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Make Every Penny Count: Budgeting tips and tricks to keep more money in your pocket, by Ricky and Naomi Willis

Genuine work from home jobs that anyone can do

By Ricky Willis | last updated 22nd May 2023

More than ever, people in the UK are looking to supplement their income by finding a job where they can work from home. 

Genuine work from home jobs UK

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And in an era where we are more connected than ever through the internet and social media, there hasn’t been a better time to find genuine opportunities to earn extra money. You might even find a whole new career!

But where on earth do you start?

You can go around in circles trying to work out what’s a legitimate job opportunity (and what’s not).

Just be sure to never pay any money upfront for an “opportunity” that seems too good to be true, and stick with genuine work from home jobs that won’t see you out of pocket!

Table of Contents

Genuine work from home jobs 

If you’re looking for a genuine work from home job in 2023, this is where you want to start.

Although this guide is geared towards the UK market, if you’re here from the US, Australia or Canada, these jobs could work for you as well – which is the joy of working from home.

Freelance Writer

What do they do?

As a Freelance Writer, you write and edit for online and offline publications. This could be writing for websites, blogs, magazines, or adverts.

There are so many different industries, so you could look to specialise in one area or branch out and cover lots of various topics.

What do you need?  

This is where GCSEs go out of the window, as you don’t need any special training. However, you do need a good grasp of the English language, and your grammar needs to be on point.

You’ll need a PC/laptop and access to the internet.

Perfect for: People who love to write.

Earning potential: With freelance writing, you’ll generally be paid for each article you complete, and it can also be based on the number of words you write. You could look to get around £10-£20 for smaller commissions or even hundreds for longer, more in-depth articles when you’re established.

Top tips: Make sure to proofread (at least twice) before sending your finished copy. 

To succeed as a freelance writer, you need to showcase your work. The best way to do this is to start a blog . You can then display a portfolio of work you’ve done and include links to published pieces.

Having a blog is also the best way for new and potential clients to find you.

You could also look to pitch real-life stories to publications and use case studies. People sell a story to the press , but you can be the middle person and pitch the idea.

Useful links:  Set up your profile on the Fiverr marketplace to start advertising your services, and take a look at Grammarly (which is free!) to help with proofreading.

If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, consider enrolling on an online writing course where you can expand your writing knowledge, polish up your punctuation, and even niche down into a particular topic.

Virtual Assistant

As a work from home Virtual Assistant, you support the admin of someone else’s business/tasks  – all remotely.

It can be a whole lot more than that, though. You may organise people, their diaries, finances, social media channels, data entry, or act as a proofreader – and that’s not even touching the surface!

You have to be mega organised yourself.

Most Virtual Assistants may never meet their clients face to face, so you must have excellent communication skills, as well as superfast broadband. You will also need to be computer savvy and understand file-sharing tools like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Perfect for:  A resourceful, self-starter.

Earning potential: Full-time salaries can pay you around £25-£30,000 a year. Some VAs look to charge around £25+ an hour, depending on the skills and services you offer.

Top tips: Look to hone your skills and specialise in one area (like newsletter marketing, SEO research, transcribing), which can see you attract high pay, as there are fewer people with the same skill sets.

Useful links: Step by step guide on how to become a Virtual Assistant

Audio Transcribing

As a transcriber, you will listen to audio or watch videos and type up what’s been said.

It could be for any range of subjects, and you could transcribe notes, caption videos (both spoken words and describe sound effects), or subtitle videos for YouTube or even for film or a brand’s marketing video.

You simply need a laptop/desktop and an internet connection. You will also need excellent English language and grammar skills. It may also be a good idea to have a pair of headphones, so you don’t get distracted listening to what you need to transcribe.

If you can write in a foreign language, you will get higher paid opportunities.

Perfect for:  Fast and accurate typists.

Earning potential: You will usually get paid per audio you listen to or per minute of the video you transcribe. (Be aware that listening to one hour of audio may take you two or three hours to type up.) On average, translating subtitles for video will make you around $958 a month, while captioning and transcribing will earn you $245 a month.

Top tips: Set up a PayPal account, if you haven’t already, as you will likely be paid in that way (you’re able to transfer it straight into your bank).

Useful links: Try a typing test here (it never hurts to check if you’re fast/accurate enough!). You’ll want to be aiming for at least 45-60 WPM (and you’ll need to be accurate.

You can also start training to become an audio transcriber today with this affordable course from Udemy.

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer, you will design and create all manner of images, graphics and typography for your clients.

They could be looking for new logos for their company, brochures, packaging designs, website design, posters or banners, newsletters, social media posts and even GIFs.

You will be following the brief of your clients, so you need to be able to track deadlines and be a self-starter.

As well as creative skills, you will need to have a passion for design.

A basic computer setup won’t work, so you will need to invest in software like Photoshop (or similar) so you’re able to create your designs digitally.

Perfect for: The artistic types who can’t stop doodling

Earning potential: You could see earnings of around £30,000 a year. However, this will depend on your own experience and your client base.

Top tips: Don’t stop drawing and sketching. As you’re starting up, use anything you complete to build your portfolio, so you’ve got examples of your design skills.

Useful links : Affordable online graphic design courses to get you started.

Survey Taker

As a Survey Taker, you earn money giving your opinion on a variety of topics. In one survey, you could be sharing your thoughts on the branding and design of a new savoury snack that a major brand is looking to launch, and in the next, you could be giving your views on banking.

Your feedback will help shape the way businesses, governments and community groups develop products and policies.

You need to be willing to share your honest opinions about products, as well as not talk about the information you’ve seen (as much of it is sensitive, as products are still in development)

Access to the internet is a must-have. Most surveys allow you to complete them with access to a decent smartphone, but some do ask that you complete them via a desktop computer.

Perfect for: People who are happy to share their thoughts and opinions.

Earning potential: You get paid per survey completed and could see earnings of £200+ a month.

Top tips: Sign up to several different survey sites, so you’ve got the opportunity to access lots of various surveys.

Swagbucks is a great one to get started with as they offer an exclusive £10 signup bonus if you go through our link.

Useful links:  Best paid surveys

Tech Support

A work from home technical support job is when you offer help with the software or hardware of products. You could be providing tech support to businesses, or you could be assisting consumers with a product.

You will ask questions to determine issues and use your knowledge to walk through how to resolve the problem. This could be over the phone, via email or using live chat.

You will need to have strong communication skills and be able to talk about technical jargon in simple terms.

You’ll need to have a good knowledge of the software and hardware of the products you are supporting (however, there will generally be training).

Perfect for: People who are tech-savvy and quick learners.

Earning potential: You could earn £9-£15 per hour but can charge more if you’ve got knowledge in a specialist area.

Top tips: Always keep on top of the latest software and IT trends to keep your skills and knowledge sharp.

Useful links: Apple offers At Home Advisor jobs supporting their products, service and accessories. If you’re an expert in a particular software package or can help troubleshoot hardware, look to advertise your skills on Fiverr .

Online Customer Service

Having a home-based customer service job, you provide advice and guidance 0n behalf of leading brands. You will generally answer inbound calls as and when they come and record notes from the phone call.

You may also need to provide customer service via a chat facility or email.

Make sure you have access to a quiet space to work (with no interruptions) as you’ll be the voice of a company.

You will need a desk and chair, as well as a Windows PC, corded phone, headset and phone with broadband. Be aware that you may be asked to plug your broadband in as WiFi connections can’t always be trusted.

You will also need to have some level of flexibility as you may be asked to work weekends.

Perfect for: People who can work set shifts, have excellent communication skills and have some knowledge of IT as you’ll be using a phone and computer a lot.

Earning potential: You will get paid for each hour you work, including time spent waiting for calls and updating systems, as well as time talking to customers. Some companies will take you on as an employee, but some will ask that you’re self-employed. You’ll find the hourly pay is around £9 per hour (or £10.55 per hour in London).

Top tips: You will get training before you start working, but make sure to revise your training notes regularly so you can answer customer questions.

Useful links: You may see some “opportunities” advertised online; if it seems too good to be true, it may well be. Some companies do recruit directly, but there are usually roles via Sensee (employed) or Arise (self-employed).

Some jobs have more need than others (which my mean you get paid more)! Check out the most in demand jobs (UK)

Bloggers share their opinions on a variety of subjects on their own websites; some are very personal, but others can be more factual.

As well as writing and editing content for the blog, a blogger will manage social media channels, business development, graphic design and SEO, to name a few.

Once you’ve decided on your niche and blog name, you need to start a blog, create social media channels (and grow them) and get writing.

You’ll also need a bit of patience as the payoff isn’t immediate, so you need to keep the momentum and build up a readership.

Perfect for: Oversharers and people who find the technical side of running a website interesting (it’s not all about writing).

Earning potential: You can earn money through sponsored campaigns on your site, as well as on social media, through affiliate marketing and display advertising. Depending on how much work you are willing to do, earnings are uncapped, and many full-time bloggers are now making around £100,00 a year. Some bloggers have also gone on to be published authors, TV presenters and even major celebrities!

Top tips: When you reach 25,000-page sessions, look to join the Mediavine advertising network as your earning potential will be far higher.

Useful links: Best affiliate networks in the UK | Start a blog from scratch | WPBeginner Affiliate Marketing tips

Ironing Service

While you may like ironing, there are loads of people who don’t or haven’t got the time to do it themselves.

You’ve got two options: start your own ironing business from home, or find an agency or company who’ll take you on. You will then iron clothes by the bag for your customers within an agreed timescale.

Setting up an ironing service where you work from home is quite easy. It might sound obvious, but you’ll need a decent iron and an ironing board (which you likely already have). On top of that, as it will look professional, have a supply of quality hangers to return the items. You’ll also need to get professional indemnity insurance, just in case you accidentally burn through something.

Create a Facebook page with useful information and client recommendations. Then, join local selling pages and advertise your services. Gumtree allows you to advertise for free too.

Perfect for:  People who are comfortable standing for long periods. It’s also best for non-smokers as you won’t get repeat customers if clothes are returned smelly.

Earning potential: The amount you make depends on how many regular clients you get. The most common way to charge is per item or by the weight of a bag. The average charge per item ironed (a shirt) is around £1.50, or per weight of a bag of clothes is around £5-£5.50 per kg. You’ll want to charge individually for items like shirts/blouses as they take more time. (It’s best to research in your local area to see what the competition charges).

Top tips: Offer to iron friends and family’s clothes for free in exchange for some testimonials. Also, offer a refer a friend discount to help build up a client base.

Useful links:  Business insurance for ironers

ESL Teacher

As an English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher, you support people (both adults and children) from all over the world who are looking to improve their language skills by teaching English online .

You will need to be fluent in English, and some people will want you to be degree educated. You will need a good internet connection as well as a Skype account so you can video chat with your students.

Non-native English speakers are looking for people to help practice their conversational skills, so it would be good to have plans for each of the “lessons” and a way to test and record results to provide feedback.

You don’t always need to be a qualified teacher, either.

Perfect for:  People who have patience and are good at communicating. Also great as jobs for ex teachers .

Earning potential: You could look to charge around $25 per hour.

Top tips: Look to take a CELTA or TEFL training course to improve your knowledge and learn how to become a tutor .

Useful links: Online TEFL course

Travel Agent

As a home-based Travel Agency, you will usually work for a host agency and find holiday deals for people looking to take a break.

While you may think people book their jollies online, there are still loads of people who are looking for a personalised approach when it comes to booking a holiday abroad or in the UK.

You’ll need a good internet connection, phone line, website, printer and knowledge of the world. You can choose to specialise in one area of travel (like business travel, or weddings, Disney, cruises etc.) or you can be more generalised, but you will need to become very familiar with the types of holiday you sell so you don’t disappoint your customers.

It would be a good idea if you’ve studied a BTEC in Tourism in the past, so you have some background knowledge, but it’s not essential.

Perfect for:  People who love to travel, enjoy networking and are great at finding a bargain.

Earning potential: You receive a commission on each holiday sold, and earnings are uncapped. Working full time (as self-employed) you could look to make around £32,000 per year.

Top tips: Do your research on host agencies to see what level of commission you need to pay back/if it’s a franchise, and how much training and support they can offer you.

Useful links: Institute of Travel & Tourism

Don’t want to work from home, but still earn good money? Here are the highest paying jobs (UK) without degree .

How much should you charge as a freelancer?

It can be hard to work out what freelance rates you should charge your clients while still being able to take a good or above average salary to cover your own needs.

Be sure to do some research, don’t undersell your skills and talent, and you need to consider extra things.

If a company pays you, they take care of a lot of extra things as part of your regular salary. Being self-employed means you’ll need to factor this in yourself.

Included in your freelance rate (whether you charge per hour/day/project), be sure to make sure you account for:

  • Holiday pay
  • maternity/paternity pay
  • National Insurance/tax
  • Business Insurance
  • Equipment, PC/phone/broadband
  • Your home utilities, water, gas/electric, rent

Declaring your income

money and teeth

Congrats on securing a new work from home job.

Now you’re working, you need to make sure that you declare any new income to HMRC. It is straightforward to do.

Head over to the HMRC site and register as self-employed .

Keep records as the months roll by for what you’re earning and your expenses. You will need this to complete an end of year self-assessment.

Working from home jobs (UK based) also means you can deduct expenses such as the working from home tax relief .

Is it legal to run a business from your home?

When you are running a business from home , there are lots of things to consider.

There are so many different self-employment business ideas , and most are fine to do from home.

In the majority of circumstances, it’s legal to run a business from your kitchen table, shed or garage.

You may need to get permission from your mortgage provider/ landlord and even the council, depending on what kind of business you plan to do.

Why we don’t mention MLMs

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. You’ve likely seen people offering you products via social media or even your friends trying to sell you the latest in “something”.

You may recognise MLM brands like Utility Warehouse, Herbalife, Avon, and Scentsy, but you can also see products like nail wraps, greeting cards, books, diet drinks, skincare, cosmetics, candles, bath bombs, kitchen gadgets, and even bras!

While “networking” and word of mouth selling is one way to make money, it’s all about building a team where they employ remote workers themselves.

To make any decent money, you need to get people to sign up to be part of your team and sell too. The recruiter earns money off everyone in their team (which is why they are so keen to sign you up!).

It may seem like an easy win: work from home, set your own hours, don’t worry about childcare costs, be a “mum boss”, and the person who tells you “ we fund all our holidays and got a free car “, but it’s not always like that. 

For many of these companies, you will need to pay out for setting up costs/a starter kit. However, some 99% of people who join MLM companies lose money and find it’s not legitimate work.

I’m not saying don’t try an MLM if you really want to. Please just go into it with open eyes and having done your research first.

We also try and avoid other scam jobs like working from home jobs packing envelopes which will lose you money.

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The Money Builders

14 genuine work from home jobs (UK 2024)

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income with extra cash or have a complete change of lifestyle, there are genuine working from home jobs available in the UK.

Home working jobs UK

  • Freelance Jobs From Home – includes ProBlogger, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour
  • Data Entry & Typing Jobs – including Working Mums, Clickworker
  • Creative Jobs from Home – includes Canva, PicMonkey

Amazon Virtual Jobs

  • Crafting Jobs
  • Customer Service Jobs from Home

Childminding Jobs

Dog walking or pet sitting jobs, laundry/ironing services.

  • Baking from Home to Sell

T-shirt and On-Demand Printing

Self publishing kindle books.

  • Create Your Own YouTube Channel
  • Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

Working at home can offer you the flexibility to work around your family.

You may well save money and time not commuting to an office. And of course, there’s the added bonus of working in your PJs every now and then.

Here we have compiled a list of legit work from home jobs for you to get your teeth into.

Freelance Websites

From typing and data entry jobs to designing websites, creating and selling your crafts, tutoring, and freelance writing work. Freelance websites offer the chance to get a legitimate work from home job.

Look for work at reputable freelance sites such as  ProBlogger ,  Fiverr  or  PeoplePerHour .

To get work on sites such as these, you will have to bid for jobs.

Contractors post them daily, and it’s up to you to pitch for the job. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when making your pitch.

I hired someone who had gone to the bother of creating a promotional video of themselves.

It wasn’t complicated, but it did put a face and a voice to the pitch. And they won the pitch.

When bidding for work, don’t make the mistake of underpricing yourself.

You could end up doing a lot of work for little pay. And beware of the commission that the websites take from your funds.

>> Find out how to make money .

MLM – Multi-Level Marketing Jobs

Avon , Kleeneze , Usbourne Books and more – the classic Multi-Level Marketing jobs – are all work at home jobs that offer flexibility and the chance to earn some extra money.

You may have to invest a little initially (around £30-£100) for a starter kit to begin with and then you can start earning 20%-30% on your sales.

Some of these companies run special offers where you can join and receive a kit and pay for the kit out of your commission.

It won’t make you rich but may help bring in some extra cash and keep you busy and get you out meeting people.

Be prepared to go out in all weather and be organised with your paperwork.

Be aware of other MLM jobs that are not what they seem. After all, these are selling jobs, and the big bosses make money from new recruits.

Work at Home Jobs Involving a Computer

What is the best best online work from home jobs? The internet offers easier than ever ways to make some cash from genuine online jobs.

Data Entry and Typing Jobs

If you are fairly nifty with your keyboard, there are genuine home-based jobs for data entry and typing. You’ll need to be fast, accurate and have good broadband speed. Jobs may be paid by the hour or for the actual job.

Be sure to have the job requirements clearly defined before you start.

If you know your Instagram from your Snapchat, you may grab a social media job-creating posts from the comfort of your own home.

Great places to look for this sort of work include  WorkingMums ,  Clickworker  and PeoplePerHour – you will find plenty of typing working from home jobs in the UK on these sites.  You could earn anything from £10-£40 per hour depending on the job.

Creative Work From Home Jobs

Creative types looking for real work from home jobs can hone their skills by offering web design, illustration or even creating and selling digital templates.

This fairly new concept involves the design and development of templates so often used on Pinterest.

The templates can also be used for digital CV’s, stationery and mood boards. 

Canva  and  PicMonkey  are great places to start. Canva is relatively simple to learn, there are tutorials online, and you can start picking up small jobs to produce design work for other people.

Did you know that  Amazon has a virtual job section  on their website?

With over 600,000 employees, there is sure to be a home-based job on this site that suits your needs.

Keep reading to find out more about other flexible work at home jobs include taking part in paid surveys, selling your photos, dog walking or childminding.

If you have a strong skill set you can also offer tutoring too at  Superprof .

Crafting jobs to work from home UK

Crafting your own unique products could be a highly rewarding business to get into. Sites such as Etsy  have exploded in popularity in recent years and many creatives are enjoying selling their work, making these great legitimate work at home jobs.

Party boxes, beauty boxes and self-care boxes have seen a huge rise in demand over the recent year, with the despatch boxes being ‘letterbox’ friendly so can be posted out to be people without any hassle.

Self-care boxes can include anything you want such as chocolate, face masks, tea-light holders, stationery and pens.  Candles are also a very popular product and if you do your sums right, it could be possible to  Make Money Selling Candles from Home , as this very thorough guide details.

Customer Service Jobs From Home

If you are at home and enjoy working on a telephone there are often working at home customer service jobs available – this is where a company redirect their phone lines to staff at home.

You may have to be reactive to taking calls from customers or the job may involve you being proactive and calling people to set appointments or undertake a customer aftersales call. Try Reed  for part-time work-at-home positions.

Working jobs from home without a computer

There are still plenty of jobs you can from home that don’t involve a PC. These include

Once you are registered you can offer childminding services in your home . You would obviously need to meet certain guidelines and requirements, but you could look at earning around £60 per day for this and still be at home. Average rates for childminders are around £5 per child per hour, so if you have a couple of children you can soon start earning a fairly good wage.

A miniature schnauzer dog sits attentively in a garden.

Whilst other people are out at work, they may need someone to look after their pet dog. You would have the dog(s) in your own home, so would need to be comfortable with the smell and potential mess. There is potential for charging around £20 per day per dog. You would need to be licensed and take out your own insurance . Sitting five dogs a day could soon see you earning around £100 a day.

Some people love ironing and find it quite therapeutic. So why not get paid for doing someone else’s laundry . You will be amazed at the number of people who are so busy with work and children that they would willingly pass on their ironing to someone else. You can expect to earn around £15-£20 per load of ironing. Some people charge by the weight of the clothes and some also offer to pick up and delivery of the clothes afterwards.

Baking jobs you can do from home uK

You will need to meet certain health and safety requirements but there is certainly a market for making cakes and sweet treats at the moment – especially if you can deliver them into the bargain.

With Mother’s Day, Easter and Summer Fairs a regular in the calendar there are plenty of opportunities for you to make some extra money by baking. A decent wedding cake could cost a couple of hundred pounds. We used a local baker to buy six fancy cupcakes for £10, not a huge amount of money but if you enjoy baking this could be a nice way of earning some extra money.

More Creative home-based jobs u K

This relatively new idea is a print-on-demand custom made products – not just t-shirts, but socks, caps and mugs with your artwork on. All you need is an iPhone and access to a website such as TeeSpring . If you have an eye for a trend, your design will be printed by TeeSpring and even distributed. It’s great if you pick up on a trend or a saying that people are using, perhaps for an upcoming football game, a trend or election. You will need to make sure you are not taking anyone’s designs for copyright, but TeeSpring will have details to help you on your journey.

If you have knowledge in a particular field, industry or a passion for storytelling, you could try your hand at writing and self-publishing a Kindle Book . There is tons of helpful information on Amazon which help you through the process – they say to write about what you know – it could be cooking, family budgeting, caravan holidays, dog training – anything you know about and is worth sharing.

The process is relatively simple and there aren’t any start-up costs – you will start earning commission once your Kindle books start selling. You don’t even need a designer to help you as the Amazon Kindle website has plenty of templates for free to start you off. This is a great marketing tool to promote your business too – for example if you are a Personal Fitness Trainer you might want to put a short book together about fitness and link it to your business.

YouTube Channel

This is more of a long-term goal and not for everyone but there are channels and content out there for everyone. You make money through the advertising and views your channel has. You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing racked up before you start making any money. Not keen on being on camera? Don’t worry – you don’t necessarily need to. You can screen record tutorials, or use your hands to showcase your work (perhaps you have an arts and craft business that you can showcase).

Affiliate Marketing Business

This is where you plug other people’s products on your site website or social media channels, once other people buy that product through your link, you earn a commission on this product. This is a long term plan. You do need a good online audience who are going to buy through your sites to make this viable.  There is lots of information online or you could take an online course in Affiliate Marketing with Udemy.com.

What Do I Need To Be Aware Of?

Although there are many genuine home-based jobs out there, sadly there are many scams. If the opportunity seems to be too good to be true, it normally is. And don’t even go near a job that asks for money upfront unless it is a totally legitimate and well-known company such as Avon.

But do be aware of Multi-Level Marketing opportunities (Avon, candle parties) as they can pile on the pressure for you to recruit more reps, as this is where the top-level make their money – which is why it’s called Multi-Level Marketing. And avoid packing from home jobs which can often be scams. Here are some tips to help you:

Check the email address for the company and address, if it doesn’t look genuine – stop. A reputable company would have their own email address. Have a search on Google for their company name and for any reviews. A few minutes doing this could save you £££’s.

OK, I’m Hooked – What Do I Need To Think Of?

Carefully consider your rates of pay – some jobs are per hour, others by commission. Although genuine, some freelance websites take a cut in any jobs you secure, so you may want to re-adjust your rate accordingly.

Set up a PayPal account  to help receive payments. Do consider the downside of working for yourself, is not having any sick pay or holiday entitlement (though you do have the freedom to choose when you want to book that holiday in Spain). You may also need to think about costs associated with  business  insurance, utilities and putting aside tax money if you are registering as self-employed.

Also be aware that the more software, apps or websites you use, the more fees you may incur. For example, a  PayPal account is free to open, but you will be charged transaction fees .

An alternative to ‘gigging’ could be starting your own blog or side hustle. By doing this, you could get paid for placing ads on your site. One such service is  AdSense from Google  which I have used myself.

It’s also worth being aware of your time management. It’s important your family respect your working hours by creating boundaries and have a space to work at home. You don’t want to get distracted by the housework. And although we joked about wearing your PJ’s all day, we do advise getting dressed for the day, making time to have a break, getting out for a walk or meeting other homeworkers, be it on the school run or a network meeting.

Home Based Jobs Essentials for UK Workers

Here are a couple of really important points that you will have to cover if you are starting out with home-based working.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Your home insurance policy may already cover you for home-based work involving a PC or laptop. But it may not – it’s crucial that you should check your policy wording. Call your home insurer if necessary. Working full time from home could invalidate your insurance which could be extremely costly. Call them before you start or as soon as possible.

Register For Self Assessment

If you are working for yourself on a freelance basis or invoicing clients at the end of the month you will need to register as self-employed so you can pay tax.

This is what I had to do for running my blog. It’s fairly straightforward and you will have to fill out an online form at the end of every tax year to declare how much money you have made.

It’s really important to document all your earnings and all your relevant expenses so these can be declared against your earnings.

If you are still in a 9 to 5 job and are earning money from home as a side job, you will also need to input your full-time job earnings from the previous year. All this information will be in your P60 form which is issued by your employer at the end of every tax year (in April).

So it is vitally important that you keep your P60 safe and do not discard or destroy it.

Register for Self Employment here .

Genuine Home Based Jobs Pros and Cons

Before you think about getting started with genuine home-based jobs, you should think carefully about how it may impact you and your family’s life. Whilst it is true that this type of work can bring in some very good extra money, it is not always easy to get started. For some people, the money may come thick and fast but for others, it’s not so easy.

Below is a range of advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. But everyone’s circumstances are different. You need to think about what works for your individual family, your lifestyle and the expenses you have at present.

Advantages of legitimate jobs working from home:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Great if you have a young family
  • You can choose how much you want to work and what hours
  • Ability to set your own schedule
  • No commuting time or costs
  • Work when you want, where you want
  • Make your own lunch

Disadvantages of legitimate work-from-home side jobs:

  • Lack of interaction with colleagues
  • Harder to earn promotions or salary increases
  • Easy to eat more and do less exercise
  • The lines between home and work can become blurred

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A secretary working from home,

50 side businesses to set up from home

If you are one of the rising number of people working part-time, earn some extra cash in dog walking or rampant veg growing Top tips for working at home

H appy days are here again – or so you might assume from a recent wave of optimistic reports about the economic outlook and rising consumer confidence . But while unemployment is down, the latest labour market figures reveal a surge in part-time jobs as employers remain anxious about long-term recovery prospects, suggesting it may not be time to hang out the bunting just yet.

With more of us working fewer hours and with a resulting earnings gap to close, there’s arguably never been a better time to set up a business you can run in your spare time from home. Whether it’s to help make ends meet, or to follow your passion, or maybe even both, we’ve asked the experts to come up with 50 practical and cheap ways to make some extra cash.

Our list may not be exhaustive, nor may it put you on the path to riches and early retirement, but hopefully it will get you thinking. And if you have any better ideas, let us know by emailing .

1 Antiques/collectibles dealing Know your stuff when it comes to certain kinds of collectibles? If so this can be a great way to make money from a hobby. Trading sites such as eBay make it easier than ever to reach your target market, according to Trent Hamm, author of US money-saving blog thesimpledollar.com . “I had some success with this myself in the past, trading cards and video games,” he says.

2 Babysitting If you can spare a few evenings and know any parents desperate to get out, there are few simpler ways to make a few extra pounds.

3 Bed and breakfast Got a spare room? Live near somewhere of interest to tourists, or close to a student area? Note you’ll almost certainly need planning, mortgage lender and health and safety approvals first.

4 Biscuit/sweet making Homemade biscuits and confectionery can be a great seller, says Hamm. “Bake and package them well, and try reselling through a local gift shop. People in your social network may buy batches for special occasions.”

5 Cake making/decorating If you enjoy baking and have an artistic touch, making and decorating cakes can be a really satisfying way of earning extra money. “One of my mother’s old friends does this and makes quite a bit on the side,” says Hamm.

6 Car boot sales This is a part-time occupation that increases earnings and broadens horizons as you make sales and get to travel, says Emma Jones, author of Working 5 to 9: How to Start a Successful Business in your Spare Time, and founder of the website enterprisenation.com . “Consider selling specialist items and building a reputation for being the go-to person; offering your knowledge and expertise with the product can increase the price you’re paid,” she suggests.

7 Car cleaning/valeting Have a meticulous eye for detail and love to get things spotless? This could be a perfect side business for you. “Many people are quite happy to pay well for this service,” points out Hamm.

8 Catering Formal qualifications are not strictly required for catering, which is more about producing and delivering good food. However, the organisational aspects may be easier after some instruction, such as a City & Guilds certificate (NVQ or other) in hospitality and catering.

9 Census distributor Every 10 years a census is held in England and Wales. The next one is in 2011, but you can register now to be considered for a range of related roles in your area, including collection and delivery. See censusjobs.co.uk .

10 Childcare There’s great potential to earn extra money from looking after kids, but you’ll need to adore children (not just your own), have boundless energy and patience and in many cases must satisfy Ofsted criteria.

Any adult who looks after another person’s child for more than two hours on any one day in a location other than the child’s home (so excluding most babysitters and nannies) needs to register with Ofsted – it’s not a particularly complicated process but does include medical, criminal and domestic safety checks. Nannies can look after the children of up to two sets of parents, in one of their home environments, without being Ofsted-registered.

Failing to meet the criteria can land you in court, so check here for the full list of Ofsted restrictions.

11 Computer repairer/troubleshooter Despite the proliferation of technology in our lives, many people still find computers complicated to maintain and terrifying if they go wrong. If you have a reassuring manner and are not fazed by the inner workings of a PC, offer your services locally and let word of mouth do the rest. “I had some success doing this in the past,” says Hamm.

12 Cosmetics sales This is very much a social business activity so be prepared to spend lots of time meeting and talking to people. You’ll be selling mainly by networking and often through parties in other people’s homes, so an outgoing manner and immaculate personal presentation skills are essential.

13 Data entry Perhaps not the most thrilling of part-time pursuits, but data entry can nevertheless offer an extremely steady (not to mention flexible) source of extra income. You generally get paid for the number of entries you make rather than by the hour, which means you can go back and forth to it when you get a spare few minutes.

14 Dinner preparation “I recently met a woman who earned quite a bit of money as a very part-time chef,” says Hamm. “Once a week, she would go to someone’s house and prepare a homemade meal for their family, then do all the dishes and cleaning up. This gives the family plenty of together time, while earning her some cash in hand.” If you love to cook, this can be a great extra earnings opportunity, but be prepared to put some effort into finding your customers.

15 Become a DJ It goes without saying that you need a deep love of music and an extensive collection of tunes before you can even consider DJing, but as much of the work is at evenings and weekends, it could make a perfect side business. Be ready to cater for a range of crowds and musical preferences, not just your passion. Learn the ropes by concentrating first on weddings and birthday parties or by doing roadie work for an established DJ, which will gain you useful contacts.

16 Be a doula Jasmine Birtles, the founder of website moneymagpie.com , says you can make between £12 and £15 an hour or £250-£500 for a birth by being a doula – a birth partner and post-birth partner. “If you’ve had a baby and you want to help new mothers, do a short course with Britishdoulas.co.uk and work locally,” she says. “You do what a grandmother or sister might do for a new mum, such as giving moral support, helping around the house, caring for the baby and supporting the whole family.”

17 Flower arranging Imagine doing what you love and getting paid for it, which is what this idea brings to mind. “The nature of the product means you’re likely to cater to a local audience, so why not impress with a business card and delivery car adorned with flower power,” suggests Jones of enterprisenation.com . “It’ll turn heads and attract new business as you turn corners.”

18 Garage/garden sales “One person I know holds a garage sale at their house almost every weekend during summer,” says Hamm. “They get a lot of regular customers who stop by almost every weekend to see what’s on sale. That person then goes to neighbours and friends and offers to sell their stuff for them, splitting the proceeds. People are usually happy to do this since they can get rid of unwanted items and earn a bit of money, too.”

19 Gardening services “I’ve had requests from others for people willing to do this, so the demand is out there,” says Hamm. “To put it simply, some people are willing to pay others to get a vegetable or flower garden started so that they can have access to ultra-fresh produce without doing all the legwork.”

20 Making greetings cards If you’re the kind of person who loves making things, why not try your hand at cards? Ask a local shopkeeper what kind sells best and follow their advice, working to a distinctive style of your own. Then try selling to family, friends and local businesses. Be mindful of material costs and time taken though, as wastage can be expensive in such a low-value product.

21 Handyman services Know your way round a toolbox? Let people know that they can call you for little repair jobs, relatively straightforward DIY tasks such as putting up shelves or assembling flat-pack furniture. “You’d be amazed at the simple things people are willing to pay others to help them with,” says Hamm.

22 Host and teach foreign students “This is a great way of renting your room without getting stuck with the flatshare from hell,” says Birtles. “Foreign students don’t usually stay longer than a couple of months at a time, so if they’re annoying at least you know they’ll go soon.”

Usually the deal is B&B, but sometimes you need to give them an evening meal too. Get in touch with your nearest English language schools and let them know you have a room to rent, Birtles advises. The website idiom.co.uk has a list of schools in the UK. You can make up to £200 a week depending on where you live.

23 House cleaning “This is an idea you can start yourself, or consider being part of a house-cleaning franchise such as Molly Maid where you have the benefit of being your own boss as well as the support of a central team,” says Jones.

24 Ironing/laundry services “Even in these cash-strapped times, some people hate ironing so much they’re willing to pay others to do it (at least in the posh parts of town),” says Birtles of moneymagpie.com , who suggests either registering with domestic agencies such as mrshunts.co.uk or setting up your own local service.

“Check out the competition, see how much they charge, and undercut. Either work for an hourly rate, a fee per item or a fee per lb,” she says. You should get between £8 and £12 per hour, between 50p and £1 per item or between 50p and £1 per lb of clothes, depending on where you work.”

25 Jewellery selling Never mind Tupperware – if you have jewellery you no longer wear or want, try organising a party to sell it, says Jones. “Websites that organise these parties, such as ounces2pounds.co.uk , are going great guns in signing up ladies who want to earn extra income in their spare time,” she says.

26 Knitting/alteration/sewing services A big growth area, as more people come to appreciate the value in repairing and patching up clothes. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, there’s serious money to be made. Once you get known locally, word-of-mouth should do the rest.

27 Leaflet distributing Delivering leaflets to people’s houses could be a profitable and healthy way to spend a few spare hours a week. Call into your local shops and restaurants to see if they need help distributing flyers, menus and so on.

28 Market research Get paid for your opinions by signing up with sarosresearch.com and taking part in focus groups, suggests Birtles. “You get between £50-£100 cash, plus food and drink for saying what you think about products or services for a few hours. Or be the one asking the questions. Ipsos Mori offers flexible hours to people willing to do phone interviews or knock on doors to ask people questions. You make between £8-£10 an hour on average.”

29 Musical performance If you can play a musical (especially orchestral) instrument to a high enough standard, know a few choice solo pieces and look presentable, spread the word locally – weddings and other formal functions can be a lucrative source of performance income.

30 Online surveys It’s possible to make pocket money by filling in internet surveys – though moneymagpie.com’s Birtles advises caution, as there are hundreds of bogus companies on the net. “Toluna, Ciao!, Lightspeed Panel, and Valued Opinions are all pukka,” she says. “You make between 50p and £5 per survey. Click here for more information and a list of genuine survey companies.

31 Online trading Sites such as eBay and Amazon make it easy for people to dabble in e-commerce. “Start with a clearout of your attic,” suggests Dan Wilson , author of Make Serious Money on eBay. “If you start to sell other goods, focus on things you can get hold of easily, or are passionate about. And have an eye on the Christmas market: think about what will be selling well in a few months’ time.”

32 Personal organiser/assistant If you are good at filing and managing tasks, and know someone who isn’t, why not offer to share your expertise with them for a small consideration? Being organised is a valuable skill, and whether it’s for a small company or a friend there may be more of a market for this than meets the eye. Ask around friends or look on listings websites including gumtree.com .

33 Personal shopping “This is an idea that nicely taps into our desire for personal service,” says Jones. “There’s also potential to niche this business, for example focusing on time-starved ladies. Making it niche brings down marketing costs and increases customer loyalty.”

34 Personal tutoring If you are a part-time teacher or are perhaps taking a career break to look after young children, this can be a great way to make a little money while keeping your syllabus knowledge up to date. Try advertising locally or registering with an agency like Personal Tutors .

35 Pet grooming “Many people loathe bathing their pets and trimming their hair – I know I do,” says Hamm. “Pet groomers can do this for a small fee – a perfect job for a person who loves dogs and cats.”

36 Pet minding/walking “Dog-walking is a fantastic earner if you love animals and enjoy the outdoors,” says Birtles. “On average you can make between £10-£15 per hour, per dog.” Get good and you can be walking two or more at a time. Offer pet-minding as well and you can make a whole business out of it. “You’ll need public liability insurance in case something happens to the dogs or members of the public,” she warns.

37 Online referrals expert There’s money to be made from your email address book: a surprising number of companies will pay you if you can persuade your friends to become their customers. Check out the website refermehappy.com , an online matching service where you can get referral bonuses from companies like Sky, Virgin Media and First Direct.

38 Rent out your stuff You can rent pretty much anything now, although space is still the most profitable “item”, says Birtles. “Rent your driveway on parkatmyhouse.com if you live somewhere popular, or your possessions from a baby bath to your lawnmower on sites like rentnotbuy.co.uk and Zilok ,” she advises. “Currently there are more items on offer than requests to lease things, but it’s worth a try.”

39 Slivers of Time OK, this isn’t strictly a business idea, but sliversoftime.com matches people with a few spare hours here and there with part-time work. Register with the site, then put your spare time on the calendar. Your hours are sent to local agencies and businesses who regularly use part-time workers.

40 Selling ad space on a personal blog This is not a big money-earner to start with but could be if you work at it, reckons Birtles. “Set up your own blog (do it for free with blogger.com ) and fill it with great writing, photos, videos and anything else you’re passionate about,” she advises. “Get ads automatically through Google Adsense and make a few pence every time someone clicks on an ad.”

Do book reviews and make money selling the books through Amazon’s affiliate programme.

41 Scrapbook making Many people dream of having beautiful scrapbooks, says Hamm. “They collect all the materials they want to go in them, but never follow through on the actual creation. You can step in here – take their ideas and materials and assemble a scrapbook for them.”

42 Selling lost luggage Auction houses round the country routinely sell off lost luggage that the airlines have failed to match with their owners. “For example, Greasby’s in south London sells off BA’s lost items every week,” points out Birtles. “You bid blind on bags that have had the expensive stuff removed (cameras, iPods etc) and then sell the bag and contents on eBay or at a car boot sale. Bags generally go for between £5-£50. Your profit depends on what’s in them!”

43 Translating If you are fluent in a second language, translation services are in demand as UK companies look overseas for new sales. But be warned: it’s a serious business and you’ll need professional qualifications from an accredited body (such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or the Chartered Institute of Linguists ) and professional indemnity insurance before setting up.

For public service translating work you’ll also need a diploma in public service interpreting law, a licence from the National Register of Public Service Interpreters and to be registered with an approved interpreting body.

“Once qualified, register with translation sites such as lingo24.com and Translation Services 24 and grow from there,” suggests Jones.

44 “Ugly” modelling If you look, shall we say, different , you could make money in ads, photoshoots or appearances through the Ugly model agency . “People with phenomenal tattoos, piercings or just very “interesting” faces can make thousands doing commercials, videos or corporate appearances,” says Birtles.

45 Vegetable growing If you have some suitable garden space and the requisite green fingers, focus on one vegetable and sell the excess to local greengrocers and at farmers’ markets. “My father does this with tomatoes and earns some solid extra money in the summer,” says Hamm.

46 Virtual assistant “Many ultra-busy professionals appreciate having someone who can check and answer their email, organise task lists for them, update their calendars and so on, with minimal interaction,” says Hamm. “You can provide this service from home with a good internet connection.”

47 Website designing An increasingly competitive field as the software needed becomes more and more mainstream. However if you have a good eye for design generally and formal training, it can be a profitable side business.

48 Wedding/social photographer You’ll need a website or blog to showcase your work, but if you’re confident that your photography is good enough, there’s no reason why you can’t do wedding/function work professionally. Do your homework though – you’ll need to take charge of arranging people into groups and know all the classic poses expected of the occasion.

49 Wedding planning If you’re one of those people who can’t help but flip through bridal magazines and daydream about nuptial arrangements, this might be perfect for you. “A great way to get started is to develop a website on the topic, get to know people online and offer your services to the community,” says Hamm.

50 Writing letters to magazines You can make between £10-£200 for a good letter or photograph to a weekly magazine such as Take a Break or Pick Me Up, suggests Birtles. “If you have a really juicy story you can make even more, and you don’t even have to write it, she says. Women’s magazines particularly are usually desperate for items for their letters’ pages, and even quite tame stuff often gets in.

Working from home - Whose business is it?

If you’re an employee/mum/student by day and are building a business after hours, Emma Jones highlights the people­ you need to keep in the loop.

The boss So long as you’re not doing anything in competition with your day job, it’s wise to tell your employer. Providing it doesn’t affect your work, most employers should see a side business as a good thing; you’re gaining new skills, while the employer gains the benefits and doesn’t have to pay for the training.

The insurance/mortgage people When starting a business at home, upgrade the insurance policy to include­ business cover and tell your mortgage provider, even though this won’t affect payments. You only have to inform the local council if the nature­ of the house is going to change from a home to business premises, which is unlikely.

The taxman You have a duty to inform HMRC of activities within three months of trading. Registration­ is straightforward, with forms depending­ on whether you set up as a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Keep the tax bill as low as possible by claiming business and homeworking expenses.

Friends and family Last but not least – so they can all (hopefully) start buying from you.

Emma Jones is founder of Enterprise Nation and author of Working 5 to 9. To order a copy for £10.49 (including UK mainland p&p), go to theguardian.com/bookshop

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Savings 4 Savvy Mums

37 Home Based Jobs You Can Do While Working From Home

37 Home Based Jobs You Can Do While Working From Home

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Including work from home jobs for mums, part time home based jobs and admin work from home.

Table of Contents

There are lots of ways to earn money as a mum, regardless of if you’re looking to supplement your existing income or looking to start bringing money in after maternity leave.

And no, we aren’t talking about small change here, these are real home based opportunities for mums.

With the UK currently not showing any signs of following the Scandinavian countries in their approach to flexible working, many of us working mums have to turn away from traditional employment and find jobs working from home.

The good thing about the internet is that there is never a shortage of home based jobs for mums who want to bring in an income.

No matter your skill, there will be a home based job for you; you just need to go out and find them.

If you are looking for more home working ideas then have a look at:

101 Genuine Work From Home Jobs in the UK – This gives you loads of work from home ideas. Not all of them need experience and can all be done around the kids.

31 Work From Home Jobs for Mums – These are great work from home jobs that all mums can do. These can be done part-time or around the kids.

21 Online Work From Home Ideas – These give you online work from home ideas that could boost your income.

17 Ways to Make Money Online in the UK – These give you quick and easy ways to make money from home.

7 Typing Jobs From Home That All Mums Could Do – These are great typing jobs that any mum can do from home around the kids.

Money Saving Printables

home working ideas uk

If you are looking for money saving printables then come join our free Resource Vault. It’s packed full of cheap meal plans, shopping lists and other ideas on how to make money. You can print these out as many times as you like.

Join our free Resource Vault here

(By joining giving us your email address you are consenting to us emailing you about our other travel, home and lifestyle ideas. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of every email.)

Genuine home based jobs in the UK

Many stay at home mums fear being scammed while working mums don’t want the hassle of declaring their extra income to HMRC.

But if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops and do a bit of research, then permanent home based working can be amazing and offer flexible hours.

If you decide to do any of these freelance then there may be a few outlays at the start but nothing compared to a normal bricks store. The top 5 things you’ll need to go freelance are:

A domain name

This is your www. name that people will search for. Try and think of a name that matches your business or that you think your customers will be searching for. Have a look on social media and Google to check that no one else has it. You can check and purchase domains easily using a site like TSO, who we buy ALL our domains from.

If you use our link here to TSO and buy a domain then you can get 10% off using our code S4SM10%OFF

Web hosting

These are the people that will host your website on their server. You want a company you can trust. We’ve used many over the years but TSO Host are a good place to start when you need your online store hosting*. You get 10% with TSO Host by using our code S4SM10%OFF.

We use WordPress because it’s the easiest platform to use and gives you total freedom. There are so many YouTube videos on how to start out if you are unsure but just pick and theme and get playing with it. There are many ways you can earn income if you familiarize yourself with this platform. Read this article on how to make money with WordPress to get a better idea.

Social media

Set up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram first then think if you need Pinterest and Snap Chat.

Email campaign provider

This is a great way to keep your customers involved with what’s going on and to let them know of any new services or products you are selling. Set it up early even if you don’t plan to email anyone. We use Mailerlite as they have great customer service and easy to build email templates. (Remember to check the ISO website for GDPR guidelines.)

Then depending on which business below you decide to do will come with a few more costs.

Work from home jobs in the UK

Please don’t let fear put you off!

If you like the sound of home based working but are unsure how to keep track of your time or even how to invoice, then have a look at The Virtual Assistant Essential Tool Kit.

This is the ultimate spreadsheet pack for your home based role. You don’t have to be a Virtual Assistant, any data entry, social media or admin based role would work.

This has been made for mums who have never worked in a data entry role before but who would like to start working from home.

This is a tool kit for virtual assistants who want to plan their time better.

This value-pack includes:

A list of VA essential tools Invoice template (Word) Time Card spreadsheet (Excel with pre-made formulas) Invoice spreadsheet (Excel with pre-made formulas) Blog post promotion spreadsheet (Excel) Engagement questions for most niches (Excel) Facebook schedule (Excel)

The Virtual Assistant Essential Tool Kit can help you land your first client, and keep you on track for when it’s time to invoice.

So what are you waiting for?

Take the plunge and watch how you spend less time invoicing and more time getting clients.

£ 4.99 Add to cart

Home based jobs in the UK with no experience

So if you have always wanted to have a home based job but are unsure on what you can do, then here are 35 jobs you can do while working from home on your computer. These are all legit and can be done anytime night or day.

Blogging can be a great hobby, but also a very good way to earn money and go places with your family that you’ve never even dreamed of before.

You need to find a topic that you are passionate about. Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy writing, you can vlog on YouTube or even just start with a Facebook page.

The good thing about blogging is that you can start for free and earn money in a load of different ways like advertising, through sponsored posts (this is where a brand asks a blogger to write about their branded products), affiliates (where someone buys something after a blogger has written about them), products and courses.

You can start a blog really quickly and easily but will need a domain name, host and website which you can sort yourself quickly. We use WordPress to build Savings 4 Savvy Mums and TSO Host for our domain name. They also offer hosting too and with our code S4SM10%OFF you can get 10% off.

Don’t forget to sign up to a email marketing provider. Many offer you a free service till you hit a certain amount of subscribers. This is a great way to keep all your readers involved in what you’re working on. We use Mailerlite as they offer a great customer service and are very easy to use!

For a walkthrough on how to start a blog and make money, I’d suggest looking at Emma Drew’s tutorial or at her Turn Your Dreams into Reality Course* , which is a great resource for all bloggers who want to make their blog their full time job.

You can also read about how we set up our blog here, which also gives you a step by step account.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell something on behalf of someone else and get a commission. You advertise someone else’s products and services and when someone buys, you receive a small percentage.

There’s a lot of affiliate programs out there, so whatever you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a scheme for it. It does take a while to build but affiliate marketing is a great passive income earner meaning you only have to set it up once and you’ll keep receiving income.

Remember to research the rules on declaring the links.

Our top five affiliates who are great to work with and we trust are:

Profit Accumulator*: A oddmatcher and tracker

Bulb*: They help people to save money on their energy bills

Emma Drew’s Turn Your Dream into Money*: A blogging course to get you up and running

Selling Your Own Products

Completely home based, selling your own products can be very profitable, especially if you source your products from overseas.

It does take a bit more work than a bricks store, but without the overheads, you can receive a more higher profit.

Start by researching the products you want to buy and see if there is a market for it. Think about where you will store the items and how much will it cost to ship them.

Reselling on sites like eBay or Facebay is becoming more popular. You can start by just selling your kids outgrown clothes or toys then start buying products in to sell.

You can search your products cheaply from car boot sales, charity shops and auctions.

It’s best to start by looking at the marketplace sites and seeing what sales for what.

You could also look at pallets returns UK . This is when you buy a pallet of returns from a major reseller and then sell on the contents for profit. Some of the items may be great and some may not.


There’s so much you can do if you are a photographer.

You can either sell your photos online with a licensing agreement or show your services.

Both make good money, but the first one can make you passive income while the second you will need to actively find clients.

Selling handmade

If you’re creative, then sites like Etsy are for you. They focus on everything handmade and it’s very easy to set up and get started.

Work from home entry jobs


Registering as a childminder is a great work from home entry job that anyone can do. You can look after your own kids while looking after others, all from your own home.

The downside is that there is a lot of admin and after hours work needed, but it does mean that you can work for yourself and pick your own days and hours.

Ok, so not at home all the time, but you can take the kids with you and earn anything from £6-£10 an hour.

You can start by registering your self as a dog walking company at Nards.

This is a great way to work from home as a mum around the kids and still make money.

You can advertise via Facebook and by just telling your family and spreading the word.

Tutoring is a great work from home job for mums who want to supplement their income part time.

You don’t need to be in the same room as your student’s ether. Using technology like Skype, you can connect to people all around the world.

Wages are good as a tutor, but you do need to stand out. Think about what you can offer as a tutor and what students could be seeking.

Have a look at Online ELAT tutor for what tutors have to offer.

Admin Work From Home

Office from home set up

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who works from home, who can perform all the nitty gritty admin jobs that a client needs remotely.

This could be any admin task and is normally a high paying job with no experience needed. You could be doing anything from scheduling social media to creating marketing images to just answering emails or amending spreadsheets.

A Virtual Assistant is useful for any size business, and as someone who’s worked both sides, as an employer and employee, most Virtual Assistants are very flexible and work on an hour by hour payment basis.

You don’t have to have any secretarial experience, as many Virtual Assistants specialise in something. Have you got marketing experience? Social media knowledge? Are you organised? Most Virtual Assistant can earn up to £25 an hour.

It’s really simple to become a Virtual Assistant, and set up takes about half an hour.

My 5 top tips for setting up as a Virtual Assistant are:

– Set up a Facebook page and ask everyone and anyone you’ve worked with to leave you a 5-star review. It is mega cringe, but it’s those reviews that will give you a leg up and give you something to link to when a client asks for references.

– Set up a separate email address so you can track potential clients emails quickly. Shout about your business to everyone and share it in all the Facebook groups, especially in Facebay and business groups.

– Set up a spreadsheet divided by month with the client name on the top and the number of hours you do every day. That way when it comes to invoicing you can just copy and paste the information over.

– Have an invoice spreadsheet ready for when you declare. It can be as simple as date, client name and the amount so when you need to declare, you have a final amount without having to find all last years invoices.

Read more about how to set up a virtual assistance business here

Freelance Writing

The internet needs writers and you could be paid to be one of them. Anything goes from game scriptwriters to e-book writers to academic writing.

Many companies pay per word or per article, and pay will depend on your experience and writing abilities.

There’s companies out there that will help you find work as well, but do take a commission on what you earn.

These are sites like:

People Per Hour

You can also find work on local Facebay or Gumtree sites, and while they might not be the best paid, it means you can build up a portfolio for yourself to show other clients.


If you have great attention to detail then being a proofreader is for you.

You can pick up gigs on sites like:

They aren’t paid great to start with, but once you have a few under your belt and you start to have a small portfolio you can then raise your prices.

You can also look for jobs on Facebay groups.


Transcribing is a great work from home job for mums who like typing.

You can do it around the kids and at any time. If you’re a fast typist, then you can make some really good money.

Jobs Working From Home on Computer

Data entry jobs.

These jobs involve anything that means inputting data, so look for roles likeCustomer Service Agent, Data Administrator and Data Processor.

Home Travel Agent

Pretty much what it says on the tin. You would work from home setting up appointments, arranging travel, doing anything a high street agent would do but at home.

Social Media Manager

We all know that social media is creating more work from home opportunities than ever.

This role can be done on a freelance level or as a employee. Many businesses still can’t get to grips with all the different platforms and this is where you can fill in the gaps.

To get work, it’s best to start pitching. Have a look at the companies you would love to work for. What should they be doing that they aren’t? What could you do better?

Marketing Manager

Again, this can be quite open but you could look for jobs that involve pay-per-click advertising or brand development. All calls can be done over Skype and the role is so big, that there is scope to go anyway you like.

Stock Trader

If you have the head for numbers, then trading stocks at home is for you.

Your job would be to buy and sell financial products like stocks and shares in order to get the best rewards for your clients, whether they’re individual people or huge corporations.

Experience in a similar financial capacity works if you need to enter at entry-level.

You can also start trading with just a small amount of your money, to show people what you can do.

If you would like to know how to start, then I’d suggest having a look at Dr Nikki Ramskill’s course, The Beginner’s Guide To Investing.

This course is perfect for mums who have no clue how to start investing, but who know numbers and would love to give it a try,

Work From Home Jobs For Mums

Cream background with laptop

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a great way to make money, but to also get some free items, which will help reduce your family food bill as well.

Being a mystery shopper involves you evaluating the quality of service.

Companies agencies to recruit mystery shoppers to carry out assignments so they get a real view of what is going on. Once the mystery shop is complete, the shopper will fill out a report and you will receive a payment for doing so.


Drop shipping is a great way of earning money on eBay or Amazon without having your own products. You sell other peoples products but for a mark-up so you make a profit.

A great example of this on the high street are stores like Argos and John Lewis who sell other brands.

To get started in dropshipping and to be successful, you’ll need:

1. A tracking program that tells eBay when the product is in stock or out of stock. We use Hustle Got Real that pulls our listings if they suddenly go out of stock *. They track major UK brands so you don’t have to. Hustle Got Real takes away all the pain of droppshipping and pretty much manages the listings themselves.

2. An eBay or Amazon Store. We started on eBay just as a private seller. It currently costs 36p to insert a listing so make sure you work out when it’s cheaper to switch to a store.

3. Time. Again this isn’t a get rich quick scheme but is a great way to make money as a passive income. You need to be on your eBay or Amazon store every day even if you only list one product. They reward you for being active!

If you are looking into getting into dropshipping then read our complete guide here.

Focus Groups

Taking part in focus groups is a great way to make extra money.

Focus groups allow companies to get an idea about how their potential customers will react to their new product or service and make any changes before it is released.

In order to get your valuable feedback, they will pay for your time. You can also complete focus groups online, so you can earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Test Websites

Testing websites is an easy way to make money that we can all do. WhatUsersDo will pay you £5 for every website you test. You will need to log in and record your voice answering some questions and speaking your thoughts aloud. Each test lasts around 20 minutes, and you get paid monthly.

Working Mums

If you’re just looking for a bit of extra money that you can do on the go, then this list is for you.

Mobile apps

There’s so many apps that can help you make money while you’re on your phone. Here’s a full list of money making apps that can help you make some money on the side.

Make Cash From Your Driveway

This applies to anything to do with your home really.

From loft or garage space to parking to rooms to even renting your home out as a film set.

Storemates is the best place to look at if you like the storage route, just remember to ask what’s in the boxes, as it may invalidate your own insurance. Oh, also remember you may have to pay tax, so remember to declare it on a self-assessment.

Just Park is a good site if you fancy letting out your drive. If you live near a train station, hospital or a city center, then you’re sure to earn a bob or two a month.

If you like the sound of your home being used in a film or on TV (plus, the major bragging rights, right?) then look into Lavish Locations  and Shoot Factory. You don’t need to have a manor house to apply, look at the Dursleys house in Harry Potter.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a completely legal, tried and tested way to make money online while you’re at home. It basically turns the tables on the bookmakers, to give you their free bet offers, so you can’t loose.

If you’re doing it correctly, you will never loose any money, but you do need to take your time and be really careful to avoid any mistakes. Using a company like Profit Accumulator means that you don’t have to work out the odds or be worried that you’re doing it all wrong.

Make sure you understand fully before you deposit any money. Follow our guide here to make your first £20 matched bet.

Read more about how matched betting works here

This is why we use Profit Accumulator when we are matched betting

Free Daily Draws

Did you know that your postcode can earn you money, for free? Alongside the FREE Postcode Lottery, there are tons of daily free lottery websites around. You simply register and check the website every day to see if you have won. The websites make their money from advertising, which means they can afford to pay out the winnings.

Online Surveys

A handy little earner that you can do on your laptop while watching TV. You won’t necessarily make bundles of cash, but for just 20 minutes or so work, you could make a few pounds.

These are the one’s I’ve used before but there are plenty floating about that payout in either vouchers or cold hard cash. Our favorites are:

OhMyDosh* is a survey site and cashback site combined. You can make money by answering their surveys which then goes into your account as credit. When you have reached the limit you can cash out!

Surveys can range from anything from watching videos to answering questions about what you last brought online.

Read more about what we think about OhMyDosh here

We love Swagbucks! There are loads of tasks available and you can earn money from answering questions or watching videos. The surveys are short so you can do them on the move pretty easy. Payout is via PayPal or Amazon gift card.

These surveys are so easy to do and they tell you how long they will take too.

Read more about what we think about Swagbucks here.

Join Swagbucks for free here*.

YouGov is a great place to answer questions on today’s problems. The surveys normally involve your view on large companies, the government or your local council. You only need 50 points to cash out which is £50.

They are really interesting surveys to complete and they do email you every time they have one to complete.

Use our link here to sign up free to YouGov*

Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is an easy to use survey site that we’ve never had screen us out, which happens more than you’d think. You can reach the payment limit quite quickly while finding loads of different surveys that interest you.

The payment threshold is just £5 so you get paid really quickly too.

Join Prolific Academic here for free.*

Read about our favorite online survey sites here

Cashback Sites

Weirdly, not many of us use cashback sites, which is strange, as you can earn money back from just buying your normal day to day items. From grocery shopping to insurance to household bills!

Search for what you need and buy it through a cashback site and you’ll get back a percentage of what you spend.

Our favorite cashback sites are:

OhMyDosh* – OhMyDosh* is an easy to use cashback site that’s free to use . It’s not like a normal cashback site though. OhMyDosh gives you loads of ways you can make money including:

The refer a friend scheme. Refer your friends to OhMyDosh and earn yourself £5 for every sign up and your friend £1.

Competitions: Enter them for free and receive money.

Shop through them to earn the bigger rewards.

The best thing about OhMyDosh is that you only need to make £10 to “dosh out” and they pay out through your bank or through PayPal.

Quidco is a great way to save money. We’ve saved over £200 in the last few months and their site is really easy to use.

Use our link here and get a £10 cashback bonus when you make your first purchase on Quidco.

It’s free to join Quidco and they have access to over 4,000 retailers, and a lot of these are big household names.

As soon as you hit the threshold, cash it out. You never know what’s around the corner.

Read more about the best cashback sites here

Get Paid to Google

Nope, this isn’t a joke!

You can earn hard cash by searching the web with Qmee. Just download the add-on, which sits on your internet browser, and search like you would normally.

Qmee shows you extra results or adverts. All the extras you see have been paid for by companies who want extra eyeballs on their links, and Qmee gives you a cut for that.

It’s not loads, but at 7-15p a click, some being up to £1, for doing what you’d normally do anyway, it’s certainly worth a go!

Product Testing

Honest reviews are more important than ever.

Companies will send you free products to test and review and in some cases cash for your time. A good site to look at is Buzzoole.

Swagbucks* is another great site you can earn. While you shop online you can watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals that earn your points. These get turned into gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and M&S or you can get the cash via Paypal (with fees.)*

Flog Your Old Stuff Online

When it comes to the internet, your old junk really is someone else’s gold.

Starting off on eBay is probably the easiest bet, and being protected by their guidelines and Paypal gives you the guarantee you really will see your money. This guide here by MSE is the best I’ve found so far.

Facebook is another fab place. There are hundreds of local Facebay and Babybay selling groups out there, all divided up by local area and object you are selling.

Facebook has also made it easier with its marketplace tool. It lets you discover, buy and sell items in your community and anyone or everyone near you or looking for that item will see.

Now let’s talk about traders

There are loads of these companies around. You know the ones, that shout about swapping your old stuff for a cheque in the post.

While these sites are easy to use and give you an instant quote for all your knick-knacks, they’re aren’t exactly fast to payout.

Remember to compare them all, never pay postage unless you HAVE to and make sure your items are packed well, so there is no excuse for them not to pay out.

The best ones to look out for are WeBuyBooks, who do, weirdly, take everything and CeX, who takes everything but books.

Price-wise, you’re looking at getting up to £1 for CDs, £1.50 for DVDs and £10 for some computer games, but this does vary.

Always shop around, and dip your head in and out of the high street chains too, as you never know when they might offer a better deal.

Get Paid To Watch TV

You can earn anything from £40-£70 just for watching TV for two hours and chatting about it. Online streaming is also available. Check out The Viewers site for more info.

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  • 15 Money Making Apps That Are Free To Use
  • How to Make Free Money Ready For Christmas
  • How to Get Paid Market Research Gigs

Bank Switcher

Loads of banks pay for you to switch. Grabbing this deals could earn you a couple of hundred quid.

It’s really easy, legal, and the bank do everything, so you don’t have too. You can read more about earning money by switching your bank account here.

Enter Competitions

It goes without saying but you can get some pretty neat stuff through entering competitions. I’ve been lucky enough to win event tickets, hampers and a weekend away for two in a five-star hotel!

Think about it this way, there are so many online competitions out there that many people just glaze over. The more people that ignore them, the more chance you have of winning.

They are so easy to enter and normally all you have to do is give a quick like or comment on social media or type in your email address. I do so many now that I have a separate Gmail account for just competition entries!

The easiest place to find them all is on Money Saving Expert, where many Compers have already sniffed them out and posted them online. Win!

I really hope these tips help you to find a work from home opportunity that suits your lifestyle and your needs.

If you enjoyed this post and would like some more money making ideas from home, including ways to freelance, start a blog or even earn from your phone, then head over to my making money section here on Savings 4 Savvy Mums where you’ll find over 30 money making posts dedicated to helping you earn more from home and become more financially stable as a family. There’s also tips in my Money Saving Mums Facebook group. You could also pop over and follow my money making Pinterest boards for lots more ways you can earn money from home; Money Making Mums and Working from Home Jobs for Mums .

home working ideas uk

What the * means

If a link has an * by it, then this means it is an affiliate link and helps S4SM stay free for all. If you use the link, it may mean that we receive a very small payment. It will not cost you anymore that it would normally.

You shouldn’t notice any difference and the link will never negatively impact the product. The items we write about are NEVER dictated by these links. We aim to look at all products on the market. If it isn’t possible to get an affiliate link, then the link, or product is still included in the same way, just with a non-paying link.


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What are you looking for, 54 ways to make money from home.

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Whether it’s a ‘side-hustle’ or the beginnings of a new startup venture, it’s never been easier to make money from home. According to Informi research, as many as one in five UK workers (19%) say they have a second job on the side of their main source of income, with earnings potential of £4,992 over the course of a year. So, what are the best ways to getting paid from home and earning extra money?

Top ways to make money from home online or offline

Modern technology has developed to such a degree that it’s extremely easy to turn anywhere into a workspace. Job roles have evolved with the digital age, with many only requiring a computer, bank account, and internet access to fulfil daily tasks. If you’re someone who focuses better at home without the distraction of (what can be) a busy, noisy office environment and feel your commuting costs are eating up a chunk of your salary, then it might be worth having a think about how to make extra money from home.

These ideas aren’t necessarily about starting a home business, as that can be a lengthy and complicated process. These are quick ideas for side businesses or handy extra cash projects that could keep you financially happy without stepping near a station or overcrowded Starbucks. They can fit around your lifestyle, which is helpful if you have a young family and need to save money on travel or can’t commit to the 9-5, or even if you just want to improve the quality of your lifestyle by spending more time at home. Who knows, maybe one of them might develop into a booming business!

The best starting point is to know where your skills lie, have a willingness to learn new ones and embrace that inner entrepreneurial spirit…

How to make money from home: Technology ideas

1. computer repairer/troubleshooter.

Even though our lives are dominated by computer-based technology, the vast majority of us only know so much when it comes to solving technical issues beyond the restart button. If you have an understanding of the inner workings of a PCs, tablets (or even mobile phones!) and have strong communication skills, this could be the job for you, even leading to fulltime income.

Build a local client base by word of mouth and local advertising (for example, add yourself to local directories online, attend local networking events, pop your business card in shops that stock computers/computer equipment etc.). Use remote access software e.g. TeamViewer to enable you to troubleshoot clients’ computers from home, which will also allow you to expand your client base beyond your postcode.

2. Chat Support

Become the person behind the “Hi, is there anything I can help you with today?” box that sometimes pops up on websites. The live chat service on Amazon is a classic example of instant customer service unlike working in a call center. Job sites such as indeed.co.uk regularly advertise these roles – with brands such as Silkfred offering this role based from home. With some on-the-job training, you should be able to assist online customers from the comfort of your sofa, earning some extra pennies.

If your background is in programming the language of computers, then these highly skilled online jobs are ones that can easily be turned into a home job. From building and testing websites and apps to developing software, all you need as a starting point is a computer and internet access. Additional equipment and software would be subject to the specific work you offer or take on.

4. Data Entry

If you are an accurate, speedy computer user then this might be the online business for you. Companies regularly outsource the inputting of information into a computer system. Simply take a look on job sites and you’ll see that many don’t require previous experience to apply.

5. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists convert the spoken word into electronic text quickly and precisely. Speed and accuracy is essential for this job, alongside a computer, word processing software, headphones, internet access and basic computer skills.

6. Translator

Translate audio recordings, documents, watching videos etc. from your home office. Most employers require proficiency in English and another language, while others require a degree in interpretation. Either way, this is a great way to earn extra money at home.

  7. Social Media Manager

If you have a background in social media content planning, writing and community management then this can easily become a freelance job in your spare time that you run remotely from home.

Promote your services to local companies who might not have a lot of money to hire a snazzy agency. Keeping it local will also mean less money travelling for meetings, market research, and content-gathering tasks. You can also offer your services from an auditing and strategy perspective, where companies employ your expertise to assess and create a social media plan for the year, while helping to train and guide staff in implementing it successfully.

Be prepared to show results at the end of your campaigns and be clear from the beginning that your rates exclude any travel expenses, should you want to take on exciting projects that require a few offsite meetings.

  • Read more: How to start a social media management business

8. Online surveys

Complete paid surveys to earn money online! Businesses pay for your opinions to help them refine their products and marketing materials. Money Saving Expert have created a detailed guide to help you get off to the most profitable start, including their list of the top 25 online survey sites, helping you to hit the ground running.

9. Online Influencer

Companies are looking for the best places online to target new customers outside their owned channels. If you run a successful blog and/or social media channel/s that specialise in an industry e.g. personal finance or home décor, you could outreach to brands to collaborate on paid content, advertising, competitions and more.

You will need to sell your story and prove your popularity through your blog traffic and social media followers, with many brands not considering you to be a micro-influencer until your social following tops 1k. Make sure to be transparent with your followers when collaborating, using #ad when producing content as part of the agreement.

10. Brand Ambassador/Representative

Some companies rely on brand ambassadors to represent them in a positive light, encouraging brand awareness and sales. A classic example is Avon, which states that if you’re trying to build your own business, “we’ll make it our mission to help you achieve it”. Activities include hosting an Avon party at home or online amongst your customers, where you showcase products and take orders. Reps can earn cash up to 25% of their sales every three weeks, allowing you flexible earnings that you can control. Further details can be found on the Avon website .  

11. Virtual Assistant

An administrative-focused job that requires sharp organisation skills and attention to detail. Perform remote tasks for a number of industries, from booking travel to managing a calendar. Some jobs can last for a day, others can last for months. Search ‘virtual assistant’ on job sites and you’ll gain a better understanding of the broad requirements.

12. Personal Shopper

Have an eye for style? Promote your services to people in need of a new wardrobe or image refresh – from one-off appointments to a regular shopping trip in line with the seasons. Visit flea markets all the way to high end high street shops.

13. Personal Tutor

This is a great option for teachers who might be putting their career on hold to bring up a family or retired teachers looking to make some money on the side. Advertise locally or register on websites such as Personal Tutors . In the UK, there are no legal requirements to have any specific qualifications to become a tutor but, in general, tutors tend to have a specific academic subject and a degree-level qualification in it. A degree isn’t compulsory but helps sell your services. Online tutoring is also available to those not able to travel!

14. Virtual Tutor

Thanks to software sure as FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts, it’s pretty easy to tutor remotely from home.

15. Freelance Writer

If you’re a whizz with words and have a hawk-eye for grammar, then freelance writing will let you start earning to bring in a healthy salary each month. Depending on your previous roles and contacts you could hit the ground running with rates that reflect your experience and ability and make some real money blogging. Outreach to companies and contacts – there’s nothing wrong going after the brands and people you’d love to work with. There are many success stories with this working. Make sure your LinkedIn account is up-to-date and typo-free and any personal social channels and blogs reflect you in a positive light. Set up a website that showcases your best work and if you have any areas of expertise, shout about them. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

As well as commissions, you can also approach websites with original content such as Listverse , Be a Freelance Blogger and WritersWeekly .

16. Copy Editor

This job is more than spotting typos; it’s about factual accuracy, grammar and overall readability. There are no set qualifications for entry into this role, but many Copy Editors have studied subjects including English, journalism, communication, marketing or media. You can enter national certificates – using search engines will point you in the right direction.

17. Virtual Recruiter

Some companies are happy to pay someone who delivers good candidates before they meet them in second-stage interviews. Working independently from an agency will mean payment for access to job boards and recruitment tools so consider this in your rates. It’s recommended you have some previous experience in this sector before freelancing as there is a deal of skill involved.

Arts and Crafts

18. online craft shop.

Forget selling on Amazon; turn a crafty hobby into a business by setting up an Etsy shop  – a creative marketplace focusing on handmade and vintage items. While it costs £0.15 to list an item, a 5% transaction fee and 4%+ £0.20 payment processing fee, it allows you instant access to millions of buyers in the UK and worldwide looking for handmade treasures. You don’t have to worry about setting up a website for secure transactions etc. as this is all supplied by Etsy . It takes a lot of time and set-up stress off your hands, making this a quick way to get your creations out there. 

There are other craft e-commerce sites such as Folksy and Zazzle , but Etsy is one of the most well-known for selling online, offering the best exposure if you’re looking to earn money from home quickly. Listed as one of our 10 side hustle businesses to start , it’s a great way to monetise your creative talents.

19. Musical Performer

Can you play a musical instrument to a high standard? Promote your talent locally and you could be providing the soundtrack to a wedding or formal function in no time. Just make sure you have a few smart outfits to hand…

20. Music Teacher

Are you a keen musician with good communication skills? A self-employed music teacher could be the gig for you.

You don’t need any formal qualifications, although they could help when it comes to gaining pupils. An option to consider is the Certificate for Music Educators (CME) or you can even take a PGCE course to become a fully qualified teacher (you’d need an undergraduate degree in music before taking this course). It’s important to set yourself up correctly including insurance and criminal record checks. Simply Business have put together a useful 7-step guide that ensures you cover these important bases from the start.

21. Sewing/Alteration services

If you’re nifty with a needle this could be a solid income for you as, according to The Guardian, more and more people are appreciating the value in repairing and patching up clothes .

22. Home Baker

Sell your bakes to local shops to sell. Start by contacting your local council explaining your plan. They will send someone to your home to inspect your kitchen/preparation area. It must be clean with the correct cleaning equipment and procedures in place for food storage etc.

Ask your council if you need to go on any specific food safety courses. The Food Standards Agency also provides helpful information to get started.

23. Cake making/Decorating

If you’re a wizard with a whisk then making special occasion cakes and bakes can be a great side business to bring in some extra money at home. Again, look into the relevant food safety procedures etc. that you’ll need in place.

24. Flower arranging

With so many tips and tricks available online, it would be quite easy to educate yourself in flower arranging. Sell your creations to local businesses, events or individuals – from centrepieces to hanging baskets, there’s a lot of scope for a successful side-business once word of mouth travels.

Home and Lifestyle

25. babysitting.

If you have a few spare evenings each week and know any parents in need of a break, this is a simple way to earn some spending money.

26. Childcare

If you plan to run daycare from home, the process is a bit more complicated but could prove more financially fruitful in the long term compared to babysitting. You need to ensure you’ve organised everything to comply with the law to ensure you’re qualified to work with and look after young children – from contacting Ofsted to applications for relevant registers. A lot of information is available online, such as this feature by Childcare.co.uk .

If you’ve had a baby and would like to support new mothers, you can become a doula – a birth partner and post-birth partner. A short course with British Doulas alongside your experience as a mum will help you become a ‘professional mother’ (N.B. this is not a medical profession). If you think you have the personal skills to support women and their families with childbirth and the immediate post-natal period then this is worth looking into.

28. Handyman/woman

Let people know you’re available for small DIY jobs, whether it’s fixing a leaky tap or putting up shelves. It might amaze you what minor household tasks people are willing to pay for. Private social network NextDoor is a place for neighbours and communities to connect – take a look as it could be a great place to advertise your services and find work.

29. Sell unwanted items

It’s a pretty obvious one, but sell anything you don’t need any more! Car boot sales, garage sales, eBay, local Facebook Marketplace pages – if you haven’t used it in the last year then consider parting with it.

30. Work out your valuables

Inherited some antiques or have a significant collection that might be worth something? Get an expert to price up your treasures so you know how much they might fetch should you ever choose to part ways with them.

31. Sell your wedding dress

If you’re prepared to part with it, a wedding dress can be a worthwhile sale when it comes to making some extra cash. Many brides can’t afford the extortionate prices of bridal shops and would be happy to consider buying a dress that’s only been worn once.

32. Rent equipment

Rent out any equipment that people might need for a one-off task e.g. tools, garden equipment, etc. There are websites designed specifically to put lenders in touch with borrowers, such as Fat Llama . You could even go as far as beginning to rent your car.

33. Rent a room

If you have a spare room, converted garage or basement, you could capitalise on the sharing economy and rent out your space on trusted sites such as Airbnb or HomeAway . The more central you are to a city, town or place of interest, the more chance you have of increasing your rate. Make sure happy visitors leave glowing reviews on your online ad.

  • Read more: How to start an Airbnb business

34. Rent out storage space

If you have any spare space in your loft, garage, shed or spare room, it’s worth having a look at websites such as Storemates . Free to register, it takes 15% of the monthly rent but takes a lot of the admin etc. off your hands. It’s also 50% cheaper than commercial self-storage so there should be a decent demand on your doorstep.

Depending on the size of your space, you could earn between £25-£200 a month. Another site to look at is Storenextdoor (again, free to register, it takes 23% of the monthly rental to cover its services). 

35. Rent out your driveway

If you live somewhere where parking’s tight and expensive, offer up a space to rent on your driveway. This could be long-term for commuters or short-term for a sports fixture. JustPark , Parklet and Your Parking Space are good starting points but ensure you are advised on aspects such as mortgage requirements, insurance and tax. If you have a designated parking space, this could also be an option for rental.

36. Gardening services

Love being outdoors but not too far from home? Offer to maintain your neighbours’ gardens for a weekly / monthly fee or a one-off. Clearing, planting, mowing – there’s a lot of business for these labour-intensive jobs that many people would prefer to avoid.

37. Dog walker/Pet sitter

Love dogs and the outdoors? Helping a pooch get some exercise and/or looking after them is a great way to make some extra cash – especially if you’re responsible for more than one. Providing a sitting service appeals to a large proportion of pet owners who have to travel for work, work long hours and go on holiday.

Dog walking is also a reliable service for the elderly who may find it difficult to exercise their companions daily, especially in colder weather. Public liability insurance is essential in case something happens to your dog/s or the public while they’re in your care.

38. Dog/cat groomer

A job most pet owners hate to do! You don’t need any set entry requirements for this line of work but you should have experience with dogs and cats. A basic course in animal care at a college or training centre would be recommended, as well as some work experience with a qualified, experienced pet groomer.

39. Plant sitting 

Offer to look after indoor and outdoor plants while homeowners are on holiday, especially during the summer months when gardens need a good soak of water. 

40. Yoga teacher

Turn your spare room into a yoga studio for individual lessons, or small classes if you have the room. If business goes well, you could look to create a studio in your garden! If you’re looking for training, a good start is The British Wheel of Yoga , which provides qualifications that are the highest level of yoga teacher training currently available in the UK. It’s important to ensure you’re setting your business up safely from home so make sure you’re considering elements such as any relevant insurance and planning permission.

41. Ironing service

Most people hate ironing and would happily part with some cash to have it taken care for them. Invest in a quality iron and ironing board then advertise locally and ask your friends and family to spread the word.

Download: How to start a business in 20 days ebook

We get it. There’s a lot to think about when you’re starting a business . That’s why we’ve created this free eBook that will provide you with a focused and 100% manageable action plan.   

From budgets to social media, our how to start a business in 20 days eBook is the smart guide to getting your business up and running. 

Make Money From Home FAQs

How to make money from home uk.

As many as 1 in 5 workers in the UK have a second job to help make them money from home. Many of these second jobs only require a computer, bank account and internet access. Having a focused and manageable action plan is a good start when looking to make extra money.

How to make money from home fast?

  • Provide technology and online services such as social media manager or chat support for websites.
  • Complete paid online surveys to earn money.
  • Set up an online shop.
  • Monetise creative talents such as flower arranging, baking and sewing.
  • Offer online tutoring.
  • Provide babysitting and childcare services.
  • Sell unwanted items online.
  • Handyman and gardening services.
  • Rent out a spare room, storage space or driveway.
  • Dog walker or Pet sitter services.

How to get money from home?

One of the best ways to make money is turning a hobby into a side business or extra cash project. Knowing where your skills lie and being motivated to learn new skills will put you in a position to earn money quickly.

How to get paid to work from home?

It’s now much easier to make money from home due to modern technology. Finding a quick way to earn extra money that can fit around your lifestyle will help.

The best starting point is knowing where your skills lie and looking at digital applications of this.

Product selling

Many businesses that are run from home involve the selling of products. This comes with start-up costs that you will need to consider to be able to get your business up and running.

42. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an excellent business model for start-up e-commerce businesses. This is because it can mean that you have very low start-up costs.

The concept behind dropshipping is that instead of a business buying up stock and then selling it, they sell it to customers and then buy it from the supplier who then directly ships the product to the customer. This means that you do not have to consider the storage of stock or hold stock that has not yet been sold.

The main costs that are involved in starting up a dropshipping business are:

  • The cost of setting yourself up on an e-commerce platform
  • Your website set-up costs
  • Any costs that are involved in the sourcing of products
  • Costs linked to advertising your products and acquiring customers

43. Brand existing products

Brand existing products – or reselling – is a form of dropshipping, whereby existing brands and products are sourced from several different places, making them available to your customers in one single place.

The business model for branding existing products will often involve buying your products in bulk, often at a lower price, then selling them to your customers at a higher price. In return, you should aim to provide other benefits to your customers, such as being a one-stop shop for several different items that they may want to buy, offering detailed descriptions of the products, a customer loyalty program, or excellent customer support.

This means that you can use your expertise in a particular field without the requirement of coming up with a new product and the work and costs that go along with it.

44. Gift baskets and subscription boxes

When it comes to drop shipping businesses, gift baskets and subscription boxes are excellent strategies to boost your business’s sales on a short and longer-term basis.

Gift baskets will usually involve the collection of several different products which are then delivered to your customer in one go. They are an excellent way to showcase new products to existing customers and existing products to new customers on a one-off basis.

Subscription boxes work in a similar way to gift baskets, but it guarantees returning customers as they subscribe to receive a box at regular intervals, helping to maintain your business over a longer time.

Graphic design

If you have skills in graphic design there are a variety of ways you can put these to good use to make money from home.  

45. Website design

For most businesses – especially e-commerce businesses, having a well-designed and effective website is essential. A website designer will help those businesses to get the branding right and ensure the website looks professional and appealing. As well as having graphic design skills, a website designer will need to understand software/programming languages such as HTML and Javascript. 

46. Marketing content design 

Businesses are looking to bring their brand to life across their digital marketing channels and often this requires the skills of a graphic designer – or, specifically, a marketing content designer. In this role, you will help them to create infographics, social media posts, logos, icons, etc. If you’re working in a freelance or contracted capacity, you’ll need to ensure you’re able to follow and deliver on the client’s briefs and work within their brand guidelines (ie using the correct tone of voice, colors, logos, fonts, and images).

47. Font design

Fonts play a major role in branding. They’re used all over the place – across websites, printed materials, logos, and advertising – and help to influence how a business and its message are perceived. That might be fun. That might be serious. As a font designer, you’ll work from a brief to shape the font’s aesthetic based on its intended use, sometimes adapting existing fonts or, alternatively,  creating new unique fonts. 

48. Posters and prints

Go on Etsy or any online print store and you’ll find thousands of graphic designers plying their trade. As a designer of posters and prints you can either set yourself up as an independent seller on marketplace websites like Etsy or eBay or you can try and get your designs sold through dedicated sellers and art dealers. Popular prints often involve film, music, sports, and travel – but, equally, you might want to do something more abstract or minimalist. 

49. 3D animator

Perhaps your graphic design interests have seen you hone your skills as a 3D animator? This is a fast-evolving creative sector where animators are working in all kinds of areas – from TV and film to forensic and medical fields. Whilst these designs often start as sketches, you’ll need to have the technical skills to bring your models to life in a 3d capacity using software such as Autodesk, Cinema 4D, and Adobe. A passion for storytelling and problem solving is absolutely essential. 

50. Illustration

The role of the illustrator predates the digital age and stretches all the way back to the time when cave drawings were used to tell stories. Things have moved on somewhat and these days illustrators are sought after to apply their skills to websites, postcards and stationery, t-shirts, film storyboarding, comic books, the fashion world, and much more. Illustrators are even sought after in more serious fields such as sketching courtroom scenes and capturing the inner workings of the human anatomy. 

Marketing services

Marketing services are always in high demand and digital technology has made this a great line of work to offer as a home-based business. 

51. Digital marketing consultant

If you have a broad range of digital marketing skills and experience – SEO, PPC, content, email, social media – you’ll be well placed to offer your services to businesses, helping them to reach target audiences and convert their interest into sales. Working as a consultant, you’ll be expected to have a strategic mindset so you can look at the whole picture and offer holistic solutions. You may also be expected to get involved in the day-to-day tactical implementation of the strategy – whether that’s copywriting on a website or setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook. As with any consultancy role, having communication skills are essential and you’ll also need to have an analytical mindset. 

52. CRM specialist

Customer relationships are a hugely important part of any business. At the heart of this are the CRM systems being used to collect and organise data, automate marketing communications, and provide customer insights and analysis. If you’ve got expertise managing customers databases and using CRM systems, this is a skillset that is hugely valuable to organisations.

53. Paid advertising specialist

In the UK, businesses spent nearly 32 billion pounds on advertising in 2021. Whilst many businesses have their own in-house marketing teams, advertising is often outsourced to specialists. If you’ve got experience in running both online and offline advertising campaigns, businesses are looking for specialists who can provide expert insights and tactical know-how that will drive the best results with their marketing budgets. 

54. SEO specialist

An SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist is somebody that works specifically to ensure that a website appears as near to the top of search engine searches as possible. Many factors are involved in this, and the algorithms that are used by search engines to define the order of these results are continually changing.

An SEO specialist will work with clients to ensure their website is optimised for search, provide content creation opportunities and insights, and cultivate links back to the website through outreach activity. 

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home working ideas uk

How to make money from home: Best work from home jobs and ways to make extra cash

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Woman looking for how to make money from home with dog on the sofa next to her

Learning how to make money from home is the difference between a dream job and an average nine-to-five for millions of people. 

Even before the pandemic, people at the very least had begun to take days working from home to add a bit more balance to their lives. Now many people, especially those trying to work from home with kids , are keen to get back to a bit of normality - but others have opted for the working from home life indefinitely.

There are more ways to make money from home than just doing a standard office job from your kitchen table, though. Sites like PeoplePerHour and GumTree are set up to help those who want everything from a whole new job to just a little bit of extra cash at the end of the month.

Best work from home jobs to make money from home

Avon seller.

You've probably heard of Avon, one of the world's best known cosmetic companies. They're famous for their award-winning skincare products and amazing perfume dupes . Avon representatives showcase the products in people's homes, so it's a good one to look into if you have friends and family who live locally.

Avon packaging

The start-up cost is very low, so it's handy if you're looking for a relatively simple way to make money from home. You can apply to be a seller on the Avon website .

With pet sitting, you can either have pets at your home or go to other people's homes to look after them.

Much like babysitting, there's no compulsory training that you have to do but it's important to consider any difficulties you might get into if an animal becomes unwell. It's certainly a good idea to take out Public Liability Insurance with an insurer accredited with the Association of British Insurers .

Many dog sitters who work full-time in the role also take Pet First Aid course, to make their services more attractive to pet owners.

Flower arranger

If you've got a flowing garden, full of flowers, why not turn it into a business? It's the perfect job to do at home if you've got a real creative flare.

Woman arranging flowers at home

You'll need training or at the very least some experience as a florist. Offer to volunteer part-time at a local business or take a floristry course at your local school. You can even start by volunteering for a local church or organisation that regularly needs flowers to get some practice in.

After this though, you can arrange the flowers at home for all types of events and deliver them yourself to the venue.

Children's books author

If you have children yourself, you've probably read a few children's books in your time. So why not write one yourself?

While it may not be easy or one of the most predictable ways to make money from home, it's certainly doable. You'll need a great idea that stands out and the determination to pull it off, so be sure to check out your local university or college and see if they're running any creative courses to help you get started. Alternatively, you could try one of the creative Future Learn course from the Open University, which should kickstart your creativity.

Courses are a good way to build up your writing confidence and get feedback from tutors and other students. There's also some excellent advice on the  Penguin website about how the publishing process works, when you get to that stage.

Data entry clerk

While it may not be the most exciting job, data entry is one of the best working from home jobs. If you have experience in the field, even better.

Woman working as a data entry clerk at dining room table

Update your CV and join a job website such as reed.co.uk , indeed.com or e4s.co.uk. It might take a while to find the right job to suit your schedule but there certainly will be one, with hundreds of jobs available all the time.

Be aware of some recent money scams though, particularly ones that promise you'll earn thousands for just working a limited number of hours per day. Make sure you do your research and ensure it's a reputable company before you sign any contracts. From the off, there shouldn't be any fees to register for work so keep this in mind.

Virtual assistant

If you're organised, have good WiFi internet at home and a reliable computer or laptop, becoming a virtual assistant could be a good job to do from home.

If you've got experience as a personal assistant, secretary or similar job, you could join Time etc  and assist with anything from booking flights and accommodation to sorting out expenses and receipts.

Dog groomer

If you love animals - and dogs in particular - this is a great working from home. You don't need formal training to be a dog groomer but knowing how to handle animals, especially uncomfortable or scared ones, is a must. Experience will certainly help with this, as will some knowledge around the techniques and different breeds. Check out the City & Guilds course on this for more information.

Dog being groomed at salon at home

You will need space such as a spare room or a garage where you can set up the cleaning area with dryers and other kit so there will be some upfront costs.

Wedding planner

If you've got a natural gift for hosting, becoming a wedding planner is certainly a great working from home job. You don't need any formal qualifications but like most other jobs in hospitality, catering and organising, experience is a good thing to have. For more information, it's worth looking into courses like the Level 2 Award/Certification in Event Planning .

A smart website advertising your services will help. You should also get to know local spots, from churches and other licensed premises so you always have ideas in your back pocket. Getting to know the people who run these venues, along with local florists and caterers is also a good idea as these relationships will certainly come in handy.

If you're new to the industry, it's worth offering your services to friends or family first to build up your experience as it's unlikely you'd get a paid job without a portfolio.

Set up a baking website

Baking is big business in the UK, with popular TV shows like The Great British Bake Off reviving the hobby every year. If you love baking, you could share your favourite recipes, review local bakeries and cafes and even sell baking equipment.

Man standing in the kitchen baking

The more you know about the subject and the better your content is, the more readers will come to your website or blog. Learn about search engine optimisation (SEO) and what makes a good website. You could also reach out to bakeries and offer to share their recipes on your website, helping them spread awareness of their business and giving you content for the site.

Already familiar with SEO? If you've got good writing skills and can adapt your style to different brands, copywriting is a great job to do from home. Pick your own hours, what you write about and who you work for - just three of the benefits of this working from home job.

Everyone needs things written, whether it's a kitchen company's leaflets and brochures or an entire website. Along with directly contacting marketing agencies and companies, you could also apply for jobs on People Per Hour under the 'copywriting' section.

It can be hard to get freelance copywriting work without experience so if you're new to the business, it is probably worth approaching local companies directly to see if they need any copy written. It can also pay off if you take the initiative and spot things which could be better written then offer your services (tactfully!).

Market research interviewer

A telephone interviewing job is a great one to do from home. From standard tele interviewing jobs and customer service to more advance background checking work, are plenty available on all the job sites like reed.co.uk and indeed.com .

Smiling woman working as a telephone interviewer, one of the best ways to make money from home

This is really a good one as you don't need any extensive training outside of what the company will offer you or much prior experience. It will all come down to your telephone demeanour and how you speak to people.

Virtual tutor

Thinking of leaving your full time in-office job to work from home? Being a tutor is not only a rewarding experience, helping students from primary school all the way through to adulthood with topics they find difficult, but it tends to also be very well paid.

If you've got a degree or higher education qualification in any subject, private tutoring is the way forward. Maths, science, English and languages are probably the most sought-after but other subjects will have their needs too. This is a particularly good one to go for if you excelled at homeschooling during lockdown, remember all the great educational apps and resources you used, and reckon you could do it all over again without too much of a struggle.

Word-of-mouth is naturally the best way to get work but you'll need a couple of students already to make that happen. Create a profile on a site like MyTutor or thetutorwebsite.co.uk , where you can list your qualifications and expertise and tell potential pupils a little about yourself. All tutoring can then be done virtually.

If you've got a real talent for cooking, love hosting dinner parties and are (very) organised, you might want to consider starting your own catering business. It can all be done from home, from organising the entire event's food menu to making and delivering it.

Woman baking at home

You'll have to contact your local authority to register your business , organise appropriate waste disposal and recycling collection, and apply for an environmental health license .

Music teacher

If you play a musical instrument to a high level and have experience playing, being a music teacher is one of the best working from home jobs. Much like being a tutor, you'll likely need to prove your capabilities to be appealing to those looking for classes. Verified music grades from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ( ABRSM ) will likely be expected, alongside at least a basic DBS check and possibly other experience teaching.

Sign up to tutoring websites like MyTutor, where you can find students who want to come to your home or you to come to them for a music lesson.

Language translator

Speaking or being able to read and write another language is a massive asset these days. So whatever you know, from French and Spanish to Hindi and Mandarin, there is bound to be someone who needs these skills. A site like gengo.com is a good one to go for, as need a variety of translators for different services and it can all be done from home.

Smiling woman working from home as a translator

Translation will be easier to do from home as it is written and you would usually translate from the foreign language into your mother tongue language. You could be translating anything from children's books to letters. If you don't have a degree, look into the Diploma in Translation which is run by the  Chartered Institute of Linguists .

Beautician from home

If you've developed a real set of make up skills, love beauty treatments and products, this is a great way to make money from home. It needs lots of commitment though, with some awareness of social media marketing to get your services out there and you will need a qualification. A minimum NVQ Level 3 is required in whichever speciality you go for, whether it be massage or manicures.

Blogging isn't just a hobby, it can be a career too. If you're good at writing, have a captivating style, can keep readers engaged and are fascinated by a certain subject - whether that be parenting or film - there is real money to be made in blogging.

The plus side is that there are no qualifications required and it really costs nothing to start up a blog. Websites like Weebly and Wordpress allow users to set up a blog for free, with paid for add-ons available to buy later down the line.

Woman blogging from home, one of the best work from home jobs

To make it successful, you'll need to know your way around search engine optimisation to attract readers online and a bit about social media, to make a name for yourself. Start with reading around the subject . Once you've got this going, you can even set up affiliate deals with brands where you'll be set to make more money.

Holistic practitioner

Holistic therapy covers a whole range of treatments from aromatherapy and homeopathy to reflexology and even baby massage . More and more people are looking for alternative ways to manage pain and other ailments, from back pain to skin conditions. So if it's something you're interested in, it can be worth training as it is well suited to help you make money from home

For credibility, qualifications and courses are essential. VCTCT Accredited courses are industry standard and the Holistic Therapy Centre offers them all year round, with payment plans available for training courses.


If you learnt how to cut your own hair during lockdown or are professionally trained, whether as a hairdresser or a barber, this is definitely a skill you can make use of working from home. And if you're not already trained, there are courses you can do to teach you the basics. Even just knowing how to trim a fringe can bring in some extra money on the side of your day job.

It's unlikely that clients will ask for qualifications because really, the proof is in the haircut. Get plenty of practice and once you feel like you've got it down, offer to cut friends' hair at a discount to get experience and help spread the word.

Woman cutting hair from home

You might also decide to go to other people's homes instead which can be easier if you don't have the space at home.

It might sound a little dry, but every business needs someone to manage their books and accounts so if you're good with numbers and good on detail, this could be a flexible way to earn income from home. You may not need formal qualifications but experience is useful, if not essential. Otherwise you can do courses with the or Institute of Certified Bookkeepers  to stand you in good stead.

You might also want to reach out to friends and family you're close with and offer them your services, so you can start to build up a list of clients.

Graphic designer

If you've got an artistic flare and can easily wrap your head around complex computer programmes, you could learn how to make money from home as a freelance graphic designer. To get started, you'll need to sign up to a subscription to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign to name a few. These programmes will give you the tools you need to work.

It's also best to have a look at some courses in graphic design too, as these won't only help you use the programmes but will give you a good idea of whether this is something you want to do before you take the plunge. Experiment with ideas and create a portfolio of work which you can show to prospective employers.

If you live in a neighbourhood with plenty of pooches, this could be an excellent working from home job. It can be a real earner, as you can walk multiple dogs at the same time, and don't need any qualifications or much prior experience.

Just make sure you have appropriate public liability insurance, as this will protect you if something happens to the dogs or a member of the public when you're out. Some clients might also want you to have Pet First Aid training, so perhaps check out short courses from the College of Animal Welfare .

Advertise your service on a site like NextDoor , where you can post what you're offering and what you'll be charging. People in your local area only will then see this and be able to hire you.

Personal trainer

Much like hairdressing, personal training is one of the best ways to make money from home. As long as you've got the space and the capacity to take on a qualification to get started, you can begin working with clients fairly quickly.

Woman working as a personal trainer from home

HFE offer internationally recognised qualifications in personal training, from beginners' courses to more specific and advanced training.

This is definitely one for the fitness fanatics and those who nailed the best workouts to do from home during lockdown. The great thing about it is, whether your passion is yoga or weightlifting, there will be people who want to incorporate that activity into their fitness regime. You'll also need the space to host clients and the equipment you'd typically use in your chosen activity.

Best ways to make extra cash from home

If you're not looking to give up your day job but want to make some extra money on the side, this is how to make money from home.

Cake baking

Do you love baking? You could start your own cake-making business if you fancy turning this classic lockdown hobby into a business. It can start small - you can make birthday cakes to order for friends and family or sell your cakes at local markets and fairs. You could even approach local cafes or restaurants to see if they would take any orders from you.

Find out how to start a cake business and be sure to check out the Food Standards Agency website for how to register your food business.

Host foreign students

When foreign students come to the UK to study with a school, they often need somewhere to stay. If you've got a spare room and a family life that allows you to have an extra person in the home, foreign students can be a good way to bring in extra money.

It's an added bonus if you or anyone else in the family is learning their language, as the situation could work as a bit of a language exchange as well.

Contact schools directly for this or look at websites such as ukguests.co.uk and homestaybooking.com . You can also contact Education First to see if you can register your home for their students.

Make and sell greeting cards

Those with a knack for bringing kids' craft ideas to life with perfect precision already know how to make money from home - by making and selling greeting cards! If you've got a unique artistic style then even better, as the list of occasions that people need cards for is endless - from birthdays to anniversaries to get well soon cards.

Woman making greeting cards from home

Set up a profile on a site like Etsy , where people looking for homemade and alternative greeting cards will likely go to. It's also worth checking in with local businesses (such as coffee shops and boutique stores) as they might be interested in stocking your cards for a small cut.

Sell produce at your local farmer's market

The number one guarantee at a farmer's market is that you're buying homegrown or homemade produce. So if you've got a pretty big garden and a knack for growing, cooking or baking, it's worth checking out your local farmer's market to see if you can find a gap in the market. It's one of the best ways to make money from home, with just two trips out at the weekend.

We all remember the boom in bread baking over lockdown, so if you've got the perfect recipe for sourdough then maybe a bread stall is the way to make a little extra money? Alternatively, jams and other preserves, baked goods and even homemade meals have been known to snatch up custom at a farmers' market.

Before you get going though, make sure to contact Environmental Health officers and Trading Standards as they'll both need to be involved in the set-up of this side hustle. Both can be contacted via your local authority .

Selling unwanted clothes and items on eBay

Whatever it is you want to sell, whether it's jewellery, unwanted clothes from the back of the wardrobe or crafts that you've made, selling them via ebay is one of the easiest ways to do it. Everything is set up for you - from payment methods to the website - so all you have to do is post your items and check regularly for enquiries and confirmed purchases so you can send out items on time.

Woman working on laptop tablet

Make and sell jewellery

This is another great side hustle to do from home if you've got a little more expendable income that you can invest in silver and gold to turn into jewellery. While many people just learn from online tutorials , you can also take courses at local academies  to learn the practical skills you'll need.

When you've got a good selection of pieces, you can start to sell them on retail sites like Etsy . You can also host jewellery parties - invite friends and friends of friends to your house, provide a few drinks and nibbles and let them browse (and hopefully buy) some of your creations.

Sell your sewing skills

Getting clothes repaired can be difficult - and expensive. With fewer tailors on the high street than ever before, those looking for the help of a seamster often turn to online for their repair needs. So if you're a dab hand on the sewing machine, you could earn a nice little side income by doing alterations and minor repairs. It's a case of word-of-mouth, so spread the news of your new service with friends and via social media to help slowly build up your business.

Also take a look at People Per Hour for work, where there are jobs available for everything - from sewing placemats to getting involved with up and coming fashion brands.

While these ways for how to make money from home might not make you a millionaire, they're certainly sure to help make ends meet.

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Home office ideas we look to include Farrow amp Ball's colour specialist Patrick's study painted in the archive colour...

Home office ideas we look to include Farrow & Ball's colour specialist Patrick's study , painted in the archive colour ‘Minster Green’

Now that working from home in some form is here to stay, whether full-time or flexible, it's time to perfect your set-up, Need home office ideas? To start with, investing in a proper desk and office chair is well worth your time. Our surroundings have a profound effect on our state of mind, which makes planning a home office or workspace especially important. From the desk lamps to the desk accessories , wallpaper to paint , there are so many elements that can influence the space. The decor of a study is of utmost importance - a carefully designed space could even improve creativity and work productivity.

These design ideas may inspire a reworking of your own office space, whether it's merely a table in the corner of your living area or a study of its own. The only problem? Once you have your home office set up, you may never want to go back to into work.

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Home office ideas from the House & Garden archive

A guest bedroom in this rambling former vicarage in south London brought to life by Tamsin Saunders doubles as a study...

A guest bedroom in this rambling former vicarage in south London brought to life by Tamsin Saunders doubles as a study, with the wall colour chosen to ‘absorb’ a large mahogany armoire. Tamsin found the collection of studio pottery; the desk was designed to sit under the window. The green in the vintage rug echoes the colour of the exterior paintwork on the church next door.

In Rosies ground floor study Tamsin Saunders painted the architrave a dark mouse colour ‘to frame the room and rehung...

In Rosie’s ground floor study, Tamsin Saunders painted the architrave a dark mouse colour ‘to frame the room’ and rehung Rosie’s collection of artwork ‘to cover the walls from floor to ceiling.’ The portrait of the man on right is by Julia Hawkins. The cushion on the chair is vintage. The other paintings are by Rosie, Arthur Neal, Luke Hannam and Fred Cumming.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Interior Design Indoors and Plant

Classical architect George Saumarez Smith's study , overlooking the garden, is painted in Farrow & Ball's 'Inchyra Blue', with a handsome flame stitch cushion on the chair. George’s own architectural drawings decorate the study, along with piles of the sketchbooks he has been working on since his student years, highlights of which, including many painstaking measured drawings of buildings, are now published as a book

The office in this classic Victorian house in Oxford revitalised by Charlotte Boundy is papered in Morris  Co's ‘Willow...

The office in this classic Victorian house in Oxford revitalised by Charlotte Boundy is papered in Morris & Co's ‘Willow Bough’ pattern in yellow. The curtains are in Claremont's ‘Plain Ottoman’ in petrol. A lamp from Cabana's collection for OKA stands on the desk, and a Rose Uniacke leaded lantern hangs above.

The original plan for this room was as a dining room but the design duo Salvesen Graham convinced the clients to...

The original plan for this room was as a dining room, but the design duo Salvesen Graham convinced the clients to repurpose the chapel instead. This gave them the luxury of a larger study space. Here the panelling is painted in Farrow and Ball's ‘Oval Room Blue’. The Roman blinds are Teyssier ‘Hawkeswood Moss’, balanced by Besselink and Jones wall lights. The fenders, a Salvesen Graham signature, are ‘Norfolk Fenders’ with John Boyd textiles horse hair. The furniture ranges from vintage Eames pieces (chair, footstool) to bespoke Salvesen Graham pieces (side chair, armchair).

Farrow  Ball's colour specialist Patrick's study is painted in the archive colour ‘Minster Green with accents of red and...

Farrow & Ball's colour specialist Patrick's study is painted in the archive colour ‘Minster Green’, with accents of red and white in the upholstery and in the Alice Palmer lampshade hanging above. Patrick sits at his father's old desk to work, with a late 19th-century portrait “that looks like Paul” looking down on him. The plates on the wall are by Gavin Houghton.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Clothing Apparel and Table

Tom's office is a lovely brick red that works brilliantly in the small space, which is flooded with light from the landing and a large window. The way in which Sophie Warburton has played with colour in the house gives it a wonderful personality and reflects the style that she has made Host Home known for.

The walls and shelves of the study in Katie Glaister's London house are painted in Edward Bulmer's archive shade...

The walls and shelves of the study in Katie Glaister's London house are painted in Edward Bulmer's archive shade ‘Brunswick Green.' The design of the joinery incorporates different sizes and heights of shelf without appearing chaotic. The hand-carved writing table with its leather top is a K&H Design by No Straight Lines piece, as is the rug, which was inspired by the design of the stair runner.

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For this study in a Philadelphia home designer Chauncey Boothby endeavoured to honour her client's roots and childhood...

For this study in a Philadelphia home , designer Chauncey Boothby endeavoured to honour her client's roots and childhood in Sub-Saharan Africa, whilst still keeping the room “fresh and contemporary.” The green side table, which contrasts well with the vintage armchairs upholstered in fabric from Holland & Sherry , comes from Hickory Chair Furniture Co. ; both the lamp and its lampshade which rest on the table come from Vaughan Designs . To the right of the chair duo – a cosy corner which makes for a delightful reading nook perfect for any study – stands a floor lamp from Ralph Lauren for Visual Comfort .

desk office

Sézane’ founder Morgane Sézalory made the most of the cubbyhole-sized office space , which she painted the greenish-blue shade Laque from Farrow and Ball. It was just roomy enough to fit a vintage wood desk—atop of which she keeps a balloon-like Les Composantes table lamp.

In the living and workspace area in this calm Wiltshire farmhouse treasured pieces including a Jacques Adnet lamp and a...

In the living and workspace area in this calm Wiltshire farmhouse , treasured pieces, including a Jacques Adnet lamp and a Carl Aubock brass ashtray, are displayed on the 18th-century French desk, which is paired with an Eighties ‘Quinta’ chair by Mario Botta James and Scarlett bought the kimono on honeymoon in Japan

In her country home in Wiltshire Ochre cofounder Joanna likes to draw new designs using a pencil and paper in this...

In her country home in Wiltshire , Ochre co-founder Joanna likes to draw new designs using a pencil and paper in this tech-free space, devoted to art books, sewing and painting. She refers to it as her playroom – ‘It’s where I switch off ’.

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In artist Haidee Becker's study in her London house , a large blue canvas of hers, featuring spring blossom, hangs behind her desk. Haidee found the rush-seated chair to the right of her desk on a street local to her a couple of weeks ago.

Legendary writer Patrick Leigh Fermor's beautiful bookfilled house in the Peloponnese is the workfromhome ideal....

Legendary writer Patrick Leigh Fermor's beautiful, book-filled house in the Peloponnese is the work-from-home ideal. Pictured here is the dreamy desktop setup Joan Leigh Fermor’s bedroom. She first came to Greece to photograph it for the British Council, and her images show a country still relatively unchanged after the upheavals of the Second World War and the Greek Civil War.

In the studio of this warm and layered San Francisco house a vintage Göran Malmvall desk is partnered by a Henning...

In the studio of this warm and layered San Francisco house , a vintage Göran Malmvall desk is partnered by a Henning Kjaernulf ‘Razor Blade’ chair, making for a comfortable workspace. A sofa upholstered in Guy Goodfellow Collection’s ‘Olive Sacking’ and a 19th-century Hoshiarpur octagonal side table contribute to the relaxed feel.

Image may contain Shelf Furniture Living Room Indoors and Room

With her innate sense of proportion and symmetry, interior designer Pallas Kalamotusis has capitalised on the lofty dimensions of a hotchpotch mansion flat in west London to create a harmonious home. One corner of the living room has been made into a dedicated workspace, the desk sparingly decorated yet not empty, with one drawer to hide errant papers and pens – the perfect set-up for someone working from home part time.

“I always put banquettes in New York apartments” says Lilse the designer of this flat “so that clients have a spot for...

“I always put banquettes in New York apartments,” says Lilse, the designer of this flat, “so that clients have a spot for their laptop that's not in the kitchen.” This is especially helpful for smaller apartments such as this jewel-box flat on the Upper East Side in New York . The banquette is upholstered in Siam in Baltic Blue by Carolina Irving; the table was custom-made by RT Facts . The lamps that flank the banquette are from Vaughan.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Living Room Indoors Room and Table

In this home office in London , a fifties Scandinavian desk from Designers Guild has been positioned facing into the room for good feng shui; the ‘Clam’ armchair is by Philip Arctander.

The study in Natalie Tredgett's house is packed full of colour the perfect place to get one's creativity abuzz.

The study in Natalie Tredgett's house is packed full of colour, the perfect place to get one's creativity abuzz.

Image may contain Furniture Shelf Bookcase Table Living Room Room Indoors Desk Chair Interior Design and Human

A home office is necessary for novelists. Here, in writer Andrew O'Hagan's study , a Vaughan light is positioned over Andrew’s antique desk from Ian Anderson.

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The study at Kerry Franses's London house . An Arts and Crafts desk attributed to Peter Hansen is paired with an oak chair by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Image may contain Furniture Living Room Room Indoors Chair Table Interior Design Couch and Desk

At Nicola Mardas' seafront home in Deal , the office looks into a quiet, internal courtyard. A lampshade by Alvaro Picardo sits atop a lamp from Country & Eastern in Norwich. The chik blinds, which feature throughout the house, are from Joss Graham. The rattan chair is by Sika Design.

Image may contain Banister Handrail Wood Furniture Flooring Lamp Table Lamp Interior Design Indoors and Table

Another further, small study area in the same house in Deal has been fitted into the top landing. A blind in 'Willow' by Kit Kemp for Christopher Farr Cloth softens the space, while artworks by Ian Hamilton Finlay add colour to the walls.

A study in the writer Olivia Laing's Suffolk home. Chair by Habitat and lamp from John Lewis.

A study in the writer Olivia Laing's Suffolk home . Chair by Habitat and lamp from John Lewis.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Shelf Table Desk Wood Interior Design and Indoors

At Laura Stephen's London house , the son's bedroom includes a smart desk area that would be appropriate for all ages.

Image may contain Furniture Shelf Bookcase Table and Desk

At Marianne Evennou's tiny Parisian apartment , space has been used to maximum efficiency. A built-in desk in the bedroom is exemplary of her canny use of interior architecture.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Interior Design Indoors Room Lamp Table Lamp Living Room and Wood

In-between spaces can risk being cold or echoey places to work. In this project by Emily Todhunter of Todhunter Earle , a wall covered in red suede creates a distinctive workspace that feels warm and cosy. Matching lacquered woodwork adds subtle glamour, while an English walnut desk by David J Haddock (t: 01747 860016), a cabinetmaker based in Dorset, makes a chic feature of the wood’s natural burrs.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Hat Clothing Apparel Interior Design Indoors and Plant

There are certain key elements that make a home office function well and this garden room has all the requisite worktop space, storage and lighting. Once the essentials are covered, you can introduce creative details. This room, by interior designer Peter Dunham , is papered top to bottom in the tumbling ‘Nasturtium’ wallpaper by Lake August . The pattern on the walls is echoed by the chandelier decorated with painted metal nasturtium leaves.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Table and Indoors

This alcove desk area, in a project by New York-based interior-design duo Brockschmidt & Coleman , functions in the same way as a traditional sécretaire. The table can be folded away when not in use, and cupboards and shelves are neatly incorporated. Made to measure and fully built-in, a folding desk can be made to work to suit larger, more modern proportions and this one fits the aesthetic of the sitting room perfectly.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Wood Hardwood Interior Design Indoors Home Decor Room Table and Living Room

Henrietta Courtauld of The Land Gardeners has this delightful studio at the bottom of the garden of her London house , with simple, fuss-free storage under the desk - all designed by Retrouvius. A curtain is a joinery-free way to hide everything out of sight and can be the basis for a colour scheme, while a built-in desktop creates a generous workspace, down the back of which no papers will slither.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Table Desk and Home Decor

Joinery can be as decorative as a piece of antique furniture, as seen in this office by Retrouvius . A built-in desktop is elevated by the simple addition of a panel of reeded wood, inset from the top, and tapered legs. Sliding doors can conceal a good amount of storage, even if the space behind is not particularly deep; these ones have been covered in red vintage bookcloth.

Image may contain Furniture Bookcase Shelf Table and Desk

Surround yourself with things that inspire you - like books in this study in a Spitalfields house - and try to give yourself some sort of view if you can. A blank wall to stare at all day won't inspire you all that much.

A wallmounted madetomeasure box shelf like this one by Jali is inexpensive and compact  and if painted in a strong...

A wall-mounted, made-to-measure box shelf, like this one by Jali , is inexpensive and compact – and, if painted in a strong colour, it can become a smart graphic feature. You can design your shelf to accommodate the maximum height of your magazines, box files or books. Task wall lights are a good way to save space and avoid cluttering the work area: the ‘Hector’ by Original BTC , seen here, is adjustable and comes in a plug-and-switch format, so it does not need to be wired in.

Image may contain Wood Hardwood Flooring Furniture Living Room Room Indoors Table Chair Rug Floor and Fireplace

Stylish furniture is a must, it'll make you feel more productive and less like you're playing pretend office. In Bryan O'Sullivan's house , a Sixties armchair by Kipp Stewart for Directional is covered in John Boyd Textiles’ ‘Selle II Stripe’, while Silvio Cavatorta designed the Fifties lacquered desk.

Bookshelves can make a beautiful backdrop for a workspace as seen in this room in Guy Tobins house in London. The...

Bookshelves can make a beautiful backdrop for a workspace, as seen in this room in Guy Tobin’s house in London . The layered look is enhanced by mounting a painting on the front of the shelves and curating a desktop display of treasured objects. The steel and leather ‘Y-Chair’ is from Rose Uniacke .

Image may contain Furniture Table Animal Bird Desk Chair Kitchen Island and Indoors

With a dark colour scheme, an understated mosaic floor and a few well-chosen pieces, Jane Gowers has created a chic office in an awkward space. The two-armed wall light by Serge Mouille is a statement design that pairs well with the antique mahogany desk.

In a slightly unconventional setting on this houseboat home to a furniture designer and writer couple the wheelhouse now...

In a slightly unconventional setting on this houseboat , home to a furniture designer and writer couple, the wheelhouse now serves as a design studio. The wraparound windows provide the workspace with natural light, which should be a priority, if possible, for a home office.

Bookcase ideas

When Pandora Sykes, a freelance journalist, and her husband moved into and renovated a new house in London , her office space was of utmost importance. Pandora's study features the Scalamandré ‘Zebras’ wallpaper she had coveted for so long and a bookshelf where she regularly finds inspiration. It is connected to the sitting room via double doors, which she can close off to be in privacy when needed.

In this roombetweenrooms Ben Pentreath has placed a colourful mix of Scandinavian pieces to create a playful and...

In this room-between-rooms, Ben Pentreath has placed a colourful mix of Scandinavian pieces to create a playful and light-filled workspace that does not take itself too seriously. A Svenskt Tenn fabric by Josef Frank on the lampshade, an Ikea rug, a Hans J Wegner ‘Wishbone’ chair from Carl Hansen & Søn and an Artek light are combined to jaunty effect.

Image may contain Furniture Table Chair Tabletop Indoors Interior Design and Desk

In the study of a striking, sculptural new build in London , the ‘Eames Soft Pad’ chair is from Vitra, while the desk, cabinets and leather-covered bench were all custom made. On the desk is a bronze sculpture intended as a maquette for a large-scale piece in the garden – its form is inspired by the curves of the building.

Image may contain Furniture Table Desk Sideboard and Wood

In this workspace belonging to Adam Sykes, the owner of Claremont , a painting by Andrew Johnstone has a strong visual impact set against the oiled birch-ply walls. The Fifties desk offers plenty of storage space.

A tiny space is neatly given over to a thoughtfully designed desk area in this house by De Rosee Sa. The builtin...

A tiny space is neatly given over to a thoughtfully designed desk area in this house by De Rosee Sa . The built-in cupboards on either side can be used to hide away papers, while a high window creates a small lightwell. This kind of workstation is especially handy for homework – completed under a watchful eye from both the kitchen and the sitting room.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Indoors Living Room Room Housing Building Wood Flooring Table and Rug

A bright corner of the living room has been converted into a workspace at this townhouse in Bray decorated by Christopher Howe. A taxidermy penguin, by Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren , is an irreverent nod to the owner’s collection of Penguin Classics.

Image may contain Furniture Table Bookcase Shelf Desk Rug Interior Design Indoors and Wood

A Twenties silver desk lamp by Édouard-Wilfred Buquet sits on a desk designed by Hugh Leslie in this warm wooden study in a Manhattan townhouse designed by Hugh Leslie .

If you don't have room for a dedicated study take note. Having commissioned an awardwinning newbuild in Suffolk the...

If you don't have room for a dedicated study, take note. Having commissioned an award-winning newbuild in Suffolk , the owners entrusted its decoration to interior designer Virginia White . The gallery leading to the spare bedrooms has been turned into a self-contained study, where Virgina chose a corner desk attatched the mezzanine wall to minimise the amount of floor space used.

Image may contain Interior Design Indoors Flower Ikebana Ornament Vase Flower Arrangement Plant Art and Pottery

In a small study area in one corner of Caroline O'Donnell's living room in her London flat , designer Harriet Anstruther has partnered a 'Bertoia Side Chair' from Skandium with an antique desk. This creates the desired modern effect while retaining a treasured piece.

Image may contain Furniture Table Desk Screen Electronics Monitor Display Lcd Screen Chair Wood and Rug

Formerly the home of Howard Hodgkin, this west London Victorian town house has a rather bohemian history. Its owners Linda and David Heathcot-Amory wanted to transform it into a carefully maintained family home with all the comforts.

In the office space, a dark Victorian desk stands out against light walls, while a painting of a sailing boat by Spanish artist Ramiro Fernandez Saus hangs above it. The double handed vessels on the desk are from Ardgowan Antiques . The desk stands on a modern rug designed by Linda - inspired by Paul Klee and Navajo tribal rugs - and made by Robert Stephenson.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Living Room Indoors Room Interior Design and Picture Window

In one of the bedrooms of Carskiey Estate , a slim and elegant navigator's desk stands between two windows framed by long curtains in Fermoie 's green 'N-098' wicker linen. This area makes for a thoroughly pleasant, relaxed workspace with pretty views.

Image may contain Furniture Bookcase Wood and Shelf

In this study of a flat near the Barbican Centre , designer Maria Speake of Retrouvius spread the owner's sizeable collection of books from the wall of architectural shelving to the wonderful Danish Rosewood desk from Paere Dansk .

Bookcase ideas

There's something so charming about an abundance of books. Eschewing the trend for a perfectly harmonious, colour-coded display, the study in this family home designed by architect Chris Dyson makes the most of unusual shelving, from the vintage Danish desk from The Conran Shop to the stackable shelf on the right.

Oak and ebony bookshelves inspired by the work of George Bullock a Regency designer give a masculine feel to this study...

Oak and ebony bookshelves inspired by the work of George Bullock, a Regency designer, give a masculine feel to this study designed by antique dealer and decorator Max Rollitt .

Bookcase ideas

The library in the Tudor wing of Bradwell Lodge has bookcases from Langford Grove, a demolished house also designed by John Johnson; the bust of Darcy John is by Sheila Arbuthnot.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Lamp Table Lamp Interior Design Indoors and Table

The challenge for interior designer Penny Morrison at this Victorian terrace was to create a home for a bachelor - without the stereotypical furnishings. A hand-painted Irving & Morrison lamp brightens a corner of the drawing room; the herringbone wool carpet is from Roger Oates .

Image may contain Furniture Table Desk Animal and Bird

The designer Jane Gowers discovered her London house by chance, but its restoration and decoration have been the result of good judgement and a sympathetic approach. The study has a Serge Mouille light and a mid-century Danish desk by Ole Wanscher.

Image may contain Wood Plywood Human Person Flooring Hardwood and Art

A mezzanine office with a workspace for two makes the most of high ceilings in the sitting room of artist Jonathan Delafield Cook and illustrator Laura Stoddart's converted disused chapel in Somerset . Paintings hanging on the wall, a sky light and the skeletons of two young beech saplings rising up to the ceiling from downstairs add character to the small, white space.

84 stylish living room ideas to copy now

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10 roles where you can work from home

  • 10 roles where you can work from home
  • Career Advice

Would you like to wave goodbye to your daily commute for good? If you’re ready to work from the comfort of your own home to a schedule that suits you, then a remote working arrangement could be an option.

Everyone will have their own personal reasons as to why they prefer working from home. Whether it’s for health reasons, the need to fit work around caring responsibilities , or simply to reduce stress levels , many people say that even just cutting out travel leaves them with more time and energy to do the things they love.

With that said, here are 10 roles where you can work from home…

1. Customer service representative

Customer Service Representative

Are you a people person who can connect with strangers easily? Would you like a home-based role where you can provide support to others?

Many of us will have become frustrated by poor customer service and considered how we might do things differently. As a customer service representative, you can help to improve customer satisfaction rates by making sure that each person you speak to goes away feeling like their voice has been heard and their needs have been met.

In a home-based role, you’ll usually provide support to customers via phone or email and might deal with anything from general customer queries to complaints.

Customer service representatives can also work in any field where there’s a product or a service being sold (from internet providers to delivery services) – so there’s plenty of variety.

Ready to apply for a role as a customer service rep?

2. transcriptionist.


Can you type quickly? Do you have excellent attention to detail and great listening skills? If yes, then you might be able to find work as a transcriptionist.

Transcription jobs involve listening to and converting voice recordings from sources like conference calls, podcasts, and other voice recordings into written reports. Competition for transcription roles can be quite fierce, but if it’s something you think you’d be particularly good at or would enjoy doing, then it’s worth persevering.

Websites like Transcription Divas and Take 1 Transcription regularly recruit home-based transcriptionists to take work on a casual basis. Or, if you’re looking for a more permanent position, some employers also recruit full and part-time transcriptionists – so keep an eye out.

Interested in becoming a transcriptionist?

3. data entry clerk or assistant.

Data Entry Clerk or Assistant

Data entry is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s the process of inputting data or information into a computer from sources like hardcopy forms and/or outdated computer files.

Although it might not sound like the most exciting job in the world to some people, it can be a great introduction to home working as it requires very little specific training – so you might be able to get started fairly quickly.

You don’t necessarily need to have any experience in data entry to land a remote position, but you’ll usually need to demonstrate a basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. You might also be tested on your keyboard skills and accuracy in entering data.

The best way to get a remote position as a data entry assistant or clerk is to regularly check job boards. While many employers advertise for data entry positions in-house, many offer the option of home working – either exclusively or several days a week.

Freelance data entry work is also available on sites like Clickworker or Upwork . Sometimes clients will need a one-off job, while others might need several data entry tasks to be completed over a fixed period of time. Once you start building up a rapport with clients, chances are they’ll offer you work again in the future.

Note : While there are many genuine job adverts out there, it’s important to be aware that there are also a lot of scams – with job adverts promising that you can make several thousand pounds in a couple of hours. Always make sure you do your research, and if a company asks you for any upfront costs (however small) for things like training packages, it’s almost certainly a scam.

If you’re ever in doubt over whether a job ad is genuine, it’s worth getting hold of the contact details of someone who works there and trying to speak to an actual person about what the role entails.

Browse remote data entry jobs

Find jobs near you

4. Online tutor

Online Tutor

Would you love to help others have that ‘light bulb moment’ when something they’ve been struggling to understand finally clicks? With websites like Tutorful and Tutorfair , it’s now possible to find and tutor students online using tools like video chat, email, and online messenger.

Tutoring a child or young person is an incredibly rewarding way to give back to the community, and usually has an hourly rate of between £30 and £60 per hour. As a tutor, you’ll get the chance to watch your students grow and progress with each tutoring session.

There are opportunities to tutor individuals in most subjects, so it’s up to you to choose your area and level of expertise. You might hold relevant qualifications in this area or have built up substantial knowledge in a particular subject area through other means.

As a tutor, the number of hours you choose to work is completely up to you and the role is fully flexible.

Get started as a tutor

5. virtual assistant.

CV and cover letter advice

As technology continues to advance, so do the types of jobs that we can do from home. Once upon a time, when technology was slower and less advanced, it was much easier for people in admin or executive assistant-type roles to work in the office, close to the person or people being assisted.

However, with facilities like conference calling and instant messenger now in place, it has become much easier for people in these roles to work from the comfort of their own homes.

With that said, a virtual assistant (or ‘VA’) is someone who provides administrative support to companies, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs help with routine tasks. Responsibilities can be quite wide-ranging, so the chances are no two days will be the same.

There are a couple of options when it comes to starting out as a virtual assistant. You can start by looking for virtual assistant roles on job boards, as some employers and virtual assistant agencies advertise for full or part-time positions on a regular basis.

You could also decide to go it alone and become self-employed. You’ll first need to decide what kind of services you’d like to offer clients and whether you’ll charge per task/project, or per day/hour. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to start making your online presence known so people know you’re available to be hired.

The best way to start networking and meeting clients is to join websites for freelancers, such as People Per Hour or Upwork , where you can list yourself as a virtual assistant and start applying for jobs. Some people will need help with one-off tasks, while others may need help on ongoing projects or offer more regular work.

Become a virtual assistant

Get career support from the experts.

Clear from the Crowd CVs+ can provide you with professional one to one career support every step of the way – from help writing your CV and looking for a job, to interview hints and tips and advice on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

6. Pet Sitter

pet sitting

If you love animals, then you might be able to turn your passion into a paw-fect career.

For many people, getting to hang out with animals on their day off is a luxury, but what if you could hang out with several furry friends, all day, every day and get paid for it?

PDSA estimates that there are 9.9 million dogs, 10.9 million cats, and 900,000 rabbits kept as pets in the UK, which means there are plenty of animals out there to be cared for whilst their owners are away.

Starting a pet sitting business from home is relatively straightforward and start-up costs are low as clients usually provide their own pet food, toys, bedding, and so on.

Many pet sitters invest in insurance to protect their business from any costs that result from a pet becoming injured or unwell whilst in their care – but the price of this will vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Landing your first few clients can sometimes take a bit of time, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll usually pick up new business via word-of-mouth. The main things that potential clients will be looking to see are that you’re reliable, trustworthy, and will care for their pet as if it was your own.

A great place to start meeting clients is through websites like Tailster and Pawshake . They’ll take a small cut of your earnings, but in return, you’ll get free insurance coverage – which means that you won’t have to worry about purchasing your own insurance until you decide to go completely solo and start finding clients on your own.

Interested in becoming a pet sitter?

Or want to find out more about other top-rated pet sitting services, 7. childminder.


Childcare is a huge industry that provides many opportunities for home working and a chance to connect with younger generations. There are many different childcare options out there including hiring a nanny or making use of nursery schools – but many families also take their children to a childminder.

Childminders will usually look after several children at one time in the comfort of their own homes. Parents will usually drop children off, or childminders might pick children up from school and take them back to their home where they’ll feed them, help with homework, and run activities until their parents arrive.

Working with children can be a home-based career option that offers a refreshing break from a more serious office environment. After all, how many opportunities have you had to play with Lego or dress up as a fairy at work over the years?

If you decide that you’d like to become a childminder and get paid to care for children in your own home, then you must first become Ofsted registered – which you can usually do for a small fee.

To complete your Ofsted registration, you’ll need…

  • A UK criminal record certificate, which you can apply for here .
  • Criminal record certificates for anyone aged 16 or over who also lives in your home.
  • First aid training  relevant to the age group that you’ll be looking after.
  • Childcare training, which can usually be organised through your local council .
  • A health declaration booklet .
  • Contact details for two references.

Once you’ve submitted all of your information to Ofsted and your application has been accepted (which, if successful, usually takes about 12 weeks), you’ll be added to the Ofsted register.

The best way to start building up a client base is through friends and family, or on websites such as Childcare.co.uk . Once you have a handful of regular clients who feel they can trust and rely on you, it’s likely that they’ll start recommending you to other people.

Become a registered childminder

Apply for jobs, 8. airbnb host.

AirBnb Host

If you love the comfort of your own home and would consider sharing it with others, then why not think about becoming an Airbnb host? It’s a great way to start spending more time at home whilst earning a living.

Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent out anything from their whole property to a spare room for short periods of time. You can list your property for free and will be in total control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you choose to interact with guests.

The flexibility of Airbnb can be appealing to people who don’t want a full-time lodger but would be happy to open up their spare room for a few days here or there. Some people also choose to rent out their whole home whilst they themselves are on holiday, in order to help towards the costs of the trip.

It’s important to remember that while renting out your home in this way is becoming increasingly popular and can be a great earner, it doesn’t come without risks – so make sure that you’re completely comfortable with how it works before signing up to use the service.

If you’re keen to know more, the Airbnb website will tell you what you need to get started and how much you can earn each month, which will largely depend on what area you live in.

Find out more and get started

9. copywriter.


If you have a flair for writing and you’d like to start working from home, then copywriting could be an appealing option. All you really need is some creativity and your computer.

Copywriters create content (also known as ‘copy’) that can be used to promote products or services, or help show people how to use a product or service.

Often, we don’t notice a lot of the copy around us, for example, the description on the back of your shampoo bottle, your weekly horoscope, or the advice on the back of your dog’s food packet – but they all had to be written by someone – namely copywriters!

While many employers who hire writers will prefer you to have experience, not all require it. Companies will be more focused on the quality of your writing, and how good you are at meeting deadlines.

If writing is something you enjoy doing in your spare time, chances are you’ll have enough pieces you can put together to create an online portfolio using a site like Wix or Issuu , which you can use to showcase your writing style and quality to prospective employers.

To reap the benefits of working from home as a copywriter, it’s often easiest to work on a freelance basis, as these positions are nearly always remote.

Once you’ve created a portfolio to showcase your work, the best way to get started if you’ve got little or no paid experience is to join freelance sites such as Upwork , where you can apply for a range of one-off writing jobs.

Then, when you’ve had a few paid jobs, you’ll be able to start building up a network of regular clients, who might also recommend you to other employers – and so on.

Build my portfolio

10. bookkeeper.


If you’re organised and enjoy working with numbers, then you could consider helping companies to keep track of their finances as a bookkeeper. They’ll keep a record of a company’s incoming and outcoming payments and will sometimes issue invoices to customers.

It’s not uncommon for people to get bookkeepers confused with accountants. However, put simply, the difference is that bookkeeping mainly deals with the accurate recording of financial information, whereas accountancy involves analysing and interpreting that data.

In order to become a bookkeeper, you don’t need a degree, but you’ll need some training, which could be on the job or through a course. However, if you’re planning to start by working from home, you’ll usually need to gain the AAT Level 2 and Level 3 bookkeeping qualifications before you can start landing clients.

Once you’re a licensed AAT bookkeeper, you’ll need to find a way to advertise your services. This is easiest to do by creating your own professional website (which provides information about you and what makes your services different), applying to postings on job boards (some employers offer remote working), or building up a client base using sites like Upwork and/or People Per Hour .

Take an AAT bookkeeping course

Browse bookkeeping jobs, final thoughts....

While the roles on this list should hopefully get you thinking about the different ways you could start working from home, it isn’t exhaustive. While some employers might not advertise job roles as remote opportunities, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have the option to work from home once you’ve landed the job.

Before dismissing a job posting, it’s worth getting in touch to ask whether home working could be an option, even for just a couple of days a week – you might be surprised at how flexible some employers can be. 

On Rest Less, you can browse over thousands of work-from-home jobs from age-diverse employers who see the value that age diversity can bring to the workplace.

Additionally, if your current role has so far required you to commute every day but you’re keen to transition to working from home, then it might be worth having a discussion with your manager about whether or not it’s feasible for you to do so.

If your employer is hesitant about the idea of home working, then you could suggest trying it on a trial basis for one or two days a week. If you can demonstrate to your employer that you’re just as productive (if not more productive) at home, the more likely your employer will be comfortable with the idea.

For more job ideas and support with applications, you can visit the careers section of our website.

Elise Christian is lifestyle editor at Rest Less. She joined Rest Less in 2018 after achieving a first class Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Kent, and writes across a range of lifestyle topics such as mental health, home and garden, and fashion and beauty. Prior to this, she worked as a freelance writer for small businesses and also spent a year training to be a midwife. Elise spends her spare time going to the gym, reading trashy romance novels, and - more recently - learning to crochet. She also loves animals, and has a fascination with sharks and tornadoes.

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Small home office ideas to create a practical and beautiful working space

You don't need vast amounts of space to make a small home office work

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Small home office ideas don't need to be limiting you might not be able to squeeze in a CEO-style desk, but all you really need is a ledge to fit your computer and lots of imagination.

Home office ideas can be reinterpreted to work effectively in smaller settings. You simply need to plan more carefully, with some smart investments and clever furniture choices you can create a stylish desk area to boost productivity.

The first thing to do is, of course, decide which room you're going to turn into a home office, or co-opt space from within another room. Next to consider is lighting. 'Getting your lighting right and giving a once dark and gloomy part of your home a new lease of life can be just as motivating as your first coffee in the morning,' says Natalie Mann, New Product Development Co-ordinator for Iconic Lights . 

Finally, storage and furniture can be brought into play. 'Try and purchase furniture which has a double function. Think a desk but with storage underneath that can store paperwork and other items. Even if it's a multi-functional space, make sure you have storage to put everything away that has nothing to do with work. Nobody works at their best when surrounded by laundry!' says Juliette Thomas, Founder & Director, Juliettes Interiors .

Small home office ideas

No matter how petite a space you have, or where it's located, here are our favourite ways to make small home office ideas work for you.

1. Create a tiny fold away office

There are now some brilliant foldaway desks that allow you to create a full-blown home office but tuck it away at the end of the day. ‘Multi-functional options are also something to consider - contemporary brand Bisley have just released a swing desk that looks like a console when not in use, which is ideal for those multi-use space,’ says interior stylist Emma Palin.

You can make your own with an IKEA hack using the Norberg wall-mount drop leaf . It folds neatly against a wall with a table that flips up. Alternatively, La Redoute’s Mattheo Hideaway Cabinet Desk is currently our favourite find for creating a dedicated fold-out workspace.

The best part is that the doors help create that work cocoon feeling, creating the illusion of a room within a room. However, it will fit into the smallest homes as the cabinet itself will almost sit flat against a wall. 

Emma Jane Palin is a multi-award winning blogger, writer and interior stylist residing in Ramsgate, UK. Known for eclectic styling, she references 60s and 70s style in her home and wardrobe, championing sustainable brands and vintage finds. Through the addition of colour, pattern and texture, her sense of style is playful, personal and made to last.  

2. Adorn walls with cork board

 When space is at a premium it’s important to make every inch work hard and in a small home office bold home office wall decor ideas are a key way to make a statement without taking up space. 

‘I love a corkboard wall to bring texture and interest to an office wall,’ says interior stylist Emma Jane Palin. ‘As well as being eco-friendly and versatile - you can easily paint it if you want it to blend in with the rest of the space - it also provides an area to pin up inspiration and anything you’re working on.’

3. Save floor space with a ladder desk

‘Make the most of vertical height in a smaller office. Choose a ladder desk that is takes up less horizontal space, or incorporate full height shelving,’ suggests Emma Jane Palin. 

Ladder desks and ladder shelves are all amazing for taking up a small floor footprint. They can be use to squeeze storage into a tiny cupboard office, or you can carve out a small home office space in a living room with one. 

3. Colour drench your office

Forget white ceilings, colour drenching has become one of the best-emerging trends for small spaces. The trend is all about taking your home office colour scheme from the walls, onto the ceiling and even through your furniture. ‘If you’re decorating, paint your ceiling in the same colour as the walls for an infinity space illusion and add in mirrors or mirrored surfaces to reflect natural light,’ explains Emma.

4. Hang full length curtains

You might be designing a home office, but you shouldn’t forget any of the classic rule for making a small space look bigger. One of the key ones that Emma reminded us of is being clever with how you use your home office curtain ideas . 

‘The right window dressing can completely change the feel of a space. Hanging full-length curtains at ceiling height can make the window seem bigger, and the space taller,’ she says.

5. Use secondhand buys to hide cables

A small home office needs to house a lot, but clever storage can still be aesthetically pleasing. ‘If you’re wanting to bring more of a vintage feel, look on Facebook marketplace for retro shop fittings; old upholstery drawers and art racks can make for interesting features and often make for practical use of space,’ recommends Emma. 

Look for items with small draws for storing nicknacks, or opt for crates that can be turned into cable stores through an easy DIY project .

6. Choose translucent furniture and storage

If you want to preserve the feeling of an airy space, see-through pieces are a great way to go. ‘By allowing light to pass through them the vessels don't obscure the flow of a room which helps to maintain an airy-feeling space,’ explains a MUJI Interior Advisor.

You can stick to just translucent storage pieces, we love Muji’s acrylic drawers for stowing away stationary. Alternatively, you can take the plunge with a see-through desk or chair, it is definitely a bold look that will win you lots of points in the style stakes.

7. Create desk space with wall mounted lights

Home office lighting ideas are an important consideration even in a small space. In addition to overhead lighting, it is important to include task lighting over the desk itself. 

Desk lamps are brilliant for this, but if desk space is at a premium consider opting for a wall-mounted spotlight instead. Plug-in wall-mounted lights make these easy to install retrospectively without any re-wiring. 

However, if you want to utilise the existing desk lamp you already have Lauren Davenport, associate buyer at Furniture Village suggests being clever with positioning. ‘Table and desk lamps are key for creating a comforting ambiance, and can be cleverly positioned behind monitors to reduce surface clutter and or placed upon a nearby shelving unit to cast a glow across the room.’ 

8. Clear clutter with hanging storage pots

If you're working with a narrow desk space inside a cloffice or corner of another room the wall space is your best friend. The last thing you want is bulky shelves cutting off any headspace, and light to the desk. 

Instead consider attaching storage solutions such as pots for stationary and a picture rail for books straight to the wall. IKEA spice racks are a genius IKEA hack for creating slimline shelf space for books that doubles as a decorative feature. 

9. Include stress-busting houseplants

Small home office ideas like with any other home office can always benefit from adding in a few houseplants. 'Be sure to style in a selection of houseplants - whether they’re faux or the real deal, you’ll ream the benefits of having pops of greenery dotted around the space, helping to alleviate work-related anxiety and promote clarity,' explains Lauren at Furniture Village. 

To stop them taking over a small desk consider hanging planters. While real houseplants will always look best, if you'll struggle to lift a hanging planter down to water it consider opting for faux plants. They have been proven to deliver similar stress-busting benefits and you don't have to worry about water flooding your desk from above.

10. Think about vertical storage

In a small office every inch of space is precious. That includes the spot just below the ceiling above the desk. Capitalise on this overlooked vertical space by turning it into a storage shelf with clearly labelled boxes. 

This won't be the easiest spot to reach without a step ladder, so consider that when organising what you will store on the shelf. It is the perfect spot for tidying away family records and memory boxes, anything you don't need every day but need to be able to lay your hands on easily.

11. Carve out a nook among wardrobes

If you're working a home study space into a bedroom, consider sacrificing some wardrobe storage to carve out a nook. You only need a couple of feet across in order to fit in a small desk. Choose a slimline option so once the chair is pushed in, you're not coming into the room much more than the wardrobe doors.

You can keep the wardrobe sections above head height. Just ensure you leave enough room to have a light at a comfortable and practical distance away from the desk.

12. Create a flexible workstation

When creating a workstation in a living room, consider additions you can make so it is comfy to work at during the day but can be seamlessly packed away in the evening. 

An alcove in a living room can be turned into a well sized work space with the addition of a built in computer table that can be pulled out to double the desk size. A folding chair is the ideal seating solution that can be folded up and either hung on the back of a door or tucked underneath a sofa or bed when not in use. These flexible extras don't have to cost a lot, either, especially if you make use of home decor discounts and seasonal sales.

13. Utilise under stair space

Under stair spaces are often wasted space in homes. Instead of allowing it to become a dumping ground for tote bags and trainers, turn it into a stylish home office. Avoid home office design mistakes and go bespoke. This is your best option here as you'll be able to build in cabinetry to make the most of every available inch.

Build in as much storage as you have room for. Not all needs to be for office supplies, you can keep a cupboard for coats, and maybe a pull-out drawer for all the miscellaneous hallway paraphernalia.

14. Zone with paint

Use paint to define your work space in an open-plan area. Cover an area in contrast colours to the main wall, making it roughly the width of your desk and just below ceiling height, so it creates a framed backdrop for your desk.

'This could work very well in modern properties with an open plan living space,' adds Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown . 'And by painting just a smaller section of the room you can go really brave or dark with your chosen colour.'

15. Choose a corner desk

Nobody puts baby in the corner... but maybe they should. A corner desk is an excellent solution for fitting in a workspace and storage without overly encroaching on the rest of the room.

Keep ergonomics in mind and find an option with a pull out keyboard so you can comfortably type while staying at a good distance from your screen.

16. Lean into a light and bright scheme

Whether you're using a small box room or a part of a larger space, colour is key. Light, bright shades and materials will make the space seem larger than it is. Think crisp whites, pale woods and glinting metallics.

Be smart about your desk position to make the most for the natural light in the space. 'Lighting can increate productivity and prevent fatigue,' says Juliette from Juliettes Interiors. 'Make the most of daylight, but have your desk side onto a window so that the light does not shine directly onto your computer screen, and use tall lighting for specific areas, where you need to concentrate on detail.'

17. Make use of alcoves

'When it comes to creating a home office, you ideally want to carve out a space that you can dedicate to it,' advises Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director, Kelling Designs . 'However, space is often at a premium in modern homes and apartments, so dedicating a whole room isn't always possible. The last two years has seen the home become more multi-functional than ever, so being creative with your space is key.'

Use every inch of space at your disposal. Find space in an alcove in your living or dining room to act as a smart home office area. As well as fitting in a desk, you can easily add shelving above for all your working day necessities.

18. Use panelling to define the space

To really delineate your home office in an open plan space, consider revamping that section of wall. Add interest while zoning by inserting a panelled area. Enhance the look even further by painting this section in a contrasting colour to the rest of the wall space.

For a chic finish, paint the desk shelf in this same colour. This also makes it multi-purpose, as once you remove your work essentials it could double up as a cool home bar or display area.

19. Put up a single shelf to use as a desk

This has to be one of the smartest ways to make a small space work for a home office. A simple wooden shelf placed under a window creates the perfect perch for work.

You can go as big or as small as you have room for, but try not to go too thick or it can seem out of proportion.

20. Use all available walls wisely

When space is limited it's key to utilise every inch of space to the max. For a small home office desk or craft room ideas the solution the key is in making the walls worker harder.

A wall-mounted storage unit with fold-down compartments provides ample space for a desk and storage without taking up space. You can choose to fold each section flat against the wall when not in use.

21. Transform a dividing wall into a smart desk area

If you have an open-plan kitchen design try transforming a dividing wall into a computer station. Invest in a narrow tall desk with enough space to balance a laptop and plenty of shelves for storing office supplies.

Instead of buying a single purpose desk chair, double up a breakfast bar stool from the kitchen. A pegboard hung above the desk will help free up desk space further.

22. Float a desk to take up minimal floorspace

If you're limited on space, using a bedroom as a home office may be the only solution. Making a desk double up as a dressing table makes it a useable furniture piece with a bedroom purpose too.

A narrow, floating desk won't protrude too much into the room. Pop a mirror on it to transform it into a dressing table. Keep your home office essentials minimal, so you have less to hide away.

23. Welcome wallpaper

Don't be afraid of introducing patterns through a bold home office wallpaper idea into a small space behind a desk, as an interesting wallpaper or mural will cleverly distract from a messy desk and can play with the perception of space.

If wallpaper isn't your thing, you could use a pinboard or wall-mounted clipboards to make an interesting backdrop to your study area.

24. Utilise the wall space beside the bed

Make the most of every inch of valuable wall space with a wall-mounted unit that doubles as a desk. Simply fasten the bottom half away, to hid all trace of a desk element.

With drawers and storage compartments it doubles up a standard bedside unit to place a lamp, book and some fresh flowers. Add a small stool for when you're using it as a desk.

25. Make the most of attic eaves

If your loft space is already boarded out it will be simple enough to convert the space into a small home office idea. a lick of paint and a roll of carpet goes a long way to transform an attic for storage into an attic where you wish to spend time.

Sloping roofs are the perfect example of a space that might otherwise be redundant. It's often tricky to make use of the half height ceiling, due to the awkward measurements, but a desk will slot happily in.

Remember that it's a good idea to position yourself near a window, so you don't feel completely shut off from the world.

26. Soften the look of a functional home office

Don't compromise on interior style, make the small space work harder within your home. Soften the edges of a functional workspace by incorporating decorative home accessories and plenty of plants.

A cluster of houseplants, in varying heights, leaf shapes and pot textures can help to instantly add an informal feel to a home office.

27. Use white as a backdrop

Keep walls white in your home office so you can display photographs and pictures to inspire you. Continue the theme with co-ordinating stand-alone furniture and accessories, such as the desk lamp and shelf unit, for a cohesive feel.

Decorating with soothing white shades not only evokes a calm feel, the blank canvas creates the illusion of greater space.

Where is the best place for a small home office?

One of the bonuses of small office ideas is that they can be integrated just about anywhere in the home.

'Finding the right spot for your home office is key to productivity,' advises Joanna Baumard, Co-Founder, Purlfrost . 'You don’t necessarily need ample amount of space, but you do need natural light and a space that feels clear of clutter. If you haven’t got the luxury of a separate room, the dining room or bedroom can often be the next best spot.'

'The spare room is often an ideal place to work,' recommends Juliette Thomas, Founder & Director, Juliettes Interiors. 'It’s usually the quiet space in a home but is so often used as a dumping ground. If space is an issue, consider downsizing to a single pull-out trundle bed or a sofa bed that acts as a daybed or sofa when not in use. Choose a compact desk, console or dressing table that looks great but can be flexible and will allow you to hide work away when guests come to stay. This leaves more room for you to work comfortably and you still have a functioning spare room.'

If you opt to set up your home office in an open plan space, make sure to delineate the area. 'Simply working on the dining table or kitchen island won’t help to focus the mind,' says Poppy Peace, Creative Director, Milc Interiors . 'By effectively using rugs, bookshelves and lamps, you can create the perfect working zone, that works with the open-plan interior, yet ensures a dedicated space for work.'

How do you integrate storage into a small home office?

Just because your home office is short on square footage does't mean it has to be lacking in storage.

'Floating shelves or a tall bookshelf that extends to the ceiling will provide ample amounts of storage and a place to showcase decorative items,' says Mariana Ugarte, Co-Founder, Interior Fox . 'The possibilities are endless when you go bespoke. Creating furniture for your room that is designed to fit seamlessly means that every inch of the room is catered for.'

Alternatively, build in storage as you go. 'Why not create a dedicated home office within built-in joinery in the kitchen or living room, that can be shut away when you've finished working,' suggests Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director, Kelling Designs. 'It's ideal for creating integrated storage where you need it. By hiding it behind doors will allow the space to function as a kitchen, diner or family living space with ease.'

A small home office should never be an obstacle to packing your space full of stylish and practical ideas.

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UK Small Business Startups and Funding

13 Actual and Profitable Home Based Business Ideas for the UK

Category: Blog , Business Advice , Business Planning

Tags: business plan , home based business , small business

Recommended Next: Essential Strategies for Funding Triumph

home working ideas uk

There are many home based business ideas for entrepreneurs in the UK that regular people can take advantage of.

We’ve taken some time to browse home based business ideas ourselves to see what is really out there and what is being recommended. Shockingly, there are a lot – but the problem is most of the ideas being offered require you to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get started.

Request More Information

Need funding for your small business?

Learn how you can get funding for your small business in the UK. It takes 30 seconds.

We have compiled a list of real and profitable home based business ideas which people of the UK can take advantage of with little-to-no money down.

Starting a Home Based Small Business

When thinking of which of the home based business ideas in the UK we’ve listed below to choose from, consider the following:

  • What do you like to do?
  • How much time do you have to dedicate?
  • Is this really right for you?
  • Do you have funds to allocate to the business?

These are the simple questions that will help you pick the right home based business idea for you.

When starting a home based small business, don’t think it’s any easier or faster to “make money”. Even though you will not have to spend money on small business startup costs like a brick and mortar business would, you will have to invest more time and effort into a home based business.

Top Home Based Business Ideas in the UK

The below home based business ideas are put together by collecting information of what current people are doing across the UK to make a business worth while. Some of the business ideas may not be the right fit for you but when done right they can be highly profitable.

When starting any small business, home based or not – the first thing after the business idea would be to create a business plan for your idea. This will tell you a lot about the business, including how viable it could be, the costs associated and of course it will help you start your search for funding, perhaps from government funding sources.

Idea #1: Start a blog

Starting a blog about an interesting subject which attracts an audience could lead to some great success and turn into a viable home based business idea.

Certain ways to make money from your blog include advertising, selling goods and services on the website and having a large following, building an e-mail list and using it for promotional incentives to make money.

To start a blog business your startup cost could be under £80.

Idea #2: Sell products online

Selling online these days is pretty easy. You can do it directly on your website, through social media and pretty much anywhere.

It’s important to find the products which you can sell. Do some research, figure out the costs (for you to buy) and calculate profits after selling.

An alternative way is to use a drop shipping service where you as the seller never touch the product, so you end up keeping more of the money.

A typical online shop can be set up with a little bit of work, time and under £80.

Idea #3: Renting out your space

Services such as Airbnb are a great way to make some extra money by renting out your property if you own it. Sometimes you can rent out a room or two, or even the entire home and make money while you’re home or on holiday.

You can take a look here to get an idea of what you may be able to make with Airbnb when you’re out.

While it’s not a “home based business idea” fully, it is a way to make money from home and potentially turn it into a business.

Just think about it. If you can make £400 per month from your home, perhaps you can get your friends and family in on it, start to manage their listings and take a cut! There is a business for you.

Idea #4: Driving for Uber/UberEats/Bolt/Just Eat/Deliveroo

If you have a drivers licence and a newer car, a popular home based business idea for people in the UK is driving people around or delivering food.

With companies such as Uber, UberEats, Just Eat, Bolt and Deliveroo, you can make yourself some money and turn it into a business.

Many opt to register with as many companies as possible to get the most benefit out of it.

Just recently here at UKStartups.org, a member of ours discussed this with our experts and showed over £77,000 in annual income from doing exactly this.

Idea #4: Freelance Writing

There is big demand for quality content on the web and many companies will hire freelance writers to write content on various industries.

Depending on the industry and the agreed upon contract, a typical freelance writer can make anywhere between £15 to £120 per article.

Idea #5: Thrift Shop and Moving Sale Resellers

Have you ever walked into a thrift shop and noticed a bunch of stuff – all under £5 (most of the time a quid or two)? Or have you visited a moving sale and noticed somebody selling a really beautiful piece of furniture practically for free?

Well, as a home based business idea, many people take these goods and resell them online for a profit.

Think about it. You can buy a chair for £5 to £20, clean it up and resell it for £50 to £100.

Idea #6: eBay, Etsy, Amazon

These are a few popular websites with a large reach, audience and following. Through these websites, you will find countless people selling and buying things. Just figure out what you want to sell and get started.

Idea #7: Become a Home Inspector

A great idea to turn your free time from home into a business is to become a home inspector.

Housing prices are going up which gives home buyers more reason to have their homes inspected prior to buying a home. Even for those of us who rent flats, home inspections are commonplace, especially for Houses in Multiple Occupations (HMO’s).

Turning this into a business is easy, all you need to do is get the authorization and learn how to become a home inspector. You can learn more here .

Idea #8: Become a Tutor

Sure you have to be a bit smart, but if you choose the right topic you can tutor kids and even adults of all ages on a variety of topics.

Math, English, Science, History, Computers, Business, Video Games? Anything really.

Create a website, build some social media presence, start to promote and charge by the hour, or a flat fee!

Idea #9: Christmas Decorations Business

During the Christmas season which starts early November and ends after the New Year, the decoration business is booming.

Hanging Christmas lights, decorating the front of homes and trees is a big business.

It’s hard work to be out in the cold, to have to climb a roof, but if you can do it for people, you can charge a lot.

This type of home based business idea let’s you make a ton of money in just 2 months!

Idea #10: Mobile Oil Changes and Car Washes

While it may require a bit more work and some knowledge, you can turn your passion for oil changes into a business.

Most people don’t have time to wait at a local oil shop for an hour or sometimes more to have their oil changed on their vehicle and this is where you fit in and visit their home to get the job done. The same idea goes for car washes.

A low startup cost that can become highly profitable.

Idea #11: Starting a home based childcare business

If you love kids and know how to interact and take care of them, starting a childcare business could be your next big move to make some money while at home.

Depending on your location, a day nursery can make between £100 – £300 per child per week.

Idea #12: Starting a photography business

Most people are experts at taking photos these days. And you can turn this into a valid business idea which you can do from home.

Start a home based photo studio or book trips to see your clients in the field.

Sure you need a camera and some equipment, but a simple photo shoot for a family of 4 can cost from £300 and up.

Idea #13: Open your own cleaning business

Cleaning businesses can make a lot of money.

Start by getting the equipment you need (cost is minimal), and move on to finding residential and commercial clients.

Many of those in this industry report earnings at a minimum of a few thousand quid per month when active and those more involved have reported earnings of £8,000 and more.

These home based business ideas for the UK are just a few (13) out of many that have the potential to turn into a profitable small business.

When starting a small business in the UK always keep in mind that a business plan is the first step.

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27 Ways to Make Money from Home in the UK in 2023

home working ideas uk


Times are changing and making money from home in the UK has never been easier.  Years ago there were a handful of ways that you may have been able to work from home but today more and more people are realising that the traditional 9-5 job is becoming a thing of the past.

We live in a society now where, thankfully for us, there is more choice than ever.  Giving us the opportunity to work from home on our own terms, providing more flexibility and time with the people we love and doing the things we love to do.

I am often asked what are the best ways to make money from home here in the UK, so today I will share 27 of the best ways with you.

So, whether you are looking to boost your cash or to change your life completely, you are sure to find something here that suits you!

1. Start Matched Betting (Yes it’s legal and no it’s not gambling)!

Matched Betting, despite the name, is not gambling and is totally legal.  It’s basically a way of making a guaranteed profit by taking advantage of the free offers provided by bookmakers.

When I first read about matched betting I was very sceptical which stopped me from making money straight away, but once I started, what I found, was that it was relatively simple and a great way to make some tax free cash.

You can read my full post about how it all works here and read about my first 12 months doing Matched Betting here.

I use a company called Outplayed to make money with Matched Betting and I can’t recommend them enough.  Everything is laid out for you step by step, so you simply follow instructions and make money.  You even get a Free, no obligation trial with them where you can make £30-£40 right away today.  To watch their video and register for your FREE trial click here.

2.  Rent Out Your Unused Space

Gone are the days of properties mostly earning income from live-in tenants. These days, the free space in your house can be a  consistent passive income source  in a couple of other interesting ways.

Take storage rentals, for example. If you have extra space in your garage or home, you can earn money by providing a temporary storage solution to a family busy renovating or moving. 

I get it. Storage rentals can make you a lot of money, but the idea isn’t exactly groundbreaking. There’s another way to earn from home that not a lot of people know about yet.

Thanks to modern technology, you can also make money when you  rent parking space in your driveway, of all places. 

Think about the struggling soul who can’t find a parking space before work every day. A platform like Stashbee (which coincidentally does parking  and  storage space rentals) throws them a bone by suggesting a bunch of monthly rental options from local listings at fixed prices. 

But the renter isn’t the only person who benefits. Hosts can make up to £760 pounds a month just by offering parking space in the right area. Cha-ching!

3. Take Surveys to Make Extra Money

Surveys are soooo simple.  You can fill them in whilst watching the TV at night or fit them in during your lunch break.  Let’s be clear, you are never going to get rich doing surveys, but filling out regular simple ones can earn you a nice extra £100-£200 per month if you are consistent.

You can find Genuine Survey Sites in the UK here.

My favourite survey site is Prolific Academic.  You can sign up for free and start doing surveys here.

Mobrog is also a great survey site. You can even download the app to your phone!   Mobrog has a 5 star rating on trustpilot so well worth taking a look at.

4. Become a Chatline Operator

When I interviewed a stay at home mom about her career as a Chatline Operator, I was amazed to learn that you can earn up to £2000 per month with this side hustle.  A job that’s sure to make you blush, but may be worth it for the financial rewards on offer.   Read the full interview here.

5. Earn a Regular Income on e-Bay

This is one of my favourite ways to make money.  With a little time and effort, creating a little e-Bay business or two can pay you for years to come and is totally flexible to fit around family life from home.

eBay is not just about selling your old junk.  Yes you can make a lot of money selling your old stuff but there are so many other ways to make money from home with this internet giant! There are lots of ideas to get you started in my blog post here.

6. Make Fast Cash with OhMyDosh

I have found that this is one of the fastest ways to make some extra money from home. OhMyDosh are a UK company that pays you for doing simple tasks on-line. If you need quick money today, this is one of the best ways to get it  Click here to read how it all works.

You can register with OhMyDosh here totally FREE and make your first £1 immediately!

Related: How to Make Quick Money in a Day

7. Set Up a Blog or Website (It’s easier than you think)!

Setting up a blog or website does take some time and effort but it is sooo worth it!  I had never set up anything like this in my life so if I can do it anybody can. I am totally not technical so rest assured you need no technical knowledge. Once you’ve got it up and running and you start to get traffic you can earn a passive income which is the thing I love most about my blog!

Blogging can be so much fun and you learn as you earn along the way.  There’s no need to wait until you understand it, you can simply get started and, like most things, you will just get better at it with time.

If you are interested in setting up your own Blog or Website, you can start for just £2.83 per month which is crazy!….. click here for my step by step instructions to get set up today.

You can also read about my first 12 months blogging and how I started to earn money from my blog here .

8. Make Extra Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell is where you earn money by recommending products you use to other people.  The earning potential with affiliate marketing is huge and a large chunk of my monthly income comes from this.

Click here to read a step by step guide to how Affiliate Marketing works.

My affiliate marketing income grew after taking this $7 course.   I can’t recommend it enough if you want to learn from somebody who has already done it and earns a multiple six-figure income!

9. Start Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is my new favourite way to make money online, and it can be done from anywhere in the world!

When I first looked into it, I thought it looked complicated so I sat on the sidelines and watched.  What a mistake that was!  I decided to jump in and bought a couple of low cost courses to learn the basics.  The courses were good but when it came to the tech side of things I was left hanging with no support.  Because of that, I only made a few dollars here and there BUT I could see the potential so I began looking for something where all the tech was done for me, an automated business where I could make more than just a few dollars and guess what I found it!  I found a Blueprint that is proven and I couldn’t be more excited.

Within 48 hours my website was set up for me, all the tech stuff was done for me and I had step-by-step instructions to connect the few bits I needed to (which for a non-techy person like me was perfect).

In addition, there was a free community of over 4,000 people for support AND mentorship from a 6 figure earner!  Because of all this, I had 70 leads in my first week and made my first high-ticket sale within days!  I was seriously blown away!

The amazing thing about this, is the profit is 100% so you can earn $50, $150 or $300 for each sale paid daily. $300 daily is a whopping $109,000 a year!  If you want to see what the Blueprint is all about, go here and you can watch the free video.

10. Sell Digital Products

The thing I love about selling digital products is that you don’t have to handle anything physically.  Therefore, there is no need for postage, packing and storage of products.

You simply sell products online.  These could be in the form of:

  • Digital Printables
  • Photographs
  • Graphic Art
  • Audio and Music

This is a great way to make passive income while you sleep too! If you don’t want to create your own digital products, you can sell someone elses, and for 100% profit.  Learn how here.

Related: 10 Passive Income Ideas You Can Start Today

Related: 65 Craft Ideas to Make Money

11. Become a Pet Sitter

If you love animals then this could be perfect for you.  Yes, you can get paid to look after other people’s pets while they are away on holiday!  If you think this side hustle may interest you, read more about the possibilities in this post here.

Related: 17 Hobbies that Make Money

12. Become a Virtual Assistant

Can you type?  Are you organised? Are you a whizz on social media? Do you have office skills that you would like to utilise at home?  Then why not become a virtual assistant.

As the on-line business world grows, more and more people are in need of support to run their on-line businesses and that’s where you come in.  You could find yourself supporting on-line marketers or large international companies.  The opportunities are endless.

I touched on some of the opportunities available in this post here.

13. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is so much fun.  I have done a number of mystery shops, including visiting a travel agent and pretending to be interested in booking a holiday to checking out how tidy a bank was.  However, you can also do mystery shopping from home.

I have done mystery shopping jobs on the telephone and also by inviting people into my home to provide quotations.  For one of the jobs, I got paid £250 for about 3 hours work , not bad eh!  Here is a list of reputable mystery shopping companies in the UK, although not all of them will provide work from home opportunities.

  • GBW Solutions
  • GFK Mystery Shopping
  • Helion Research
  • Mystery Dining Company
  • Performance in People
  • QDOS mystery shopping
  • Retail Active
  • Retail Maxim

14. Make Money with Amazon

There are a few ways to make money with Amazon but this is my favourite here.

It’s basically reviewing products that you already have in your home!  Once you’ve done the review the income is completely passive.

This is by far one of the easiest ways to make money online, watch the full video here.

Related: 8 Simple Ways to Make Money on Amazon

15. Make Extra Money by Entering Competitions

Competitions are a fun and exciting way to make money and if you take it seriously and put in the hours you could actually find yourself making a full-time income from it.

Winning prizes and selling them is a great way to make money from home in the UK and anybody can do it!

Not convinced?  You can read here how you could win over £20,000 in prizes. Also,  read here how one UK Blogger won over £11,000 in prizes in one year.

Maybe now it looks a little more interesting?  If you fancy trying your hand at becoming a serious comper, then I recommend  this book you can buy off Amazon .  It has great reviews, was written by a professional comper and shares all the tips and tricks you need to be successful!

16. Join 20 Cogs

20 Cogs is simply a website where you earn money by completing offers. This usually involves signing up to various companies (some well known such as Amazon and some less known).

Each time you complete an offer you earn a set amount, from £2.50 to £30.  These payments add up very quickly!

As you complete each ‘cog’ the colour will change to show it’s been completed and then approved but be patient because it can sometimes take a couple of days for the offer to go through.

You can earn a total of £200 if you complete all the cogs but there are a few things to be aware of.

Firstly, I would recommend you set up a separate e-mail address as you are likely to receive lots of junk mail from the offers into your inbox.  Also make sure you read all the small print on the offers and only sign up to the ones you feel comfortable with.

Overall, 20 cogs is a great way to make an extra £100-£200 from home.  You can sign up and get started for free here.

Related: 20 Cogs Review – Can you Really Make an Easy Extra £200

17. Make Money with Phone Apps

If you spend a lot of time on your phone then why not use Phone apps to make some extra money while you are sitting at home.

There are now lots of apps available enabling you to make money from home.  Just by doing small jobs or answering surveys you can earn some extra cash or gift cards. Each task might only be a small amount of money but watching your totals add up can be good fun and very satisfying!

The tasks may not be very exciting but can usually be fitted in whilst you are out and about or in between other jobs.

If you fancy earning money from your phone, I highly recommend you download this book for just 99p.   It lists 50 legitimate apps to make you money. You’ll make that money back in your first day so it won’t actually cost you a penny to get started.

Related: The 10 Best Money Saving Apps and Sites

18. Make Extra Money on Fiverr

Are you any good at Graphic Design, Writing, Translation, Virtual Assistant Services or just about anything?  Then you can offer your services on Fiverr.  This is a popular platform for people looking to get things done at unbeatable prices.  Your job is to offer your services on there, starting at a fiver.  You can them upsell and provide further services.

Fiverr is a great platform to buy and sell services to help you to grow your income and your business.  You can set up your  Fiverr account for FREE here.

19. Sell E-books

If you don’t have the time or don’t think you are any good at writing, why not get somebody to ghost write for you.

I mentioned Fiverr earlier as a way to to offer your services to make money.  Well you can also use Fiverr to buy services to help you to make money too! There are plenty of writers here on Fiverr that you can pay to write a book, then you just sell it as your own!

20. Sell a Course

Are you knowledgeable about something in particular?  If so, you could write and sell a course on-line.  There are lots of people doing this successfully and making six figure incomes from it!

Think about what skills you have.  Is it something you could easily teach somebody else?  Then why not get paid for your knowledge.

Udemy is a great place to start.   Udemy is an online teaching and learning marketplace.  Basically people sell their knowledge to other people who want to learn.  Everybody knows about something right?

One of my favourite courses on there is Tidy Up Your Home, The Konmari Method.   This course was simply written by Marie Kondo.  She loves to tidy and declutter and wrote a course to show people how they can change their lives by learning to tidy and stay organised.

What could you teach others? Or what you could learn from one of the courses to start making money yourself another way?

21. Sell on Facebook

Facebook is the perfect way to set up a business from home.  Creating a Facebook Business Page is really simple to do and you can set up any business you wish.

This is particularly useful for local business and sales but can also be used worldwide to sell your products and services.

22. Get Paid to Test Websites

Did you know you can get paid to test out websites?

WhatUsersDo is a company that asks you to test out websites and pays you for it! The tests only take around 20 minutes each to complete and you can get paid £5 for each website that you test.

This is a fun and easy way to make money from home on-line.

23. Earn Cashback

This is by far the simplest way to make money from home.  Earn cashback on everything you purchase from holidays to buying stuff off eBay to home insurance.  All you need to do is sign up to Topcashback for free here, then everytime you purchase something from one of the retailers listed, you purchase it through the Topcashback site and earn your cashback, it’s that simple.

You can read my post explaining how Topcashback works here.

Don’t miss out on free cash and set up your sign up to Topcashback for FREE here now.

Related: How to Save Money with Ashleigh Shopping Club

24. Become an English Language Tutor

Being an English teacher on-line can sound daunting if you have no teaching experience.  This however, is far from the truth.  Often, people learn a new language just by being able to chat with somebody who is a native speaker of that country.

If you like to talk then this could be the perfect way for you to make money from home.  Companies such as Cambly  are reputable and you can sign up with them to start your teaching career.

25. Make Money on Social Media

So, we are all on it, all of the time!  But, what if I told you that you could make money from it?  Yes, i’m talking about Social Media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc etc.  Not only can you make money from it, but you can make a full-time income from it!  Read here about the possibilities.

26.  Make Money on Youtube

Youtube is definitely the ‘thing’ at the moment.  There are people reported to have made millions from Youtube videos alone.

There are so many ways you can make money on Youtube. One way is to post a video of something funny that just happened.  If you are lucky, your video could go viral and you could make yourself some decent money.   Another ways is to set up a Youtube channel and intentionally make money.  By that I mean, shoot weekly videos with information that people want.

You then link your Youtube account to Google Adsense and make money from the ads shown on your video.

This, unless you are very lucky, is not a way to get rich quick.  However, with time and effort, you can make yourself a nice income from home, working around your existing life.

Alternatively, you can make money from Youtube the easier way with no filming, marketing or website. Click here to try it out!

27.  Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of my favourite ways that you can make money from home.  With Swagbucks, you will get a variety of tasks to complete, earning money for each one. You can sign up to  Swagbucks totally FREE here and start earning money straight away.


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2 comments on “27 Ways to Make Money from Home in the UK in 2023”

I found this very helpful and interesting and will definitely be trying some of the 27 ways to make money thankyou!

Thank you for your comment Suzy, I’m glad you found it helpful!

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    1 / 20 The best place for a home office Home office in a spare room Pros: Plenty of space to work with, minimal distractions. Cons: You may need to rearrange things if guests come over. In a spare room, you'll have privacy, more space for your desk, chair, tech and storage and there's no need to tidy every night - you can simply shut the door.

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    18. Online Craft Shop. Forget selling on Amazon; turn a crafty hobby into a business by setting up an Etsy shop - a creative marketplace focusing on handmade and vintage items. While it costs £0.15 to list an item, a 5% transaction fee and 4%+ £0.20 payment processing fee, it allows you instant access to millions of buyers in the UK and worldwide looking for handmade treasures.

  12. How to make money from home: Work from home jobs and extra cash ideas

    Personal trainer. Much like hairdressing, personal training is one of the best ways to make money from home. As long as you've got the space and the capacity to take on a qualification to get started, you can begin working with clients fairly quickly. Credit: Getty.

  13. 55 home office ideas sure to inspire productivity

    1/55 A guest bedroom in this rambling former vicarage in south London brought to life by Tamsin Saunders doubles as a study, with the wall colour chosen to 'absorb' a large mahogany armoire. Tamsin found the collection of studio pottery; the desk was designed to sit under the window.

  14. 11 second jobs from home (salaries and responsibilities)

    Updated 13 July 2023 Image description A woman waving at another person on the computer via Video. There's also a list titled "At-home side jobs" and these are the jobs: • Medical coder • Event planner • Freelance copywriter • Freelance editor • SEO specialist • Virtual tutor

  15. 10 roles where you can work from home

    5. Virtual assistant. As technology continues to advance, so do the types of jobs that we can do from home. Once upon a time, when technology was slower and less advanced, it was much easier for people in admin or executive assistant-type roles to work in the office, close to the person or people being assisted.

  16. Small home office ideas

    Dopamine housework tips Small home office ideas don't need to be limiting you might not be able to squeeze in a CEO-style desk, but all you really need is a ledge to fit your computer and lots of imagination

  17. 13 Actual and Profitable Home Based Business Ideas for the UK

    Idea #1: Start a blog Starting a blog about an interesting subject which attracts an audience could lead to some great success and turn into a viable home based business idea.

  18. 27 Ways to Make Money from Home in the UK in 2023

    5. Earn a Regular Income on e-Bay. This is one of my favourite ways to make money. With a little time and effort, creating a little e-Bay business or two can pay you for years to come and is totally flexible to fit around family life from home. eBay is not just about selling your old junk.

  19. Home Working Jobs

    4.1 2.6 3.6 15,089 Home Working jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Customer Service Representative, Heating Engineer, Appointment Coordinator and more!

  20. 50 Ideas on How to Work From Home

    Here are the 50 best ideas for working from home to generate income: Teach online classes Share teachable skills like yoga, a foreign language, cooking or home maintenance tips in online forums and paid platforms. Companies also hire online learning hosts or teachers for virtual schooling with children. Run a home baking or cooking business

  21. 30 Best Work From Home Jobs With Great Pay (2024)

    The variety of jobs that can now be done from home might surprise you. From data entry and writing to IT security and even nursing, these are some of the most interesting and best paying jobs for remote workers in 2024: Web developer. Software developers. WordPress developer.

  22. Working from home: 'We get more done in the office'

    Some employers are not happy about new work-from-home guidance that came into force on Monday. ... Some 37% of working UK adults worked from home in 2020, ... bouncing ideas around, meeting people ...

  23. 75 Beautiful Home Office Ideas and Designs

    Bradley Van Der Straeten Design ideas for a mediterranean home office in London. Save Photo Victorian Terrace, Brockley Kinder Design This is an example of a contemporary home office in London. Find the right local pro for your project Get Started Find top design and renovation professionals on Houzz Save Photo Office Snug