, redefining our sales sheet, providing guidance on the core values and driving force of the company, recommending new marketing strategies, and suggesting unique customer acquisition approaches."

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"I encourage business start-ups and seasoned business owners to utilize SCORE services to grow their business. It WORKS especially if you do the work.  The training is impeccable and the mentors are the best part of working with SCORE. The mentors are not only knowledgeable about business and share their personal business experiences, but they also help you find out what your transitional skills are from leaving a job to starting a business, plus they are very kind and listen to you."

Iyobosa Ero owner of Preparture with SCORE Mentor

"There are challenges when it comes to being black in America. I see that as an opportunity to show why a partnership or a collaboration is actually needed. I needed someone from SCORE to provide me with strategic road-map focus, as Preparture at the time seemed broad. Meeting with Steven Lome helped me set goals and milestones."

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"When you go to the SCORE website you can actually choose different mentors from the list. You can see their credentials, their experiences. You can be matched with the one that can help you most. SCORE is the start point for your business."

"I have recommended SCORE to every veteran or entrepreneur I have come across. My team was patient, flexible, and insightful, and they brought a variety of different perspectives to our meetings. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to do it without them. Their encouragement and practical knowledge helped me to transform my idea into a reality."

Ask a Mentor Series

Are you curious about how SCORE mentors can help your business grow? Wondering about the qualifications of SCORE mentors or the process of engaging with them? Check out our Video Playlist! The playlist will help provide clarity and our FAQ section provides clear answers to these and other common questions, guiding you through the valuable services SCORE offers to small business owners.

Are you curious about how SCORE mentors can help your business grow? Wondering about the qualifications of SCORE mentors or the process of engaging with them? Our FAQ section provides clear answers to these and other common questions, guiding you through the valuable services SCORE offers to small business owners.

Ready to elevate your business journey? Connect with seasoned experts in your local area! Simply enter your zip code below, and we'll match you with a dedicated SCORE mentor who can guide you towards success. Unlock personalized advice, gain industry insights, and take your business to new heights today.

What is SCORE mentoring?

How does score mentoring work, how will you match me with my mentor, how long will it take to get matched, will my mentor reach out to me first, is score mentoring confidential can my mentor sign a nondisclosure agreement (nda).

  • Always place the business interests of SCORE clients first.
  • Protect the confidentiality of all client information so that it remains within SCORE.

What industries do you support?

Are the mentors really business experts, what is a typical mentoring session like, how can i make the most of my mentoring experience.

  • Checking your inbox for emails from SCORE.
  • Be ready to actively participate in your session. This means bringing specific questions that we can answer, engaging in discussions about your business, and challenging the mentor's ideas & suggestions if you don't fully understand them.
  • If your business is already in operation, please be willing to share your history, recent financials, cash flow, and business plan. This will give your mentor a much-needed understanding of your current operations so they can suggest ideas about how/where to improve.
  • Be open and honest in the discussion.
  • Be willing to meet with your mentor over a period of time. Many of the questions that we receive will take more than one meeting to answer. Remember, mentoring is always free and you can meet with your mentor as often as needed (based on schedule and availability).
  • Keep in mind that SCORE mentors will not do the work for you. We are here as guides and advisors but we’ll ask you to do the work. This is to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to manage your business.
  • When you’ve achieved success with your mentor, submit a success story for our website. This will allow us to celebrate your accomplishments and spread the word about your business. Your story could be featured in SCORE’s national media releases and marketing efforts, which will build awareness for your business.
  • Consider attending a SCORE workshop to complement your mentoring. We offer educational webinars, workshops and events online and in your local community. This will help you strengthen your knowledge and expand your business network.

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13 Best Companies That Offer Business Plan Writing Services

Do you want to hire a business plan writer? If YES, here are 50 best companies that offer professional business plan writing services at an affordable rate.

A business plan writing service is a team of business experts that take the ideas of an entrepreneur, combine it with their own properly conducted research and deductions, and come out with a professional, well-formatted business plan. Entrepreneurs that want the best chances at getting funding usually turn to business plan writing companies to help them craft a winning business plan.

Despite the fact that business plan writing services generally cost higher than business plan creation software or phone apps, but that does not prevent them from getting the number of clients they need because entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of the services they render.

Whether you’re building a startup from the ground up and seeking your first investment round, or you have a mature company and need a plan in place to garner new insights, having a professional to help conduct research and outline the model is imperative.

While you may have settled with your mind to hire the services of a business plan writer, but you must know that not all business plan services can offer you a professionally written work that can give you the best chances towards getting that funding. This is the reason why we have decided to bring you some of the popular and best business plan writing companies in the united states and the cost their services go for.

13 Best Companies That Offer Professional Business Plan Writing Services and How Much They Charge Clients

  • Wise Business Plans
  • Cost – $1,650

Wise Business Plans is a business plan writing service that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company writes business plans for businesses seeking venture capital and angel investors as well as businesses interested in applying for SBA loans , E2 visas and L1 visas.

Wise Business Plans are in the business of producing high quality business plans, and their plans contain market and industry research that are drawn from a wide range of sources. Its turnaround times have been known to be above average. Wise Business Plans works with many Fortune 500 companies as well as UPS. It has also partnered with the popular business plan software LivePlan to provide a business writing service to its customers.

When working with Wise Business Plans, you can expect to find a thorough analysis of your business’s industry, including growth trends. The business plan will also look at your business’s market, which includes demographic data about current and potential customers as well as macro and microsegmentation, giving potential investors a complete idea of your business’s potential.

Cost estimates of their business plans are based on estimates for a brick-and-mortar business’s plan. At $1,650, the cost is only slightly higher than the average of $1,500. Again, the cost can vary depending on how complex the plan is. A business plan for a startup looking for venture capital can be more expensive than a plan for a business looking for an SBA loan.

  • Go Business Plans
  • Cost – $2,000 to $10,000

Based in Los Angeles, California, Go Business Plans writes business plans that serve a variety of business’s needs, ranging from SBA loans and visa applications to plans seeking venture capital funding. Go Business Plans rated well in terms of the quality of its business plans and its comprehensive feature set.

Go Business Plans are reputed to contain a thorough market and industry analysis, a complete set of financial forecasts, marketing plans as well as a competitive analysis. The company also prides itself on the quality of it plans. The writing service does not offer a separate service to review existing business plans, instead reserving that for clients that already use or have agreed to use its other services.

This means that while you can’t have Go Business Plans review your current plan without signing up for another service, if you take advantage of any other offering available from this company, you can have your business plan reviewed for an extra cost.

Depending on your business plan, this can cost between $150 and $300. Go Business Plans cost varies based on the kind of business plan you need. But generally their business plan writing service costs between $2,000 to $10,000.

  • The Plan Writers
  • Cost – $1,200 to $5,000

The Plan Writers is a Beverly Hills, California-based business plan service that offers a variety of consulting services in addition to business plan writing. Their business plans are available for businesses and entrepreneurs interested in applying for visas or SBA loans, or those looking for venture capital or angel investor financing. The Plan Writers is also experienced with helping companies go public as well as creating feasibility plans.

When you engage the services of The Plan Writers, you’ll begin the process with a free 30-minute consultation. During this consultation, you’ll discuss your business and industry with the sales rep. If you want to speak longer, you’ll need to pay $200 for another hour. This fee is added to the final cost of your business plan.

Once you’ve commissioned The Plan Writers to create a business plan for you, it usually takes between nine to 10 days to receive the first draft. After you receive your plan, you have two weeks to submit any revisions. This is shorter than other services, but The Plan Writers gets revisions done quick, usually in about one to two days.

As with all business plan services, the costs vary depending on the complexity of your plan. Those plans usually cost around $1,200 to $1,500. Plans for startups or companies seeking larger amounts of capital can cost upwards of $5,000.

  • Capital West Advisors
  • Cost – $100 to $120 per hour

Capital West Advisors is business advisor company that also provides business plan writing services. They are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and their mission is to provide high quality business plan writing and capital introduction services at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Capital West Advisors was launched in 2006 and since then they have been providing business planning and capital introduction services to several hundred clients across the U.S. and around the world in a wide array of industries. CWA prices its business plans based on a rate of $100 to $120 per hour at a highly efficient rate. Most firms charge $125-$200 per hour at a less efficient rate.

  • Cost – Not disclosed

OGScapital is a team of experienced experts that help entrepreneurs produces a well written business plan as well as provide other services. The company was founded by a team of 8 senior business experts in 2006. From the start, their main goal as professional business plan writers has been to support startups and medium-sized enterprises as they move to the next level, helping them achieve their objectives and become market leaders.

Their expert business plan writers have helped business owners raise debt and equity financing critical to operational startup and growth. The OGScapital team of Online business plan writers does not stop working until the client is 100% satisfied.

The company produce business plans in fields such as accounting, marketing, legal, IT, design and other business services. As of now, their team includes 60 highly experienced consultants. With their business model and offices in the US, Canada, Australia, and the uk, OGScapital is able to help entrepreneurs worldwide.

Once you contact them, you will receive your business plan with within 10-15 days. OGScapital did not disclose their charges, but they disclosed that the client would pay a 50% prepayment before the job commences, with the remaining balance paid upon completion (only when you are 100% satisfied).

  • Deutsch & Thomas
  • Cost: $425 USD

Deutsch & Thomas, Inc. is a business plan writing service that offer professional business plan preparation for startups and small businesses. Registered as Deutsch and Thomas, Inc., their experience building business plans will help you when approaching investors, bankers, and potential clients.

The company has the ability to create financial projections, management and mission statements, and expenditure estimates. Their service also includes electronic presentation preparation. All their business plans are completed within 5 to 6 business days of contact.

Deutsch & Thomas was founded in 2005 by Matthew Deutsch. The business has been in operation for over fourteen years, and was run as a partnership prior to its incorporation. Since its inception, the company has helped small and medium sized businesses raise more than $585,000,000 through plans developed by their team.

  • Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans is a leading group of individuals offering business plan consulting and writing services to organizations and individuals. The team is driven by passion, quality and expertise, and they aim to create an accurate road map on various topics to help customers attain achievable targets in minimal time.

Founded in 1999, Pro Business Plans works with international companies from Startups to Fortune 500 across a diverse range of industries to prepare stunning business plans, pitch decks, and investment materials. Pro Business Plans delivers investment banking quality with the attention and care of an in-house consultant.

Its business plan samples reflect its meticulous attention to detail and reflect the of their clients’ company. The financials are accurate and based on the most widely respected market research groups on the United States.

The company has assisted startups, early stage ventures, nonprofits, and existing companies to launch and expand their operation. The company did not disclose its costs.

  • Optimal Thinking
  • Cost – $5,000

Optimal thinking is a marketing and writing service that began in 1985. The company has writing specialists that consult with their clients to help them achieve the objectives of their business. With 27 years of experience, the company serves as organizations’ trusted writing and editorial department.

The optimal thinking professional business plan writers have more than 250 years of combined experience writing successful business plans. They can help you provide a professionally optimized operational plan, feasibility plan, expansion plan, annual plan, internal plan or a new product plan. But their charges can be quite hefty as it can get up to $5,000.

Optimal thinking works with companies from start-ups, small businesses and large organizations including Warner Bros., Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Treasury, National Australia Bank, Air New Zealand, Young Presidents’ Organization and Red Bull.

  • Bargain business plans
  • Cost – $1399 to $2499

Bargain Business Plan is a business plan writing service that has served over 10,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners since 2008. The company has garnered experience in nearly every industry and market available.

Bargain Business Plan writers take the time to get to know their clients, so that they can effectively develop a custom business plan which will meet their needs. Whether you’re in the conception stage of your business or expanding your brand to a new market, their team of business plan writers and consultants will work to ensure you’re in position to succeed.

This is the reason why they are always mentioned when it comes to leading business plan writing companies in the United States.

Their team of dedicated business plan writers, consultants, and financial analysts all work together to ensure that their business plans are always up to standard. Their the cost of writing business plans in the company can range anywhere from $1399 to $2499.

  • Cayenne Consulting

Cayenne has been around for a long time and is another good provider of business plan writing and consulting service in the United States. They have a good senior management team that has a lot of case experience which can be helpful to startup and growth stage companies of all kinds. They also can prepare additional investment related materials such as private placements and more.

Founder of the Cayenne Consulting, Akira Hirai, started the business in March 2001, because venture capitalists kept telling him that the business plans and financial forecasts he had prepared for his own companies were among the best they had seen.

In addition to business plan writing, the company also conducts strategy development, market research and analysis, competitor research and analysis, business plan preparation, financial analysis and forecasting, presentation materials, and developing a capital formation strategy.

This frees you up to focus on building something that investors might actually be interested in: a company in a large market with a compelling value proposition, strong competitive advantages, excellent growth potential, and a team that can make it happen.

Their team is located across the nation and have industry expertise in many high-growth markets, including green technologies, life science, software, Internet, telecommunications, and financial services. Their services can range from a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Newton Group Marketing
  • Cost: $1,900 – 3,900

Newton Group Marketing specializes in writing powerful and compelling proposals and business plans to obtain needed financing from major banks and investment firms.

The company collaborates with highly specialized and reputable individuals to help create exceptional quality websites, proposals and other marketing pieces. Collectively, the Newton Group Marketing team brings decades of experience and specialized expertise in their respective fields, to bring remarkable quality and bottom-line results to clients.

Although originally based in Vancouver, BC, the company teamed up with professional business plan writers in Toronto and throughout Canada, and offers marketing services sessions to multiple locations in the world. They work with most clients freelance through software such as Skype, email and phone consultation to maximize both time and efficiency for customers.

Their clients can choose from 3 different business plan packages to best meet their funding needs. All plans include Executive Summary, Complete Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Financials (Income Statement, Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheet), and they are usually between 15-35 pages in length depending on plan type.

  • Cost – not disclosed

Growthink is one of the world’s leading business plan development firm. Founded in 1999, the company has helped more than 1,600 clients – including entrepreneurs, small businesses, middle-market companies, Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations – develop world-class business plans. As evidence of the quality of their work, Growthink clients have raised more than $1 billion in growth capital.

Growthink does not have pre-set pricing tiers for their consulting work. Each and every Growthink business plan is 100% customized based on the client’s specific needs and objectives. As a result of their in-depth consultative business planning process, Growthink consultants typically invest 4 to 6 weeks to fully develop and finalize a business plan.

In 1999, Growthink co-founders and Dave Lavinsky and Jay Turo graduated with their MBAs from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. They conceived Growthink from their deep and abiding passion and curiosity for business. Growthink has worked with many companies and assist in not only business plans, but also business consulting in many aspects.

They also provide many other services such as business analytics, banking, products, and other services geared towards helping business owners.

  • Master Plans
  • Cost – $1,900 to $7,500

Masterplans, based in Portland, Oregon, writes business plans for SBA loans, visa applications as well as for businesses seeking venture capital or angel investors. In addition to business plan writing, Masterplans can also review your existing business plan and give you feedback and suggestions for improvement. The plans offered by this service are high quality, and rate well in terms of cost and turnaround times.

Masterplans assigns a team of experts to help with your business plan, and a manager works to organize and update you on the project as it progresses. Each expert works individually on the market analysis, financial forecasts and business narrative. By dividing the plan up, Masterplans can complete your plan faster.

It usually takes between seven to 10 days before you receive the first draft of your business plan. If you need your plan quickly, you can get a rush job for an additional fee. Business plans through Masterplans range from $1,900 to $7,500, depending on the type of plan you need.

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Discover the innovative features and cutting-edge technologies that make Moscow a Smart City leader. From efficient transportation systems to advanced energy management, Smart City Moscow is transforming urban living for its citizens. Explore the benefits and possibilities of a smarter city with Moscow smart city strategy.

Smart City Moscow, Russia

2.127 smart points.



Connectivity, life quality.

Moscow, on the Moskva River in western Russia, is the nation’s cosmopolitan capital. In its historic core is the Kremlin, a complex that’s home to the president and tsarist treasures in the Armoury. Outside its walls is Red Square, Russia’s symbolic center. It’s home to Lenin’s Mausoleum, the State Historical Museum’s comprehensive collection, and St. Basil’s Cathedral, known for its colorful, onion-shaped domes.

Once Moscow started to revive its legend and cultural gem, the number of visitors to VDNKh has been rapidly increasing to reach around 25 million people annually. In 2018, it saw the record-breaking 30 million guests! During its 80-year history, the exhibition was called in different ways: VSKhV, VDNKh, and VVTs. Its original purpose was to demonstrate the achievements of the national economy to Muscovites and numerous Moscow guests. However, today it has become a Grand Centre of leisure, education, and culture.

Examples of Smart City Development in Moscow:

  • Implementation of a unified Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) that integrates various modes of transportation, including public transport, private vehicles, and bicycles, to provide a seamless and efficient travel experience for citizens.
  • Deployment of a network of smart sensors and devices that collect and analyze data on traffic flow, air quality, noise pollution, and other environmental factors to help city officials make informed decisions and improve the quality of life for residents.
  • Creation of digital platforms and services, such as e-government portals, online payment systems, and mobile apps, that enable citizens to access information and services quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

Companies and their Results Moscow smart city strategy:

  • Yandex, the leading Russian search engine and technology company, has developed a number of smart transportation solutions in Moscow, including a ride-sharing service called Yandex.Taxi, a car-sharing service called Yandex.Drive, and a public transport planning tool called Yandex.Transport.
  • Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, has partnered with Moscow authorities to deploy 5G networks and other advanced technologies to support the city’s smart city initiatives. The company has also established a research and development center in Moscow to focus on AI and other emerging technologies.

moscow smart city

Statistics in Numbers:

  • According to the Moscow Department of Information Technology, the city has installed more than 200,000 smart devices and sensors to monitor traffic, air quality, and other environmental factors.
  • The Moscow Metro, which carries more than 7 million passengers per day, has implemented a smart ticketing system that allows commuters to pay for rides with their smartphones.
  • Moscow’s e-government portal, which provides access to more than 500 online services, has registered more than 18 million users since its launch in 2011.

Interesting Facts:

  • Moscow was ranked as the 9th smartest city in the world in 2020, according to the IESE Cities in Motion Index.
  • The city has launched a number of smart city pilot projects, including a program to use blockchain technology to store and share data on real estate transactions and a project to deploy autonomous vehicles in certain parts of the city.
  • Moscow authorities have set a goal of reducing the city’s carbon footprint by 30% by 2030 through a range of initiatives, including the promotion of electric vehicles and the implementation of energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure.

Plans for Moscow smart city 2030 strategy roadmap:

  • The Moscow smart city strategy Roadmap, which was adopted in 2016, outlines a number of key priorities and initiatives for the city’s smart city development through 2030. These include:
  • Expanding the use of digital technologies and services to improve the quality of life for residents, such as smart healthcare and education.
  • Enhancing the city’s transportation infrastructure and mobility services to reduce congestion and improve accessibility.
  • Promoting sustainable development and energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy sources and green building practices.
  • Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through the development of a strong ecosystem of startups, research institutions, and venture capital firms.

smart city moscow

The Moscow Smart City strategy represents a comprehensive and ambitious plan to transform the city into a more livable, sustainable, and innovative urban environment. Through the use of advanced technologies and data-driven solutions, the strategy seeks to improve the quality of life for citizens and create a more prosperous and resilient city for future generations.

Moscow smart city strategy Technograd

Technograd is the chief front office of Moscow’s professional training system. The complex was opened in the Knowledge Park at VDNKh on 3 September 2018, with Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin invited.

Training program

Technograd offers the world’s and the country’s best training programs in more than 40 most in-demand professions and professions of the future. The programs have been based on actual employers’ requirements. The complex gives an opportunity to train, retrain, and upgrade skills in any of the chosen careers. Its platforms provide excellent conditions for training specialists for small and medium-sized businesses. The training programs have been developed taking into account the specifics of each line of business and include case studies of leading entrepreneurs and experts.

Assembly point of the future

In the country’s sole supermarket of professions, everyone of any age can acquire an in-demand profession or choose his or her future job, taking training based on cutting-edge teaching methods. The innovative education complex of a new type is VDNKh’s attraction point.

Muscovites use the advantages of a smart city every day: they connect to the internet on a train or in the streets, arrange doctor’s visits via the Unified Medical Information Analysis System (UMIAS), pay utility bills online, and attend an online school. presents this article on how Moscow has managed to become one of the world’s smartest cities.

A Smart City is a system of city service resources that are used as efficiently as possible to provide maximum convenience for its residents. It requires a close connection between smart city projects (street CCTV cameras, public services, smart transport systems, and others) in a megalopolis.

City Wi-Fi and mobile internet

There are many points with free Wi-Fi access in Moscow streets, parks, and pedestrian areas, including over 2,000 located inside the Garden Ring and in Moscow parks.

The Internet can also be accessed from public transport. The network covers the metro, the MCC, the Aeroexpress trains to the airports as well as buses, trams, and trolleys. This means there is no need to authorize again after changing from one form of transport to another.

Mobile internet still costs Muscovites eight times less than in New York. Moscow is second in fixed telephone accessibility.

Smart transport

Moscow’s intelligent traffic control system is an important element in a Smart City. In Moscow, this system includes more than 2,000 traffic lights, 3,500 traffic detectors, and 2,000 CCTV cameras. Data from these devices are transferred to the Traffic Management Center’s situation room, where they are analyzed online, which helps control traffic. In the future, this information will make it possible for the Traffic Management Center to forecast traffic patterns due to street closures, the introduction of one-way traffic, or a newly designated bus lane.

Moscow was the first Russian region to launch a website where the public can pay various fees, and attain city services, and that moved permits and documents to the cloud allowing users to receive several services in one package.

Muscovites can check on and pay traffic tickets and utility bills, arrange a doctor’s visit, top-up a Troika card, sign up children for a club or do many other things in only minutes. There are 222 services in total on now.

Visit a doctor online

The Unified Medical Information Analysis System (UMIAS) was launched in Moscow in 2011. It can be used to find the closest medical center, arrange a doctor’s visit, or get sick leave papers. UMIAS has reduced lines in clinics 2.5 times since it was launched.

UMIAS works at 678 medical centers, unites 21,500 doctors, and 9.5 million patients as well as 359 million arrangements, and provides for over 500,000 transactions every day. About 700,000 people use UMIAS to arrange to see a doctor every week.

moscow smart city strategy

City and Active Citizen

Muscovites can directly interact with the Moscow government and influence the city’s life. Our City is a feedback channel where residents can comment on officials and utility services issues.

Muscovites can report on the lack of a rubbish basket in a park, a broken staircase or pavement tile as well as rubbish on the street, poor landscaping care, or a pothole. Over a million users are registered on the website. Almost 1.8 million problems have been resolved with this website so far.

The Active Citizen online referendum system allows citizens to give an opinion on various issues, starting from additional bus routes and lawn mowing to the name of the new metro ring. “Active Citizens” save up bonus points to get brand souvenirs or tickets to theatres or museums. Today over 1.9 million participants are registered in the system, with 2,600 voting sessions held and over 81 million opinions taken into account.

Electronic school

The Moscow Electronic School project started in September 2016. The main elements include digital school records and online registering as well as an electronic library with textbooks and lesson scenarios. The scenarios have replaced lesson plans and look more like a presentation with materials and tasks. Teachers all around the city can find the necessary scenario at the library, add something new to the existing one, or create a new one and share it with others.

This system allows teachers to exchange opinions and creates healthy competition between teachers because scenarios can be rated and the number of downloads is recorded. As of today, teachers have created almost 50,000 lesson electronic scenarios. Interactive blackboards – 84-inch touch screens – can be used to make lessons more interesting. School students can draw on it, move elements from one place to another, paint various areas, and so on with a stylus or their fingers. Today’s children are used to electronic devices, so they like working that way. For example, in history lessons, students use the blackboard to enjoy drawing trade routes or circle areas where certain tribes lived. Some subjects, such as geometry, actually look better with 3D images. Thanks to internet access, teachers can quickly pull up information such as laws, articles, videos, and many other things on the interactive blackboard.

Moscow schools also use online school performance and attendance records as well as the “Attendance and Food” system, in which parents can see children’s marks and their education in general: what topics were covered and what homework is due. The system allows parents to monitor their child’s arrival and departure from school and what they had for lunch.

Video analytics

Moscow is one of the world’s top ten cities in the number of CCTV cameras. There are over 146,000 cameras installed in entrance halls, courtyards, public places, and educational institutions. Recordings are used to solve 70 percent of violations and crimes. The cameras also help monitor utility services.

Recordings are kept at the united data storage and process center. In case of an emergency, it is possible to book the archived information from the necessary camera for 30 days by calling 8 (495) 587-0002. The application number received from the operator must be given to law enforcement or legal counsel. If not booked, the archived information is kept for five days.

World recognition

It is fair to call Moscow a smart city, and this title is recognized by the global community. Last July, PricewaterhouseCoopers included Moscow in the top five megalopolises that are ready for innovation. Last June, the Russian capital won the WeGO award. Moscow received special mention in the category of e-government services, and last February, Intelligent Community Forum ranked Moscow among the top seven finalists in the most intelligent city contest.

Industrial design

A special style has been developed for the design of structures used in the new signage system. Materials were selected to minimize vandalism and that do not require painting to maintain their appearance. The exterior design was inspired by Moscow architecture.

How was the Moscow smart city strategy development?

The development of a single transport navigation signage system began in 2013 and was ready within a year. The pilot project was launched in the metro: information signs with pedestrian maps and exit numbers appeared at five stations. At the same time, maps for system accessibility appeared at the bike-share stations.

The first bus stop with the new signage was completed in Moscow in 2015. Signage with city maps for pedestrians also began appearing at that time.

The new navigation system began to be used on a wide scale in 2016. Information for the passengers is placed in the metro and at the stops as well as on pedestrian streets.

Over the past 7 years, the number of tourists has increased by 65 percent, from 12.8 million to 21 million people. City revenues from tourism, festivals, and cultural events have soared by 70 percent. A new navigation system has been introduced for the convenience of city residents and tourists: signs and markers are currently available in eight administrative areas as well as at every bus stop

Social care and assistance

Social-sector funding has almost doubled in 2011. In 2018, 430 billion roubles were allocated for social care and assistance projects. Apart from cash payments, the city implements other projects that make life easier. For example, 85 percent of buses, trolleybuses, and trams are adapted for people with disabilities, and to add to this the Exciting Activities for Senior Citizens project has been launched.

Since 2013, the city has planted over 90,000 trees and 1.9 million shrubs under the One Million Trees project. The air is becoming cleaner: Nitrogen oxide and carbon oxide emissions are down 20 and 30 percent, respectively, and those of tiny particles have decreased by an average of ten percent. And tap water no longer reeks of chlorine.

Parks and green zones

550 parks, since 2011, the city has improved 550 parks and green territories, including the creation of 259 new parks. In 2017, 113 green zones were improved. There are plans to still improve 84 parks before the year is out. Trees and shrubs cover 49 percent of the city’s area.


The city no longer implements high-density (infill) construction projects, and the construction of properties with an area of 21.2 million square meters has been canceled. New hospitals, schools and kindergartens, transport interchanges, and metro stations appear each year.

Science and innovations. Moscow smart city strategy

The city has established 33 technology parks accommodating thousands of small and medium-sized innovative companies. 39 industrial complexes prioritizing innovation development have been registered. 12 technology parks for children are being developed at local universities, offering classes for school children.

The number of weekend markets has increased ten-fold. Since early 2018, there are 102 marketplaces. Over 4,000 illegal trading facilities have been dismantled during the past five years, a standard system for siting kiosks has been drafted, and a 96.6-percent outlet-accessibility coefficient is now posted.

Since 2011, the city has improved 550 parks and green territories, including the creation of 259 new parks. In 2017, 113 green zones were improved. There are plans to still improve 84 parks before the year is out. Trees and shrubs cover 49 percent of the city’s area.

Since 2011, the city has opened over 90 new sports facilities, and the number of city residents preferring a healthy lifestyle has doubled. During the summer of 2018, Moscow hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Luzhniki Stadium was renovated in the run-up to the event, and home stadiums for Spartak and CSKA were also built.

In the past few years, Moscow built 42 new cultural facilities and restored over 1,000 architectural landmarks, including the Arch of Triumph on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, the Pashkov House, the Gnessin School of Music, the Izvestia building, Helikon Opera, and many others as well.

Moscow city governed Moscow city is governed by a system of local government that consists of a Mayor, a City Duma (legislative body), and various executive bodies. The current Mayor of Moscow is Sergey Sobyanin, who has been in office since 2010. The City Duma is made up of 45 deputies who are elected for a term of five years. The executive bodies of Moscow city government are responsible for implementing policies and programs as directed by the Mayor and the City Duma. These bodies include the Moscow City Government, which is headed by the Mayor, and various departments responsible for areas such as transportation, education, and healthcare.

Building and courtyard Moscow smart city strategy

By 2015, the city renovated 105,900 residential building entrances and sections and replaced 29,500 lifts in apartment houses. In all, 21,875 courtyards were improved in 2011-2016. Parking space volumes tripled, and 17,353 new playgrounds and 4,487 sports facilities were installed

City projects

Moscow pioneered the development of key city-life aspects . Other Russian cities utilize the capital’s experience in implementing city-level projects to create a people-friendly urban environment, to modernize the transport sector, and implement IT projects at local schools

Route connectivity

The system is intended for the metro, surface transport, pedestrian spaces, the city’s bike-share network, and transit hubs, and it facilitates orientation along the way on the ground and underground. Each component is designed for a specific place, where it helps plan a route.

City maps for pedestrians have appeared in Moscow for the first time. All of them are designed with due account of the person’s location. It is marked “You are here.” The maps are oriented so that everything on the right is also to the right of the person looking at the map. Those accustomed to cardinal directions for orientation will see an arrow pointing to the north. The maps have circles indicating a five-minute walk from their location.

Metro Exits

Metro exits are now numbered clockwise. This helps people find the right direction. Major interchange hubs comprising several stations (Okhotny Ryad — Teatralnaya — Ploshchad Revolyutsii) have consecutive numbering. In addition, exits adapted for passengers with impaired mobility are marked with ramp and lift icons.

City landmarks that help orient visitors are marked with images and icons. This helps people identify them quicker and find the desired direction. Landmarks are indicated in the navigation system and serve as additional reference points.

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jquery(document).ready(function($){ }); living in the smartphone era top 10 technology trends of 2023 jquery(document).ready(function($) { $("#post-grid-117119 .layer-media .gallery").owlcarousel({ items : 1, navtext : ["",""], autoplay: true, loop: true, autoheight : true, nav : false, dots : false, }) }); /*write your js code here*/.

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Our top picks of timely offers from our partners

UFB Secure Savings

The 6 best free business checking accounts with no minimum balance requirements

We rounded up the top free business checking accounts looking at fees, payment flexibility and more..


Two important things to consider when opening a business checking account are monthly maintenance fees and minimum deposit requirements. Many banks charge a monthly maintenance, or service, fee just for having an account. Meanwhile, some banks require an initial deposit in the thousands to open an account. Not all banks have these requirements, however.

Some banks don't charge any monthly fees, or waive them if you meet certain requirements. There are also many accounts with low or no minimum deposits. These bank accounts can be especially valuable for new business owners who want to keep costs low.

If you're looking to avoid fees , CNBC Select rounded up the best free business checking accounts available. We considered a range of factors like fees, business support, payment flexibility and more. (Read more about our methodology  below.)

Best free business checking accounts

  • Best for high-yield: Bluevine Business Checking
  • Best for debit card rewards: Grasshopper Business Checking
  • Best for saving on business tools: Novo Business Checking
  • Best for gig workers and freelancers: Found Banking
  • Best for international transfers: Mercury Banking
  • Best for no foreign transaction fees: Lili Basic Business Checking

Best for high-yield

Bluevine business checking, special offer, monthly maintenance fee.

Minimum deposit to open

Minimum balance

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

Standard: 2.0% APY on balances up to and including $250,000 if you meet a monthly activity goal* Premier: 4.25% APY without minimum qualifications

Free ATM network

No fees at over 38,000 ATM locations nationwide

ATM fee reimbursement

Small business perks.

Two free checkbooks

Overdraft fee

Mobile check deposit.

Terms apply. Bluevine accounts are FDIC insured up to $3 million per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC

  • No monthly fees, monthly or daily balance minimums, ACH payment fees, incoming wire fees or overdraft fees
  • Ability to instantly lock and unlock your Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard® for added security
  • Connect to business tools like PayPal, Stripe and Expensify
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Online only (not great if you prefer in-person banking)
  • No ATM refunds for out-of-network transactions

*The requirements to earn interest are either:

  • Debit Card Spend: Spend $500 per month with Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard® issued by Coastal Community Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard inc, which can be used everywhere Mastercard® is accepted.
  • Incoming Payments: Receive $2,500 per month in customer payments into Bluevine Business Checking account via ACH, wire transfer, mobile check deposit, or directly from merchant payment processing provider

The Bluevine Business Checking account doesn't place any limits on the number of transactions you can make and charges no monthly, minimum daily balances, non-sufficient fund fees, ACH transfer fees or overdraft fees. It stands out for offering a competitive interest rate for a checking account, as well as up to $3 million in FDIC insurance , well above the standard $250,000 coverage.

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Best for debit card rewards

Grasshopper business checking.

1.00% cash back on qualifying purchases

1.51% APY on balances of $0.01—$24,999.99 and $250,000.01; up to 2.25% APY on balances of $25,000-$250,000

No fee withdrawals at over 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs nationwide

Rewards debit card access

Terms apply.

  • No monthly fees, balance minimums or overdraft fees
  • Offers a debit card that can be used to earn cash back
  • Offers an APY
  • Small minimum deposit amount to open the account
  • You need a higher account balance to earn the highest APY tier

The Grasshopper Business Checking account is an interest-bearing checking account with no monthly fees, balance minimums or overdraft fees. It incentivizes debit card use by offering 1% cash back on qualifying purchases.

Best for saving on business tools

Novo business checking, special offers.

Perks upon sign up can include $3,000 in Google Cloud credits, $150 toward Google Ads, 40% off the first six months of QuickBooks Online and up to $20,000 in fee-free credit card transactions when you link your account with Stripe

No out-of-network ATM fees and reimburses fees charged by other ATM operators, up to $7 per month

Yes, up to $7 per month worldwide

Sync your account with Slack, Stripe, Shopify, Quickbooks, TransferWise, Xero, Zapier and other popular merchant tools. Amazon integration for sales and revenue tracking.

If a transaction is made and there are insufficient funds to complete the payment, your Novo account will not be charged an overdraft fee

Terms apply. Novo Platform Inc. {"Novo") is a fintech, not a bank. Banking services provided by Middlesex Federal Savings, F.A. Member FDIC.

  • Seamless tech integrations make it easy for the solo entrepreneur who does it all
  • Money-saving partnerships with popular invoicing, marketing and communications tools
  • Syncs easily to Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Unlimited fee-free monthly transactions
  • No monthly fees or minimum balance requirements
  • ATM reimbursements up to $7 per month
  • No easy way to deposit cash

The  Novo Business Checking  account offers a few special discounts that can help business owners run operations a bit more smoothly. It doesn't charge monthly maintenance fees and doesn't require a minimum initial deposit to open the account.

Best for gig workers and freelancers

Found banking.

Standard ATM fees will apply

Access to built-in bookkeeping and tax tools; integrations with Stripe and Quickbooks; unlimited customizable invoices; offers Found Plus, which is an optional premium service that provides access to more advanced business tools for $19.99 per month

  • Create pockets to organize your cash flow
  • No monthly fees or balance minimums
  • Easy to sign up for in just a few minutes
  • Built-in accounting and tax tools
  • FDIC-insured for up to $250,000
  • Mobile check deposits
  • Physical and virtual debit card available
  • Can receive direct deposits up to two days early
  • Found won't charge you ATM fees but standard ATM fees will apply
  • ATM withdrawal limit of $550
  • Doesn't offer an APY
  • Weekly check deposit limit of $3,000/week and weekly cash deposit limit of $2,000/week; monthly cash deposit limit of $4,000

The Found business checking account is designed for the self-employed, freelancers and independent contractors. It has no mandatory monthly fees or minimum opening deposit and offers useful built-in tax, invoicing and bookkeeping tools. While it allows for cash and check deposits, which isn't always available with online banks, the limits for these types of deposits are relatively low.

Best for international transfers

Up to 5.46% APY for users of Mercury Treasury, the investment advising arm of Mercury

Mercury doesn't charge ATM fees, however, the ATM operator may charge a fee

Yes, see here for more details

Offers startup guides, users who sign up for the IO Credit Card can earn 1.5% cash back

  • Offers a debit card
  • Mobile check deposit available
  • IO credit card offers 1.5% cash back on purchases
  • Users can send domestic and international wire transfers in over 30 different currencies
  • USD international wires are free to send
  • Integrates with several bookkeeping and accounting tools
  • No cash deposits allowed
  • No APY earned for checking account balances

Mercury is a free banking platform that allows account holders to send free domestic and international USD wire transfers. Although checkbooks aren't available, customers can send paper checks free of charge. There's no minimum opening deposit requirement and accounts are FDIC-insured up to $5 million.

Best for no foreign transaction fees

Lili basic business checking.

Lili Pro, Lili Smart, and Lili Premium account holders can earn cash back on business debit card purchases

$0 for Basic account; $15 for Pro account; $35 for Smart account; $55 for Premium account

4.15% APY for savings account balances

$0 for in-network ATMs (ATM provider may charge a fee)

Provides account access for multiple users and a debit card for each

  • Savings account holders can earn a generous APY on their balance
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Offers overdraft protection
  • Can add multiple users to the same account and provide each with a debit card
  • Allows users with up to four businesses to manage them all under a single log-in
  • Accepts cash deposits
  • Must uprade account plan for access to additional tools and special offers

Lili Basic Business Checking is a no-fee checking account that stands out for charging no foreign transaction fees. Account holders can also deposit cash at over 90,000 retail locations (up to $4.95 service fee per deposit), withdraw cash from over 38,000 fee-free ATMs and receive unlimited domestic wire transfers for no fee.

More on our picks for best free business checking accounts

Bluevine is a fintech company with banking services provided by Coastal Community Bank. The Bluevine Business Checking account lets account holders earn a 2.00% APY on balances up to $250,000 after meeting certain monthly activity goals, like spending $500 per month on your Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard® or receiving $2,500 per month in customer payments to your Bluevine checking account, while Bluevine Premier customers can earn as much as 4.25% on balances up to $3 million.

For those who do business globally, the Bluevine account lets you send payments internationally to 32 countries and in 15 different currencies for a $25 flat fee per international payment, plus a 1.5% surcharge when sending money in foreign currencies.

Bluevine also provides integrations that can help business owners manage operations more efficiently. For instance, account holders can deposit checks from their phones, sync their account with QuickBooks and create dedicated logins for employees to share access across their team.

2.0% APY to 4.25%, depending on your account tier

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Grasshopper is an online bank geared toward small businesses, startups and venture capital and private equity firms.

Its business checking account has a relatively small $100 minimum deposit requirement to open the account. The account offers 1.51% APY on balances up to $25,000 and on balances greater than $250,000. Balances of $25,000 to $250,000 earn 2.25% APY. Account holders earn unlimited 1% cash back on online and signature-based debit card purchases if they maintain an average monthly balance of $10,000 or more in their account.

1.51% to 2.25% APY, depending on your balance

Novo is a digital fintech company that partners with Middlesex Federal Savings to offer banking services.

The Novo Business Checking account offers unlimited fee-free transactions with no overdraft fee . The account allows for easy integration with business tools like Stripe, Shopify, QuickBooks and Zero. Account holders can also use the mobile app to deposit money orders and checks.

Other perks include special discounts for services that can help you manage your business, including up to $3,000 in Google Cloud credits, $150 toward Google Ads, 40% off the first six months of QuickBooks Online and up to $20,000 in fee-free credit card transactions when you open your account and link it with Stripe.

Found is a fintech company with banking services provided by Piermont Bank.

It offers a fee-free banking experience with no mandatory monthly maintenance fee, overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements. Notable perks include free built-in bookkeeping, invoicing and tax-planning tools, the ability to categorize your cash into different buckets and the option to connect popular business apps like Stripe and Quickbooks. For more advanced business tools, account holders can upgrade to a Found Plus account for $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year.

Although Found promotes unlimited transactions and free ACH transfers, there are limits on certain types of transactions, which might restrict businesses with larger cash flows. For instance, there is a $550 daily limit for ATM withdrawals, a $3,000 weekly limit for check deposits and a $2,000 weekly limit for cash deposits, with cash deposits capped at $4,000 every 30 days.

Mercury Banking

Mercury offers a robust suite of financial products, with banking services provided in partnership with Choice Financial Group and Evolve Bank & Trust. By spreading deposits across multiple banks , Mercury customers benefit from up to $5 million in FDIC insurance.

Its business checking account has no account minimums, overdraft fees, monthly fees or account opening fees. While there are no fees to send or receive domestic wires or USD international wires, one drawback may be that customers don't have access to a fee-free ATM network. Mercury also doesn't offer cash deposits.

Like many other business banking accounts, Mercury allows users to sync their accounts with various accounting and bookkeeping tools. Mercury also allows admins to add multiple users to their accounts and set controls, limits and permissions.

None; up to 5.46% APY for users of Mercury Treasury, the investment advising arm of Mercury

Lili is a business banking platform that offers banking services through Choice Financial Group.

Its basic business checking account has no monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance or deposit requirement, no foreign transaction fees and no fees at MoneyPass ATMs. All customers have access to basic features like a debit card and joint account access, but you'll need to upgrade to a Lili Pro, Lili Smart or Lili Premium plan to unlock more advanced features, like fee-free overdraft protection up to $200 and access to expense management tools and reports.

While Lili doesn't support outgoing wire transfers, one unique feature is the ability to link the accounts of up to four businesses to a single login. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to keep track of multiple business bank accounts at once.

None; 4.15% APY for savings account balances

Can I open a business bank account with an Employer Identification Number (EIN) only?

An EIN is one essential piece of information needed to open a business bank account, in addition to basic identifying and contact information like your date of birth and address. Some banks may ask to see additional information about your business, like your business website and business license. Always read the requirements carefully to understand what would be needed of you during the process.

Do you need an LLC to open a business bank account?

It is not required to have an LLC to open a business bank account.

How much money do I need to open a business bank account?

The amount of money you need to open a business bank account can vary depending on the account. Some banks require as little as $0 as an initial deposit, while others may require a few thousand dollars.

Bottom line

Some business bank accounts can have hefty initial deposit requirements or monthly maintenance fees that may not be ideal for start-ups or businesses with limited cash flow. It can be advantageous to opt for a business bank account that has a $0 initial deposit requirement and low or no minimum balance to maintain. Monthly service fees can add up quickly and negate any benefits an account may offer.

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Our methodology

To determine which free business checking accounts offer the most convenience,  CNBC Select  analyzed dozens of  U.S. business checking accounts  offered nationwide by online banks as well as those with physical branches. We narrowed down our rankings by considering no-fee checking accounts or accounts with easy ways to waive the monthly maintenance fees.

We compared each checking account on a range of features, including:

  • Minimum balance requirement
  • Mobile banking ease
  • Small business tools and support
  • Large ATM network
  • Account accessibility
  • Customer reviews, when available

All of the accounts included on this list are either members of the  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)  or FDIC-insured through partner institutions. This insurance protects and reimburses you up to your balance and the legal limit in the event your bank or credit union fails.

The rates and fee structures for checking accounts are subject to change without notice and often fluctuate according to the  prime rate .

Your earnings depend on any associated fees and the balance you have in your checking account. To open an account, some banks and institutions may require a deposit of new money, meaning you can't transfer money you already had in an account at that bank.

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Moscow-City – The Moscow International Business Center

  • 3 years ago

The Moscow Intenational Business Center

Moscow-City is an iconic location for life and work in Russia’s capital. Enormous skyscrapers, business centers, the best restaurants and retail spaces – all this is concentrated in one place. The ultramodern Moscow-City towers are truly striking in their outward appearance, and the layout of the apartments inside and the fantastic views that can be seen from the higher floors are nothing short of impressive.

This skyscraper compound, often referred to as Moskva-City, is the Russian take on Manhattan, where businessmen strike multi-million dollar deals daily while ordinary life goes on next door. Its state of the art spaces offer the ultimate convenience. The infrastructure of this business district is so well-developed that anyone can find something interesting for themselves here: from residential apartments to boutiques, clubs, exhibitions and more.

When the foundations for the Moscow-City skyscrapers were laid, a special kind of concrete was used, the properties of which are amplified by many times compared to standard concrete. Even in the event of a plane crashing into one of the buildings, the structural integrity of the towers will be preserved.

The architects of the Moscow-City Business Center have created a unique locality that has integrated into itself the hub of the capital’s business life and a whole ensemble of historical monuments. Anyone can admire the beauty of these skyscrapers from within or without the compound. There are also a number of apartments for sale or rent available in the MIBC itself. But first, let’s have a look at some more interesting facts about the financial core of Russia’s capital.

  • 1 How It All Began
  • 2.1 Moscow-City Central Core
  • 2.2 Tower 2000
  • 2.3 Evolution Tower
  • 2.4 Imperia Tower
  • 2.5 Moscow Tower and St. Petersburg Tower
  • 2.6 Steel Peak Tower
  • 2.7 Federation Tower
  • 2.8 Mercury City Tower
  • 2.9 OKO Tower Complex
  • 3.1 Afimall City Shopping Center
  • 3.2 Bagration Bridge
  • 3.3 Expocentre Fairgrounds
  • 4 Renting and Buying Real Estate in Moscow-City

How It All Began

The history of Moscow-City goes all the way back to 1992. The government of Moscow at the time wanted to bring into existence its own skyscrapers like the ones in London or New York. And the idea caught on. In 1992 the project for the construction of the huge “Moscow-City” MIBC compound was enthusiastically approved, kick-starting the painstaking preparatory works. The original intention was that the skyscrapers would only house office space. However, as time went on, the towers began to welcome in ordinary residents who wanted to live on the territory of this business and finance hub.

Moscow-City is undoubtedly a city within a city. Its grandeur is mind-boggling. It is perfect in every way: from location to infrastructure. And today, anyone can get a feel of the atmosphere of the “capital city” of Russia’s business world – many of the apartments in Moscow-City are available for rent. Any citizen of Russia and even nationals of other countries can make use of these offers.

What It’s Like in 2021

Today Moscow-City is not just a magnificent and fascinating sight, but also a real hub for the work, life and leisure of thousands. Its infrastructure is organized in such a way that there is no need to leave the territory of the “city within a city” at all. This business district contains everything one may need for work and recreation. And if one does decide to venture out into the larger metropolis, the MIBC’s three subway stations make this remarkably simple to do.

Moscow-City stands on the Presnenskaya Embankment . Each of the buildings in the district has a name, which simplifies its identification. Some of the buildings form complexes that are united under one name, such as the Neva Towers and the Naberezhnaya Tower complex of two skyscrapers and one high rise. There are a total of 16 towers in the MIBC, of which the most popular are:

  • Moscow-City Central Core;
  • Tower 2000;
  • Evolution Tower;
  • Imperia Tower;
  • City of Capitals (Moscow Tower and St. Petersburg Tower);
  • Steel Peak Tower;
  • Federation Tower;
  • Mercury City Tower;
  • OKO Tower Complex.

Moscow-City Central Core

This is the most complex building within the MIBC compound. Its total floor area is a whopping 1 476 378 sqft (450 000 m²). It consists of two massive parts, each of which boasts a truly impressive infrastructure. The underground part includes 3 Moscow Metro stations, a parking lot for automobiles and a shopping mall. The aboveground part houses a concert hall and a hotel.

Tower 2000 is a skyscraper having 34 stories. Its total floor area is 200 318 sqft (61 057 m²), most of which is office space. The key feature of this skyscraper is its direct connection to the Bagration Bridge, which has its own shopping arcade. The tower has everything one may need while working here, including a large parking lot and several restaurants.

Evolution Tower

This elegant structure is 836 feet (255 m) high – that’s a whole 54 stories! The total floor area here is 554 462 sqft (169 000 m²). The Evolution Tower’s key feature is that it has its own Wedding Hall. This skyscraper houses large office spaces, a parking lot and several restaurants.

Imperia Tower

MIBC’s Imperia Tower is the undeniable focal point of the MIBC’s business life. Its height is 784 feet (239 m), which means one can hold conferences and resolve key business matters on the 59 th floor! And that really is amazing! The tower has everything: offices, hotels, restaurants and parking lots. But if you want a truly unforgettable experience, visit the viewing platform! It is situated on the 58 th floor and a simply astounding view of Moscow can be seen from it.

Moscow Tower and St. Petersburg Tower

The Moscow and St. Petersburg Towers are the chief representatives of the MIBC. The Moscow Tower has 76 stories and is 990 feet (302 m) high, while the St. Petersburg Tower has 65 stories and stands 843 feet (257 m) tall. Both towers offer fantastic views of the capital city.

Most of the floors of these two skyscrapers are taken up by luxurious sky apartments. There are also several recreational and entertainment centers, office spaces, restaurants, etc.

Steel Peak Tower

Also known as the Eurasia Tower of Moscow-City, this supertall skyscraper has a total of 680 912 sqft (207 542 m²) of floor space. Most of this is taken up by offices, and the rest – by residential quarters (around 65 616 sqft or 20 000 m²). The tower also houses a number of the greatest restaurants, studios and shopping centers.

Federation Tower

The Federation Tower is a complex of two skyscrapers, known as Tower East and Tower West. Tower East is the second highest building in Europe (the first is a skyscraper recently erected in the city of St. Petersburg). Its height is a colossal 1 223 feet (373 m) and that makes 95 stories! Tower West, on the other hand, is noticeably shorter at 794 feet (242 m).

The Federation Tower is a multifunctional complex.

Mercury City Tower

The Mercury City Tower skyscraper is widely known as one of the tallest buildings in Europe. Its height is 1 112 feet (339 m) and it has 75 stories. It is multifunctional by concept, holding within its walls shopping centers, offices and all kinds of other spaces. It is also possible to rent apartments here.

OKO Tower Complex

The OKO Tower Complex consists of two towers – the North Tower (49 stories and 803 ft or 245 m in height) and the South Tower (85 stories and 1 155 ft or 352 m in height).

Each of the MIBC’s tower complexes has its own recreational and entertainment areas, restaurants and parking lots. The top floors of most of these buildings contain luxurious fully-furnished apartments. At night, the towers shine with bright lights, while inside them the panoramic windows reveal astounding views of Moscow. This breathtaking view of the capital of Russia is why visiting Moscow-City is a must!

What Not to Miss

There are many interesting landmarks within the Moscow-City compound, but three of them are truly deserving of special attention:

  • The Afimall City Shopping Center;
  • The Bagration Bridge with two galleries and a shopping arcade;
  • The Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Afimall City Shopping Center

The Afimall City Shopping and Entertainment Center is located in Moscow-City’s Central Core. It is divided into 4 zones, each with its own theme – one for every season of the year. The shopping center houses the biggest indoor fountain found worldwide. The height of this watery wonder is 118 feet or 36 meters.

The shopping and entertainment center contains everything one might expect from one of the largest centers of its kind:

  • Retail brand stores;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Game rooms;
  • and Restaurants.

The main recreational space is roofed with a giant transparent dome, which is an impressive sight to behold.

Bagration Bridge

Bagration Bridge with its upper and lower galleries has a shopping center all of its own and was the first structure to be built as part of the Moscow-City business district. Its lower gallery is a shopping arcade and its upper gallery is an open-air viewing platform with a spectacular view of the MIBC and the Moskva River. The hall of the bridge houses the 23 foot tall sculpture called “Tree of Life”. Having gone through the bridge via either one of its two galleries, a pedestrian would find themselves standing right on the Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Expocentre Fairgrounds

The Expocentre Fairgrounds exhibition venue is located at the very heart of the capital. The first exhibition held at the Expocentre happened all the way back in 1959, much earlier than the MIBC was erected. Today it is the venue of many interesting events.

Exhibitions with very diverse themes are regularly held at this complex. An up-to-date schedule can be found on the official webpage of the Expocentre. The events can be free or fixed-price entry, depending on their type.

Renting and Buying Real Estate in Moscow-City

Moscow-City is not only a work and business hub, but also a residential neighborhood. Any citizen of Russia can rent or buy apartments or elite sky lounges here. The variety of residential real estate available inside the skyscrapers is impressive, including options for any pocket. The following buildings in the MIBC contain residential blocks:

This skyscraper has a mirror glass façade which reflects the passing clouds. Just imagine how beautiful that looks! Anyone can buy an apartment in the Federation Tower. Such properties are not only a good investment, but also a mark of prestige. The average price of residential real estate here is 45 million rubles for an apartment with a total floor area of 334 sqft (102 m²). The average price of a square meter (3.28 square feet) is in the range of 650 to 700 thousand rubles. There are two- and three-room apartments available in the Federation Tower, each with its own loggia. As for rent, the minimum price of one month’s stay in a three-room apartment in this skyscraper is 300 000 rubles per month.

The Mercury City Tower skyscraper welcomes citizens from all parts of Russia. This building is no less tall than the world-famous Dubai skyscrapers. Living in its apartments is a delight. The minimum cost of an apartment in the Mercury City Tower is 75 million rubles. The average price of a square meter (3.28 square feet) is 800 thousand rubles. And for those looking for a lower price point, some of the properties are also available for rent – in this case you will pay a minimum of 250 thousand rubles per month.

The Imperia Tower is a key cluster of interesting offers. The best options for buying and renting apartments within the MIBC can all be found in this skyscraper. The lowest price of a residential apartment here is 40 million rubles. A square meter (3.28 square feet) in a luxurious apartment in the Imperia Tower currently costs 600 thousand rubles, while the price range of the listings available for rent in this skyscraper is from 350 thousand all the way up to 1 million rubles per month.

This complex, standing on a faceted or “crystal” base, is an architectural engineering project boasting spectacular design. Behind its impressive façades is an abundance of penthouses and apartments having floor areas in the range of 262 sqft (80 m²) to 984 sqft (300 m²). The minimum price of an apartment in the OKO Tower Complex is 40 million rubles (the price of a square meter (3.28 square feet) is 500 thousand rubles). You can rent an apartment here starting from 400 thousand rubles per month.

City of Capitals

The City of Capitals is an exemplary architectural complex. Its sum appearance gives the impression of a huge city. Inside its walls are spacious apartments available for purchase and rent. This complex is considered to be especially prestigious. The prices of apartments here start from 50 million rubles, while the minimum cost of renting is 400 thousand rubles per month.

Please note! The price of real estate available for purchase or rent depends on: the tower, the floor, the total floor area, the furnishings and/or interior design, and other factors.

The key advantages of buying/purchasing real estate in Moscow-City are:

  • Favorable location;
  • Convenient transportation links;
  • Well-developed infrastructure;
  • High safety level;
  • Efficient architecture;
  • Panoramic windows.

Buying real estate in Moscow-City is very much a rational decision, most appealing to those who value the ultimate level of comfort. The residential apartments here boast impressive interior design solutions executed in the contemporary style.


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