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Academic writing

Resources designed to support postgraduate level academic writing skills: Writing a First Year Report independent study course, and Writing Up Qualitative Research independent study course.

Writing a first year report

This independent study course for first year research students may help you prepare for writing a first year report.

  • the introduction
  • literature review
  • report on progress
  • future plans

Please download the pack at the English Language Education study materials webpage (please scroll down the page to find it):

Writing up a first year report (secured)

Writing up qualitative research

This independent self study pack is aimed at Postgraduate Researchers working on a qualitative thesis who have completed their data collection and analysis and are at the stage of writing up.

Note: this self-study pack was written in 2013 so is not an expecially up-to-date resource, but it may still contain helpful general information.

The units available for download are:

Writing up: course introduction (PDF - 3 pages)

Unit 1: structure and introduction (PDF - 13 pages)

Unit 2: literature review (PDF - 15 pages)

Unit 3: methodology (PDF - 9 pages)

Unit 4: data chapters (PDF - 17 pages)

Unit 5: the final chapter (PDF - 19 pages)

Unit 6: the first few pages (PDF - 9 pages)

Independent study notes (PDF - 11 pages)


Academic Writing

academic writing course pdf

1. To differentiate between various kind of academic writings. 2. To identify and avoid the plagiarism. 3. To practice the basic skills of performing quality literature review. 4. To practice the basic skills of research paper, review paper and thesis writing. 5. To target the research work to suitable journal and communicate for publication 6. To practice the Time and team management. 7. To practice digital writing or develop Open Educational Resources (OER). 8. To write research proposals, conference abstract and book chapters/ book proposals. Target Group

Dr Mona Semalty  (Co-Course Coordinator & Subject Matter Expert) Prof Rajat Agrawal   (Subject Matter Expert) Mr Lokesh Adhikari (Instructional Designer) Pandavaas Creations Pvt. Ltd. Production

Page Visits

Course layout.

Additional Week* Ethics in Research: Research fraud, competing interest, authorship, slicing research, FFP, COPE guidelines. * The contents of these weeks (in total) cover the UGC’s newly introduced subject “Research & Publication Ethics” prescribed  for Pre Ph D Courses work of every subject.

Books and references

Instructor bio.

academic writing course pdf

Dr Ajay Semalty

Course certificate.

academic writing course pdf


academic writing course pdf


Please choose the SWAYAM National Coordinator for support. * :

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Writing resources, english 114 guides.

These guides were created by Felisa Baynes-Ross to support students’ writing and research in English 114 and may also be used by the instructors who teach these courses, as well as students and instructors in other courses. The creation of these guides was possible with an FAS Professional Development Leave and support from Jessica Brantley, Maria del Mar Galindo, Sarah Harford, Margaret Homans, Heather Klemann, Stefanie Markovits, Ben Pokross, Jae Kirkland Rice, Erica Sayers, and Rasheed Tazudeen.

 What You Should Know About Writing

“What You Should Know About Writing” addresses misconceptions about writing and provides strategies for success in English 114 and other courses.  Download “What You Should Know About Writing” (PDF) .

 Reading Strategies

“Reading Strategies” offers practical strategies and approaches to help you read scholarly texts. Download “Reading Strategies” (PDF) .

 Key Elements of an Academic Argument

“Key Elements of an Academic Argument” defines the key elements of an academic argument and provides examples to help you close read arguments. Download “Key Elements of an Academic Argument” (PDF) .

 Close Reading for Argument

“Close Reading for Argument” outlines the steps involved in analyzing academic arguments. Download “Close Reading” (PDF) .

 Writing Academic Argument

“Writing Academic Argument” identifies some key moves to help you join academic conversations. Download “Writing Academic Argument” (PDF) .

 What is Revision?

This “Revision Guide” explains the role of revision in writing and offers strategies to help you revise effectively. Download “What is Revision?” (PDF) .

Some Matters of Form

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Course Syllabus - Academic Writing

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academic writing course pdf

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하남콜걸《※》【 홈피;MED 33, N E T※카톡:K O M 20 】하남출장안마 ##3 하남출장샵 ##3 하남안마 ##3 하남출장업소 ##3 하남출장마사지 ##3 하남모텔출장 ##3 하남노콘출장서비스 하남콜걸《※》【 홈피;MED 33, N E T※카톡:K O M 20 】하남출장안마 ##3 하남출장샵 ##3 하남안마 ##3 하남출장업소 ##3 하남출장마사지 ##3 하남모텔출장 ##3 하남노콘출장서비스 하남콜걸《※》【 홈피;MED 33, N E T※카톡:K O M 20 】하남출장안마 ##3 하남출장샵 ##3 하남안마 ##3 하남출장업소 ##3 하남출장마사지 ##3 하남모텔출장 ##3 하남노콘출장서비스 하남콜걸《※》【 홈피;MED 33, N E T※카톡:K O M 20 】하남출장안마 ##3 하남출장샵 ##3 하남안마 ##3 하남출장업소 ##3 하남출장마사지 ##3 하남모텔출장 ##3 하남노콘출장서비스 하남콜걸《※》【 홈피;MED 33, N E T※카톡:K O M 20 】하남출장안마 ##3 하남출장샵 ##3 하남안마 ##3 하남출장업소 ##3 하남출장마사지 ##3 하남모텔출장 ##3 하남노콘출장서비스

Clinica Chimica Acta

Michael Peter

Elias E Goulart

Yustisia Jurnal Hukum

Imprisonment as the main criminal is the most threatened against offenders. Imprisonment in Indonesia criminal law as a legacy of colonial law enforcement. With the development of the concept of criminal theory form retributive to restorative sentencing, imprisonment and the implementation should be reviewed so that can be in accordance with human rights principles. This research examined the imprisonment in the Indonesian criminal law, customary criminal law, and Islamic Penal law, and also the concept of imprisonment renewal in the concept of Criminal Law Code of Indonesia, and then what is the punishment that is accordance with restorative justice theory that can protect the human rights of the convicted person, victims, and society.Key Word: Imprisonment, human rights, restorative justice.AbstrakPidana penjara sebagai pidana pokok merupakan pidana yang paling banyak diancamkan terhadap pelaku kejahatan. Pemberlakuannya merupakan peninggalan hukum kolonial. Dengan perkembangan pe...

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Athanassios Skodras

Redimio Manuel Pedraza Olivera

The Wilson Journal of Ornithology

David Krementz

Revista de Geociências do Nordeste

Hamilcar Filgueira

Aleš Jaklič

MRS Proceedings

Malcolm Siegel

Siti fauziah Nur maulida

South Asian Journal of Marketing

77 Tanuj Deep Singh

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Academic writing course

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Practice Paper 2024 with Solutions: Best for Last Minute Revision

Cbse class 10 hindi a practice paper 2024: download here the cbse class 10 hindi a practice paper with solutions to prepare for the upcoming cbse class 10 hindi exam 2024. these questions are best for last minute revision and assess your preparedness for the exam..

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Prominent features of CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Practice Paper 2024

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  • Questions are based on the important topics from the prescribed syllabus.
  • Questions have been curated by experienced subject teachers.
  • The practice paper is available in an easily downloadable format.

Thus, the CBSE Class 10 Hindi practice paper provided here is an essential resource to analyse your preparedness for the upcoming CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Exam 2024 and enhance your problem-solving skills. Download the practice paper and solutions in PDF here.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Practice Paper 2024

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  16. (PDF) Academic Writing Course 1

    (PDF) Academic Writing Course 1 Home Education Higher Education Academic Writing PDF Available Academic Writing Course 1 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3562.3288 Authors: Zainab Jaafar Auda...

  17. PDF Sample Syllabus

    HW: Complete a reading response for "Generation Myth". Week 2 Day 1. Day 2. Paced and timed readings #2 Reading: "Generational Myth" Reading skills: Previewing; main idea; during and after reading. RWE: Subject-verb agreement 2.2 Writing skill: Paraphrasing. HW: Complete a reading response for "Online Literacy".

  18. Academic Writing

    Upon completing the course, one would be able. 1. To differentiate between various kind of academic writings.2. To identify and avoid the plagiarism.3. To practice the basic skills of performing quality literature review.6. To practice the Time and team management.7. To practice digital writing or develop Open Educational Resources (OER).8.

  19. PDF Introduction to Academic Writing Course Description Course Outcomes

    Use practices many writers employ to write summary and analysis. Use the generative power of writing to increase comprehension and develop ideas. Use instructor and peer-review feedback to improve written work. Rhetorical Knowledge. • Apply rhetorical concepts of audience and purpose to writing and reading situations.

  20. Writing Resources

    English 114 Guides. These guides were created by Felisa Baynes-Ross to support students' writing and research in English 114 and may also be used by the instructors who teach these courses, as well as students and instructors in other courses. The creation of these guides was possible with an FAS Professional Development Leave and support ...

  21. (PDF) Course Syllabus

    Course Syllabus - Academic Writing. The purpose of this course is to enhance grad students' writing quality in terms of Academic writing styles. The students will be introduced to several writing genres such as descriptive essays, process essays, classification essays, comparison-contrast essays, cause-effect essays, and argumentative essays.

  22. Academic writing course : R. R. Jordan : Free Download, Borrow, and

    Academic writing course by R. R. Jordan. Publication date 1980 Topics ... Pdf_module_version 0.0.18 Ppi 300 Rcs_key 24143 Republisher_date 20201118145820 Republisher_operator [email protected] Republisher_time 171 Scandate 20201116172306 Scanner

  23. Principles of Academic Writing

    This free online course will teach you the principles of academic writing and how you can improve your writing ability. Academic writing is a communication tool that conveys acquired knowledge in a specific field of study. This course will teach you the principles to help you excel in academic writing. In addition, it outlines the strategies ...

  24. TOEFL TestReady

    Official TOEFL iBT ® Prep Course. Build the skills you need to communicate in English in an academic environment with this self-paced course. With the 6-month subscription, you'll be able to: Do in-depth lessons and activities across the 4 skills — Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing; Take pre- and post-tests to help you evaluate your ...

  25. PDF English 420: Business Writing

    the writing process, from planning and drafting to editing and polishing strategies. Writing Lab consultants work with undergraduate and graduate students from every department on any piece of writing from class assignments to job search documents. For more information, please visit the Writing Lab's Website or call (765)494-3723.

  26. CBSE Class 10 Hindi Practice Paper 2024 with Solutions PDF

    CBSE Class 10 Hindi Practice Paper PDF: Students of CBSE Class 10 will write their first major paper for the ongoing board exams on February 21 2024 (Wednesday). The Central Board of Secondary ...