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These 15 Websites Actually Pay You To Type Online (Up To $50/hour)

Online social media jobs that pay $30/hour, no experience necessary, availability to start this week, no experience required, make $25-$35 testing new apps, just need access to phone/tablet, completely remote, 5+ hours per week available.

Are you looking to get paid to type?

If you’re a fast and accurate typer, you can use those skills to make money with a data entry or live chat job.

While these jobs aren’t normally the highest paying , they are readily available and can still pay up to $25 an hour.

My current three favorite methods for getting paid to type however, are these three.

  • Writing social media posts.
  • Writing app reviews
  •  Live chat support

Still looking for more options? No worries we have 15 more below.

If you’re ready to turn your typing skills into cash, you should check out these top sites where you get paid just to type.

Sites that Pay You to Type

1.WriteApps 2. Aberdeen 2. MicroWorkers 3. Quicktate 4. SpeakWrite 5. TranscribeMe! 6. Accutran Global 7. Xerox 8. SigTrack 9. Lionbridge 10. mTurk 11. Babbletype 12. Casting Words 13. ClickWorker 14. WeLocalize 15. Rev.com

1. WriteAppReviews

Write apps is my favorite way to get paid to type for two reasons.

First and foremost it’s fun.

Second it can make more money than most of the others.

WriteApps reviews mobile apps.

Since hundreds of apps go live every day, they hire you to do this for them.

All you do is download the app, play with it for a bit, then write about your experience.

You get to review all kinds of fun apps and can make good money still.

You can sign up for WriteAppReviews here.

1. Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a company that offers closed captioning, subtitling, and translation services to broadcasting companies.

To do this, Aberdeen hires and pays people to type these up for them.

Captioners must be able to type at least 180 WPM and caption in real-time. To work as a captioner, you must also have real-time captioning software, three phone lines, and backup internet.

Aberdeen has a fully remote position for real-time broadcast captioners and on-site positions for Junior Closed Captioners. The on-site positions come with competitive pay and a 401k option.

  • Hourly Pay: Not Listed
  • Hours : Sunday – Monday, 4 pm to 2 am

2. MicroWorkers

Microworkers.com is a site that allows users to register and complete jobs for money. These jobs are usually on the smaller side (hence the name “Microworkers”) and can include jobs where you get paid to type.

Typical typing jobs you’ll find on Microworkers include collecting data and entering it into spreadsheets, translating robot commands to natural conversation, and transcription.

I found an older Reddit thread where users were discussing MicroWorkers strategy and pay. Unfortunately, it looked like the average pay was in the $5-$7 per hour range. Payment will vary, though, depending on the jobs you take, your skill level, and how quick you are.

  • Hourly Pay: All jobs pay a different amount 
  • Hours: Flexible

3. Quicktate

Get Paid To Type - Quicktate

Quicktate hires contractors to transcribe phone calls, videos, and audio clips for their clients. 

These contractors get paid to type exactly what they hear.

To qualify to work with Quicktate, you’ll need to pass a test to demonstrate your typing abilities. If you pass the quiz, you’ll also need to pass a background check. (There’s a $20 fee for the background check.)

  • Hourly Pay: Pay ranges from $0.0025 – $0.0050 per word

4. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite hires contractors to transcribe audio from police departments, law offices, protective services, and more.

To qualify as a transcriptionist with SpeakWrite, you need to accurately type at least 60 words per minute. You’ll also need a Windows-based PC, Microsoft Word, and a foot pedal.

The application process consists of passing a quiz and completing training.

  • Hourly Pay: Pay is $0.0050 per word
  • Hours: Flexible, at least 15 scheduled hours per month

5. TranscribeMe!


TranscribeMe! Hires contractors to transcribe short, 2-4 minute audio clips. They also claim to offer some of the highest pay in the industry and 100% flexible jobs.

To qualify, you’ll need to have a computer, access to stable internet, and be able to pass their entrance exam. You do not need to have special equipment or prior experience.

  • Hourly Pay: $15-$22 per audio hour 
  • Hours : Flexible

(Note: audio hour is the amount you earn for transcribing one hour of audio – your actual pay will come out to much less.)

6. Accutran Global

Accutran Global hires experienced contractors to help with the transcription of conference calls from professions including medical, legal, financial, and more.

This company currently hires State Board Levels CARTs. Besides this certification, you’ll also need voice writing software and equipment, Windows 10, and a quality pair of headphones.

  • Hourly Pay: Pay is based on the length of the conference call, starting at $75 for up to an hour conference call
  • Hours: Not specified


Xerox has a virtual office program in which they hire qualified military spouses and veterans to work from home. One of the work-at-home jobs they offer is data entry and verification.

To find a job you’re interested in, you’ll need to use their website’s job search feature. (Data entry jobs are not always available.)

  • Hourly Pay: Varies
  • Hours: Varies – Part Time to Full Time

8. SigTrack

SigTrack occasionally hires contractors to help input voter registration information into their database.

To qualify, you must be a United States resident, have Windows 10 or higher, MACOS 10.13 or higher, and reliable internet.

This is one of the more legit jobs where you get paid to type because you are working for the government.

Getting signed on tends to be a little harder because of the secure nature of the information.

  • Hourly Pay: Depends upon speed and accuracy

9. Lionbridge

Get Paid To Type - Lionbridge

Lionbridge hires contractors to fill many work-at-home jobs, including their online data analyst positions. Online data analysts research and verify information.

To qualify for a position that pays you to type, you will need to pass an entrance exam.

Pay is said to be around $12-$14 per hour with hours up to 20 per week.

  • Hourly Pay: Not listed
  • Hours: Flexible, up to 20 hours per week

mTurk is a company run by Amazon that pays its users for completing tasks called “HITs.” HIT stands for Human Intelligence Task and is a small virtual task that needs to be completed by a human.

Many different HITs are available on mTurk, with some of the most popular being categorization research and data entry,  image processing, and data verification. The pay at mTurk varies by job, but since most jobs are small, the payment is also small.

The good thing about mTurk is you can work when you want, as much as you want. So, if your regular work has dried up, you can use mTurk as a backup for now.

I browsed some Reddit threads to see what avid mTurk workers were making, and it seems like $6-$12 is the norm, with workers occasionally (not consistently) earning up to $20/hr.

  • Hourly Pay: Varies by task and your speed

11. Babbletype


Babblytype hires freelancers to transcribe documents used for market research projects. Because Babblytype values accuracy so much, they’re only willing to work with transcribers who are committed and focused.

To become a transcriber for Babbletype, you’ll have to watch their introduction video, take a transcribing test, complete an assessment, and then make it past the interview.

Candidates must be able to work at least one hour per day, four days per week. Sometimes there are bulk loads of work, and transcribers are expected to help complete it.

  • Hourly Pay: depends upon your speed and accuracy
  • Hours: 1 hour per day, four days per week

12. Casting Words

Casting Words hires freelancers to transcribe all kinds of audio and video clips. These freelancers get paid to type everything they see and hear. Signing up is very easy, and they don’t seem to have as many requirements as the other sites. In fact, if you’re over 18 and live in a supported country, you’re pretty much good to go. 

Some users will receive short assessments they have to take after filling out their profiles.

The pay you receive depends on your rating. If your work is rated a 0-4, your job will be rejected, and you won’t receive payment. Work rated a 5 gets the base pay for the job, and everything above a 5 qualifies for extra pay.

  • Hourly Pay: 0.085 – $1.00 per audio minute
  • Hours : 100% Flexible

13. ClickWorker


Clickworker is very similar to mTurk. This company hires workers to complete micro-tasks, including correcting text, verifying data, and categorizing data.

The main benefit of Clickworker is that it has an app. So, if you’re looking for work you can do off of your phone, this is about as good as it gets.

  • Hourly Pay: Dependent on the job

14. WeLocalize

If you’re looking for a unique or fun way to get paid to type, you’ll like this company. WeLocalize hires freelancers to transcribe song lyrics. 

To qualify, you must be fluent in English, able to transcribe 50 songs per week and have the ability to understand song lyrics and jargon. You must also sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Pay is rumored to be $4 per song. This means if you’re an accurate transcriber, you could earn a decent hourly wage through this company.

  • Hourly Pay : Per song, hourly pay depends on your skill and speed
  • Hours: Flexible, but must transcribe at least 50 songs per week

15. Rev.com


Rev.com is one of the most popular sites that pay freelancers for typing-based jobs. Rev has two job openings for typists: transcriber and captioner.

Rev pays transcribers $0.30 – $1.10 per audio/video minute, and pays captioners $0.54-$1.10 per audio/video minute. Work is completely flexible. You can pick up jobs whenever you want.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up, take an English and grammar quiz, and then submit a sample of your work. If approved, you’ll start working right away.

  • Hourly Pay: Varies; pay is $0.30-$1.10 per audio/video minute

Top Questions About Online Typing and Data Entry Jobs

How much money can i expect to earn typing online.

Online typing and data entry jobs are not high-paying. You can expect to earn anywhere from $6 to $12 per hour from most of the jobs on this list. More experienced transcribers with fast and accurate typing speeds may be able to earn more.

It’s essential to understand that the pay per audio or video minute will not be your hourly pay. 

Let’s say, for example, pay per audio minute is $1.00. It takes you 4 minutes to transcribe that one minute of audio. This makes your pay $0.25 per minute or the equivalent of $15 per hour.

Are These Jobs Only for Freelancers?

You can find data entry jobs that will hire you as a W-2 employee. However, most on this list won’t. (The exception is Xerox and Aberdeen.)

Most online typing jobs hire freelancers as independent contractors. This means you’ll receive a 1099 at the end of the year for income tax purposes and will be responsible for paying self-employment taxes. 

If you’re worried about the tax aspect of freelancing, consult an accountant. An accountant can advise you on how much money to hold back for taxes and how to send in and report self-employment taxes.

Can Students Apply for Work from Home Typing Jobs?

Yes. If you’re a college student and are looking for flexible work you can do anywhere, you can absolutely sign up for work from home typing jobs.

Most of these jobs only require you to be 18, a US resident, and an accurate typer. Other than that, you’ll need a Paypal account to receive payment.

If you’re looking for more jobs you can do as a college student, check out our list of 97 side hustles.

How Can I Earn More From Typing Jobs?

Since most typing or transcription jobs are paid per project, the best way to increase your income is to become a faster and more accurate typer. Luckily, the more practice you get, the more your typing skills will improve.

You can also look into transcription certification programs, but you need to be very selective when doing so. There are many scams, so be sure to check on the legitimacy of any company you sign up with.

Get Paid to Type: What You Should Know

If you want to get paid to type, there are many transcription and data entry jobs you can apply for. It’s good to remember, though, that these jobs aren’t always high-paying and may not be suitable as full-time income sources.

If you want to give these jobs a go, sign up for a few places so that you always have work available to you. This way, you can see if you’ll be able to pull in a liveable income on data entry jobs.

And remember, the faster and more accurate you type, the more money you’ll be able to earn.

Looking for more ways to earn money?

Check out the video below to learn how I went from $0 to $3,000,000:

Affiliate Disclaimer: I may (and probably do) receive affiliate commissions from any products I recommend or links I put on this page. My opinions are my own but they are truthful and I do my best to recommend products that I have vetted and/or purchased myself.

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Brett Helling is the founder of Gigworker.com. He has been a rideshare driver since early 2012, having completed hundreds of trips for companies including Uber, Lyft, and Postmates.

Since that time, he has expanded his knowledge into the Gigworker site, as well as writing the book Gigworker: Independent Work and the State of the Gig Economy Paperback,  now available on Amazon .

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Can’t seem to find the right side gig?

Join the club. With so many options available, many people struggle to find a good employment opportunity to generate a steady side income.

But if you’re good at typing, did you know you can start getting paid for it?

There are lots of places where you can get paid to type, even if you don’t have experience with these jobs.

Check out this article to discover the top 9 platforms that will help you generate a steady extra income.

  • How Much Can You Make by Typing?
  • What You’ll Need to Get Paid to Type
  • 1. Babbletype – Best Overall
  • 2. TranscribeMe – Runner Up
  • 3. Quicktate – Best for Short Audio Files
  • 4. SpeakWrite – Best for Part-Time Jobs
  • 5. Working Solutions – Best for Customer Care Typing Jobs
  • 6. Axion Data Entry Services – Best for Data Entry Jobs
  • 7. Upwork – Best for Freelance Typing Gigs
  • 8. Scribie – Best for Fast Transcription
  • 9. Amazon Mechanical Turk – Best Crowdsourcing Platform
  • Why You Should Consider Getting Paid to Type
  • Problems With Getting Paid to Type
  • Step 1: Choose a Platform
  • Step 2: Sign Up
  • Step 3: Take the Assessment
  • Step 4: Log in or Download the Software
  • Step 5: Start Typing for Money
  • Required Skill
  • Tax Obligations
  • What Is the Best Website to Earn Money by Typing?
  • What Is the Most-Used Typing Website?
  • Similar Ways to Get Paid
  • Wrapping Up

Can You Get Paid to Type?

Typing for money is a popular side hustle.

Though typing doesn’t seem like a special skill today, the market needs people who provide this service.

You can find a wide variety of jobs as a transcriber, data entry operator, caption editor, virtual assistance provider, and more.

Some people can even build a career in these fields and turn it into their main source of income.

Your revenue is influenced by several factors:

  • Type of job
  • Industry, etc.

Data from Glassdoor shows data entry freelancers in the United States make over $38,000 per year, equivalent to over $3,100 per month.

On Upwork , people charge between $10 and $20 an hour for entering data online .

Transcriptionists charge between $12 and $22 an hour on the freelance platform and earn around $43,600 per year, according to some estimates.

You don’t need any special education to get started with this side gig.

Here are the most common eligibility requirements to get paid to type:

  • Be 18 or older: Most typing services prefer to work with people over 18 years old.
  • Have a desktop or laptop: Some online platforms might require downloading special transcription software, and they’ll ask that you use a personal laptop or computer.
  • Have a stable internet connection: You’ll need steady WiFi to listen to recordings or upload your work.
  • Have a good grasp of the English language: Typing will require perfect English or any other language you want to type in.
  • Pass the test: Some of these services have a short application process that includes a test to verify your typing abilities before you start making money.

Some typing job platforms have strict requirements, while others are more inviting for the general public.

Regardless, the market offers plenty of job opportunities for everyone to find a suitable match.

Where to Get Paid to Type

Whether you’re working online as a beginner or already have some experience, here are the best websites that will pay you to type:

A screenshot of the babble type homepage

Babbletype is an online transcription and translation service that always has job openings.

They’re recruiting both transcribers and English translators, so it’s an excellent place for anyone looking to get paid to type.

Their client base includes law firms, law enforcement, medical institutions, and more.

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How Much Can You Make?

Babbletype claims to pay between $27 and $36 per hour of audio transcription.

The rate depends on the length of the audio, not how long you might need to transcribe it.

What Makes This Option Great

Babbletype offers consistent transcribing and translation jobs.

It has a straightforward hiring process, and if you pass, you’ll start receiving transcription tasks from the team.

Thanks to this recruitment process, you’re not competing with other transcribers for gigs.

Babbletype can allow you to make extra money or even transition to a remote full-time job.

  • Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

A screenshot of the transcribeme homepage

TranscribeMe is a place where you can find many types of online transcription jobs.

Their only condition is to pass their English exam and be at least 18 years old.

Other than that, you can apply no matter where you’re from or how much experience you have with this side gig .

TranscribeMe claims to offer the industry’s best rates, with an estimated $15–$22 per audio hour.

Top performers’ monthly earnings can reach $2,200, while the average earnings sit at $250 per month.

The platform also provides many advancement opportunities and higher rates for freelancers dealing with technical terms during medical and legal transcriptions.

TranscribeMe provides the perfect opportunity for beginners.

You can learn how to transcribe and perfect your skills during training and make extra money.

Once you get the hang of things, you can begin to look for online transcription jobs outside the platform as well, increasing your revenue.

A screenshot of the quicktate homepage

If you don’t want to listen to hours of court proceedings and boring meetings, Quicktate is for you.

The service offers transcriptions for audio files shorter than 5 minutes, though most of them are no longer than a song .

The audio clips are short phone call recordings, memos, or voicemail messages.

Quicktate pays 1 cent for every four words transcribed for their general audio files; medical transcriptions pay 1 cent for every two words.

Your revenue depends on your productivity, but since the audio files are short, you can get through multiple tasks in an hour if you want to earn more.

Quicktate accepts applicants from all over the world.

Their only major requirement is having a good command of the English language.

You’ll be an independent contractor and set your hours for your side hustle.

By investing more time, you can generate a steady income.

A screenshot of the speak write homepage

SpeakWrite is a transcription company with a large network of freelancers working around the clock in the United States and Canada.

Here, you can get paid to watch video recordings, transcribe audio files, or translate documents from or into Spanish.

Freelance transcriptionists make 2 cents for every two words they type.

Some jobs can come with a 10% bonus and are the ones with more technical lingo, such as legal or medical files.

SpeakWrite provides a good volume of work to generate a steady income.

Typists need to put in at least 15 hours a month, but you can work a maximum of 12 hours per day if you want to commit more.

The service operates on a 24/7 basis, so you can choose your hours and fit in these tasks even with a busier schedule.

  • Payment Methods: Direct Deposit (US only) and Check

A screenshot of the working solutions homepage

If you want to get paid to talk to people , Working Solutions is the place to find the right side hustle.

It offers customer care services to small and medium companies that can’t afford to build their teams.

They’re accepting applicants from the US and Canada.

Working Solutions claims that some of their independent contractors earn up to $19 per hour.

Rates depend on the type of contract you have and how many words you can type per audio minute.

Contracts that involve traditional customer care are paid more since you’ll need to connect with the customer to solve complaints.

But data entry rates are lower, and you’ll earn based on how many records you add.

Working Solutions is great if you want to transition to a career in customer service and want to do it from home.

As an independent contractor, you’re allowed to set your hours and decide how much time you want to invest in this gig.

The company also offers several financial incentives that increase the base pay of their contracts.

  • Payment Methods: PayQuicker, Virtual Bank Card, and Plastic Debit Card (for PRO contractors)

A screenshot of the axion data entry services homepage

Axion Data Entry Services provides internet verification and data entry for companies worldwide.

They are always looking for new data entry specialists to join their team, so they’re the ideal place to improve your skills.

Rather than a side gig, the company presents this position as a part-time job.

The company doesn’t disclose its rates publicly, but it does mention that data entry specialists are paid per record entered.

Axion Data Entry Services is for anyone who already has some experience with data entry but is looking for a place where they can clock in more hours for extra money.

They require a minimum of 20 hours per week, but independent contractors can increase it to 30 hours per week if they want.

It offers flexible hours, and you can work anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Payment Methods: Direct Deposit

A screenshot of the upwork homepae

If you have any compelling skill, like writing reviews , coding, or taking pictures, you can find someone willing to pay you for it on Upwork.

It’s one of the most popular freelancing websites around.

You can use it to find a wide variety of data entry job postings, typist positions, translation jobs, and more.

Professional typists can make up to $22 per hour, and data entry specialists make up to $20 per hour on average.

You get to set your rates on Upwork. When you find a gig you want, you’ll need to mention either a flat rate or a per-hour rate in your proposal.

On Upwork, you’re not limited to typing for money.

You can apply for any gig you think you can handle and generate a solid side income.

It’s the best place for people who want a freelance lifestyle, with thousands of jobs posted on the platform daily.

  • Fees/Commission: 20%, 10%, or 5% (depending on the contract). Starting May 3, 2023, freelancers will pay a 10% fee on all contracts.
  • Payment Methods: Debit Card, Direct Deposit, and PayPal

A screenshot of the scribie homepage

Scribie is a transcription company where you can find online freelance jobs.

Instead of assigning tasks, you can preview any audio or video file on the platform and choose which one you want to transcribe.

The service uses AI to make a rough transcription, which allows you to finish the task faster.

It’s a great typing opportunity for complete beginners who need a place to grow their skills.

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You can earn between $5 and $20 per audio or video hour transcribed. Most files take under six minutes, but the AI tool will do around 60% of the job for you.

This means you can jump from task to task faster and increase your monthly earnings.

Scribie keeps its doors open to people from all over the world.

You only need to have a good grasp of the English language, a personal laptop, and high-speed internet access to start earning money.

The company also offers freelancers the chance to move up the ranks based on their performance.

Do a good job, and you can become a reviewer, proofreader, or QC and get paid even more.

A screenshot of the amazon mechanical turk homepage

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace run by Amazon where you can find microtasks.

Most are simple tasks and won’t take much of your time.

Online typing jobs are popular, but so are small translating tasks, data entry, writing reviews, and more.

Freelancers get paid on a per-task basis.

Amazon Mechanical Turk jobs (known as human intelligence tasks or HITs) are simple, so most don’t pay a lot.

Many HITs pay less than $6, but you can shoot for higher-paying gigs as you build your experience.

As a marketplace, Amazon Mechanical Turk gives you access to several online typing jobs.

You can use it to improve your skills or build a portfolio.

Most tasks are simple and low-stakes, so even complete beginners can complete them with ease.

  • Fees/Commission: 20% of the task fee, paid by the requestor
  • Payment Methods: Amazon Gift Card and Bank Transfer (US only)

Typing gigs come with many benefits, such as the following:

  • Flexibility : As a freelancer, you can get paid to type from anywhere and anytime. Many of these services run on a 24/7 basis and provide flexible working hours.
  • Potential earnings : Typing jobs are diverse, and some of them can be more rewarding. If you specialize in certain niches, such as transcribing medical or legal documents, you can earn more money and even build a solid career from this side hustle.
  • Developing new skills : Such services provide training to help you become a professional typist and provide more connected employment opportunities, such as customer support or data analysis.
  • Minimal equipment investment : You only need a good internet connection and a laptop or personal computer to start this side gig.

If you want to sign up for any of these typing platforms, you should be aware of the following drawbacks:

  • Time management: Being successful with this side gig requires great time management skills. You get paid based on typing speed and accuracy rate, so it’s important to fit as many tasks as you can into your spare time.
  • Job security: These companies hire freelancers or independent contractors, which means your employment can end at any time, even if you do a good enough job.
  • Slow periods: Workload isn’t constant, so there may be days or even weeks with fewer tasks that could affect your revenue stream.
  • Boredom: This isn’t exactly an exciting job. You can’t always choose the audio or video recordings to transcribe, and you might get assigned some very boring files, while data entry gigs are almost always monotonous.

How to Get Paid to Type: Step-by-Step Instructions

If you decide to give this side gig a shot, the good news is that it’s easy to get started. Follow these five steps, and you can start earning money by typing:

Refer back to the list of nine typing gigs and read each job requirement.

Think of whether the service is available in your area, how much it costs, and whether they look for any previous experience to make the right choice.

Note that some companies have very strict requirements and may even run a background check.

This is the case with typing jobs that work with law firms or medical institutions.

Next, you’ll need to fill out an online application form and add some personal information, such as your full name, email, and address.

These services will ask you to take a short test so they can verify that you can complete the tasks.

Most are simple English tests where they’ll assess your grammar skills and listening comprehension.

But some may go more in-depth, especially if you’re applying for a niche position, like checking your knowledge or legal terminology.

If you pass the test, you’ll be able to log into the platform or be given a download link to install the company transcription software.

Once you’re all set up, you can either start receiving tasks or browse through the list and choose which one you want to do.  You’ll get paid based on successful tasks.

That’s why even though you’re motivated to perform as many tasks as possible to earn more money, never forget to deliver quality as well.

Things to Consider When Getting Paid to Type

To become a successful data entry specialist or transcriber or start any other type of typing gig, you need to take two factors into account.

While this job doesn’t require a lot of experience, it does require skills.

You’ll need to have good English knowledge, solid listening skills, and type at a fast pace. Your pay is often influenced by how many words you can type per audio minute.

If you struggle in these areas, other side hustles can pay you for simpler activities, including walking .

As a freelancer or independent contractor, you’re required to pay your taxes.

These sites will pay you the full amount based on your workload but don’t assume that’s all the money you can spend.

Calculate the amount you’ll need to pay in taxes based on your area, and set aside that amount to avoid any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Babbletype is the best place to earn money by typing, especially if you’re from an English-speaking country.

It pays up to $36 an hour and can even become a full-time job if you commit to it.

But any of the other eight websites in this review offer a great environment to make more money by typing.

It’s difficult to determine the most-used typing website since most services find their footing in the market and can generate consistent traction from clients.

Popular typing websites for experienced freelancers include Babbletype and TranscribeMe because they have stricter assessments and lower competition for tasks.

If you’re worried that tying can get boring fast, here are some similar ways you can get paid:

  • Get Paid to Take Surveys : Help companies understand the market by answering short surveys while getting paid.
  • Get Paid to Write : If you like to write reviews, articles, lists, and more for a fee.
  • Get Paid to Chat : Several websites will pay you to connect with people and strike up a conversation.

Typing is something most people do every day, so why not start getting paid for it?

These nine websites provide an excellent ecosystem where you can put these skills to good use and generate a steady side income. 

Would you see yourself typing for money? Let us know below!

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16 Best Places to Find Online Typing Jobs (Up to $45/hr)

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If you’re a fast typer and looking for a way to make money from home, typing may be a good option. There are lots of places you can find work-from-home typing jobs. Some focus on transcription and others are geared toward data entry.

Anna Baluch

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typing jobs earning

Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners’ links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here .

If you’re a fast typer and looking for a way to make money from home, typing may be a good option.

You can get paid to type or transcribe documents without a fancy degree or a ton of experience, and you can do it on your own schedule from wherever you live.

As long as you have a reliable computer, high-speed internet, and access to programs like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, you can earn some cash typing from home.

Work-from-home typing jobs are a good way to use a common skill to earn extra income for short or long-term financial goals.

Types of Online Typing Jobs

There are two primary types of online typing jobs. The first involves transcribing audio from dictation, phone calls, videos, lectures, and podcasts to text.

The second, data entry, requires you to take written information on forms, files, or applications and type them into computer databases.

While transcription jobs typically pay between $15 and $45 per hour, data entry jobs are in the $5 to $20 per hour range. A certification or training program could allow you to charge more for your transcription services.

Transcribe Anywhere Free Course

If you’re interested in a career or side hustle in transcription, check out Transcribe Anywhere’s free online mini-course for tips on how to get clients for your services. Transcribe Anywhere offers educational resources and certifications for transcriptionists.

16 Places to Find Online Typing Jobs

You can find work-from-home typing jobs in a number of places. Some focus on transcription and others are geared toward data entry.

1. Clickworker

Clickworker  began in 2005 and distributes micro tasks in data entry and other fields to “Clickworkers” across the globe. If you become a Clickworker, you’ll work as an independent contractor and use your own equipment to complete data entry tasks.

While the amount you’ll earn on Clickworker depends on the type of project or task, you’ll know your pay rate before you begin. You’ll receive payment via PayPal every week or month.

2. Lionbridge Smart Crowd

For over 20 years, Lionbridge Smart Crowd has offered work-from-home opportunities to people from around the world. To sign up, you’ll need to provide details on your education, language skills, and areas of expertise. Once accepted, you’ll receive tasks related to your skillset.

You’ll work as an independent contractor to complete transcription or data entry jobs , and you’ll receive payment once a month. The rate for each task is based on the expected productivity to complete it.

3. AccuTran Global

Established in 2002 AccuTran Global , provides transcription services to clients worldwide. The Canada-based company hires U.S.-based transcription contractors to help them meet the demands of their clients. To work for AccuTran Global, you should be deadline-driven and have the ability to closely follow guidelines.

If you’re hired by AccuTran, you’ll get the chance to transcribe press conferences, focus groups, business meetings, panel descriptions, and more.

4. Data Plus+

Headquartered in Atlanta, Data Plus+ has offered custom data entry services for almost 30 years. They specialize in data entry from all formats including handwritten originals, type copy, scanned images, or online sources.

As a freelance data entry clerk for Data Plus+, you may type data for vehicle accident reports, membership applications, warranty cards, professional certifications, law enforcement reports, and mailing lists.

Rev hires over 50,000 English-speaking transcriptionists that support over 170,000 of its clients. As a freelance transcriptionist for Rev, you can choose from hundreds of projects each day.

To land this job, you’ll need to take a grammar test and complete a transcription sample. Once approved, you’ll be able to work as much or as little as you’d like and receive weekly payments via PayPal. On average, Rev transcriptionists earn $245 per month.

6. Microworkers

Microworkers connects employers and workers from around the world. If you become a “Microworker,” you work as a freelancer with access to hundreds of tasks each day. Each task will include detailed directions, a deadline, and pay rate. You can accept any transcription task you’d like to complete and get paid twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday.

7. Axion Data Entry Services

Established in 1996, Axion Data Entry Services provides data entry outsourcing, data verification, and Internet data research to clients in various industries.

If you’d like to work as a data entry contractor for Axion, you’ll need at least 2 to 3 years of data entry experience. You should also be able to type 50 words per minute without errors. You’ll earn a flat rate per entry or document, which depends on your skills and efficiency.

8. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe offers fast, affordable, and accurate audio and video transcription services. To work as a TranscribeMe transcriptionist, you’ll need to pass an English test and set up a WorkHub account.

After you’ve done both, you can start working and earn anywhere between $15 and $22, paid via PayPal, for every hour of audio you transcribe. If you have a specialized background in medical or legal transcription, you’ll earn a higher rate.

9. SigTrack

SigTrack is a database platform you can use to land data entry jobs. Each project on the platform features a base rate that is split between you as the data entry freelancer and someone else who checks your work. The share you’ll receive will depend on your accuracy. You’ll receive payment via PayPal every Friday.

10. Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides its clients with time-saving solutions through data entry, transcription, translation, market research, and office administration.

To apply for a part-time or full-time job at Capital Typing, you’ll need to complete a test transcription sample. If you’re hired, you’ll receive a competitive salary and a flexible schedule.

In addition to selling print and digital documents and products, Xerox hires more than 8,000 remote employees to perform tasks like data entry, quality control, and software programming. If you secure a work-from-home data entry job at Xerox, you’ll be a part-time or full-time employee and can earn around $14 per hour or $30,000 per year.

12. Quicktate

Quicktate transcribes legal and medical files, voicemails, conference calls, phone calls, letters, and memos. Their clients include big-name brands like CNN, Ford, Wells Fargo, and Coca Cola. To become a Quicktate contractor, you’ll need to pay for and pass a background check and complete a typing quiz.

Your rate depends on the type of transcription you’re doing, with medical transcription having a higher rate ($0.01 per two words) than general transcription ($0.01 per four words). You’ll get paid weekly through PayPal.

13. Working Solutions

Working Solutions provides jobs to people who would like to work from home and on occasion, they offer freelance data entry opportunities. The company pays anywhere between $9 to $30 per hour, depending on the project.

To apply to be a “Working Solutions Agent,” you’ll need to pass a few assessments and wait for an acceptance email. Once you find out you’re accepted, you can search for data entry gigs, complete them, and collect payment via direct deposit or check in the mail.

14. DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions offers freelance data entry jobs. You’ll type data from scanned images, hard copies, handwritten originals, typed copies, and online sources.

To receive work as a freelance data entry clerk, you’ll need to pass a test and prove that you can type at least 60 words per minute. If you work for this company, you’ll get paid per piece.

Note: At the time of this publishing, DionData Solutions is not currently hiring new contracted workers.

15. OneSpace

OneSpace helps the owners of ecommerce stores earn more money by improving their search engine rankings. You can find English and international language transcription jobs through its freelance platform. If you land a freelance transcriptionist position, you’ll transcribe audio files that range from less than 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

16. SpeakWrite

Founded in 1997, SpeakWrite offers transcription and dictation services. It promises its clients 24/7 access to an unlimited pool of typists and transcribed documents in hours. The company hires freelance remote transcriptionists with experience in legal, general, and Spanish transcription. As a transcriptionist for SpeakWrite, you can earn an average of $450 per month.

You Can Make a Full-Time Income by Getting Paid to Type

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, college student, or anyone else who is looking for a flexible way to make money, typing jobs may be a great fit. They offer a side hustle that can give you the chance to earn an income from home and on your own schedule.

If you’d like to get started, take a typing class at a community college to increase the number of words you can type per minute. Then, consider earning a typing certification so that you stand out from the crowd. Lastly, apply for typing jobs and start building your resume and experience.

If you’re in search of a new career that offers flexibility and the chance to work from home , a typing job is a great option. Even if you type slowly, you can practice and become fast enough to earn income through typing.

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8 Ways to Make Money at Home by Typing

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  • Make Money at Home Typing
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Find a Job You Really Want In

You can find lots of remote typing jobs that allow you to make money without leaving home, thanks to today’s technology. If you have strong typing skills, you can easily earn an income without much education or experience.

In this article, we will go over some of the best online typing jobs and how to find them. We’ll also explain the benefits of typing for money.

Key Takeaways:

The types of typing jobs you can get are transcription jobs, virtual assistance, and data entry.

Use trusted job search sites to look for legitimate jobs and to help avoid scams.

Some transcription websites to find transcription jobs include Speechpad, Transcribe Me, and Scribie.

How can you make money at home by typing?

8 types of online typing jobs

The benefits of remote typing jobs, how to find jobs making money at home by typing, online typing jobs faq, final thoughts.

  • Sign Up For More Advice and Jobs

So you may be wondering, how can you earn money by typing? We’ve put together a list of remote jobs that will allow you to put your typing skills to work. You can select the best typing job for you based on your skills, experience, and interests.

Here are some solid jobs that allow you to make money typing from home:

Transcription. Transcriptionists listen to an audio recording and type out the words into a word processor like Word, Mariner, or Google Docs. This could be for a number of different audio files including speaking engagements, seminars, speeches, and videos.

Book typing. Book typers convert traditional paper documents into digital text files. This includes paper books, journals, manuscripts, and letters that families, writers, historians, or businesses want to preserve or share.

Captioning. Captioners listen to audio and video recordings and transcribe them in a way that’s easy to read while watching the video. This is how the TV and movie captions are created, and some of these jobs — such as the ones for live TV — require real-time captioning work.

Virtual assistance. A virtual assistant performs remote administrative help for individuals and small business owners. This can involve everything from typing/writing/editing letters, newsletters, and web pages to creating social media posts and entering data.

Medical transcription. A medical transcriptionist listens to audio recordings from physicians and other medical personnel and transcribes them into notes for medical files. Some special training is needed to do medical transcription (otherwise known as medical scribing), but you don’t usually need much prior experience.

Legal transcription. Legal transcriptionists listen to attorneys’ audio recordings and type them out word-for-word. It’s generally recommended to complete a certification course in transcription before pursuing this role, but beyond that, you just need strong listening and typing skills.

Data entry. Many companies need strong typists to move or enter data into their databases. In addition to an eye for detail, most of the time the only skills needed are typing skills and basic computer skills.

Microtask jobs. Individuals and companies often have lots of simple tasks such as updating price lists or product descriptions that need to be completed. When they don’t have the manpower to do this, they’ll list the work on a microtask job website for someone with strong typing skills to pick up and complete.

The benefits of remote typing jobs include high levels of flexibility that allow you to work wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

You get more flexibility. Work full-time, part-time, or for extra money on the side — it’s up to you. You’re the one who chooses your clients, so you work as much or as little as you choose.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. That means no gas costs. No road rage. No wiping off snow-covered cars in the winter to commute to work.

You can set up your dream workspace. This may be a home office or a place at the dining room table, but as long as you have a keyboard and a reliable internet connection, you can design your workspace however you want.

You can choose to work from anywhere. Work while you are on an extended vacation, while you are sitting at Starbucks, or while you’re at the beach. As long as you have internet access, you can earn money typing.

You earn an income without having to work a full-time schedule. Whether you’re looking for an after-hours side hustle or an opportunity to earn some cash while caring for kids, work-from-home typing jobs are a great way to earn an income whenever you have some spare time.

You don’t need much — if any — education or prior experience. If you’re a recent graduate or just need a job with a low bar of entry, remote typing jobs are usually relatively easy to get.

If you would like to get paid to type from home, there are lots of places to start looking for work.

Search for online job postings. A simple Google search of the phrase “typing jobs” generates over 57,000,000 results — your dream job is hiding out there somewhere. Many companies post remote job openings online, so you should be able to find plenty of options that fit your skills and schedule requirements.

Start your own home-based typing business. When you work for yourself you can charge a higher rate than you’d earn as an employee since you’re paying for your salary and your business costs.

To get started, set up your own website, print some business cards, join local networking groups, and tell others about your services. It’ll take some effort, but the flexibility and freedom are worth it.

Sign up for a freelance website. Freelance websites act as job boards where freelancers in need of work and businesses in need of freelancers can find each other. Many of these websites offer typing, captioning, virtual assistant , and transcriptionist work. Most jobs pay by the hour or project, but some offer contract work for an extended period of time.

To use these websites, you set up a profile with your information and skills and wait for clients to choose you to complete their project. Some also allow you to send proposals to potential clients.

Sign up for a microtask job website. If you are looking for quick, small jobs, microtask job sites help you find quick gigs that don’t require a major time commitment. There are usually plenty of typing-based tasks available, so you can take on whichever ones interest you.

Recommended transcription and typing job sites

Various job portals like Zippia can help you find typing jobs available in your city. Just type “online typing jobs CITYNAME.”

Allegis – Specializes in transcription for the insurance and legal industries.

AccuTran Global – Real-time captioning, CART services, voice writing, transcription. scoping for financial, medical, legal, press conferences, meetings, and more.

Audio Transcription Center – Transcription for academic institutions, government agencies, financial organizations, and market research firms.

Casting Words – Convert short audio files to text.

Go Transcript – Specializes in transcription, English captions, foreign subtitles, and translation

Rev.com – Online audio transcription and video caption services. For business, legal, academic, and personal needs.

Speechpad – Transcription services for audio/video and captions.

Scribie – Audio/video transcription service.

Transcription Hub – Transcription service to convert audio/video interviews, seminars, podcasts, and lectures.

Transcribe Me – Audio and video transcription services.

Ubiqus – Foreign language translation, transcription, and interpretation.

Tips to avoid online typing job scams

Some job seekers fall victim to job scams where they end up doing work for free or handing over their personal or financial information. Here are some tips for how to avoid this:

Use trusted job sites to search for legitimate jobs. Avoid anything you find on Craigslist or other less reputable sites.

If the salary seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Be wary of organizations asking you to pay them or make investments in order to work for them.

Watch for poor grammar or spelling — this can be a sign that a company isn’t real.

Google the company to check its reputation before signing up.

Look at Scambusters.org and the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org) for complaints.

Trust your gut. If anything feels fishy to you, stay away.

How much can you make from typing?

Your earnings depend on your skills, speed, and efforts. According to Entrepreneur , basic word processing is typically billed at $7 to $40 per hour, while transcription services are typically billed at $15 to $45 per hour.

Some typing jobs pay by the hour. Others pay by the page . Still, other roles pay by the word. So check carefully to see the pricing structure offered at any typing roles you consider.

If you offer any additional expertise like SEO, development editing, or other enhancement, you can charge more.

What educational requirements, qualifications, and experience are necessary for a typing job?

While no professional typing education is needed for most typing jobs, it does require a degree of professionalism and accuracy. Your spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills should be excellent.

You need to exercise discretion and confidentiality. You must never discuss or share any of the material that your clients require you to work on.

Have a strong work ethic. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can be lazy and squeeze in project work when you feel like it. Treat your business like a business.

What do you need to get paid for typing services from home?

You don’t need any special education for most projects. If you have a computer and high-speed internet you have everything you need to make money by typing. It’s a great option for people who are good typists and love to work independently.

What is a good typing speed for a job?

A good typing speed for a job is between 55 and 90 words per minute. Some jobs have a set typing speed requirement, but most don’t, so as long as you’re somewhere in this range, you’ll easily be able to type and earn money.

If you aren’t this fast yet, you can do online typing classes and drills to bring up your speed.

Now you can embrace the new normal and make sure your career doesn’t miss a beat. Freelance typing offers a great option for every person who wants the flexibility of working from home.

You can work where, when and with whom you want, build financial security , and live your best life now.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips, techniques, and information on to start and successfully run your own typing business from home. Keep these tips in mind during your remote typing job search.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Data Entry Keyers Statistics

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Medical Transcriptionist Occupational Outlook

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Word Processors and Typists

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Chris Kolmar is a co-founder of Zippia and the editor-in-chief of the Zippia career advice blog. He has hired over 50 people in his career, been hired five times, and wants to help you land your next job. His research has been featured on the New York Times, Thrillist, VOX, The Atlantic, and a host of local news. More recently, he's been quoted on USA Today, BusinessInsider, and CNBC.

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typing jobs earning

Typing jobs are an excellent option for anyone looking to work from home. Here’s what you should know about essential skills, companies hiring, and more.

Online Typing Jobs: A Complete Guide

Have you developed impressive typing skills over the years? Are you comfortably clocking over 60 words per minute (WPM) and challenging yourself to go even higher? If so, you might have realized you have an incredibly marketable skill.

Online typing jobs are an excellent way to leverage your keyboard wizardry for a side hustle or a complete career change . Since typing jobs span a wide range of industries, we’ve gathered the information you need to consider whether online typing jobs are a strong fit for your next career goal .

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the scope of typing jobs.
  • Discover various fields hiring remote typists.
  • Explore companies that frequently post remote typing positions.
  • Create a plan to stand out from the competition when seeking remote typist jobs.

FlexJobs is the longtime leader in helping job seekers find the highest-quality remote, work-from-home, hybrid, and flexible jobs . You can sign up for premium-level access to our database of hand-screened job listings, as well as job search and career webinars, and many other great resources! Learn today how FlexJobs can empower your job search !

What Are Typing Jobs?

As you step into the world of typing jobs, you might wonder, “What exactly is a typing job?”

While you don’t often find roles specifically labeled “typing job,” the term refers to any professional role where your primary duty is to enter data or information using a keyboard . These positions demand a firm understanding of language, an eagle eye for detail, and proficient typing skills.

You’ll find a range of roles, each with unique requirements. For instance, in transcription roles, you transform audio words into text. You’ll need those quick typing skills along with excellent listening skills and a command of the target language . On the other hand, data entry roles might not require you to use your listening skills, but you’ll need to master specific databases or software.

Regardless of the specific role, one consistent feature is flexibility. Many typing jobs are remote , and you’ll often be free to work from anywhere . You might set up shop in your home , a cozy cafe , or a park on a sunny day .

More often than not, the flexibility that job seekers are after focuses on schedules more than location. Typing jobs come in both part-time and full-time positions , making this an ideal career to build the work-life balance you need.

If all of that intrigues you, then take some time to explore the companies that hire for remote typing jobs.

Top Industries for Work-From-Home Typing Jobs

That question is likely the first one that popped into your head when you considered whether or not typing jobs from home could be a good fit. Fortunately, the answer is yes!

Numerous businesses across a diverse range of industries embrace the benefits of remote work . Typing jobs from home are no exception. Whether you’re pursuing a part-time side gig or a full-time opportunity , you’ll find that typing positions offer ample flexibility and variety .

From small businesses to global corporations, industries are becoming increasingly data-centric. As a result, there’s an increasing need for competent typists to handle their data input. Typing jobs encompass everything from healthcare to IT , education to finance . So, no matter your interests or expertise, there’s a high chance you can find a typing job that aligns with them.

Consider the following industries with frequent remote typing job postings .

1. Administrative Jobs

In administrative roles, your typing skills are the backbone of the day-to-day operations. Tasks include writing emails, drafting reports, updating databases, and scheduling appointments. Strong typing skills help you manage these responsibilities efficiently, allowing the organization to operate smoothly.

Explore more admin jobs here!

2. Call Center Jobs

Call center positions often require recording customer data, taking notes during calls, and updating customer profiles. Quick and accurate typing ensures you can keep up with the pace of conversations and enter data correctly, enhancing customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

Explore more inbound call jobs here and outbound call jobs here!

3. Customer Service Jobs

Like call center roles, customer service jobs entail logging customer queries, responses, and feedback. Fast typing can help you juggle multiple chat windows or promptly respond to emails, creating more efficient customer experiences.

Explore more customer support jobs here!

4. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is all about speed and accuracy. Here, your typing skills are your most critical asset as you input data into systems, maintain databases, or update records. High proficiency in typing can help you excel and ensure high-quality data management.

Explore more data entry jobs here!

5. Editing Jobs

In editing jobs, typing skills come into play when making corrections, leaving comments, and preparing final drafts. Efficient typing helps streamline this process, reducing the time to finalize documents and ensuring timely deliveries.

Explore more editor jobs here!

6. Medical Billing Jobs

Medical billing involves entering billing information, coding medical procedures, and updating patient records. Typing skills are essential for maintaining accurate data, ensuring prompt billing, and providing efficient healthcare services.

Explore more medical records jobs here!

7. Medical Coding Jobs

Medical coders translate healthcare services into universal medical codes for billing purposes. Fast and precise typing is vital in managing this critical task efficiently, reducing errors, and ensuring accurate billing and recordkeeping.

Explore more medical coder jobs here!

8. Transcription Jobs

One of the most well-known typing jobs, transcription involves listening to audio and converting it into written text. Exceptional typing speed and accuracy are necessary to keep up with the audio and to ensure the accuracy of the transcribed text.

Explore more transcriber jobs here!

9. Translation Jobs

Translation jobs require not only language skills but also typing prowess. Accurate and fast typing ensures translated texts are completed promptly and without errors, which is vital in fields such as legal or medical translation , where precision is crucial.

Explore more translator jobs here!

10. Writing Jobs

Whether a content writer, copywriter, or technical writer , your typing skills help you draft pieces more quickly, make edits, and meet deadlines. The faster and more accurately you type, the more efficient your writing process will be.

Explore more writer jobs here!

Companies That Hire for Remote Typing Jobs

Do remote typist jobs sound like a perfect fit? While job titles may vary, the following list features companies that routinely post online typing jobs . Regardless of your target field, the main objective is to produce accurate, well-presented text documents and build strong relationships with potential clients or teams.

  • Acentra Health : Acentra Health combines clinical expertise with public sector knowledge to modernize healthcare and offers customer service and administrative roles.
  • Altis Recruitment : Altis Recruitment provides specialized staffing solutions with a personal approach and offers administrative assistant jobs .
  • Aston Carter : Aston Carter provides staffing and professional talent services and offers coder and analyst jobs.
  • Augmedix : Augmedix uses technology to simplify healthcare documentation and frequently hires medical scribes .
  • CannonDesign : CannonDesign crafts versatile spaces across various industries and frequently hires writers .
  • e-Transcription Solutions : e-Transcription Solutions provides quick and affordable transcription services globally.
  • LanguageLine Solutions : LanguageLine Solutions is a leading global provider of face-to-face, phone, video, and document translation services and often posts opportunities for bilingual professionals.
  • R1 RCM : R1 RCM partners with healthcare organizations to shape a healthier future and offers roles ranging from coding to customer service jobs .
  • Sterling Talent Solutions : Sterling Talent Solutions is the world’s largest background-screening company and offers jobs in client care .
  • TELUS International : TELUS International is an IT company that builds customer experience and digital solutions worldwide and offers jobs in internet research .

What Is the Career Outlook for Typing Jobs?

With modern technology and the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) , you might think that typing jobs are on the verge of extinction. However, that’s not the full story.

Many work forecasts show that simple, easily managed tasks are likely to be awarded to automation. But the career outlook for typing jobs is significantly better when you niche down . Combining your typing skill with sought-after expertise in roles such as medical coding, transcription, or data entry can provide more job security.

And it’s not just your job security that will get a boost. Consider the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report on wages. For mainstream typists, the median income is expected to be $44,330 . On the other hand, median salaries for niche roles, such as medical coders, are higher, at $47,180 .

Pay and career outlook can vary significantly by role. Ensure that you factor in some time for researching future stability and growth before you plan your job search .

How Do You Find an At-Home Typing Job?

Ready to dive in and find the perfect typing job from home ? We’ve got you covered! Let’s walk through three simple steps to simplify your job hunt.

1.  Play Around With Keywords

Job searching online is kind of like a treasure hunt. The key is knowing the right words to type into that search box. Make a list of common typing job titles or required skills . If you’re stuck, use this list to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Blogging Jobs
  • Online Copywriting Jobs
  • Online Medical Transcription Jobs
  • Online Spanish Jobs
  • Remote Content Jobs
  • Remote Data Entry Clerk Jobs
  • Remote Legal Transcription Jobs
  • Virtual Admin Jobs

Mix and match these with other terms related to the industry or role you’re interested in. For example, you might use “ blogger jobs ” to narrow your search even further. You’d be surprised at the unique opportunities this might uncover!

2. Do Your Homework on Companies

You can also start your search by pursuing roles with companies you’re interested in . Take a deep dive into their websites and social media . Look out for clues throughout their posts, such as looking for terms like “ remote typing jobs ,” “ work-from-anywhere typing jobs ,” or “flexible typing jobs.”

Get a feel for their culture by looking through their LinkedIn postings , googling the latest press releases, and exploring their blogs. Check out employee reviews and team members’ personal LinkedIn profiles . Have the majority of the team members found longevity and career development? That’s a great sign!

3. Flaunt Your Typing Skills

Now, let’s talk about standing out in the crowd. Your resume is your chance to shine. Use the “show, don’t tell” rule when building your resume. Demonstrate your typing skills by listing your speed , and include data-backed examples of when your typing made a difference in a role.

If you’ve got relevant certifications, make sure they’re front and center. Show the recruiter that you’re the solution to their needs—it’s OK to show off a little !

And don’t forget to harness the power of new technologies to substantially speed up your process. Utilize AI in your cover letter or resume creation , being cautious to fact-check its output so you’re not providing false information unintentionally.

Land an Online Typing Job From Home

Whether you’re looking for a stepping stone to a long career or a part-time job, remote typing jobs are an excellent way to meet your career goals . Put your typing prowess to work with a skill that isn’t going out of style anytime soon, and find a role that fits your personality in an industry you enjoy.

Are you ready to take the next step? Take a tour of FlexJobs to discover our entire suite of career resources. From our scam-free jobs database to skills tests , webinars , guides , and more, we can help you reach the next stage of your career.

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Best online typing jobs 2023 | Top 6 platforms

Looking to boost your income with a convenient side hustle you’re in luck, because we’ve got just the solution for you. prepare to discover a treasure trove of opportunities that could fatten your wallet—all from the comfort of your home., table of contents, online typing jobs | an overview, 1. freelancer , 2. scribie , 3. upwork , 5. 2captcha , 6. transcribeme, key takeaways .

Online typing jobs in 2023 have become a gateway to flexibility and diversity in the professional realm. They offer the unprecedented advantage of sculpting your own work schedule, granting the power to start and finish your day as you see fit. This level of autonomy is particularly beneficial for those who aspire to merge travel with their work life, as it allows for location independence. Beyond the avoidance of living in high-cost urban areas, these online roles open up a world of opportunities for cultural exchanges and learning from a wide array of global perspectives, enhancing both professional and personal development .

If you are considering an employment opportunity that allows you to earn, travel , and engage with a wide range of people, here are 6 sites for online typing jobs worth considering!

Top 6 sites for online typing jobs

Typing is one of the most basic skills you can learn if you own a computer, and the more you practice, the sooner you become an expert. 

The following sites for online typing jobs require you to have the relevant skill and a personal computer with a decent internet connection. That’s it! 

freelance online typing jobs in 2022

Freelancer.com is one of the top websites worldwide for finding online typing jobs. The company has more than 900 distinct job categories available for potential employees to pick from. Currently, there are more than 30 million freelancers registered on this website. All that’s required is an account to get started on freelancer. The only condition is that the users must be 18 years of age.

A client makes a job posting on the website, complete with all the necessary details. Freelancers submit bids, and the client hires anyone they find to be the most qualified. Once the assignment is complete, the client runs a quality check before processing the payment.

Some of this platform’s most popular payment gateways include International Wire, Payoneer, Skrill, and PayPal.

Scribie is one of the top online typing jobs available to those seeking alternative income streams. The work requires paying close attention to a specified collection of audio files and transcribing them verbatim. To be a part of this platform, you will need to complete a certification process to get certified for the opportunities they offer.

The files are short and can range from 1 minute to 10 minutes. You can expect to earn anywhere between 5 USD to 25 USD per audio/hour. The free automated transcript option on the website also saves a significant portion of your typing time. Scribie also provides a bonus of 5 USD every month for every 3 hours you complete.

Finally, the better you perform, the more opportunities you receive. If they like your work, you may even be considered for the position of reviewer.

typing jobs earning

Upwork is an excellent site, if you are looking for a wide range of online typing jobs. Through the platform, employers and clients can easily connect with freelance job seekers and vice versa.

Each freelancer gets a fixed or hourly amount once the job is complete. One of the best job types you can consider is copy-typing. Copy-typing is a typing job that requires you to type from a written or typed draft rather than diction.

Upwork has a wide range of job opportunities for such kinds of work. If you have a fast typing speed, this platform is one of the best platforms you can explore to earn some quick bucks.

typing jobs earning

Rev is another reliable site for easy online typing jobs where you can earn money by catering to the client’s requirements. This firm provides a variety of transcription services, including foreign subtitles, captioning, and transcribing.

You can earn by typing captions for YouTube videos or transcribing audio files. If you are fluent in English and can type fast, working on this platform is one of the best ways forward.

Clients constantly post a lot of job listings, hence, the opportunities are endless. Even if transcription is not your cup of tea, you can opt for captioning small-length videos or any other similar type of task that suits your skill set. You can also opt to work as much or as little as you want.

CAPTCHA is one of the easiest online typing jobs that you can come across. 2Captcha is an excellent platform that pays users to solve a CAPTCHA. The remuneration, however, does not account for a monthly source of income. and can be considered good pocket money. 

This platform makes work extremely easy. All you have to do is create and verify your account. Once complete, you can start your work, and the system will show you multiple images with text. You have to type the text shown in the textbox provided. It’s as simple as that! 

TranscribeMe is a reputable and reliable website for online typing jobs. It offers a range of transcription opportunities for transcribers, including audio and video transcription, subtitling, and translation. 

One of the critical features of TranscribeMe is its user-friendly interface. To become a transcriber with TranscribeMe, users must complete a short application process and pass a test. The test is designed to evaluate the applicant’s typing speed, accuracy, and ability to follow instructions and understand different accents and dialects. Once applicants pass the test, they can start working on projects and earning money.

Transcribers with TranscribeMe are paid based on the amount of work they complete. The company uses a tiered payment system, meaning that transcribers who meet more work or work on more complex projects are paid at a higher rate. 

These are online typing jobs that are available around the clock. Earning your pocket money doesn’t get easier than this! 
  • The shift toward a digital workspace has introduced a plethora of remote and online job opportunities to explore. 
  • Of these, online typing jobs are quickly gaining popularity for the flexibility, ease of completion, and remuneration they offer. 
  • With online typing jobs, you can choose your your hours and type of work that align with your interests and skillsets. 
  • The above-listed sites are some of the best platforms for you to find typing jobs suited to your requirements! 

We hope you found this blog on online typing jobs informative. If you have any questions/suggestions, reach out to us or drop a comment. We would be happy to assist you with your queries! 

Liked this blog? Read next: Top 7 online part-time jobs students can do from the comfort of their homes

Q1. Can I save money by working from home? 

Answer – Yes, you can! Research suggests that professionals who work from home save as much as 4000 USD per year. 

Q2. What are the skills needed for general transcription? 

Answer – For general transcription, you will need to have excellent vocabulary skills, a good command of the English language, good listening skills, and a typing speed of 60 wpm (words per minute). 

Q3. What is CAPTCHA? 

Answer – CAPTCHA is an image that is displayed when you are trying to gain access to a site. The image is often a puzzle that needs to be solved, granting you permission to visit the website in question. The aim of CAPTCHA is to prevent joining a site en masse, given that they cannot be automatically solved.

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Online typing Job earning money

I am student, Studying in madurai, want part time job, I finished typing courses,.

I want online job please guide me..

I need data entry online earning job . As I see most of websites are fake, I need legit earning platform to work as part Time job.pls suggest some legit date entry jobs

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How can we earn from typing?

Want online work plz

I need a data entry online earning job. As I see most websites are fake, I need a legit earning platform to work as part Time job. Please suggest some legit data entry jobs.

im interested in working after hours and weekends for extra income. can you please advise how this is working

I need data entry online earning job . As I see most of websites are fake, I need legit earning platform to work as part Time job. pls suggest some legit date entry jobs

Mujhe online job chaiye

I wanna do typing job.

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I need data entry online earning job . As I see most of websites are fake, I need legit earning platform to work as part Time job .please suggest some legit date entry jobs

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40 Best Sites To Get Paid to Type Online From Home (2023)

For anyone looking for a way to work from home, finding a job where you can get paid to type online is definitely a great option.

After all, with only a few pieces of equipment – most of which you’ll already have – you can start to type for money whenever you have free time !

This is because you’ll only have to make sure you complete your assignments by the due date. Whether you prefer to do this during the day when the rest of your household is out of the house or late at night when everyone is asleep is completely up to you!

woman on laptop getting paid to type

In fact, the flexibility of this online job is the best part of it – especially if you’re already a fast typist, meaning that you basically have all the skills you need to earn money by typing words.

Fortunately, there are a ton of sites out there with opportunities for you to get paid to type online, whether you prefer typing based on what you hear through audio recordings or from handwritten documents.

So keep reading to find out which of these may work for you to start typing for money today!

Table of Contents

Where can I get paid to type?

As mentioned, there are plenty of websites out there where you can get paid to type audio – that is, it involves you being able to get paid to type what you hear on recordings.

And when it comes to what you need to do in order to type for money, many of the companies in these space are fairly similar in terms of their requirements. This means that there should be no problem for you to find one that ticks all the boxes for you.

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1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (also known as “mTurk”) has thousands of jobs that are commonly known as “human intelligence tasks” or HITs.

Many of these involve typing for money, including data entry and transcribing from audio recordings. While many of the available jobs aren’t very high paying, they can add up over time, especially given that most of them don’t take long to do, meaning you can easily make money in one hour.

person using laptop outside to get paid to type online

It’s also worth keeping in mind that a lot of other sites where you can get paid to type online require you to have an account with mTurk, so it can be a good idea to sign up for them anyway. That way, you won’t necessarily be working for Amazon from home , but you will have your profile set up in their platform when it’s needed by other companies.

If you’d like more information on how to maximize how much you can earn money by typing documents with mTurk, Reddit is a goldmine.

2. Aberdeen

Aberdeen has a number of transcription jobs, with it being particularly good for finding positions where you can get paid to type subtitles for closed-caption TV (including doing it live).

You can get paid up to around $1.50 for each audio minute, which is really good compared to others on this list – although it’s perhaps understandable that earnings are higher here given that you’ll be typing based on real time TV. 

The catch is that they have quite strict requirements in terms of things like your typing speed and your equipment, including in some cases that they ask you to have two computers so that one can act as a backup, as well as a backup internet connection and phone lines.

Check out this  completely FREE seven-day course  on how you can  get started making great money by working as a transcriptionist from home . It covers:

  • Why transcriptionists are so in demand and  the skills you need to tap into this demand
  • Exactly  what it takes to succeed  as a transcriptionist
  • Where to find transcription work to  know where to find clients

Find out more by sign up for  the free course on jumpstarting your transcription career .

3. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is based in Canada and has a team of typists doing transcription and other similar services, including editing and real-time transcriptionists.

Before being accepted on to their roster, you will have to do a test, including to confirm that you have a minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute. Once you’ve passed this test though, you can start to accept work that will earn you around $40 to $50 per hour.

4. Babbletype

Babbletype is one of the most reputable companies out there offering transcription jobs from home, even with no experience , with rates from $0.40 per audio minute.

You will have to go through a recruitment process to qualify, including a transcription test, an interview and another assessment process.

FYI: Having headphones is a requirement for anyone to freelance with Babbletype. I use these headphones and really recommend them.

They also ask that you make yourself available to transcribe around an hour of audio for at least four days almost every week, which means you’ll be earning at least $96 per week if you can stick to this.

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5. CastingWords

The biggest benefit of signing up to earn money by typing documents with CastingWords is the fact that you’re eligible to work for them as long as you live in a country that allows for PayPal payments. This is compared to many of the other sites on this list which are often only available to residents of the US and, in some cases, Canada.

According to the CastingWords FAQ page, they pay up to just over $1 per audio minute, with all jobs involving you getting paid to type what you hear. In some cases, however, you’ll have to take a transcription test before getting started.

6. Clickworker

Clickworker is similar to mTurk in that it has a list of hundreds of typing jobs that you can select from, including positions involving data entry, doing research and editing text, so there are plenty of chances to type for money here.

As you successfully complete jobs, more of them will open up to you as your performance score increases.

Earnings can vary although the jobs are all pretty quick, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to earn a few extra dollars while being flexible.

woman on laptop with headphones getting paid for typing for money

7. CyberDictate

CyberDictate is for those looking to specialize in the field of typing for money, in that they only offer legal transcription positions.

The requirements are quite strict, in that they ask you to have at least three years of experience in a law firm over the past five to seven years, including a good working knowledge of legal terminology and the format of legal documents. This is because you’ll be preparing things such as formal correspondence, agreements and court documents, such as pleadings.

Your earnings will, however, be higher than average given the need for experience in this field, so it’s worth taking a look at if you meet their requirements.

You may also be interested in: How to Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend

8. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription offers a range of ways for you to get paid to type online, such as subtitles and transcribing from audio files in English, including into over 30 languages such as Spanish, French, German and more.

Most jobs are only available to those living in the US or Canada, although you can apply from outside of these countries for those positions that require knowledge of a second language.

The fact that most people will need to either have knowledge of a second language or experience in legal or medical transcribing are reflected in the higher rates which, at around $0.75 per audio minute, are well above average.

9. Freelancer

Freelancer.com has thousands of jobs in almost any field you can think of and this includes all sorts of typing jobs.

The great part about jobs advertised on this platform is that you can immediately see the going rate and can even filter out jobs that aren’t paid enough for you.

That said, a lot of the amounts you can earn are genuinely legit. At the time of writing, there are data entry jobs at $17 an hour, transcription jobs for up to $23 per hour, typed translation jobs for up to $41 an hour and subtitle correction in a movie trailer for $44.

10. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is based in the UK but offers transcription and translation jobs for anyone based worldwide.

It’s also very transparent in terms of your potential earnings, stating that you’ll be paid up to $0.60 per audio or video minute. Average earnings also amount to $150 per month, with the top monthly earnings getting up to $1,215.

person working on laptop on desk to get paid to type online for money and earn from home

You will have to do a test, which they specify includes a non-native English speaker with low video quality to really make sure it mimics what an actual job could look like for you.

There’s also the added bonus that if you advertise for them and someone signs up through your link, you can earn 10% lifetime affiliate commission.

What about this as another way to make money: 11 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Advertise for Companies

11. Hollywood Transcriptions

Hollywood Transcriptions provides transcription, translation and captioning services to the entertainment industry, as the name implies.

This means that you could be getting paid to type about the next cinematic masterpiece or even something simpler like writing subtitles for a movie trailer.

Take note: This company requires you to own a foot pedal in order to work for them. If you need one, I’d really recommend this foot pedal – not only is it the most popular one on Amazon, it’s also the cheapest!

12. Microworkers

Microworkers is, as the name suggests, for those looking for “micro jobs”. These are similar to many of the others mentioned in this article, in that they’re very short tasks for which you can be paid from a couple of minutes of work – or less.

And a lot of these involve you getting paid to type, including transcription work from audio or video recordings, handwriting on postcards and letters, data entry and so on.

They claim that their freelancers have completed almost 49 million tasks over time, although some reviews online caution you to be careful that the task you’re accepting is legit.

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13. OneSpace

OneSpace is another company where you can get paid to type audio. They particularly value people who speak a second language, including those with fluency in Mandarin, Malay, Urdu, Portuguese, Dutch, Thai and Korean.

Not only do they have simple transcription jobs, but you can also find work here in writing, editing and data entry.

While they tend to advertise specific vacancies for which they’re looking for candidates, they also invite you to submit an application even if the available positions don’t exactly suit you, just in case something comes up in future that you may fit better.

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Rev is one of the biggest players in the game, with a massive range of available positions for you to get paid to type online.

For example, transcriptionists can get paid between $0.30 and $1.10 per audio or video minute. Similarly, captioners will be expected to write captions for a video, which includes having to “creatively convey sounds” and “sync typed audio with video” at a rate of $0.54 to $1.10 for each audio or video minute.

And if you speak a foreign language, you can get paid to type subtitles for even higher amounts, getting paid between $1.50 to $3.00 per audio or video minute.

In terms of location, applicants can live anywhere that allows for PayPal accounts and you’re also allowed to work as much or as little as you want, guaranteeing your flexibility.

15. Scribie

Scribie has been around since 2008 and claims to have paid out over $2,000,000 to its transcribers, who earn between $5 and $25 per audio hour. And as a bonus, you’ll receive $5 extra each month for every 3 hours of completed work.

Each piece is quite short, at around 10 minutes or less, and you have the choice of previewing each file you work on.

woman using a laptop learning how to make money typing online

One interesting feature is that it provides a “free automated transcript”, which means your job is more correcting this transcript rather than typing out the transcript from scratch. The site claims that this saves 60% of your typing effort.

Finally, positions at Scribie are open to anyone who lives anywhere – except residents of California, as the company is still yet to be AB5 compliant .

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16. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite has a number of general transcriptionist positions, but they particularly value anyone with legal experience and/or who is fluent in Spanish, given many of their clients are police departments, investigators, law firms and protective service agencies.

While they don’t specify their exact rates for how much you can type and earn, the average and overall earnings they state are impressive. That is, they claim you can make an average of $450 per month, with the top monthly earnings being $3,400.

They do have fairly strict requirements regarding your typing abilities, with a minimum of 60 words per minute and 90% accuracy. You can, however, try this typing test for free to see if you’re up to their standards.

17. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is one of the largest transcription websites out there where you can get paid to type audio.

In fact, based on Transcribeme reviews, they appear to have the best rates in the industry, with earnings from between $15 to $22 per audio hour. Many people earn up to $2,200 per month, although the average monthly earnings are $250 for those who prefer to only do a few hours of work each month.

Jobs are super short, with most consisting of only one to two minute clips to convert from audio, so you can do as much or as little work as you like.

And you can earn money by typing documents in any country that lets you have access to a PayPal account, with payment being made on a weekly basis as long as you’ve earned at least $20 – and as long as you’re at least 18 years old.

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Xerox is one of the few major companies that let you get paid to type online by offering plenty of home-based positions in all sorts of fields where you can type and earn.

These include roles such as administrative, customer service, data entry and quality control positions.

Rates will vary depending on the nature of the role and the amount of prior experience they’re requesting, so simply filter the advertised positions at that link based on whether or not they involve working remotely to see what’s on offer.

19. WeLocalize

WeLocalize is a company where you listen to recordings and get paid to type song lyrics based on what you hear.

The best part is that you’re paid $4 per song, meaning that your hourly rate could potentially be pretty significant.

woman typing on laptop

There’s no minimum in terms of the number of songs you have to listen to every week and they’re particularly interested in hiring you if you can transcribe songs in a second language, especially French or German.

Just note that payment is by HyperWallet, not PayPal like many of the other sites on this list, so it may be worth first checking that you’re able to sign up with an account with them.

R elated: 43 Amazing Under the Table Jobs that Pay Cash

20. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo lets you get paid to type captchas, with the rate being around $1 for each 1,000 captcha images you type. When you start out, your earnings will be a bit lower (and it’s worth noting that getting paid to type captchas won’t generally be the highest paying online job out there), but the site rates you based on your efficiency and accuracy.

And as your score increases, so too does your rate, letting you eventually earn more over time.

21. 2Captcha

2Captcha is another site that lets you get paid to type captchas. They have higher earnings for more complicated images, although these appear to be similar to the rates you’ll earn with Kolotibablo.

22. Axion Data Entry Services

Most of the positions offered by Axion Data Entry Services involve having you type out the text from a scanned document. It’s unclear from their site what their rates are, but payment is made per unit – that is, per document you complete.

It’s worth noting that they claim that they used to have an extremely high number of people applying for positions, most of whom didn’t have the necessary skills. This has led to them charging a fee for you to remain in their database as a potential typist, for up to $10 for one year, with the objective that this means that they’ll only attract people who are actually interested in working for them.

This means that you should weigh up whether this is worth it for you, noting that there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually ask you to work for them even if you do pay this fee.

23. DionData Solutions

Similar to the above, DionData Solutions has positions where you can type text based on handwritten documents that are sent to you as a scanned file.

The company has been around for more than 20 years and payment is made per document, so the faster you type, the more you’ll earn.

Related: The 29 Best Companies That Pay For Ideas

24. SigTrack 

SigTrack is mainly looking for freelancers wanting to type and earn through doing data entry in relation to voter registration. For example, you’ll be responsible for accurately copying information from completed handwritten registration forms and adding them to the relevant database, as well as checking the accuracy of signatures

The work is seasonal; as you may expect from the type of work involved, more positions are available in the lead up to US elections. This means that it’s a good idea to check the site a few months before an election to see if some short term gigs involving typing for money are available.

Accuracy is also super important here, so you’ll be expected to maintain an accuracy rate of 98%.

25. Southwestern Fundraising

Southwestern Fundraising , which used to be known as Great American Opportunities, is a company that does fundraising for schools and other non-profit organizations that help kids.

One of the ways it does this is by getting people to buy magazine subscriptions, which they can do through filling in forms and mailing them in. Which means that, during peak fundraising periods, the company needs to hire people to transcribe what’s written on these forms into their database.

woman typing on iPad

These positions usually aren’t advertised on their site so, if you’re interested in a role like this to earn money by typing, it’s best to contact them through this page .

You can, however, earn a commission by recommending other people to earn money by typing words if you want to earn a little bit extra through a referral bonus.

More sites to earn money by typing

There are a bunch of other legit sites out there where you can get paid to type, including:

  • DionData Solution
  • Fast Typers
  • Mega Typers
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Quick Transcription Service
  • Virtual Bee
  • Working Solutions

What do I need to type and earn money?

To get started with making money typing from home, you will need some equipment. Some of this, like a computer and internet connection, you likely already have. However, it can also help to have headphones and a foot pedal, with some companies actually requiring this from their freelancers.

That said, getting paid to type online is fairly straightforward, in that it involves you taking jobs where you can earn money by typing words, usually based on an audio recording. Keep in mind though that this will, in some cases, also involve doing some research to make sure you’re recording things like technical terms correctly.

It’s also pretty low cost in terms of the equipment you’ll need to get going, although there are a few items that you should have to make sure you can start making money straight away.

1. A computer (ideally with a monitor)

Your normal laptop is fine to use here, although you may want to consider attaching a larger monitor to it so you don’t strain your eyes . This monitor is a total steal at that price.

typing jobs earning

2. A good set of headphones

A lot of these jobs involve you getting paid to type audio, so being able to hear well is key. I always prefer noise-cancelling headphones that work by Bluetooth, to avoid having cables in the way, and these headphones have been amazing for me.

typing jobs earning

3. A foot pedal

This isn’t an absolute requirement for every site, but will make your job so much easier. How a foot pedal works is that it lets you control the audio with your feet, by letting you play, rewind and fast forward by tapping different parts of the pedal.

This foot pedal is easily the most popular on Amazon – not to mention the cheapest.

typing jobs earning

4. An internet connection

As you’re reading this article, you probably have this one covered already!

How much do typists get paid?

The rates of each company vary, but a standard amount is between $0.40 and $1 per audio minute. There are, however, opportunities to earn more if you have more specialized typing skills, such as those needed to produce legal or medical documents.

In addition, as you can probably see from the options on this list, the question of how much do typists earn will vary based on their speed, the nature of the source material and the company hiring them.

That is, someone who types faster will be able to get through more audio minutes than someone whose words per minute (or WPM) are lower.

Similarly, you’ll almost certainly be paid more for more difficult tasks , such as writing captions for live TV or translating from one language to another.

All this means that you probably won’t earn a fortune if you decide to get paid to type online, but having the option to type for money is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side , especially if you need the flexible working hours that it offers.

Can you get paid for typing fast?

You can definitely get paid to type fast – in fact, some companies where you type for money have minimum speed requirements in terms of your words per minute. This means that the faster you type, the more likely it is you’ll qualify for a typing job.

Also, as mentioned above, the faster you type, then the more you earn for those jobs where your rate is based on audio minutes. This is because you’ll be able to get through those recordings faster, meaning you’ll be able to complete your audio minutes faster than someone with a slower typing rate.

How fast do you need to type to get a job?

The question of how fast do you have to type to get a job will depend on each company’s specific requirements. For example, Daily Transcription only requires potential candidates to have a typing rate of at least 50 WPM. On the other hand, CyberDictate will only accept people whose minimum typing speed is 85 WPM.

And others, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, don’t have any speed requirements.

That said, the number one thing that all companies with jobs where you can get paid to type online appreciate is an ability to work fast so as to meet firm deadlines. This clearly means that the faster you type, the more likely it is you’ll be offered typing jobs going forward.

Final thoughts on typing for money

Getting paid to type online is a great way to make money, even if it’s just to have some extra wiggle room in your budget, not to mention that being able to type and earn money lets you have as much flexibility as you need in terms of when you work.

And with most of these companies having no, or minimal, requirements as to how much work you have to do, it’s easy to see why being able to make money typing from home could be perfect for someone looking to make some extra cash from time to time.

When looking to earn money by typing documents, it clearly helps if you already have solid typing skills. Specific technical experience or foreign language knowledge will also go a long way to helping you to secure jobs where you type for cash.

But with the main requirement for those looking to earn online by tying being an ability to stick to deadlines, there’s no reason why you couldn’t get a job where you type and get paid if you’re looking for one of the most flexible side hustles out there.

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Anna is the founder of LogicalDollar and a personal finance expert, having been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Bankrate, MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, CreditCards.com and many more. With more than 10 years of experience in the financial and legal industries, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in these fields, as well as her own journey in turning $60,000 in debt into a thriving investment portfolio, she’s committed to helping others get on the path to financial freedom.

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The Savvy Couple

Fast Track Your Financial Freedom

11 Best Online Typing Jobs For Beginners (Make $20+/Hour)

Kelan Kline | Updated October 9, 2023 Work From Home

Typing Jobs

These companies have been around for years, so they’re definitely trustworthy if you want to get paid to type . Plus we checked their Better Business Bureau rating to make sure they’re legit too!

If you have a fast typing speed and good accuracy, online typing jobs could be the best career path for you!

Remote typing jobs are pretty flexible in terms of hours – and the faster you can type, the more money you earn (generally).

That’s why we highly recommend using an AI writing tool like Jasper to increase your speed and potential earnings.

With that in mind, we will look at the best places for you to find the best typing jobs to make extra money online .


Join the #1 job site to find vetted remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities since 2007.

Table of Contents

Top Quick Pick Online Typing Jobs

In a hurry? No worries we have you covered with our quick picks and video below.

Here are our top picks for the most outstanding online typing jobs you can start:

  • Best Overall – FlexJobs
  • Easiest to Start – Online Surveys
  • Easiest to Scale – Proofreading
  • Fastest Earning – Bookkeeping
  • Highest Income Potential –  Blogging

11 Best Online Typing Jobs To Work At Home

1. bookkeeping.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little different than the typical online typist?

Did you know you could become a bookkeeper and make $20 per hour by keeping track of a business’s financial records?

Some of your tasks as a bookkeeper might include reconciling accounts, depositing receipts, managing payroll, issuing monthly or quarterly reports, and getting the yearly books ready for the accountant.

Sound complicated? It’s really not! The business you work for will give you all the documents you need.

You can take these FREE Bookkeeper Launch masterclasses to learn how to launch your own successful and profitable bookkeeping business. 

Where To Find Bookkeeping Jobs

Bookkeeping jobs can be found on job boards all around the internet, but here are our suggested places to check first:

  • Bookkeepers.com
  • BookMinders  
  • Backyard Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Launch

How to Start a Profitable Bookkeeping Business in 90 Days or Less!

15,000+ Students. 10+ Years of Results.

2. Online Proofreading & Editing 

If you’re the person who is always spotting the mistakes in written work, you were made for proofreading !

As you will know if you have ever written anything – it’s very difficult to edit your own work!

After the writing has been completed, there will be someone else to check over the work of the writer.

And that’s what the proofreader does for a living. It all comes down to how quickly and accurately you can pinpoint mistakes for writers to revisit.

Having said that, you don’t need a degree for proofreading and some job postings don’t require much background or prior experience- making this our top online job!

You can learn how to be a proofreader with a free workshop or even test your proofreading skills  to see how you like proofreading as a job.

Where To Find Proofreading Jobs

Some sites to find editing and proofreading jobs on include:

Proofread Anywhere

Learn How to Become a Proofreader and Start a Freelance Proofreading Business.

15,000+ Students. 7+ Years of Results.

3. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant on the phone and working at laptop

A virtual assistant (VA) is a skilled worker who supports a business owner in all of their requirements.

The tasks that you complete will vary depending on the company that you work for, and what they require, but most people can become a VA  without prior experience. 

Savvy Systems has a   FREE assistant workshop you can take to learn how to launch your own highly profitable VA business. 

A VA is no different than an office assistant, so the job can be routine secretarial work like answering phone calls or typing varied documents or paperwork.

The kind of tasks VAs perform may include things such as:

  • Answering emails or phone calls 
  • Drafting and sending newsletters
  • Writing articles
  • Booking appointments
  • Creating graphics
  • Social media posting

As you can see, the scope of the work can be quite broad, so make sure you agree to all work upfront with the client.

Where To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Companies offering VA work include:

  • Fancy Hands

Savvy System

Do you want the freedom to be your own boss and work on your terms? Tired of living life on someone else's time clock? Confidently launch your own virtual assistant business from scratch in 30 days!

4. Becoming A Freelance Writer

You may not have thought about becoming a freelance writer when brainstorming for a typing job, but it’s one of the best and tops our list!

There are a lot of websites out there, and they need a constant flow of content. This is where you come in!

You don’t need experience or a fancy degree to be a freelance writer – but you will need attention to detail, excellent grammar, and the ability to take on advice to improve.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2018 the median pay of writers was $29.89 per hour for full-timers.

When you are first starting out, you will likely be earning a lot less than that, and work your way up.

Using writing tools like Jasper , Hubspot , and  Surfer SEO can increase your earning potential greatly! 

Jasper is a great way to write content faster- this AI writes content that comes out unique and interesting for readers and takes some of the work off your plate. 

You can even get 10K words free right now with a free Jasper trial – give it a shot if you want to start freelance writing this year!

Find out more in our Jasper Review and see how quickly your articles get written.

Where To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Some great sites to find writing job postings include:

  • Freelancer.com

My recommendation is to enroll in a course like Freelance Write From Home  and jump-start your freelance writing career today! 

Freelance Write From Home

Busy Moms! Learn How to Become an Online Freelance Writer and Start Making $1,000 to $5,000 per month in your spare time!

5. Starting Your Own Blog

wordpress writing page

We are huge fans of starting your own blog , as we have had so much success with ours!

Seriously, it’s the best thing that we ever did. Sure, we’ve had to put in a lot of work – but we are now both able to work at home and be with our daughters.

You can absolutely get paid for online typing by doing this because the content that you create will earn you money.

Bloggers tend to get paid for the following:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing (within articles or emails)
  • Selling your own products

A blog is like any other small business – you’ll have to put in the work and allow it to grow. It takes time, energy, and even a little investment to run your website or creating new content.

You’ll need to provide your readers will helpful, epic content. Your blogging niche should be something your care about, know a lot about, and something you could be happy to write about for a long time.

You’ll also have to be a marketing machine to monetize your blog effectively and promote content to potential readers.

Your earning potential is unlimited with a blog – but we do suggest coming up with a monetization plan from the start.

To get started, sign up for our Start Your Blog Boot Camp below so you can get to making money as fast as possible. 

Where To Find Blogging Jobs

Blog writers can find some blogging jobs at these places:

  • B. Michelle Pippin  
  • Freelance Writing Jobs Board
  • ProBlogger  

Start Your Blog Boot Camp

Get FREE access to our step-by-step plan for starting a blog that makes $1,000 per month.

6. Data Entry

Data entry jobs may not be the most obvious way to earn an income from home, but it’s the perfect one since you shouldn’t need any experience to get into the data entry field.

If you are new to the world of working from home , this is one of the top-recommended home typing jobs to get started.

You need to know how to use spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, but if you’re not sure how to use those programs, you can take courses or watch video tutorials to get up to speed!

The average hourly rate for a data entry clerk is around $16, although this tends to be working in an office as opposed to a stay-at-home mom job .

Where To Find Data Entry Jobs

Some companies that are worth checking out for data entry jobs are:

  • WeWorkRemotely
  • Clickworker
  • Capital Typing
  • AccuTran Global

7. Captioning

laptop and headphones as used for online typing jobs as a captionist

You know when you watch TV or streaming services, and there’s text on the screen that follows along with the conversation? That’s captioning.

The text has been typed by someone employed to caption videos – and this could be something for you to try for online typing jobs.

This is a great role if you want to be a home-based typist and want to earn money by typing pages.

All that you need to do is listen to audio, and type out what they say. You will need to be a very fast typist – as usually, people speak faster than you are able to type.

How fast you can type and how accurate you are will determine how much you are paid. 

Where To Find Captioning Jobs

Popular companies for captioning include:

  • National Captioning Institute

8. Transcription

Transcription is very similar to captioning, with a couple differences on how and where they often find jobs.

Transcriptions aren’t just for videos; you’re more likely to listen to audio and type notes and records for people to use and review later on.

Like medical transcription, you’ll likely listen to a doctor’s verbal notes from surgery and type them out for their patients’ records.

The same goes for legal transcription! And you don’t need a medical or legal degree to type up their audio files.

You must be a fast and accurate typist with a good ear. You’ll be listening to audio where there will be different voices and accents that you have to decipher.

To do this online typist job, you’ll need a computer with high-speed internet and headphones, and you may be asked to use a foot pedal.

Be sure to find out how much you will be getting paid and how often – especially if you want a daily or weekly payment.

We found the free mini course from Transcribe Anywhere to be helpful for new transcriptionists.

Right now, they’re offering 7 free lessons to help you learn about transcription work, starting with the basics of what transcription is and working up to what you need to get started and tips to be successful.

Where To Find Transcription Jobs

If you want to find transcription jobs from home, some companies to look for transcription work for include:

  • TranscribeMe

9. Online Chat Agent

woman at a cafe smiling while working online typing job chat specialist

With more and more companies offering the chat agent option, this is a growing industry for those who are looking for chat jobs from home .

I don’t know about you, but I personally always go for the chat agent option so that I don’t have to wait on hold on the phone for ages!

You know when you need to speak to a company – perhaps you bought something from them and you want to ask a question – you can go on their site and a live agent will pop up.

They will answer your questions – and this is the job opportunity that we are talking about here.

There are lots of different jobs available, and you may need some experience in a particular subject depending on what the help is for, but others can be general that you don’t need experience.

You will earn more if you are a chat agent for a specialized subject, and if you are more of a general chat agent then this will earn you around $12 per hour.

Where To Find Online Chat Jobs

Some companies that are looking for online typing chat agents include:

  • Empire Flippers

10. Micro Tasks/Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are tasks that are small and don’t take long to complete. These could be things such as writing a short piece of work or doing a bit of data entry.

Because they don’t take much time or effort, they don’t pay out very well but are something that you can get done really quickly around other stuff.

You will need to have a computer with high-speed access (as is the norm!), but aside from that, you shouldn’t need anything else to complete this work.

This is quite flexible, which is perfect for those who are looking for various online typing jobs from home or great opportunities for students.

Where To Find Micro Jobs

Hre are some job boards where you can find micro tasks:

  • Amazon MTurk
  • ClickWorker
  • Figure Eight

11. Surveys

cash back apps money from phone Technology online banking money transfer, e-commerce concept. Happy young woman using smartphone with dollar bills flying away from screen isolated on gray wall background

Did you know you can answer online surveys to make a few extra bucks here and there? We’ve tried out so many survey sites , and we can say that they’re an easy win!

Taking online surveys won’t make you rich, but it’s a quick way to earn money in your free time. You’re essentially answering market research online surveys, and they’ll pay for your answers.

Not only that, you can skip the typing part and get paid to watch videos , play games, and even get cash back from shopping with these sites.

Where To Find Survey Gigs

Here are a few of our recommended survey sites to snag some free money:

  • Survey Junkie

Most companies that pay you for surveys will only need your PayPal account to send your cash, and who wouldn’t want free PayPal cash ?

Online Typing Jobs FAQs

work at home mom kids playing while she works

How much can I earn with typing jobs?

With many typing jobs from home, you can earn $20 per hour and start a new career or make extra cash on the side. The more experience you have, the more money you’ll make. 

You can also be paid in different ways- like as a freelancer, you could be paid per word rather than per hour. 

Some jobs will make you more money than others, say, you’ll make less money taking surveys than you would by bookkeeping, but follow where your skillset leads you.

How do I increase my typing speed?

Most jobs online will require or expect your o have a typing speed of 60 to 80 words per minute (WPM). If you want to test how quickly you type, take a speed test here and see if you need to improve.

If your typing speed is less than 60 WPM, you’ll need some typing practice to pick up the pace!

BUT if you type quickly and make a ton of mistakes, your projects will suffer, and the accuracy of your transcription will be lacking, which is not what employers want!

Be sure to practice speed and accuracy for your potential career- knowing you’re good is what gives you confidence, but your clients will want to see you walk the talk.

You can use the speed test to practice typing speed and get quicker with each try, as well as other websites like Key Hero , or find free typing lessons online.

What skills or equipment do I need for these jobs?

typing computer

As mentioned above, to snag an online typing career, you’ll want to be able to type 60 – 80 WPM, with an estimated accuracy of 95%- meaning you don’t make many mistakes.

Besides typing, here are a few additional skills from various typing jobs that would help you succeed:

  • good listening (good hearing too!)
  • attention to detail
  • a computer with a QWERTY keyboard
  • an internet connection
  • a spelling and grammar checker, like Grammarly
  • software skills- Word, Excel, QuickBooks, etc.

Are there other ways to earn money online besides typing?

There are plenty of other side hustle ideas you can do to earn money, including other opportunities to start your own business!

We like the flexibility of online jobs, but you can find success and utilize your skills with other options.

Want a little to no investment business to start? We got you! 

Final Thoughts On Online Typing Jobs

things to sell to make money Beautiful young woman wearing sweater standing isolated over beige background, showing money banknotes

As you can see, there are tons of legitimate online jobs and we’ve only listed the best 15 typing jobs from home we recommend! There are many freelance jobs you could try and see where it leads.

If you are worried because you don’t have a lot of experience, focus on entry-level positions and on professional development.

There are many typing jobs for beginners, so don’t give up hope! It’s always worth going for it and giving them a try.

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Get Paid To Type: 27 Best Sites To Work For & Earn Fast Cash

Get Paid To Type: 27 Best Sites To Work For & Earn Fast Cash

' src=

About Kelan Kline

Hi, I'm Kelan Kline! A personal finance expert, entrepreneur, and passionate money nerd. With my bachelor's degree in business and finance, my drive in life is to help others learn how to make money online, create passive streams of income, and reach financial freedom! I have been featured in online publications like Forbes, TIME, USA Today, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Marie Claire, CNBC, Acorns, The Penny Hoarder, Bankrate, Nerd Wallet, Yahoo Finance, MSN, GoBankingRates, Her Money, Thrive Global, The Simple Dollar, Money Crashers, Readers Digest, FinCon, Best Company, Rent Cafe, Romper, Intuit Turbo, Opp Loans, CreditCards.com, Debt.com, Discover, LifeLock, Quick Sprout, Money Geek and many more! Click here to read all of my posts.

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Online Typing Jobs


If you want to earn some extra money working from home on your own computer and schedule than online typing job is perfect for you. You will find jobs for all levels of typing skills, from beginner to an expert home-based typist.

We are looking for a Typist to perform typing and word processing tasks for our worldwide clients. There are no minimum entry barriers but you can find out more about the basic requirements.

TOP PAY: You can earn up to US $13,500 to $27,000 or more Per Year. As your skills and experience grow so will your bank balance.

Sponsored Links

GUARANTEED WORK: You should expect to get the minimum work of US $1125 Per Month.

ONLINE JOBS: Worldwide Part-Time and Full-Time Work From Home Jobs. Only you will need a quiet place for your freelance work.

We are ready to pay best in the market for the typing work, but we really expect in return to you a good accuracy work, in the borderline time period as per our terms. Rates vary from company to company, work nature, and accuracy levels.

With the above example now you can calculate you’re monthly estimated earning: As a beginner if you earned US $45 per day (as per above table), and if you worked in a month for 25 days then your calculated monthly income will be $45 x 25 = $1125.

Earning Simulator:

We have designed an online earning simulator which will help you calculate the kind of earning that you can earn with us. Simulate Your Earnings Now!


Basic knowledge of Internet and English Minimum 30-50 words per minute typing speed on the computer. A computer with a high-speed internet connection.


You must be at least 16 years old or above, Secondary or High School Diploma.

Joining Fees

Registration is absolutely FREE! There is No hidden cost before or after the joining, And we don’t ask about Investment to you on any stage.

Online Typing Demo Work:

Demo work is an online tutorial which is developed by Talent Desire’s Team for your better understanding of the related work. With the help of demo work , You will get in touch and learn the basics of the online typing, tips and tricks to get succeed in no time. Get the benefits of the online typing Demo work and start your unstoppable journey from now!

Payment Terms and Options:

Your Accuracy should be between 98.00-99.99%. If your accuracy is below 98%, work will be returned and payments will hold till resubmitting the said work. We have effective payment solutions for our freelancers, find a complete list of payment options from here.

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Home » Earn Online » Online Typing Jobs- Type Your Way to Better Earnings

Online Typing Jobs- Type Your Way to Better Earnings

online earn money by typing

Table of Contents

Do you know you can earn with the snap of your fingers? Well not literally of course, but you can earn a good amount of money using your typing skills. There are several online typing jobs posted on the job portals and google jobs.  On LinkedIn alone, there are 9000+ job postings for typing jobs and anyone with decent typing skills can apply for these and online earn money by typing.

Typing is one of the most basic skills using which students, full-time professionals or homemakers can earn extra money. And the best part of the typing job is that you can do it as per your schedule. You just have to pick up the task posted and complete it within due time and get paid to type. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you do the job in 2 hours or 6, just submit it before the deadline.

Now, if you think that its a good way to earn some extra cash, then keep reading. Because in this article you are going to know all about online earn money by typing.

What are Online Typing Jobs?

The term is entirely self-explanatory. However, let us understand it simply and in a better way. It is clerical work; the job involves typing for various agencies and clients. It can be typing for documents, e-books, content, etc . In an online typing job, you have to input some given data in a provided software or a word document.

If you have some typing knowledge, you can gain an edge over others. However, it is not necessary to have professional typing knowledge for this job. If you have a normal typing speed, it will be fine. There are a number of online typing jobs for students to earn money. Many of them are typing jobs. You can easily do it in a work-from-home model and earn money online by typing without investment. Real typing work jobs are updated on a regular basis in portals like Naukri, Internshala, Indeed, etc. You can online earn money by typing jobs.

The best thing about these jobs is you need a very little amount of investment. You should just have your own computer and a good internet connection. That’s all you need. Subsequently, by visiting online job portals, you can get typing jobs.

If you are a student, a housewife, or a retired person, such online typing jobs can be best for you. You just need to have basic typing skills, a computer, a good internet connection, a bank account, an e-mail ID, and a desire to earn. All you need to dedicate is 3-4 hours of spare time daily, and you are ready to earn.

Why should you prefer Online Typing Jobs?

Online typing jobs have emerged as a feasible source of income. Earning from the comfort of your home with minimal or almost no investment is a great opportunity. There are a variety of reasons for preferring online typing jobs. Let us discuss them.

Gain Additional Income

Quite often, a single source of income hardly lets you achieve your financial goals early. Meeting such goals get limited. However, there are a number of ways to deal with this and the well-known being online earn money by typing jobs. These jobs are quite flexible and offer good earnings.

When you have an extra source of income, you can use that as an investment in multiple ways. For example, you can invest in the stock exchange or mutual funds or you can also use it to pay monthly instalments.

Recommended Read: Passive Income Ideas in India to Become Wealthy

Work at your Convenience

With the use of the internet, a lot in the world has changed. It is indeed for the benefit of mankind. Earning online has amazing potential. Online typing jobs are a convenient way of working. The most amazing thing about these jobs is that you can work from anywhere. Your work literally travels with you. You can even sit in a park near your home and work easily.

No Limit on Earning

There is absolutely no limit at all on how much you can online earn money by typing. Your effort goes parallel to your level of earnings. In simple words, the more you invest your time and effort, the more you earn.

Low Investments

Online typing jobs do not require a huge number of investments or certification to do. If you have knowledge of the language and know how to type decently and accurately then you can do the job and online earn money by typing. The minimum investments are required for a working PC or desktop, a good internet connection and a smartphone, which are usually available to people in today’s digital world.

Some other advantages of online typing jobs are:

• The nature of work is comprehensible, that is quite simple.

• Basic knowledge of computers, typing, and a stable internet connection is all that you need to proceed. No superior skills are compulsory for these jobs.

• The mode of work is online which is work-from-home jobs. Hence you don’t need to be present at the office, you can work from wherever you want.

• You can carry out your other jobs easily as online typing jobs are part-time.

• The payments are made punctually. You get to receive your earnings on time, there is no delay in the process. As you submit the work within the deadline you get paid for the same.

Earn in Six-figures with chegg

How to Earn Money Online by Typing?

You can find online typing jobs on several job portals and other websites. These are some of the most trusted and genuine money-earning sites in India out there for you. These are some of the best and most reliable job platforms to start your online earn money by typing without any investment:

1. Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a well-known online earn money by typing that offers numerous transcription jobs. It is specifically active in allotting positions where you get paid for typing subtitles for closed-caption TV. You get a higher earning here but it follows some strict requirements based on your types of equipment and typing speed.

2. Babbletype

Among the most reputed companies, there stands Babbletype. It provides several work-from-home transcription jobs at considerable rates. You can even join without any experience. They require you to devote a fine amount of time to transcribe. If you succeed in sticking to the requirements, you can gain a lot.

3. Clickworker

Clickworker offers plenty of online typing jobs opportunities on its platform. You get the option to select your desired typing job from a list of hundreds. The offered job positions are data entry, research and inscribing, editing and formatting text, etc. A flexible working pattern is provided which helps in increasing your performance score.

4. Daily Transcription

You get a wide range of ways to make money by typing online on Daily Transcription. Here you have to work on subtitles and audio file transcriptions in various languages. It includes English and 30 more languages such as French, German, Spanish, etc which you can pick if you have good knowledge of these languages.

5. Microworkers

Microworkers are preferable for those individuals who are looking for small-scale jobs. You are assigned short tasks of about a couple of minutes for which you get well paid. The tasks majorly consist of audio and video transcriptions, data entry, handwriting on letters and postcards, and more.

6. OneSpace

Onespace is also a professing online earning platform that pays you for typing audio. People who are efficient in a second language like Malay, Portuguese, Thai, and Korean are mostly preferred. It includes simple transcription jobs along with data entry, writing, and editing. They offer you various vacancies anticipating your future capabilities and you get paid to type.

7. CastingWords

Similar to the other platforms, CastingWords also pays you for typing what you hear. But what makes it out of the box is it allows you to work with them as long as you live in a country where PayPal payments are available. In some cases, a transcription test is taken before proceeding.

8. AccuTran Global

AccuTran is a Canada-based team of typists who work on editing and real-time transcriptions. You have to go through a typing test that checks your ability to work with them. You need to have a minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute for qualifying for the test. Once it is cleared, you are ready to earn.

9. CyberDictate

CyberDictate is popularized among those who desire to gain specialization in the field of typing for money. Only legal transcription positions are offered in the course of work. They are quite strict concerning their requirements. You must possess an experience of at least three years in a law firm over the past five to seven years.

10. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is one of the huge names among transcription websites. Here you get paid to online earn money by typing what you hear. Through studies, it has been found that TranscribeMe offers the best rates in the industry. Jobs are extremely short and you can work from any country which has access to PayPal payments.

11. Scribie

Scribie is a good platform to online earn money by typing. Like any other platform, you need to transcribe the audio file into documents. The audio files which are given for transcribing can range from 1 minute to 10 minutes. However, if you want to transcribe certified documents on this platform you need to give their certification test, after which you will receive files which are certified by the platform.

12. Rev

Rev is another reliable platform where you can look for online typing jobs, it is considered one of the most trusted transcribing websites. On this platform, you get work for various clients who have different requirements. You can be asked to write foreign language captions, YouTube captions, transcribe audio files and much more.

13. Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform for any freelancer or person looking to earn money doing small gigs. On this platform, you can find various clients who are always in need of your services. You can approach the people you posted for typing jobs, place your bid and start working once accepted. Once you submitted your work and it gets approved you will online earn money by typing.

14. Truelancer

Truelancer is a platform which is used by organizations to find freelancers, you can either apply to work for any company or can find typing gigs to work on. Either way, it is a good platform to online earn money by typing. You can pick up the projects you want, transcribe the file and submit them for approval and earn money.

Upwork is another great platform to find online typing jobs, this platform allows the job poster and freelancers to connect and communicate. The payment is done on an hourly basis and after the work is done and approved the freelancer gets paid. There are several types of job postings which are posted on the platform but typing is one of the most posted gigs.

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skills required for typing jobs

Steps to Apply for Online Typing Jobs

You can apply for online typing jobs on any platform, but there are certain steps which are common for all platform to follow while applying. These are the steps

Step-1 Registration

Register yourself with one or multiple job platforms where you can online earn money by typing. There are absolutely no registration fees to register on those portals. Moreover, there is no need to pay any kind of security deposit or amount to anyone at all.

Step-2 Apply for Online Typing Jobs

Sort those jobs as per your need and apply. If the job provider goes through your online application and finds you suitable for the job, they will shortlist you.

Step-3 Pass the Typing Test

Clear assessments, if any. They may ask you to type a hundred words within two minutes. Else, they may give you a scanned document and ask you to type in MS Word and give it to them the next day. This is a way to check your efficiency as a candidate for the typist role.

Step- 4 Start Working

If they are satisfied with your work, you will be hired. They will assign typing tasks to you, which you need to fulfil on a day-to-day or weekly basis. You will get remuneration accordingly at the end of the month or week.

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How much can you make with Online Typing Jobs?

Online typing jobs are found to be a reliable source of income. Getting paid for typing is clearly a righteous opportunity for everyone. You can gain quality earnings by simply executing your typing skills. Different companies follow their own payment policy. But generally, you get paid for each task submission.

These earnings can act as well as financial assistance for fulfilling your desired goals. There is no limit imposed on your earnings. Your income increases with an increase in the mass of work you submit.

Online jobs from home like typing, writing, etc let you earn a good amount of money online. Such online work-from-home jobs have so many great advantages. For instance, working hours are highly flexible. You can just choose your work by yourself at your wish.

Moreover, most online typing jobs require very little or no amount of investment at all. Nowadays, online earn money by typing is becoming an additional source of earning for many people out there.

These online work-from-home typing jobs also offer you a second source of earning if you are already in a regular job. By doing online typing jobs you can make up to 3 LPA in India, which is quite a good amount considering it is part-time work.

Considering the high rate of inflation and the high price of commodities nowadays, it is quite tough to survive with only one source of income. So, one must consider taking up an extra online job from home.

Become an Expert at Chegg- It’s Better than a Typing Job!

If you are looking for some other ways to earn money apart from online typing jobs then you can consider becoming Chegg Q/A Expert . Chegg India is the platform where you get a chance to teach and earn. It means if you have good subject-matter knowledge of any subject you can earn money by solving students’ queries related to that subject.

You earn correct answers given your earnings increase, their wide variety of subjects that you can choose from. Some of the subjects include business, engineering, science, healthcare, earth science, and mathematics.

Dive in to our guide to explore all about  online jobs  to fit any lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Typing online doesn’t mean just typing anything. When applying for online typing jobs you are required to transcribe audio files or raw documents into organized data. You can find typing jobs on platforms where clients will assign you various typing or editing tasks which you have to complete within the specified deadline. Simultaneously you get paid for the work you submit on a weekly or monthly basis.

The pay-out varies from company to company. It also depends on the amount of work you have been given. You earn an adequate income by working in online typing jobs. Usually, pay-outs are hourly basis you can earn up to Rs130 per hour at minimum.

Online earn money by typing is considered quite a safe and secure mode. The investment required is close to almost negligible. Also, no security deposits are to be maintained. You get paid on the basis of the work you submit and further it can vary based on your performance. Timely payments are made. There are a lot of trusted online platforms available which offer plenty of such jobs.

If you are searching for a place to find typing jobs from where you can online earn money by typing, then there are plenty of them. Some of the most trusted and popular platforms are: 1. Aberdeen 2. Scribie 3. Freelancer 4. Rev 5. Transcribe Me 6. CyberDictate 7. Truelancer 8. Upwork

Earn for Every Answer

To read more related articles, click here.

Got a question on this topic?

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  • Chegg Study
  • Writing Support
  • Expert Hiring and Payment Dashboard

Chegg India does not ask for money to offer any opportunity with the company. We request you to be vigilant before sharing your personal and financial information with any third party. Beware of fraudulent activities claiming affiliation with our company and promising monetary rewards or benefits. Chegg India shall not be responsible for any losses resulting from such activities.

  • Chegg Inc. Compliance

© 2023 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved.

CYBER EXPO- Part Time Online Jobs Logo

Online Typing Jobs in India for Students FREE Registration – Daily Payment

One of the best ways to make money online is doing Online typing jobs . It’s a complete scam free as it does not require any registration fees. And on the other hand 100% Non-technical work from home jobs. But typically we can found Genuine typing jobs provider company who offer Free Registration.

So, CYBER EXPO Present the Ultimate Online typing jobs that meat all your dream internet jobs requirement.

Before you take you farther! We proudly want you to know that CYBER EXPO is ISO 9001:2008 certified online Jobs provider company where you can get all type of Online jobs in Free ! Over here, Free means FREE! No Hidden charges, No more fake promised.

Amazing Offer in Online Typing Jobs that blow your mind-

  • Forgot about Hug Registration fees! Get Online Typing Job @ Rs-“0” ZERO Registration Fees. .
  • Daily Work, Daily Report, Daily Payment to your registered bank account.
  • Work for 2 Years as Trail, “ZERO” investment –NO Hidden Fees.
  • Still, get paid if you are making any spelling/Grammar Mistake.
  • Earn money up to Rs-7.00-10.00 on each Paragraph (Text Matter)
  • You are allowed to type and earn up to 300 -400 Text matter on Daily base.
  • Free Proof Reading Software (Worth 499/- in FREE of cost ) to make correct all your grammatical error and typing mistakes.
  • CYBER EXPO is Government Registered , ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
  • First time in India, CYBER EXPO Offer 100% safety from Online Jobs scam using Risk-Free Court paper Agreement to each and every members.
  • Get jobs without registration fee and Earn daily up to Rs-800.00 to 2500.00 INR directly to your bank payment.
  • Still confused? We offer live payment proof of from everyday earner member bank statement. Drop your query to [email protected]

Free Plans & Offer

  • Truestd Typing Plan
  • Registration: FREE
  • Validity: 6 Month
  • Rate per Entry: Rs-7.00/- INR
  • Your Payment: Daily Bank/UPI
  • Assignment per month: 2000
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 14,000/- INR
  • Service tax: 18.5%
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Free Tools & Software
  • Flagship Training Webinar: FREE
  • 7 Free Kindel Money Making eBooks
  • Sign Up Now
  • Deluxe Typing Plan
  • Validity: 9 Month
  • Rate per Entry: Rs-9.00/- INR
  • Your Payment: Weekly Bank/UPI
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 18,000/- INR
  • Economy Typing Plan
  • Validity: 12 Month
  • Rate per Entry: Rs-10.00/- INR
  • Your Payment: Monthly Bank/UPI
  • Assignment per month: 2500
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 25,000/- INR

Online Typing Jobs in India for Students FREE Registration - Daily Payment

What CYBER EXPO offer in Typing Jobs?

  • Best online typing jobs without investment provider, Registration Fees only Rs-“ZERO” INR.
  • You can work with CYBER EXPO for 2 years as trail Agreement. Later you can move to Smaa ll BPO Business Plans.
  • We still paid if our member makes spelling mistakes or grammatical error. Ha! ha! Inserting right? 🙂
  • Rates per Complete Text matter is up to Rs-7.00 INR. (Text Matter means, Each paragraph -2-6 lines)
  • You can get Weekly or daily payment directly into your bank account.
  • Monthly Earning up to 7,000 INR- 14,000 INR just by doing no fee online typing jobs. Hence member of a small office and BPO projects can earn way better than individual work.
  • Daily you can work on 100-200 text matter to earn maximum money online.
  • Free lifetime CYBER EXPO customer support prime membership.
  • Free Type jobs grammatical error and spelling checking software.
  • Last but not the least, You will provide risk-free court paper agreement that gives you 100% safety from type at home scam.

Wait, There is more….

Guaranteed Payment by Court paper Agreement.

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Why 17,585 Member from India Truest CYBER EXPO’s Online Jobs?

In 2016 almost 3560 people are lost their registration fees on investing online typing jobs. The reason for not getting paid due to poor accuracy level.

See, it’s a very common of having 3-5 spelling mistakes or gremial error while doing 250 pages typing projects.

It can be easily proofread with online grammar checking software like Grammarly .

But most of the typing company cancel the entire assignment and not paying even a single rupees for members month of hard work.

Under those circumstances, No one can earn money from online typing jobs,

So, here in CYBER EXPO typing jobs, you have an unlimited number of opportunity for fixed all your grammatical error and spelling mistakes. In fact, we offer you to proofread your work before sending to us using Grammarly tools. (Best Premium Grammar Checker tools)

This way you can earn money from legitimate typing jobs from home no fee.

“ In short, if you have done any mistake while typing you have no losses, except 1-day delay of payment. You have 24 hours to make them correct and win your daily payment.”

Online Typing Jobs DEMO work:

You can refer this video of step by step demo work of online typing jobs, Or you just keep reading.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have CYBER EXPO member area.

Go to Member.adpostjob4u.com and select typing Jobs.

Now, Once you have a login you can able to see your preference on the dashboard.

Online Typing Jobs Plans and Pricing:

Online Data Entry Jobs- @Rs-1 Registration Fees 2 YR TRAIL Daily Payment

Each Plan is bracketed with this benefits-

  • Free Email support and live chat support from your member area.
  • Create an unlimited number of a support ticket. And get them solved on priority based.
  • Technical assistant on typing based on words to words.
  • Automaticity, remover doubler spacing on typing mistakes.
  • All text matter and scanned on high-resolution book scanner with 500% Zoom in a feature on text matter.

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How to get registered? with this simple 5 steps:

So, I guess you are highly interested to sing in CYBER EXPO free Online Typing Jobs.

  • Here is the process to get started in quick mode!
  • First of all get yourself registered in by filling this application form .
  • Next, You will receive an email notification to your given email address.
  • Now go to your email and confirmed your registration.
  • Once you confirmed your registration you need to contribute some social media sharing (Free & take less than 5 minutes)
  • All done, You are now ready to get started your free online data entry jobs from home.

It’s take up to 7 days to activate your free typing jobs account. However, you can subscribe to CYBER EXPO Prime membership for Free and get your account active within 24 hours. TC apply.

typing jobs earning

How CYBER EXPO provided training to the new members?

Though, there is not required for training in CYBER EXPO Online Typing Jobs Still we have update from you-

Up to 2 hours free YouTube Video Training for new online data entry work member.

24X7 Email support. You can ask as much question you can.

Offer typing speed Improvement training and Free Software.

Free Proof Reading software with PDF tutorial.

Do we have an unlimited vacancy? Nope!

As we offer online typing jobs without investment, there is a lot of application who does not want to work at all. In order to make our typing jobs program clean and free, we supposed to make sure to provide out part-time jobs only the needy person.

So, First of if you are not interested to work for a long time (at-list for 3 months) don’t apply here.

Next, we will filter all application and admin team will delete some of the applications that look like weird.

Let’s have a look at our vacancy table-

{{Not Present }}

You may like to Read:  Online Data Entry Jobs- @Rs-1 Registration Fees 2 YR TRAIL Daily Payment

International Member Registeraction:

Due to so many restrictions on paying money through PayPal, we are running out of vacancies in typing jobs for the international member. But we do have a Job opportunity for those NRI having India bank account.

Online Typing Jobs Business Plan and Projects Outsourcing:

If you want to take online typing jobs online from home for free to the next level then here is the business solution-

Requirement- An Person having tread license, Proprietorship, LLP or BPO owner can get started.

10-15 Computer with day and night shift employee.

Please note that, Online Typing Jobs Business Plan is limited. So before your dream further, lets us know your structure so that we can analysis projects feasibility.

Drop your ping on [email protected]

Pors. and Corns of Free Online Typing Jobs in CYBER EXPO:

Next to Read:  GOV. Online Typing Jobs without Investment DAILY BANK PAYMENT

You will be provided free online data typing jobs without any upfront investment.

CYBER EXPO is the only company in India, where you will get paid for typing jobs without any grammatical error deduction.

No accuracy rates boundary.

CYBER EXPO typing has the only email and live chat support. If you need phone support you have either the top earner or have to choose other paid registration company.

In order to make our program clean and available for the needy person, we may not approve all the application.

Your account may be rejected without any period notice.

Legal: Before Join in Any online Jobs in CYBER EXPO make sure to read our Term of Service and Privacy policy. Once you agree! Feel free sing up.

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Partly cloudy skies early will give way to cloudy skies late. Low 38F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph.

Updated: November 11, 2023 @ 7:47 pm

  • Full Forecast

The Moscow Volunteer Fire Department will be slightly less voluntary come October. The department is hiring its fourth full-time staff member -- an assistant fire chief who will oversee day-to-day

Moscow fire department expanding paid staff

  • By Ted McDonough, staff writer
  • Aug 21, 2000
  • Copy article link

The Moscow Volunteer Fire Department will be slightly less voluntary come October.

The department is hiring its fourth full-time staff member -- an assistant fire chief who will oversee day-to-day operations and serve as an emergency medical services trainer.

The new hire should help volunteers keep their EMS skills updated without the expense of hiring full-time paid paramedics, said Fire Chief Don Strong.

While funding for the new position has been in place for two years, the new hire will help meet the recommendations of a committee that recently evaluated emergency medical services provided by the Moscow Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Company.

Improved services

In an April report to the City Council, the task force said ambulance services could be improved if paid leadership, trained at the paramedic level, was provided for ambulance company volunteers.

Strong said his preference for the new position was an experienced firefighter certified as a paramedic.

Applications are due by Aug. 31. Strong hopes to interview candidates in September and have the new assistant working Oct. 1. Other qualifications for the position include an academic degree in firefighting and five years experience.

Strong said demands on his department and on the ambulance company are growing, but Moscow hasn't reached the point where it needs full-time paid firefighters and paramedics.

A state of limbo

The agencies are in a state of limbo between "needing to go paid or going volunteer for a few more years," he said. The new assistant chief will help stretch out the department's volunteer status.

The position initially will be paid for by the ambulance company and the University of Idaho. Strong said he hopes to expand funding by involving Moscow's medical community.

The number of ambulance calls in Moscow has declined in recent years. Currently, the ambulance company averages about 850 calls per year. That is down from more than 1,000 calls in the mid-1990s. The decline is due primarily to an increase in vans operated by nursing homes and Gritman Medical Center for routine hospital calls, Strong said.

Administrative work at the fire department and ambulance company has grown in recent years, largely because of paperwork related to insurance, he said.

Trained leadership for emergency medical services was one of the recommendations made by the task force appointed by Moscow's mayor.

Other recommendations for improvement included developing a standard medical protocol for 911 dispatchers, equipping police with cardiac defibrillators, improving benefits for ambulance company volunteers, and adding medical training for Moscow police, who often are the first at accident scenes.

The task force found few ambulance calls would require a paramedic to be present at the accident scene. However, about two heart attack victims a year might be saved if paramedics were available, according to the group's report. Ambulances generally had a good response time, but few calls made it to the hospital in less than 10 minutes, the time limit, according to the report, for reasonable recovery from a heart attack.

The task force found occasions when the ambulance company did not have enough staff, mostly a result of a reliance on UI students who leave for the summer and vacation.

To help fill the gap, the fire department and ambulance company are trying to recruit more full-time residents, said Strong. In addition, for the second year in a row the department has hired summer employees, paid for by the city, who can serve as emergency medical technicians and help at the fire station.

The task force did not believe it was necessary to move away from relying on volunteers. Measures such as increased training could improve volunteer service.

"We found out we really do a pretty good job," Strong said. "For the most part, I think (improved service) has worked very well with very little addition of funds or personnel."

If Moscow wished to "greatly increase" current levels of service, the task force outlined a second list of recommendations that would be more costly. In addition to a full-time administrator and increased training, investments for the higher service levels would include new equipment and hiring enough paramedics so one was available around the clock.

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    We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

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    The Moscow Volunteer Fire Department will be slightly less voluntary come October. The department is hiring its fourth full-time staff member -- an assistant fire chief who will oversee day-to-day

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    Search 87 Elektrostal' custom ironworkers to find the best ironworker for your project. See the top reviewed local ironworkers in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia on Houzz.

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