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Mass Effect 2 - Romance Cutscene not loading after completing main mission

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ME2 Romance scene wont load


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10 Best Missions From Mass Effect 2

Developers at BioWare have described ME2 as the trilogy's dark middle chapter, so it's no surprise that Shepard has to deal with some dark missions.

Many fans consider  Mass Effect 2  to be the best entry in the  Mass Effect   franchise. The combat improvements over the first game are night and day, the plethora of new, interesting characters provide different perspectives on the galaxy, and  Mass Effect 2's  story is gripping and takes Commander Shepard to some pretty dark places.

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All these qualities are exemplified in several of ME2's most engaging missions where players can help their teammates, advance the main story, or uncover some of the galaxy's best-kept secrets. Developers at BioWare have described ME2 as the trilogy's dark middle chapter, so it comes as no surprise that Shepard has to deal with some pretty serious situations while trying to stop the Collectors.

10 Recruiting Garrus Is The Best Reunion

One of the first dossiers the Illusive Man gives Shepard at the start of  Mass Effect 2  is for the mysterious vigilante called Archangel, who has been causing some serious trouble for Omega's criminal gangs. To find Archangel, Shepard signs up to take part in an attack on the unknown assailant's base. When the Commander gets close to the base, they turn on the freelancers and fight their way up to Archangel.

Upon confronting the Turian, it is revealed that Archangel is none other than fan-favorite ME1 squadmate, Garrus Vakarian . Garrus' recruitment mission has Shepard fight all three of the game's main mercenary gangs, but also allows the player to speak with the gangs, and culminates in an unexpected reunion with an old friend.

9 Lair Of The Shadow Broker Expands Liara's Character

Unlike Garrus, ME1's Asari squadmate, Liara T'Soni, does not join Shepard to take down the collectors. This changes, however, during  Mass Effect 2's  Lair Of The Shadow Broker  DLC where the Commander helps Liara in her multi-year hunt for the galaxy's most infamous information broker. After some exciting action on Illium, including a unique skycar chase, Shepard and Liara track the Shadow Broker to his secret base on the planet Hagalaz.

After finding Liara's Drell friend, Feron, Shepard and his temporary Asari squadmate confront the Shadow Broker, who is actually a Yahg; a massive alien species who are confined to their homeworld for their overly violent nature. Once the broker is defeated, Liara surprises everyone and becomes the new Shadow Broker.

8 Samara's Recruitment Feels Like A Cop Drama

One of the three post-Horizon dossiers Shepard receives from the Illusive Man is for an Asari Justicar named Samara. Justicars are an ancient order of Asari who have forsaken all their possessions, save for some weapons and armor. These deadly warriors follow a strict code that compels the Justicars to punish the wicked and save the innocent.

Shepard can find Samara on Illium searching for a deadly criminal. To recruit Samara, Shepard must find the name of the ship this criminal departed on, which can be found deep in the Eclipse mercenary group's base. This mission involves some police work on Shepard's part and is filled with interesting scenarios and conversations for the Commander to deal with.

7 Kasumi's Loyalty Is An Exhilarating Heist

A DLC squadmate, Kasumi Goto is regarded as one of the best thieves in the galaxy, who can break through any security system. To gain Kasumi's loyalty, Shepard must help her recover her ex-partner's graybox. A neural implant, grayboxes can store a user's thoughts and memories and are nearly impossible to crack. The graybox in question can be found in the vault of a wealthy criminal named Donovan Hock on the planet Bekenstein.

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To infiltrate the vault, Shepard goes undercover to a luxurious party thrown my Hock, and secretly disables the security measures protecting the vault. After Shepard and Kasumi gain access to the vault and examine its various artifacts, the duo must fight their way out and ultimately take down Hock himself.

6 Acquiring The Reaper IFF Is Spooky And Challenging

To reach the Collector homeworld, the Normandy needs to pass through the Omega-4 Mass Relay, and no ship has ever returned from a trip through this relay except for Collector vessels. Luckily, a Cerberus research team has found a way to safely pass through the relay. Installing the Reaper Identify Friend/Foe device that the Cerberus team found will allow the Normandy safe passage to the galactic core, where the Collector homeworld can be found.

However, the Cerberus team has stopped responding and so Shepard must go retrieve the IFF from the corpse of a long-dead Reaper, resulting in a creepy, but exciting mission.

5 Getting Mordin On The Team Is Essential

Before Shepard and crew can face the Collectors, they will need some form of immunity from the seeker swarms, which trap humans in a stasis field . This countermeasure can be developed by the brilliant Salarian scientist, Mordin Solus. To find Mordin, Shepard must travel to the lawless space station of Omega.

On Omega, Mordin can be found in his clinic in the Gozu district where he has developed a cure for the plague that has already killed a large segment of the district's population. Meeting this fast-talking Salarian is quite a treat, but before he joins Shepard, the Commander must deliver the plague's cure to the district's environmental control unity, where it can be placed in the ventilation system.

4 Thane's Loyalty Is A Tearful Reunion

Thane's loyalty mission is one of only two combat-free loyalty missions in  Mass Effect 2.  After Thane's wife was killed by Batarians, he became disconnected from his son, Kolyat. Now his son has taken a job as a hitman on the Citadel and aims to kill a local politician. This mission has Thane and Shepard interrogate local criminals. Thanks to  Mass Effect's  morality system, these interrogations can go many different ways.

After determining who Kolyat's target is, Shepard and Thane partake in some spy work to track the target. Ultimately, Thane confronts his son, resulting in an emotional scene where the two finally rekindle their relationship.

3 The Collector Ship Is Full Of Plot Twists

In the thick of ME2's story, Shepard is lured to a seemingly disabled Collectors ship. Onboard the ship, players get a glimpse of the scale of the Collector abductions and realize that their ultimate target is likely Earth. However, the biggest revelation of this mission is when Shepard discovers that the Collectors are in fact the Protheans, repurposed by the Reapers to do their bidding.

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Before the shock of this twist can wear off, it is revealed that the Collector ship was a trap and Shepard must quickly make their way off the ship before it is too late. After escaping the ship, Shepard confronts the Illusive Man because he knew the whole time that it was a trap, endangering the lives of everyone on board the Normandy.

2 Tali's Loyalty Is Insightful Yet Emotional

Tali's loyalty mission is probably the most expansive of all the loyalty missions, as the player travels to the Migrant Fleet to argue the charges of treason placed on the Normandy's Quarian crewmember. While onboard the Quarian ship named the Rayya, Shepard can speak with the fleet's admirals and learn a great deal about the Quarian people and get a glimpse at the fleet's plans for war with the Geth, which come to fruition in  Mass Effect 3 . 

Aside from a good dose of lore, this mission sees Tali go through a very difficult time as she discovers her dead father on a Geth controlled ship and lets Shepard make a difficult choice: lie about the experiments Tali's father was performing and get her exiled, or tell the truth and lose Tali's loyalty since her father becomes disgraced upon revealing the nature of his brutal and dangerous experiments. One should note that if players have enough paragon or renegade , Shepard can have the charges dropped while also obtaining Tali's loyalty.

1 The Suicide Mission Is The Ultimate Finale

Mass Effect 2's  finale is one of the best in gaming. When Shepard is ready, they travel through the Omega-4 relay and destroy the Collectors, preventing the abduction of more human colonies. The outcome of this mission has a huge number of possibilities. The survival of the Normandy's abducted crew depends on how long Shepard took to travel through the relay after the crew's abduction. The survival of squadmates depends on their loyalty, the Normandy's upgrades, and who Shepard chooses to perform certain tasks during the mission.

After deciding whether to keep or destroy the base, Shepard fights a human Reaper and escapes just in time. However, if players are reckless, it is indeed possible to get nearly everyone killed during this mission, including Shepard, leaving only the Normandy's pilot alive at the end. This mission is full of choices, contains fantastic character moments and when combined with ME2's iconic musical score, leaves a lasting impression on anyone who plays through  Mass Effect 2. 

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Mass Effect 2: All Main Missions List

mass effect 2 all main missions

Home » Guides » Mass Effect 2: All Main Missions List

Mass Effect 2 contains many side missions that you wouldn’t want to skip, but what if you wanted the quickest route to the end of the game? We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a newcomer or a returning longtime fan. Here’s a list of all of the main missions in Mass Effect 2 .

Spoiler Warning : Please keep in mind that the names of some of the main missions can hint at some of the story beats in Mass Effect 2

All Main Missions in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 allows players to complete many of its missions in whatever order they see fit, much like in Mass Effect 1. The following list of missions takes this into account by listing them in the general order that they appear in the story. The game is split up into three acts and several sections. Each section contains a number of individual missions to complete. That includes the highly recommended loyalty missions, even though they’re technically optional.

And that’s the list of every single main mission in Mass Effect 2 . If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, or other general info, check out our guide wiki for Mass Effect Legendary Edition . You can also have a look at our other Mass Effect coverage in the related articles below.

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mass effect 2 main missions

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The Hardest Decisions (And Their Consequences) In The Entire Mass Effect Franchise

From the original Mass Effect to Mass Effect Andromeda, players are forced to make a lot of choices which have incredibly dire consequences.

Despite a few gaffes, the Mass Effect franchise is beloved by Sci-Fi and RPG fans the world over. It also details the rise and decline of BioWare in a way: Mass Effect 1 and 2 were its pinnacle, many were upset by the end of Mass Effect 3 , and Mass Effect Andromeda was not as well received as those came before. It's not Anthem 's level of panning , but it had high expectations it did not arguably meet.

Nonetheless, each game presented the players with several choices, and many were pretty hard. It's hard to imagine how consequences can come back to bite a player in the heat of the moment, and the core of the Mass Effect franchises revolves around this. Choices, some big and some small, made for the greater good or for the hilarity of a Renegade decision. While there are plenty to be made in the franchise, here are the hardest choices and their consequences, which may hopefully be revisited in the rumored Mass Effect Trilogy Remake .

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Mass Effect

Save or Kill the Rachni Queen -  The Rachni are dangerous enemies of the Citadel, or so Shepard is told. On the verge of extinction, Shepard is granted the opportunity to save or kill the queen. Either way receives criticism, but it's a paragon or renegade-level choice in whether genocide is an option for Shepard. The effects of this choices are not immediate, nor are they total, but players see them again in Mass Effect 3 . Players can help her again in which she will aid against the reapers at the cost of others, or she will die, consumed by her children. If players choice to kill her in the first game, an artificial queen replaces here.

Save Ashley or Kaiden -  Many consider this one of the hardest choices of the full franchise, and it's easy to see why. During the assault on Virmire where Saren's base must be destroyed, players only have enough time to save one before the bomb goes off. On the one hand, some don't hesitate because one or the other is a romance option. On the other hand, the death haunts Commander Shepard for the rest of the franchise. There's also the narrative to consider here: Ashley's death here vindicates her, while Kaiden's is most pointless. Kaiden also has a better class for total composition come Mass Effect 3 , but whatever the choice, it is far-reaching.

Humanity and The Council - A lot of decisions go into the fate of Humanity and the Council at the end of Mass Effect . First, players can choose to either save the council or fight Sovereign. Not saving the council results in their deaths, whereas saving them costs many human lives. Either way, Humanity becomes part of the council, either recognized as the old or part of the new. Players can choose between Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina, who become Chairman if the council is sacrificed, and Morality dictates either a full Human council or a multi-species council.

Mass Effect 2

Rewrite or Destroy the Geth Heretics  - During Legion's House Divided quest, players have a huge choice dealing with the Geth. Rewriting the heretics means that they rejoin the Geth Hivemind, whereas destroying them is total. Come Mass Effect 3 , choosing to side with the Geth there or brokering peace between they and the Quarians will result in a Fleet War Asset. Destroying the Heretics actually helps as far as brokering peace goes but does result in a small penalty to the Fleet War Asset.

Give the Collector Base to the Illusive Man or Destroy It  - This choice relies on the player's feelings regarding Cerberus's perhaps well-intended but ultimately misguided agenda. Doing so has minor consequences in Mass Effect 2 , simply due to its late game role, but it's simple an illusory choice come Mass Effect 3 . Regardless of choice, Cerberus salvages the base and recovered the Human-Reaper to augment Chronos Station. It's its "brain" in one scenario, its "heart" in another. The capture of Chronos Station results in the Human Reaper Remain's becoming part of the Crucible.

The Suicide Mission  - Mass Effect 2 's Suicide Mission is a series of choices based on character's abilities, and it all ultimately depends on the right prep work and the right choices. Worst case scenario, practically every  ME2  companion dies ; best case, everyone lives. How this Suicide Mission plays out affects Shepard's morale and comments throughout Mass Effect 3 .

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Mass Effect 3

Cure the Genophage or Save Mordin  - Many alliances and old grudges come to a head in Mass Effect 3 , such as the Genophage. To secure an alliance with the Krogan, it must be cured but doing so ends Mordin's life. Ultimately, Mordin seems willing to do so and that may be the canon decision, but either way, it's a hard decision for the long-running Mordin and the unjust Genophage.

The Geth, The Quarians, or Peace  - During the Priority: Rannoch decision, players have to side with the Geth, the Quarians, or formalize a peace. The latter is the most beneficial but most difficult, as it requires a high reputation check, but both become war assets and do more than co-exist, they prosper. The Geth help the Quarians no longer need the suit and more, but the other decisions are more heartbreaking. Siding with Legion means he sacrifices himself, the Quarian race will go extinct, and Tali or the Admiral will end their life. Siding with the Quarians results in Legion/Geth VI's death, devoting the Geth to destruction as well. Failing to broker peace creates a somber effect either way.

The Culmination (Ending) - Mass Effect 3 's ending has a lot of criticism against, even with the Extended Cut additions. However, that's not to say it's easy: it's a culminating decision based on how Shepard has dealt with the Citadel and Cerberus and what Shepard thinks of the nature of the Reapers. While there's likely no long-reaching consequences (unless the new Mass Effect game ignores Andromeda and is a direct sequel, somehow?), it does give players a mixed closure, but closure nonetheless.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a little different. Unlike the original trilogy, many of its decisions do not have its long-lasting decisions pay off and may never actually do so, depending on how the franchise decides to proceed. The game itself doesn't feature a ton of hard-hitting decisions, but here are the hardest which likely have longer-reaching decisions than initially thought.

Save Angara or Kill Kett -  After facing off with the Kett Cardinal, the Moshae will insist the facility is destroyed whereas Andromeda companion Jaal wants to save the Angaran. The Cardinal can be spared or killed in a number of ways, but saving the Angara allows them to join the player later. The best outcome is killing the cardinal, leaving the Templar in tact, and saving the Angara, as it sates many different parties to some degree.

Give the Krogans the Remnant AI Core? -  This decision has short-term influences but would also impact Nexus-Krogan relations in future games. Giving it to Morda is a lot of power for the Krogans but also settles an alliance with the Nexus, whereas keeping it for the Initiative results in a loss of the planet. Morda and Ryder will not end things well with that decision.

Save the Salarian Pathfinder? -  Players choose between saving a Salarian Pathfinder or saving Krogans who are about to be Exalted. Reminiscent of Mass Effect 3 , this may or may not have further-reaching consequences, but the Salarian Pathfinder seems content will giving their life to help Commander Ryder . After all, who needs Kroketts running around.

Dunn and the Pathfinders -  The "culminating" decision results in Dunn's fate, as all three non-human Pathfinders have to work together, which would certainly matter in an Andromeda Sequel. The Salarian Pathfinder cooperates regardless of who it is. The Asari Pathfinder will help if it is Vederia Damlia, but Sarissa will only help if her secret is kept or Ryder apologizes. Avitus Rix must be convinced to become the Turian Pathfinder or Dunn's fate is sealed.

The Mass Effect Trilogy Remake is rumored to be in development.

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Mass Effect Wiki

Missions advance the main storyline in Mass Effect , Mass Effect 2 , Mass Effect 3 , Mass Effect: Infiltrator , and Mass Effect: Andromeda . The list contains all of the missions available within the game, and indicates how their names will change as the story progresses. Click on the links below for detailed walkthroughs.

Note: Most mission names below are linked to the relevant section of the walkthrough rather than their own pages. Because of the intertwined nature of most missions, the link may not lead to a section specifically about the mission name but you will certainly find relevant information.

For an alphabetical list of missions see Category:Missions ; for locations see Category:Mission Locations .

Mass Effect [ ]

Missions are listed mostly in the order they are received although some of the name updates happen after you receive another mission. Note that these missions are listed as the initially appear in the Journal , the names of missions do change as the game progresses.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Review

25 May 2021

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

20 March 2017

Mass Effect Galaxy [ ]

The following missions represent the plot progression of the game Mass Effect Galaxy . They are sorted by order even if you can sometimes choose via the Galaxy Map which missions you prefer to start.

Mass Effect 2 [ ]

Plot missions [ ].

These are the missions corresponding to the main story line, in time order (considering the earliest time you can acquire them). To clarify the time line, the main "Stop the Collectors" mission has been divided into its different sub-parts, as they appear when developing it in the Journal .

Dossier missions [ ]

The Illusive Man provides Commander Shepard with several leads on potential teammates.

Available after completing Freedom's Progress :

Available after completing Horizon :

Loyalty missions [ ]

Loyalty missions may be skipped. This will not hinder the progression of the main story line. However, you should be aware that doing this could seriously impact the performance of your team and alter the final outcome.

Optional missions [ ]

Downloadable Content [ ]

Mass Effect 3 [ ]

Mass Effect 3 classifies all journal items as missions. However, they are still categorized according to story relevance and optionality.

Plot Missions [ ]

Missions are listed in the order they are received. The "Priority" missions in this list are mandatory to complete the game; of the two pairs preceding Priority: Tuchanka and Priority: Rannoch you need only complete one of each pair.

Galaxy at War Missions [ ]

None of the following missions are required to complete the game, although they will significantly increase your military preparedness for the final battle.

Downloadable Content Missions [ ]

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

Mass Effect 3: Omega

Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Mass Effect: Infiltrator [ ]

Bonus Missions [ ]

Mass Effect: Andromeda [ ]

Similar to Mass Effect 3, in Mass Effect: Andromeda all journal items are missions and further classified according to story relevance and optionality. The mandatory missions are called Priority Ops . These are main story missions and are required to complete the game.

Priority Ops [ ]

mass effect 2 main missions

Screen Rant

Mass effect 2: best mission order.

Players can complete missions in a specific order in Mass Effect 2 to give Shepard and their team the best chances of survival and success.

The galaxy can be a massive, sometimes overwhelming place, and exploring it in Mass Effect 2 can be an overwhelming undertaking. Securing squadmate loyalty is a major focus of Mass Effect 2 , particularly prior to the endgame Suicide Mission, where characters' survival depends on the player's choices. With 12 total squadmates, including DLC characters, players will need to make time and plan to complete 12 loyalty missions. Many loyalty missions rely on Shepard's Paragon or Renegade score, which is based on the player's moral choices during the game. It will be in a player's best interest to save the loyalty missions that require demanding Paragon/Renegade checks until they near the end of the main story. With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launching later this year , returning fans and newcomers alike may find themselves wondering when to complete the various main story and side missions for optimal results.

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While there is no single right way to explore and complete missions in Mass Effect 2 , fans generally agree that there are some missions best saved for late-game to ensure the player has as many options and available outcomes as possible when it counts. Additionally, there are times in the game where a main mission will cut in and cannot be skipped or put off, or where a player will cross a point of no return. At these times, having a plan can position players for success. Here's an optimal way to complete missions in Mass Effect 2 .

Optimal Mission Order for Mass Effect 2

The optimal mission order for Mass Effect 2 ensures players can earn enough Paragon or Renegade points to access all possible Charm/Intimidate conversation options and outcomes and keep and maintain squad loyalty. Ultimately, the goal is to keep everyone alive during the Suicide Mission . It also ensures Shepard can gain access to key areas, like the Tech Lab aboard the Normandy, or find important weapons and upgrades.

Depending on Shepard's class and the selected difficulty setting, different mission orders may produce more desirable outcomes. Generally, however, fans point to this structure as having the most advantages for the greatest number of play styles.

Players should remember to scan planets in the systems they visit for resources any time they enter a new location. In doing so, they may discover anomalies. These are optional side missions that award credits, resources, experience, and sometimes upgrades, but none have any effect on the main story or the outcome of Mass Effect 3 . Players are free to complete these whenever and wherever they wish.

The Prologue is mandatory, and players will not have a choice about what to do or where to go until it has been completed and Shepard is aboard the Normandy SR-2.

There are two ways to approach the start of Act One. Players can either start on the Citadel or Omega. Both are hubs with good weapons, armor, and upgrades to purchase, and players can recruit squadmates, including the DLC characters , at each location. Ultimately, players will find there are more missions on Omega than the Citadel, but the order of these can be switched at any time.

Following the Horizon mission, players should begin speaking to their squadmates each time they disembark and then return to the Normandy. Yeoman Chambers will let Shepard know a specific squadmate wants to talk to them, which lets players know the loyalty mission has triggered. Players only get five missions between Horizon and the Collector Ship , so it is best to prioritize loyalty or recruitment missions. It's important to note that smaller fetch quests, including planet scanning for resources and Liara's quests on Illium, should not trigger the Collector Ship and are safe to complete. Investigating anomalies do count toward the five missions, however.

Players only need to complete two of the remaining dossier missions, so they can skip recruiting Tali, Samara, or Thane if they prefer.

During Act Three, players should take their time to finish all loyalty missions and any side missions they want to do before the endgame. They should not start the Reaper IFF mission until they have completed everything else, as this starts a timer that only allows room for completion of Legion's loyalty mission if players wish to save all members of the Normandy SR-2 crew. Players should save Lair of the Shadowbroker and Arrival until after the Suicide Mission for the most seamless transition to Mass Effect 3 .

Players should note that it is possible to fail Thane's, Samara's, Tali's, and Zaeed's loyalty mission. They will need to follow their teammates' instructions and sometimes will need to pass a demanding Paragon/Renegade check to succeed and secure loyalty.

At this point, players need to be certain they have met the following conditions:

They can then proceed to the endgame.

Once players retrieve the Reaper IFF, they can only access the Galaxy Map once before the Collectors attack the Normandy. Following this attack, if they complete other missions ahead of going through the Omega-4 relay, they will lose crew members.

It's important to note not every player will want to complete the main story of Mass Effect 2  the same way, and there is no wrong way to order missions. For example, if a player intends to romance Garrus Vakarian , they may enjoy the story more if they can start with  Dossier: Archangel , even ahead of Dossier: The Professor . As another example, if players have a strong moral direction for their Shepard, once they hear about a dire situation, such as Thane's son's assassination attempt or Tali's hearing, they may choose to complete those missions sooner, as their Shepard might choose to act fast despite possible ramifications. Ultimately, players can shift missions around to make the most sense for their story and desired outcomes.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with forward compatibility on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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