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statuscode and statecode mismatch even though both are explicitly set

I'm getting an error when creating a service appointment entity through the SOAP webservice about a mismatch between statuscode and statecode:

4 is not a valid status code for state code ServiceAppointmentState.Open on serviceappointment.

Essentially saying that reserved (statuscode 4) isn't a member of the Open state (statecode 1) . Which is true, it's actually a member of the Scheduled state (statecode 3) but in my request I'm correctly setting statecode to 3!

Does anyone know why my setting the serviceappointment to the Scheduled state is being ignored?

full request:

it appears the same error occasionally happens when deleting solutions from an organisation so I've had trouble researching the issue. All I've found is this forum post , but it doesn't seem to be resolved.

  • web-services
  • dynamics-crm-2011
  • dynamics-crm

Guido Preite's user avatar

  • This sounds very much like the webservice object has a typo. I would place a small sum on the parsing/validation portion of the webservice having a copy-paste typo of some sort and that is just getting translated out to your response. –  williambq Jun 12, 2013 at 16:23

statecode is a readonly property, you can't set its value when you create a new record.

To set the right value you need to use always a SetStateRequest


Conclusion: first you need to create the record (and it will be in open state) and after change its status to reserved.

  • ah slightly unintuitive but makes sense, thanks. I presume so but do the REST services have the same limitation as you wouldn't be able to use the SetStateRequest? –  Dead.Rabit Jun 13, 2013 at 8:24
  • if you use REST endpoint to create the record you have the same limitation, and unfortunately they didn't implement to change the state by REST, still need to use SOAP –  Guido Preite Jun 13, 2013 at 8:58
  • Worth checking though.. guess I'll just have to take the performance hit on this one. Ta –  Dead.Rabit Jun 13, 2013 at 9:44

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    96 - J9 Excluded in AIMS. Rejects the assignment to the SRI (See note 2). A9 - B9 Included in AIMS. Allows the assignment to process with an action notice to AFIT (See note 2). NOTE 1: Considered on the EOS. NOTE 2: Not considered on the EOS. 1 ASGN RESTRICTION--QC. 3 THREATENED AIRMAN. 4 NOMINATION CONT.

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  20. statuscode and statecode mismatch even though both are explicitly set

    4 is not a valid status code for state code ServiceAppointmentState.Open on serviceappointment. Essentially saying that reserved (statuscode 4) isn't a member of the Open state (statecode 1). Which is true, it's actually a member of the Scheduled state (statecode 3) but in my request I'm correctly setting statecode to 3!

  21. is_assignable

    Trait class that identifies whether U is a type assignable to T. The class inherits from integral_constant as being either true_type or false_type, depending on whether T supports being assigned U. Template parameters T, U Complete types, or void (possible cv-qualified), or an array of unknown bound. Member types Inherited from integral_constant:

  22. std::is_assignable, std::is_trivially_assignable, std::is_nothrow

    Notes. This trait does not check anything outside the immediate context of the assignment expression: if the use of T or U would trigger template specializations, generation of implicitly-defined special member functions etc, and those have errors, the actual assignment may not compile even if std:: is_assignable < T,U >:: value compiles and evaluates to true.

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