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miss b homework

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miss b homework

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miss b homework


A simple homework pass to give to kids!

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Our Pledge To The Community

We envision a community in which every child in indian river county has the tools and the support they need to compete and accomplish their goals..

miss b homework

Miss B's Success Story

LaToya Bullard – otherwise known as Miss B – held the first academic enrichment program for children struggling in school in 2006. They convened around her kitchen table. “That year, I attended a community meeting that highlighted the disparity in school success between children who are considered economically disadvantaged and those who were not.”

Students Taught 

Grants Received 

Case Studies

miss b homework

Making Amazing Gains

Ajay joined Miss B’s as a Kindergartener and has worked really hard on IXL and IReady, maintained good attendance and completed the year ready to take on the world.

Miss bs student

Achieving Reading Proficiency

Mateo would literally beat himself in the head because he thought he was dumb. By first grade he was not reading and was in danger of being held back.


Math to the Second Power

Jalissa is a 2nd generation Miss B’s learner. Her Mom was one of the original students around Miss B’s kitchen table. She made it through high school and is now married.

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Impacting children and families in indian river county, miss b’s builds confident learners.

All students have areas of learning at which they do not excel. If they have not fully comprehended and grasped the material, no amount of homework is going to help. And if they haven’t gained proficiency in foundational concepts – like deciphering words, multiplication tables and the like, they cannot build more advanced skills. All too often, they fall behind, their self-esteem suffers and eventually they are at risk of dropping out.

Reading is an essential skill that when mastered early, is a cornerstone of future success in school and in life. Learning to read entails mastery of two essentials: decoding words and making meaning of strings of words, called comprehension.

Problem: Children generally learn to read in Grades K-3 and reading proficiency – often termed fluency – is essential from Grade 4 forward. Children who have failed to master these skills in English will fall behind across all subject areas in the classroom.

Solution: At Miss B’s Learning Bees, students with limited fluency are first diagnosed so that we can better understand what material or skills they are missing. The diagnosis allows a mentor to understand what their decoding and comprehension skill levels are and what they are lacking. Focusing on specific exercises to build areas of weakness, significant reading gains are possible. Once the material is mastered, children are able to achieve the fluency needed for them to keep up with their grade level and succeed in other subject areas of school. This lifts their self-esteem and shows them that they can succeed.

Math is the foundation for reasoning, problem solving and logic. Math is essential to recognize patterns, decipher relationships and calculate measurements. Studies show that students who enter Kindergarten with elementary math skills are more likely to experience academic success.

Problem: Core curriculums have a very standard progression of mathematical learning which builds upon mastery of previous skills. When a child fails to master one or more of these levels – at any point between K-Grade 12, they have gaps in their learning which increases the difficulty in mastering the next level of skills.

Solution:  At Miss B’s Learning Bees, students are first diagnosed so that we can better understand what math material or skills they are missing. The diagnosis allows a mentor to understand what a child’s skill levels are and what they are lacking. Focusing on specific exercises to build mastery of the mathematical gaps in their learning, children begin to understand how to solve mathematical problems. Their ability to problem-solve and move onto the next level of math skills builds self-esteem and shows them that they can succeed.

Science is a central channel of knowledge and forms critical thinking skills. Scientific thought typically begins with an idea, followed by an experiment, followed by a finding which leads to more ideas. From learning how the earth functions, to analyzing complex chemical formulas, science teaches students how to learn and discover new knowledge.

Problem: Students who are having trouble in science are diagnosed so that we can better understand what skills or subject matter they are missing. Skills like measuring, data sorting, observation, formulating hypothesis and predicting results are all essential scientific skills. Subject matter can also present a problem – chemistry for example.  Focusing on specific exercises to build mastery of the subject matter, students begin to understand specific vocabulary, relationships and formulas. Their ability to master a scientific subject and onto the next level of skills builds self-esteem and shows them that they can succeed.

Meet Our Volunteers

miss b homework

Curtis Mayfield

miss b homework

Mick Jagger

miss b homework

Alice Green

When i saw how hard miss’s b’s children work and their sincere desire to succeed in school, how could i not help by devoting a few hours a week to a child who desperately wants to learn, i see them blossom and i know in my heart, they will flourish. it is so simple to make such a life-changing difference., - martha l..

woman volunteer

The Mayfield Minute

I was honored to be featured in Senator Debbie Mayfield’s newsletter this week! “Our Constituent of the Week is Latoya “Miss B” Bullard. Nearly two decades ago, Miss B envisioned


Back To School Drive

All children have the opportunity to learn, but not all are fortunate enough to have the proper supplies. We want to make sure each of our students begin the year

Miss B LaToya and Mr. Perry

Indian River Club Awards Increased Funds

Head, Heart and Hands of Indian River Club (HHH-IRC) has made a grant of $7,500 to Miss B’s Learning Bees (MBLB) to support children in areas of extreme poverty in

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Miss B's Learning Bees

Committed to providing children every opportunity to compete in life regardless of their socioeconomic status.

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Create a Brighter Future

Join Us Today In Our Fight To Change The Face Of Poverty Through Education!

Invest In Our Local Children Every dollar makes a difference

$25  helps to buy books $50  helps to pay for fuel to the learning centers. $100  helps to support computer learning programs. $250  provides supplies needed in classrooms. $500  to purchase a computer for children to use.

miss b homework

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Join get revising, already a member, science homework- miss b- gregor mendel.

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miss b homework

Miss B's Tutoring Table

Learning your way, learning your way, choose your level, please choose the appropriate grade level for your scholar, based on their status in the 2020-2021 school year.

miss b homework

Pre-K, Kindergarten & Grade 1 

miss b homework

Grades 4 & 5 - Ages 9-11

miss b homework

     Grades 2, 3, & SPED - Ages 7-9

(or sped 4-14).

miss b homework

Grades 6-8 - Ages 11-14

Why miss b's tutoring table, we at mbtt pride ourselves on the safe, nurturing learning environment we provide to help our students succeed. our own miss b, an educator for 10 years, has tutored hundreds of students both in the classroom and privately to ensure they excel in their academic goals. you as a parent can be secure in knowing your scholar will be provided state-of-the-art academic learning practices, nys next-gen learning standard-based curriculum per grade, and tangible progress measured by session activities, homework, andclassroom-based formative and summative assessments. .

miss b homework

Our Policies

Learn more about our special learning policies designed to create the best environment for your scholar's tutoring experience.

miss b homework

 Miss B's Blog

 Check out our educational blog for some tips and tricks on how to support your children at home in any subject!

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think."

Albert Einstein

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miss b's resources

Guide to Maths Revision

GCSE Maths Revision

Continue Reading

Revision Clocks

miss b homework

Revision Clocks are taking twitter by storm, I have made and completed many with my students over this past year. So below are the ones I've made without snipping questions from old maths GCSE Papers. I have lots with exam questions snipped onto them but I'm not sure about sharing them with copyright laws etc. Answers are provided in the click here option underneath a picture. I am uploading more resources and answers throughout every week in the lead up to exams.  The idea behind revision clocks is that students ether focus on random topics, a category  or one specific skill within a set time frame. Usually the time frame is 60 minutes and students need to be able to pace themselves accrodingly through the GCSE style exam questions. Revision clocks are ideal for revision as it is a directed task for students which can include differentiation. It supports the students in needing to get both the basics and the complexities of examination correct. I find it best to allow students 20 minutes silent focus on the clocks, allowing them to really test their knowledge before communicating and getting help of their peers in the class on the questons they may be unsure of. 

I hope you find my take on the GCSE revision clocks useful. 

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden Students Take Risks

We’ve all experienced it at some point in life and we’ve probably experienced it as teachers more so than those who aren’t.

The moment when you ask a question to a class or when training colleagues and nothing happens. Well I say nothing happens… physically in the room nothing happens. However I could swear I’ve seen tumble weed rolling around my classroom and I’ve heard several pin drops inside my head.

When I first started teaching this would often send me into a tail spin. I would either end up answering the question for the students or provide enough hints and suggestions that the students were none the wiser of the answer to the original question.

Quizzing Using Catch Phrase - Revision Strategy

quizzing strategy catchphrase

Closed Questions

miss b homework

A Mean Murder Mystery III

Mean from a table Murder Mystery Miss B

It's been a while since I have last shared a murder mystery. So here is my Harry Potter themed murder mystery. The topic if you haven't guessed it yet is calculating the mean specifically from a table. Everybody loves a play on words, right?

This murder mystery was part of a lesson I did with my year 7's recently, I've wanted to spend the time in creating a good mean from the table lesson for a while. I started with a stopclock starter where students had to calculate the median, mode and range from lists and tables. This warmed the students up and refresh their knowledge of both grouped and ungrouped tables. 

I introduced the murder mystery by asking the students to read the newspaper article which always gets a buzz in the classroom. Following this I displayed the four suspects Professor Snape, Sirus Black, Draco Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. This information card also includes their individual stats. 

More Articles ...

“Miss B is always coming up with great new ideas. I have been delighted to work with her on linking numeracy and literacy”

Simon Blower

“Makes Maths interesting, relevant and accessible.”

Mark Anderson

“Maths teachers looking for inspiration and quality resources? Look no further than @MissBsResources.” 

Jon Tait

Danielle Bartram

Maths lead practitioner.

miss b homework

Lauren Lo Sung - Miss B

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