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Best 100 music research topics (just updated).

music research topics

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for the best music research topics for your next essay. Truth be told, choosing the right topic is very important. It can make the difference between a B and an A, or even between an A and an A+. Unfortunately, choosing the best topics is not as simple as you think. Even though the internet is full of music research topics, most of them are plain and, quite frankly, boring.

Your professor wants more than this. Let’s see why you need the most interesting topics and where you can find them. Of course, you are free to use any of our 100 topics for free and even reword them as you see fit. Read on!

Choosing Good Music Research Topics

By now, you are probably wondering why everyone keeps telling you to come up with the best music topics. The truth is that there are many, many benefits to choosing an awesome topic. Here are just some of them, so you can get a better idea of the importance of a great idea:

  • Excellent music research paper topics show your professor that you really did your best to get a top grade.
  • A good topic is one that you know much about. It should be relatively easy to you to research it and to write about it.
  • An awesome topic will pique the interest of your professor and will keep him or her reading. You will often get bonus points for this.
  • Great topics make you stand out from your classmates. Your professor will notice you, and the grade will reflect this.

Where Can You Find Decent Music Topics?

Finding amazing music research topics is easier said than done. Yes, the Internet is full of websites that are offering ideas. There are even websites where you can buy bundles of topics. However, the music argumentative essay topics you will get from these websites are not of the highest quality. Most of them are actually quite boring. And remember, you classmates are probably searching for music history research paper topics on the same websites as you do. You want your research topics on music or book review topics to be original, so your professor can have a reason to award your paper some bonus points. The best place to get excellent music topics to write about is this page. The list of ideas is updated frequently, so you can get an original topic for free right now.

Music History Research Topics

Are you looking for the most interesting music history research topics? If you do, just pick one from our list for free:

  • How did the Catholic church influence Renaissance music?
  • Social issues described in Baroque-period music.
  • Analyze the evolution of Romantic-era music.
  • How did the Baroque Opera come to be?
  • Who invented Medieval music and when?
  • Why has western music almost disappear in the last 10 years?
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Classical era.
  • Analyzing violin music performance during the Romantic Era.

Music Argument Topics

Are you looking to find an argument and support it? Then you absolutely need to check out our exceptional list of music argument topics:

  • Music today is better than music in the 90s.
  • The most lucrative career for a musician.
  • Music helps you memorize faster.
  • The most popular kind of metal music.
  • The evolution of blues songs over the last 30 years.
  • Music helps children develop faster.
  • Hip-hop is a misunderstood music genre.
  • Jazz music is not obsolete.

Music Theory Topics

Interested in writing about music theory? Our amazing academic writers have put together a list of music theory topics for you:

  • Analyze the most important aspects of modern music.
  • Classical music has specific medical applications.
  • Hidden symbols in Renaissance-period music.
  • The unique features of Baroque-age music.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Baroque era.
  • The best music compositors in the Romantic era.
  • Remarkable characteristics of Romantic-age songs.
  • The peculiarities of Asian modern music.

Music Industry Topics

Writing about the music industry can be fun and entertaining. Your professor will love it. Pick one of our music industry topics and start writing:

  • What do you associate rock music with and why?
  • Should the music industry pay songwriters more?
  • How does illegal pirating of songs affect the music industry?
  • Do music sharing sites help new artists become famous.
  • Analyze the evolution of music labels in the US.
  • What differentiates a music label from all others?
  • Music talent shows and their effects on a musician’s career.
  • The difficulties of signing a contract with a major music label in the US.

Research Paper Topics on Music for High School

Are you a high school student? In this case, you will need our research paper topics on music for high school:

  • The best compositors of the Baroque Era.
  • What differentiates modern music from classical music?
  • Notable women in classical music.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Modern age.
  • How was Beethoven’s music influenced by his loss of hearing?
  • How would our world be without music?
  • Does music cause negative effects on US teens?

Music Thesis Topics

Writing a thesis about music is not easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult projects in your academic career. Start right now by choosing one of the best music thesis topics:

  • What made a musician stand out in the Baroque Age?
  • The most notable musical experiments in the Classical age.
  • Comparing Renaissance and Medieval music styles.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Renaissance age.
  • How did royalty in the UK benefit from music in the Renaissance era?
  • Discuss a folk song from the Renaissance age.
  • Differences between Asian and European classical music.

Music Controversial Topics

Music, like most other disciplines, has plenty of controversial topics you can talk about. Don’t waste any time and pick one of these music controversial topics:

  • Does digital music cut the profits of musicians?
  • Who owns the intellectual property to a song?
  • The difficulties of getting songwriting credit.
  • Illegal downloads are changing the music industry.
  • Should music education still be included in the curriculum?
  • Analyze medieval liturgical music.
  • Music should be free for everyone to download and use.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Music

Are you required the write a persuasive speech about music? If you are, you may need a bit of help. Pick one of these persuasive speech topics about music (updated for 2023):

  • Music has a significant effect on advertising.
  • The changes rap music has brought to the US culture.
  • Indie is a term that should not apply to music.
  • Metal music should be banned from the US.
  • Does listening to music have a great influence on mental health?
  • The amazing evolution of music in the Medieval age.
  • People should be free to listen to the music they like for free.
  • The fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is today without music.

Easy Topics About Music

Perhaps you don’t want to spend 5 or 6 hours writing the research paper . You need an easier topic. Choose one of these easy topics about music and write the essay fast:

  • How can one become a symbol of modern music?
  • My favorite singer today.
  • Which musician from the past would you bring back to life and why?
  • Do politics influence modern music?
  • Compare and contrast two music genres.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the modern age in the United States.
  • The side effects of turning the volume too loud.
  • How is classical music used in Disney movies?

Music Education Research Topics

Are you interested in talking about music education? Perhaps you’ll have some suggestions to make after you’ve done the research. Just choose one of the music education research topics below:

  • Can E-Learning be applied to music education?
  • Can music teachers offer distance learning services?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Zoom music lessons.
  • Why are music worksheets so important for high school students?
  • How did the Internet change music education?
  • Why are modern music studies so important?
  • Should we learn more about Asian music in school?
  • How can students learn music while respecting COVID19 measures?

Highly Interesting Music Topics

We know you want a top grade on your next music research paper. We advise you to select one of these highly interesting music topics and surprise your professor:

  • How did pop music came to existence and why?
  • Analyze the history of hip-hop music.
  • Compare metal music with classical music.
  • Why is rock music so popular in the United Kingdom?
  • Which song would best present our species to aliens?
  • Compare and contrast Korean and Chinese music.
  • Analyze the popular themes of Japanese music.
  • The stunning rise of K-pop bands.

Informative Speech Topics About Music

It’s difficult to find good informative speech topics about music these days. If you want to stand out from the rest of your classmates, choose one of our topics:

  • Discuss the ideas presented in romantic music.
  • What do people who appreciate classic music have in common?
  • Analyze the most popular Bach music.
  • Describe the role of market music in the Baroque era.
  • Analyze the evolution of European music.
  • Ways to make classical music popular with teens in the UK.
  • Discuss the most popular musical instrument in the Classical age.

Music Essay Topics for College

Are you a college student? If you want an A+ on your next research paper, use one of these music essay topics for college students:

  • Does modern music contain medieval themes?
  • Analyze a song from the Renaissance age.
  • Why is blues music so important for our culture?
  • Who invented the blues genre and when?
  • Analyze the evolution of American folk music.
  • Most popular names in Baroque-age songs.
  • Modern interpretations of medieval songs.
  • Listening to blues music can lead to depression.

Need some more music history paper topics? Or perhaps you need a list of music related research topics to choose from for your thesis. Our best paper writer can help you in no time. Get in touch with us and we guarantee that we will find the perfect music topic for your needs. You will be well on your way to getting the A+ you need. Give us a try and get an amazing research topic on music in 10 minutes or less!

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term paper topics on music

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The Top 10 Most Interesting Music Research Topics

Music is a vast and ever-growing field. Because of this, it can be challenging to find excellent music research topics for your essay or thesis. Although there are many examples of music research topics online, not all are appropriate.

This article covers all you need to know about choosing suitable music research paper topics. It also provides a clear distinction between music research questions and topics to help you get started.

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What makes a strong music research topic.

A strong music research topic must be short, straightforward, and easy to grasp. The primary aim of music research is to apply various research methods to provide valuable insights into a particular subject area. Therefore, your topic must also address issues that are relevant to present-day readers.

Also, for your research topic to be compelling, it should not be overly generic. Try to avoid topics that seem to be too broad. A strong research topic is always narrow enough to draw out a comprehensive and relevant research question.

Tips for Choosing a Music Research Topic

  • Check with your supervisor. In some cases, your school or supervisor may have specific requirements for your research. For example, some music programs may favor a comparative instead of a descriptive or correlational study. Knowing what your institution demands is essential in choosing an appropriate research topic.
  • Explore scientific papers. Journal articles are a great way to find the critical areas of interest in your field of study. You can choose from a wide range of journals such as The Journal of Musicology and The Journal of the Royal Musical Association . These resources can help determine the direction of your research.
  • Determine your areas of interest. Choosing a topic you have a personal interest in will help you stay motivated. Researching music-related subjects is a painstakingly thorough process. A lack of motivation would make it difficult to follow through with your research and achieve optimal results.
  • Confirm availability of data sources. Not all music topics are researchable. Before selecting a topic, you must be sure that there are enough primary and secondary data sources for your research. You also need to be sure that you can carry out your research with tested and proven research methods.
  • Ask your colleagues: Asking questions is one of the many research skills you need to cultivate. A short discussion or brainstorming session with your colleagues or other music professionals could help you identify a suitable topic for your research paper.

What’s the Difference Between a Research Topic and a Research Question?

A research topic is a particular subject area in a much wider field that a researcher chooses to place his emphasis on. Most subjects are extensive. So, before conducting research, a researcher must first determine a suitable area of interest that will act as the foundation for their investigation.

Research questions are drawn from research topics. However, research questions are usually more streamlined. While research topics can take a more generic viewpoint, research questions further narrow the focus down to specific case studies or seek to draw a correlation between two or more datasets.

How to Create Strong Music Research Questions

Strong music research questions must be relevant and specific. Music is a broad field with many genres and possible research areas. However, your research question must focus on a single subject matter and provide valuable insights. Also, your research question should be based on parameters that can be quantified and studied using available research methods.

Top 10 Music Research Paper Topics

1. understanding changes in music consumption patterns.

Although several known factors affect how people consume music, there is still a significant knowledge gap regarding how these factors influence listening choices. Your music research paper could outline some of these factors that affect music consumer behavior and highlight their mechanism of action.

2. Hip-hop Culture and Its Effect on Teenage Behavior

In 2020, hip-hop and RnB had the highest streaming numbers , according to Statista. Without a doubt, hip-hop music has had a significant influence on the behavior of young adults. There is still the need to conduct extensive research on this subject to determine if there is a correlation between hip-hop music and specific behavioral patterns, especially among teenagers.

3. The Application of Music as a Therapeutic Tool

For a long time, music has been used to manage stress and mental health disorders like anxiety, PTSD, and others. However, the role of music in clinical treatment still remains a controversial topic. Further research is required to separate fact from fiction and provide insight into the potential of music therapy.

4. Contemporary Rock Music and Its Association With Harmful Social Practices

Rock music has had a great influence on American culture since the 1950s. Since its rise to prominence, it has famously been associated with vices such as illicit sex and abuse of recreational drugs. An excellent research idea could be to evaluate if there is a robust causal relationship between contemporary rock music and adverse social behaviors.

5. The Impact of Streaming Apps on Global Music Consumption

Technology has dramatically affected the music industry by modifying individual music consumption habits. Presently, over 487 million people subscribe to a digital streaming service, according to Statista. Your research paper could examine how much of an influence popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have had on how we listen to music.

6. Effective American Music Education Practices

Teaching practices have always had a considerable impact on students’ academic success. However, not all strategies have an equal effect in enhancing learning experiences for students. You can conduct comparative research on two or more American music education practices and evaluate their impact on learning outcomes.

7. The Evolution of Music Production in the Technology-driven Era

One of the aspects of music that is experiencing a massive change is sound production. More than ever before, skilled, tech-savvy music producers are in high demand. At the moment, music producers earn about $70,326 annually, according to ZipRecruiter. So, your research could focus on the changes in music production techniques since the turn of the 21st century.

8. Jazz Music and Its Influence on Western Music Genres

The rich history of jazz music has established it as one of the most influential genres of music since the 19th century. Over the years, several famous composers and leading voices across many other western music genres have been shaped by jazz music’s sound and culture. You could carry out research on the influence of this genre of music on modern types of music.

9. The Effect of Wars on Music

Wars have always brought about radical changes in several aspects of culture, including music styles. Throughout history, we have witnessed wars result in the death of famous musicians. If you are interested in learning about music history in relation to global events, a study on the impact of wars on music will make an excellent music research paper.

10. African Tribal Percussion

African music is well recognized for its unique application of percussion. Historically, several tribes and cultures had their own percussion instruments and original methods of expression. Unfortunately, this musical style has mainly gone undocumented. An in-depth study into ancient African tribal percussion would make a strong music research paper.

Other Examples of Music Research Topics & Questions

Music research topics.

  • Popular musical styles of the 20th century
  • The role of musical pieces in political movements
  • Biographies of influential musicians during the baroque period
  • The influence of classical music on modern-day culture
  • The relationship between music and fashion

Music Research Questions

  • What is the relationship between country music and conservationist ideologies among middle-aged American voters?
  • What is the effect of listening to Chinese folk music on the critical thinking skills of high school students?
  • How have electronic music production technologies influenced the sound quality of contemporary music?
  • What is the correlation between punk music and substance abuse among Black-American males?
  • How does background music affect learning and information retention in children?

Choosing the Right Music Research Topic

Your research topic is the foundation on which every other aspect of your study is built. So, you must select a music research topic that gives you room to adequately explore intriguing hypotheses and, if possible, proffer practically applicable solutions.

Also, if you seek to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Music , you must be prepared to conduct research during your study. Choosing the right music research topic is the first step in guaranteeing good grades and delivering relevant, high-quality contributions in this constantly expanding field.

Music Research Topics FAQ

A good music research topic should be between 10 to 12 words long. Long, wordy music essay topics are usually confusing. They can make it difficult for readers to understand the goal of your research. Avoid using lengthy phrases or vague terms that could confuse the reader.

Journal articles are the best place to find helpful resources for your music research. You can explore reputable, high-impact journal articles to see if any research has been done related to your chosen topic. Journal articles also help to provide data for comparison while carrying out your research.

Primary sources carry out their own research and cite their own data. In contrast, secondary sources report data obtained from a primary source. Although primary sources are regarded as more credible, you can include a good mixture of primary and secondary sources in your research.

The most common research methods for music research are qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, and analytical. Your research strategy is arguably the most crucial part of your study. You must learn different research methods to determine which one would be the perfect fit for your particular research question.

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110 Music Essay Topics

Whether it’s for a fine arts course, a music appreciation class, or just a general assignment to build writing skills, music essays are an integral part of the musical education world.

Students are often assigned to write a music essay on a specific topic or one based on their interests. While it may seem overwhelming at first, writing music essays can actually be fun and rewarding.

The Fundamentals of Writing a Music Essay

Before a student can begin writing a music essay, there are a few key fundamentals to be aware of. These fundamentals will ensure that a paper is written to the student’s potential and will benefit them in their future musical studies.

Understand the Music

Listening to a piece of music and understanding a piece of music are two different things. While listening to music lets a student know what the piece is like, it does not necessarily allow them to understand the music’s more profound meaning.

This means that before writing a music essay, students must study their selected piece of music in depth. This might entail listening repeatedly or reading an analysis on the piece to gain a thorough comprehension. It could also mean researching the composer and their life to understand what effect their life might have had on the music.

Another option is to research the genre that the piece belongs to or even its historical context. Full knowledge of all these elements will ensure a deeper understanding of what is being listened to so that the writing is more profound.

Enhance Your Vocabulary

In music, there are specific words to describe sounds, aspects of the sound, and even emotions. Without an understanding of these words, a student will not be able to write a music essay to the highest degree possible.

Instead of saying the music is good or bad, students will need to expand their vocabulary to include more descriptive words such as :

These words allow a student to describe the music in much more depth than just ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ They provide readers with an idea of what is felt when listening and can better explain how the piece makes the writer feel.

Note that not only should you include these types of adjectives in your music essay, but also try to limit “big” or overused adjectives such as beautiful, stunning, amazing.

Know How to Cite

Often, to back up claims or provide context to musical analysis, it is essential to cite in the proper format so that a paper is academic and can be taken seriously. In a music essay, students will need to include proper citations that show where they got their information from after writing a quote or paraphrasing something said by someone else.

Citations are essential for another reason: they allow other people to investigate the source of your work for themselves to check its validity. Failure to cite sources and examples may diminish the credibility of the writing in the reader’s eyes.

When citing a lyric, be sure to include the songwriter’s name and the name of the piece. It is also important to remember to place a line break before and after the quote and use quotation marks for lyrics.

When citing a critique, be sure to include the author’s name and relevant background information such as their profession, where they got their degree from, and when their piece was published. It is then necessary to place a line break before and after the quote, italicize the author’s name, and include a page number if applicable to your citation.

The Different Types of Music Essay

A music essay can be written in a variety of formats or styles. Most commonly, a music essay will fall into one of three categories:

Musical Analysis

Musical analysis is a description of a piece of music. This usually includes describing the song’s mood, tempo, and melody as well as its historical context, genre, composer, and so forth.

Students may examine and critique the composition of a piece, or they might discuss the feelings that the music conveys. In short, a musical analysis should describe what is heard and explain to the reader how it made them feel.

Informative Essay

Students use their research skills to provide others with information about a certain topic in an informative essay. This can include an explanation of something musical such as the history of a genre, how it developed over time, and so forth.

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one in which students argue for or against something. For example, for music essays, students argue whether they believe that one piece of music is better than another or whether they prefer a specific style or genre.

This is an opportunity for students to make their voice heard by giving personal reasons for why something is good or bad and can be used to compare two distinct pieces of work through direct comparison or contrast.

With the fundamentals of writing a music essay above, students may still have trouble coming up with the right topic for their writing assignment. Fortunately, this list of 110 music essay topics is perfect for any writer level and is guaranteed to spark at least one idea for a music essay.

Music Essay Topics About Genre

  • Which music genre has had the most impact in modern times?
  • How have musical genres changed or developed over the past 100 years?
  • Which is musical genre is best for teaching an instrument?
  • Which is musical genre do you think has the most talent involved?
  • How has technology influenced musical genres over the past 50 years?
  • What musical genres are no longer seen in modern times?
  • Are there musical genres that shouldn’t be used in today’s society?
  • Are musical genres really all the same?
  • Compare and contrast two different musical genres?
  • How do musical genres influence each other?
  • What is the best way to discover the type of musical genre you like?
  • Which platforms are best for a particular type of musical genre?
  • Are music genres meant for certain audiences?
  • Which musical genres are the least biased by modern culture?
  • What makes a song belong to a particular genre?
  • Can a musical genre be broken down further than it already is?
  • How have technology and fashion influenced popular genres of music over time?
  • How has globalization impacted different musical genres?
  • Which style of music is the most popular in your country?
  • Which musical genres typically get the least respect from society?
  • What is the history of a particular musical genre?
  • Are there any specific songs that belong to a certain genre?
  • How have political issues influenced musical genres over time?
  • Is it harder to write a song in one musical genre or another?
  • Why do some people prefer one style or genre over another?
  • In what circumstances do you listen to particular types of music?
  • Which type of genre would be best for specific occasions?
  • What are the differences between modern and classical genres?

Music Essay Topics About Classical Music

  • What is the most significant piece of classical music?
  • How did certain pieces of classical music change over time?
  • Does one specific style better illustrate a particular piece of classical music?
  • How is musical structure important in modern-day classical pieces of work?
  • Why are certain classical pieces of work good to listen to when stressed out?
  • How does one piece of classical music compare to another?
  • What is the history behind a particular piece of classical work?
  • Which musical instruments are typically used in classical music?
  • Why is classical music better for different types of people?
  • Compare and contrast how two classical composers created their work?
  • What influenced a piece of significant classical music?
  • How do the notes in classical music differ from modern-day pop music?
  • What makes a piece of music classical?
  • Should classical music be learned before other types of music?
  • What developmental benefits does classical music have on newborns?
  • Who was Mozart, and why is he considered one of the most significant composers in history?
  • How does Western classical music differ from that in other countries?
  • Why was Beethoven’s work superior within its time period?
  • What makes Mozart different than other composers?
  • How can people improve their understanding of classical music?
  • How does the style and context influence the choice of musical instruments for specific pieces of classical music?
  • Why should children learn about classical music as part of their education?

Music Essay Topics About Music Theory

  • Which is more important to music: theory or practice?
  • How have new musical instruments influenced the theory behind music?
  • Are there any specific rules for using melodies and harmonies in music?
  • What are examples of non-traditional music theory?
  • Why do some people want to expand the boundaries of traditional music theory?
  • Are there any movements currently challenging traditional music theory?
  • Why is music theory important in modern-day music?
  • What are some types of modern-day musical compositions that ignore traditional music theory?
  • How have technological advances influenced traditional and non-traditional forms of music theory?
  • Which type of theory do you prefer: traditional or non-traditional?
  • What makes a piece of music sound like jazz?
  • What is the difference between musical form and music theory?
  • Which types of pieces best illustrate different theories in music?
  • What can non-traditional forms of music teach students about classical forms of music?
  • In what circumstances is music theory advanced?
  • What are some similarities between classical and modern-day musical compositions?
  • How has the Internet influenced traditional and non-traditional forms of music theory today?
  • Who was Leonard Bernstein, and how did he influence American society through his music theory contributions?
  • How do different cultures use a similar or different form of music theory?
  • Which is more difficult: playing music by ear or reading sheet music?
  • Which musical theory from the past is still valid in today’s society?
  • What are examples of outdated musical theories?

Music Essay Topics About Instruments

  • What instruments sound the best in music?
  • How do the instruments used in jazz differ from those used in rock and roll?
  • Is there a best way to play a specific instrument?
  • Why do orchestras typically use certain instruments?
  • Which instrument is most beneficial to the beginner musician learning to play music?
  • What are some types of non-traditional instruments used in musical compositions today?
  • Who were the first modern musicians to impact society through their use of new and different instruments?
  • What benefits do different types of instruments have on a musical composition?
  • What are some traditions followed when playing certain instruments in music?
  • What is the history behind unique musical instruments?
  • Who were the first people to experiment with new sounds on instruments with different tones and chords?
  • What’s the difference between playing with sound effects and using natural sounds?
  • How has technology influenced the use and creation of musical instruments today?
  • Which instruments should people learn to play first: traditional or non-traditional ones?
  • Compare and contrast the sounds of woodwind instruments to brass instruments.
  • Should percussion instruments be considered a type of classical music instrument or a type of pop music instrument?
  • What types of musical instruments are used in different types of foreign musical compositions?
  • How do people learn to play new instruments today?
  • How have old and modern musical instruments been combined to create unique sounds in songs?
  • What is the history behind musical instruments?
  • What are some traditional musical instruments still used today?
  • How can people make their own musical instruments at home with household items?
  • What was the first instrument ever invented?

Music Essay Topics About Singing

  • What is the difference between singing and vocalizing?
  • What is autotune, and how has it affected the music industry?
  • Is music with autotune better or worse than music without?
  • Should singers be allowed to use autotune in their performances?
  • What are the best types of vocal ranges for singers?
  • Who is famous for singing songs with wide vocal ranges?
  • Is it better to sing high or low notes in music today?
  • How do male and female singers compare with each other regarding their voices?
  • What are the different types of musical compositions that use vocals?
  • How do popular artists use vocalization in their songs?
  • Who was Kurt Cobain, and what did he do to change the face of music and singing?
  • Are there any negatives associated with using autotune in a song today?
  • Do all singers need to use autotune to sound better in their songs?
  • What are the five main parts that make up the human voice, and how do they work together to create singing?
  • How does pitch play a role in different types of music genres?

Using any of the 110 music essay topics listed above should provide the inspiration needed to write a great music essay.

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206 Best Music Research Topics That Rock The Stage

blog image

Music is one of the greatest sensations in human life. If you are writing a music research paper, you have to make sure that the topic is eye-catching. Most importantly, it should move and make you dance yourself. The topic that you are not interested in will not only make you weary, but the results would be unsatisfying too. That is why our writers have found music research paper topics for you to save the day. We love music very much, and so  our team  offers an Academic paper writing service , so you can trust word.

Table of Contents

Music Research Topics: History, Technical Music, Contemporary And More

Although our writers mainly offer research paper writing services , they did not hesitate for a bit when we asked them to come up with some music research topics for you. You can use any of these 206 topics for free and modify them to fit your needs and match your taste. Read on!

Music History Research Topics

music history research topics

  • Use of songwriting in relation to the political and social situations in Nazi Germany and the French Revolution
  • Musical Education between two centuries
  • Evolution in the definition of music over the centuries
  • Birth of Music in Mesopotamia
  • Impact of Arab-Andalusian music on renaissance
  • Folklore bands of wind music, a cultural manifestation of the people and for the people
  • Harmonic implications studied by Pythagoras
  • Music from Ancient Greek
  • Importance of Music in Greek Mythology
  • Song of the Sirens in the evolution of music
  • Greece, music, poetry, and dance
  • Athens was a center of musical poets in BC era
  • Classical Greek Style Music
  • Yanni: A Musician that fuses Modern and Classical Greek Music into one
  • Role of Music in Greek Tragedy
  • Famous musical-dramatic pieces
  • Heroic poets: Arab poets that formed the bases of European music
  • Performances in amphitheatres by singers-actors-dancers
  • Classical musician considered himself more of a performer than an author
  • Ritual dance with kettledrums around the fire: Musical Traditions of Pagan cultures
  • Classification of primitive musical instruments
  • Music in China
  • Music in Mayan Tradition
  • Apache and Native American Music
  • How Africans and Columbians formed the modern American music
  • The musical theory and the instruments used in Japan
  • Bagaki for Japanese Emperor ceremonies
  • Evolution of Indian Music
  • Music in the Mughal Empire
  • Anarkali: A musical myth with a royal background
  • Christian Music, Hymns and Choirs

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Technical Music research topics

technical music research topics

  • Similarity measures, including rhythmic and melodic similarity.
  • Phylogenetic analysis of music.
  • National Center for Music Diffusion
  • Mathematical measures of rhythmic complexity and syncopation
  • Musical transformations of rhythm and melody
  • Automatic analysis of traditional music, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and African music
  • The mathematical theory of rhythm
  • Musical constructivism
  • Model models (MM) and counter models (CM)
  • The role of sound design in video games and its application to contemporary independent works
  • Mathematical and computational modeling of musical phenomena (grouping, phrasing, tension, etc.)
  • A mathematical theory of tuning and temperament systems
  • Teaching mathematics through art
  • Music visualization
  • History of Modern Columbian Music
  • Acoustic-instrumental composition, electroacoustic and sound art
  • Interpretation and musical investigation
  • sound production
  • Transcription and music editing
  • Recovery of musical heritage
  • Studies of music, literature, culture, and colonial anthropology
  • Music by European composers of the 16th century (Renaissance)
  • Education and technology in educational scenarios of musical training

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Music Argument Topics

music argument topics

  • Visual Media Music Studio
  • Music as an important expression in the history of the world
  • Conversations about music, culture, and identity
  • The architectural space as a link between music and the citizen
  • Music Schools for children and young people with limited resources
  • Role of practice and need for devotion in learning and acing the musical skills

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Contemporary Music research topics

contemporary music research topics

  • Impact of Coke Studio: From Pakistan to take over the world
  • Effects of Modern Music on Youth
  • Musical Martyrs: Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley
  • Music of Hans Zimmer
  • Production and exhibition of contemporary music
  • Entertainment and music centres
  • Non-formal music schools
  • Music and education today
  • Contemporary Mexican music
  • Satanism movement in modern music
  • Western musical history and “modern” music
  • Journey of Music: From the Medieval Family to the Modern Family
  • Importance of Opera in the modern age
  • Evolution of music over time: From orchestra to electric
  • Self-management and promotion of independent music
  • Music of electric musicians: Alan Walker, Serhat Durmus, Chain Smokers
  • Modern Music, A Wonderful Expression
  • The idiomatic reality of the English language
  • Modern Music in the United States
  • Current music pedagogy
  • Music education in the twentieth century

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Classic Music Research Topics

classic music research topics

  • Classic music of South Asia
  • Classic music of Africa
  • Classic Arab music, the influence of Soad, Um Kalthum
  • What makes classic music so important and why do we still have to reserve it?
  • Music of Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms
  • Use of classic music in the film
  • Beethoven: How he lived, composed and died
  • Life and music of Mozart
  • Classical music by Afro-American women
  • Music in classical films
  • Greatest compositions of 19-20th centuries
  • Style and compositions of Einaudi
  • Music during the classical period
  • Classical Music Criticism

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African music research topics

african music research topics

  • The Effects of Slave Music on American History and African-American Music
  • The use of Afro-Caribbean rhythms for the construction of jazz musical moments
  • African folk music of Cuba
  • History of African-American Popular Music
  • African diversity in music
  • The study of the oral and musical traditions of the Afro-Mexicans
  • Studies of African Musical History and Its relationship with modern society
  • South African influences on American music
  • African music in Mali
  • African music: South Africa
  • Music of the Middle East and North Africa

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Pop Culture Music Research Topics

pop culture music research topics

  • The pedagogical models of popular music
  • Music throughout the decades of musicals
  • Brad Paisley and Country Music
  • The Effects of Music on the popular culture
  • Hip-hop/rap music: One of the most popular musical genres
  • The influence of rap music on teenagers
  • Irish Music: Music and Touch Other Irish Dance Music

Read More:  Qualitative Research Topics

Music Theory Topics

music theory topics

  • Genre and music preferences
  • The effect of instrumental music on word recall memory
  • Sample Music and Wellness
  • The music industry
  • The Theme of Death in a Musical 
  • The Effects of Globalization on MusicMusic psychology research topics
  • The potential of music therapy to develop soft skills at the organizational level
  • Listening to music as a way to relieve stress for teens
  • The impact of theatricality within contemporary popular music concerts of the psychedelic, glam, and progressive rock genre 
  • Trying music as therapy
  • How music can help students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder)
  • How can music help reduce work stress and maintain a healthy work environment
  • Musical manifestations of man consist of the externalization

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Music Education Research Topics

music education research topics

  • New pragmatism in music education
  • Importance and effects of musical education
  • Philosophy of Music Education
  • Music, a tool to educate
  • Competencies in music education
  • Music as a strategy to encourage children’s effective learning 
  • Interconnection between music and education
  • Philosophy of musical education

Read More: High School Research Paper Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics About Music

persuasive speech topics about music

  • The music is a true reflection of the essay of American society
  • Music and Its Effects on Society 
  • Matter Of Metal Music
  • Beethoven’s Twelfth Symphony: the second movement of the symphonic essay
  • Messages in music
  • The benefits of music trial
  • Does music affect blood pressure?
  • Music Industry Research: An Epic Battle With Youtube
  • Entertainment and education Via music
  • Whitman’s music as a means of expression
  • Music and its Effect on the World
  • Music: Essay on Music and Learning Disabilities

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Music Controversial Topics

music controversial topics

  • Whether or not profanations in music corrupt our youth
  • Drugs and rock and roll
  • Piracy and the music industry
  • Music censorship is a violation of freedom of expression
  • Music censorship
  • The use and overuse of the music

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Music Industry Topics

music industry topics

  • Freedom of expression and rap music
  • Censorship in the music industry
  • Influence of music on culture
  • Analysis of Iranian film music
  • Analysis of the Turkish Music Industry
  • Analysis of the South Asian Music Industry
  • Coke Studio Making and Global Impact
  • The digital revolution: how technology changed the workflow of music composers for media
  • Video music as matter in motion
  • Acoustic and interpretive characteristics of the instruments
  • The study of musical composition based on pictorial works
  • Musical prosody of the interpretation

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Arab Music Research Paper Topic

arab music research paper topic

  • Arab music industry: Evolution after colonialism
  • Music of Middle
  • Umm Kulthum: Effects on global music
  • How the Arab music still impacts Asian and American Music
  • Effects of Arab music in popular French music
  • Turkish and Arab Music: A Beautiful cultural fusion
  • Arab Heroic Poets of Andalus and how they formed modern European music
  • Revival of Arab music through electrical genre

Read More:  Medical Research Topics

Music Thesis Topics

music thesis topics

  • Film Industry Classical Music
  • Finding Meaning in a Musical 
  • Music and its effect on my interpretation
  • How music can interact with politics
  • Musical phrases and the modal centres of interest of the melody 
  • Effect of ambient music on sleep trials
  • Main characteristics of the musical organization
  • Study Of Cadences And Other Harmonic Processes In The Light Of Consonance And Dissonance Theories
  • Theoretical-experimental Study Of Percussion, Wind And String Instruments
  • Recognition Of The Instruments Of The Orchestra
  • Compositive Algorithms Using Unconventional Musical Magnitudes
  • Development Of A Microtonal Harmony As A Generalization Of The Common Practice Period
  • Mechanism related to the recognition of specific emotions in music
  • Musical emotion (emotion induction)

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High School Research Paper Topics on Music

high school research paper topics on music

  • Correlation Between Personality and Musical Preferences Essay
  • Effects of Rock Music on Teenagers
  • Does popular music stay popular?
  • The effect of music on the interpretation of a musical
  • Musical activities in a spiral of development
  • Adolescents in the understanding of contemporary processes of music
  • Musical activities in the content system
  • Music and the value of responsibility
  • Presentation of musical fragments, Performance of live or recorded musical instruments
  • Life stories of composers and musical personalities such as Mozart and Beethoven
  • Presentation of music related to tastes and socio-educational reality
  • Exhibition of musical fragments and execution of instruments
  • Presentation of different types of music, the performance of musical instruments live or recorded
  • Experience composing music, with lyrics, instrumental or with sounds from the environment, what musical genre or type of sound production does it represent?
  • The practice of the studied musical instruments, record the meanings that guide your performance and preparation as a student and for life
  • Why is compliance with the vocal techniques of singing a duty that must be assumed consciously?
  • Does all music express sound? Does every sound express a genre or type of music?
  • Practice sound emission and tuning techniques
  • Why is it important to make movements according to the type of music you listen to?

Music is one of the greatest inventions of the human race. All good music makes your heart beat a little faster and soothes your mind into peace. It has been evolving since the dawn of civilization, 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Whatever research you make about it, just make sure that it touches your heart. 

If you want to save your time and get your music research paper written by us, you are in for good news. We offer the best research paper writing services in the USA. You can  contact us  to discuss your research paper. You can also  place your order  and we can start working on your research paper right away. 

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  • A Research Guide
  • Research Paper Topics

120 Music Research Paper Topics

How to choose a topic for music research paper:, music theory research paper topics:.

  • The influence of harmonic progression on emotional response in music
  • Analyzing the use of chromaticism in the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • The role of rhythm and meter in creating musical tension and release
  • Examining the development of tonality in Western classical music
  • Exploring the impact of cultural and historical context on musical form and structure
  • Investigating the use of polyphony in Renaissance choral music
  • Analyzing the compositional techniques of minimalist music
  • The relationship between melody and harmony in popular music
  • Examining the influence of jazz improvisation on contemporary music
  • The role of counterpoint in the compositions of Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Investigating the use of microtonality in experimental music
  • Analyzing the impact of technology on music composition and production
  • The influence of musical modes on the development of different musical genres
  • Exploring the use of musical symbolism in film scoring
  • Investigating the role of music theory in the analysis and interpretation of non-Western music

Music Industry Research Paper Topics:

  • The impact of streaming services on music consumption patterns
  • The role of social media in promoting and marketing music
  • The effects of piracy on the music industry
  • The influence of technology on music production and distribution
  • The relationship between music and mental health
  • The evolution of music genres and their impact on the industry
  • The economics of live music events and festivals
  • The role of record labels in shaping the music industry
  • The impact of globalization on the music industry
  • The representation and portrayal of gender in the music industry
  • The effects of music streaming platforms on artist revenue
  • The role of music education in fostering talent and creativity
  • The influence of music videos on audience perception and engagement
  • The impact of music streaming on physical album sales
  • The role of music in advertising and brand marketing

Music Therapy Research Paper Topics:

  • The effectiveness of music therapy in reducing anxiety in cancer patients
  • The impact of music therapy on improving cognitive function in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Exploring the use of music therapy in managing chronic pain
  • The role of music therapy in promoting emotional well-being in children with autism spectrum disorder
  • Music therapy as a complementary treatment for depression: A systematic review
  • The effects of music therapy on stress reduction in pregnant women
  • Examining the benefits of music therapy in improving communication skills in individuals with developmental disabilities
  • The use of music therapy in enhancing motor skills rehabilitation after stroke
  • Music therapy interventions for improving sleep quality in patients with insomnia
  • Exploring the impact of music therapy on reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • The role of music therapy in improving social interaction and engagement in individuals with schizophrenia
  • Music therapy as a non-pharmacological intervention for managing symptoms of dementia
  • The effects of music therapy on pain perception and opioid use in hospitalized patients
  • Exploring the use of music therapy in promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety during surgical procedures
  • The impact of music therapy on improving quality of life in individuals with Parkinson’s disease

Music Psychology Research Paper Topics:

  • The effects of music on mood and emotions
  • The role of music in enhancing cognitive abilities
  • The impact of music therapy on mental health disorders
  • The relationship between music and memory recall
  • The influence of music on stress reduction and relaxation
  • The psychological effects of different genres of music
  • The role of music in promoting social bonding and cohesion
  • The effects of music on creativity and problem-solving abilities
  • The psychological benefits of playing a musical instrument
  • The impact of music on motivation and productivity
  • The psychological effects of music on physical exercise performance
  • The role of music in enhancing learning and academic performance
  • The influence of music on sleep quality and patterns
  • The psychological effects of music on individuals with autism spectrum disorder
  • The relationship between music and personality traits

Music Education Research Paper Topics:

  • The impact of music education on cognitive development in children
  • The effectiveness of incorporating technology in music education
  • The role of music education in promoting social and emotional development
  • The benefits of music education for students with special needs
  • The influence of music education on academic achievement
  • The importance of music education in fostering creativity and innovation
  • The relationship between music education and language development
  • The impact of music education on self-esteem and self-confidence
  • The role of music education in promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity
  • The effects of music education on students’ overall well-being and mental health
  • The significance of music education in developing critical thinking skills
  • The role of music education in enhancing students’ teamwork and collaboration abilities
  • The impact of music education on students’ motivation and engagement in school
  • The effectiveness of different teaching methods in music education
  • The relationship between music education and career opportunities in the music industry

Music History Research Paper Topics:

  • The influence of African music on the development of jazz in the United States
  • The role of women composers in classical music during the 18th century
  • The impact of the Beatles on the evolution of popular music in the 1960s
  • The cultural significance of hip-hop music in urban communities
  • The development of opera in Italy during the Renaissance
  • The influence of folk music on the protest movements of the 1960s
  • The role of music in religious rituals and ceremonies throughout history
  • The evolution of electronic music and its impact on contemporary music production
  • The contribution of Latin American musicians to the development of salsa music
  • The influence of classical music on film scores in the 20th century
  • The role of music in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States
  • The development of reggae music in Jamaica and its global impact
  • The influence of Mozart’s compositions on the classical music era
  • The role of music in the French Revolution and its impact on society
  • The evolution of punk rock music and its influence on alternative music genres

Music Sociology Research Paper Topics:

  • The impact of music streaming platforms on the music industry
  • The role of music in shaping cultural identity
  • Gender representation in popular music: A sociological analysis
  • The influence of social media on music consumption patterns
  • Music festivals as spaces for social interaction and community building
  • The relationship between music and political activism
  • The effects of globalization on local music scenes
  • The role of music in constructing and challenging social norms
  • The impact of technology on music production and distribution
  • Music and social movements: A comparative study
  • The role of music in promoting social change and social justice
  • The influence of socioeconomic factors on music taste and preferences
  • The role of music in constructing and reinforcing gender stereotypes
  • The impact of music education on social and cognitive development
  • The relationship between music and mental health: A sociological perspective

Classical Music Research Paper Topics:

  • The influence of Ludwig van Beethoven on the development of classical music
  • The role of women composers in classical music history
  • The impact of Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions on future generations
  • The evolution of opera in the classical period
  • The significance of Mozart’s symphonies in the classical era
  • The influence of nationalism on classical music during the Romantic period
  • The portrayal of emotions in classical music compositions
  • The use of musical forms and structures in the works of Franz Joseph Haydn
  • The impact of the Industrial Revolution on the production and dissemination of classical music
  • The relationship between classical music and dance in the Baroque era
  • The role of patronage in the development of classical music
  • The influence of folk music on classical composers
  • The representation of nature in classical music compositions
  • The impact of technological advancements on classical music performance and recording
  • The exploration of polyphony in the works of Johann Sebastian Bach

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267 Music Essay Topics + Writing Guide [2024 Update]

Your mood leaves a lot to be desired. Everything around you is getting on your nerves. But still, there’s one thing that may save you: music. Just think of all the times you turned on your favorite song, and it lifted your spirits!

Our specialists will write a custom essay specially for you!

So, why not write about it in a music essay? In this article, you’ll find all the information necessary for this type of assignment:

  • 267 brilliant music essay topics,
  • a sample paper,
  • a step-by-step guide and writing tips.

And don’t forget to bookmark  where you can find helpful essay tips in articles like this one.

🔝 Music Essay Topics: Top 10

  • 🎵 Music Essay Definition
  • 🎼 Essay Topics
  • ✍️ How to Write
  • đź“‘ Essay Sample

đź”— References

  • Compare different recording formats.
  • The purpose of music.
  • Ternary and rondo: compare and contrast.
  • Music as a lifestyle.
  • The benefits of singing.
  • Ethnomusicology as a career.
  • Evolution of the radio.
  • The importance of school musicals.
  • Music as a tool for meditation.
  • Music in sports.

🎵 Essays about Music: What Are They?

A music essay describes or analyzes a piece of music, its context, or one’s personal attitude towards it. This type of assignment requires a compelling primary argument and a clear structure.

To write well about music, you don’t have to be a professional musician. All you need is to be able to listen, understand, and evaluate it. You should also provide your interpretation and opinion on it.

Writing about Music: Assignment Types

An essay on music is a popular assignment in high school and college. However, many students find it hard to describe sounds in a written form. In this article, we will give you some tips on writing about music.

Just in 1 hour! We will write you a plagiarism-free paper in hardly more than 1 hour

Here are the typical tasks that you might receive:

  • Concert report. It requires describing the music you’ve heard using as many details and terms as you can.
  • Historical analysis of a piece. Your aim is to describe the historical context of a piece or its relation to the historical setting. For this type of assignment, you may need to do some research.
  • Song analysis. In this type of essay, you explore song lyrics’ meaning and show how they work together with the melody.
  • Performance or media comparison. Here you need to compare several interpretations or performances of one piece of music.

The picture shows different tasks related to writing about music.

All of these assignments require a different approach and topic. You will find topics for these types of tasks below.

How to Choose a Music Essay Topic

First things first, you need to find a suitable music essay topic. To accomplish this task, you might want to take the following steps:

  • Analyze your relationship with music . What role does it play in your life? Your topic choice will be different if you are a musician or merely a listener.
  • Think about how music influences your everyday life . For instance, you can study how listening to music affects our mental health. Impressing your readers with some historical facts from the world of music is also a great idea.
  • Try reflecting on the role of different music genres in your life . Whether you prefer rap or classical music, exploring a genre is an excellent topic idea. Topics related to musical instruments are also worth attention.
  • Narrow your topic down. Otherwise, it will be too difficult to focus your essay on just one idea.

🎼 Music Essay Topics List

The first thing you need to do is to choose your topic. We have prepared a variety of music topics perfect for research papers and short essays. You can also use them for speeches or college application essays.

Argumentative Essay about Music: Topics & Ideas

Argumentative essays about music are usually concerned with a specific music-related issue you choose to address. Just like with any other argumentative essay, you should present both sides of the topic. Also, reliable facts are a must for this type of essay.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions. Cut 20% off your first order!

  • The influence of modern technologies on the music industry. Technologies allow artists to create and promote their songs independently. Because of this, record labels are less critical to musicians than before. However, the emergence of new technologies also gave rise to piracy . Do the positives outweigh the negatives?
  • What’s the effect of pop music on the modern generation? Today’s pop songs are usually commercial . Because of this, some people say that pop has ruined the current generations’ perception of music. Others argue that contemporary pop music expanded the possibilities of the genre.
  • Rock music makes people more aggressive . Some consider rock music merely an arrangement of aggressive tunes that foster violence. On the counter side, science has proven that people who prefer rock to other genres are calmer and more concentrated. Which position do you agree with?
  • Can people with hearing impairments become famous musicians ? Many believe that access to fame and fortune is limited for disabled people. The deaf may seem especially unsuited for the music business . Yet, the examples of Beethoven, Neil Young, and Chris Martin show that hearing problems don’t have to be an issue.
  • Will streaming completely substitute physical copies? Digitalization is on its way to replacing LPs and CDs. For most people, it’s simply more convenient. But their opponents claim that an MP3 file can never sound as good as a physical copy.
  • Some music genres can be a catalyst for violence. While their beats may be calm, hip-hop and rap’s lyrics are often aggressive and brutal. Does it have adverse effects on a listener?
  • Can a person become addicted to music ?
  • Censorship on the radio: why stations shouldn’t bleep out obscenities.
  • Is mandatory musical education in high schools practical?
  • The impact of Mozart’s music on toddlers.
  • Should a musician’s personal life affect people’s perception of their art?
  • How susceptible are teenagers to political messages in songs?
  • Music influences one’s mental and physical capabilities .
  • Are children who listen to music more intelligent than others?
  • Music genres are inherently dependent on musical instruments .
  • Is music as an art form more popular than cinema ?
  • Debate whether rap musicians promote a frivolous and careless lifestyle .
  • Many musicians became famous only because they’ve had connections.
  • Music festivals are the best form of entertainment.
  • Does music always sound better live than on records?
  • Is classical music better than modern genres?
  • Is it justified that some religions view music as a sin?
  • Typically, music defines a culture and its traditions: true or false?
  • Rap music has a strong connection to rebellious movements.
  • Jamaican music’s link to the stoner lifestyle is unjustified.
  • Synesthesia: how is music related to visuals?

Opinion on Music: Essay Topics

Opinion essays about music might seem similar to the argumentative type. Here, you are expected to write your personal opinion on a topic. Naturally, you can have many opinions on musical topics. Why not broadcast them? Keep in mind that you also need to provide reasons for your point of view.

  • Music therapy can help people with mental illnesses . It’s a well-known fact that music affects the human brain. This ability makes it perfect for treating mental health problems. On the one hand, psychologists established that listening to classical music increases one’s cognitive capacity . On the other hand, listening to heavy rock impacts responsiveness.
  • The questionable treatment of women in the music industry . While it may seem that both sexes are treated equally, women still earn much less than they deserve. Moreover, the extreme sexualization of girls persists as one of the most pressing problems in the industry.
  • Which musician or band impacted your worldview ? Discuss what makes your favorite artist special. Consider analyzing their lyrics, genre, and evolution. If you want to, add a review of one of their albums .
  • What are the challenges of being an independent artist? Typically, independent artists deal with all the financial, promotional, and distributional affairs by themselves. In the increasingly complex music business, this is not an easy task.
  • Is social media efficient for promotion? Almost every modern artist uses social media to promote their albums or songs. Users often check their networks for updates, which increases the musician’s visibility. But do such methods help in the long run?
  • Passion is the essential personal quality for every musician . If an artist is not eager to continually produce high-quality output, they’re unlikely to succeed. However, qualities such as responsibility, honesty, hard work, and creativity are also vital.
  • Is music good for stress relief?
  • How does music connect people ?
  • Analyze qualities that good musicians shouldn’t have.
  • Who are the most excellent musicians in the country genre ?
  • Is it possible to live without interacting with music ?
  • Choose three successful rappers and analyze their influence.
  • How can a musician become famous without having money or connections?
  • What are the difficulties of being in a band ?
  • Who impacted the development of indie music the most?
  • Is pop music losing its popularity? If so, why?
  • Three factors that affected your choice of a favorite genre .
  • Which artists are the most prominent in power metal?
  • Which record label is the most influential now?
  • Can Justin Bieber’s songs be considered legendary?
  • Did Kanye West introduce a new kind of rap?
  • Which rock bands lost their fame because of a scandal ? How did it happen?
  • Discuss Dire Straits’ impact on music history .
  • Who are currently the most successful women pop singers ?
  • Why are some music genres more popular than others?
  • What does success in the music world depend on ?

Topics for a Persuasive Essay about Music

Is there anything music-related you want to convince people of? A persuasive paper is your chance. Carefully craft your arguments to show your readers you’ve always been right about the beauty of cowbells. If it’s not your jam, consider these essay topics about music:

  • A seven-string guitar is superior to a six-string one. The additional string gives more room for creativity. It might be challenging to master, but in the end, the music has a fuller sound . Do you think it’s worth the effort?
  • The lyrics don’t matter as long as the melody is good. It’s possible to like songs from different countries, even if the listener doesn’t understand the language. The singing is simply part of the composition. Does this mean that what the vocalist says is unimportant?

The picture shows the information about the oldest surviving musical composition.

  • Most people living in big cities neglect country music. People from urban areas tend to think that country music is tasteless. For them, its tunes and lyrics sound too simple. Does the strong association with cowboys, farms, and long roads simply not appeal to the city lifestyle?
  • Should rap music be performed only by black people ? The genre hosts a large portion of African American artists . Not only that, but black rappers are widely considered the best of their craft. Do white artists do the genre justice?
  • Music that artists make merely to get money is soulless. Passion is a critical factor for every musician. If money is the primary driver for creating a song , the result is inevitably flawed. Do you agree?
  • Pop music is undergoing a transformation. Listeners acknowledge pop as the primary genre of contemporary music . Yet, new musical instruments are changing the game. Even the lyrics touch on more serious topics than before.
  • Indie is the new pop. Indie music is a relatively novel genre. Still, it continues to gain popularity. The light-hearted tunes paired with existential lyrics have captured the audience’s hearts. Is it possible to envision the future of music without bands such as Coldplay, The 1975, and the Arctic Monkeys?
  • The meaning of freedom for jazz as a musical genre .
  • Punk rock has recently witnessed a renaissance.
  • Exposing plants to classical music makes them grow faster.
  • Classical music: intellectually stimulating or relaxing ?
  • Is it justified that some countries legally prohibit artists from performing?
  • Is it easier for children to learn with music?
  • Can a person ever become a great artist without a natural talent ?
  • Should workplaces allow their employees to listen to background music ?
  • Jimi Hendrix’s guitar skills are still unmatched.
  • The impact of pop music on European culture and trends.
  • Kurt Cobain’s death should have been a wake-up call for the music industry .
  • Why is music beneficial to society?
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s legacy can be felt even today.
  • Nintendocore is a legitimate genre that the industry should take more seriously.
  • Should you listen to a bands’ music even if you disagree with their opinions ?
  • Musicians should receive more government support.
  • Patriotic songs make people feel passionate and energetic about their country.
  • Depressive and sad tunes can worsen a person’s mood.
  • Doctors and therapists need to understand the importance of music .

Music Evaluation Essay Topics

Do you want to know how to evaluate music? The point is to divide your overall impression into several parts. Music evaluation requires much attention and concentration, so try to do your best to stay focused while listening.

Use these criteria for evaluating music performances:

Now all you need to do is choose a topic and get down to writing!

Get an originally-written paper according to your instructions!

  • Discuss the rise and fall of hardcore punk. Many bands that started in the hardcore punk scene softened their sound over time. Why did this genre disappear from the mainstream?
  • Copyright laws are going too far . It’s getting increasingly difficult to use somebody else’s intellectual property. Creators on YouTube have to fear lawsuits for creatively repurposing copyrighted music. Moreover, laws such as the DMCA are frequently abused to generate revenues.
  • More bands should use their influence for political purposes . Renowned artists have a broad reach. Bands like Rise Against or Anti Flag use this influence to raise political awareness among their fans. Is it a fair approach?
  • Borrowing and plagiarism in contemporary music . New artists don’t emerge without having listened to other musicians. They draw inspiration from their predecessors. Thus, songs are always a mix of already existing tracks. In your essay, discuss the difference between homage and plagiarism.
  • What are the similarities between poetry and song lyrics? Songs and poems are similar in that they deliver a message to the audience. Their creation demands extensive knowledge of rhyming, literary devices, and other components.
  • Why do some musicians ask others to write lyrics for them? It is a common practice to have a crew of songwriters who create texts for performers. Sometimes it happens due to a lack of imagination or inspiration. Does finding out that your favorite artist doesn’t write their lyrics destroy the magic of their music?
  • How can popular music diversify as a genre? Pop music reached its peak. Adding and borrowing elements from different genres can be one way to diversify a streamlined genre.
  • The history of music as political propaganda .
  • Explain the difference between high and low contemporary music culture .
  • How is contemporary music related to that from other periods?
  • What are the connections between pop music and the hip-hop genre?
  • What connects popular music and contemporary culture ?
  • How does music in the United States relate to Spanish music ?
  • Analyze the evolution of Indian music .
  • Discuss why certain albums manage to climb to the top of the charts.
  • The link between social classes and musical genres.
  • Differences and similarities of music and other art forms .
  • How does a musical instrument’s origin influence its development?
  • What is the role of traditional music today?

The picture shows a Victor Hugo quote about music.

  • What are the main processes in music production?
  • How is music theory relevant today?
  • Analyze which contemporary artists’ albums had an effect comparable to that of Queen’s A Night at the Opera .
  • Eurodance: Europe’s most extravagant genre.
  • Songs and everyday life of Michael Jackson vs. Madonna: who wins the ultimate pop crown?
  • What difficulties has Eminem faced throughout his career?
  • Over-ear headphones provide a better sound experience than on-ear ones.

Topics for an Expository Essay on Music

An expository essay explains or describes a subject. In the colorful world of music, topics can range from the physics of sound waves to artists’ social impact.

  • The importance of Blues music in the late 19 th century and now . Blues originated in the 19 th century American South. It was an outlet for African Americans to express their sorrows. Later, it exceeded by far the cultural boundaries that confined it.
  • The role of music in prison camps. Singing was an essential part of life in the Nazi concentration camps . One of the most well-known songs of that time is called Peat Bog Soldiers . In your expository essay, explore why prisoners started singing and how it developed.
  • How did Chester Bennington’s death impact the music industry? Linkin Park was a giant in the business for decades until depression made their lead singer take his own life. The event sparked debates surrounding mental health and pressure in the creative industry. What long-lasting effects did these discussions have?
  • How did Baroque music reflect the zeitgeist? Compared to the Renaissance period, Baroque was in all aspects very pompous. The artists of the Sun King’s time didn’t shy away from the extravaganza. This ideal is especially prominent in architecture. How does music fit into the picture?
  • Investigate the development of musical harmony. The Ancient Greeks already had an idea of some tones fitting together better than others. However, it wasn’t until the 1600s that tonality became a crucial part of music theory.
  • Music in commercials: an analysis. Songs and jingles are commonplace in TV commercials. But what are they good for? In your essay, you can compare the success of advertisements with and without music.
  • What causes music trends to change? It’s easy to define various eras of music . Naturally, the invention of new instruments has influenced this development. What other factors played a role in these transformations?
  • Why is 4/4 a universal beat?
  • Examine the origins of The Star-Spangled Banner .
  • The effects of dissonance on the human mind .
  • How do staccato, legato, and other forms of articulation influence the perception of a musical piece ?
  • Discuss the significance of music in video games .
  • Music drives people’s motivation.
  • Explain the calming effects of nature sounds .
  • How does music influence literature ?
  • Celtic music is known to have an extraordinary impact on the psyche. How does it work?
  • How does music impact the discharge of hormones such as dopamine?
  • Music therapy is suitable for those who have bipolar disorder .
  • What made Falco such a unique artist?
  • How does the perception of a silent film differ from that of a movie with sound?
  • A rock concert by Kansas: How the relevance of live concerts changed over time .
  • Is being able to read music important for a composer ?
  • How did Beethoven write music after losing his hearing?
  • Should all songs have proper rhythm and structure?
  • Why do so many indie artists become commercial?
  • Is it essential for song lyrics to rhyme?

History of Music: Essay Topics

If you’re interested in the evolution of music, you’ve come to the right section. Historical research reveals the significance of music throughout time. Unsurprisingly, songs and melodies have been part of human culture for centuries. Dive deeper into this exciting subject with one of the following ideas:

  • How did the Catholic Church influence music development in Europe? During the Middle Ages , religious movements had a significant impact on music. Consequently, composers used to create more sacred music. It became a way of personal expression since it often contained religious texts. 
  • The cultural meaning of Renaissance music and its influence on other styles . During the time of the Renaissance , sacred and secular music heavily impacted each other. As a result, more variety emerged. The chanson and madrigal, for example, became popular around Europe.
  • Research archaeological findings of early musicality. The search for the oldest musical instrument delivers thrilling insights. Archaeologists have excavated a flute made of ivory and bird bones, dating approximately 43,000 years ago. They found it in a cave in Germany where Neanderthals lived.
  • History of early music and appearance of musical instruments. The beginning of the human culture was the turning point of musical instruments’ appearance. They were primarily used for spiritual rites; typically, they were horns or drums for ceremonies.
  • Louis Armstrong’s contributions to the jazz world. Jazz originated in New Orleans and was a favorite among African Americans. Louis Armstrong’s improvisations forever changed the genre, making the soloist-improviser the center of the performance.
  • The phenomenon of pop music and its origins. Popular music dates back to the second half of the last century. It comes from the US and the UK. Its main peculiarity lies in the variety of tunes and lyrics .
  • Native American music before the discovery of the New World . Incas and Aztecs had particular styles of music. Findings show that these ancient civilizations used instruments for ceremonies. Researchers also discovered that various American cultures mingled, thus creating new techniques.
  • The use of string instruments in classical Greek songwriting.
  • Famous composers of 18th century Italy and their influence.
  • Mozart vs. Beethoven: comparison of techniques.
  • Deliver a thoughtful analysis of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony .
  • What role do acoustic instruments play in jazz compositions ?
  • Explore the history of the Ocarina.
  • Due to what circumstances did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart become one of the greatest musical geniuses in history?
  • Influence of the Romantic period on modern music .
  • How and why were the swing era and jazz connected?
  • Rock and roll as an international language in the 20th century.
  • Explore the rise of techno music.
  • Is there a historical connection between music and math ?
  • How did music become a staple subject in many schools?
  • The greatest musicians of World War I .
  • Industrialization and its effect on music development.
  • How did female producers such as Kate Bush impact the music industry ?
  • Analyze FrĂ©dĂ©ric Chopin’s contribution to classical music .
  • Music evolution in ancient Greece vs. the Roman Empire .
  • How does archeology help to uncover musical traditions ?
  • Tupac’s influence on modern rap music .

Classification Essay about Music: Topic Ideas

In a classification essay, you explain how a whole relates to parts or vice versa. To do it, you need to divide one broad category into several subcategories. Each classification paragraph focuses on one subcategory, so you need to find a key feature that will be your basis of division. For example, you can divide music by genre, volume, musical instruments, etc.

Here is our list of musical topics for this essay type:

  • The most popular types of alternative music among teenagers. Naturally, teens like different kinds of rock and experimental music . Try to dig deeper and ask some teenagers about their preferences to get a clear picture.
  • Types of modern dance music . Describe the tendencies and popular genres. You can also focus on a specific country.
  • The most popular types of jazz music in Europe . Although jazz emerged in the United States, this genre became recognizable all over the world. You can analyze the most popular streamed songs, or the concerts and other mass events.
  • Rock music in the ’70s. You can describe the genres, styles, or types of performers. The concerts, clothes, and lifestyles are also suitable for this topic.
  • Blues musicians of different time periods. Analyze the lyrics, the musical instruments they used, and how long their careers lasted.
  • Classification of music for children . Some of it can be for dancing, development, or just listening. Research the purposes of different kinds of music for children.
  • Types of music used in films. The soundtrack is one of the main things we remember after watching a movie. There can be popular songs or tracks composed specifically for a film .
  • Rock bands that represent different subgenres.
  • Rap subgenres in the United States.
  • Periods of classical music .
  • What motivates people to start a musical career?
  • Different kinds of music for relaxation.
  • The industries where composers work .
  • Types of opera singers and instrumental music .
  • Different professions in the music industry .
  • Unpopular genres of independent music.
  • Different types of music listeners .

College Essay about Music: Topics

When you apply to your dream college, you need to write an impressive essay. Admissions officers pay attention not only to your grades and achievements but also to your personality. Your writing can indicate your motivation, academic interests, and how well you fit into the college. Writing an essay about “music in my life” is a great way to demonstrate your passion and creativity.

Choose one of these topics related to music for your college essay:

  • The role of music in your life . Describe what music means to you, how often you listen to it, and how it helps you in life. For example, you can write about inspiration, motivation, or the sense of freedom that it gives you.
  • What are the essential aspects of music for you? Try to write down everything you like about music. It might be melodies, lyrics, vocals, or mood. You can choose several aspects if you feel that you can’t decide.
  • The time when music changed your life. In this essay, you can pick one occurrence or describe how music changed your life gradually. It’s important to indicate where you started from and where it led you.
  • How do you see the future of the music industry? Demonstrate to the admissions officer how well you know the art and the business.
  • Your role model in the music industry. You may write about the qualities of the person you admire and why you want to develop them in yourself. Remember that admission officers want to read about you, not your idol.
  • How did your musical taste change over the last ten years? Describe the evolution of your preferences. Explain why you have changed some of your past choices. Do you think your musical taste has improved?
  • Your favorite musical genre .
  • Does listening to music help to heal body and spirit?
  • What is the best music performance you have ever seen?
  • Why do people become fans of particular musicians?
  • Your favorite song lyrics .
  • Can people be judged by their musical taste?
  • Why is music an essential part of human culture?
  • Quote about music that appeals to you the most.
  • How can music education help you in the future?
  • Do you prefer listening to music or performing it?
  • How can music change your mood?
  • Why you want to become a musician.
  • Which culture has the most beautiful ethnical music ?
  • Is music more of an art or business?
  • What are the essential parts of musical education ?

Other Music Essay Topics

  • Why do supermarkets play music? Think of the reasons why marketers use music in advertising and how it impacts customer behavior.
  • An analysis of Robert Wise’s The Sound of Music . Evaluate how the director uses music to tell a story.
  • The impact of music on the human brain . Examine the latest research in the mental health field and how music therapy affects depression treatments.
  • The workings of the music industry . Assess how contemporary audio technology and touring lifestyle affect musicians.
  • The role of music in different cultures. Choose and compare two countries to analyze their perspectives on the music industry.
  • Music on television . Evaluate how the music of TV shows and movies impacts the audience’s feelings and behavior.
  • Oliver Sacks’ contribution to music psychology. Explore the theories he discusses in Musicophilia and describe its influence on music psychology.
  • Should all music be available for free download? Think about the ethical and legal aspects of this issue.
  • How did music psychology help the development of music education ? Try to find a correlation between these two fields.
  • Britney Spears and the adverse effects of teen popularity. Writing about this topic, you might want to focus on how her early fame affected her life. What happened after her famous breakdown in 2007?
  • The half-life of one-hit-wonders. Focus your paper on quantitative research. How long do one-hit-wonders stay famous on average? Why do they fail to maintain their success?
  • Journalism and the music industry. Examine the effects positive or negative press had on a musician of your choice.
  • Festivals and sponsorship. Discuss the benefits that corporate sponsors and the creators of music festivals gain from working together.
  • Rock songs and pessimistic lyrics. Why do most popular rock songs have such sad and angry lyrics?
  • Discuss the development of your music taste. Write about what pushed you to change and how it influenced your life.
  • The psychology of music. Examine what someone’s favorite music genre can tell about their personality.
  • Is ASMR music? ASMR artists make quiet sounds to soothe their audience. But can we really consider it music?
  • A historical analysis of jazz. Explore how African Americans influenced the flourishing culture of jazz that has spread worldwide.
  • The effect of classical music on children’s cognitive abilities. Supposedly, classical music is great for kids. Study this theory and make your conclusions.
  • Discuss the characteristics of modern Latin American music . Dive into its diversity and describe the reasons for its popularity.
  • How do Chinese artists make traditional music? Write about its complex creation process. Analyze the importance of articulation for composers.
  • The history of music . With this essay, explore the six periods of music history. To top it off, you can predict what music will be like in the future.
  • The music industry goes online. Discuss the importance of the internet for the industry and the challenges associated with it.
  • The magic of instrumental music. Pick your favorite orchestra pieces and find unique features in each of them.
  • Musical education: the sound of success? Does everyone need a musical background?
  • Explore the latest techniques in songwriting . Look into the song creation process of contemporary musicians. How do they get the audience to enjoy their art?
  • Compare and contrast e-pianos and keyboards . In doing so, consider their structure, sound, and features.
  • The Woodstock festival as a game-changer. How has the Woodstock Music and Art Fair influenced the current state of the music industry? Additionally, investigate how current festivals hold up to the standards set by Woodstock.
  • Music therapy for stroke patients . Find out whether incorporating elements of music therapy can support the treatment of patients who suffered a stroke.
  • How do amplifiers work? If you’re a musician, you’ve likely used an amplifier before. Now it’s time to figure out what they are actually doing.
  • The Killers’ contributions to indie rock. How would you define their style of music? What makes them a key player in indie music?
  • Analyze the music in Grease . Pick some of the most popular songs from the musical and write about their influence on American culture.
  • What’s the best way to interpret songs? Describe methods to deconstruct songs and how the music style affects this process.
  • Teufel vs. Sennheiser: the ultimate comparison. German sound equipment manufacturers are known for their cutting-edge technologies . But which brand is the best?
  • What role does harmony play in music composition? Choose several pieces of music and describe how the artists used harmony.
  • How necessary are double bass drums? Do musicians place them on stage just to impress people, or do they have actual use?
  • Compare regular festivals and free ones. Why spend hundreds of dollars on Coachella if you can go to Woodstock for free? In your essay, focus on the differences such as size, participating artists, and general entertainment .
  • A historical analysis of choral music. Singing in groups is a practice common across various cultures . You might choose one or two to work on.
  • How did The Rolling Stones influence British culture? The Rolling Stones are one of the longest-standing rock bands of all time. Naturally, this left significant marks on their home country.
  • How important are regional accents for English-language singers ? When working on this theoretical topic, include some examples and your personal opinion.
  • The world of musical instruments: medieval music . This fun essay can focus on different types of medieval instruments and their evolution.
  • Does the creative process differ for electronic and acoustic music? Look at how artists usually write songs. Do they start with the melody, the rhythm, or the lyrics? Does it depend on the medium?
  • The correlation between poems and medieval songs. Find out how composers were reinventing poetry to create songs.
  • Hip-hop and gender equality . What is the role of women in the development of this music style? Don’t forget to give examples.
  • When politics interferes with art: Eurovision. Analyze the role of the political situation in this song contest. Is there anything left of its original idea?
  • How did Vladimir Vysotsky become a beloved musical figure outside of Soviet Russia? It’s unusual for Russian-language musicians to gain fame outside of their home country. Research how Vysotsky managed to mingle in the USA and have some of his work posthumously released in Europe.
  • K-pop conquers the world . You may narrow the topic down to a specific artist. Focus on the influence of Korean music in other cultures.
  • Music school students vs. amateurs. Discuss the different experiences and outcomes of music school students and those who learn to play instruments at home.
  • Do music choices shape one’s identity , or is it the other way around? It’s an exciting question that lets you dig deep into the psychology of music.
  • The music of dissents. Energizing songs play an essential part in rebellions and revolutions. For example, analyze how protesters used music during the Arab Spring .
  • The development and popularity of electronic music . Starting from the early experiments, analyze the development of this style and its increasing influence
  • How do artists use social media to promote their music? You might want to choose one or two examples to illustrate the tools they use.
  • Organum as one of the oldest written types of music . Study the development of this music style throughout various cultures.
  • The appeal of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Many people consider the song one of their favorites. Examine its structure , melody, and lyrics. What makes it unique?
  • Africa’s hidden musical gems. African music is as diverse as its people. Pick two countries and compare their style. How do they differ from Western art ?
  • Did people’s music tastes improve compared to previous decades? Here, you have the chance to express your views on the evolution of people’s music preferences.
  • Is the life of pop stars as easy as people think? Share your thoughts on whether famous musicians and singers have a leisurely lifestyle.
  • Physiological reactions to different types of music . Study how your body reacts to various beats and tones.
  • Why do people tend to listen to specific songs on certain occasions? In your essay, ponder the effects of love songs or powerful anthems on one’s mood .
  • What does someone’s ringtone say about their personality ? Think about how it affects your perception of a person.
  • The impact of music on the individual’s productivity . Studies suggest a positive effect on people’s performance when they listen to something pleasant while working. But all the noise can get overstimulating. That’s why finding the balance is central.
  • Music is natural. In the depth of nature, there is music. Rain, a bird’s song, or the tapping of a squirrel’s feet melt together to create a beautiful composition . Music is everywhere—one only needs to listen carefully.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you’re welcome to use our topic generator .

✍️ Music Essay: How to Write

So, you have chosen your essay title. Now it’s time to start writing! But before you begin, read the sections below and learn how to organize your work.

How to Describe Music in Writing

You might think that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. Well, it is not an easy task, but we know how to cope with it.

Follow these tips while writing:

  • Make a comparison.  Explain which characteristics of a piece remind you or are identical to those of another one. It’s better to avoid comparing music from different composers in this case. Instead, evaluate and analyze two musical pieces from the same composer.
  • Describe the melody and dynamics.  You may want to use musical terms to show your knowledge and proficiency. Define the genre and what kind of instruments and tones are used.
  • Explain how it makes you feel.  You can use basic human emotions to describe the feelings of a listener. For example, it can be anger, tenderness, irritation, excitement, or nostalgia.
  • Use metaphorical language.  You may try using your imagination to create analogies. Be careful not to make your metaphors overcomplicated, as it may confuse the readers.

Essays about Music: Descriptive Words

Do you want your essay on music to be interesting and expressive? Then you may want to use descriptive vocabulary. Here are some of the terms that you can use in your essay to make it sound more professional:

  • Tempo is the “speed” of music. There are fixed expressions to define tempo—for example, largo, moderate, or presto. You can also describe how fast the music feels.
  • Timbre is the term that evaluates the “color” of music. Even if two instruments play the same note of the same volume, the sound is still different. This is how you can notice the color of the tone. For example, gentle, clear, heavy, or warm can be the adjectives to describe timbre.
  • Dynamics define the volume levels of music. The volume can be the same all the time, for example loud or soft. If the volume of music changes, you can use such expressions as “gradually gets louder” “or suddenly becomes soft.”
  • Harmony characterizes how all the notes and chords sound together. The sequence of chords—chord progression—defines how satisfying the melody is for the listener. For example, if the transitions are smooth, you can use such words as “relaxed” or “warm.”

Music Essay Outline

Like any other assignment, writing about music requires a proper essay outline that will guide you through the writing. The following sections will help you with that.

Before you start, here are some tips that will help you prepare for writing:

  • Do some prior research. Try to learn as much as possible about the piece you will be writing about. It’s also helpful to listen to the music several times with headphones to notice more details.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Consult your instructor if you’re unsure about your topic or the piece you have chosen.
  • Choose the topic that you like. If you’re passionate about a subject, it is always easier to write about it. Who said that homework could not be interesting?
  • Follow the recommendations that your instructor gives. It includes word limit, formatting style, deadline, and essay type.

Music Essay Introduction

The introduction is the section where you come up with a brief explanation of the topic. You may start it with a quotation, definition, or short statement that catches your reader’s attention and leads them to the essay subject.

A thesis statement is usually the last sentence of the introduction that defines the content of body paragraphs. It needs to be specific and not longer than two sentences. If you decide to shift the focus of your essay while writing, it’s crucial to change your thesis too.

Different types of essays require different thesis statements. Let’s take a closer look:

Music Essay Body

Your essay’s body is the most significant part of your writing. Here, you provide evidence and explanations of your claims.

The typical body paragraph structure includes:

  • A topic sentence explaining the argument for a particular paragraph.
  • An introduction to the evidence you gathered to support an argument.
  • Quotes and facts (don’t forget about proper citation!) and their explanation.
  • A connection between the evidence and the essay topic.
  • Paragraph transitions  leading your reader to the next section.

Topic Sentence about Music

Topic sentences can be used as a roadmap to writing your essay. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that defines what the paragraph is about. It introduces the argument or main thought that will be explained. It’s also connected with the thesis statement.

It’s essential to make your thesis easy to understand, so it’s better not to overcomplicate it. For example, here’s an unsuccessful topic sentence with unnecessary words:

As stated above, the guitar is an essential musical instrument in rock music that defines how it sounds.

Instead, you can formulate it like this:

The guitar is the most iconic musical instrument in rock music that defines how it sounds.

Music Essay Conclusion

When writing a conclusion for your essay on music, you can use the following structure:

  • Summarize the text in a few sentences.
  • Review the key points of your paper.
  • Paraphrase the thesis.

To make your essay conclusion more effective, avoid the following:

đź“‘ What Music Means to Me: Essay Example

Now you know all about writing an essay on music! To make it even easier for you, we’ve prepared an essay sample that you can use for inspiration. Check it out:

Now all you need is to turn the music on and get down to writing! We hope you liked this guide. If you did, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

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✏️ Music Essay FAQ

Music is a vast topic. An essay might deal with anything ranging from trends in the 1950s to the best guitarists of all time. Writing an introduction to certain music styles or bands is also possible. In any case, the paper should be well-structured, logical, and cohesive.

Writing about music doesn’t necessarily require any specific skills. If you’re not familiar with the theory of music and can’t play musical instruments, you can just write about the music you like. Here are some topic ideas: favorite music band, style, or how you perceive music.

You can interpret music as a topic in various ways. If you are getting a degree in this field, you might want to write something more specific and technical. If your essay aims to merely inform and entertain, write about your favorite music style or band.

If you are writing an essay for school, a good choice would be an expository essay. It doesn’t require any specific knowledge of the music industry. Title suggestions might be: “My perception of music,” “My favorite band,” “How music can change the world.”

  • What is the Music Industry? Definition and Facts:
  • What Music Do You Write To?: Writers & Artists
  • A Music Review: British Council
  • Music: UNC Writing Center: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Sound and Sense: Writing about Music: Colorado State University
  • Music analysis Research Papers:
  • The Power of Music Therapy: Belmont University
  • Musicology: Northwestern Bienen School of Music
  • Musicology: Areas of Study: Indiana State University
  • Music Facts:
  • Music History from Primary Sources: Library of Congress
  • Music: Encyclopedia Britannica
  • A History of Classical Music: Part 1: The List
  • What Is Jazz: Smithsonian Institution
  • The 50 Greatest Composers of All Time: Classical Music
  • Musical Terms and Concepts: SUNY Potsdam
  • Ethnomusicology: University of Oxford
  • Music Research Process: Syracuse University
  • Journal of Popular Music Studies: University of California Press
  • The History of Pop Music in 5 Defining Decades: The Culture Trip
  • Music of the 20 th Century: Lumen Learning
  • Explainer: Indie Music: The Conversation
  • Your Brain on Music: University of Central Florida
  • Music and Health: Harvard University
  • The Psychological Function of Music Listening: NIH
  • Essays that Worked: Hamilton
  • Writing in Music: Writing Thesis Statements: The City University of New York
  • Academic Writing about Music: University of Denver
  • How to Write Song Lyrics: Berklee
  • Essay Introduction: University of Maryland
  • Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements: Purdue University
  • Writing Body Paragraphs: Monash University
  • Some Tips for Writing Efficient, Effective Body Paragraphs: University of California, Berkeley
  • Writing a Paper: Conclusions: Walden University
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Thank you very much for this post on music essay writing! You don’t know how long I looked for the helpful information on writing music essays!

Music takes an important part in my life. I wake up and go to bed listening to music. And now when I’m writing my music essay, I also listen to music. And it’s also a pleasure to read an article on how to write an essay on music!

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200 Best Music Research Paper Topics For Students

Music research topics are an excellent opportunity to trace the history of the development of individual genres or entire eras. You can create an essay or research paper with an emphasis on certain stylistic features, or delve deeper into the technical aspects of album making. Also, the research topics in music allow you to learn more about popular composers, musicians, and individual bands. You can find out the history of creating certain songs or finding out the nuances of the breakup of groups.

While music research paper topics seem easy, it still requires a good outline and reliable sources to gather information. The life of many musicians is very busy, so certain topics for music research papers may require a more thorough analysis. For example, you will need to research the biography and all creation stages of famous music industry personalities.

Any research topic about music should be analyzed, and only verified facts added. You should also avoid using emotional coloring and bias. And don't forget about formatting. Any interesting music topics require clear structuring into paragraphs, lists, and subheadings.

By popular genres & styles

Individual styles are especially appreciated in research paper topics on music. You can choose the genre or group that interests you. This will allow you to get additional motivation and focus more on facts. The main challenge in this case is to find authoritative sources.

  • The impact of rock and roll on the modern music industry.
  • The basic concepts of creating musical songs.
  • Rock performers and their popularity in society.
  • Reasons for the negative attitude towards the rock vocalist.
  • Rock musicians and problems with the law.
  • The nuances of alcohol addiction of rock musicians.
  • The main features of creating rock songs.
  • Musical agitation as the main motive of rock songs.
  • The main reasons for making rock songs.
  • Symbiosis of rock and classical music.
  • Rock performers and popular musicians.
  • The analysis of the creative personality on the example of Kurt Cobain.
  • The modern musical trend in culture.
  • Top 10 most popular metal groups.
  • Why has metal music become so popular?
  • The mix of traditional music and heavy metal.
  • Analysis of lyrical constructions of metal performers.
  • The symbiosis of musical instruments in metal music.
  • The analysis of seventh chords in the construction of metal songs.
  • The influence of metal on other genres.
  • The symbiosis of metal and pop music.
  • The influence of metal vocalists on American culture.
  • The symbiosis of genres as the reason for the creation of metal.
  • The modern icons of the metal scene.
  • The best metal bands in the last thirty years.
  • The analysis of the dynamics of the popularity of metal bands.
  • The modern concerts on the example of metal bands
  • Female vocalists in pop music.
  • The reason for the creation of numerous female musical groups.
  • Pop music as a tuning fork of public morality.
  • Why is pop music degrading?
  • How can pop music be used to improve college grades?
  • The nuances of using pop music in contemporary American culture.
  • How can pop music be used to improve mood?
  • The symbiosis of pop music and rap culture.
  • How does contemporary pop music affect young people?
  • The study of pop music in the context of the social culture of Harlem.
  • The classic examples of pop artists.
  • Madonna: the most popular popes of personalities.
  • The analysis of the popularity of Britney Spears.
  • Pop icons of the past decade.
  • Hip-hop as the basis of the movement for social equality.
  • The origins of hip-hop and the reasons for its popularization.
  • How does hip-hop affect contemporary pop artists?
  • The analysis of hip-hop performers on the example of the best vocalists of the decade.
  • How does hip-hop allow athletes to train?
  • Modern hip-hop and new musical trends.
  • The symbiosis of hip-hop and metal music.
  • How does hip-hop motivate people for sporting achievements?
  • The analysis of hip-hop performers on the example of female vocalists.
  • Modern hip-hop and its impact on youth.
  • The main aspects of the integration of hip-hop music in the modern community.
  • All technical aspects of creating hip-hop music.
  • The classic approach to the formation of hip-hop motives.
  • The analysis of the structure of hip-hop songs.
  • The best hip-hop artists of the last decade.
  • The stages of the formation of jazz as a separate musical genre.
  • Why is jazz so popular these days?
  • The nuances of studying jazz musical combinations.
  • How Jess influences the structuring of student learning.
  • The nuances of jazz performers in modern America.
  • The best American jazz performers.
  • Jazz as the most structured musical theory.
  • How can you quickly learn to create jazz compositions?
  • The influence of jazz on the cultural and political elite of the United States.
  • Can jazz replace other musical styles?
  • Jazz fusion as an example of musical prowess.
  • The technical aspects of creating a pentatonic scale in a jazz style.
  • The selection of jazz musicians.
  • The development of jazz in the United States.
  • The main reasons for the popularization of jazz in modern society.
  • Blues and its influence on the development of the music industry.
  • The symbiosis of blues and jazz.
  • Can the Blues be compared to classical music?
  • How do contemporary artists use the Blues in pop music?
  • Historical context creation of blues compositions.
  • How does the Blues affect rock music?
  • Can the Blues help students learn?
  • How blues musicians are developing in the USA.
  • Can blues be used as a springboard for classical music production?
  • The best US blues artists of the last 20 years.
  • Blues performers of the last ten years.
  • The influence of the blues on the formation of other genres.
  • The analysis of the statistical popularity of the blues.
  • The critical aspects when creating Blues compositions.
  • The selection of blues parties when creating music.
  • The influence of classical music on pop culture.
  • The classical music and the best composers of the last century.
  • Beethoven and his best works.
  • How did Mozart influence classical music?
  • Is the symbiosis of jazz and classical music possible?
  • The structure of making classical music.
  • The stages of the formation of classical music in modern society.
  • Can you replace pop culture with classical music?
  • How does classical music affect the psychological state of people?
  • The classical music and symbiosis with opera.
  • The basic concept of the analysis of classical music.
  • A technical comparison of the mastery of classical composers.
  • The choice of classical music for the mood.
  • The classical music and its influence on rock culture.
  • The main technical aspects of creating a score.

The region is important for those looking for musical topics for research paper. Most genres of European music and some information about composers are open to general use. If your research topic on music is aimed at analyzing the Arab countries, then you will need more time looking for reliable information. The fact is that not all Muslim archives are in the public domain.

Western music

  • The features of musical motives of Western music.
  • The history of Western music with real examples.
  • How has Western music changed over the past two hundred years?
  • Is it possible to combine Western music with European motives?
  • The features of the use of traditional Western musical instruments.
  • How do Western countries use music for meditation?
  • Western music in the context of modern society.
  • The role of Western music in the life of native people.
  • How melodic is oriental music?
  • The stages of the formation of Western music in American culture.

European music

  • European music and modern trends.
  • British pop bands and their worldwide popularity.
  • How popular are German pop bands in the USA?
  • European music and national musical instruments.
  • How does European music affect well-being?
  • The analysis of European music with specific examples.
  • Top 10 of the greatest European musical groups.
  • The analysis of European music on the example of instrumental groups.
  • The best pop music performers in Europe.
  • How does pop music influence the development of culture?

Asian music

  • Asian music: the example of ethnic trends.
  • The influence of Asian music on world culture.
  • The main musical instruments of Asia.
  • Can you compare Asian music with European motives?
  • How has Asian music changed over the past hundred years?
  • The nuances of creating Asian music.
  • How does Asian music influence contemporary cinema?
  • The best Asian performers.
  • Top 10 Asian vocalists who have conquered the whole world.
  • Do national instruments influence the creation of Asian music?

By history periods

You can use music appreciation research paper topics to analyse a specific period in history. Baroque, Renaissance and other eras are especially relevant for research as they allow you to see the history of the development of music. You can concentrate on a specific time period and the most famous composers.

  • Medieval music and its influence on the Crusades.
  • The major trends in the medieval music industry.
  • The influence of kings on the creation of medieval music.
  • The main musical instruments in medieval Europe.
  • Musical instruments in Central Asia during the Middle Ages.
  • What kind of music was popular in the Middle Ages.
  • How difficult was the life of a musician in the Middle Ages?
  • The analysis of medieval music on modern examples.
  • How has contemporary music influenced pop culture?
  • Historical aspects of the creation of medieval music.
  • The influence of medieval music and culture.
  • The rhythmic pattern of medieval music.
  • The medieval music during the feast.
  • The influence of medieval music on classical music.
  • The medieval music channel and musical comparison.


  • The dawn of musical culture during the Renaissance.
  • The analysis of Renaissance music with specific examples.
  • How has Renaissance music influenced contemporary pop culture?
  • The analysis of Renaissance music as a constructive masterpiece.
  • The nuances of Renaissance music and, most importantly, musical instruments.
  • How difficult is it to reproduce Renaissance music in today's environment?
  • The analysis of structural compositions of the Renaissance.
  • Renaissance music as a tuning fork of public morality.
  • How has music changed since the Renaissance?
  • Can Renaissance music be used to create a modern instrumental ensemble?

Baroque Age (XVI-XVIII)

  • The influence of politicians on the formation of music during the Baroque period.
  • How has Baroque influenced contemporary instrumental music?
  • The nuances of musical constructions during the Baroque period.
  • How has the baroque influenced modern instruments?
  • The nuances of the Baroque in the context of the complexity of musical compositions.
  • The main effect of the Baroque in contemporary music.
  • The historical aspects of the creation of the Baroque as a separate genre of music.
  • The influence of the Baroque on the creation of contemporary musical groups.
  • The analysis of the structure and musical motives of Baroque in detail.
  • Baroque in contemporary music.
  • The nuances of creating songs in the Baroque style.

Classical Age (XVIII-XIV)

  • The Classical Age of music in modern society.
  • How did the Classical Age influence the formation of musical trends?
  • The general concept of the Classical Age in instrumental music.
  • The nuances of creating music based on the Classical Age.
  • How did the Classical Age influence the creation of pop culture?
  • The theory of creating musical compositions on the example of the Classical Age.
  • The general factors of the Classical Age in instrumental music.
  • The main trends and popular instruments of the Classical Age.
  • The main musical compositions of the 14th century.
  • The main factors in the creation of musical compositions in the 13th century.

Romantic Era (XIV-XX)

  • The Romantic Era and its impact on contemporary music.
  • The main principles of structuring music into the Romantic Era.
  • Features of creating instrumental compositions in the Romantic Era.
  • The Romantic Era and modern music trends.
  • The main factors influencing the Romantic Era in the music industry.
  • Key figures in the music industry and their passion for the Romantic Era.
  • How did the Romantic Era form the modern style?
  • How has the Romantic Era influenced rhythmic music?
  • The Romantic Era in the music industry.
  • The main aspects of the formation of the Romantic Era in musical culture.
  • Making marching music in the Romantic Era.
  • Features of creating musical compositions.
  • The technical aspects that influenced modern romantic motives.

Modern Era (XX-XXI)

  • Jazz music as a phenomenon of the modern roar the influence of the modern era on instrumental music.
  • Technical aspects of hip-hop and Reggae.
  • How is contemporary classical music created?
  • Can modern music genres be combined to create something new?
  • Why is the modern music industry stagnating?
  • The aspects of contemporary music.
  • How does instrumental music affect culture?
  • Contemporary music and technical innovation.
  • How is contemporary music created?
  • The nuances of creating hip-hop albums.

How To Write On Music Related Research Topics

By choosing topics about music for an essay, you get the opportunity to prepare a detailed paper work with facts, genre nuances and detailed biographies of famous musicians. You need to stick to the formatting and your outline. Find reliable information for music history research topics and talk about the emergence of certain genres.

Music business research topics are especially important, as you need to consider not only the stylistic but also the commercial nuances of the bands. For example, you can prepare detailed data on annual music tours or album sales.

All music appreciation presentation topics require detailed factual focus, which can be difficult for many people. If you are not ready to do it yourself, then we can help you.

Our service will solve your problem with music research topics high school. We also guarantee that you will get a good grade. We will help you organize all the nuances so that your music history paper topics become a reason for pride and high scores.

An Inspiration List

  • popular music | Description, History, & Facts | Britannica
  • History of music
  • Music History from Primary Sources
  • Brief History of Music: An Introduction
  • How Music and Instruments Began

Professional essay writing service

All the Music Research Paper Topics You’ll Need During Your Education

There are plenty of music topics for research paper available, since various melodies have always accompanied us in our lives and have a vibrant history that continues to grow to this day. Almost as old as the human race itself, music has been present in all cultures, traditions, and parts of the world.

Although melody went through all kinds of transformations and changes throughout its long and eventful history, it never ceased to exist. Today, many people find music to be their vocation, so they direct their higher education and academia towards it.

Like anything else, higher music education is complex and requires students to complete a detailed research paper related to tune. Here you’ll find more than 100 topics you can use to create a custom research paper .

How to Choose Music Research Topics

If you chose a music major, you already know how broad the field can be. Not only are there various genres, but the art of creating a melody can be connected to and intertwined with just about any other topic or field.

So, most students struggle in selecting a single title from numerous research topics about music available to them. Even though this might be a challenging and time-consuming task, researching different topics can be quite an exciting journey if you choose a field you’re interested in.

music research paper topics

Tips to Choosing the Best Topic Right for You

For the best results, we suggest choosing a topic you’re knowledgeable or passionate about. A topic that concerns you is also a good pick. Whether that’s a particular musical personality, a specific genre, a discussion on ways how rhythm affects people, the history of songs, or something completely different, there are numerous ways to approach a chosen topic’s historical, social, and cultural peculiarities.

Choosing an interesting topic for your paper is essential if you want to achieve good results. Otherwise, the lack of motivation to tackle a topic you have no interest in will result in poor research, leading to a low-quality paper. So, there’s no good or bad pick when it comes to research paper topics on music, as long as this is something you’ll research and present in detail.

100+ Music Research Paper Topics

You’re probably looking for some topic ideas if you’re reading this article. Whether you have no inspiration for what you could write about or you’re simply looking for some alternative options, this article can provide you with numerous excellent topic ideas. We’ve divided our 100+ topics into 12 categories to find what you’re searching for effortlessly. Check them out!

Music history research paper topics

As previously mentioned, music history is a field you can find plenty of content about. Here are some topic examples that tackle the history of songs and melodies creation:

  • A History of Musical Instruments
  • The Origins of Tribal Percussion
  • Songs on the Radio Throughout History
  • How Popular Music Changed People’s Preferred Genres
  • The History of Country Sound
  • The Origins of Black Music
  • The Impact of African Music on American Pop Culture
  • The History of Reggae Songs
  • The Blues and the African American Society
  • Female Impact on Jazz Melody
  • The Globalization of Argentinian Music
  • European Songs History After World War II
  • Imperial Chinese and Japanese Music
  • The Impact of Wars on Sound
  • The History of Music in Theatres

Music controversial topics

Tones can also tackle some controversial topics. If you’d like to find some research topics about music that raise questions and deal with contemporary issues in society, here are several suggestions:

  • Is Modern Pop Music Ruining Societal Moral Values?
  • Is Country Style Associated With Political Conservatism?
  • The Rising Popularity of Transgender Singers Good or a Bad Thing?
  • Can Music Inspire Teens to Behave Badly?
  • Should Alcohol and Soft Drugs Be Recommended as Sources of Music Inspiration?

Music topics to write about

For people who simply need a broader topic that’ll help them or inspire them to think in a particular direction, think about basing your music research topics on one of the below-mentioned ideas:

  • Topics related to a specific artist, composer, or musical work
  • Topics focusing on a specific music genre
  • Topics dealing with songs of a certain period in history
  • Topics tackling sound in different countries, cultures, or parts of the world
  • Topics answering questions or concerns music might have raised or led to

Music theory topics

If you’re passionate about the theory, there’s nothing better than focusing your research on it and finding more about it throughout the entire process. Think about implementing one of the research paper topics on music theory mentioned here:

  • The Analysis of the Crucial Aspects of Music
  • Hidden Symbols in Melodies From the Renaissance Period
  • The Unique Characteristics of Music in the Romantic Era
  • The Remarkable Sound Features of the Baroque-Era
  • The Major Music Directions of the 20th Century

Debatable music topics

If you want to take your research paper writing to a whole new level, think about going for debatable music topics. They can be fascinating to research, write, and read, as they usually tackle ideas people often debate or have different opinions about. Here are some examples:

  • Does Pop Music Influence Beauty Standards?
  • Does Sound Production Improve or Worsen Music Quality?
  • Is the Quality of Music Education Good Enough in Public Schools?
  • Should Digital Songs Be Free for Everyone to Download and Listen To?
  • Can There Be a Distinction Between a Good and a Bad Music Genre?

Music persuasive speech topics

Persuading someone by taking a stand with a research paper isn’t easy, but it’s significantly easier if you have a good topic to rely on. Check these out:

  • Sound Plays a Big Role in the Advertising Industry
  • Music Greatly Impacted the Success of the Fashion Industry
  • Metal and Rock Music Should Be Banned
  • Music Should Be Free to Listen for Everyone
  • Melody Can Influence Our Life Decisions

Music psychology research topics

COnnecting music and psychology isn’t a new phenomenon. But, it’s still not as nearly researched as it should be, which is why it’s a great idea to choose psychology music topics for a research paper. Think about the following suggestions:

  • Can Music Affect Our Mood, State of Mind, and Overall Mental Health?
  • Can Playing Piano Improve Communication Skills Among People With Communication Issues?
  • Can Tones Affect Mental Development in Toddlers, Children, and Teens?
  • Does Music Education Truly Regulate the Abnormal Activities of Our Brain?
  • How Efficient Are Sound Therapies?

Music education research topics

Music is part of our education right from the beginning. Since students have specific lessons while attending elementary, middle, and high school, there are a lot of research topics for music education out there.

  • The Importance of Music Education
  • What Are the Most Successful Methodologies of Teaching Tunes?
  • 20th and 21st Century: Differences in Teaching Music
  • My Experience With Music Education Lessons
  • Crucial Reasons for Attending Music Classes
  • Is It Possible to Succeed Without Music Education?
  • Main Issues of Music Lessons in Higher Education
  • Can Music Assist in the Learning Process?
  • Does Music Offer Something to Younger Generations?
  • Should Formal Music Education Follow the Trends in the Pop Industry?

Music argument topics

Argumentative research papers are often the most interesting ones even though it’s tricky to write them as they can lead to numerous debates. Here are some helpful ideas for argumentative music research topics:

  • Alternative Music Genres Are Commonly Misinterpreted
  • Why Present-Day Songs Is Better Than Those From the 90s
  • Sounds Helps You Memorize, Learn, and Develop Faster
  • Classical Tones Is Still Relevant
  • Technology Will Dictate the Music Genres of the Future

Music thesis topics

Finding the perfect thesis topic will undoubtedly take some time and effort. Maybe these suggestions can help:

  • Differences Between Western and Eastern Music Styles
  • What Makes a Musician Stand Out Today?
  • The Role of Sound in Ancient Cultures
  • Music and Fashion Today
  • The Role of Rap and Hip Hop in Black and White Cultures

Country music topics

Country music is an integral part of American tradition and heritage. Here are some of the topics you can use if you want to highlight the importance of the country genre:

  • The History Behind Country Style
  • The Main Elements Found in Country Music
  • The Evolution of Country Songs in the U.s.
  • Country and Western Music in the Movie Industry
  • A Common Message Shared by Country Themes Works
  • The Key Instruments of the Country Music
  • What Made Country Songs So Popular?
  • Why Did Country Music Decrease in Popularity Over the Last Several Years?
  • Country: The Symbol of Americana
  • The Country Sound and Human Emotion

Classical music topics

For all fans of classical sound, here’s a list of 10 classical music topics for a research paper:

  • History of the Classical Music Genre
  • What Songs Are Considered to Be Classical?
  • Is the Classical Music Genre Still Impactful Today?
  • The Role of Classical Sound in Disney Production
  • Common Traits of Classical Music Listeners
  • The Most Impactful Classical Works
  • The Significant Role of Women in Classical Music
  • Can Metal and Classical Sound Find Common Ground?
  • What Makes Mozart Different From Other Classical Music Composers?
  • How Do Classical and Modern Melodies Differ?

Writing a detailed, well-researched, and high-quality paper isn’t simple. By using these topics and hiring our professional and skilled writing team, you can end up with one of the best music research papers. Whether you need some help with a research paper or would like to hire our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We’ll be more than happy to help you by creating unique works for you.

Order your paper now!

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term paper topics on music

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term paper topics on music

234 Popular Music Topics For Your Research Paper

music topics

As you must have been taught, music is also a powerful tool to evoke strong emotions. Just like other genres of literature, music is a poignant channel of emotions. Music has got recognition over the years, with Bob Dylan being awarded a Nobel Laureate even as a musician. As a music student, you must have been asked to source for musical topics or topics about music by your teacher or professor. This article will show you different research topics about music. You can either edit or use them as they’re written, but they are written mainly for you.

How to Develop Music Thesis Topics

It’s always a challenge for every student to write a research paper for a high grade. Even if you’re developing music psychology research topics or classical music topics, you need to follow a structure. This structure affords you the ability to create an impeccable essay, and it shows you’re a knowledgeable student. They are:

Introduction or Thesis Statement This is the part where your readers are acquainted with what your research is all about. It must treat the background of the subject of your research and highlight key points on which your research will elaborate. Research Methodology These are the methods applied to the research you’ll conduct. You can’t write your paper or essay out of the blue. The means through which you’ll generate relevant data or documents must be noted here. Literature Review This means the reviewing of previous discussions/books about the music topic of your choice. This lets readers know that you have a detailed knowledge of what you’re writing about. Body This includes your arguments about your topic. This must be engaging, interesting and must reveal your knowledge on the subject. It also includes your findings, and every point must show that you did your work as a music lover and a researcher. Conclusion This is where you summarise your findings and present your final words. All these must cap your research up and impress your readers. Notes and References After writing your paper or essay, the sources you used for information must be documented. Know the reference style your school prefers. Some colleges prefer MLA, APA, even Harvard style, while others prefer Chicago style. Since you’re writing in the humanities, it could be MLA or APA. Just confirm the style and document all the sources appropriately under this section. Abstract This is the last thing you write for your research paper. An abstract is about 100 to 300 words, and it is a brief overview of what the research is about. It also contains a summary of your findings.

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Music Topics to Write About

As earlier noted, there are numerous topics about music. There are also different music genres, and you can consider the following for your research:

  • Write an essay about one of the world’s favorite singers
  • How does music influence politics and politics influence music?
  • Give a comparison on two different music genres
  • Examine the evolution of music in Africa
  • Examine the transition of music from folklore to what we have today
  • Examine the power of music on the human mind
  • How has the political culture of Europe affected Traditional European music?
  • How has the Indian tradition affected its music and movie culture
  • How has the Chinese culture affected its music industry
  • How has pop culture influenced music in any country of your choice

Music Research Topics High School

As students of a high school or college, you may need fun and informative music-related research topics for your essay. You can consider the following research topic about music:

  • Give an overview of the best composer of the Baroque Era
  • Give a distinct outline of the difference between classical music and modern music
  • What is the influence of Beethoven’s music on the world?
  • Rationalize a world without music
  • Do you think modern music also reflects the past?
  • What would you say has led to the rise in contemporary country singers?
  • Why do you think Indian culture permeates its music even in Bollywood movies?
  • Would you say blues is an essential part of American culture?
  • Examine a few themes of Baroque Era songs
  • Examine a few singers and their impact on the Baroque Era
  • Examine how music achieves the attention of people
  • Write a short note on the evolution of folk music in the US
  • Write a brief note on the evolution of the piano
  • Write a short note on the history of strings in music
  • Write a brief history of the influence of music on sick people
  • Write a short history of the American Got Talent Show
  • Do you think America’s Got Talent Show has done a lot to promote good music?
  • Do you think the best music can be produced out of auditions in Got Talent shows?
  • What do you think about rap music?
  • Who are your favorite rap artists?
  • What do you think is the influence of music on black people?
  • Do you think some songs talk about cultural diversity?
  • Do you think reading and listening to music is a good habit?
  • If you play an instrument, which instrument would it be and why?
  • What can you say about music in any school of your choice?
  • If you’d love an artist to train your voice, who would it be and why?
  • What do you think is the best music genre that ever exists?
  • Do you think songwriters and singers must also be great music composers?
  • Write a short note on the origin of hip-hop in America
  • Would you say that H.E.R. is confused about choosing gospel or secular music?

Music Research Paper Topics

There are many music research papers already, but you can also contribute your genius through the following musical topics for research paper:

  • Study how music sharing sites can be said to pirate music
  • Examine the evolution of music labels in Europe
  • Examine the significance of music labels on the artists they sign
  • Examine how talent shows affect a musician’s music career
  • Give a study of how the songs of Kendrick Lamar is evolutionary in black music
  • Study the effect of music on advertising
  • Study any five African artists of your choice and examine their influence on global music
  • What does the African Popular (Afro-pop) music genre mean?
  • Examine the role of Fela Anikulapo Kuti in the African music industry
  • Examine the role of Merle Haggard in the American Country Music industry
  • Examine the evolution of music from the medieval age to date
  • Examine the significance of music on mental health
  • Examine the importance of Sasha Sloan, Billie Eilish, and Aurora’s music on contemporary youths
  • Study the significant concerns when it comes to signing a contract with a major music label in America
  • Rationalize metal music as a genre of music
  • Study how music education can be implemented in the e-learning
  • Study the history of hip-hop and its significance to American mainstream music
  • Choose three casinos of your choice and study their choice of music
  • Examine the trends of the internet and how it has enhanced access to music
  • What are the comparisons and differences between classical and rock music?
  • Give a detailed review of Korean and Chinese music
  • Give a thorough examination of the Japanese music and poetry
  • Give an overview of the popular themes in Indian music
  • What do you think has led to the rise of rock music in the UK?
  • Give a detailed review of the significant instruments in the Baroque Era
  • Study the trends and the evolution of the European music industry
  • What is the effect of drinking on musicians using ten artists of your choice as examples
  • Examine why Trap music artists embody drugs and depression in their music
  • Women in the music industry: discuss their role
  • Examine the role of Nicki Minaj in the rap Industry
  • Study five literature on how the deaf learn about music
  • Study how music has morphed into a dance
  • Examine how music can help with physical therapy
  • Study how music has affected fashion and vice versa
  • Study the effect of Roman Catholic Church on medieval European music
  • Study the trends of music from the religious to the secular
  • How has music developed into an essential part of advertising in today’s world?
  • Study the essence of music on films today
  • Study the popular music genres during the Middle Ages and their Influence on contemporary music
  • Examine five significant music influencers of all times and how their work has improved music

Music History Research Paper Topics

Music history paper topics detail the evolution of music. These can even be research topics in music psychology and how it has morphed into a significant part of entertainment today. You can consider the following music topics for your informative essay or paper:

  • Detail early music history and the development of musical instruments
  • Examine the leading techniques and cultural Significance of the Baroque Era my music
  • Give a detailed review of the significance of the Roman Catholic Church on music
  • Examine the use of string instruments in Greek classical music
  • What is the impact of classical German composers of the 18th century on global music?
  • Compare the techniques, Influence, and styles of Beethoven and Mozart music
  • Give an analysis of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and its resonance to people across generations
  • Examine the influence of the Romantic period on music
  • Would you say poetry and music are different parts of literature: give a historical perspective
  • Examine the rise of melody during the two world wars
  • How have drugs contributed to any genre of music?
  • Examine the cultural values and Influence of the Rock and Roll genre of music
  • What is the role of instruments and digital sound in music?
  • What are the key aspects and styles employed by Rock artists?
  • Examine the music of a rising Rock star and how history has influenced their songs
  • Trace the connection between folk and pop melodies
  • Historicize the significance of folk music on contemporary music
  • Give a history of Japanese music and the influence of cultural, romantic writings
  • How has music performance led to the rise of Jazz music?
  • Historicize the significance of pop culture on American music
  • What is the legacy of Jazz music to high African Americans and American singers?
  • What is the influence of Nina Simone on African American music?
  • How have Blues and Jazz united cultural identities?
  • Would you say slavery and migration are essential themes in black artists’ music?
  • How has Jazz attended to society’s problem?
  • Write a biography of any famous American musician of your choice
  • Choose three contemporary artists and trace their music to any living or dead artist of the older generation
  • Examine the classic composition of music and how it made the genre distinct
  • Examine the evolution of music therapy
  • Study how music was used as propaganda during political crises or war

Interesting Music Topics

These are excellent music thesis topics that have been customized for your sake. You can write on popular music themes like:

  • How has music been used to push the agenda of feminism?
  • What is the significance of vocal performances?
  • How have vocal performances in America’s Got Talent been Significant to who gets a Golden Buzzer or wins?
  • What is the cultural representation of music in America?
  • Attempt the history of musical instrumentation and its rise as a norm
  • How has music been a form of political commentary?
  • How has music been used as a political statement?
  • Why are celebrities gaining political recognition?
  • Examine the influence of Philosophy in the music of Passenger
  • Examine the impact of love and loss in the music of Celine Dion
  • Study the importance of music to the society
  • How does blues reflect the African American experience?
  • How does classical music reflect the white culture?
  • Why has music become an essential part of movies?
  • What is the role of music during warfare?
  • What is the role of music during protests?
  • Why has secular music been so easy to do rather than gospel music?
  • Comment on the influence on gospel music and its significance as a genre
  • What do you think about the blend of secular music gestures in gospel music?
  • Examine the history of music videos
  • Do you think vixens are sexualized in music videos?
  • Examine music education and its importance to the American culture
  • What do you know about Islamic music?
  • What is the connection between music and human emotions?
  • How has music been used in education and student assimilation processes?

Music Appreciation Research Paper Topics

There are music paper topics that are persuasive and creative in the way they admire good music. You can consider the following music related research topics for your paper or essay:

  • Examine the Beat Generation of the 1940s and its Significance in the American cultural revolution
  • Give an overview of Joni Mitchell’s 1971 Blue
  • Give a literary appreciation of Stevie Wonder’s 1976 Songs
  • Attempt a criticism of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds of 1966
  • Give an academic appraisal of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On
  • Examine the themes in The Beatles’ Abbey Road
  • Appraise the origin of soprano music and its cultural value
  • Compare and contrast the features of European court music and the Baroque Era music
  • Give an appraisal on the African American music industry
  • Discuss the prevalent music genres in the African music industry
  • Examine the songs performed by The Beach Boys as well the Significant themes in their songs
  • Delve into the realm of Beethoven’s music and examine its major themes
  • Choose three country and classical music and discuss the similarities in their themes and styles
  • Give a literary appraisal of “Ask Rufus” produced in 1977
  • Give a review of Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  • Give a scholarly appreciation of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks
  • Examine the roots of music in the Middle Ages
  • What styles would you say is prevalent in Middle Eastern Music?
  • What are the influences leading to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours?
  • Appreciate the vocal performances of Celine Dion and the significant themes in her music

Jazz Research Paper Topics

As a dominant music genre, these are fantastic musical topics for a research paper based on Jazz music:

  • How does Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man embody Jazz aestheticism and black existentialism?
  • Examine the Influence of Jazz music in the invaluable Civil Rights Movements
  • Give a definitive approach to contemporary understanding of Jazz
  • Examine the place of Jazz in the modern world with other engaged music genres
  • Study the past and prospects of Jazz music
  • What kind of listeners does Jazz have today?
  • What would you say is the influence of Jazz bands on Jazz music?
  • Appreciate the rise of Jazz music in the post-modern music world
  • How did 1959 regarded as the year that changed Jazz music?
  • Examine the life and times of Louis Armstrong
  • How do you feel about Jazz music: Interview 20 people and collect their opinions into an essay or paper
  • What is the importance of Duke Ellington’s Mood Indigo?
  • Appreciate the music of Charlie Parker
  • Appreciate the music of Ella Fitzgerald
  • Examine the major themes in the music of Charles Mingus, Chet Baker, and Ornette Coleman, and note the differences in the three Jazz musicians

Music Theory Topics

You can consider the following musical topics for a research paper for your next essay or report about music theories:

  • Examine the rhythm of sub-Saharan African music and how it has resonated with other parts of the world
  • Why is music theory a complicated part for other people?
  • Analyze Beethoven’s 9th
  • How has classical music adopted a particular genre of music before it?
  • Identify the distinctive features of Baroque Era music
  • What are the peculiarities of Indian modern music?
  • What are the dominant features of Asian music?
  • How has the Chinese cultural revolution affected contemporary Chinese music?
  • Who would you say are the best music composers of Contemporary music?
  • Who would you say are the best music modulators of contemporary music?
  • Review the voice and talent of Whitney Houston
  • Examine the intellectual arrangement of Aretha Franklin’s music
  • What are the hidden symbols in the music of the Renaissance Period?
  • Examine the style of the music of the Rock band, Queen
  • What are the major styles in music from the Middle East?

Music Argument Topics

Aside from the research topic about music gathered above, you can also write on debatable topics. Consider these topics for an in depth critical review:

  • Some genres of music are better than others, especially when it comes to commercialization
  • Parental warning labels are useless to music labeling
  • Everyone should study music for its mental health benefits
  • The psychological benefits of dancing are enough reason why everyone should make music
  • Music can help with mental health challenges
  • Music cannot truly be enjoyed in foreign languages
  • Music cannot be used to motivate violence
  • Protest songs are destructive songs
  • Digital music has ruined the circulation of physical copies
  • Music cannot be understood since it’s not in your language
  • Musicians don’t need training; talent is enough: discuss
  • Top charts influence music choices
  • Music in video games are more stimulating
  • Awards do not reward the best music produced
  • The politics in the Grammy Award has led to its lack of many celebrities
  • Metal music and bad behavior: what is the connection?
  • Music can be used to influence student’s learning abilities
  • Social media presence is essential for an artist’s career
  • Without features, artists will find it hard to rise alone
  • Radio channels promote music for the older generation doll
  • Music is addictive and dangerous: discuss
  • Rock music is far better than metal music: discuss
  • Every artist sing what they feel: discuss
  • Music celebrities also sing political songs
  • Talent shows undermine the criticality of music: discuss

Music Therapy Research Topics

If you need any research topic in music psychology, you can consider:

  • How music helps with studying and assimilation
  • The charms music embodies
  • An analysis of music for Autistic children
  • The connection between music and aging
  • How music reflects cultural and linguistic elements
  • The role of music in classrooms
  • How music and pain is related
  • What are the effect of music on the brain and the emotion
  • Why do people have triggers when they listen to some songs?
  • Examine the role of music in improving work productivity

Country Music Topics

If you’ve been asked to create personal accounts on country music, you can consider these topics:

  • Examine the evolution of country music
  • What is the role of Billie Jean Horton in country music?

You can also consider the influence of these artists on country music:

  • Ronnie Millsap
  • Dolly Parton
  • Loretta Lynn
  • Willie Nelson
  • Rolf Harris
  • George Strait
  • Merle Haggard
  • Hank Williams
  • Consider the significant themes in Billy Currington’s music
  • Compare and contrast the styles in Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton’s music
  • Examine the influences on Dierks Bentley’s music
  • Appraise the songs of Craig Morgan and Faith Hill

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141 Inspiring Music Essay Topics: Unleashing Your Inner Musician!

music essay topics

Are you looking for a couple of captivating music essay topics? We realize you want something original; something that none of your classmates have thought about. You are in luck; we have some of the best essay topics about music right here on this page. They are all free, so you don’t even have to give us any credit.

Did you know that our list of 141 inspiring topics has just been updated? Now all of the topics are 100% original, so you can’t go wrong if you choose one of them for your next paper. Our thought-provoking ideas are also exactly what your professors love to see. We even have some of the best controversial topics. Don’t waste hours scouring the Internet for unique topics. Choose one of ours and start writing in minutes!

Writing An Excellent Music Essay

Truth be told, finding some excellent topics in music is not enough to get a top grade on your paper. Even though this article is about topic ideas for essays and research papers, we will give you a short guide that should help you write the paper quickly and get a good grade on it:

Choose a topic: Decide on a specific aspect of music that you want to write about. You can find 141 original topics right here on this page! Research: Gather information about your topic from various sources such as books, articles, and online resources. You can also buy articles online to get high quality content. Outline: Create an outline of your essay by dividing it into different sections such as introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Introduction: Start your essay with an engaging introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the essay. Body Paragraphs: In each body paragraph, present a different aspect of your topic and support it with evidence from your research. Conclusion: Sum up the key points you have made in the essay and restate your thesis statement. Revisions: Once you have finished writing, revise your essay for grammar, clarity, and coherence.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Music

Looking for the best argumentative essay topics about music? Take a look at this comprehensive list of original ideas:

  • The impact of music on emotions
  • Music as a universal language
  • The future of live music performances
  • The ethics of music sampling
  • Importance of music in film soundtracks
  • The influence of music on society
  • Music as a political tool
  • The value of music education in schools
  • The pros and cons of music streaming services
  • Music and its effect on memory retention

Easy Music Topics For Essays

We have some pretty straightforward topics right here, in case you want to write the paper as fast as possible. Check out these easy music topics for essays:

  • The influence of blues music on other genres
  • The role of music in therapy and mental health
  • Blues music and the development of other genres
  • The history of rock and roll
  • Impact of technology on the music industry
  • The significance of music in religious ceremonies
  • How has the history of rock and roll shaped the music industry?
  • The cultural impact of pop music
  • How has hip hop changed over the years?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Music

Do you want to write a persuasive paper on a topic in music? No problem, we’ve got your back. Here are some original persuasive essay topics about music:

  • The role of music in promoting cultural diversity
  • Importance of live music performances over recorded music
  • The impact of music piracy on artists and the industry
  • The influence of music on fashion and style
  • The economic benefits of hosting music festivals
  • Impact of music on political and social movements
  • Role of music in advertising and commercials
  • The influence of music on our mood and behavior
  • Benefits of listening to different types of music
  • The importance of preserving musical heritage

Insightful Music Essay Topics

Our team of writers and editors has just added this brand new list of insightful music essay topics. Choose one and start writing your essay in minutes:

  • What is the cultural significance of musical icons?
  • The role of music in storytelling and narrative
  • The influence of world music on modern pop
  • How has music been used as a form of dissent?
  • The impact of music on human emotions and behavior
  • The history and evolution of musical theater
  • What is the role of musical improvisation in jazz?

Music Topics For College Students

If you are in college and need a relatively complex topic for your paper, don’t hesitate to pick one of these unique music topics for college students:

  • The role of music in shaping cultural identity and society
  • The impact of music on memory and learning
  • An analysis of the lyrics of protest songs throughout history
  • The history and evolution of electronic dance music (EDM)
  • An exploration of the relationship between music and spirituality
  • The role of music in advertising and commercials
  • Impact of technology on the music industry and distribution
  • An examination of the economics of the music industry

Hip-Hop Music Essay Topic Ideas

Interested in writing about hip-hop music? Great! We have a list of 9 excellent hip-hop music essay topic ideas just for you, including some controversial music topics:

  • A history and evolution of hip-hop music
  • The role of hip-hop in promoting social and political activism
  • An examination of the lyrical content of hip-hop songs
  • The influence of hip-hop on global popular culture
  • An in-depth look at the impact of hip-hop on fashion and style
  • The role of hip-hop in shaping urban identity and communities
  • The relationship between hip-hop music and spoken-word poetry
  • An exploration of the role of hip-hop in promoting representation
  • A critical analysis of the commercialization of hip-hop music

Definition Essay Topics About Music

A definition essay is a paper that aims to explain and describe a specific object, event or feeling. Why don’t you take a look at our excellent music essay definition topics:

  • The definition of harmony in music
  • Talk about the meaning of rhythmic syncopation
  • Discuss the significance of musical dynamics
  • The role of chords in music
  • Discuss the concept of musical form
  • The definition of a creative improvisation
  • The definition of counterpoint in music
  • Talk about the meaning of orchestration in music
  • The role of a conductor in a musical performance
  • Discuss the significance of music theory

Latest Music Topics To Write About

Of course you want to write your paper on a topic that’s still of interest. This is precisely why we have a list of the latest music topics to write about right here:

  • Discuss the impact that streaming has had on record sales
  • The increasing popularity of hip hop and rap music
  • Talk about the revival of vinyl records in recent years
  • The pervasive influence of EDM on mainstream music
  • Discuss the emergence of new and innovative genres
  • Music’s role in various social movements
  • Music as a form of protest and expression
  • Social media’s effect on music discovery and promotion

Interesting Music Topics

This is a selection of the topic ideas we think are most interesting. They should impress your professor, that’s for sure. Check out our latest interesting music topics:

  • How does gender and race impact the music industry?
  • To what extent does music shape politics?
  • What are the effects of technology on the music industry?
  • How has streaming changed music consumption?
  • Influence of celebrity culture on music
  • Role of music in culture and identity
  • Intersection of music and fashion
  • Music as form of protest and social activism

Music Topics For Research Papers

Writing a research paper is never easy, we know. However, if you choose one of our music topics for research papers, you should be able to write your paper in record time:

  • Talk about the role of music festivals in developing countries
  • A comparison of music streaming services and their effects
  • Analyzing the influence of music on consumer behavior
  • The use of virtual reality in the music industry
  • Discuss the implications of copyright laws on music production
  • Talk about the effects of live music on local economies
  • Discuss the cultural significance of music awards shows
  • The impact of music videos on artist popularity

Topics About Music History

The history of music is rich and diverse. And the good news is that we’ve managed to compile some of the most exciting topics about music history for you below:

  • Talk about the evolution of jazz music in the U.S.
  • Exploring the roots of hip hop music
  • An exploration of the birth of rock and roll
  • How classical music influenced modern genres
  • The origin of country music in America
  • Talk about the history of the blues
  • An in-depth look at the impact of the British Invasion on music

Music Topics For High School

High school students should choose topics that are a bit easier to write about. For example, here are some perfect music topics for high school students:

  • How does music reflect societal attitudes?
  • What is the impact of censorship on music?
  • The influence of illegal downloading on the music industry
  • An in-depth look at the commercialization of music
  • Exploring the relationship between music and art
  • Examining the influence of technology on the sound of music
  • How has music evolved over the years?
  • Talk about the influence of social media on music

Evaluation Essay Topics Related To Music

Are you required by your professor to write an evaluation essay? Don’t worry about it! Here are the most captivating evaluation essay topics related to music:

  • Talk about the influence of music on consumer behavior
  • Evaluating the impact of virtual reality on the music industry
  • Assessing the influence of technology on music composition
  • An in-depth look at the effects of live music on local economies
  • Evaluating the power of music to influence politics
  • An in-depth look at the intersection of music and fashion
  • Analyzing the relationship between music and mental health
  • Talk about the implications of copyright laws on music production

Hot Music Ideas To Write About

We’ve got some pretty hot music ideas to write about, if you’re interested. Just take a look at the list below and choose the topic you like the most:

  • Evaluate the changing role of music in politics
  • Investigate the impact of digital media on music consumption
  • Explore the power of music to unite people
  • Talk about the effects of censorship on the music industry
  • Investigate the implications of copyright laws on music production
  • Discuss the intersection of music and fashion
  • Analyze the effects of AI on music composition
  • Investigate social media and music promotion
  • Analyze the effects of technology on the sound of music
  • Discuss the influence of record labels on music
  • Examine the role of music in education

Research Questions For A Music Paper

Research questions are a great way to help you come up with a great topic on your own. Here are some intriguing research questions for a music paper:

  • How does listening to music impact the brain?
  • What role does music play in the expression of personal identity?
  • Is music therapy an effective treatment for mental health conditions?
  • How much does cultural background influence musical preference?
  • What is the impact of lyrics on society?
  • How does music contribute to the formation of social bonds?
  • Does musical training in childhood affect academic performance?
  • Can music be used as a tool for social activism?
  • How can we use music for the interpretation of historical events?

Our Latest Musical Topics

This is the list where we’ve added our latest musical topics. Don’t worry, the rest of the topics are also 100% original, so you can choose any of those as well.

  • Talk about the evolution of musical styles and genres over time
  • Music as a tool for therapy and healing
  • The influence of musical education on cognitive development
  • Discuss the effect of music on athletic performance
  • The historical significance of music in different societies
  • Music as a tool for emotional regulation
  • An in-depth look at the cultural significance of musical instruments
  • Music as a form of cultural diplomacy
  • Talk about the impact of globalization on the spread of musical genres
  • The role of music in spiritual and religious practices
  • Discuss the influence of music on behavior and decision-making

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216 Awesome Music Topics That Will Inspire Your Thesis

music topics

On this page, you will find the ultimate list of 216 brand new, 100% original music topics for high school, college and university students. No, it’s not a trick! You can use any of our topics about music for free and you don’t even have to give us credit. Many of these research topics on music should work great in 2023.

In addition, we have the best step by step guide to writing a research paper right here on this page. Just like the topics, you can read the guide for free. It will help you stay focused on what’s important and ensure you don’t miss any steps. And remember, if you need assistance with your academic writing tasks, our native English-speaking writers are the most reliable on the Internet!

Writing A Research Paper About Music

So, what is music? Music is a form of art that uses sound and rhythm to create an emotional or aesthetic experience. It can be created by combining different elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. Music is a universal language that can be found in all cultures and has been an important part of human history for thousands of years. It can evoke emotions, tell stories, and communicate ideas. Music can take many forms, including vocal or instrumental, solo or ensemble, live or recorded, and can be classified into various genres such as rock, pop, classical, jazz, and many more.

But how do you write a research paper about music quickly? Well, we have a great step by step guide for you right here.

Choose a music topic. Select a topic that interests you and that you have enough background knowledge on to research and write about. Conduct research. Use a variety of sources to gather information on your topic, including books, academic journals, online databases, and primary sources such as interviews or musical recordings. Organize your research. Once you have gathered enough information, organize your research into an outline or a mind map to help you visualize how your paper will flow. Write a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be a concise statement that summarizes the main argument of your paper. Write a rough draft. Begin writing your paper using the information you have gathered and the outline or mind map you created. Focus on creating a clear and coherent argument, and be sure to cite all sources using the appropriate citation style. Help with coursework services can aid you in succeeding with this part. Revise and edit. Once you have completed a rough draft, revise and edit your paper to improve its clarity, organization, and coherence. Check for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure all citations are correct and properly formatted. Create a bibliography or works cited page. Include a list of all sources you used in your research, including books, articles, interviews, and recordings. Finalize your paper. After making all necessary revisions and edits, finalize your paper and ensure that it meets all the requirements set by your instructor or professor. Proofread everything and make sure it’s perfectly written. You don’t want to lose points over some typos, do you?

Easy Research Topics About Music

  • The history and evolution of hip-hop culture
  • The impact of classical music on modern composers
  • The role of music in therapy for mental health
  • The cultural significance of jazz in African-American communities
  • The influence of traditional folk music on contemporary artists
  • The development of electronic music over the past decade
  • The use of music in film to enhance storytelling
  • The rise of K-pop and its global popularity
  • The effects of music on our learning abilities
  • The use of music in branding in the fashion industry
  • The influence of the Beatles on popular music
  • The intersection of music and politics in the 1960s
  • The cultural significance of reggae music in Jamaica
  • The history and evolution of country music in America
  • The impact of music streaming on the music industry

Opinion Essay Music Topics

  • Music piracy: Should it be considered a serious crime?
  • Should music education be mandatory in schools?
  • Is autotune ruining the quality of music?
  • Are music awards shows still relevant in today’s industry?
  • Should music lyrics be censored for explicit content?
  • Is it fair that some musicians earn more money than others?
  • Is classical music still relevant in modern society?
  • Should music festivals have age restrictions for attendees?
  • Is it fair for musicians to be judged on their personal lives?
  • Is the current state of the music industry sustainable?
  • Should musicians be held accountable for the messages in their lyrics?
  • Is the role of the record label still important in the age of digital music?
  • Should musicians be able to express their political views in their music?
  • Does the use of music in movies and TV shows enhance or detract from the storytelling?

Interesting Music Research Topics

  • The impact of music on athletic performance
  • The use of music in advertising and consumer behavior
  • The role of music in enhancing cognitive abilities
  • The effects of music on stress reduction and relaxation
  • The cultural significance of music in indigenous communities
  • The influence of music on fashion and style trends
  • The evolution of protest music and its impact on society
  • The effects of music on Alzheimer’s disease
  • The intersection of music and technology in the music industry
  • The effects of music on emotional intelligence and empathy
  • The cultural significance of hip hop music in the African diaspora
  • The influence of music on human behavior and decision-making
  • The effects of music on physical performance and exercise
  • The role of music in promoting social and political activism

Research Paper Topics On Music

  • The effects of music on the brain and mental health
  • The impact of streaming on the music industry
  • The history and evolution of rap music
  • The cultural significance of traditional folk music
  • The use of music in video games to enhance the gaming experience
  • The role of music in religious and spiritual practices
  • The effects of music on memory and learning
  • The development of rock and roll in America
  • The intersection of music and politics in the 21st century
  • The cultural significance of country music in the South
  • The use of music in autism therapy
  • The impact of social media on music promotion and marketing
  • The influence of music on the LGBTQ+ community
  • The effects of music on social behavior and interaction

Argumentative Essay Topics About Music

  • Does music have a negative effect on behavior?
  • Is streaming music harming the music industry?
  • Can music censorship be justified in certain cases?
  • Is cultural appropriation a problem in the music industry?
  • Should musicians be held accountable for controversial lyrics?
  • Is autotune a helpful tool or a crutch for musicians?
  • Should music education be a required part of the curriculum?
  • Is the use of explicit lyrics in music harmful?
  • Should music festivals be required to have safety measures?
  • Does the use of profanity in music undermine its artistic value?
  • Can music be used to promote political messages effectively?
  • Should musicians be allowed to profit from tragedies?

Current Music Topics To Write About In 2023

  • The rise of TikTok and its impact on music promotion
  • The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK music
  • The use of virtual concerts and live streaming during COVID-19
  • The influence of social media on music consumption and trends
  • The emergence of new genres and sub-genres in popular music
  • Talk about cancel culture in music
  • The debate over the use of explicit lyrics in music
  • The impact of climate change on music festivals and events
  • The use of artificial intelligence in music production and composition
  • The influence of music on political and social movements
  • The rise of female and non-binary artists in the music industry
  • The effects of globalization on the diversity of music around the world
  • The role of nostalgia in the popularity of music from past decades

Musical Topics About Famous Musicians

  • The life and legacy of Beethoven
  • The impact of Elvis Presley on rock and roll
  • The career and contributions of Bob Dylan
  • The influence of Michael Jackson on pop music
  • The musical evolution of Madonna over time
  • The enduring appeal of the Rolling Stones
  • The career of Prince and his impact on music
  • The contributions of David Bowie to pop culture
  • The iconic sound of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar
  • The impact of Whitney Houston on the music industry
  • The life and career of Freddie Mercury of Queen
  • The artistry and impact of Joni Mitchell
  • The groundbreaking work of Stevie Wonder in R&B
  • The musical legacy of the Beatles and their influence on pop music

Music Research Paper Topics For College

  • The cultural significance of the accordion in folk music
  • The use of sampling in hip-hop and electronic music production
  • The evolution of the drum kit in popular music
  • The significance of Taylor Swift in contemporary country-pop music
  • The effects of drug abuse in the music industry
  • The role of music in shaping political movements and protests
  • The impact of streaming services on the music industry and artists’ income
  • The significance of the Burning Man festival in music and culture
  • The emergence and growth of Afrobeat music globally
  • The role of musical collaboration in the creation of new music genres
  • The use of autotune and other vocal processing tools in pop music
  • The effects of social and political issues on rap music lyrics
  • The significance of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in pop culture
  • The impact of music on emotional regulation and mental health

Our Controversial Music Topics

  • The controversy of the “cancel culture” in US music
  • The impact of music piracy on the industry and artists
  • The ethical concerns of music sampling without permission
  • The controversy surrounding lip-syncing during live performances
  • The debate over the authenticity of auto-tune in music
  • The controversy surrounding the use of profanity in music
  • The debate over the cultural appropriation of music styles
  • The controversy surrounding music festivals and their impact on local communities
  • The debate over the role of music in promoting violence and aggression
  • The controversy surrounding the ownership of an artist’s discography
  • The ethical concerns of musicians profiting from songs about tragedies and disasters

Captivating Music Thesis Topics

  • The role of music in promoting social justice
  • The impact of music streaming on album sales
  • The significance of lyrics in contemporary pop music
  • The evolution of heavy metal music over time
  • The influence of gospel music on rock and roll
  • The effects of music education on cognitive development
  • The cultural significance of hip-hop music in America
  • The role of music in promoting environmental awareness and activism
  • The impact of music festivals on local economies
  • The evolution of country music and its impact on popular music
  • The use of music in advertising and marketing strategies

Classical Music Topic Ideas

  • The influence of Baroque music on classical music
  • The history and evolution of the symphony orchestra
  • The career and legacy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • The significance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
  • The evolution of opera as an art form
  • The role of women composers in classical music history
  • The impact of the Romantic era on classical music
  • The use of program music to tell a story through music
  • The significance of the concerto in classical music
  • The influence of Johann Sebastian Bach on classical music
  • The contributions of Antonio Vivaldi to the concerto form
  • The use of counterpoint in classical music composition
  • The role of chamber music in classical music history
  • The significance of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah in classical music

Interesting Music Topics For High School

  • The history and evolution of the piano as a musical instrument
  • The significance of Beethoven in classical music
  • The impact of Elvis Presley on US music
  • The emergence and growth of the hip-hop music genre
  • The role of music festivals in contemporary music culture
  • The effects of technology on music production and performance
  • The influence of social media on music promotion and distribution
  • The effects of music on mental health and well-being
  • The role of music in popular culture and media
  • The impact of musical soundtracks on movies and TV shows
  • The use of music therapy for individuals with autism spectrum disorder
  • The significance of the Coachella Music Festival in modern music culture
  • The cultural significance of the ukulele in Hawaiian culture

Awesome Music Research Questions For 2023

  • Should musicians be required to use their platform to promote social justice causes?
  • Is music piracy a victimless crime or does it harm the industry?
  • Should music venues be required to provide safe spaces for concertgoers?
  • Is the Grammy Awards selection process biased towards mainstream artists?
  • Should music streaming services pay musicians higher royalties?
  • Is it appropriate for music to be used in political campaign advertisements?
  • Should music journalists be required to disclose their personal biases in reviews?
  • Is it ethical for musicians to profit from songs about tragedies and disasters?
  • Should music education be funded equally across all schools and districts?
  • Is it fair for record labels to own the rights to an artist’s entire discography?
  • Should music festivals have more diverse and inclusive lineups?
  • Should musicians be allowed to use drugs and alcohol as part of their creative process?

Fantastic Music Topics For Research

  • The evolution of the electric guitar in rock music
  • The cultural significance of the sitar in Indian music
  • The impact of synthesizers on contemporary music production
  • The use of technology in the creation and performance of music
  • The influence of BeyoncĂ© on modern pop music
  • The significance of Kendrick Lamar in contemporary rap music
  • The effects of misogyny and sexism in the rap music industry
  • The emergence and growth of K-pop music globally
  • The significance of Coachella Music Festival in the music industry
  • The history and evolution of the Woodstock Music Festival
  • The impact of music festivals on tourism and local economies
  • The role of music festivals in shaping music trends and culture
  • The effects of music piracy on the music industry
  • The impact of social media on the promotion and distribution of music
  • The role of music in the Black Lives Matter movement

Catchy Music Related Research Topics

  • Is hip-hop culture beneficial or harmful to society?
  • Is it ethical to sample music without permission?
  • Should music streaming services censor explicit content?
  • Is auto-tune a valid musical technique or a crutch?
  • Does the music industry unfairly exploit young artists?
  • Should radio stations be required to play a certain percentage of local music?
  • Is the practice of lip-syncing during live performances acceptable?
  • Is music education undervalued and underfunded in schools?
  • Does the use of profanity in music contribute to a decline in society?
  • Should music venues be held accountable for the safety of concertgoers?

Informative Speech Topics About Music

  • The history and evolution of jazz music
  • The cultural significance of classical music in Europe
  • The origins and development of blues music in America
  • The influence of Latin American music on American popular music
  • The impact of technology on music production and distribution
  • The role of music in expressing emotions and feelings
  • The effects of music therapy on mental health and wellbeing
  • The cultural significance of traditional music in Africa
  • The use of music in films and television to create mood and atmosphere
  • The influence of the Beatles on popular music and culture
  • The evolution of electronic dance music (EDM)
  • The role of music in promoting cultural diversity and unity
  • The impact of social media on the music industry and fan culture

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Music Dissertation Topics

Published by Carmen Troy at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 11, 2023

Music is one of the most beautiful forms of art that involves an organized and hierarchical sound and silence. It is generally performed in terms of pitch, rhythm, and sound quality. Music is a passion that many enthusiasts aspire to pursue. While the art of music can be an innate ability, it can be pruned with proper learning. Therefore, musicology is an academic field that offers the teaching of music.

Suppose you are an avid music learner, you have chosen musicology for higher studies. Then, you need to complete your degree with a final dissertation. If you are unsure what dissertation to write about, you can check out some of the topics suggested by experienced, professional experts in music.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting a  brief research proposal  from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an  introduction  to the problem,  research question , aim and objectives,  literature review , along with the proposed  methodology  of research to be conducted. Let us know if you need any help in getting started.

Check our  example dissertation  to get an idea of  how to structure your dissertation .

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2022 Music Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: examining the benefits of using music therapy for curing mental health patients – a study on the hospitals under nhs foundation trust..

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to identify the benefits of using music therapy for curing mental health patients. The study will mainly focus on the use of music therapy in hospitals under the NHS Foundation Trust.


  • To figure out the key advantages of using music therapy to cure mental health patients.
  • To elaborate on how music therapy is being used by the hospitals under NHS Foundation Trust aims to cure mental health patients.
  • To share a stringent set of recommendations for the hospitals under the NHS Foundation Trust to strategically use music therapy for curing mental health patients.

Topic 2: A detailed study on the transformation of British electronic dance music (EDM) over the last 10 years.

Research Aim: The study aims to conduct research on the transformation of British electronic dance music (EDM) over the last 10 years.

  • To share knowledge about the key aspects and specifications of British electronic dance music (EDM).
  • To provide a comprehensive analysis of the transformation of British electronic dance music (EDM) in the last decade.
  • To develop an understanding of how overall EDM practices can be improved and led towards advancement thereby aligning with the British culture.

Topic 3: Examining the growing influence of electronic and digital technology on music education in the UK.

Research Aim: The present research study aims to examine the growing influence of electronic and digital technology on music education in the UK.

  • To shed light on the changes in modern-age music education alongside the increasing dominance of advanced technologies.
  • To demonstrate how the growing use of electronic and digital technologies is redefining music education in the UK.
  • To recommend how electronic and digital technologies can be used in the best possible way to influence music education in the UK.

Topic 4: Describing the benefits of using music for children’s learning specifically during the stage of early development – a study on the UK government's changing perspective and investment in children's music and art.

Research Aim: The aim of this research study is to describe the benefits of using music for children’s learning specifically during the stage of early development. The UK government’s changing perspective and investment in children’s music and art will be emphasised in this study.

  • To identify the key benefits of using music in children’s learning, especially during their early development.
  • To exemplify the changing perspective of the UK government and how the government is investing in children’s music and art.
  • To recommend strategies that can help in the use of music in the best way to support children’s learning at their early development stage.

Topic 5: Investigating the impacts of removing gender disparity on music composition and performance in the British music industry.

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the impacts of removing gender disparity on music composition and performance in the British music industry.

  • To contextualise the importance of maintaining gender equality for maintaining healthy practices in music composition and performance.
  • To describe how the removal of gender disparity may help in music composition and performance in the British music industry.
  • To suggest strategies to eliminate gender discrimination and inequality in the British music industry.

Topic. 1: Major music platforms in the world:

Research Aim: There are many channels through which we can stream music. Each of the platforms has its perks and flaws that either excite or infuriate the users. The aim of the research will be to critically analyze the major music platforms in the world. 

Topic. 2: Impact of music talent shows on music:

Research Aim: Almost all countries around the world produce music talent shows usually aimed to find out new, young, emerging talent. The music talent shows have significant effects on the music, musicians, and music industry. Now, whether the impact is good or bad, the research will aim to find it out. The focal purpose of the study will be to identify the positive and negative repercussions of music talent shows. 

Topic. 3: Health benefit of music:

Research Aim: We all have heard that music is the food for the soul, but it is yet to find out if it is any good to our body. However, it is true that music cheers us up and helps us unwind things. It is significant to study if it aids an ailment. The research will aim to find out if music has health benefits and explore the details about the ailments and the remedy.

Topic. 4: Pop music in the contemporary world

Research Aim: Pop music was the undisputed king in the back times. Today, although we get to see the spark of pop in music, it is not truly pop. The research will analyze and evaluate the nature of pop music today and how it is amalgamated with contemporary music all around the world. 

Topic. 5: Role of technology in music

Research Aim: Technology is a crucial determiner that cannot be overlooked. It has affected all of the significant aspects of our lives, and music is no exception. The music that existed without technologically driven machines used to be different from what it is today. The aim of the research is to make a comparison and contrast between the nature of the two products of music and understand their similarities and differences under the light of technology. 

Topic. 6: Music in Hollywood

Research Aim: The main aim of the research would be to make a standard music format that is followed in Hollywood. The type of music produced in Hollywood is different from other major film industries. The researcher will analyze and evaluate the music and create a generic algorithm of music production followed by music composers in Hollywood. 

Topic. 7: The obsolete music instruments

Research Aim: Today, not all musical instruments are in their original shape. In fact, most of them have been buried inside a land do a lack of marketing and usage. The researcher will conduct thorough research to investigate the obsolete musical instruments that are unfamiliar to most people of a specific area. 

Topic. 8: pros and cons of legal music sharing platforms

Research Aim: The aim of the research will be to find out and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of legal music-sharing platforms. It will also investigate their impact on the music itself and discover the user’s inclination or motivations for using the platforms.   

Topic. 9: Music piracy in the age of the internet

Research Aim: Music piracy has always existed, but in the age of the internet, it has become predominant. The aim of the research will be to explore and find out how easy or difficult it has become to pirate music because it has significant outcomes in both ways. 

Topic. 10: Role of music in human life

Research Aim: When we are happy, we listen to music. When we are sad, we listen to music. Music has something to offer to each of our moods, and therefore, it is an integral part of our lives. This research will deeply analyze the role of music in human life and in what ways it affects our feelings, mood, actions, behaviors, and mundane activities. 

How Can ResearchProspect Help?

ResearchProspect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service !

Topic. 11: How does music therapy work:

Research Aim: Music therapy is practiced in a large proportion of the world. The researcher will monitor people taking music therapy and identify its level of effectiveness. 

Topic. 12: Music and economy:

Research Aim: Good music transcends boundaries and therefore gets most disseminated and widespread. As a result, it is able to generate more money. The counties whose music is listened around the world have music as a key contributor to their Gross domestic product. The aim of the research is to survey and find out the statistics of music and its contribution to the economy. 

Topic. 13: music and culture

Research Aim: There are different kinds of music produced around the world, much of which depends on the culture of the respective area. The research will study the influence of culture on music and vice versa. 

Topic. 14: Role of music in spirituality

Research Aim: Music has a unique and close relationship with spirituality. Music is an instrument used to invoke feelings of spirituality. The researcher will study different religions and their way of connecting to God through music. 

Topic. 15: Music bands- their relevance today

Research Aim: The popularity and craze of music bands were very high in the 90s than what it is today. The aim of the research is to find out the potential of music bands in the contemporary music industry in different ways. 

Topic. 16: Music and patriotism

Research Aim: Music and poetry are used all around the world to boost the patriotism and nationalism of the inhabitants. The researcher will broadly study and investigate the instrumentation of music for patriotism and how music is used for political gains and at avenues. The researcher can do case studies and find accurate answers to the research questions. 

Topic. 17: Understanding the music market

Research Aim: The music market is just like any other product market: it is vast and diverse. You cannot make an audience persona for music, but you can make audience personas for different genres of music. And this research will do that. The research will aim to make audience personas of varying music genres understand the music market. 

Topic. 18: Most influential musicians today

Research Aim: The main aim of the research would be to explore and understand the current trends in music and pinpoint the most influential musicians today. Different musicians will be evaluated against different variables such as music they have produced, outreach, and followers, etc. 

Topic. 19: Music in the 21st century

Research Aim: Music has evolved significantly over the period of time, and there is no doubt that it will keep on transforming in the coming years. The aim of the research is to study and evaluate the current nature of music produced in the world and, more particularly, about the taste of people. 

Topic. 20: The evolution of music:

Research Aim: The researcher will delve into the history of the music to learn about its roots. The main aim of the research is to find and evaluate the evolution of music than how it developed over time and the phases that it went through to reach its current position. 

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To find a music dissertation topic:

  • Explore genres, history, or cultural aspects.
  • Analyze music theory, composition, or performance.
  • Investigate technology’s impact on music.
  • Consider social or psychological dimensions.
  • Review recent research in musicology.
  • Select a topic that resonates with your passion and expertise.

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The Top 20 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics About Music

Music is a blessing. It’s something that everybody enjoys, and anyone can feel. It’s the way the soul of the artist expresses itself into this dimension if it can’t be done through words. If you want to write a research paper about it, you will have to keep in mind that it will be pretty time consuming , but I suppose that won’t be such a big problem since you already have the necessary time to complete this task.

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  • Genres. There are multiple genres of music, so make sure you present them all and how they affect the listener. You can’t talk about taste in something with other people and hope you are right, because everybody is right in this particular area, so try to be objective and present all of them.
  • The effects on the brain. Did you know that listening to music is the only activity that uses all of our brain? This is an interesting fact, and depending on the music, it can become quite a tool.
  • History. Music has evolved in many ways try to present it’s “map”.
  • Psychology of Music. There is an aspect regarding psychology here as well so make sure you write about it if you want an interesting research paper.
  • Musicology. Yeah there is a science who is called musicology, fun fact. Make sure you try and research about it and see if it suits you.
  • Music in Commercials. How it’s being used and why, how it affects the viewer, these are all things you should take into consideration.
  • Using music for education. This will appeal greatly to the younger generation. They can’t learn a lesson in a hour, but if they hear a song for two or three times, they already know it all. So this might be a good and useful tool for any teacher that has the courage to “sing his lessons”.
  • Music Theory.
  • Music Therapy. It’s used around the world since ancient times.
  • Famous musicians.
  • Famous composers.
  • Philosophy of Music. Yeah something like that exists.
  • Different Era’s in music.
  • Music in Films.
  • Music from Shakespeare. It’s a classic writer, present it and analyze what it’s being used.
  • The history of the piano
  • Teaching music to the younger generation.
  • Great women in music.
  • Music from different countries.

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  The paper overall should go above and beyond what is expected.  This will get the professor’s attention in a good way.  You need to make sure there are no errors and that the paper is well written. You may find some of the great tips on our website. If not, ask experts how to polish your paper on the following popular blogs.

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95 Jazz Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best jazz topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good essay topics on jazz, 💡 most interesting jazz topics to write about, ❓ jazz research questions.

  • History of Jazz Music Due to the unification of different states, America enjoys a diverse culture, which is the basis for the growth of jazz in the world.
  • Jazz Bio on Jazz musician Miles Davis In 1944, after his high school education, he traveled to New York where he was to pursue his dream without the influence of his parents; however he had gone to the state to study music […] We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong: Jazz Music Louis Armstrong is described to be the man best known around the would as the founding father of Jazz while on the other hand, Dizzy Gillespie is reputed to have music that is a major […]
  • Chicago: the Jazz Era of the Blazing Gun In spite of the fact that the book is referred to the class of the typical who-done-it story, a detective novel, the genre of the book is not that easy to define.
  • Jazz and Hip Hop: Similarities and Differences Both hip hop and jazz are closely linked and for that matter there are a number of similarities they share prompting some individuals to pronounce that hip hop is ‘the jazz of young individuals in […]
  • Jazz Anecdotes: Pops Foster and Chief Blue Cloud He was a dictator in the band. To keep the music interesting musicians must be creative in their entertainment.
  • What jazz is and what jazz is not As a result, due to the spreading of jazz music in different regions of the world, variety of elements were fused together resulting to existence of different genres of jazz such as the Latin jazz […]
  • Jazz Music in American Culture The origin of jazz is associated with black communities in the United States whose culture influenced the musical elements of the genre.
  • Jazz concert review The audience was very impressed by the idea as they were able to enjoy some of the popular pieces of music from other genres. It was interesting to see the diversification in the pieces of […]
  • American Art and 1920 Jazz Age In the height of the industrial revolution in America, the America craft movement which began as a response to the industrial revolution was one of the major developments taking place.
  • Revisiting New Jazz Music Concert Nevertheless, because of a new and imaginative way to interpret the compositions known by millions of people for quite a while, the concert left a huge impact on me and changed my perception of the […]
  • Jazz Concert After listening to a soul jazz performance, the writer finds that there was calmness at first in the mind of the writer as he kept on listening to the initial beats while trying to connect […]
  • West Coast Jazz: History and Evolution This essay seeks to analyze the development of West Coast jazz as well as to evaluate the appropriateness of the names allotted to this genre of music.
  • How does jazz the music and its story reflect the American experience? The mission of Jazz in America is to integrate the teaching and learning of jazz story into every public institution in the country.
  • Arab Diaspora in the USA in the Novels of Diana Abu-Jaber “Arabian Jazz” and “Crescent” The dominance and identity of the different races in the American society can be attributed to the time of their arrival in America and their numbers as well thus giving them a strong position in […]
  • Arab American Literature Analysis: Diana Abu-Jaber The effect of a mosaic society is that the cultures of the groups in that society tend to fade with practices that are more acceptable across the board remaining firm as the only ways the […]
  • Bossa Nova’ and Smooth Jazz’ Music Comparison Thus, the word samba mirrors a series of masterpieces that signifies-in addition to the classic Brazilian music, rhythm and dance- the object of poetry.
  • Jazz Live Music Concert in Catalina Jazz Club The performers in the concert were Michael Gulezian, Benjamin Verdery, and Billy Dean as a special guest. Across the concert, I learnt the importance of mixture of form, rhythm, harmony, tempo, and melody to create […]
  • Jazz Musicians: Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington Ellington has changed the role of the bass, tenor, and baritone in a big band. It reveals Ellington’s significance for people and his contribution to the music.
  • Louis Armstrong’s Contribution to Jazz Music The new kind of music he created had more rhythm and this made his style to be compared to the Broadway style of Jazz that was famous at that time.
  • Disco, Rock, Jazz and Popular Music: Comparison With the support of God, the songs encourage the audience to believe in the power of God to overcome the unfortunate events.
  • Jazz Dance and Its Techniques The modern and ballet dance styles can be also applied to jazz, as the kind of popular dance styles involves a wide range of dance elements.
  • Louis Armstrong’s and Bix Beiderbecke’s Jazz Music When examining the reason behind Armstrong’s worldwide popularity in comparison to the relative obscurity of Beiderbecke, it is immediately obvious that the main reason behind this was due to the fact that Armstrong was willing […]
  • Jazz Solo’s Rhythmic, Melodic & Harmonic Analysis To be more specific, the sound of brushes sets the tone and the pace for the song, whereas the mallets create a recognizable pattern.
  • Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal and Zero in On Two of the most innovative dance groups in the present-day world of dancing, Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal and Zero in On are well worth being considered as peculiar specimens of the way dance can […]
  • Jazz Music Popularization in Chinese Culture Despite being created in the United States, Jazz music is preferred in many regions of the world where it has captured the attention of creative musicians.
  • “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” Jazz Song I would like to discuss this piece of music from the point of view of the analysis according to the books, and then I plan to talk about my personal feelings of the songs. It […]
  • Chick Corea’s “Spain” Jazz Song In addition to this, the song involves a careful composition of chords and notes typical of the American music. This song is a perfect example of an American song considering the lyrical dynamics and he […]
  • Ballet and Jazz Dance: Styles Description The form and line used in ballet dance underline the stage performance and make sure that the main and secondary performers each have their place. The forms and rhythm in jazz dance reflect the people’s […]
  • Jazz and the Movie “Mo’ Better Blues” Jazz is one of the most complex music genres as it is closely tied to a number of aspects of the human society.
  • Dubai Jazz Festival Press Release James Blunt, who will be in Dubai for the third time, will perform on the first day of the festival together with Christina Perri.
  • Artists in Jazz Music and Dance Development The core areas in this study will include; the presentation, the ensemble, the musical instruments, and the memories of the events.
  • Gender Disparity: Women in Jazz In America of the 1920a and 1930s, women were active contributors in the field of arts. Since there were both male and female jazz performers, it may seem that the way of women to jazz […]
  • Duke Ellington: Quotes by a Jazz Legend It is known that love was much of an inspiration for Duke, and a lot of his songs are devoted to it.
  • Jazz and Hip Hop Concerts in Comparison Two pieces in the second performance, In Germany Before the War and Mysterious Barricades, were well performed during the concert. There was a deejay on the deck and background dancers to back up the performance […]
  • Calvin Jones Big Band Jazz Festival The most interesting feature of the show was the participation of bands from three different colleges the University of the District of Columbia Jazz Ensemble, the Howard University Jazz Ensemble, and the University of Maryland […]
  • Jazz Music Concert and Theatrical Performance I was listening to the bands and could not stop moving as I felt as if the music was the beat of my heart.
  • Jazz Social Dance and Impact on American Culture Jazz is one of the common music genres that define the culture and racial history of the United States. Additionally, the nature of jazz dance was a new opportunity for African Americans to describe the […]
  • Jazz Music Development Since 1945 The history of jazz includes many outstanding performers who made a significant contribution to the development of this music style and influenced its promotion among the audience.
  • Jazz Musician Miles Davis: His Life and Music In his 50 years of career in jazz, he played the trumpet in a lyrical and melodic style and made his sound more intimate and personal.
  • Music: Jazz History Since 1946 – The Change of Jazz Music to Art The Bop made both the musicians and the audiences differentiate jazz as more of art. Swing to Bop: An Oral History of the Transition of Jazz in the 1940s.
  • Jazz History: The Birth of the Bebop Jazz Era The musicians paid particular attention to the music, concentrated on the authentic qualities of jazz music and most of the technical aspects that concerned the music.
  • A Campus Radio Station WNCU 90.7 FM Jazz: Idea, Mission, History The idea of a campus radio station was first envisioned in 1986 by Donald Baker,who eventually became the first general manager of this public radio station, and Dr.
  • Bruce Williams and “New Jazz Age” One of the latest in a cadre of the artist to epitomize the “new jazz age,” is young Grammy-nominated, alto saxophonist – Bruce Williams.
  • Avant-Garde as a Movement in Jazz Music The release of Ornette Colemans album, Free jazz: A Collective Improvision, in the mid-1950s gave the movement the name free jazz, and the name has been used since then.
  • Jazz History Since 1946: The Combinability of Polyrhythms and Improvisation Jazz was considered to be devoid of the ability to cooperate with the public and involve the majority of the listeners.
  • Miles Davis, the Prominent American Jazz Composer Though critics might argue his best work was earlier in his career, his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, St Louis Walk Hall of Fame and Down Beat’s Jazz Hall of Fame […]
  • Copland’s and Birmel’s Jazz Compositions Aaron Copland was one of the American composers whose creativity was strongly influenced by jazz at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Nat King Cole’s Life and Impact on Jazz Music Nat King Cole is considered one of the greatest Jazz musicians in the 20th century. As A result of that, the band’s name became the “King Cole Trio”.
  • Jazz Concert Review: With Jazz Music and Its History Analysis The concert that I have attended recently was the jazz concert with the participation of Diane Reeves, the four-time Grammy winner with a brilliant voice and excellent feeling of rhythm.
  • George Gershwin’s Life and Jazz Music This is a masterpiece work of all the times especially the forte-piano and philharmonic orchestra version by Ferde Grofe in 1942.
  • Specifics of Jazz Music Analysis This essay gives the most distinct characteristics and elements of Jazz that distinguish it from other forms of art, in addition to the differences between Jazz and the other musical arts.
  • The Role of Radio in the Development of Jazz Music To best bring out the role that the radio played in developing jazz music there is a need to examine the circumstances surrounding the golden age for the radio.
  • Jazz Heritage Overview and Analysis Named after the town of Orleans in France, New Orleans lived through the rule of the French and the Spaniards before becoming a rightful subject of the United States.
  • A Jazz Legend: Stan Kenton Stan Kenton was one of the innovators in the history of music. He attempted to synthesize the style of jazz and rock music to vocal instrumentalization.
  • Stan Kenton: Musical Journey and Contribution of a Jazz Legend The band was called The Wall of Sound, a phrase that was used to describe the sound of Kenton’s music at the time, loud with a driving swing.
  • Jazz Studio Masterclass: Teaching Observation Gross demonstrated how it is possible to combine the intervals to achieve a certain melodic pattern and noted that, in this case, the success depends on the finger technique and on the ability to ‘feel’ […]
  • Ella Fitzgerald, the Jazz Singer First and foremost, she became famous because of her talent being able to sing jazz songs naturally without effort as she had a voice with a wide vocal range about nearly 3 octaves and a […]
  • Review of Jazz Concert At the end of the concert, Avishai switches instruments with the pianist, taking his place, while the pianist picks up the contrabass.
  • Jazz and Activism Relationships In the given article, the author attempted to analyze the musical-theoretical and cultural foundations of jazz from the 1960s to the 20th century in the socio-cultural aspect, establishing the relationship between socio-political events and the […]
  • Jazz Music: Methodological Issues It is the application and understanding of socio-cultural issues and methodologies that are crucial to understanding the evolution and development of arts in general, and jazz in particular.
  • Jazz’in Restaurant: Business Plan Jazz’In Restaurant located at Panama City, FL, which has experienced significant growth in recent years and has a large number of visitors to its beachside.
  • Timeless Art of Jazz Music According to Brennan, in the first half of the twentieth-century jazz was considered to be the interaction between African-American and European musical traditions, an opposition of low and high music.
  • The Jazz Concert Analysis For example, after the return of African Americans from the First World War, the pride for these soldiers changed the perception of their identity, resulting in the mass migration from the southern to northern states.
  • “Newport Jazz 2021”: The Art Event The event is named “Newport Jazz 2021,” and the team decided to attend a special jazz festival’s program he jazz gallery all-stars, which is expected to be played on Sunday, the first of August.
  • Jazz Music: Characteristics of an F7 Chord The additional seventh to the main triad in this chord is the E flat, which is the highest note in the F7 chord.
  • Charles Bolden’s Influence on Jazz Music He cemented his reputation by using the knowledge of his cornet to put fans into a trance and get them dancing into a frenzy. Bolden was also motivated by the music that was performed in […]
  • Jazz Musicians as an Alternative Personality In times of the development of the blues, there was a problem related to the sexual issue. One may assume that the personality of a professional sportsman is connected with my past activities and scrupulousness.
  • “The Great Gatsby”: The American Dream in the Jazz Age The Jazz Age is a period in the history of the United States of America from the end of World War I to the beginning of the Great Depression due to the remarkable popularity of […]
  • Jazz Music in New Orleans and Its Early Roots The 1870s represented the culmination of a century of music production in the city. The aim of this paper is to examine the early roots of jazz music in New Orleans.
  • How Does Cane Make Use of the Blues, Jazz, and Spirituals?
  • Where Did Jazz Genre Originate?
  • Who Created the Genre of Jazz?
  • What Are the Four Eras of Jazz History?
  • What Is the History of Jazz Dance?
  • How Did Jazz Get Its Name?
  • Why Was Jazz Created?
  • What Is the Oldest Style of Jazz?
  • What Are the Five Characteristics of Jazz Music?
  • What Are the Five Subgenres of Jazz?
  • Who Invented Jazz Dance?
  • Why Does Jazz Have Two Z?
  • What Is a Key Element of Jazz?
  • What Is Unique about Jazz?
  • What Is the Point of Jazz?
  • What Are the Five Main Roots of Jazz?
  • What Instrument Is Used for Jazz?
  • Why Was Jazz Popular in the 1920s?
  • How Many Different Styles of Jazz Are There?
  • What Are Three Facts about Jazz Dance?
  • What Name Is Jazz Short For?
  • How Did Jazz Become Popular?
  • How Has Jazz Influenced Modern Music?
  • How Gershwin and Jazz Influenced American Composers?
  • How Miles Davis Shaped Jazz Music?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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Music Research Topics

Published by Boni on October 31, 2022 October 31, 2022

Music Research Topics

Music is a highly influential aspect of our society today. It has been part of our lives for a long time now. As music evolves, everyone has their specific taste for a given genre, musical instrument or song. Some common genres may include hip-hop, rock, reggae or roots. The evolution of music has led to the subject being incorporated in the school curriculum.

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For any student pursuing a career in music, one of the important aspects of the degree is the research paper. Getting the right topic for your research essay is always a challenge to most students however, this article will have relevant examples you can get inspiration from.

Tips on how to Select the Best Music Research Paper Topic?

Choosing a good topic for any research paper is essential, especially if you aim to attain good results in your paper. The following tips will guide you in choosing the most appropriate music research topic. 

1. Be clear on your topic

Be sure of your topic before starting to write your paper; this means that you should have adequate knowledge of what type of research you are planning to conduct. For example, if you plan to include information about the impact of music on criminal behavior, then be sure that you have sufficient knowledge about music in criminal behavior. 

2. Use sources

Make sure that you have sufficient material to use in your paper. You should use sources such as books, journals, and websites containing information on the topic you plan to write about. These sources will help with your research, as they will provide well-written articles to develop your topic.

3. Develop sources

If you do not have any material to use in your paper, there are many places where you can get sources. In this case, you have to develop your sources. For example, if the topic is about the effect of music on plastic surgery, you can use research papers on medical concepts and statistics about plastic surgery performed by newspapers and magazines. You can also conduct interviews with experts in these areas of study; however, make sure that they are reliable.

4. Seek help from a professional

The professional help you should consider getting is that of a reviewer. A music research paper is more challenging than other academic papers; it requires greater attention to detail and a deeper understanding of your research topic. Therefore, you should get a professional from a reputable service to help you review your work before submitting it. Gudwriter has the best research paper essay writing service that gurantees you quality music research papers from our qulified team of experts.

Music Research Topics Examples

Below are some of the most popular music research topics:

Music History Research Topics

History is known for its accurate records, and this is also applicable to music research. For example, if you want to write a paper on the history of Broadway musicals, you should have information about the different shows produced in the past and their influences on performers. This will ensure that you get your paper done properly.

A list of topics relating to music history would include:

1. The history of the synthesizers

2. The history of music in the United States

3. The evolution of classical music

4. The history of pop music styles

5. The evolution of folk music in America

6. How technology has influenced the evolution of music styles

7. The development and influence of hip-hop

8. The history of European classical music

9. The history of African-American music

10. The history of Latin American music

11. The effect of the digital age on the evolution of music styles

Music Therapy Research Topics

These are brilliant essay topics that research on how therapeutic music can be in the society. Examples of these topics could be:

  • How does music treat psychological conditions?
  • How can you calm an individual using the theme?
  • What do people love most about classical music?
  • Does listening to music affect your effectiveness?
  • What is the impact of music as a subject in schools?
  • Can music help reduce stress?
  • Can an individual use music to heal eating disorders?
  • Why do most psychologists prefer using music when performing their work?
  • Can music lyrics help enhance your brain capacity?
  • Music and therapy
  • How does music help students in education?
  • Scientific research and music
  • How does music help learn psychology?
  • What music genre is written in different countries?
  • How music affects student’s productivity

Music Theory Topics

This music category is for the music theory lovers. It may help investigate the theories in music such as characteristics of music in different eras and crucial aspects of music in societies. Great examples may include:

  • Brilliant characteristics of Romantic-age songs
  • How music evolved in the Baroque Era
  • Who were the top compositors during the Romantic era?
  • Remarkable features of Baroque-age music
  • Uncovering symbols during the Renaissance-period music
  • How classical music relates to medical applications
  • Major music directions during the 20 th century
  • What are the crucial aspects of music?
  • History of modern hip-hop
  • Why is it that most intellectuals prefer rock music?

Music History Research Paper Topics

This is another field where you can find plenty of research topics to work on. History offers us the chance to examine and understand the origin of a particular music genre or issue related to music. You can pick any of the following topics for your music history research paper:

  • Origin of black music
  • History of musical instruments
  • What is the female impact on the jazz music genre?
  • Imperial Japanese and Chinese Music
  • Who created the music?
  • Music as it was used in the Holy Roman Empire
  • Main aspects of modernism music
  • How politics influenced music back then?
  • Modern music culture
  • Why are music studies important?
  • Conventional archetypes in music
  • How is music connected to important functions and events?
  • Genius of Bach
  • Folk music and how it impacts the population

Music Psychology Research Topics

Connecting psychology and music is not something new. However, the category has not been researched as it should be. Researchers have barely scratched the ground on the music psychology research topics. That is why this is a good topic to research on. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Are sound therapies efficient?
  • Does music education impact our abnormal activities in the brain?
  • Does music impact our state of mind, mood, and overall mental health?
  • How tones affect mental development in teens, children, and toddlers
  • How does playing a piano enhance communication skills of individuals with communication issues?
  • What are cultural differences in music?
  • Changes in music consumption patterns in young people
  • How has music changed how students think and act?
  • Can music enhance your sleep at night?
  • Does a specific genre of music champion for drug abuse that affects our psychology?

Classical Music Research Topics

For the classical sounds’ lovers, this is the category to research on. You can research on how this music works, when it started, its history, and the traits of the listeners. Below are some common example topics to pick from:

  • What songs fall under the classical genre?
  • What is the history of the classical music category?
  • Is classical music impactful today?
  • What role does classical sound play in Disney production?
  • Most impactful classical projects
  • Character traits of classical music listeners
  • Role of women in the classical genre
  • Are classical sounds and metal the same?
  • How modern melodies differ from classical music
  • Why is Mozart different from other composers in the classical genre

Music Thesis Topics

Other excellent research topics you can handle include the music thesis topics. These topics typically cover a wide range of areas in the music field from analysis of specific genres to examination of cultural implications. Examples may include:

  • A comparative study of traditional music practices in different ethnic communities
  • The psychological effects of listening to music on emotional well-being and mood regulation
  • What is music’s role in the LGBTQ+ community?
  • Examining how music is a catalyst for change in the Hip-Hop culture
  • Investigating effects of music training on neural development and cognitive abilities
  • The impact of live music performances on audience emotional response and engagement
  • Use of music as a mnemonic device
  • What role does music play in promoting cognitive development in children?
  • A comparative study of traditional and digital distribution models
  • Tracing the origin of jazz music and its influences from African Roots to modern interpretations
  • Examining female empowerment in pop music lyrics

Music Controversial Topics

Popular music is always being criticized and is often the focus of research discussions. While this is normal and not uncommon, such criticism can also be turned into a paper used in studies. Below are some examples of topics related to popular music research:

1. The use of information technology (IT) in today’s music industry

2. The politics behind the use of the word “pop” in mainstream U.S. pop culture

3. The effect of hip-hop on today’s society

4. The origins of dance music

5. The use of metaphors in today’s music

6. The role of the internet in pop music

7. The effect of lyrics on the music style

8. The impact of sex and drugs in the creation of pop music and its stereotypes

9. The influence of the Beatles on other bands and musicians

10. How racism affected black musicians during the 1960s and has affected them today 

Music Argument Topics

This type of music research focuses on the use of statistical analysis, as well as on other methods such as opinion surveys and field studies. Below are some examples of argumentative research topics:

1. The evolution of music piracy over time

2. The impact of digital piracy on the evolution of music and other elements related to it

3. How access to free, illegally downloaded music has affected the sales of CDs and records

4. The effect of parental guidance on censorship in music lyrics

5. The role that education systems worldwide play in the promotion or censoring of certain genres

6. The importance and effectiveness of copyright laws in preventing illegal downloads

7. The impact of music piracy on the global music market

8. How the evolution of technology has affected the sales of CDs and records

9. The effect of global warming on musical genres

10. The dangers that peer-to-peer networks pose to the online security of users’ computers 

Learn the basic steps to follow in writing your research paper .

Hip-Hop Research Topics

Hip-hop is a music style that originated in the United States. Its popularity has spread globally, and its music is easily recognized nowadays. It is based on African American tradition and culture, and its roots can be traced to the blues music of the 1960s. The strong beat in hip-hop music was influenced by the funk music that was popular then.

Depending on your interest, you can conduct research on a wide range of topics related to hip hop; these include, but are not limited to:

1. The history of hip hop

2. The origins of hip-hop and its influences on the world’s culture

3. The impact of hip-hop on various aspects of society, including politics, music, and language

4. How hip hop has influenced the evolution of music styles around the world

5. The effect that hip hop and other forms of music have had on other aspects of culture around the world

6. The effect that social change, technology, and political powers have had on hip-hop culture 

7. The effect of hip-hop on the body image of women

8. The impact of hip-hop on the culture around the world 

9. How hip hop has affected the media and its portrayal of women

10. The use of sampling in pop music genres 

Debatable Music Topics

Debatable topics are those that people have different feelings about. For example, while some people think rap music is harmful to children, others believe it’s a positive influence in their lives. The same applies to other genres of music.

Below are several examples of debatable music topics:

1. The impact of MP3s and peer-to-peer networks on the sales of CDs and records 

2. The effects of hip-hop on society and its stereotypes 

3. The psychology behind the creation of pop music 

4. The use of sampling in pop music genres 

5. The impact of sex and drugs in the creation of pop music and its stereotypes 

6. The role that education systems worldwide play in the promotion or censoring of certain genres 

7. The effect of media censorship on hip-hop culture 

8. The influence of the law on music genres, such as hip-hop, rap, and rock-and-roll 

Music Appreciation Research Topics

Many people enjoy music and want to learn more about worldwide music styles. If you are interested in pursuing a music appreciation research topic, here are some additional topics that you may explore:

1. The history of music and how it has changed the world

2. How pop music styles differ from one country to another 

3. The effects of global warming on musical genres

4. How hip-hop has shaped modern culture, such as language and fashion

5. The impact of social change on the emergence and development of new music styles and genres 

6. How the internet has influenced the evolution of music styles

7. The use of metaphors in music 

8. How technology has influenced the evolution of music styles

9. The impact of hip-hop on modern society, including politics and language 

10. How African-American music has shaped modern cultures, such as language and fashion 

Music Education Research Topics

If you are a student in a music program, you can research your music skills and improve them. Here are several ideas for topics that you could discuss:

1. The effect of hip-hop on education and its impact on the language spoken by children

2. The history of rap music, from its roots to modern times

3. The composition of rhythm and blues songs and their histories

4. The musical arrangement of rap songs throughout history

5. The role that race plays in the creation of rap music 

6. How sex and drugs affect the creation of pop music and influence its lyrics

7. The influence of rock-and-roll on other genres, such as jazz, blues, and country 

8. The history of sampling and its importance in the creation of hip hop 

9. The history of copyright laws and their impact on musical piracy 

Pop Culture Research Topics

You can research pop culture’s appeal, from films and television shows to music. Below are examples of topics that may interest you:

1. The history of film, including horror and action movies

2. The psychology behind the creation of pop music and its components

3. The impact that different types of music have had on society, such as race and sex 

4. How technology has influenced the evolution of music styles throughout history 

5. The role that education systems worldwide play in the promotion or censoring of certain genres 

6. The creativity involved in the composition and arrangement of pop songs

7. How pop culture has influenced language around the world

8. The history of hip-hop and its impact on modern languages

9. How African-American music has shaped modern cultures, such as language and fashion 

10. The history of sampling and its importance in the creation of hip hop 

Rap Topics Ideas

Many people enjoy listening to rap music. If you are interested in learning more about this genre, here are several topics that you may discuss:

1. How rap music has evolved throughout history

2. The role that sampling has played in the creation of various hip-hop styles 

3. How societal changes have affected rap music and its lyrics

4. How sampling has influenced modern music styles around the world 

5. The evolution of hip-hop, including its impact on popular culture

6. How rap music has influenced the language of African-Americans

7. The political overtones behind rap music and its impact on modern society

8. The effect that sex and drugs have had on the creation of rap music and its content 

If you are interested in pursuing a research topic about music, you now have several ideas to help guide you. Remember that topics should be able to answer your research questions, so make sure to explore those ideas thoroughly.

You should also remember that research is an opportunity for personal growth. If you take the time to conduct thorough research and include quality sources in your project, you will learn more about these topics and yourself.

Fructis Shampoo advert analysis essay sample with outline.

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term paper topics on music

Persuasive Speech Topics about Music

Persuasive speech topics about music, music persuasive speech topics, persuasive speech topics music, persuasive essay topics about music.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Music: There are different kinds of music – from pop, jazz, rock, classical, etc.

Music has a unique way of entertaining millions of people across the world. It makes people change their mood as well as evoke certain memories within us.

Doing a speech on music and want to write a short persuasive speech about music?

Find Persuasive Speech Topics about Music . These persuasive topics about music will give you a rough idea of what to write about.

1. A human being cannot live a productive life in the total absence of music.

2. A percussionist is a musician.

3. Anybody can learn to appreciate music.

4. Are school students better off studying dance or music?

5. Can music be an addiction, discuss why and give examples to prove your point.

music persuasive speech topics

Read: Persuasive Speech Topics About Mental Health

6. Can some genres like heavy metal push the children to commit suicide?

7. Certain violence-inspiring lyrics can lead to war.

8. Music has some therapeutic benefits

9. Music is an important lesson in schools

10. In babies music helps in development of brain

11. In every society music plays an important role in bringing social cohesion

12. Music continue to become better as technology advances with time

13. Cinematic music plays a major role in making a movie interesting

14. Story telling is enhanced by music

Read:  Persuasive Speech Topics about Animals

15.  Does music identify something about a culture, people, and its traditions?

16. Explain the effects of music on increasing or decreasing productivity, is it different for different individuals.

17. Every person with normal hearing can sing.

18. Full-time classical music – A viable career path.

19. Good music has a positive impact on a person’s daily life.

20. Great Britain does not dominate the music world since the 90s and the breakup/separation of “The Beatles.”

21. Hard rock has a bad influence on people’s behavior.

22. If music is such a productive and positive thing, why do some religions and scholars prevent it and consider it a sin?

23. Indie pop has reached the top charts.

24. Is gothic music focused on death?

25. Children should be made to choose music lessons over dance lessons.

26. Chinese music is an original art form, which has not developed significantly since Ling Lun found 60 bells.

27. Classic music is more relaxing than chilling out.

28. Depressive and sad tones can have adverse effects on the emotional state of a person.

29. Do you care that American and British musicians are more paid than artists from the rest of the world?

30. Doctors and therapists need to learn the importance of music and musical healing to help improve the condition of the patients.

Read: Persuasive Speech Topics Teenage Audience

1. Jazz is an extinct music genre.

2. Is it easier for a toddler to learn with music or without it?

3. It is not every professional musician that lives a fulfilled life. Discuss.

4. It is time to make music literacy a mandatory element of high school/college curricula.

5. Listening to songs all the time can make a person lazy.

6. Michael Jackson was a true legend regardless of the conspiracies he faced at the end of his career.

7. Most people do not like country music.

8. Music and feats have a history in the ancient civilizations and there is much more to discover about them.

Read: Congratulations Message for Graduation for Best Friend

9. Music can act as one of the real treatments to cure mental health disorders.

10. Music can be a part of the perfect rehabilitation procedure in the local prisons.

11. Music can help a person mediate and find the greater purpose of life as the universe itself follows a musical construction.

12. Music can impact the overall situation of a certain place or group of people because it has certain vibes and frequencies.

13. Music can serve as a tool to unite people.

14. Music has gone through an evolution in the past century.

15. Music is a language of its own.

16. As a musician does it make sense to invest in the personal brand for years?

1. If music is the medicine of the mind, what is it to the soul and body?

2. Can music be recommended for therapy for the cure of mental illnesses? Expound.

3. Music literacy should be made compulsory in the educational curriculum.

4. Music may not always be a positive thing.

5. Should music with violent lyrics be banned at school? Explain the effects of music on students’ behaviors.

6. Musicians and singers need to have more benefits from the government because they entertain the people in a world of selfishness and chaos.

Read: Spiritual Messages for Students

7. Not everybody is talented enough to learn how to play music.

8. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was an international celebrity even when people did not understand his native language or songs they loved the compositions.

9. Patriotic songs can make a person feel passionate and energetic toward their country.

10. Percussionists cannot be called professional musicians.

11. Pirating music in the digital age is a serious threat to the entire country’s economy.

12. Plants grow faster when classical music is on.

13. Playing bass guitar is not easier than playing 6-string electro guitar.

14. Pop music is witnessing a tough transformation.

15. Psychology and music have a strong relationship.

LGBT Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Punk rock witnesses a new revival.

2. Pursuing a career in Classical Music can appeal to people of various social statuses.

3. Rap is not for white people.

4. Are Hip hop and Rap music of violence? Explain.

5. Rap music can have a strong relationship with rebels because it defines them.

6. Should rap should not be classified as music? Explain.

7. Rock and death metal are not commonly understandable forms of music.

8. Rock and Roll – The relationship between African drumming technique and its rhythms.

Read: School Speech Topics – High School, Middle School, Elementary

9. Should workplaces allow soft office music in the background or do they need to be completely silent for concentration?

10. Some tones are addictive and can easily be used to sedate or hypnotize a person.

11. Technology has a positive impact on music as there is no need to have humans create a band and deliver music to the public.

12. The cost of music, app, game, & video downloads on the App Store is very high.

13. The effect of pop music on European culture and trends.

14. Grunge music and gothic rock/post-punk music have fewer differences than they have similarities.

15. The process through which musical notes were named in various cultures should be changed.

16. The standard of music will depreciate significantly in the future.

17. There should be a ban on playing music too loud.

18. Various significances in songs make people react to the music tracks in different ways.

19. Vietnam War epoch music inspired further discussions on the innovative & revolutionary approaches to thinking.

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Betty is a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education (Arts). In addition, she is a registered Certified Public Accountant. She has been teaching and offering part-time accounting services for the last 10 years. She is passionate about education, accounting, writing, and traveling.

Early Childhood Intervention for the Poor: Long Term Outcomes

Early childhood interventions aim to promote skill acquisition and poverty reduction. While their short-term success is well established, research on longer-term effectiveness is scarce, particularly in LDCs. We present results of a randomized scalable intervention in India, that affected developmental outcomes in the short-term, including cognition (0.36 SD p=0.005), receptive language (0.26 SD p=0.03) and expressive language (0.21 SD p=0.03). After 4.5 years, when the children were on average 7.5 years old, IQ was no longer affected, but impacts persisted relative to the control group in numeracy (0.330 SD, p=0.007) and literacy (0.272 SD, p=0.064) driven by the most disadvantaged.

Authors’ names in alphabetical order. The trial was implemented with extreme care and attention by Pratham, under the leadership of Rukmini Banerji. Swarnaprava Pradhan and Puspanjali Parida provided excellent implementation in the field. Karishma Vas and Pankhuri Mishra were instrumental in achieving the follow up. The original trial was funded by a personal donation from Mr. Rushton Turner, by a grant from the Waterloo Foundation and by the National Institutes of Health, USA (Grant R01 HD 72120). The present follow-up study was funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (Grant 695300 - HKADeC - ERC-2015-AdG/ERC-2015-AdG) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) (Grant ES/M010147/1). Jervis gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Institute for Research in Market Imperfections and Public Policy MIPP (ICS13 002 ANID) and the Center for Research in Inclusive Education, Chile (SCIA ANID CIE160009). ISRCTN89476603, AEARCTR-0000169, AEARCTR-0005444. The study was reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Committees of University College London (UCL), UK (IRB Approval Number 2168/001) and of the Institute for Financial Management and Research, India (IRB00007107). The follow-up has also obtained ethical approval from the UCL Research Ethics Committee (IRB Approval Number 16727/001). The children’s caregivers provided written informed consent before study participation. The views here presented do not represent the Inter-American Development Bank, its board of directors, the countries they represent, or the National Bureau of Economic Research.


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The Long-Term Costs of Wind Turbines

  • Sam Aflaki,
  • Atalay Atasu,
  • Luk N. Van Wassenhove

term paper topics on music

To avoid environmental degradation, wind farm operators need to factor realistic maintenance and decommissioning costs into their projections.

Wind energy is experiencing a boom, but in a pattern eerily reminiscent of the nineteenth century Pennsylvania oil boom, wind farms are building ever larger turbines to farm wind energy further and further from shore. This trend carries risks, especially as turbines come with largely hidden costs. Increasing evidence suggests that although larger turbines can capture more energy, at a certain point the costs of maintaining and decommissioning large turbines located far offshore will outweigh the benefits of that energy capture. If wind farm operators are to avoid creating an environmental and economic disaster in the longer term, they need to begin factoring realistic maintenance and decommissioning costs into their projections.

In 1859, the town of Titusville in Pennsylvania vaulted into the limelight when Edwin Drake struck oil, thereby marking the inception of America’s oil industry. With an initial depth of 69.5 feet (roughly equivalent to the blade size of a 0.5 MW wind turbine), Drake’s well set the stage for an unprecedented era of economic prosperity.

  • SA Sam Aflaki is a professor of operations management at HEC Paris and holds the CMA CGM chair on sustainability and supply chain analytics.
  • AA Atalay Atasu is a professor of technology and operations management and the Bianca and James Pitt Chair in Environmental Sustainability at INSEAD.
  • LW Luk N. Van Wassenhove is the Henry Ford Chaired Professor of Manufacturing, Emeritus, at INSEAD and leads its Humanitarian Research Group and its Sustainable Operations Initiative.

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    Toll Free: +1 (888) 354-4744 Email: [email protected] Writing custom essays & research papers since 2008 Order right now November 19, 2020 Best 100 Music Research Topics (Just Updated) If you are reading this, you are probably looking for the best music research topics for your next essay.

  2. The Top 10 Most Interesting Music Research Topics

    A strong music research topic must be short, straightforward, and easy to grasp. The primary aim of music research is to apply various research methods to provide valuable insights into a particular subject area. Therefore, your topic must also address issues that are relevant to present-day readers.

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    Musical analysis is a description of a piece of music. This usually includes describing the song's mood, tempo, and melody as well as its historical context, genre, composer, and so forth. Students may examine and critique the composition of a piece, or they might discuss the feelings that the music conveys. In short, a musical analysis ...

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    Music in Mayan Tradition Apache and Native American Music How Africans and Columbians formed the modern American music The musical theory and the instruments used in Japan

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    120 Music Research Paper Topics Published on: Aug 17, 2023 Updated on: Aug 17, 2023 Music research papers provide an opportunity for students to explore various aspects of music, including its history, theory, cultural significance, and impact on society.

  6. 267 Music Essay Topics + Writing Guide [2024 Update]

    🔝 Music Essay Topics: Top 10 🎵 Music Essay Definition 🎼 Essay Topics ️ How to Write 📑 Essay Sample ️ FAQs 🔗 References 🔝 Music Essay Topics: Top 10 Compare different recording formats. The purpose of music. Ternary and rondo: compare and contrast. Music as a lifestyle. The benefits of singing. Ethnomusicology as a career. Evolution of the radio.

  7. 500+ Music Research Topics

    Music Research Topics are as follows: The impact of music on memory retention. The evolution of hip-hop music and its influence on popular culture. The relationship between music and emotions. The role of music in religious and spiritual practices. The effects of music on mental health. The impact of music on athletic performance.

  8. 200 Best Music Research Paper Topics For Students

    Best 200 Topics For Music Research Papers in College | Call toll free: +1 (888) 991-3890. or. Request a call. Research Paper Topics. >. Music Research Paper Topics.

  9. Music Research Paper Topics You Might Consider Using

    28 Oct 2021 — Research Paper Topics There are plenty of music topics for research paper available, since various melodies have always accompanied us in our lives and have a vibrant history that continues to grow to this day. Almost as old as the human race itself, music has been present in all cultures, traditions, and parts of the world.

  10. Music Term Paper Writing Guide: 5 Steps on How to Write 15 Topics

    What Topics Can Be Covered in My Term Paper? As a term paper is the main research that is written by a student for a particular class or subject during the school year, the topics must: Refer to the subject in which you are going to write a paper.

  11. 234 Awesome Music Topics For Best Paper Or Assignment

    234 Popular Music Topics For Your Research Paper As you must have been taught, music is also a powerful tool to evoke strong emotions. Just like other genres of literature, music is a poignant channel of emotions. Music has got recognition over the years, with Bob Dylan being awarded a Nobel Laureate even as a musician.

  12. 169 Awesome Music Research Paper Topics for Every Student

    19 Jan 2023. Preparing a great research paper on the music topic is never an easy task. However, if you are ready to face this challenge, you can cope with your assignment much better with the help of professional tips and lifehacks. The most important thing to start your preparation with is picking up proper music research paper topic.

  13. Music Term Paper Topics

    Music can be compared to art, and when you write a term paper topic on music - you have to express yourself, your feelings towards a musical composition, and your thoughts on the sense of the melody as well as compare the music track to the artist's biography, his vision on life and on the topic itself.

  14. 141 Thought-Provoking Music Essay Topics That Are Enjoyable

    We have some pretty straightforward topics right here, in case you want to write the paper as fast as possible. Check out these easy music topics for essays: The influence of blues music on other genres. The role of music in therapy and mental health. Blues music and the development of other genres. The history of rock and roll.

  15. 216 Fantastic Music Topics

    Writing A Research Paper About Music So, what is music? Music is a form of art that uses sound and rhythm to create an emotional or aesthetic experience. It can be created by combining different elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre.

  16. 20+ Music Dissertation Topics

    How to find music dissertation topic. To find a music dissertation topic: Explore genres, history, or cultural aspects. Analyze music theory, composition, or performance. Investigate technology's impact on music. Consider social or psychological dimensions. Review recent research in musicology.

  17. 20 Potential Topics For Your Research Paper About Music

    Philosophy of Music. Yeah something like that exists. Opera. Different Era's in music. Music in Films. Music from Shakespeare. It's a classic writer, present it and analyze what it's being used. The history of the piano. Teaching music to the younger generation.

  18. 95 Jazz Topic Ideas to Write about & Essay Samples

    Jazz and the Movie "Mo' Better Blues". Jazz is one of the most complex music genres as it is closely tied to a number of aspects of the human society. Dubai Jazz Festival Press Release. James Blunt, who will be in Dubai for the third time, will perform on the first day of the festival together with Christina Perri.

  19. Term Paper Topics: List of 200 Title Ideas with Questions

    Classical Music vs. Pop Music: Analyze the differences in structure, audience, and cultural impact between classical music and contemporary pop music. Electric Cars vs. Gasoline Cars: ... This list of term paper topics help you design, conduct, and analyze surveys, providing valuable insights into various aspects of human behavior and societal ...

  20. 150+ Most Popular Music Research Topics for Writing

    Below are some examples of topics related to popular music research: 1. The use of information technology (IT) in today's music industry. 2. The politics behind the use of the word "pop" in mainstream U.S. pop culture. 3.

  21. Music Research Papers & Help Writing a Music Essay

    A music term paper is different from many other types of writing. Essays, for example, may be easy for many music students to write, as they require learners to provide opinions on certain topics or ideas. However, music term papers require learners to provide objective information about a topic.

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    11. In every society music plays an important role in bringing social cohesion. 12. Music continue to become better as technology advances with time. 13. Cinematic music plays a major role in making a movie interesting. 14. Story telling is enhanced by music. Read: Persuasive Speech Topics about Animals.

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    6 Topics for term paper on Vietnam War. 7 Term paper topics on the education system. 8 Term paper topics on nursing and health care. 9 Term paper topics on marketing. 10 Term paper topics on civil law. 11 Term paper topics on programming. 12 Economics term paper topics. 13 Psychology term paper topics.

  24. Early Childhood Intervention for the Poor: Long Term Outcomes

    While their short-term success is well established, research on longer-term effectiveness is scarce, particularly in LDCs. We present results of a randomized scalable intervention in India, that affected developmental outcomes in the short-term, including cognition (0.36 SD p=0.005), receptive language (0.26 SD p=0.03) and expressive language ...

  25. The Long-Term Costs of Wind Turbines

    In 1859, the town of Titusville in Pennsylvania vaulted into the limelight when Edwin Drake struck oil, thereby marking the inception of America's oil industry. With an initial depth of 69.5 ...