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Agile development and project management essay.

Agile development and project management has its roots in the Information Technology world. A large portion of the information that follows in the next two chapters refers to IT related development and projects. That being said, Agile is not limited to IT and in fact the model is expanding well beyond strictly IT.

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Both Agile and Waterfall models work with the same project and programmatic building blocks, such as scope, cost, schedule and

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Furthermore, the way by which these methodologies work is quite simple, they essentially serve as blueprint for project managers. Blueprints that specify what tasks should be tackled and in which order. For instance, under the agile software development methodology a lot emphasis is

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“Agile” was first introduced in 2001, by a team of software engineers looking to improve their adaptiveness and responsiveness to ever-changing requirements. Not knowing where to begin, the team began by formulating principles, which they would use to guide their new development process. Which, in turn, lead to the creation of the Agile Manifesto, and thus a new methodology was born.

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The Agile Methodology Principles makes the development much faster because the primary importance is given to the customer satisfaction and continuously delivers product. Even though requirements change at the ending phase the product is developed. The Agile development insist the self-organizing team which can create requirements, best architectures, best models. The Agile development promotes a distinct way of thinking to build things and methods to deliver continuous improvement of product. It facilitates to make best practices and decisions together. It a development to promote the adaptive planning, continuous improvement, evolutionary development and delivery, and required time to complete work. It encourages for rapid response to change in the whole development cycle. The project team prefers agile development to move in a creative and quick way. The project progress also depends on working software and project environment and support is provided and built by the individuals. They promote the sustainable environment. Constant attention is provided to the technical excellence and best models are given by the agile methodology. This principle helps the project team members

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One of the initial steps in researching a problem is to know exactly what the problem is and compose a problem statement that unambiguously identifies and defines the problem to research. Sekaran (2003) said, “No amount of good research can find solutions to the situation, if the critical issue or the problem to be studied is not clearly pinpointed” (p. 69). The area of research for this paper focuses on software development, in particular, the study of agile software development methodologies and if these methodologies are successful in delivering software on time, within budget, and includes the requested features.

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Agile Development is one of the methodologies use in software engineering to help develops software. Today, there are a lot of different approach to Agile method. However, they all share the same value and principals. This method is value interactions over team and customer, workable software, and adaptable to change. Over the processes, documentation, contract, and plan. Agile developer also following 12 principle. 1, Their first priority is to delivery fast and quality software that will satisfy customer. 2, be adaptable to any change in requirement at any point in time, Agile development always

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Agile techniques should be used to solve the current issues faced by the company as agile techniques normally being used by the software industry help the business to act in response under the unpredictable situations faced. In Agile methodologies opportunities are been provided to evaluate whether the project is under the direction all through its development cycle. All this is being accomplished with the help of regular tempo kept in work, and the teams must show a product which is having the desired potential.

Agile Project Management

Agile project management lets software project managers and employees alike adapt to changing circumstances, rather than try to impose rigid formal controls, as in traditional linear development methods.

The Agile Software Methodology Uses Teams That Are Self Organized

The agile software methodology uses teams that are self-organized and can develop incremental periods of work rather than working for long periods of time. Having face-to-face collaboration is preferable over written documentation. It tends to be more adhesive and produces better products in the end. Having the ability to change the direction/plan at any point during the project is possible. If change is not accommodated throughout the project, the team will not have set realistic expectations and it will be difficult to meet the anticipated deadline time period. The agile methodologies value the individual and interactions between the team over processes and other tools. When the agile software development approach is used, the team is

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Agile Project management is one of the industries dominating methodology for project management in IT. It is an incremental and iterative way to manage the build and design activities for constructing an IT product, services, and project development in manner which is highly interactive and flexible. In this methodology, scope is defined in granularity that is appropriate with time horizon and checked with the agreement on each feature with the customer. In this methodology work steps are divided with feature breakdown structures. In order to track the progress of the project progress charts are used instead of Gantt charts. Cross-functional and test-driven development teams starts working from the very beginning of the project to provide

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This paper describes Agile development methodologies and their benefits. Section II presents key elements of Agile. Section III presents benefits of Agile development methodologies over traditional waterfall methodologies.

“Agile” Introduction. Agile movement gives alternatives to the normal way of project management.

Agile movement gives alternatives to the normal way of project management. The Agile way is usually used in software development to assist businesses to react to the unpredictability.

Agile Software Development Method Essay

Software development is one of the highest demands in all over the world. We use software development techniques to solve the problems and to satisfy customers. Agile software development is a conceptual framework for software; it is also a group of software development methods based on iterative development. In 2001, agile software development was created by seventeen people with a desire to find alternative approaches to software development. The most important thing about agile methods are team work, conveying information to the team, face to face conversation, and satisfy the customer. There are various methodologies but I am going to describe the most popular ones.

Software Development Methodology Best Practices

Agile software development is a collection of software development methods where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration among self-organizing and cross-functional teams. It promotes flexible planning, progressive development,

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Examples of methodology in research paper can be found in any field of study. There are a wide range of characteristics that are important in all academic fields.

Since the field of knowledge that is being studied is usually the new knowledge or what has been discovered, it makes sense to start a fresh project or original research. This is why it is important to identify the new or an established topic and why it is very important to use it correctly. By going with a new topic, you will be able to present and relate a new concept to the existing knowledge. In that way, you will be able to make your points much stronger in terms of teaching.

Methodology in research paper can also be used to go beyond a specific field of study. In other words, when you use methods to analyze a research project, you are going to be able to go beyond the scope of the study itself. Instead, you are going to be able to analyze your own work. This is because you are going to be able to analyze your own methodologies to see if they work in your work. You may have a method that works in other areas of your research but not in your area of study.

On the other hand, when you use the methodology to do your own research, you will be able to use your own methods in your own work. This is because you are going to be able to use your own methods for other people to go through. By going with your own methods, you will be able to make your own methodologies valid for other people to use.

A good methodology can even go beyond a specific subject or research topic and can also help you create a methodology that is not only applicable to an academic field but can be used in many different fields of study. In that case, the methodology can help you put together a method that will work well for an academic field and a different field of study. On the other hand, if your field of study is very specialized, you can use the methodology in a different field of study. This is because you will be able to use it in a new subject that is very specialized. This is going to help you enhance your research even more.

It is also important to note that there are more examples of methodology in research paper than just the examples that we are going to give. There are many more methods that can be used in academic work that will make it more interesting to read as well. For example, a research paper that shows data using an iterative method that lets you assess and test different hypotheses or there are different methods that are going to allow you to create study groups and sample groups.

There are many other examples of methodology in research paper that you can use to build your own methodology. But you can just pick any one of the examples above to use. Pick any one of them to see what it does and how it can help you in your own work. It is also a good idea to see if you can make it more powerful by using other examples of methodology in research paper.

Research Paper

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A Research Paper

Presented to

The Faculty of the High School Department

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements in English 10


This chapter presents the background of the study, theoretical and

Conceptual framework, statement of the problem, significance, scope and, delimitation and definition of terms., background of the study.

The computer shop business has expanded all over the world. There has

been a lot of local chain of computer that is been growing all over the country.

(Olandres, 2008)

The idea of internet cafes or internet shops started way back September 1,

1994 in London, England when the worlds first internet shop known as Caf Cyberia

was opened. (EdZee, 2009)

This kind of business attracted a lot of interest from the public and investors

that resulted to its expansion. With its success, this kind of business grew to over 60

similar cafes all over the world by the middle of 1995. (EdZee, 2009)

By late 1990s, the internet shop business reached the Philippines but it was

mainly for playing LAN games and typing services. (Morada,2010).

As technology paces up with time, internet shops in the philippines also.

improved its offered services like net surfing, scanning, printing, laminating, and

even playing online games thus making it more convenient to the customers,

especially students. In relation to this, due to the thought that this could be a great

source of profit, people tend to start this kind of business without thinking the

possible or required security measures it must possess.

Of the total population of marikina city, 1,070 were victims of different.

crimes. Barangay Malanday has the highest recorded victims of crime at 0.7 percent or a total of 299 invidividuals as of 2012. (Hon. De Guzman) It is not guaranteed

that computer shops are included in this data but this made the researchers focus

on the said area. Malanday also has a population of 40,416 which is the largest

among all the Barangays in Marikina City, thus this study can benefit more people.

(Hon. De Guzman, 2012)

Many teenagers and students frequently go to this kind of place that is why

the researchers are concerned regarding its safety and security measures. The

researchers then intended to study and describe the security measures of these

computer shops and to come up with possible actions regarding the gathered

Knowing the history of computer shops can be beneficial in understanding

how it developed considering its popularity to the consumers who may be highly

affected of the lack of its security. Meanwhile, being aware of the status of crimes

and population urged the researchers to conduct the study for the citizens of

Barangay Malanday.

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

In this part of the research, the relevance of abraham maslows hierarchy of.

Needs will be elaborated for the need of security in a persons psychological being.

The Theory of Security by Ron Kurtus will also explain more on security and how can

this be a help for this research.

Abraham maslow (1943) stated that people are motivated to achieve.

certain needs. When one need is fulfilled, one person seeks to fulfil another one.

Maslow identified the five motivational needs that people wants to fulfil in a

pyramid. This pyramid is divided into five stages and can be classified into basic

needs and growth needs. Basic needs include the physiological, safety,love and

esteem and growth needs include the self-actualization of a person.

Included in the basic needs is the main concern of this research, which is

the security and safety of people concerning of their environment within computer

shops. It is given in a persons needs to have the sense of security just like what

Abraham Maslow included in his Hierarchy.

According to the definition of safety needs, being secured means being.

protected from elements, security, order, law, stability, etc. Security or safety is

knowing that you are out of danger. It is knowing that you are taken care of, no

matter what. (Bronstein, 2013) This explains the reason why people seek security in

a certain environment they currently at.

To understand the aspects of security, kurtus explained the theory of.

security. He said that the theory of security is to know the types of possible attacks, to be aware of the motivations for the attacks and your relationship to those

motives. The security or defense against such a threat is to make it difficult to

Attack, threaten counter-measures, or make a pre-emptive attack on a source of.

threat. This theory can help the research to understand the process of security in

computer shops.

Possible Protect Defense

Attacks motivations make it, kurtus theory can be understood as a three way process with different.

aspects below it. In terms of the security of computer shops, some of these aspects

can be covered.

There are criminals who might have possible attacks on person, properties,

or organizations. Possible attacks on computer shops may be on person and

Properties. attack on individual can cause physical or emotional harm according to.

Kurtus. Disorganization on computer shops may lead to this kind of attack to the

customers. Meanwhile, attack on properties means destroying or stealing other

Properties. due to the value of the equipments in computer shops, it is prone to, stealing or other kinds of crimes..

To protect oneself from any harm, one must secure himself against any

threat. Kurtus said that by relating the motives of criminal-mined people to your

own situation, you can often determine the real threat to your security. It is also said that there are properties that are vulnerable to attack. By using your common sense

and strategic knowledge, you can examine those areas and do some action.

Lastly, to be defended from any harm, mechanisms or security measures

Must be in place. rapid response to an attack is important. make it difficult to the.

attackers to do some action. You must show authority to those who provokes any

harm in the area.

This theory can help the researchers understand, evaluate and take action in

the safety of computer shops in Barangay Malanday, Marikina City.

Conceptual model of the study.

Based from different studies, the conceptual framework was established. The

framework designed was shown in Figure 3.

Security measures of promote effective.

The research model for this study presented how the safety of computer

shops in Barangay Malanday, Markina perceived by the customers, owners and

Nearby establishments or people in the area concerned served as basis of the, researchers action plan. an assessment concerning the safety and security, condition of these shops were gathered by the researchers. as a response to these.

perceived security measures, the action plan was made. The researchers action

plan depends on the satisfaction of the safety of the computers in Malanday

Perceived by the mentioned respondents. when the results are satisfactory,.

promotion of the gathered effective security measures will be acted upon through the use of social networking sites. However, if the computer shops need

improvement, the researchers will coordinate with the Barangay Captain and

owners of the shops concerned to inform them the conditions and improvement

needed. Awareness campaign also through the use of social networking sites will be

Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to determine the safety of computer shops in barangay.

Malanday, Marikina City. Particularly, this research aims to answer the following

1. What are the rules implemented by the computer shops in Malanday that

customers know?

A. Do costumers abide by these rules and regulations set?

2. what are the problems and crimes encountered or observed by the, customers and people nearby within the computer shops in malanday, 3. what are the security measures implemented by the computer shops in.

4. How satisfied are the customers in the safety of the computer shops?

Significance of the Study

The researchers have observed the computer shops in barangay malanday,.

Marikina City and how this research can benefit the following stakeholders:

To the Computer Shop Owners. This study served as a guide on how can they

aggrandize the security of their shops. This can help them know what is needed to

ameliorate in terms of the safety of the customers. To help them know how they can

avert crimes by using proper security measures. To be aware of the people who are

using the computer and to be sure that it is appropriate with their age. To the Students.This study serves as a guide of what could they encounter when

they would go to an internet cafe. This could help them know how to behave and be

aware of his or her actions, So that they would be aware of what they will see when

they enter the cafe.

To the community. This study can help them to provide further research and study

to ensure the safety of the computer shops. This will help them find ways on how to

also spread awareness with the shops in their vicinity.

To the Local Government. This study can help them to monitor the computer

shops present in their handled locality. The information that the researchers

gathered can be helpful in making a law or action to the places concerned. This can

also be a stepping ground to ensure and be strict about the shops proper

To the Parents of the Minor Customers.This study will make them be aware of

what environment can their children encounter in computer shops. This can also be

a basis in identifying if the shops are safe for their children for studying and playing.

This can lead to proper actions or guidance concerning their children.

To the Future Computer Shop Owners. This study can help the future owners to

apply the information they got to have a more secured business. This can also be a

guide to help them make a better and more consumer friendly atmosphere.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This study aims to measure and describe the security measures of, computer shops within the locality of barangay malanday, marikina city..

The researchers include the bantay, people nearby the shop and owners

as the interviewees for the set of questions made. Giving of survey questionnaires

to the customers is limited to a total of 65 respondents from 25 different

establishments. This is composed of five customers per shop within ten different computer shops with an additional of 15 customers also from 15 different

establishments. These customers are the ones spotted within the vicinity whether

they are renting computers or not.

Definition of Terms

The following lists of words were defined as it was operationally used in the

Malanday- Barangay in Marikina area within Metro Manila

Computer shop - It is the Filipino slang term for internet cafe where you can rent

computers for use.

Bantay- It is what the customers call the people/person manning or timing the

customers of the computer shop.

Online Games- Video games that are played over the computer with the use of

internet to communicate or play with other players

Review of related literature, this chapter presents the literatures and related studies in connection to.

Internet Caf started out in the late 1990s as LAN Shops- a center in which

computers are networked in order to play LAN Games.Internet connection then was

dial up and relatively expensive therefore,only a few shops offered internet service.

The bulk of their service back then was gaming and typing services for students.

(Morada, 2010)

Safety means a lot to the costumers. Someone would not enter an

establishment if he knows that he will not be safe. Safety as defined is the absence

of injury or harm. The factors that may put a costumer in harm are possibility of

crimes, bad habits of other costumers, low quality of facilities in establishments,

lack of cooperation of costumers in following the rules, and low security in the

establishment. These problems can only be answered by setting up security

Measures. security measure as defined is a preventive action for accidents or harm..

One kind of security measures that a computer shop may implement is setting

rules. Rules in a certain area are placed to control the behaviour of the people. As a

result, untoward behaviour will be prevented. The rules set by the management will

be useless if the costumers themselves are not abiding by the rule. It is also

important that each and everyonedoes their part in maintaining peace and order in

the establishment. The environment of a place also tells if a shop is safe or not.

Since environment pertains to what kind of people and surrounding to expect in a

certain place, environment includes the behaviour of all kinds of people that a costumer may interact with within the area. This can only be known by knowing

ones motive in coming to the place. (Shanmuk,2013)

A study conducted by mr. moore talks about how to maintain a computer in.

computer shops. The main point in the study is to know if it is advisable to buy

second hand computers for the computer shops, if you will be running one.

According to Mr. Moore, its a big NONO. Computer shops must maintain the

quality of the computers that they let other people use. As a part of the costumers

safety, it is part of the owners responsibility to satisfy costumers to avoid untoward

Behaviour during its stay in the shop. (2010), lgu classifies the internet cafes as an entertainment and recreation center.

along with the billiard halls. As a result, it became a vice for the students usually in

secondary education. The government knew this would happen. The implemented a

law that states that students are also not allowed to go to computer shops during

school hours according to House Bill no. 2473 by Rep. Peter M. Unabia. Its due to

the reason that Youth as young as 7 years old would spend 8 hours a day at cyber-

cafes playing online/offline games instead of using the internet to do their

homeworks. (Morada, 2010) Minors are mostly seen in computer shops still wearing

their school uniform during class hours. Some are said to skip school just to go

there. This means that minors are the ones attracted by this kind of business thus

strict security is really needed.

In addition, most of internet shops have problems like noisy environment, poor

lighting, weak air conditioning, uncomfortable chairs and unstable connection. Even

though costumers encounter problems like that they still go to internet cafes

especially the kids to play games. Security of computer shops are not only focused

on crimes, it also covers the minor aspects of it like physical injuries due fights

because of the uncontrollable behaviours of the customers. Security in terms of

behavioural aspects should also be noticed since this can be adapted. The researchers can use the mentioned news to set broader awareness of crimes that

may occur in a computer shop.

In 1972, b.f. skinner, a harvard behaviourist-psychologist, published his.

book, Beyond Freedom and Dignity. Skinner argued that mans free will is not based

on his sovereignty as a costumer instead, its controlled by external influences.

Skinner is in favour of control in mans behaviour. he said that human behaviour, can be shaped through behavioural engineering like a biological process. this.

developing science of control aims to change the environment rather than the


A feasibility study was conducted by Ms.Llaguno that proves that allowing all

sites will increase the amount of costumers visiting a computer shop. They were

able to prove that it is really a good business plan for a computer shop but they

found out that this kind of business plan is a danger for the youth. According to

Ms.Llaguno, the youth are always full of curiosity and giving them free will in

opening any sites, would lead them astray. They are tempted to open sites not

suitable for their age-pornographic sites. This is another problem that Ms.Llaguno

saw in her study since it affects the young minds of the youth. (2012) CHAPTER III


This chapter elaborates the method of research used, sources of data, data

gathering instruments, data gathering procedure and data analysis procedure.

Research Design

The researchers decided to use the descriptive method for the study to

present the safety and security measures of computer shops in Barangay Malanday,

Marikina City. This method relies solely on objective perception. According to Key

(1997), descriptive research is utilized to gather information concerning the current

Situation of a phenomena to describe what exists in accordance to a given.

condition or variable.

The researches made use of two approaches qualitative and quantitative

For a more comprehensive study. the qualitative approach includes interviews to.

gather personal insights for basis while the quantitative approach includes surveys

to gather numerical data.

collected primary data from respondents through conducting interviews and giving

out survey questionnaires. The researchers also obtained secondary data from past

studies, articles, and news about computer shops their safety and crimes involving

them in Barangay Malanday, Marikina City as basis.

Research Locality

The focus locality of the study was Malanday, a barangay within Marikina

City. Specifically, the research was conducted on Barangay Malanday because the

area has the highest reported crime victims in the said city and crimes may affect

the safety of computer shops. Researchers observed, when they visited the place,

that the main streets of the area was composed of one to three computer shops and

even streets that are not that exposed to main roads has at least one computer

shop; which is a lot compared to other places in Marikina City. Considering also that

the areas population is the largest in the said city and there are a lot of problems

concerning computer shops coming from the area.

Research Participants

The respondents of this study are the customers spotted within the

computer shops visited whether they are renting computers or just merely

observing since they are receivers of the services offered by the computer shops.

Included in the respondents are the owners and the so called "bantay" or

the person whom reminds the customers of the length of time to which they would

be renting a particular computer since they are the ones managing the daily routine

of the shop. People who are living nearby the shops were also interviewed to take

note of their observations and opinions in order to avoid biased answers.

Research Instruments The study used the following instrument in gathering the needed data.

Questionnaire. A two-page questionnaire was designed for the use of this

study. This consists of closed-ended questions which are multiple choice and scaled

questions. It also includes two parts. The first part has multiple choice questions

about the computer shop itself and the customer answering the survey while the

second part has both types of questions concerning the respondents observation

and opinion about the orderliness, safety and problems of the area. The second

part emphasized on rating of how often things happen in the shop. This part also

seeks to weigh the degree of agreement of the respondents to different given

statements like how agree are they that a shop is safe and if the management does

its job to maintain order. The set of questions were answered by the customers of

the shop whether they are often in the shop or not.

Structured interview. an interview schedule was conducted with the.

computer shop owners, the people nearby, and the people manning the shops or

bantay. The said instrument was utilized wherein the people nearby and the people

manning the shops gave their responses on a set of questions given to them which

includes their observations in the computer shop, reactions or insights about the

safety measures of the shop. On the other hand, the computer shop owners were

given different set of questions wherein their observations, experiences, and goals

were included. The researchers were to know the situations on the different

computer shops and identify the needed improvements. They were also to know the

different perceptions of the respondents about the security measures of the said

Data Gathering Procedure

The researchers used the survey method, interview schedule and self

evaluation of the area using the set standard in gathering data. The researchers

first asked for the permission of the computer shop owner before conducting the study. When the permission was granted, the survey and interview questions were

carefully made. The researchers distributed the survey questionnaires to the

computer shop users. A set of interview questions were asked to the owner of the

computer shop. After collecting the survey questionnaires and summarizing the

answers of the owner, the researchers prepared some set of standards. The

researchers observed the area and evaluated based on the set standards. The

observations gathered were recorded. The data gathered from the survey

questionnaire, interview questions, and observations were carefully analyzed.

Data analysis procedure.

After gathering all the collected results from the questionnaires given to

the respondents, the summarization of the responses will be obtained, graphed, and

tabulated. The things about the shop or the first part of the survey will be graphed

to visually show the descriptions applicable to shops surveyed and the reliability of

the data gathered. Graphical analysis displays data in visual formats to see the

summarized identities of the data gathered. Scaled questions will be tabulated in

frequency tables which will cover the possible responses, total number of

respondents and the percentage of respondents who chose a certain answer. In

Determining the frequency, the researchers tallied the respondentsanswers to a.

certain question then sorted according to the statement of the problem. This will

then be divided to the total number of respondents took the survey and multiply it

by 100 to get the percentage.

Presentation, analysis and interpretation of data.

This chapter presents, analyzes, and interprets the data gathered to answer

the questions of the study.

2; 23% 3; 34%

4; 9% 1; 32%

The researchers measured the

Frequency of how often do the 65 customers or respondents surveyed go to the 25.

computer shops in Malanday and how long do they stay there to determine the

reliability of the gathered data.

Graph 1: frequency of the respondents graph 2:, bawal ang estudyante (sa oras ng 35 54.7%, ingatan ang kagamitan 31 48.4%, bawal mag-away 29 45.3%, bawal ang utang 29 45.3%, bayad muna bago laro 21 32.8%, bawal mag-ingay 18 28.1%, bawal tumambay sa loob ng shop 18 28.1%, magsuot ng maayos na damit 8 12.5%, bawal ang trash talking 5 7.8%.

28% of them go often and these respondents were already familiarized to the

different aspects of the shop that can make them provide efficient observations.

Meanwhile, some said that they sometimes and seldom go, which is 31% and 9% of

the respondents respectively.

On the other hand, Graph 2 shows that most respondents are within the

shop for three to five hours with the rate of 34%. Meanwhile, almost 50% of them

spend their time there for one to two hours. But there are also costumers whom go

there for six hours up to almost a whole day.

This actually can help the researchers determine whether the respondents

had enough time also to observe and be familiar of the environment of the place.

Table 1: Rules and Regulations Present in the Computer Shop

the computer shops in Malanday that customers know?" The respondents were

given a questionnaire with the rules that computer shops must be observed to have

peace and order within the shop. These rules were based on the secondary and

primary sources gathered by the researchers. The data showed the results that the

most commonly observed rule in the shop is the "No smoking and drinking policy"

with a rate of 75%, that is 48 votes from the respondents. However, the policy

"Students are not allowed during class hours" and "Visiting pornographic sites are

not allowed" were the next in rank, having the same number of votes (35 votes) and

percentages (54.6%). On the other hand, trash talking and wearing improper

clothing were the least given importance of the owners of the computer shops with

7.8% having 5 votes and 12.5% having 8 votes respectively.

Based from the results, the computer shops in Malanday are strict in

implementing the rules on the "No smoking policy" inside the shop, "Visiting

pornographic sites are not allowed", and "No students in the shop during class

hours". The people in the vicinity of the computer shops, particularly the customers,

are very much aware on these policies as security measures of the shops. However,

the shops are not particular in implementing the proper dress codes of their clients,

likewise, the shops are not too strict in observing the behavior of the customers.

Table 2: Costumers Obedience to the Rules

Statement choice frequency percentage, strongly disagree 2 3.1%, other strongly disagree 1 1.6%.

they themselves abide by the rules and regulations implemented by the shop while

a total of 76% also strongly agree and agree that they have observed other people

abiding by the rules and regulations. This data means that the respondent

themselves and other customers based on their observations, follow the rules that

were present in Table 1.

The customers or respondents may have followed the rules but based on

Table 1, the only reliable rule, No smoking and drinking, which has the rate of 75%

can be said that is observed by the respondents. There is also high probability of

following other rules voted as 50% and above but other important rules below the

said rate should be implemented well to really achieve a well-authorized shop.

Table 3: problems and crimes within the computer shop, includes the problems and crimes encountered or observed by the customers, within the computer shops in malanday., problems encountered in the shop is an important factor since it triggers.

the people in the shop and shows the different negative observations of the

respondents that they noticed. Most computer shops are said to be usually too noisy

(37%), crowded (23%), very hot (32%), messy (18%), have broken equipment (25%)

and there are a lot of bystanders (38%) and people cursing (28%). There has also

been a number of fights physically (48%) and verbally (53%) and cases of

stealing (33%). Also, there were instances of customers complaining, usually about

slow internet (66%).This data shows that there are a lot of problems in terms of the

environment of the shop especially in dealing with fights and slow internet


Table 4: Security Measures in the Computer Shop

Table 4 answers what security measures do these computer shops in.

Malanday follow. Presence of security measures in the computer shops can help in

determining its overall safety since it aims to prevent any kind of harm. The Bantay

and the shop itself were analyzed through the respondents observation to

determine whether it possess the authority and security measures needed to attain

a shop that is considered safe. These parameters were based from different studies

gathered by the researchers.

Most of the time, the Bantay is the one that is left with the shop to time

their customers thus they have the authority to maintain order and avoid violence. For the respondents, the Bantay always check their customers by roughly 27%.

Meanwhile 23% of them states that the Bantay seldom answers to the customers

complain and needs. While 33% of the respondents said that the Bantay is doing

something to reprimand those who break the rules and disturb other customersto

attain peace and order within.

The customers were also asked on how agree are they that the shop has

enough of the mentioned security measures. The highest percentage seen that the

respondents strongly agree upon was on the security of the shop on making sure

that it has a complete permit in running the shop. This has the highest percentage

Statement Choice Frequenc Percenta

of CCTV cameras in the place and this has the second highest percentage which is

60.94% with a total of 39 votes. 54.69% or a total of 35 votes said that there are

enough Bantays in the computer shop. 51.56% or 33 respondents said that there is

good ventilation in the area that could avoid causing fire since overheating of

computers may occur and most of the time customers become hot-headed because

of this. While 45.31% or 29 respondents said that the cables and computers are well

organized and the equipments and facilities were maintained. 52% of the respondents said that the lighting in the shop is just right. 35.94% or 23

respondents said that there are some sites that are forbidden and were blocked by

the Bantay and the cashiers are enough beside from the bantay. Meanwhile, 40%

disagree that there is enough security guards in the area.

Table 5: satisfaction to management and security, table 5 shows the opinion and satisfaction of the respondents based on.

the security and management of the computer shop which is in support of the

problem statement 4. The regular customers perception of the safety and the

management of the shop can be a basis whether the future customers may also feel

as is. Regarding the safety and security of the computer shop, 31 out 64

respondents strongly agree (48.44%), 25 respondents agree (39.06%), 6

Respondents disagree (9.38%), and 2 respondents strongly disagree (3.13%). as for, the management of the shop, 33 respondents strongly agree (51.56%), 27, respondents agree (42.19%), 3 respondents disagree (4.69%), and 1 respondent, strongly disagrees (1.56%). when it comes to sustaining the needs of the, customers, 32 respondents strongly agree (50%), 21 respondents agree (32.81%),, 11 respondents disagree (17.19%), and 0 respondents strongly disagree. lastly,.

when asked if the shop needs more security measures, 29 respondents strongly

agree (45.31%), 23 respondents agree (35.94%), 11 respondents disagree

(17.19%), and 0 respondents strongly disagree. most of the respondents' opinion.

regarding the security and management of the computer shop are strongly agree

and agree. The results indicate that majority of the respondents are satisfied with

the security and management of the computer shop.

Summary, conclusion and recommendation.

This chapter presents the summary, conclusion and recommendation of the study.

This study was conducted to examine the safety of computer shops in

Malanday. specifically, this study aims to answer the following:, the researchers gathered information from 64 respondents that usually.

visit one of the computer shops in Malanday. The research instruments used to

gather information were the survey questionnaire and structured interview. Based

on the data obtained from the survey and interview, the following findings are

thereby presented 1. Among the thirteen rules and regulation given, the rules that is most

implemented is not allowing their costumers to smoke (75%). The following

Are ranked as follows; prohibiting students from entering computer shops.

during class hours(54%) and restricting porn sites, costumers are not allowed

to bring deadly weapons(54%), to be careful of your belongings(48%), no

Fighting (45%), pay before you play (32%), maintain silence(28%), no, bystanders(28%), food and drinks are not allowed(26%), observe proper, dress code(12.5%), no trash talking(7%)., the rules and regulations implemented by the computer shops, while, 42% of the respondents strongly agreed that they have observed, other people following the rules and regulations., crowded(23%), fights(17%), virus in pc(23%), hot environment(32%), foul, words(28%), unorganized equipment(18%), broken equipment (25%),, bantay(9%), and many bystanders(37.5). the crimes that were reported, were fighting physically(42%),fighting verbally(53%), stealing(33%),, robbery(6%), fire(5%), and murder(3%)., being followed by the computer shops. the bantay sometimes maintain, peace and order(33%), always checks his/her costumers (27%), seldom.

answer complains from the costumers. The costumers strongly agree that the

shop has enough CCTV cameras( 60%), enough bantay(54%), prohibited

Sites are blocked(36%), cables are well arranged(45%), proper, ventilation(51%), complete permit(67%), equipments are well.

maintained(45%). The costumers agreed that the computer shops has good

lighting (52%), enough cashier(37%) but disagreed that it has enough

Security guards (40%)..

agree), the shop is well- managed (51.6%- strongly agree), the shop attends to the needs of the costumers (50%- Strongly agree). On the other hand,

45.3% of the respondents strongly agree that the shop needs improvement in

terms of security.

Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions were


1) The most evident rule implemented in the computer shops of Barangay

Malanday is the one that concerns with allowing the customers to smoke or

drink within the area. Meanwhile, prohibiting students from entering the

computer shops during class hours, restricting porn sites and not allowing the

bringing of deadly weapons are also commonly used rules.

connection, noisy, hot environment, bystanders, and people who are cursing. 4) Cases like fights- physically and verbally- are also mostly seen in the

computer shops. There are also rare cases of stealing in the area. 5) The Bantay always check his or her customers, sometimes maintain peace

and order and seldom answer the complaints of the customers.

Sites, arrangement of cables, good lighting, proper ventilation, permit and, well-maintained equipment but do not have enough security guards..

computer shops but they still want more improvement in terms of its security.


The following measures are recommended for the improvement of the

Safety of computer shops in malanday, marikina city as based on the conclusion:.

1) The computer shop owners should provide and implement more rules that

would avoid the cases of fights and improve the environment of the shop

especially in dealing with noise. Bystanders and people cursing.

shop owners should provide ways on how this can be decreased and also help

the Bantay in managing its customers.

Answer the complaints of the customers., computer shops to ensure safety and authority over its customers., safe and secured..

For the future researchers who want to know more about the safety of

computer shops in Barangay Malanday, Marikina City, the researchers have set

measures that are recommended for the improvement of this topic. The

researchers recommend the following:

Computer shop to another considering also the number of computer.

shops to be interviewed. 2. The survey questions should be easily-answered in a short period of

time and easy to fill-out because customers in computer shops are

Also concerned of their time renting the computers while answering..

locality to be studied. BIBLIOGRAPHY

Bronstein, Stanley. Maslows Hierarchy Safety Needs. Super Change Your Life. N.P. 15 Mar.2013.Web. 2014

Convenience Store Security: 16 Tips for Preventing Convenience Store

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Security Awareness: A Sound Business Strategy. Security Awareness That Sticks.

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