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4th Grade Reading Comprehension

The printable reading passages on this pages are a mixture of fiction stories, non-fiction articles, poems, readers' theater scripts, and biographies. Each file has reading comprehension questions to go along with the passage, and a vocabulary activity.

4th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Fiction Stories

Common Core

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Non-Fiction Articles

Short passages, reading comprehension files by grade:.

A collection of reading passages and questions for 1st graders.

A collection of reading passages and questions for 2nd graders.

A collection of reading passages and questions for 3rd graders.

A collection of reading passages and questions for 5th graders.

Reading worksheets for all grade levels.

This collection of 3rd through 5th grade reading comprehension passages features articles about many different species of animals.

Reading Comprehension Stories

PDF with answer key:

PDF no answer key:

4th grade reading comprehension worksheets

by: GreatSchools Staff | Updated: November 27, 2022

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Fourth grade reading comprehension worksheets

Let’s face it, 4th grade reading comprehension means a whole new level of complexity. Although many 3rd graders are still learning to read, 4th graders are expected to read to learn. Not only are chapter books the new norm, but children are expected to tackle more complex texts with difficult ideas and literary tools like figurative language and inference. Try these worksheets to see if your child is ready for 4th grade reading comprehension and challenging English language arts lessons this year.

Skill: Understanding figurative language


Charles Dickens uses more detail than many modern writers do. Why do you suppose this is?

In this reading worksheet , your child will read a passage from Hard Times and answer questions about Dickens’ use of language.

David Copperfield

Skill: understanding point of view.


“All this work was my work, and of the boys employed upon it I was one.”

In this 4th grade reading worksheet , your child will read a description of young David’s life and answer questions about the story, use of language, point of view, and the character’s feelings.

Letter of complaint

Skill: evaluating an argument.


What does this writer want?

In this language arts worksheet , your child will read a letter to a city council and then answers questions about the writer’s language, reasoning, and intent.

The Mango Tree

Skill: interpreting and inferring.


The Day for Brothers — when “all sisters in India pray that no harm comes to their brothers.”

In this language arts worksheet , your child will read three parts of a traditional story from India and answer questions about the characters’ feelings using after each part.

Thunder and lightning

Skill: finding synonyms.


Thunderclouds are huge and awesomely powerful.

In this language arts worksheet , your child will read an informational passage and answer questions about what happened, as well as practice replacing some descriptive words. This is a fundamental 4th grade skill .

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

5 ways to respond when your child says, "I hate reading!"


The nonfiction revolution

reading aloud to children

The hidden benefits of reading aloud — even for older kids

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Reading & Math for K-5


Reading Comprehension Workbooks for Grade 4

Download & Print Only $3.49

Fourth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Grade 4 reading comprehension.

Use these free, printable worksheets to practice and improve reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing at a grade 4 level.

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

Leveled stories & reading worksheets

These grade 4 leveled stories are taken from our series of leveled reading workbooks ; the complexity of the texts and exercises increase with each successive level.

Children's stories and reading worksheets

Over twenty free grade 4 children's stories and comprehension worksheets.  Each passage is followed by comprehension questions.

Historical reading worksheets & fables

Each historical passage or fable is followed by questions including exercises related to prediction, inference and character traits.

Reading comprehension exercises for grade 4

These reading worksheets  focus on specific comprehension topics such as author's purpose, making inferences, understanding words through context clues, and distinguishing fact from opinion. 

We also have some short plays and drama exercises  which can be fun way of building comprehension skills.

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comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

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comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

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Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans

4th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

The 4th grade reading comprehension activities below are coordinated with the 4th grade spelling words curriculum on a week-to-week basis, so both can be used together as part of a comprehensive program, or each can be used separately. The worksheets include fourth grade appropriate reading passages and related questions. Each worksheet (as well as the spelling curriculum ) also includes a cross-curricular focus on earth science, physical science, history, social sciences, mathematics and life sciences. This allows students to build their reading comprehension skills and reinforce knowledge in other subject areas. There are 36 weeks of fourth grade worksheets, following most standard school year calendars.

Be sure to check out all of our reading comprehension worksheets .

Anatomy of a Circle

Anatomy of a Circle

Week 30 Reading Comprehension (D-30). A short explanation about the radius, diameter, and center of a circle. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Basic Geometry Terms

Basic Geometry Terms

Week 25 Reading Comprehension (D-25). A short summry of the different terms used in geometry. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Branches of Government

Branches of Government

Week 29 Reading Comprehension (D-29). A reading segment about the different branches of government. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Chaparral Ecosystems

Chaparral Ecosystems

Week 3 Reading Comprehension (D-3). A passage and questions about relatively rare shrubland communities called Chaparral ecosystems. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.

Charge it!

Week 20 Reading Comprehension (D-20). A short passage about electricity, conductors, and static electricity. Cross-Curricular Focus: Physical Science.

Discrimination Against Gold Rush Immigrants

Discrimination Against Gold Rush Immigrants

Week 15 Reading Comprehension (D-15). Comprehension activity about the discrimination against gold rush immigrants in the 1850?s. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Eastern Woodland Natives

Eastern Woodland Natives

Week 32 Reading Comprehension (D-32). Reading passage about the Eastern Woodlands, a Native American cultural region. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Ecology: Taking Care of Earth

Ecology: Taking Care of Earth

Week 36 Reading Comprehension (D-36). A description about the study of ecology and what it involves. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Week 2 Reading Comprehension (D-2). Reading segment about ecosystems, organisms, and communities. Cross-Curricular Focus:Life Science.

Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Week 11 Reading Comprehension (D-11). A life science reading comprehension passage about endangered species. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.

Eratosthenes: Geographer and Mathematician

Eratosthenes: Geographer and Mathematician

Week 16 Reading Comprehension (D-16). A short story and related questions about the world’s first geographer. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences / Mathematics


Week 10 Reading Comprehension (D-10). A reading segment about using estimation in mathematics. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Evaluating Efficiency

Evaluating Efficiency

Week 33 Reading Comprehension (D-33). A passage about determining the best way to solve problems. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Expressions with Parentheses

Expressions with Parentheses

Week 13 Reading Comprehension (D-13). A reading segment about how parentheses are used in solving math problems. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Gold Rush Boomtowns

Gold Rush Boomtowns

Week 19 Reading Comprehension (D-19). A passage about the origination of boomtowns during the gold rush in California. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Week 8 Reading Comprehension (D-8). A reading passage and questions about the role of camouflage in the predator-prey relationship. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.

Import Export

Import Export

Week 21 Reading Comprehension (D-21). How early American colonies imported and exported products. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Attraction

Week 23 Reading Comprehension (D-23). A reading comprehension passage about the properties of magnetism. Cross-Curricular Focus: Physical Science.

Measuring Temperature

Measuring Temperature

Week 35 Reading Comprehension (D-35). A segment about temperature and the different scales used for measurement. Cross-Curricular Focus: Physical Science.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Week 6 Reading Comprehension (D-6). Passage and questions about renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

Reading Comprehension Worksheets & Tests

Free, printable and accessible online – made especially for the fourth grade

See worksheets

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

4th grade worksheets instructions

All worksheets have 3 versions:.

Just the text

The text with the questions

The text with the questions and the answers

We constructed it this way in order to reduce the amount of pages you need to print. We encourage you to print the version with the answers just once, for your own reference.

Use these texts online

We more strongly encourage you to use these texts online. Other than ecological reasons, practicing reading comprehension online is also much easier to grade, simplifies tracking of progress, adaptive to the level of the specific student, and increases motivation to practice with the students.

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4th grade teaching tips

Readers in the fourth grade should develop more advanced skills as they pertain to reading unfamiliar words. This includes using their understanding of the sounds letters make, syllabic patterns, prefixes, suffixes, and root words to accurately read unknown words. Likewise, fourth graders should be able to explain the general type of informational text they’re reading, such as cause and effect, comparison, or chronology. The tips discussed below enable the development of these and other reading comprehension skills.

Visualize What the Text is Discussing

By encouraging readers to visualize what they’re reading, they will be more likely to understand it. For example, if a student is reading about what happens when water boils, they can visualize the process of adding water to a pan, turning on the range, heating up the water, and watching the steam rise as the water boils. This kind of visualization also facilitates an understanding of the type of reading – that it’s a process of cause and effect. Visualization is best used when students focus on events, people, places, or things.

Expose Readers to Word Meanings in Multiple Settings

Part of enabling students to learn how to read and decode unfamiliar words is to help them explore words in different types of settings. That is, instead of simply presenting students with new words by writing it on the board and having them copy it down, explain the meaning of the word, pick out the root of the word and discuss it, ask children to identify the prefix or suffix, and so on. Then, give students the opportunity to engage with the word in informational texts, literature, or even simpler readings, like magazines. The more opportunities children are given to learn new words, the more capable they will be of deciphering unfamiliar ones.

Use a Word Map

Graphic organizers like word maps are an excellent tool for encouraging improved understanding of words and word structures. A word map helps readers understand how words relate to one another by associating them with synonyms and antonyms. For example, students might learn the meaning of increasing by associating it with synonyms like expanding and antonyms like decreasing . Simply write the primary word, in this case, increasing , with lines connecting it to the associated words expanding and decreasing . Each associated word should be identified as a synonym or antonym.

You can also find hundreds of 4th-grade reading comprehension worksheets available for purchase at  

4th grade worksheets

Below are 10 reading comprehension worksheets and tests that are accurately measured to fit the 4th grade level.

Working With Chocolate

Lexile level

Num of questions

Types of questions

Answering questions with evidence, Identifying the main topic and key ideas,Sequencing questions.

Text & Questions

Text, Questions & Answers

Vacation Opinions

Facts vs. opinions inference, Central message, Identifying the main topic and key ideas.

Selena’s Birthday

Selena's Birthday

Cause and effect comprehension, Central message, Identifying the main topic and key ideas

My Favorite Color

Understanding figurative language, Central message, lesson or moral, Identifying the main topic and key ideas

Managing Her Illness

Central message, Identifying the main topic and key ideas, Identifying the author’s point of view, Cause and effect comprehension

Grocery Store Bags

Identifying intent and conclusions, Central message, lesson or moral, Identifying the main topic and key ideas

Dorado Alerts

Understanding figurative language, Identifying a problem and solution described in the text, Central message, Identifying the main topic and key ideas

Cody Likes to Run

Central message, lesson or moral ,Identifying the main topic and key ideas, Cause and effect comprehension

Carpet Shopping

Identifying a problem and solution described in the text, Cause and effect comprehension, Identifying the main topic and key ideas.

Cause and effect comprehension, Central message, Identifying the main topic and key ideas, Identifying the author’s point of view

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Worksheets For Teachers

Home > English Language Arts Worksheets > Reading Comprehension Worksheets > 4th Grade

In the 4th grade we look for students to start to become a little more independent with their reading and attach a value of importance on reading. This is also the first grade level where reading level become self-evident to students. These worksheets contain reading assignments and sets of questions for your fourth grade students. In this section we have a huge series of reading comprehension worksheets specifically designed for fourth grade students. We refer to the goal for this grade level as the CONFIDENCE Stage. We want young readers to start believing in themselves, to the point, where the start don't feel any fear of going off on their own reading away. This is usually the reading testing grade level for most students. Students are ready to read and comprehend a little more. They are just about ready for completely independent reading. You should really try to work with these sheets as much as possible.

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Printable reading comprehension worksheets 4th grade, click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key., a visit with sue reading passage.

The bus made its way through the crowded streets of Chicago and soon the class could see the water of Lake Michigan. The teacher reminded everyone that Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes.

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A Visit with Sue Multiple Choice Questions

This is a series of question that goes with the previous reading passage. An example question would be: Sue was discovered in what state?


A Visit with Sue Activities

This is a series tasks that you will need a computer to complete. It is all related to the previous reading passage. Use the Internet to find a picture of Sue the dinosaur skeleton at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Juggler in Training Reading Passage

One night at supper Jennifer announced, "I want to learn how to juggle. I brought home a book from the library that shows me how to start juggling."

Juggler in Training Multiple Choice Questions

In the first juggling lesson how many balls did Jennifer put on her head at one time?

Juggler in Training Activities

Some of these tasks will require that you physically perform them. You will also need to look inside yourself and answer questions such as: Have you ever quit an activity because you thought you weren’t good at it? Did you try again later and succeed?

Tuttle the Turtle Reading Passage

Tuttle was snug inside his leathery egg. It was completely dark but he didn't care because he was warm and safe in a nest in the sand. His mother had left Tuttle and his brothers and sisters hidden inside the nest.

Tuttle the Turtle Multiple Choice Questions

Answer questions that go with the previous series of worksheets. When the safest time for baby turtles to hatch?

Tuttle the Turtle Activities

A green sea turtle can stay submerged under the water for up to five hours. If a green sea turtle gets air at 11 a.m. at what is the latest time will it need to get air again?

Seconds Count Reading Passage

Friday night Christy started to get her outfit ready for the next day's event. She pressed her long-sleeve Western shirt and jeans. She checked the snaps on the sleeves of her shirt.

Seconds Count Multiple Choice Questions

Answer a selection of questions that relates to the previous reading passage. What kind of competition were Christy and Trixie in?

Seconds Count Activities

These activities relate to the previous reading passage. Last year's champion enters the arena at a gallop. What are the different gaits of a horse?

The Aquarium Reading Passage

The bell rang and science class was over for the day. A couple of the kids stopped and asked Mr. Ramone if the class could take a field trip to the aquarium at the end of the school year.

The Aquarium Multiple Choice Questions

This and the next worksheet go right along with the previous reading worksheet passage. An example of a solid question in this section is: What was special about the shark tank? Who else in the classroom had visited the aquarium?

The Aquarium Matching Sheet

We provide you with pictures of a series of sea creatures. Using what you have read, name each of them.

Fraidy Cat Grandma Reading Passage

Cousins Eddie and Emily couldn't believe their ears. Grandma Jordan was never afraid of anything. Why, they had heard her stories of driving her old hot rod Dodge Charger, bright metallic blue with a white top, way back when.

Fraidy Cat Grandma Multiple Choice Questions

These questions apply to the previous reading worksheet. Where will Grandma Jordan take Eddie and Emily after they have their shots?

Fraidy Cat Grandma Activities

Answer a series of questions and complete tasks that are related to what you have read. Why do kids need to have immunization shots in order to attend school?

Teaching in 1776 Reading Passage

Seventeen year-old Becky Robinson was nervous about her job interview. She had never been more than five miles from her home and here she was in the small village of Brookline, Massachusetts, twenty-four miles from her home.

Teaching in 1776 Multiple Choice Questions

As you can tell from the reading passage, teaching has changed a good bit since that time. What skill was important to the committee that hired the new teacher?

Teaching in 1776 Activities

Locate pictures of old documents like the Declaration of Independence. Compare the handwriting on these documents with the handwriting of today.

Norman Rockwell - American Illustrator Reading Passage

This is quick biography of the legendary illustrator. Norman let his imagination flow with the stories. He could see the characters of the novels in his mind as he was engrossed in the stories.

Norman Rockwell Multiple Choice Questions

You will answer a series of questions based on the reading passage. At school the kids used what name did the kids call Norman Rockwell?

Norman Rockwell Activities

This is a sheet that you can complete as an entire class. Have a class discussion about why you shouldn't call other kids names or tease them. Talk about how Norman Rockwell felt when other kids did not treat him well because of how he looked or what he wore.

Ruby Bridges - A Girl Who Changed America

In 1960 segregation was practiced, especially in the southern states. One part of segregation was that white children attended school together and black children attended their own schools.

Ruby Bridges Multiple Choice Questions

This is a series of questions that goes with the previous reading worksheet. Who helped Ruby every day in and out of school?

Ruby Bridges Activities

A series of questions that goes with your previous reading passage. Why did the angry mob protest that Ruby was going to the school she was attending?

Fiddling Forever Reading Passage

There was no question about it, Sven was the best fiddler in the county and everyone loved to hear him play. He lived alone in the deep Minnesota woods and occasionally came to town.

Fiddling Forever Multiple Choice Questions

We ask you a series of questions that goes with the previous reading passage. An example would be: Where does this story take place?

Fiddling Forever Activities

This story is a version of an American folk tale. Explain what a folk tale is. If you don't know, look up the answer.

Cupid and Psyche Reading Practice

This passage is an exercept from a classic work of Holbrooke. It is a single passage and a selection of questions. Such as: what can make love depart if it possesses the soul?

The Land of Counterpane Reading

What do you think the word counterpane means? This quick reading worksheet will keep your students pretty busy and then have them answer 3 questions and a bonus.

The Story of Narcissus

Read the passage and then answer questions such as: Why did the gods turn Narcissus into a flower?

Minerva and Arachne Reading

This reading selection comes from "Round the World in Myth and Song" by Florence Holbrooke. We dive in and there is a series of questions that follow below.

Minerva and Arachne Questions

The questions and reading section you will find here flows with previous reading passage. Where do Leda and the Swan appear in this story?

A Considerable Speck

A reading passage from a Frost poem.

Frost Questions Sheet

Consider the final lines of the poem. There are two "displays of mind" in this poem. What are they? What does message does the poet convey - explicitly and implicitly - in the final lines of the poem?

Reading Comprehension Questions: Shiloh

Did Marty do the right thing when he made the deal with Judd? Why or why not?

Fiction Comprehension Journal

A template for journaling a work of fiction.

The Magnetic Compass Reading

A passage that covers a wide range of history. What did the Vikings invent, and how did it give them an advantage over other civilizations?

Day and Night

Why are day and night not equally divided into 12 hours each?

How The Rise of Cities Changed the World

Before the growth of what we call "civilization," people lived in small villages, and fed themselves by hunting and gathering. this reading passage explores this time in history.

Rise of Cities Changed the World Questions

We answer a series of problems. What are two ways that the rise of civilization changed human societies?

Saved By A Dolphin Reading

This reading passage explores a well known piece from Baldwin.

Saved By A Dolphin Part 2

This is a long reading passage this the work continued.

Saved By A Dolphin Questions

These questions are based on the first two pages of reading. What does Arion ask the captain and the sailors to do?

A Clever Slave Reading

A story of the rich man Xanthus that is thought to be an inspirational story.

A Clever Slave Questions Worksheet

Why does Aesop choose the largest bundle? Why does this turn out to be the wise choice?

Seat Belts, Save Lives Reading

This reading passage just makes sense to explore in the 4th grade. What is the leading cause of death for people aged 11 to 27?

Baby Humpback Whales "Talk" to Mom Reading

This is an interesting reading passage that explores some recent science. Researchers in Denmark recently tracked two humpback whale mothers and eight baby calves to figure out how the babies signal hunger.

Baby Humpback Whales "Talk" to Mom Comprehension Questions

Questions that go with the previous worksheet. Example: Why is the journey back with their mothers dangerous for the calves?

Five Fables

A fable is a short story that teaches a lesson. Read each fable. What lesson is it teaching? Write your answer on the line.

Five Fables Part 2

Includes: The Mouse and the Bull, The Fox and the Grapes.

How to Improve a 4th Grader's Level of Reading Comprehension

The 4th grade is a good time for kids to learn slightly complex concepts. By this time, they have developed a sense of the schooling system. They also have essential alphabetical knowledge. As a teacher, it is vital to work on the reading comprehension part of the 4th graders. There are many ways to improve students' comprehension in the 4th grade. While some instructors use traditional methods of improving students' reading skills, others use fun activities to achieve the goal.

The strong readers seem to breeze through most of school while the struggling readers seem to be stuck in mud with their learning. This is why we encourage all 4th grade teachers to model a consistent self-reading program with students. What we mean by this is to share with your class what you are reading as an adult. At this level students as quietly searching for a role model and what better role model than their teacher. What I do is every Monday I set aside five minutes to explain to students what I read over the weekend. I ask students to make predictions on where the stories I am reading are going and we review their predictions the following Monday. Which ever student guesses correctly, I give them a sugar-free lollipop. This is pretty effective for getting students engaged.

Reading Comprehension Activities for 4th Graders

Dice Rolling Games One of the most exciting reading comprehension activities for 4th graders is dice rolling games. You will need a set of a few dice to conduct this activity. By assigning different questions about a specific topic to each number on the dice, you can ask your students to roll it turn by turn.

As soon as the dice rolls up a number, the student will have to read and answer the question associated with that number. This game will engage them to play and improve their comprehension.

Build Things to Explain

4th graders love to be experimental. You can use their ability to improve their reading and understanding. As a teacher, you can ask each of your students to build structures of their choice using building blocks, paper cups, paper clips, or color markers. Once done, you can ask them to explain to everyone about their structure.

If you want the kids to learn about a specific topic, you may assign them relevant structures to build and present to the class. By engaging in the activity, the 4th graders can learn to comprehend different concepts using their ideas.

Color-Coding Games

Color-coding can help students differentiate between different terms and their uses in a passage. By highlighting words and phrases with unique colors, you can help your students to familiarize the meanings and types of words used in a course. This activity is an excellent fit for teaching the use of language.

You can assign colors to different meanings (positive or negative). For example, by highlighting a word with red color, you may help your students identify it as an item's negative feature.

Cheeseburger Reports

Cheeseburger reports are effective for independent learning and organizational comprehension. Students can arrange relevant information into designated spaces by drawing them in a cheeseburger format in this activity. You may identify mandatory and optional parts to add to the report as preferred.

For example, 4th graders can place the story's title in the top bun, the characters of the story in the layer below it, followed by the additional details (chronologically) placed in the chees slice and lower bun.

The flip notes activity can be as creative as you want it to be. You can create colored pieces of small notes and place them randomly in the students' books. Each student can flip open the book to find a message with a question relevant to the subject. You can ask the 4th graders to state the answers based on their knowledge.

To improve their comprehension time, you can also use a clock timer for each student to answer the question in time.

There are many ways to improve the reading comprehension of 4th graders. While this may be correct, it is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students before engaging them in the activities. If you are a mother teaching your kids at home, you can find multiple fun activities on the internet to get started.

4th Grade Reading Comprehension

4th grade reading comprehension activities:, reading comprehension worksheets:, more topics.

Educational Videos

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Reading Comprehension For 4th Graders - Worksheets & Quizzes

4th grade reading comprehension worksheets on the author's purpose, inferences, facts and opinions, and personification., more content, common core standards for literacy and informational texts.

Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions Practice

Fact vs. opinion practice, personification practice flashcards.

4th grade reading comprehension worksheets for guided reading, close reading, morning work, or for teachers to set as homework. The following 4th-grade reading comprehension digital worksheets are designed for teachers and parents to work on building inference skills, the authors' purpose, and distinguishing fact from opinion with 4th graders. Story-specific flashcards and a checkpoint multiple-choice question quizzes are at the end of each worksheet to check for comprehension and understanding. These play-to-learn worksheets can be used on any electronic device.

4th grade reading worksheets

Our author’s purpose, fact vs. opinion, and inferences 4th-grade reading comprehension worksheets work on the following Common Core Standards.

The Author's Purpose Reading Comprehension For 4th Graders Practice

To deeply understand and comprehend a text, students must work on the author's purpose and the reasons behind a specific piece of text. In this short reading comprehension for 4th graders e-worksheet, students will read the short comprehension passages and answer multiple-choice questions to check for their understanding.

What is the author's purpose?

An opinion is a point of view or judgment made about something or someone that normally isn't factual.

To entertain means to make someone laugh, amuse, or give some enjoyment to something.

When you inform someone, you give them information or tell them about a topic they may not know.

The Author's Purpose Practice

Read the following passages a few times by clicking the right arrow and then scroll down to take the checkpoint quiz.

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

Life Cycles

Every animal and plant on earth goes through life cycles. Life cycles are a series of stages in that particular thing's life, so for example, a cat is first a kitten, a human is born as a newborn, then becomes a baby, a toddler, and so on. 

Plants, for example, start their lives as tiny seeds, and the seed germinates with the help of soil, sun, and water. The plant then grows roots and stems, which push them toward the sun. Leaves begin to grow, and the plant develops flowers which help the plant produce more seeds through pollination, which starts the life cycle over again.

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

I love going to the movies. The crunch of the popcorn, the soft, comfortable seats, and a movie screen bigger than my TV at home. The experience is wild!

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

Spring Break

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Reading Comprehension Author's Purpose Question Quiz

Read through the comprehension passages and try out the quiz. Got a question wrong? Don't worry. Just press reset, and the question will start over.

In the Life Cycle passage, what is the author trying to do?

Choose the best answer from the choices below

Express an opinion

In the Movies passage, what is the author trying to do?

In the Spring Break passage, what is the author trying to do?

Express an opinion.

The following 4th-grade reading comprehension worksheets work on making inferences and drawing conclusions from the text. They ask students to think about the text and interpret contextual clues on what they are reading. Scroll down for the checkpoint quiz and interactive flashcards designed for electronic devices.

Making inferences

Drawing conclusions

Why is making inferences and drawing conclusions important?

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

Once there was a woman who would travel the world for the king. She would sail for months at a time, bringing back treasures and treats from wherever she went.

The great explorer would return and show her gifts to the king. She traveled to France and brought back cheese. She traveled to Italy and brought back pasta. And on one trip, she traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, past the Caribbean Sea, and found herself in Mexico.

When she returned, she impressed the king with cactus leaves, exotic herbs, and ancient artifacts. The king was delighted and told the explorer she could have one week to visit anywhere in the world.

Despite the many countries the explorer could choose, she decided to go home and spend time with her family.

Reading Comprehension Inferences and Conclusions Question Quiz

Why did she decide to go home?

Because she wanted to travel.

Because she missed her family.

Because she wanted to tell her family about her adventures.

Why did the king give her a week to visit anywhere in the world?

Because the king was unhappy.

Because the king was kind.

Because the king wanted her to travel more.

Why did the explorer bring back gifts, treasures, and treats?

Because it was her job.

Because she was kind.

Because she wanted to.

Think about which answer makes the most sense to draw a conclusion from the following comprehension passage.

The explorer was bored of traveling.

The explorer wanted to visit more countries.

The explorer had been away for a long time and missed her family.

In this reading comprehension for 4th graders' e-worksheet, students must distinguish fact from opinion. Scroll down for a story-specific reading comprehension multiple-choice quiz from context clues in the text.

What is a fact?

What is an opinion?

comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

Orcas, or killer whales, are one of the largest marine mammals from the dolphin family. Some say they are named "killer whales" after sailors noticed groups of orcas hunting larger whale species, but their Latin name, Orcinus orca, also infers this.

Orcas eat fish, seals, sea lions, dolphins, and other sea animals. Some orcas are very picky and only eat specific animals.

Orcas don't sleep like humans do. They have to remain conscious even when sleeping so they don't drown or suffocate. Orcas only sleep using half of their brain. One half stays alert, and the other goes to sleep. Maybe this is what makes them so intelligent!

Are the following statements based on a fact or an opinion?

Some say they are named "Killer Whales" after sailors noticed groups of orcas hunting larger whale species.

Orcas only sleep using half of their brain.

Maybe this is what makes them so intelligent!

Orcas, or killer whales, are one of the largest marine mammals from the dolphin family.

Read the sentence, identify the object or animal and how it is being personified, and then flip the flashcard to reveal the answers in bold.

The clouds are dancing above the sky.

My phone yells at me.

My plant is begging for water.

Check out our personification page for more examples!

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comprehension reading worksheets for 4th grade

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