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Professions in French: Vocab for over 100 Occupations in French

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One of the most common topics of conversation is what people do for a living, so being familiar with different professions in French will surely come in handy in many of your first interactions in the language.

So whether you’ll need this French occupation vocabulary  for small talk or for official forms, today we bring you a comprehensive list of professions  in French, broken down by discipline.

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Talking about occupations in French

Before we dive into our vocab lists of French professions, let’s just cover a few basic expressions for talking about work in French.

  • C’est quoi ton métier  ? – C’est quoi votre métier  ? – What’s your occupation ?
  • C’est quoi ton travail  ? – C’est quoi votre travail  ? – What’s your job ?
  • Où travailles-tu ? – Où travaillez-vous ? – Where do you work?
  • Tu étudies pour devenir quoi ? – You’re studying to become what?
  • Je suis [métier]. – I’m a [profession].

Note that whereas in English you use an article to introduce your profession (“I’m an  architect”), in French the article is omitted (“Je suis architecte”). Articles are instead necessary when referring to someone in a given profession without specifying the individual (“ l’ architecte du bâtiment” – “ the  architect of the building”; “il nous faut un  architecte” – “we need an  architect”).

Grammar considerations

Since all nouns have a gender in French , and people and professions are nouns, all French professions have a gender . Some professions have a single word that refers to both men and women who practice that occupation, while some have different masculine and feminine forms (like waiter and waitress in English).

For most professions in French where the word changes between genders, the feminine form takes a different ending . This spelling change also indicates a pronunciation change , usually in the final consonant sound. Generally speaking, the final consonant is fairly silent in the masculine form but clearly pronounced in the feminine. For example, a male nurse (infirmier) is pronounced “en-fare-me-ay” (with the final r essentially silent) but a female nurse (infirmière) is pronounced “en-fare-me-air” (with the final r pronounced explicitly).

In the cases where the form of the profession’s word does not change for the two genders, only the article  ( le  or la ) will change. There is no pronunciation difference between these words. Nonetheless, any other words in the sentence such as adjectives  or pronouns  still need to respect the rules of gender agreement to reflect whether the person in the occupation is a man or a woman.

List of professions in French

Now we’re ready to learn the vocab for different occupations in French ! We’ve organized them into broad groups  to keep our lists manageable, and listed each profession alphabetically by their English names . The next two columns show the masculine  and feminine  terms for each profession in French.

Business professions in French

Creative professions in french, educational professions in french, medical professions in french, public service professions in french, service industry professions in french, building trades in french, technological professions in french, transportation professions in french.

Now that you’ve expanded your vocabulary with various occupations in French , you’ll be able to confidently talk about your own occupation and the occupations of others in a variety of situations.

Keep in mind that while some professions remain the same for both the masculine and feminine forms, others have separate forms for each gender. There may also be pronunciation changes, depending on their spelling changes.

As the saying goes, practice makes progress, so go forth and use your new vocabulary about all these jobs in French!


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make up work in french

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

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written by Shannon Kennedy

Language: French

Reading time: 6 minutes

Published: Nov 9, 2018

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

121 French Words & Phrases to Talk About Your Job

When you talk to someone for the first time, one of the questions you’ll most likely get asked is, “so tell me, what do you do for a living?”

Or in French, “Dis-moi, qu'est ce que tu fais dans la vie?”

I work in the music industry, and I find myself running into French speakers surprisingly often. Many of the saxophone manufacturers, reed makers, and even audio companies are based in other countries – one of which is France. And guess what? I almost always get asked how I’m involved in music (or about what I do).

In short, I’ve learned to master talking about what I do in French, and now, I look forward to helping you do the same.

The Many Ways to “Work” It in French

In French, as in many languages, there are tons of different words you can use to say “work”, “job” or “career”. Here are just a few of the most common you might refer to your career in French:

  • Le métier (occupation)
  • Le boulot (work – casual)
  • Le travail (work)
  • L’emploi (employment)
  • Le poste (post, position)
  • La carrière (career)
  • La vocation (vocation)
  • L’opportunité d'emploi (job opportunity)
  • Le stage en enterprise (internship)
  • Le taf (work – slang)

If you want to talk about working as an action, on the other hand, French offers up a nice selection:

  • Bosser (to work – casual)
  • Travailler (to work)
  • Gérer (to manage)
  • Bosser comme un âne (to work like a dog – don’t say this one to your boss!)
  • Travailler dur  (to work hard)
  • Bien travailler (to work well)

French Work Questions: Asking What Someone Else Does

One of the best ways to keep the conversation going – in French – is to turn things around and ask your conversation partner questions about themselves. Here are a few different ways you can ask someone else what they do for a living:

  • Qu’est-ce que tu fais dans la vie ? – “What do you do for a living?”
  • Dans quel domaine travailles-tu ? – “What field do you work in?”
  • Quelle est ta profession ? – “What is your profession?”
  • Quel est ton métier ? – “What is your job?”
  • Que fais-tu comme travail ? – “What do you do for work?”
  • Tu bosses dans quoi ? – “What do you work in?”
  • C’est quoi ton boulot ? – “What’s your work?”
  • Vous travaillez comme … depuis longtemps?  – “How long have you worked as a …?”

If they’ve already asked you what you do, after replying, you can simply follow up with, “ Et toi ? ”

Vocabulary for Different Jobs in French

Job positions in the French language often have two forms – feminine and masculine. There is some debate (by the French) over whether two forms should exist, or if the masculine form alone should be used, so you’ll likely encounter French people who sit on both sides of the fence. In Quebec, however, it’s almost universally accepted that both masculine and feminine forms should exist for all job titles.

I’ve included both the feminine and masculine forms for each of the jobs below (when available), and will leave it to you to decide which you feel is best.

Creative Fields

  • acteur/actrice (actor, usually in film/television)
  • comédien/comédienne (actor, usually on stage)
  • humoriste or comique (comedian)
  • artiste (artist)
  • blogueur/blogueuse (blogger)
  • chanteur/chanteuse (singer)
  • charpentier/charpentière (carpenter)
  • coiffeur/coiffeuse (hairdresser)
  • couturier/couturière (dressmaker)
  • dessinateur/dessinatrice (designer)
  • écrivain/écrivaine (writer)
  • musicien/musicienne (musician)
  • peintre (painter)
  • producteur/productrice (producer)
  • réalisateur/réalisatrice (filmmaker or film director)

Medical & Health

  • dentiste (dentist)
  • docteur/docteure (doctor)
  • infirmier/infirmière (nurse)
  • médecin (doctor)
  • psychologue (psychologist)
  • enseignant/enseignante (teacher)
  • instituteur/institutrice (teacher)
  • professeur/professeure (professor)
  • tuteur/tutrice (tutor)
  • vacataire (part-time lecturer)
  • boulanger/boulangère (baker)
  • brasseur/brasseuse (brewer)
  • boucher/bouchère  (butcher)
  • charcutier/charcutière (pork butcher)
  • pâtissier/pâtissière (pastry chef)
  • serveur/serveuse (waiter/waitress)

Business & Other Fields

  • agent/agente de change (stockbroker)
  • agent/agente immobilier (real estate agent)
  • architecte (architect)
  • avocat/avocate (lawyer)
  • caissier/caissière (cashier)
  • diplomate (diplomat)
  • directeur/directrice (company director)
  • entrepreneur/entrepreneure/entrepreneuse (entrepreneur – both feminine forms are acceptable in French)
  • expert-comptable/experte-comptable (CPA)
  • fonctionnaire (civil servant)
  • gérant/gérante (manager)
  • homme d’affaires/femme d’affaires (businessman/businesswoman)
  • ingénieur/ingénieure (engineer)
  • mécanicien/mécanicienne (mechanic)
  • ouvrier/ouvrière (laborer)
  • plombier/plombière (plumber)
  • politicien/politicienne (politician)
  • pompier/pompière (firefighter)
  • physicien/physicienne (physicist)
  • travailleur/travailleuse (worker)

How to Make a Good Impression on Your French Boss

Do you work ( or want to work ) for a French company? Here are a few useful expressions for making a good impression with your French boss:

  • Oui, je vais le faire tout de suite. Yes, I’ll do it right away.
  • Je l'ai déjà fait. I did it already.
  • J’ai terminé mon travail. I’ve finished my work.
  • Je pense que c’est une idée incroyable ! I think it’s an incredible idea!
  • Vous l'aurez sur votre bureau avant vendredi. You’ll have it on your desk before Friday.
  • Voici le résumé du rapport. Here’s the report brief.
  • J'ai pris la liberté de préparer cela pour vous. I took the liberty of preparing this for you.
  • Je serais heureux/heureuse de venir samedi. I’d be happy to come in on Saturday.
  • Cela ne me dérange pas de rester plus tard ce soir. It doesn’t bother me to stay late this evening.
  • Je vais prendre un déjeuner de travail. I’ll take a working lunch.

More Work-Related Terms in French

Beyond the above, there are a few other work-related terms in French that you may find useful. Here are just a few:

The People You Work With

  • l’acheteur (buyer)
  • l’associé (partner/associate)
  • le chef/le patron (boss)
  • le client (client)
  • le collègue (colleague)
  • le concurrent (competitor)
  • la société (company)
  • le vendeur (seller)

Watercooler Talk

  • une pause café (a coffee break)
  • une rumeur (a rumor)
  • la boîte (workplace)
  • le bureau (office)

“Good Job” in French

  • bon travail (good job)
  • bravo ! (well done!)

You Work Hard for the Money

  • une augmentation de salaire (a raise)
  • un bosseur (a hard worker)
  • un congé (leave/day off from work)
  • une formation (training)
  • un salaire (salary)
  • gagner de l'argent  (to earn money)

You’ve Got Your Work Cut Out for You

  • un contrat (contract)
  • un dossier (file)
  • mettre à jour (to update)
  • une réunion (meeting)
  • une tâche (a task)
  • un voyage d’affaires (business trip)
  • démissionner (to quit/resign)
  • embaucher (to hire)
  • l’entretien (interview)
  • le chômage (unemployment)
  • vous êtes viré (you’re fired)
  • licencier (to dismiss from work)
  • lourder (to fire – slang)

Over to You

Whether you work in France or want to discuss your work with French speakers, there’s a lot of ground to cover, but this list can serve as a launching point before getting into more industry-specific vocabulary.

Shannon Kennedy

Language Encourager, Fluent in Months

Shannon is Head Coach for the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge . She is currently based in Southern California where she performs as a professional musician. Her passions are cooking, reading, traveling and sharing her adventures in language learning.

Speaks: English, French, Mandarin, Russian, Croatian, Japanese

Have a 15-minute conversation in your new language after 90 days


French Makeup Vocabulary

French Makeup Vocabulary

Lexique du maquillage

On this page you will learn several vocabulary words for different kinds of cosmetics and makeup in French. We’ll cover various kinds of cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner and much more. We’ll also cover the different parts of the face as well as some of the major French makeup brands.

Image: Makeup

  • le maquillage  makeup
  • se maquiller  to wear/put on makeup
  • le mascara  mascara
  • le fond de teint  foundation
  • l’anti-cernes  concealer
  • le eye-liner  eyeliner
  • le crayon à sourcils  eyebrow pencil
  • le baume pour les lèvres  lip balm
  • le gloss  lip gloss
  • le parfum  perfume
  • le visage  face
  • les joues  cheeks
  • la beauté  beauty
  • les produits cosmétiques  cosmetics
  • le rouge à lèvres  lipstick
  • la crème hydratante  moisturizing cream
  • la poudre  powder
  • le fard à paupières  eyeshadow
  • les faux cils  false/fake eyelashes
  • le fard à joues  blusher/rouge
  • le crayon à lèvres  lip pencil
  • le vernis à ongles  nail polish
  • la peau  skin
  • les yeux  eyes
  • le soin pour la peau  skincare
  • le maquilleur  makeup artist
  • les marques de maquillage  makeup brands
  • Lancôme
  • Yves Rocher
  • L’oréal

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  • French Beauty Vocabulary
  • Head and face vocabulary
  • Conversation lesson – beauty

More resources:

  • French makeup glossary

make up work in french

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make up work in french

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make up work in french

Read our full review of French Verb Drills and find out why we recommend this course!

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David Issokson is a lifelong language enthusiast. His head is swimming with words and sounds as he speaks over six languages. Of all the languages he speaks, he's the most passionate about French! David has helped hundreds of students to improve their French in his private online lessons. When procrastinating working on his site, FrenchLearner.com, David enjoys his time skiing and hiking in Teton Valley, Idaho.

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6 French Girl Makeup Tips, According to a French Makeup Artist

make up work in french

Getty Images

French women have a special approach to beauty. It’s hard not to be intrigued by their minimal yet perfect makeup , lit-from-within skin, and effortless hair. Arguably, every beauty girl's goal is to walk around looking like they flawlessly woke up like this. So what's their secret ? For one, you don't have to go to France to adopt their Parisian ways when it comes to makeup. You just have to use less of it.

In general, French women don't rely on makeup to give them a complete makeover —instead, they prefer it to enhance their natural features. And it starts with the skin. To have casually cool makeup, you have to pair it with a healthy skincare routine. To break down Parisian makeup tips even further, we called on French celebrity makeup artist Patrick de Fontbrune .

Meet the Expert

Patrick de Fontbrune is a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA. De Fontbrune counts Sophie Turner and Brooklyn Decker amongst his clients as well as has had work in Harper's BAZAAR, Women's Health, and Sports Illustrated.

To get that flawless glow, read on for makeup tips French women swear by.

Make Skincare the Star of Your Beauty Routine

"French women understand a glowing healthy skin is essential to their beauty regimen," says de Fontbrune. With makeup, the goal is to achieve their best possible self, rather than transforming themselves into a make-believe version of themselves.

Regular visits to the esthetician are a must, as well as very regimented skincare at home. Doing a face mask on a regular basis is a habit French girls grew up with, as well as a rigorously cleansing their skin before bed. One of the most coveted French products is Collosol Eau de Lait, passed on from generation to generation," says de Fontbrune.

"They prep the skin before applying makeup with the proper serums, moisturizers, and pharmaceutical vitamins. They'll use a fine water mist all over the face followed by a rich serum and a thin moisturizer to seal moisture into the skin. In cold weather, they use a thicker moisturizer. Most of all, nutrition plays a big part in French women balancing their skin and keeping it radiant."

According to de Fontbrune, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($49) is a go-to hydrating mist that French women love to spritz underneath moisturizer. For moisturizer, Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream ($220) is a favorite because it's lightweight and refreshing, yet hydrating and delicious-smelling. Nuxe Huile Podigieuse ($42) is also a popular product for body and hair as it's an essential oil that'll leave your skin feeling silky without looking like a greaseball. They also show attention to the under eye with Payot 24+ Glaçon Eye Roll ($34), which is perfect for refreshing and smoothing dark circles.

Wear Makeup in Moderation

"The approach to makeup for French women is one of discretion," explains de Fontbrune. "Their makeup must not be obvious, but rather enhance more than cover up. Everything is used in moderation. Rarely will you see a woman in the streets of Paris wearing a full face of foundation. She might dab a little bit of cover-up here and there or even a three-in-one BB cream that's moisturizing, provides light coverage, and has SPF.   Payot BB Cream($27) is full of fruit extracts and gives a natural tan French women love. You shouldn't notice her makeup before you notice her. She applies a concealer if needed and blends carefully."

Draw Attention to One Aspect of Your Makeup

"She would prefer putting emphasis on her favorite asset rather than wearing too much," says de Fontbrune. "Either play up the lips with a vibrant lipstick or deepen the eyes with a dramatic smoky look." Opt for a pencil with the texture of a gel liner—it's easy to smudge, won't move and is perfect for creating smokey eyes. 

A signature red lip is a staple of the French look ; it adds a little drama and can be worn with jeans and T-shirt as well as a cocktail dress. It will often be worn with a clean face and very little other makeup.

"Less is more is definitely the approach French women are after. She has access to many excellent products. Plus, centuries of research have put France at the tip of technology when it comes to skincare innovations."

Embrace Messy Makeup

" A popular trend is the casualness of makeup and its application ," explains de Fontbrune. "Do a smoky eye by using a pencil, and blend it with your finger. Make it not so perfect and more lived-in. Your face shouldn't be over-sculpted, and over-shading is too transformative for an everyday French look. Instead, use highlights and bronzers to capture ambient light and bring your features forward. It's all about a more natural and healthy look. "

Find a Natural Flush Blush

"Another favorite of French women is a good blush, to accentuate their healthy skin," says de Fontbrune. He notes that cream blushes are preferred because they look natural and are easier to apply. "Discreet and never too vibrant—a touch of rose or pink on the apple of the cheek can brighten up the face."

Take Extra-Good Care of Your Lashes

"They'll never go without adding a good curl to the eyelashes. French women always use a lash conditioner," says de Fontbrune, noting that lashes are a very important part of a French woman's beauty routine . Talika offers an amazing lash conditioner that promotes growth and thickness. "She'll always carry a tube of mascara in her purse," he says.

Go Bold With Your Lips

De Fontbrune continues: "1944 Paris is the epitome of French chic because its matte lipstick is very pigmented and comes in many different non-drying, bright shades."

Keep scrolling to see the beauty must-haves de Fontbrune says French women can't live without.

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Conjugating the French '-er' Verb 'Maquiller' ('to Make up Someone')

'Maquiller' and 'se maquiller' are regular '-er' verbs that take regular endings

  • Pronunciation & Conversation
  • Resources For Teachers

Maquiller, pronounced "mah kee ay," is a transitive verb that's conjugated like all regular  -er  verbs . It means literally "to make up someone" or "put makeup on someone," as in:

  • être bien/mal/trop maquillé > to be nicely/badly/heavily made up
  • Qui vous a maquillé ? > Who did your make-up?

Figuratively, it means "to forge a passport or some other text, fake test results, fiddle with or tamper with accounts," or "disguise or change the identity of a stolen vehicle," as in:

  • maquiller un crime > to make a crime look like an accident
  • maquiller un crime en suicide > to make a murder look like a suicide.

As the reflexive pronominal French verb se maquiller,  it means "to make up one's face" or "put on one's makeup, to wear makeup, to apply makeup to one's eyes" or "to put on one's eye makeup." For example:

  • Tu te maquilles déjà à ton âge ? > Are you using / wearing makeup already at your age?

Expressions and Usage

  • Je vais me maquiller en vitesse. > I'll just quickly put on my makeup.
  • être maquillé comme une voiture volée > to put on / wear too much makeup
  • Elle passe des heures à se maquiller. > She spends hours putting on her makeup / making herself up.
  • Tu devrais te maquiller plus la prochaine fois. > You should wear more makeup next time.
  • Miroir, crayon à maquiller,   tout le nécessaire pour déguisement. > Mirror, makeup pencil, everything you need for a disguise.
  • J'ai toujours été perplex é par le fait de se maquiller. > I've always been mystified by the fact of wearing makeup.
  • Tu serais si belle... si tu savais comment te maquiller. > You'd be so beautiful if you knew how to do your makeup.
  • C'est mal de se maquiller pour le boulot ? > What's wrong with wearing a little makeup to work?
  • Elle n'allait pas se maquiller pour l'occasion. > She wasn't about to wear makeup for this occasion.
  • Attendez au moins 5 minutes avant de maquiller la zone traitée ou d'y appliquer un écran solaire. > Wait at least five minutes before applying makeup or sunscreen to the treated areas.

'Maquiller' Is a Regular French '-er' Verb

The majority of French verbs are regular  -er  verbs, as maquiller  is. (There are five main kinds of verbs in French: regular -er, -ir, -re ; stem-changing; and irregular verbs.)

To  conjugate  a regular French  -er  verb, remove the - er  ending from the infinitive to reveal the verb's stem. Then add the regular  -er  endings to the stem. Note that all regular -er verbs share conjugation patterns in all tenses and moods.

Below are all the simple conjugations of the verb maquiller.  The compound conjugations, which include a conjugated form of the auxiliary verb  avoir  and the past participle  maquillé,  are not included.

You can apply the same endings in the table to any of the regular French  -er  verbs listed below.


French regular  -er  verbs, by far the largest group of French verbs, share a conjugation pattern. Here are just a few of the most common regular  -er  verbs:

  • aimer   >   to like, to love
  • arriver  >   to arrive, to happen
  • chanter  >   to sing
  • chercher   >   to look for
  • commencer *   >   to begin
  • danse  >   to dance
  • demander  >   to ask for
  • dépenser  >   to spend (money)
  • détester  >   to hate
  • donner  >   to give
  • écouter  >   to listen to
  • étudier **   >   to study
  • fermer  >   to close
  • goûte  >   to taste
  • jouer   >   to play
  • laver  >   to wash
  • manger *   >   to eat
  • nager *   >   to swim
  • parler  >   to talk, to speak
  • passe   >   to pass, spend (time)
  • penser   >   to think
  • porter  >   to wear, to carry
  • regarder   >   to watch, to look at
  • rêver  >   to dream
  • sembler   >   to seem
  • skier **   >   to ski
  • travailler  >   to work
  • trouve  >   to find
  • visiter  >   to visit (a place)
  • voler   >   to fly, to steal

*All regular  -er  verbs are conjugated according to the regular  -er  verb conjugation pattern, except for one small  irregularity in verbs  that end in  -ger  and  -cer , known as  spelling-change verbs .

**Though conjugated just like regular  -er  verbs, watch out for verbs that end in  -ier.

Simple Conjugations of the Regular French '-er' Verb 'Maquiller'

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  • How to Conjugate the French Regular Verb 'Montrer' ('to Show')
  • How to Conjugate the French Verb 'Entendre' ('to Understand')

Cambridge Dictionary

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Translation of make up – English–French dictionary

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make up work in french

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The 5 Best Types of Bread for French Toast

Choose your bread wisely.

Corey Williams is a food writer for MyRecipes and Allrecipes. She has a decade of journalism experience.

make up work in french

When it comes to French toast, all loaves of bread are not created equal. It takes a particular kind of loaf to stand up to all that wonderfully sugary, creamy, and eggy goodness. Here's what you need to know to select the best bread for your next batch of French toast:

What Are We Looking For?

Here's what you need to consider when choosing the perfect bread for French toast:

  • Sturdiness . No matter which French toast recipe you use, you're going to have to saturate the bread in a wet, milky, egg mixture. The bread you choose will need to be able to withstand a good soaking and pan-frying without falling apart. Opt for something thick-cut and dense instead of something finely sliced and airy.
  • Slight staleness . French toast is traditionally made with day-old bread because it prevents waste and because slightly stale slices absorb the custard-like mixture better than fresh ones. Now, this is certainly not a prerequisite (especially if you're not using homemade bread), and you can absolutely make French toast with brand new bread — just something to keep in mind before you throw out a loaf that's nearing its expiration date!
  • Flavor . Have you ever heard someone say that you should never cook with a wine that you wouldn't drink? Apply that same principle here. For truly perfect French toast, you really need to use quality ingredients.

What About Bread Pudding?

Bought too much bread for your French toast? Just make a pan of bread pudding ! Both dishes require soaking in a custard-like egg mixture, so you can use the same loaf.

The Best Bread for French Toast

Without further ado, here are the five best loaves of bread for making French toast:

Brioche is everything a perfect French toast bread should be: thick and sturdy with a tender, plush crumb. Its high butter and egg content makes it an ideal companion for the rich custard made with eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla. It's for these reasons and more that many French toast recipes call for thick-sliced brioche.

Get the recipe : Best Brioche French Toast

Sourdough 's tanginess adds a touch of complexity to the over-the-top sweetness of French toast. Its natural flavor and texture mimic those of ever-so-slightly stale white bread, so it makes it an obvious choice. Plus, it's one of the sturdiest loaves of bread out there — you certainly won't have to worry about a well-made sourdough falling apart during the cooking process.

Get the recipe : Pear and Almond French Toast Casserole

French Bread

No surprise here: Tonight's baguette is perfectly suited to become tomorrow's French toast. French breads typically have a thick crumb and crisp crust, which makes them ideal for soaking. Cutting the long loaf into thick round pieces instead of the traditional square slices makes this kind of French toast distinctly, well, French-looking.

Get the recipe : Chef John's French Toast

There's nothing worse than letting perfectly good challah go to waste. Not only does the traditional Jewish bread have all the hallmarks of a great French toast bread (its eggy, sturdy, and absolutely delicious), but the braided loaf makes for a gorgeous finished dish.

Get the recipe : Chuck's Molasses French Toast

Plain Ol' White Bread

At the end of the day, French toast is a dish born out of frugality. Any thick-sliced white bread you have on hand will work, so don't even think about throwing away a loaf just because it's not the finest brioche your local bakery has to offer.

Get the recipe : Italian-French Toast

Meet Ify Okpali: French 7-week Immersion Student

February 21, 2024

A woman stands in front of a building, smiling.

Participating in the Betty Ashbury Jones MA ‘86 School of French 7-week program provided me with an immersive experience that helped me overcome my fears of speaking French with others. I left the program feeling empowered that my goal of achieving fluency in the language to communicate effectively with French speakers abroad, and to produce scholarship in French, was achievable. 

How will learning French assist in your professional/scholarly work in Conflict Transformation?

Learning French will help in my professional and scholarly work as my scholarship primarily concerns West and North African countries, many of which belong to the Francophone world. Currently my research is focused on the youth demographic bulge in Africa, and better understanding African youth political communication and political engagement. 

Specifically, my work wishes to address scholarly narratives and policies that view the youth bulge as a driver of conflict, and to establish effective means by which African states can politically engage African youth and mitigate future conflict. As part of my work, I am looking to conduct interviews, focus groups, ethnographic participant observations, and surveys. Each of these research methods will require me to use my French skills so that I can adequately engage my target populations. 

Ify with her classmates in the School of French in front of a picture.

What were you doing before Language Schools and now currently?

Before attending the Middlebury Language Schools , I had just finished the first year of my PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania . I am currently in my second year of the program where I am pursuing a joint PhD in Political Science and Communication. Prior to my PhD studies, I had worked with the U.S. Department of Defense providing academic and programmatic support for the Africa Center for Strategic Studies . In this role, I came to appreciate how integral a command of French is for individuals who want pursue work engaging the continent. 

What are your future plans?

In the future, I am looking to pursue long-term fieldwork in the form of case studies in the following countries: Senegal, Nigeria, and Morocco. After completing my PhD studies, I hope to gain an academic position as a political scientist focused on African politics. 

How much did your French improve at Middlebury?

I was able to return to my university and skip a whole year of courses, and audit advanced-level courses, because of the immersion I experienced at MLS. I also felt well-equipped to join and participate in French Language Chats hosted on my campus. 

I cannot stress enough how MLS gave me the foundation of skills and confidence that I needed in order to take charge of my language learning journey. 

Be sure to check out our 7-week immersion program as well as our graduate programs at the Betty Ashbury Jones MA ‘86 School of French. 

Instructions on how to apply can be found here . 

make up work in french

An official website of the United States government

Here’s how you know

make up work in french

Official websites use .gov A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

Secure .gov websites use HTTPS A lock ( Lock A locked padlock ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites.

CBP Seal, circular, Eagle with shield and Globe behind, Department of Homeland Security written below.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection written above.

  • National Media Release

CBP Releases January 2024 Monthly Update

WASHINGTON — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released operational statistics today for January 2024. Migrant encounters along the southwest border were significantly lower than experienced in December. CBP monthly reporting can be viewed on CBP’s Stats and Summaries webpage .

“As a result of seasonal trends, as well as enhanced enforcement efforts by the men and women of CBP and our international partners, southwest border encounters between ports of entry dropped by 50% in January. We continue to experience serious challenges along our border which surpass the capacity of the immigration system,” said Troy A. Miller, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner. “CBP remains on the frontline in preventing fentanyl and other dangerous drugs from entering our country, enforcing our nation’s laws and interdicting 34% more fentanyl and 68% more cocaine than the previous month.”

CBP continues to work closely with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to quickly process individuals encountered at the border and remove those who do not establish a legal basis to remain in the United States, utilizing consequences strengthened by the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways Rule.  Since May 12, 2023 to January 31, 2024, DHS has removed or returned over 520,000 individuals, the vast majority of whom crossed the southwest border, including more than 87,000 individual family members. The majority of all individuals encountered at the southwest border over the past three years have been removed, returned, or expelled.  Total removals and returns since mid-May exceed removals and returns in every full fiscal year since 2013.

Below are key operational statistics for CBP’s primary mission areas in January 2024. View all CBP statistics online. 

Ensuring Border Security and Managing Migration  

CBP has taken significant steps to surge personnel and resources to impacted areas and address challenges we have experienced across the southwest border. CBP continues to expeditiously process and remove individuals who do not have a legal basis to remain in the country. We are working together with our domestic and foreign partners to jointly limit disorderly migration across the region, offering lawful pathways and cutting out ruthless smugglers who continue to spread falsehoods and show disregard for the safety and well-being of vulnerable migrants. CBP is targeting and disrupting transnational criminal organizations and smugglers who take advantage of and profit from migrants.

In January 2024, the U.S. Border Patrol recorded 124,220 encounters between ports of entry along the southwest border, a decrease of 50% from December 2023.

CBP’s total encounters along the southwest border in January 2024 were 176,205, a decrease of 42% from December 2023. Total encounters include U.S. Border Patrol encounters between ports of entry, as well as individuals who presented themselves at ports of entry (including those with CBP One appointments, detailed further below).

Among CBP’s 176,205 total southwest border encounters in January 2024, encounters with single adults decreased by 35% compared to December 2023, encounters with unaccompanied children decreased by 37% , and encounters with family unit individuals decreased by 51% .

CBP continually analyzes and responds to changes in migration patterns, particularly irregular migration outside of legal pathways and border crossings. We work with our federal and international partners to combat human smuggling. The fact remains: the United States continues to enforce immigration law, and our borders are not open for those without a legal basis to enter the country. Migrants attempting to enter without authorization are subject to removal under Title 8 authorities.

CBP’s message for anyone who is thinking of attempting to circumvent lawful pathways to enter the United States is simple: don’t do it. When noncitizens cross the border unlawfully, they put their lives in peril. The U.S. Border Patrol has undertaken significant efforts in recent years to expand capacity to aid and rescue individuals in distress. To prevent the loss of life, CBP initiated a Missing Migrant Program in 2017 that locates noncitizens reported missing, rescues individuals in distress, and reunifies decedents’ remains with their families in the border region. In January, the U.S. Border Patrol conducted 245 rescues, totaling 1,611 rescues in FY 2024 .

View more migration statistics and rescues statistics .  

CBP One™ App   

The CBP One™ mobile application remains a key component of DHS’s efforts to incentivize noncitizens to use lawful, safe, humane, and orderly pathways and disincentivize attempts to cross between ports of entry. In January, CBP processed approximately 45,000 individuals through appointments at ports of entry utilizing advanced information submitted in CBP One™

CBP One appointments accounted for 87% of noncitizens processed at ports of entry;  demonstrating that noncitizens will follow an orderly process when one is available. Since the appointment scheduling function in CBP One™ was introduced in January 2023 through the end of January 2024, 459,118 individuals have successfully scheduled appointments to present at ports of entry using CBP One™  instead of risking their lives in the hands of smugglers. The top nationalities who have been processed are Venezuelan, Mexican, and Haitian.

A percentage of daily available appointments are allocated to the earliest registered CBP One™ profiles, so noncitizens who have been trying to obtain appointments for the longest time will be prioritized. CBP is continually monitoring and evaluating the application to ensure its functionality and guard against bad actors. 

CHNV Parole Processes

Through the end of January 2024, over 357,000 Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans arrived lawfully and were granted parole under the parole processes. Specifically, over 75,000 Cubans,  144,000 Haitians,  64,000 Nicaraguans, and  92,000 Venezuelans were vetted and authorized for travel; and over  74,000 Cubans,  138,000 Haitians,  58,000 Nicaraguans, and  86,000 Venezuelans arrived lawfully and were granted parole.

As Safeguarding Communities by Interdicting Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

As the largest law enforcement agency in the United States, CBP is uniquely positioned to detect, identify, and seize illicit drugs before they enter our communities. CBP’s combination of interdiction and intelligence capabilities, complemented by its border search authorities, scientific services, non-intrusive inspection equipment, and canine detection teams, places it at the forefront of the U.S. government’s efforts to combat illicit fentanyl and other dangerous drugs.

CBP continues to conduct operations, including Operation Apollo, which target the smuggling of illicit fentanyl and other dangerous drugs. These operations leverage intelligence and investigative information to target drug traffickers’ supply chains and interdict items required in the production of illicit fentanyl, including precursor chemicals, pill presses and parts, movement of finished product, and illicit proceeds.

Nationwide in January, fentanyl seizures increased 34% and cocaine seizures increased 68% from December to January.

To date in FY 2024 through January, CBP has seized 7,000 pounds of fentanyl. CBP has stopped more fentanyl in the last two years than in the previous five years combined, and we continue to optimize our intelligence and field operations to stop these deadly substances from reaching American communities. 

Additional CBP drug seizure statistics can be found on the Drug Seizure Statistics webpage .

Facilitating Lawful Trade and Travel and Promoting Economic Security 

 As international travel continues to increase, CBP is leveraging technology to streamline efficiency and increase security at air and land ports of entry. Travelers are encouraged to utilize CBP’s mobile apps to enhance their travel experience, including the Global Entry Mobile Application and Mobile Passport Control , as well as new Global Entry Touchless Portals at nearly all international airports across the United States, which protect passenger privacy and expedite arrival processing by eliminating paper receipts.

Travelers arriving by air into the United States increased 14% from January 2023 to January 2024, and pedestrians arriving by land at ports of entry increased 2.6% over the same period.  

CBP works diligently with the trade community and port operators to ensure that merchandise is cleared as efficiently as possible and to strengthen international supply chains and improve border security. In January 2024, CBP processed more than 2.7 million entry summaries valued at more than $267 billion , identifying estimated duties of nearly $7 billion to be collected by the U.S. government. In January, trade via the ocean environment accounted for 44% of the total import value, followed by air, truck, and rail.

Consumers are encouraged to be alert to the dangers of counterfeit goods especially when shopping online as they support criminal activity, hurt American businesses, and often have materials or ingredients that can pose serious health and safety risks. Every year CBP seizes millions of counterfeit products worth billions of dollars had they been genuine. In January, CBP seized 1,814 shipments that contained counterfeit goods valued at more than $718 million . More information about CBP’s intellectual property rights enforcement is available at https://www.cbp.gov/trade .

View more travel statistics , and trade statistics . 

Protecting Consumers and Eradicating Forced Labor from Supply Chains     

CBP continues to lead U.S. government efforts to eliminate goods from the supply chain made with forced labor from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. In January, CBP stopped 424 shipments valued at more than $236 million for further examination based on the suspected use of forced labor.

Intellectual property rights violations continue to put America’s innovation economy at risk. Counterfeit and pirated goods threaten the competitiveness of U.S. businesses, the livelihoods of American workers, and the health and safety of consumers. 

View more UFLPA enforcement statistics , and intellectual property rights enforcement statistics.  

Defending our Nation’s Agricultural System     

Through targeting, detection, and interception, CBP agriculture specialists work to prevent threats from entering the United States.  

CBP issued 6,248 emergency action notifications for restricted and prohibited plant and animal products entering the United States in January 2024. CBP conducted 102,987 positive passenger inspections and issued 898 civil penalties and/or violations to the traveling public for failing to declare prohibited agriculture items.   

View more agricultural enforcement statistics . 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the comprehensive management, control, and protection of our nation’s borders, combining customs, immigration, border security, and agricultural protection at and between official ports of entry.

make up work in french

French actors denounce abuse by directors when they were teenagers in new #MeToo step

The Associated Press

February 23, 2024, 3:15 AM

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PARIS (AP) — As French cinema basks in Academy Awards attention, actors who allege they were teenage victims of sexual and physical abuse by directors decades older than them are shining the light on the repulsive underside of the country’s industry.

The latest step in the #MeToo movement could come at the French cinema awards on Friday.

French media are reporting that Judith Godrèche is to make a speech on sexual violence at the Cesar Awards ceremony, France’s version of the Oscars, which is broadcast live on television.

Godrèche already sent a powerful message to the public through recent interviews in which she denounced an “omerta” in the industry.

It comes as French cinema is expected to shine next month at the Oscars ceremony with Justine Triet ‘s courtroom drama “ Anatomy of a Fall .”

Godrèche, 51, is well-known to French cinemagoers. She recently accused two film directors of rape and sexual abuse when she was a teenager. She formally filed a complaint earlier this month, the Paris prosecutor said.

She is accusing film director Benoît Jacquot, with whom she had a six-year relationship which started when she was 14, of rape and physical abuse. Jacquot, a prominent director in France, is 25 years her senior.

She is also accusing another film director, Jacques Doillon, of sexual abuse while he was directing a film when she was 15. Doillon is 28 years older than her.

Both Jacquot and Doillon have denied the allegations.

Speaking on France Inter radio earlier this month, Godrèche said she was never attracted to Jacquot, “but I ended up with him, in his bed, and I was his child wife.” Godrèche and Jacquot met in 1986 on the set of his film “The Beggars.”

“I was indoctrinated, it was as if I’d joined a cult,” she said. The relationship was marred by violence, confinement and control, she said.

Godrèche had previously spoken about her relationship with Jacquot, without naming him, in an autobiographical TV show called “Icon of French Cinema” that was released in December.

She was among the actors who spoke out in 2017 against U.S. film producer Harvey Weinstein amid the #MeToo movement, accusing him of sexual assault when she was 24.

Jacquot told Le Monde newspaper that he “doesn’t feel directly concerned” by Godrèche’s accusations, with whom he said he fell in love at the time. He denied any abuse of authority.

In a statement to international news agency Agence France-Presse, Doillon said “the just cause doesn’t justify arbitrary denunciations, false accusations and lies.”

Following Godrèche’s accusations, other women decided to speak out.

Isild Le Besco, 41, accused Jacquot of “psychological and physical violence” in a relationship with him that began when she was 16 and he was 52. She also accused Doillon of having picked someone else for a role she was supposed to get because she refused his sexual advances.

Another actors, Anna Mouglalis, 45, accused Doillon of sexual assault in 2011.

The French film industry earlier was shaken by sexual misconduct accusations against actor Gérard Depardieu.

In 2020, protests by women’s rights activists were staged during the Cesar Awards ceremony as director Roman Polanski won, in absentia, the best director award. Actor Adèle Haenel, who denounced alleged sexual assault by another French director in the early 2000s when she was 15, got up and walked out of the room.

Polanski is still wanted in the United States decades after he was charged with raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Copyright © 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

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make up work in french


The Best French Romance Movies, Including Amélie

F rench films can vary in style, from artistic and whimsical to pensive and morose. Not all stories with a central romance have a happy ending, but that doesn't mean their stories aren't filled with poignant feelings and ardent love. Sometimes, a romance ends with a fairy tale wedding, while other endings are thoughtfully ambiguous, or a little more tragic where the relationship runs its course.

France may be a smaller country compared to some, but it has a rich cultural backdrop that informs its films. Many classic French films are inspired by folktales retold and popularized by Charles Perrault and Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. They're also worth watching with subtitles and the original audio track so that audiences can better pick up on some of the more subtle kinds of humor and historical references.

10 Best Foreign-Language Comedies

Amélie Combines Sweet Romance with Magical Realism

Despite being caught in her imaginative world, Amélie, a young waitress, decides to help people find happiness. Her quest to spread joy leads her on a journey where she finds true love.

  • The color theme chosen for the movie is inspired by Brazilian artist Juarez Machado's work.

Amélie is about love in all its forms. The protagonist is the kind of person who is in love with life, and finds joy in many things, big or small. This film is loved for its whimsy and everyday kind of magic. In the end, finding romantic love is a huge part of Amélie's character growth, resulting in an iconic romance and famous love interests .

Amélie wants to help other people find joy, but eventually, it's her turn to find a new kind of happiness. Despite her sunshiney nature, she's surrounded by people with broken hearts, from her father to Princess Diana. She needs a bit of a nudge to admit her interest in an equally sweet and quirky young man, Nino.

Les Emotifs Anonymes Shows How Love Requires Vulnerability

Les emotifs anonymes/romantics anonymous.

Jean-René, owner of a chocolate factory, and Angélique, a talented chocolate maker, are too shy to admit their love for each other. Will they come together thanks to their common passion? Directed by Jean-Pierre Améris and starring Benoît Poelvoorde and Isabelle Carré.

Release Date 2010-12-22

Rating PG-13

Runtime 1 hour 20 minutes

Main Genre Romantic Comedy

  • Les Emotifs Anonymes won Best Foreign Film in Coproduction.

It's hard to find love when someone is painfully shy, like Angélique in Les Emotifs Anonymes . Even speaking in a small group setting can make her faint, but she tries valiantly to work with her social anxiety. French movies perfect a sense of lighthearted humor and sweet, eccentric characters with relatable problems.

Often, when two people fear being vulnerable, it's a recipe for disaster, but in Angélique and Jean-René's case, they find a way to connect with each other and help each other grow. Where Angélique is incredibly benign, Jean-René has a reputation for being surly. For Jean-René, being around pretty Angélique works as a kind of exposure therapy for his fear of women. The two find love together in a slow-burn romance , as they save a chocolaterie in the process.

L'Homme Qui Rit Argues That Actualized Love Is a Rare Gift To Be Treasured

  • Director Jean-Pierre Améris took a lot of inspiration from Tim Burton's and Henry Selick's works for this film.

10 Saddest Deaths in Romance Films

L'Homme Qui Rit is based on a novel that Victor Hugo wrote later in his career. It's not as popular as Hugo's other novels, especially to an American audience, but it's a truly special and underrated piece filled with pathos. The tale, like all Victor Hugo epics, is a tragedy, but it centers around a story of true love.

Gwynplaine and Dea have both been indelibly harmed by the world as young children. Gwynplaine had a rictus carved into his face to disguise his true identity, and he rescued the girl Dea from dying in the snow with her mother, and the near-death experience left her permanently blind. They grow up together, protected by an angsty, but compassionate peddler named Ursus. Ursus observes that the two are plainly in love as adults, and that they would be perfect together. Gwynplaine feels guilty because Dea can't see his true face, and he feels like he's tricking her, despite the fact that he would do anything for her. Their love and nefarious royal court machinations rival the plot of a Shakespearean love story.

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart Is a Charming, Off-Kilter Fairy Tale

Jack and the cuckoo-clock heart.

A 19th-century drama about a man whose heart was replaced with a clock when he was born. The situation dictates that he should avoid feeling strong emotions -- love, most of all -- but he just can't keep his feelings under wraps. Directed by Stéphane Berla and Mathias Malzieu. Starring Mathias Malzieu and Olivia Ruiz.

Release Date 2014-02-05

Runtime 1 hour 34 minutes

Main Genre Drama

  • Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart is riddled with double-entendres, like the skeleton band Dionys-Os; "Os" meaning "bones."

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart has an oddly cerebral romance and mixes different tones and tells a story that works on varying levels, both for the main children's audience and for parents and adults. The tone and quirky central romance works because it's based on a middle-grade novel heavily inspired by old-fashioned fairy tales. Jack has an unconventional but extremely loving and accepting upbringing.

Jack has a literal cuckoo clock for a heart to survive, and it tends to act up when he has big feelings. The central romance is a love triangle between Jack, Miss Acacia, and a school bully named Joe. Jack is fascinated by Miss Acacia, and he understands her on a level deeper than most. Miss Acacia is a talented performer and Jack must keep his cuckoo clock heart in repair so he can perform and adventure with her. The movie is a classic with an iconic romance .

Farewell, My Queen Depicts a Different Side of Marie Antoinette's Reign

Farewell, my queen.

A look at the platonic relationship between Marie Antoinette and one of her female readers during the first days of the French Revolution.

Release Date 2012-03-21

Director Benoît Jacquot

Cast Lea Seydoux, Virginie Ledoyen, Diane Kruger

Runtime 1 hour 40 minutes

  • Diane Kruger specifically spoke French with an Austrian accent in the movie, like Marie Antoinette did historically.

Fans of the classic shojo romance , The Rose of Versailles , should give Farewell, My Queen a chance. The historical film is a romance drama centering Marie Antoinette and her lady-in-waiting, Sidonie Laborde. There were many rumors in her time that Marie Antoinette had very intimate relationships with her retinue of ladies, though it was not meant kindly or even neutrally, at the time.

Farewell, My Queen takes that idea and paints it in a far kinder, sincere light. The film is meant to be enigmatic, and the romance is mostly subtext, but the answers are there in the actors' chemistry. Just as the actors' hands in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice communicate much of the romantic progression, Léa Seydoux's eyes are soulful and telling when she looks at her queen.

Chocolat Brings Sweet Magical Realism to a Sleepy, Rural Village

A French woman and her young daughter open up a chocolate shop in a small remote village that shakes up the rigid morality of the community.

Release Date 2000-12-25

Director Lasse Hallström

Cast Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Juliette Binoche

Runtime 2 hours 1 minute

Main Genre Romance

  • Juliette Binoche learned how to make chocolates in a Paris shop to prepare for her role.

Vianne Rocher has her work cut out for her when she and her young daughter move to a sleepy, religious French town in Chocolat . This town is notoriously suspicious of outsiders and shows outright disdain for anyone who doesn't fall in line with their religious beliefs. The situation is further exacerbated when Vianne opens her chocolaterie during Lent.

Slowly but surely, Vianne's special sweets win people over, healing dull marriages and bringing hesitant lovers together. Vianne is afraid of staying in one place for too long, which is challenging for her child. When she meets the Romani guitarist, Roux, she welcomes him to the town where others harden their hearts or give in to their oppressive fear. It takes a lot for her to accept him into her heart, because being with Roux longterm challenges Vianne's fears about staying in one place. Vianne, Roux, and even parts of the insulated town, all find ways toward a happier ever after together, especially with beautiful romantic arcs .

Cyrano de Bergerac is a Classic Romantic Comedy

Cyrano de bergerac.

Famed swordsman and poet Cyrano de Bergerac is in love with his cousin Roxane. He has never expressed his love for her as he his large nose undermines his self-confidence. Then he finds a way to express his love to her, indirectly. Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau.

Release Date 1990-03-28

Cast Anne Brochet, Vincent Perez, Gérard Depardieu

Runtime 2 hours 17 minutes

  • Cyrano mimics Shakespeare's lines in Hamlet as he bemoans the size of his nose.

10 Most Romantic Movie Quotes of All Time

The 1990 Cyrano de Bergerac takes place in 17th-century Paris. Cyrano de Bergerac is incredibly elegant and intelligent. He speaks in beautiful, thoughtful poetry, but he's grieved by the size of his nose, though he covers up that insecurity with bravado. Cyrano falls in love with an incredibly gorgeous woman, Roxane (played by Anne Brochet) but he worries that she will overlook him because of his face.

Smart and sensitive Cyrano may be, but he's not quite brave enough to approach her openly and take his chances courting her. Rather, Cyrano formulates a scheme to romance her through someone else: a handsome but doltish man who he feeds lines to as he woos Roxane. The story isn't a straightforward romantic comedy, though the original play helped define the genre. Cyrano has more tragic elements than usual to go along with its cute and humorous romance plot.

Marianne and Héloïse Capture the Essence of Yearning in Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a lady on fire.

On an isolated island in Brittany at the end of the eighteenth century, a female painter is obliged to paint a wedding portrait of a young woman. Starring Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel.

Release Date 2019-09-18

Director Céline Sciamma

Runtime 2 hours 2 minutes

  • There is no musical score in Portrait of a Lady on Fire . Music is found in nature and everyday things throughout the screenplay.

Marianne falls in love with Héloïse as she paints her portrait in Portrait of a Lady on Fire . She tries to become a better, more honest artist while simultaneously getting to know the real Héloïse. It's an unfortunate fact that many sapphic historical love stories are forbidden , with no fairy tale happily ever afters they deserve (though that seems to be changing more and more.) Even so, Héloïse and Marianne's love story is no less beautiful in its bittersweet glory.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire earned plenty of critical acclaim and is hailed as one of the best romantic historical movies of all time. The movie won the Queer Palm at Cannes. It's not just emotionally eloquent but aesthetically beautiful, which is fitting for a movie about love and art.

A Mermaid in Paris Is a Fresh Take on an Old Tale

A mermaid in paris/une sirene a paris.

A man rescues a mermaid in Paris and slowly falls in love with her. Directed by Mathias Malzieu. Starring Nicolas Duvauchelle, Marilyn Lima and Rossy de Palma.

Release Date 2020-03-11

Runtime 1 hour 42 minutes

  • A Mermaid in Paris is inspired by a novel of the same name by the film's director, Mathias Malzieu.

Gaspard's tried love before, and he's decided it's not for him by the time A Mermaid in Paris begins. That is until he comes across a strange and wondrous being. Gaspard may feel run aground romantically, but he will always operate on compassion; he doesn't just save a mermaid, he brings her home to nurse her back to health. The mermaid Lula has her own problems when it comes to love, especially when it involves humans.

Folklore nearly always depicts mermaids as unlucky in love. The little mermaid in Hans Christian Anderson's tale is unlucky in love and the closest she gets to it is an act of self-sacrifice. Sirens are known for seducing sailors and running their ships into lethal rocks. Like her folkloric sisters, Lula's heart is doomed as anyone who falls in love with her is destined to die. And yet, despite all the odds against them, Lula and Gaspard fall in love.

La Belle et la Bete Revives a Classic Black and White Romance

  • The costume colors in La Belle et la Bête communicate the emotional tone of every scene. For instance, both lovers wear red when they confess their feelings.

10 Historical Romances With Happily Ever Afters

The 2014 La Belle et la Bête may have low critical ratings, but it's a cult hit with fans of fairy tales and unabashed romance stories. The film is sumptuous both in aesthetic beauty and with the characters' emotions. It really captures the feelings Belle has as she goes from fearing the Beast to being curious about him to falling in love with him.

It also helps that La Belle et la Bête has some of the most gorgeous costumes ever in a period fantasy piece. The film really leans into the sweeping moments where Belle and the Beast grow closer. It doesn't shy away from the dramatic moments where the couple have their first dance, and when Beast saves Belle on the ice.

The Best French Romance Movies, Including Amélie


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    Many translated example sentences containing "make up work" - French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations.

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    Je suis [métier]. - I'm a [profession]. Note that whereas in English you use an article to introduce your profession ("I'm an architect"), in French the article is omitted ("Je suis architecte").

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    In French, as in many languages, there are tons of different words you can use to say "work", "job" or "career". Here are just a few of the most common you might refer to your career in French: Le métier (occupation) Le boulot (work - casual) Le travail (work) L'emploi (employment) Le poste (post, position) La carrière (career)

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    Translation of "make-up work" into French . travail de rattrapage is the translation of "make-up work" into French. Sample translated sentence: I still had so much make-up work—and no clue how to do most of it. ↔ J'avais beaucoup de cours à rattraper -et aucune idée de la manière de procéder.

  6. French Makeup Vocabulary

    le maquillage makeup se maquiller to wear/put on makeup le mascara mascara le fond de teint foundation l'anti-cernes concealer le eye-liner eyeliner le crayon à sourcils eyebrow pencil le baume pour les lèvres lip balm le gloss lip gloss le parfum perfume le visage face les joues cheeks la beauté beauty les produits cosmétiques cosmetics

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    verb 1. inventer (invent) He made up the whole story. Il a inventé cette histoire de toutes pièces. 2. se réconcilier (after argument) They had a quarrel, but soon made up. Ils se sont disputés, mais se sont vite réconciliés. See full dictionary entry for to make below Collins Beginner's French-English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers.

  8. French translation of 'work'

    1. travailler (person) She works in a shop. Elle travaille dans un magasin. to work hard travailler dur to work remotely travailler à distance 2. marcher (machine, plan) The heating isn't working. Le chauffage ne marche pas. My plan worked perfectly.

  9. make up

    fard m make sth. up verb rattraper qqch. v I will study this weekend to make up for lost time. Je vais étudier cette fin de semaine pour rattraper le temps perdu. make up ( sth.) verb composer qqch. v Six modules make up the course. Six modules composent le cours. se réconcilier v The couple made up after their quarrel.

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    make quick work of the makeup makeup booster (maquillage) makeup hook up makeup of the family no-makeup makeup own makeup psychic makeup put your face on (makeup)

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    Imaxtree. "They'll never go without adding a good curl to the eyelashes. French women always use a lash conditioner," says de Fontbrune, noting that lashes are a very important part of a French woman's beauty routine. Talika offers an amazing lash conditioner that promotes growth and thickness.

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    To conjugate a regular French -er verb, remove the - er ending from the infinitive to reveal the verb's stem. Then add the regular -er endings to the stem. Note that all regular -er verbs share conjugation patterns in all tenses and moods. Below are all the simple conjugations of the verb maquiller. The compound conjugations, which include a ...

  13. MAKE UP

    make up verb [ phrasal ] / ˈmeɪk ˈʌp/ Add to word list Add to word list to invent inventer She made up some story about getting lost. Elle a inventé une histoire comme quoi elle se serait perdue. to equal a particular number or part représenter Hispanics make up more than 50% of the population.

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    **Open for more**This is the 40th episode of my French learning series, Follow My French. In this episode I do my everyday make-up in French, sharing with yo...

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    n. Oscar du meilleur maquillage. » View all results. ***. 'makeup' also found in translations in French-English dictionary. maquiller. v. put makeup on sb.

  16. make up translation in French

    to be made up of se composer de. → Nearly half the Congress is made up of lawyers. vt sep. (=invent) inventer. → He was very good at making up excuses. He made up the whole story. Il a inventé cette histoire de toutes pièces. (with cosmetics) [+client, actor] maquiller.

  17. make up

    faire - inventer - raccommoder - réconcilier - former - base - brancher - combler - combler son retard - compensateur - compenser - composer - composition - contrebalancer - cosmétiquer - créer de toutes pièces - décider - dédouaner - démaquillant - démaquiller - déterminer - en compensation - fabriquer - faire la paix - faire nombre - fard - il...

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    Here's a list of translations. French Translation. maquillage. More French words for makeup. le maquillage noun. making up. la composition noun.

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    Suchita Gupta, from https://www.learnfrenchbysuchita.com, teaches you the vocabulary related to Le maquillage (Makeup) in French | For Classes : +91-89200604...

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    se réconcilier v See more examples • See alternative translations See alternative translations © Linguee Dictionary, 2024 External sources (not reviewed) Many translated example sentences containing "make up for" - French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations.

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    How to say make up in French French Translation maquillage More French words for make up compenser verb compensate, offset, make up for, balance, correct rattraper verb catch up, overtake, recapture, regain, overhaul faire verb do, make, take, work, perform combler verb fill in, fulfill, satisfy, fulfil composer verb

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