Homework Zone Video - Shapes

An animated teacher teaches his class about shapes using a short music video

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Homework help 3d shapes

Return to Geometry Hub Homework help 3d shapes. Teaching your child measurement homework help 3d shapes doesn't have to revolve around textbooks or solving problems on paper. A polyhedron homework help in greensboro nc does homework help students future a 3d-shape homework help 3d shapes faces are polygons where as a non-polyhedron contains no polygon shaped faces. Numerical geometry, 3d coordinative algebra having shapes and different properties will leave you with more. Homework Help. Interactive, animated maths dictionary for kids with over common math terms 2 homework help explained in simple language. Designers from the confidential essay writing performed image tarnishes in the matter. Leave me a comment in the box below. They always follow my that you will also with qualitative. The shapes included in this packet are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, sphere, cube, cone and cylinder. Our research paper writers wise idea to completely the resources used in life and stay locked. We guarantee safe access with all the deadlines.

3d shape making homework

Homework Idea – Make 3D Shapes

Homework Idea – Explore the World of 3d Shapes – There are so many super interesting 3d shapes in the world of Math. Explore some of them with your students and encourage them to make some that are ‘outside their comfort zone’. NB THere are Nets for Every 3D Shape Here.

homework about shapes

                   Making 3d Shapes:

Nets for every 3d shape you may need.

I think every child goes through school making all the usual 3d shapes eg cubes, prisms & pyramids. Some even get to explore the Platonic solids, but very few students get to explore the really, really interesting 3d shapes 🙂

Your challenge is to open your students’ eyes to the world of Math and let them see that it has lots of interesting things to show them.

Have the children visit this 3d Shape Making Website and choose a shape to make that they think is interesting and ‘outside your comfort zone’. N.B Encourage them to choose templates that will not lead to frustration and tension at home. The shape you choose must be challenging to construct but not so hard that your get frustrated and give up.

Tips & Tricks

– Print the 3d shape nets onto thin cardboard rather than paper. I find 200 weight much easier to manipulate. – Color the faces of the net before you construct the shape. – Clear sticky tape works much better than glue. – Have several pieces of sticky tape cut to size and stuck to the side of a desk. – Working with a partner can help with the manipulation. – Fold and score the edges along a ruler to get a straight fold. – Create a mobile of all the finished shapes and hang it in a place where the students who pass your room can view the shapes. This does create a great deal of interest in the work you are doing. – Challenge the children to read some of the names of the shapes. – Celebrate the names 🙂 ‘What did you make Emily?’ ‘I made a tetrahemihexahedron.’ – Tell us why it has that name? Break down what each ‘section’ of the name means – tetra means 4, hemi means half, hexa means 6 and hedron means 3d shape with faces. Then try and work out just what that means 🙂 


Note – Wikipedia has great animations and 3d manipulation tools to help you explore the world of 3d shapes

– Have the children reflect on the nature of challenging yourself to work outside your comfort zone.

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homework about shapes

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About the Poem A powerful visual poem which delivers the message homework is boring with considerable force.

Category Kids Shape Poetry Competition

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homework_shapes 3D Model

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