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Telenor announces Business-to-Business Value Plans for Enterprises in Pakistan

Muneeb Ahmad

To facilitate the rising SME landscape of Pakistan, Telenor has introduced Value Plans particularly tailored to the needs of businesses.

Telenor is a Norwegian telecommunication company which made its way into the Pakistani marketplace back in 2004. The company is currently one of the top-notch telecom service providers in Pakistan. Telenor boasts well over 40 million of mobile subscribers and is home to some 6000 employees.

What are Telenor Value Plans:

The Value plans are all-in-one price plans perfected to the needs of small and medium businesses. These plans feature free Voice Minutes, SMS and Team Talk Minutes that are part of this wholesome value proposition. All of these plans are powered by Internet as well. Thus they come with free Internet considering the emergence of technology and digitization in the small and medium business horizon.

Telenor Value Plans

Telenor is currently offering 6 of these plans ranging from PKR 300 to 3000.

clothing business plan in pakistan

After the consumption of price plans, the users will be charged as follows:

All of these value plans come with an internet capping feature. This feature will restrict the internet usage after consumption of certain internet usage at regular rates. The customer will be notified about the price plan free internet usage and also notified for the usage at regular rates.

Customizing these plans with Bundles and Add-Ons:

The businesses, who want to enroll themselves with Telenor Value Plans, have the option to pick any of the plans as given above. Alternatively, Telenor is also giving businesses the option to customize these plans as per their own specific usage, needs and price range.

This customization has to be done through different bundles and add-ons that Telenor is providing. In order to get their desired Value Plans, the businesses can simply add the following bundles and add-ons on top of their base value plans.

clothing business plan in pakistan

Important Short Codes:

How to Activate:

The customers can call on Telenor helpline 345 or provide their details to online Telenor customer care agents and their sales team will get in touch with the customer for activation of these Value Plans.

Muneeb Ahmad

Written by Muneeb Ahmad

Google Pixel dashcam

Google Pixel Phone Could Possibly Be Used as Dashcams Soon

clothing business plan in pakistan

OpenAI Launches Official ChatGPT App For iOS Users


Apple’s Beats Launches Studio Buds – It’s First Transparent Product in Ages

clothing business plan in pakistan

Uniway Sourcing


Procuring good quality and affordable supplies is imperative for any clothing & garments business to flourish. Pakistan is one of the few countries that can fill those exact requirements. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best & the largest clothing manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan. This list is not in any particular order.

Before we move on we’d like to clarify: As a sourcing agent in Asia, we work with clothing manufacturers across Asia. In many cases, especially for small orders, Pakistani Clothing manufacturers are not best suited for startups and smaller brands. Pakistani manufacturers also require a lot of products details before giving you a price whereas in Bangladesh and China the process is simple and quick. Only under some special cases, we manufacture our customer’s orders in Pakistan.

If you need multiple quotes from factories across Asia, please contact us using our LiveChat , via WhatsApp at +85252224367 or email us at [email protected] The prices that we can get are usually significantly lower since we have multiple orders running at the factories we work with.

Also, we suggest you read: Where are the cheapest clothing manufacturers?

We will provide brief details about each clothing manufacturer including their history, their product portfolio, and other important details.

Before we start listing the clothing manufacturers, a brief look at the introduction of the textile and garments industry of Pakistan will help the readers comprehend the size and significance of Pakistan’s clothing industry.  


The textile and garment industry is the largest and the most important manufacturing industry of Pakistan. It employs around 40% of the total labour force and contributes 8.5% to the GDP of the country. Moreover, the industry exported around $3.5 billion which is 6.5% of all cotton exported in the world. Some of the products that Pakistan’s textile industry produces are: t-shirts, polo shirts, undergarments, jackets, pants, and home textiles.

clothing business plan in pakistan

Now that we have covered some facts and figures about Pakistan’s clothing industry, we shall proceed to

List Of Clothing manufacturers in Pakistan:



Garment Resources was formed in 2003 in Karachi, Pakistan by Adnan Abbas and operate under the head of Al-Anwar Apparel. Garment Resources has a solid portfolio and has worked with brands in Europe and Australia, they have also recently expanded into the UAE markets as well. The company produces fashion and workwear and has the capacity of producing 15,000 pieces per month and is one of the top clothing manufacturers in Pakistan.

Garment resources started out as a small start-up as well and support other emerging brands. The company realises that new start-ups cannot afford large production costs and therefore offers a low MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 50 pieces for almost all of the products. In addition, they provide guidance to start-ups with experience of over 12 years.

Products include but not limited to:

  • Coats / Jacks
  • Shorts / Skirts
  • T-Shirts / Shirts / Tops
  • Pants / Jeans / Trousers

However, Garment Resources may not be suitable for businesses ordering in large quantities as the company only employs 11-50 employees and the production capacity is 15,000 pieces per month. But it is the perfect one-stop solution for new clothing brands.


Rijiz International was established in 2010 in Sialkot, Pakistan, and has grown to become one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Pakistan.

Rijiz International meets the European manufacturing standards and is therefore qualified and approved to be a clothing manufacturer in Europe. Moreover, it is REX certified and is a valid & registered company with the European Taxation & Custom Union. In addition to that, the company applies Six Sigma to analyse the manufacturing process to maximize the quality for the clients.

  • Sportswear / Active Wear
  • Sleepwear / Robes

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for all the products is 100 which is good news for small companies that cannot afford to order large quantities. In addition, the company provides very competitive prices for its customers.

However, as the company above, Rijiz International may not be able to produce large quantities for companies that place large orders.

Get Quotes For Your Clothing Designs From Uniway Sourcing


Interloop Limited started operations in 1992 and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Interloop Limited provides Spinning, Yarn Dyeing, Knitting and Finishing facilities to their customers. The company employs 23,000 people, is worth over $280 million, has 5,000 state-of-the-art Italian Knitting Machines, and is spread over 3 continents. The company has the capacity of 500,000 denim garments per month and 1.3 million pieces of Seamless Active Wear.

The company has won several awards including Global Supplier ‘Best in Quality’ Award from C&A for 2012-2013 and 2016-17. The company’s clients include Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and Calvin Klein.   

  • Seamless Active Wear

This company is well established to handle very large quantities of orders as alluded by the clientele, facts and recognition of the company.


Artistic Denim Mills Limited was formed in 1993 and is also listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange offering premium fabrics with unique colours, shades and garments with an extensive array of washes. The company has three units: spinning, denim, and garments. It is one of the largest clothing manufacturers in Pakistan.

The company is certified for quality and environmental standards by organisations including WRAP, BCSI, Oeko-Tax Standard – 100, and ISO 9001:2015 QMS.

Products include denim pants and fabric. The company focuses a lot on environmental safety and therefore uses sustainable elements in its products.

This company is also well established and can also handle large quantities of orders.


Nishat Apparel is the value additive unit of Nishat Mills Limited established in 2007, the Nishat Group was established in 1951 and is the largest vertically integrated textile organization in Pakistan. The company has a production capacity of 1.2 million garments per month. The clientele includes H&M, GAP, C&A, and Zara. Nishat apparel has the highest turnover out of all clothing manufacturers in Pakistan.

  • Denim Jeans
  • Skirts / Shorts
  • Jogger Pants

The company is a part of the famously known Nishat Group. This company is suitable for brands that put in large quantities of orders.


Focus Sports was established in 2013 and is the leading manufacturers of sports apparel in Pakistan.

  • Active Wear
  • Hats / Caps

This company is also suitable for small start-ups as the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is set at 50-100 for all the products. The company also focuses on quality standards and has the vision to deliver the shipments timely, maximising customer satisfaction.


United Garment Industries was established in 2000 and are the leading manufacturers & exporters of woven & knitted garments in Pakistan. The company provides sampling, designing, production, finishing, and packaging services.

  • Pants / Trousers
  • Shirts / Tops

The company has clientele such as Debenhams, BHS, Mothercare, Next, Selfridges, to name a few. The company has a lot of focus on inspection and quality standards.


Siddiqsons Limited set up its garments unit in 2004 and with the focus of providing the highest quality garments and apparel to its customers. Siddiqsons is one of the largest garment manufacturers in Pakistan producing over 1 million pieces per month. They provide cutting, stitching, washing, and finish & packaging services. They are established in the USA, France, Italy, and many other European countries.

The products include denim fabric and knitted wear. The company has focused on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and therefore is suitable for businesses that care for the world, the environment, and the society.


ZK International was established 20 years ago. The company manufactures and exports knitted and woven garments with different proportions of polyester and cotton. The company has clientele in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and the European Union.

The company provides customization in the orders as well. This includes custom design, sizing, label, print, embroidery, cut & sew, and also shipment.

  • Jackets / Coats
  • Jeans / Pants / Trousers
  • Undergarments
  • Active / Sports Wear

The company has a small minimum order quantity of 50 which is suitable for small companies. In addition to this, the quality standards are solid because ZK International is a certified member of Sedex. This means that the factory, health & safety, and labour standards are up to international levels.


Glider Pvt Limited was founded in 2014 and is a knit apparel manufacturing and exporting company. The company’s clientele portfolio includes Al Godon, Daraz, Kreston International.

Products include but not limited:

  • Pull-over hoodies
  • Zipper hoodies
  • Polo Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Active wear / sportswear

The company produces its products using high-quality fabrics such as LSF Fleece, cross fleece, single jersey, Pique, Pique Fleece, etc. The company focuses on fast delivery around the globe and has stringent quality standards to maximise customer satisfaction.

However, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500 pieces per style which can be high for small start-ups but perfect for medium-sized businesses.

GWCC was formed in 1993 from humble beginnings and is a clothing manufacturer in Pakistan that produces very high-quality products. The company’s clientele portfolio includes prestigious organizations including the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harry Porter, and London Underground.

  • V-Neck Sweaters

The company focuses on high quality as their clients are such prestigious organisations that do not compromise in the quality. As such, their factories and the business are certified by Sedex and the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) which also proves their ethical responsibility.


AZ Apparel is a leading manufacturer of knitwear clothing with regional offices in London, Barcelona, Karachi, and Faisalabad. The company’s clientele portfolio includes multinationals such as Mango, Forever 21, Lpp, Bershka, Pull & Bear, and Zara to name a few.

  • Trousers / Pants / Joggers

The company’s clientele portfolio alludes to the quality standards of AZ Apparel Pvt Limited. The company also provides designing services to its clients.


Lahore Fashions was established in 1995 and is a leading knitwear manufacturer and exporter. Lahore Fashions exports to global markets such as the United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, and France. The company has an annual turnover of $20 million.

The company’s clientele portfolio includes Next, Dunlop, Mango, Mother Care, and Sfera. The company offers knitting, cutting, dyeing, embroidery, stitching and packaging services to name a few.

  • Roll-neck shirts
  • Jogging trousers
  • Hoodies / Hooded Shirts

For men, women, and children.

Lahore Fashions is an ISO certified company. In addition to that, it has OEKO Tex and WRAP certifications testifying to their high quality and environmental standards.


Artistic Apparel Pvt Limited was established in 1969 in Karachi, Pakistan. The company offers Fabric Sourcing, Design Solutions, and Apparel Manufacturing services for its customers. The company has a global reach and exports to the United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union. The company has shipped up to 1,000,000 pieces per month which shows the high capacity of the company, making it one of the biggest apparel manufacturers in Pakistan.

The company is partnered with multinationals including Pull & Bear, H&M, Next, C&A, Zara, Mango, Springfield. The company has very high-quality standards and the company’s clientele portfolio suggests to that in addition to its EMS certification.

  • Bottoms men
  • Bottoms women
  • Kids Apparel

Artistic Apparel Pvt Limited claims to be a one-stop apparel solutions for brands. The MOQ is quite high and thus is not suitable for small-sized enterprises but rather medium or large sized enterprises.


Bill Inc. is a manufacturer of fabrics and ready-made garments for all genders. Formed over 55 years ago, the company is a leading garment manufacturer in Pakistan. Bill’s Inc. has a production capacity of 600 machines meaning approximately 150,000 woven garments per month and 350,000 knit garments per month.

Bill’s Inc. clientele portfolio includes Sears, Wal-Mart, Costco, Winners, Levis, Russell, C&A, Lee & Cortee Inglees.

  • T-Shirts / Tops
  • Polo shirts
  • Jeans / Khakis / Pants / Trousers

The company has laser focus on quality standards. The company analyses the orders to ensure that they can meet the customer’s deadlines before proceeding to manufacture them. Moreover, the company is recognised for its international standards by AQL (2.5%), WRAP, Levis Strauss, and Costco. The company offers very competitive prices due to the vertically-integrated setup and high volume.

The list above is not exhaustive at all but rather provides the best clothing manufacturers in Pakistan according to our extensive research. The list above is compiled ensuring that the companies listed are certified with quality standards and can cater to both large and small businesses with high and low minimum order quantities.

Do you need help sourcing clothing from Pakistan?

We can help you with:

  • Specifications
  • Finding suppliers and negotiating
  • Placing your order
  • Quality control and testing

Use the form below to get in touch

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[…] Read our full article on clothing manufacturers in Pakistan […]

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How to Start a Clothing Business in Pakistan? [Full Guide in 2023]

How to Start a Clothing Business in Pakistan that you should know

As we all know that nowadays every person is looking for ways to become a business bean. There are many businesses in Pakistan that people can use to earn huge profits.

So if we talk about the best of these for-profit businesses, it includes the clothing business in Pakistan and all around the world.

By the way, there are many Clothing Businesses, some of which are running this business online and some at their stores.

And if we talk about the clothing business, then the clothing business is a business in which we buy clothes from the manufacturer and sell them to our customers.

Ways you’ll start marketing Clothing business in Pakistan and all over the world

You can start selling garments in the following two ways.

  • Online methods, by building your own e-commerce site.
  • Through selling it in a shop.

Through Online:

For developing an online business in Pakistan then you would want to create an e-commerce site and make a profile and add photos of your items to your site.

You’ll need a minimum of 10,000 to 20,000 Pakistani rupees . You also may get to have a social media marketing approach to form sure people know your goods.

Offline clothes business:

To start off a clothes business in Pakistan using offline shops, then you will want to have a store . You would like to take situation money during a store and discover an honest area where there are a lot of customers there.

You would want to possess excellent communication abilities to set up a clothing business in Pakistan.

Steps to Start Clothing Business

Necessary steps How to Start a Clothing Business in Pakistan that you should know

Here we are going to evaluate the demands, investments,s, and recommendations to grow the clothes business.

  • Preparation of a clothing line business plan.
  • Locate Real Material for Clothing Production.
  • Choose a specialty and Category of Clothing.
  •  Follow the highly motivated business model of Clothing.
  • Begin Producing your Goods. 

Preparation of a clothing line business plan

Preplanning how you will promote, advertise, and reach sales targets are all aspects of pre-planning that can help you achieve accuracy and certainty in your objectives.

It’s also important to have a unique brand name that reflects your company image. This may successfully represent your commitment to professionalism and provide thoughts about your industry by listening to individuals for the first time.

How much money is required to start a clothing business?

To start, we must understand that launching a business, regardless of its kind, does not necessitate a significant financial commitment. You may start your clothing business with the smallest possible investment.

You may also use the earnings to grow and improve your business in the future. If you’re starting a clothing line for the first time, it’s best to start with a little investment so you can assess the advantages and risks of the business.

Locate Real Materials for Clothing Production

All this comes down to finding and searching for a suitable market where you can obtain the materials you want to launch your own clothing brand. It’s also critical to balance high raw material quality with a low budget.

In this case, connecting with friends who work in the same clothes industry might be really beneficial. Having advice from such successful clothing brand businessmen is beneficial.

Choose a specialty and a category of Clothing

Choose a specialty and a category of clothing

It completely depends on the fashion and culture approved by the society in which you live, hence selecting a niche depends on the class you are reaching.

Then you may choose cultural clothing or other people’s national cultures to combine of your own.

You must first select the garment or clothing niche you want to sell in before you can choose your wares.

Choosing your niche enables you to select items and develop your whole clothing line business plan around the form of potential customers you want to attract, allowing you to position your store in a unique way.

Follow a highly motivated business model

Partnering with a Trusted and Qualified Designer, it is important that you have a relationship with a skilled and trustworthy tailor who can stitch for your clothing line.

Because your clothes goods are the foundation for achieving your dreams of starting your own clothing business.

It’s a time-consuming technique to determine which items are in high demand in your target consumer market . You can change your niche based on the demands of the market.

It’s all about trying new things. The more you experiment, the better your clothes business will be.

Simply study the market demands and then appropriately manage the clients ‘ responses so that you may examine your progress as well as your weaknesses at the appropriate time.

How to Determine the Price of Your Clothing?

It’s essential to decide how you’ll price your new fashion clothesline before you sell it. The net profit, as well as the financial status of your target clients and how much they are ready to spend, should be examined.

A perfect balance must be maintained here so that both sides can benefit.

There is also a customized space. Simply go with the flow of market status and constantly adjust your pricing to match your market position.

What inspires customers to purchase your product?

Customers are motivated to buy your apparel line because of 3 components. The first step is to develop your trendy clothes brand with engaging logos.

The second is that you may use attractive messaging to inspire your customers. Third, build a clothes business by understanding the cultural value for buyers.

Begin producing your goods

Return to your planned work and gather all of your materials. It’s time to request your goods from the manufacturers.

This is the stage at which you’ll find the person (or group of people) who will take your ideas and turn them into a reality .

Of course, if you want to make everything yourself for the time being, or if you have a hand-picked group, you will skip this stage! This also applies if you primarily want to buy discounted ready-made things and resell them.

Start an Online Clothing business or a store

Start an online Clothing business or a store

Building an Online Clothing Store to launch your own fashion business needs complete effort and involvement.

You may also require technical assistance from E-commerce professionals. Networking with logo designers and web developers will be quite beneficial.

It is advantageous to launch a clothing brand in Pakistan as both a physical and online store. It is beneficial for buyers who do not rely on the quality of the internet market.

It is likely that ignoring online business and marketing techniques is impossible in this day and age, as every organization operates electronically.

Furthermore, the construction of an online platform assists you in correctly advertising to start a clothes business.

Starting a Clothing business in Pakistan and all over gives you complete control over your life and allows you to make your own goals come true every day.

Starting a clothing brand allows you to focus your attention on something you are actually interested in!

You’ll find yourself spending as much time and attention on the business as possible in order for it to succeed.

This business is focusing on referrals, which may be a powerful strategy to acquire and keep consumers.

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The Arab-Pakistan Business Forum and Exhibition would provide an opportunity to private sectors of both sides to interact and explore avenues of joint ventures and investment in the areas of interest, said Palestine’s United Exhibitions and Conferences CEO Haityam Yakhluf.

During an online meeting with Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) President Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, both sides discussed the possibility of holding the first Arab- Pakistan Business Forum and Exhibition in Pakistan in September or October this year for promoting trade and investment relations between the two sides.

Yakhluf highlighted that about 100 Arab businessmen and businesswomen had shown keen interest in attending the Arab-Pakistan Business Forum in addition to about 50 participants in the exhibition. He said that his company was also interested in promoting Pakistan’s investment in Arab countries including Palestine.

Speaking on the occasion, the ICCI chief welcomed the proposal from the Palestinian company to organise the business forum in Pakistan in collaboration with the ICCI and assured him of support to make it a successful event.

Khan said that Pakistan was a diversified economy with great potential for promoting trade and investment relations with the Arab countries and hoped that the forum would be a right step towards transforming the potential opportunities into reality.

He highlighted textile, rice, fruits and vegetables, oil and gas, construction and real estate, cement, IT, pharmaceutical, leather, sports, electronics and light engineering as potential sectors for collaboration between Pakistan and the Arab countries for trade, joint ventures and investment.

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clothing business plan in pakistan


clothing business plan in pakistan

Online Business in Pakistan: How to Start an Online Store in Pakistan?

Create your online store and increase your sales

How to start an online business in Pakistan ? Are you a local maker or manufacturer of Pakistan or an artisan making handcrafted items? Do you want to sell your crafts online ? PakistanCreates brings potential opportunities for all of you to start an online selling business in Pakistan . Now you can showcase your talent on a legitimate online marketplace and sell through an online store in Pakistan. The other way is to devise a strategy for selling online through a website in Pakistan . 

Since the rise of COVID-19, online shopping is trending. Many of us are thinking of establishing an online store for more sales and profit. PakistanCreates supports the women entrepreneurs, local makers, and manufacturers of Pakistan in boosting their online business. This article will take you through the steps you can take to start your online business at PakistanCreates.

Online Business is the Future!

How to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan? Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling services or goods through the internet. Statistics depict a clear potential for making more money through eCommerce. As a result, of the popularity of online stores, a higher number of people are interested to buy and sell online . However, it is difficult to start and stabilize a digital business from scratch. PakistanCreates is here to ease your trouble by providing you with a free-of-cost platform where you can set up your shop straightaway. 

Create an online clothing store free at PakistanCreates or create a shop for any product you sell. Women can start their online business without investment in Pakistan at PakistanCreates.  If you have a business that generates sufficient income locally but you want to expand your market to every potential customer, then join PakistanCreates, an online store for you. Not only this, the platform helps women entrepreneurs start earning a handsome living by creating an online shop on PakistanCreates website. Conducting business activities online is the future of the world, therefore it is wise to set up a store for yourself as well.   

As a preliminary step explore PakistanCreates and observe how it operates. Take a glance at the shops of people and make up your mind about how you can set up an attractive shop for your brand. All your products will be listed in the shop with your brand name. If you are interested in registering your shop right away, then start reading the guide from step 4.

1. – Formulate an Idea if You are a Startup

A business plan or an initial idea is essential for setting up a business. Whether you want to open an online perfume store in Pakistan, a clothing store, or an online shop to sell your handmade and hand-crafted products, all you need to do is get deep into your business idea. If you have a company or product that you believe people would like, do some market research to back it up. Check out the potential competitors of your business to identify market dynamics. It will help you to optimize your products accordingly and follow new trends.

At PakistanCreates our core initiative is to support and buck up the women at home to start their income with a skill. We welcome all kinds of products as far as they are made and manufactured in Pakistan and that pass certain quality check measures. If you are thinking of setting up your business from scratch with a new idea then you can explore online for an idea.

2. – Focus on the Branding of Your Product/Service

It is crucial to represent your company worldwide with a unique and relevant name. If you’ve made it this far without deciding on a name for your digital business, it’s time to make a choice. Choose a relevant name for your brand.

The importance of the name is undeniable since it will serve as the basis for all further selections. Decide what could be the name of your online shopping store . 

What keywords do your rivals use in their brand names, for example? Are there any phrases you should use or refrain from using? The business name should match the type of products you are selling. Context always matters!

Come up with a half-dozen or more business name ideas with relevant keywords in mind once you’ve brainstormed a list of keywords to consider (and keywords to avoid). Confirm the availability of the business name you finally decide!

3. – Increase Your Online Presence

After finalizing the business name, start maintaining an adequate stock of products at home to sell products online. Create accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., and start maintaining an online portfolio where all your customers could see all products at a sight. Photography is one of the most important selling points. Conduct an in-house shoot day for all your products for which you do not need any high-end camera or a huge setup, just a mobile phone, portrait mode, and a solid background can do the magic. These are small yet important branding aspects that can help you reach your target market with greater influence. 

4. – Register Your Store on PakistanCreates

Whether you are managing a fully operational business or you are a startup, we appreciate your effort in every way. We are especially focused on highlighting the talent of local makers and women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. One important thing to keep in mind is that we only allow 100% Pakistani products on our platform. The products could be handmade, handcrafted, made in Pakistan, or manufactured in Pakistan.

If you have some skill and you are interested in earning money through it, then PakistanCreates is here for you. Starting selling your handmade, handcrafted, or manufactured products and we are ready to take you in after a few quality checks. 

The very first step to becoming part of PakistanCreates family as a seller is ‘Sign Up’. Fill out the Sign-Up form and provide some basic information about your brand. Click the ‘Submit’ button and we will receive your request for opening an online store.

clothing business plan in pakistan

5. – Wait to Hear Back from Us

At the core of approval for opening an online store, we have a monotonous policy of checking that the products are made in Pakistan and they meet the standard quality checks.

You will hear back from us within 2-3 days. Meanwhile, you may devise plans and strategies for operating your online store. Prepare some quality pictures of each of your products and start writing product descriptions to get more sales.

6. – Stock Up Your Inventory

Once your request gets approved, you will have your online shop. Our team will provide you with login credentials to start uploading products to your shop. For this, a customer support team will be available to you 24/7 for any help. Stock in your products and you are all set to sell on PakistanCreates.

7. – All Done, Run your Business!

All set! Your online store is ready to generate business for you. Keep updating your products and their descriptions in your online shop, add new products immediately after you launch them, and most importantly, be responsive to your customers whenever you get an order.

Happy Selling!

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