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20 Fun Random Animal Facts Worksheets

Table of contents.

Rawr! Or should I say meow? Just Family Fun’s fun random animal facts worksheets will bring you a treasure trove of fascinating animal facts designed to captivate young, spongy minds. From the mighty tigers to adorable frogs, we’ve got all of your favorites covered.

Each of our twenty fact sheets is packed full of intriguing information, vibrant visuals, and engaging content that will leave your little ones yearning for more! These educational fact sheets can be used in a variety of ways by family members or students – just get creative and enjoy!

Random Animal Facts

How to Use These Fun, Random Animal Facts

Just Family Fun’s random animal fact sheets serve as excellent interest-based articles, game materials, project inspiration, and more that foster a love for learning in young minds. These engaging resources provide a wealth of information about various animals – whether your household pet or a wild animal you’ve never even seen in a zoo – catering to a child’s fascination with the vast animal kingdom.

  • Interest-based reading Our fun fact sheets about 20 different animals can heighten a developing child’s reading abilities. Allow your little readers to choose their favorite animal and give them the chance to sound out the pronunciation of words, mimic the animals’ sounds, and build complete sentences using the fun facts provided in our free worksheets. Not only will this improve their reading comprehension, but cross-curricular connections between science and language arts will guarantee a strong understanding of all subjects at school.

Fact: Crocodiles cannot stick their tongue out! Question: Which animal can’t stick out their tongue? Answer: Crocodiles!

Use our random animal facts as inspiration and content for projects, like “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs” or “Animals You’ll Find in a Zoo.”  Whether your little ones prefer writing, drawing, presenting, or like all three just the same, they can lead their own home-learning with our wonderful animal fact worksheets.

  • Extended learning Similarly, our random animal facts will provide another opportunity to have fun learning outside of the classroom. How great would it be to arrive at school with new knowledge on such an important topic like the animal kingdom? Taking in information, realizing new ideas, and learning to appreciate the diversity of nature in their own time at home will support your child’s long-term learning goals in a way school can’t offer.

Facts About Ants

Step into the miniature world of ants, where teamwork, organization, and industriousness reign supreme! These tiny insects may be small, but they are mighty. From building intricate colonies to carrying objects many times their own weight, ants are fascinating creatures with incredible abilities. Get ready to embark on an ant-sized adventure as we uncover 10 fun facts about ants that will make you appreciate their remarkable skills!

Fun Facts about Ants for Kids:

Super Colony Builders: Ants are master architects, building intricate colonies underground or in trees. Some ant colonies can house millions of individual ants, creating bustling communities!

Teamwork Triumph: Ants are experts at teamwork. They work together to achieve common goals, such as finding food, defending the colony, and caring for their young.

20 Fun Random Animal Facts Worksheets 1

Interesting Facts About Bats

Fly through the night sky with the incredible creatures known as bats! Bats are often misunderstood and mysterious, but they are fascinating animals with extraordinary abilities. From their unique wings to their echolocation skills, bats have special adaptations that make them true marvels of the animal kingdom. Get ready to hang upside down and discover 10 fun facts about bats that will leave you in awe!

Fun Facts about Bats for Kids:

Winged Wonders: Bats are the only mammals capable of sustained flight. They have elongated fingers covered by a thin membrane of skin called a wing, which allows them to navigate the skies with grace.

Incredible Diversity: There are over 1,400 different species of bats around the world. They come in various sizes, from tiny bumblebee bats that weigh less than a penny to giant flying foxes with wingspans over five feet!

fun facts about bats for kids

Facts About Bears

Step into the wild and cuddly world of bears! These magnificent creatures captivate our hearts with their furry appearance and playful nature. From their impressive size to their diverse habitats, bears are fascinating animals that inspire awe and respect. Get ready to explore 10 fun facts about bears that will make you fall in love with these gentle giants!

Fun Facts about Bears for Kids:

  • Bear Basics: There are eight different species of bears around the world, including the polar bear, grizzly bear, panda bear, and black bear. Each species has its own unique characteristics and adaptations.

Big and Mighty: Bears are one of the largest land mammals on Earth. The Kodiak bear, a subspecies of the brown bear, holds the record for being the largest, with males weighing over 1,400 pounds (635 kilograms)!

fun facts about bears or kids

Fun Facts About Cats

Cats are adorable, independent, and mysterious creatures that have been our companions for thousands of years. From their soft fur to their playful antics, cats have a way of capturing our hearts. Get ready to pounce into the world of cats with these 10 fun facts that will make you purr with delight!

Sample Fun Facts about Cats for Kids:

Felinastic Jumpers : Cats are excellent jumpers! They can leap up to six times their body length in a single bound. That’s like a human jumping the length of two school buses!

Nighttime Hunters: Cats are crepuscular, which means they are most active during dawn and dusk. Their keen night vision and silent footsteps help them hunt for mice, birds, and other small prey when it’s dark outside.

fun facts about cats

Fun Facts About Cows

Moo-ve over and make way for the gentle giants of the farmyard – cows! With their big brown eyes and swishing tails, cows have a special place in our hearts. They provide us with milk, cheese, and meat, but there’s much more to these amazing animals than meets the eye. Get ready to graze through 10 fun facts about cows that will make you go “moo” with excitement!

Fun Facts about Cows for Kids:

Sacred Number: Cows have a special place in some cultures and religions. In Hinduism, cows are considered sacred and are treated with reverence and respect.

Milk Marvels: Cows are fantastic milk producers. On average, a dairy cow can produce around 6 to 7 gallons (22 to 26 liters) of milk per day. That’s enough to fill more than 100 glasses!

fun facts about cows

Facts About a Crocodile

Crocodiles are fascinating reptiles that have captured the imaginations of people around the world. With their powerful jaws and scaly bodies, crocodiles are both fearsome and intriguing. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of crocodiles as we uncover 10 fun facts that will make you snap with excitement!

Fun Facts about Crocodiles for Kids:

Ancient Creatures: Crocodiles have been around for over 200 million years, making them living dinosaurs! They have survived through the ages, adapting to various environments.

Super Snappers: Crocodiles have the strongest bite force of any animal in the world. Their jaws can exert a pressure of over 5,000 pounds per square inch (22,000 newtons). That’s like having the strongest vice grip ever!

fun facts about crocadiles

Fun Facts About Dogs

Dogs are not just our furry best friends; they’re also fascinating creatures with unique qualities that make them special. From their wagging tails to their wet noses, dogs have captured the hearts of kids all over the world. So, get ready to discover 10 fun facts about dogs that will make you bark with joy!

Fun Facts about Dogs for Kids:

Super Smellers: Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They can detect smells that are up to 100,000 times weaker than what humans can smell. It’s like having a superpower!

  • Dog Breeds Galore: There are over 340 different dog breeds in the world! That means there’s a dog out there for everyone, whether you like big dogs, small dogs, or somewhere in between.

fun facts about dogs

Facts About Elephants

Elephants are gentle giants that roam the grasslands and forests of the world. With their long trunks and massive bodies, elephants captivate our imagination and inspire awe. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as we discover 10 fascinating facts about elephants that will make you trumpet with excitement!

Fun Facts about Elephants for Kids:

Magnificent Size: Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth! An adult elephant can weigh up to 12,000 pounds (5,400 kilograms), which is equal to the weight of about 15 small cars.

Trunk Marvel: Elephants have an amazing tool—their trunk! It’s actually a combination of their nose and upper lip. With their trunks, elephants can pick up objects, drink water, and even greet each other with a gentle touch.

fun facts about elephants

Facts About Frogs

Frogs are fascinating amphibians that hop their way through ponds, rivers, and even rainforests. With their unique life cycle and special adaptations, frogs have captured the curiosity of kids around the world. Get ready to leap into the world of frogs as we discover 10 fun facts that will make you ribbit with excitement!

Fun Facts about Frogs for Kids:

Frog Variety: There are over 6,000 species of frogs in the world! From the tiny and colorful Poison Dart Frog to the large and powerful Bullfrog, frogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Life Cycle: Frogs go through a remarkable transformation called metamorphosis. They start as tiny eggs, then hatch into tadpoles with gills, and eventually grow legs and develop lungs to become adult frogs. It’s like a magical makeover!

fun facts about frogs

Fun Facts About Hamsters

Hamsters are adorable little creatures that make great pets. With their tiny paws and fuzzy bodies, they bring joy and companionship to many households. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of hamsters as we uncover 10 fun facts that will make you squeak with excitement!

Fun Facts about Hamsters for Kids:

Pet Popularity: Hamsters are one of the most popular small pets in the world, loved by kids and adults alike. They’re like tiny balls of cuteness!

Night Owls: Hamsters are nocturnal animals, which means they are most active during the night. They love to play, explore, and run on their exercise wheels while the rest of the world sleeps.

fun facts about hamsters

Interesting Facts About Lions

Lions, known as the kings of the jungle, are majestic creatures that have fascinated humans for centuries. With their regal manes, powerful roars, and fierce hunting abilities, lions command our attention and admiration. But there’s more to these incredible animals than meets the eye. Here are some sample fun facts about lions that will leave you roaring for more!

Fun Facts about Lions for Kids:

Social Butterflies: Lions are highly social animals and live in groups called prides. A typical pride consists of related females, their offspring, and a few dominant males. This social structure helps them hunt, protect their territory, and rear their young.

Mighty Roars: Lions possess a roar that can be heard from miles away. Their powerful vocalizations serve multiple purposes, including marking territory, communicating with other members of the pride, and intimidating rivals.

fun facts about lions

Fun Facts About Meerkats

Meet the meerkats, small mammals known for their unique appearance and charming personalities. These social creatures live in tight-knit groups and spend their days in the African savannah. Get ready to dig into the fascinating world of meerkats as we discover 10 fun facts that will make you stand tall with excitement!

Fun Facts about Meerkats for Kids:

Social Family Life: Meerkats live in groups called “mobs” or “clans” that can consist of up to 40 members. They work together, taking turns as lookouts to keep everyone safe.

  • Adorable Alertness: Meerkats have excellent eyesight and hearing, allowing them to detect danger from afar. They stand on their hind legs, like tiny sentinels, keeping watch while their group forages for food.

fun facts about meerkats

Fun Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys are lively and mischievous creatures that swing through the trees and capture our attention with their playful antics. With their agile movements and expressive faces, monkeys have fascinated kids for generations. Get ready to embark on a fun-filled adventure as we discover 10 fascinating facts about monkeys that will make you go bananas!

Fun Facts about Monkeys for Kids:

Monkey Business: There are over 260 different species of monkeys in the world! That’s like having a big monkey family reunion with lots of distant cousins.

Tail Tales: Monkeys use their tails for many purposes. Some monkeys use their tails as an extra limb, while others use them for balance or as a cozy blanket when they sleep.

fun facts about monkeys

Fun Facts About Penguins

Penguins are some of the most lovable creatures in the animal kingdom, waddling their way through the icy landscapes of the Southern Hemisphere. With their distinctive appearance and adorable behavior, penguins have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike. Get ready to dive into the chilly world of penguins as we explore 10 fun facts that will make you flap your wings with delight!

Fun Facts about Penguins for Kids:

Penguin Diversity: There are about 18 different species of penguins. From the Emperor Penguin, the tallest of them all, to the Little Blue Penguin, the smallest, each species has its own unique characteristics.

Flightless Wonder: Penguins are flightless birds, but they are exceptional swimmers! They spend most of their lives in the water, using their wings as flippers to propel themselves through the waves.

fun facts about penguins

Fun Facts About Pigs

Oink, oink! It’s time to dive into the world of pigs – the delightful and intelligent animals that bring joy to farms around the world. Pigs are much more than just rolling around in the mud! With their curly tails and snuffling snouts, they have fascinating qualities that make them truly remarkable. Get ready to snort with excitement as we uncover 10 fun facts about pigs that will make you squeal with delight!

Fun Facts about Pigs for Kids:

Clever Companions : Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals. They can learn tricks, solve puzzles, and even recognize themselves in mirrors. They’re as smart as some dogs!

Snout Sensation: Pigs have an exceptional sense of smell. Their snouts are designed for rooting in the ground to find food. Pigs can even detect truffles, a rare and delicious mushroom found underground.

fun facts about pigs

Facts About Rabits

Rabbits are adorable little creatures that hop their way into our hearts with their fluffy tails and twitching noses. With their cute appearance and gentle nature, rabbits have become popular pets and beloved characters in storybooks. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of rabbits as we uncover 10 fun facts that will make you hop with excitement!

Fun Facts about Rabbits for Kids:

Hopping Experts: Rabbits are exceptional jumpers and can leap up to 3 feet (1 meter) high in a single hop! They use their powerful hind legs to propel themselves through the air.

Big Ears: Rabbits have long ears that help them detect sounds and stay alert to any potential danger. Their ears can also regulate their body temperature, keeping them cool in hot weather.

Fun Facts About Rabbits

Fun Facts About Sharks

Sharks are fascinating creatures that rule the ocean waters with their sleek bodies and sharp teeth. With their mysterious nature and powerful presence, sharks have captured the imagination of kids and adults alike. Get ready to dive into the world of sharks as we discover 10 exciting facts that will make you swim with excitement!

Fun Facts about Sharks for Kids:

Shark Variety: There are over 500 different species of sharks in the world! From the mighty Great White Shark to the speedy Shortfin Mako Shark, each species has its own unique characteristics.

Ancient Predators: Sharks have been swimming in our oceans for over 450 million years! That means they were around even before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. They’re like living fossils!

Fun Facts About Sharks

Facts About Snakes

Slithering silently through forests, deserts, and even underwater, snakes are fascinating reptiles that have captured the curiosity of kids around the world. With their unique adaptations and diverse species, snakes are both intriguing and often misunderstood. Get ready to explore the captivating world of snakes as we uncover 10 fun facts that will make you hiss with excitement!

Fun Facts about Snakes for Kids:

Snakes Everywhere: There are around 3,600 species of snakes found on every continent except Antarctica. From the colorful and venomous King Cobra to the harmless and friendly Garter Snake, snakes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Legless Wonders: Snakes are known for their lack of legs, but did you know they evolved from reptiles that had legs? Over millions of years, snakes adapted to their environment and lost their limbs, becoming superb slitherers instead.

fun facts about snakes

Fun Facts About Spiders

Step into the world of eight-legged wonders – spiders! These remarkable creatures may seem spooky to some, but they are truly fascinating. From their intricate webs to their incredible hunting skills, spiders have an important role in our ecosystems. Get ready to spin your way through 10 fun facts about spiders that will make you appreciate their remarkable abilities!

Fun Facts about Spiders for Kids:

So Many Species: There are over 48,000 known species of spiders in the world. That’s a lot of different kinds of spiders, each with its own unique characteristics!

Web Weavers: Many spiders build intricate webs to catch their prey. These silky structures are made from a special silk produced by the spider’s spinnerets, which are located at the back of their bodies.

fun facts about spiders

Facts About Tigers

Tigers are magnificent creatures that roam the forests and grasslands of Asia. With their powerful build and striking stripes, tigers are truly the kings and queens of the jungle. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as we uncover 10 fun facts about tigers that will make you roar with excitement!

Fun Facts about Tigers for Kids:

Striking Appearance: Tigers have beautiful orange fur with distinctive black stripes. No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes, making each tiger unique, just like a fingerprint.

Feline Athletes: Tigers are excellent runners and can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour). They’re like sprinters of the animal kingdom!

fun tiger facts for kids

Is your family interested in science, intrigued by the animal kingdom, or infatuated with your pets? Our list of over 200 fun, random animal facts will give you a deeper insight into what makes them unique. From senses and living conditions to genetics and behavior, our fact sheets for kids will teach you everything you need to know about 20 different animals.

If your little ones have learned something from our fun random animal facts, let us know! Send us a photo at Just Family Fun to share your excitement.

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Animal Facts & Worksheets

An animal is a diverse group of organisms, including insects, mammals, fish, reptiles, and other non-plant living things., search for worksheets.

facts about animals worksheet

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Table of Contents

Any eukaryotic multicellular organism of the biological kingdom Animalia is referred to as an animal. The majority of creatures in this kingdom lack a cell wall, are heterotrophic, motile, have specialized sensory organs, and originate from blastula during embryonic development.

See the fact file below for more information on the Animal, or you can download our 30-page Animal worksheet pack to utilize within the classroom or home environment.

Key Facts & Information

What is an animal.

  • Animals include insects , mammals , fish , reptiles , and other non-plant living things. Animals are raised in agriculture for food, fiber, and fuel. We refer to these creatures as livestock. Dogs , cats , and other animals that offer human companionship are referred to as companion animals.
  • Over half a billion years ago, the first animals, including the common ancestor of all living things, began to evolve in the water. Scientists are yet to provide concrete characteristics of these animals.
  • However, by observing modern species, we can determine characteristics they must have shared, such as small size, soft bodies, and a propensity to stand motionless or move slowly across the ocean floor.
  • Contrary to scientific theory, different cultures have their own versions of creating animals. Most of them do not conform to the evolution theory – where animals evolved from one single cell millions of years ago.
  • The majority of cultural beliefs say that animals were created with unique genes, so they are a different species from humans who were created, especially by the creator.


  • Birds belong to the Aves , a class of warm-blooded animals, and are distinguishable from other creatures by their feathers, toothless beaks, hard-shelled eggs, high metabolic rates, four-chambered hearts, and sturdy yet light skeletons.
  • Reptiles are air-breathing animals with distinctive skin made of scales, bony plates, or a combination of the two. They include crocodiles, lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises. They all periodically shed the outer layer of their skin. 
  • Their behavior is influenced by the temperature of their surroundings. Unlike birds and mammals, reptiles cannot keep a constant body temperature.
  • This is the main cause of the extinction threat facing more than half of all frog species.


  • Any animal without a vertebral column, or backbone, is referred to as an invertebrate in contrast to cartilaginous or bony vertebrates.
  • They range in species from sea stars to sea urchins , earthworms to sponges, jellyfish to lobsters , crabs , insects, spiders , snails, clams, and squid, and they are found all over the world. 
  • Any aquatic cold-blooded vertebrate with gills, fins, and often an elongated body coated in scales is referred to as a fish .
  • In contrast to mammals, fish are cold-blooded or ectothermic. This indicates that their body temperature is not kept constant inside but rather is strongly affected by their environment. 
  • True fish are vertebrates with fins. Most have gills for breathing and scales covering their bodies.


  • Protists are primarily minuscule single-celled, unicellular organisms. Either prokaryotes or eukaryotes make up all living things. Examples of prokaryotes include bacteria and archaea. Eukaryotes include animals, plants, fungi, and protozoa.
  • A fungus is a eukaryote. Fungi were once considered to be members of the kingdom Plantae, but this division occurred as a result of their absence of chlorophyll and many physiological and structural characteristics. Mushrooms, molds, smuts, yeasts, mildews, and rusts are examples of fungi.
  • Single-celled organisms called archaebacteria exist. Archaebacteria are capable of surviving under harsh conditions, such as hot, acidic, and salty environments. Euryarchaeota, proteoarchaeota, and other groups are examples of archaebacteria.


  • Hagfish and lamprey are two examples of the group of fish known as agnatha . Hagfish are round, soft, and without scales, but lampreys are smooth, eel-shaped, and without scales. 
  • A diversified superclass of fish with skeletons predominantly made of bone tissue is known as osteichthyes , or “bony fish.” In contrast to them, the Chondrichthyes have skeletons that are predominantly made of cartilage.
  • Reptilia are the first creatures in their class to have adapted to life on land and are descended from amphibians. Reptiles are cold-blooded land creatures that are primarily found in warm climates.
  • Fish classified as chondrichthyes include chimeras, rays, sharks, and skates. They have a strong jaw but no genuine bones in their skeleton; it is formed of cartilage.


  • Mammals belonging to the order Artiodactyla have even toes and walk on their toenails. The term “ungulates” refers to both this order of hoofed mammals and the Perissodactyla.
  • Rodents can be distinguished from other mammals in the order Rodentia by having a single pair of incisors that is continuously growing in both the upper and lower jaw.
  • A diverse group of mammals is called primates . The lemurs, galagos, and lorisids are classified as strepsirrhines, whereas the tarsiers and simians are classified as haplorhines.
  • The class Cetacea comprises whales, porpoises, and dolphins. They have neither fur nor hair and are carnivorous. Every ocean on the planet, from the equator to the poles, is home to this locomotive class of animals.
  • Mammals in the Chiroptera order include bats. They are the only animals that can truly and continuously fly thanks to the adaptation of their forelimbs as wings.
  • All creatures that resemble cats and dogs belong to the monophyletic order of placental mammals known as Carnivora, as do all of their descendants.


  • Except for polar ice caps and tundra settings, felidae, or cats, are found all across the planet. Due to their agility, felids can outrun animals twice their size. Felidae like to hunt at night and are nocturnal animals.
  • The Ursidae family of carnivorous animals includes bears. They are categorized as caniforms, or carnivorans that resemble dogs.
  • Dogs, or canidae as they are commonly known, are a group of canid-like carnivorans in biology. An individual from this family is also known as a canid.
  • The Mustelidae comprise a diversified group and are the largest family. Carnivorous mammals that belong to the Mustelidae family include weasels, badgers, otters, ferrets, martens, minks, and wolverines, among others.


  • A taxonomic rank called genus is used to categorize viruses, as well as living and extinct creatures, in terms of biology. Genus is placed below family in the biological categorization hierarchy and above species.


  • The fundamental classification and taxonomic rank of an organism, as well as a unit of biodiversity, is the species. A species is frequently described as the biggest group of creatures capable of sexual reproduction, in which any two individuals of the right sexes or mating types can result in fertile offspring.

Animal Worksheets

This fantastic bundle includes everything you need to know about Animals across 30 in-depth pages. These ready-to-use  worksheets are perfect for teaching kids about Animals , a diverse group of organisms that include insects, mammals, fish, reptiles, and other non-plant living things.

Animal worksheets: name the animal

Complete List of Included Worksheets

Below is a list of all the worksheets included in this document.

  • Animals Facts
  • Taxonomic System
  • Name the Animal
  • Animal Listing
  • Nature of Animals
  • I Live Here!
  • Bests of Animals
  • Animal Symbolism
  • National Representation
  • Conservation Status
  • Animal Freedom
  • Poster Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What are animals.

Animals are a diverse group of living organisms that are characterized by their ability to move, respond to stimuli, and reproduce. They are multicellular and heterotrophic, meaning they cannot make their own food and must obtain it from other organisms. They can be found in a wide range of habitats, from the depths of the ocean to the tops of mountains.

How are animals classified?

Animals are classified into different groups based on their characteristics, such as their body structure, reproductive methods, and behavior. The most commonly used classification system is the Linnaean system, which groups animals into different categories, such as kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

What are some examples of animals?

Animals come in a wide variety of forms, some examples include:

  • Mammals: lions, elephants, whales
  • Birds: eagles, penguins, parrots
  • Fish: sharks, salmon, goldfish
  • Reptiles: snakes, lizards, crocodiles
  • Amphibians: frogs, salamanders, toads
  • Insects: ants, bees, beetles
  • Arachnids: spiders, scorpions, ticks
  • Mollusks: snails, squids, clams
  • Echinoderms: starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars

How do animals adapt to their environment?

Animals have developed a wide range of adaptations to survive and thrive in different environments. These adaptations can be physical, such as camouflage or specialized body structures, or behavioral, such as huddling together for warmth or hunting in groups. These adaptations are the result of natural selection, through which animals with advantageous traits are more likely to survive and pass on those traits to their offspring.

How do animals impact the environment?

Animals play a vital role in the environment by helping to maintain ecological balance. They act as pollinators, seed dispersers, and pest controllers. Additionally, they also play a role in nutrient cycling, by consuming plants and other organisms and returning nutrients to the soil. However, animals can also have negative impacts on the environment, such as overhunting or overfishing, introduction of invasive species, and destruction of habitats. The loss of biodiversity can lead to imbalances in ecosystems and can have severe consequences for the environment.

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These worksheets have been specifically designed for use with any international curriculum. You can use these worksheets as-is, or edit them using Google Slides to make them more specific to your own student ability levels and curriculum standards.

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Endangered Species Worksheets

KidsKonnect is a growing library of high-quality, printable worksheets for teachers and homeschoolers.

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Wild Animal Printables for Kids

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Most kids are fascinated with the animal world. Foster their fascination and curiosity with worksheets, activities, and coloring pages that feature some of their favorite animals. Animal printables are a fun and educational way to help teach your child about wildlife!

Free Printable Animal Worksheets

These animal worksheets can be used as a fun and educational activity for a rainy day, to help kids learn facts about wild animals or wildlife conservation, or handed out to supplement an animal lesson plan. To print the worksheets, just click on the image and it will open in a new window for you to print. If you need help downloading the printables, check out this helpful guide .

  • 110+ Drawing Prompts for Kids to Spark Creativity

Sloths are amazing creatures. There are both two-toed and three-toed sloths, but this worksheet focuses on the three-toed sloth. The printable has two pages that include:

  • Basic facts about sloths
  • A coloring page featuring a sloth hanging from a tree
  • An activity with a paper doll type sloth and his tree home

The lion is truly king of the jungle. These amazing big cats are unique in a number of ways. These pages include:

  • Facts about lions
  • Coloring page with a mama lion and her cub
  • Dot-to-dot activity that results in the image of a male lion with a beautiful mane

Access the printable by clicking on the lion thumbnail on the right side of this page.

This set of printables features bears found in North America. Learn fun facts about:

  • Polar Bears
  • American Black Bear

The set is made up of:

  • Three coloring sheets featuring each of the bear types and some fun facts
  • Crossword puzzle about North American bears

Teach and Entertain With More Wild Animal Printables

The allure of wild animals comes in part from their size, their role as a predator, or their beauty or mystery. Activity sheets that feature coloring, dot-to-dot or similar activities are a great way to entertain on a rainy day and foster a love of learning about nature.

Jungle Animals Color by Number

Color by number pages are not only fun, but can help young kids identify numbers and work on following directions. This cute jungle animal printable features a monkey and giraffe. It's a great option for younger kids.

Penguin Coloring Pages

When an is an animal considered 'wild'? It's one that lives in its natural habitat, fends for itself, finds its own food and isn't domesticated (you can't keep it as a pet!). Penguins would fall into this category just like lions and bears. Color fun penguin coloring pages to supplement a lesson about animals that live in cold habitats.

Wild Horses Coloring Page

Many kids are fascinated with horses, and it can be interesting and educational to discuss the differences between wild and domesticated horses. Kids can color this horse coloring page too.

Wetlands Matching Activity

There are lots of animals that live in wetland ecosystems . These can be fascinating for kids to learn about. Use this printable matching activity to help kids discover more about food sources for animals that live in wetlands.

Animal Bingo

If you're looking for a fast fun activity for your kids, or a group game for classroom or party, animal lovers will be thrilled with this animal-themed bingo game. It includes tons of different animals, such as a gorilla , a lion, an elephant and more. The printable set include 11 different bingo cards and a page of printable bingo pieces done with cute paw prints.

Animal Logic Puzzle Printable

Some of the animals in this logic puzzle are not only wild; they are out of this world! Use this logic puzzle with kids ages seven or older to sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Fun Wild Coloring Activities

Encourage your child to really get creative when coloring. Just as these are wild animals, use some wildly creative techniques and ideas to make the coloring fun:

  • Use bright colors that don't necessarily match the actual color of the animal (like a purple cheetah, for example).
  • Draw or cut out clothing from a catalogue to put on the wild animals.
  • Cut out pictures of the wild animals your child has colored and make a safari collage.
  • Hang the wild animal printables in an unusual place, such as the ceiling above your child's bed or in the closet.
  • Glue glitter or fabric on the coloring pages.
  • Cut a fun shape around the wild animal using special scissors.
  • Create an animal mask out of the printables.
  • Take your coloring pages to the zoo and identify the real animals.

Teaching Tips

If you are using these printables to help supplement lessons or to teach concepts to children, keep these tips in mind:

  • Many children are visual learners. Enhance lessons with printables, videos and wild animal picture books to help them learn and retain the information.
  • When learning about wild animals, topics like what animals eat may come up. Elementary children can easily understand the concept of a food chain and shouldn't be disturbed by learning that one of their favorite wild animals is a carnivore. Keep the discussion matter-of-fact; using a food chain worksheet might also help.
  • You may want to also incorporate a discussion about the dangers wild animals can pose to humans, too, and talk about respecting animals in their natural habitats. This can be especially helpful if your family camps or hikes often.

Colorful Keepsakes

No matter what you do with your child's coloring, remember to save them as keepsakes. You never know when you might want to go on a wild animal safari from the comfort of your living room!

Animal Fact Guide

Home » Teacher Tools

Teacher Tools

The educational worksheets and lessons in this section are designed to help students work on a multitude of skills while they learn about animals. We strive to meet the needs of students with differing learning modalities and readiness levels. Worksheets are available in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the Adobe website to install it on your computer for free.

  • Research an Animal Worksheet This educational worksheet will guide students as they develop their reading for information skills.
  • Zookeeper WebQuest Your students will work on their research skills with this WebQuest. A nice addition to the worksheet is to require students to write about or draw their zoo using the information they have discovered. The WebQuest also lends itself to making presentations in the classroom

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facts about animals worksheet

Animal Fact File

facts about animals worksheet

Dwarf Lantern Shark Worksheet

facts about animals worksheet

Animal Attributes Literacy Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Animal Project - Make Your Own Book & Google Slides

facts about animals worksheet

  • Google Slides™

facts about animals worksheet

Farm Worksheets and Printables | Farm Activities Kindergarten Factual Unit

facts about animals worksheet

Cubs In The Tub

facts about animals worksheet

Ancient Egypt - Farming

facts about animals worksheet

  • Easel Activity

facts about animals worksheet

What Makes Me a Bird? Chicken Mini Book

facts about animals worksheet

What Makes Me a Bird? Penguin Mini Book

facts about animals worksheet

What Makes Me an Insect? Butterfly Mini Book

facts about animals worksheet

What Makes Me a Reptile? Sea Turtle Mini Book

facts about animals worksheet

Ocean Animals Fact Booklet Bundle

facts about animals worksheet

Oviparous Animals Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Zebra Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Grasshopper Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Animals in Winter Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Woodland Animals Fact Booklet Bundle

facts about animals worksheet

Zoo Animal Fact Booklet Bundle

facts about animals worksheet

Octopus Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Whale Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Seahorse Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Sea Turtle Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Dolphin Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

facts about animals worksheet

Arctic Fox Fact Booklet with Digital Activities

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FREE Animals Worksheets

Animals are a popular esl topic especially with young learners and students in primary school. here at busyteacher there are 635 worksheets in this section that focus on animals as well as a variety of grammar points. these are all ready to use, free, and printable which makes the site a great resource for teaching materials. take a look at this worksheet which combines animal vocabulary and reading practice into a guessing game for students which they can complete individually, in pairs, or even in groups. if you would like to do something else, look at some other worksheets to find something your students will love. animals are a fun topic that students enjoy talking about so they can be used throughout your course to interest students in a variety of activities. younger students especially like talking about different types of animals so be sure to give them the opportunity to use this enthusiasm in their esl classes. besides studying animal vocabulary, you can also use animal flashcards when studying comparative and superlative structures, descriptive words and for other topics too. with intermediate, advanced, and adult learners animals will be a less important topic but you may consider talking about some of them in discussions, for example polar bears and global warming. read more... ...less.

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Check out our collection of free animal themed worksheets for kids. We have tons to choose from and they will help your kids learn about the different types of animals and fit with any animal themed lesson plans.

African Animals Worksheets

African Animals Worksheets

Lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs an...

Animal Beginning Letters Worksheet

Animal Beginning Letters Worksheet

Color in the correct first letter and write it ...

Animal Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Animal Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Look at each animal and circle the letter that ...

Animal Coloring Pages

Animal Coloring Pages

35+ great quality, free animal coloring pages i...

counting by tens worksheet

Animal Count and Color Worksheet

Count and color the correct number of dogs, cat...

Animal Groups Worksheets

Animal Groups Worksheets

Help kids learn about the different animal grou...

Animal Mix and Match Worksheets

Animal Mix and Match Worksheets

The animals in these worksheets got all mixed u...

Animal Number Matching Worksheet

Animal Number Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match the cats, dogs, pigs and o...

graphic organizer animal research

Animal Research Graphic Organizer

bar graph worksheet colors

Animal Themed Bar Graph Worksheet

Use the bar graph to answer the questions about...

Animals Activities Worksheet

Animals Activities Worksheet

Several animal themed language arts activities

Birds Worksheets

Birds Worksheets

Check out our set of birds themed worksheets wh...

Bug Worksheets

Bug Worksheets

Learn about bugs with this set of free workshee...

Cat Color by Number

Cat Color by Number

Use the key to color the picture of the cat.

Dinosaurs Worksheets

Dinosaurs Worksheets

Dinosaurs are a kid favorite and they will love...

Dog Color by Number

Dog Color by Number

Use the key to color the picture of the dog.

Farm Animals Worksheets

Farm Animals Worksheets

Pigs, horses, chickens, cows, sheep and more. ...

Herbivore Carnivore or Omnivore?

Herbivore Carnivore or Omnivore?

Decide if each animal is a carnivore, herbivore...

Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore Cut and Paste

Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore Cut and Paste

Cut and paste the carnivores, herbivores, or om...

Ocean Animals Worksheets

Ocean Animals Worksheets

Sharks, dolphins, whales, fish and more! Check...

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Fact file about animals

Fact file about animals

Animal facts

Animal facts

Animal Facts

Animal Facts

Animal Facts

Animals facts

Weird facts about animals.

Weird facts about animals.

Animal facts

An animal fact file

Facts About Canada

Facts About Canada

6 facts about dates

6 facts about dates

Facts about the Bahamas

Facts about the Bahamas

Facts about destinations

Facts about destinations

Facts about autumn

Facts about autumn

Interesting facts about animals

Interesting facts about animals

Facts about japan

Facts about japan

Facts about India

Facts about India

Facts about Barbados

Facts about Barbados

Facts About Canada

Facts about Australia

Facts About Nigeria

Facts About Nigeria

Australian facts and animals

Australian facts and animals

Save time and paper with your own interactive worksheets.

Creating worksheets is easy and fun, with a few simple steps. See how to make interactive worksheets with these instructions .

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50 Incredible Animals That Start With I | List, Fun Facts, And A Worksheet

Animals That Start With I

Learn the names of animals that start with I with this vocabulary list! Below you’ll find a list of 50 animals that begin with the letter I, together with fun facts about each animal and a free worksheet to help you learn or teach these animal names.

Animals Starting With The Letter I

Indian cobra, indian elephant, indian peafowl, indian rhinoceros, indian star tortoise, indian python, indigo bunting, indigo snake, inland taipan, intermediate egret, irish setter, irish wolfhound, irrawaddy dolphin, italian greyhound, ivory-billed woodpecker, iceland gull, indian mynah, indian pangolin, indian roller, indian spot-billed duck, indigo finch, irish draught, irish water spaniel, island night lizard, italian cave salamander, italian spadefoot toad, ivory-backed woodswallow, indian skimmer, indian vulture, indian hare, indian jackal.

  • Inanga (a type of fish)

Indigo-winged Parrot

Indian bustard, indian flying fox, indian robin, animals that start with i – worksheet.

Animals That Start With I - Worksheet

This worksheet has a list of 12 animals that start with the letter I and pictures of each animal. To complete the worksheet, you must read the animal name and match it to the corresponding animal picture. As always, this worksheet is free.

Fun Facts About Animals That Start With I

The ibex, a species of wild goat, is known for its incredible climbing abilities. They can scale the steep and rocky sides of mountains with ease due to their specially designed hooves.

The ibis is often associated with the Egyptian god Thoth, who was often depicted with the head of an ibis in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Ichneumon is a type of parasitoid wasp. These insects have a unique reproductive process where the female injects her eggs into a host insect. The larvae then consume the host from the inside out.

Iguanas have a ‘third eye’ on the top of their head. This eye doesn’t see in the same way their two primary eyes do, but it is sensitive to changes in light and dark, helping them detect predators from above.

The Iguanodon was one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered and named. It is known for its characteristic ‘thumbs’, which are actually conical spikes.

Impalas can jump distances up to 33 feet (10 meters). This helps them escape predators and navigate their savannah habitats.

The Indian Cobra, or the “Spectacled Cobra,” has a unique ‘hood’ that it expands when it feels threatened or is ready to attack.

Indian Elephants are smaller than their African counterparts. They have smaller ears, and only the males typically have visible tusks.

The Indian Peafowl, also known as the Peacock, is widely recognized for its beautiful, iridescent tail feathers, which are spread out in a dazzling display during courtship.

The Indian Rhinoceros has a single horn, unlike the African rhinoceros species, which has two. These horns are made of keratin, the same protein found in human hair and nails.

Indian Star Tortoises have a striking star-like pattern on their shells, making them a highly sought-after species in the illegal pet trade.

Indian Pythons are one of the largest snake species in the world, capable of reaching lengths up to 20 feet (6.1 meters).

The Indigo Bunting is a small bird that migrates at night, using the stars for guidance.

Indigo snakes are non-venomous and are known for their docile nature and brilliant indigo-blue coloration.

The Indri is the largest species of lemur and is known for its unique, song-like calls that can carry for more than 2 km through its forest home.

The Inland Taipan is considered the most venomous snake in the world. Its venom is potent enough to kill over 100 men with a single bite.

Insects are the most diverse group of animals on the planet, with over a million described species and many more undiscovered.

Intermediate Egrets are unique in that they change the color of their eyes from yellow to red during the breeding season.

Irish Setters are known for their striking red coats and their jovial and friendly personalities.

Irish Wolfhounds are one of the tallest breeds of dogs. Despite their imposing size, they’re known for their gentle and friendly nature.

The Irrawaddy Dolphin is a unique species that can live in both salt and freshwater. They are recognized by their rounded faces and short dorsal fins.

Isopods are one of the most diverse crustacean groups, with species ranging from tiny soil-dwellers to the giant isopods found in the deep sea.

Italian Greyhounds are one of the oldest dog breeds, with depictions of this breed found in ancient Egyptian art dating back 4,000 years.

The Ivory-billed Woodpecker is one of the largest woodpeckers in the world. It’s currently considered critically endangered, possibly extinct.

The Ivory Gull is known for its pure white plumage that helps it blend into its Arctic habitat.

The Izuthrush is a species of bird from the Old World Warbler family. They are known for their melodious songs, especially during breeding seasons.

The Iceland Gull breeds in the Arctic regions and migrates south during the winter. They are noted for their all-white appearance.

The Indian Mynah, also known as the Common Myna, is known for its adaptability to urban environments and its ability to mimic human speech.

Indian Pangolins are unique animals covered in large, protective scales. They are the most trafficked animal in the world due to demand for their scales and meat.

Indian Rollers are known for their stunning aerobatic displays during the breeding season, from which they derive their name.

Indian Spot-billed Ducks have a unique spot on their bill, giving them their name. They are also known for their distinctive calls.

Indigo Finches are known for their vibrant blue coloration. They are a popular choice for pet birds due to their color and melodious song.

The Irish Draught is a horse breed known for its strength, versatility, and good nature. They are often used in crossbreeding to produce sport horses.

The Irish Water Spaniel is known for its curly coat and its excellent swimming ability, making it an excellent water retriever.

The Island Fox is a unique species of fox that is found only on the Channel Islands of California. They are significantly smaller than their mainland relatives.

The Island Night Lizard is a unique species of lizard that is found only on three of the California Channel Islands.

The Italian Cave Salamander is a unique species that has adapted to life in dark, damp caves in Italy. Unlike most salamanders, it lacks lungs and breathes through its skin.

Italian Spadefoot Toads are unique in that they have a special ‘spade’ on their hind legs, which helps them dig burrows.

The Ivory-backed Woodswallow is a small bird found in New Guinea. Despite their name, they do not actually swallow wood!

Indian Skimmers are known for their unique hunting method. They fly low over water with their lower beak skimming the surface to catch fish.

The Indian Vulture faced a major decline in the early 2000s due to a drug called diclofenac, used in livestock, which is poisonous to vultures. Conservation efforts are ongoing to save this species.

The Indian Hare, also known as the Black-naped Hare, is unique in that it has a patch of black fur on the back of its neck.

The Indian Jackal, also known as the Golden Jackal, has a wide range of vocalizations and is often heard ‘howling’ at dusk.

Inanga is a type of fish that belongs to the whitebait group. They have a unique life cycle involving both freshwater and marine stages.

Inca Doves are known for their distinctive ‘scaly’ appearance and their cooing calls. They are common in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

The Inca Tern is easily recognizable by its dark grey body, white mustache, and red-orange beak and feet.

The Indigo-winged Parrot, also known as Fuertes’s Parrot, is a critically endangered species from Colombia. There are fewer than 250 individuals left in the wild.

The Indian Bustard is one of the heaviest flying birds in the world. They are critically endangered, primarily due to habitat loss and hunting.

The Indian Flying Fox is one of the largest bat species in the world. Despite their scary appearance, they are harmless and feed primarily on fruit.

The Indian Robin, especially the male, is known for its black body and white shoulder patches. They are common across the Indian subcontinent and are popular for their melodious songs.

Learn More Animal Names

Animals That Start With A Animals That Start With B Animals That Start With C Animals That Start With D Animals That Start With E Animals That Start With F Animals That Start With G Animals That Start With H Animals That Start With I Animals That Start With J Animals That Start With K Animals That Start With L Animals That Start With M Animals That Start With N Animals That Start With O Animals That Start With P Animals That Start With Q Animals That Start With R Animals That Start With S Animals That Start With T Animals That Start With U Animals That Start With V Animals That Start With W Animals That Start With X Animals That Start With Y Animals That Start With Z

Facts About Farm Animals Worksheets for Kids

Farm animals are like little angels sent to teach us how to love. They are always there for us. We should appreciate their presence among us and acknowledge their need. And to ensure that these farm animals are always treated well to be respected and loved, we need to teach our young ones about them. To take this worry off your hands, we provide well-researched facts about farm animals worksheets for free. Our farm animal facts cover all sorts of age groups, toddlers, kindergarten, and preschool children, so print farm animal facts sheets for kids and create a love bond between them and farm animals.

It’s important to develop reading and vocabulary skills in kids that require plenty of patience and practice initially. Learning farm animals’ names and their facts is a basic requirement for any young explorer. Our facts about farm animals worksheets are great learning activities for kids. We try to keep them interesting and fun for these little ones. Our printable worksheets about farm animal worksheets are downloadable on all smartphones, tablets, and iOS devices iPhones, and iPads for free. So you don’t have to worry at all!


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facts about animals worksheet

Animal Habitats Worksheets 

Are your children familiar with the habitats of their favorite animals? If not, let us provide an opportunity for kids to learn about the places where they live. Animals live in a place or region where they can adapt to their environment. The animal body is accustomed to the climate conditions, temperature and other characteristics of the place they live in. You can download animal habitats worksheets for kids to learn about the regions where they live. These worksheets for kids are a great way to enhance their knowledge of animal habitats. 

Children love watching animals and playing with them. They show love and compassion for their furry friends. Besides learning about the classification and characteristics of animals, they must also learn about their habitats or the places where they live, grow and reproduce. Animals are usually found in the oceans, grasslands, forests, mountains, etc. They adapt to the weather conditions of the region they live in. The science worksheets enable them to practice and revise information they have learned on animal habitats.  

Check science worksheets related articles:

Free Printable Animal Habitats Worksheets

To help your little budding scientist learn about animal habitats, you need to provide them with easy and engaging worksheets for kids. These worksheets help them practice different exercises on animal habitats. Must say! These worksheets are not monotonous nor have similar questions that can disengage students from learning. Instead, these worksheets have a variety of exercises for keeping children on their toes to practice and learn about their favorite animals. Some printable animal worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

Match the animals with their habitats on the worksheet

Help your children match the animals with their habitats on the worksheet given below. With this, kids understand the habitat of the animals easily. 

Animal Habitats Worksheets 

Cut and paste the animals to the place where they belong 

Check out the cut and paste animals habitats worksheet given below. In this worksheet, kids need to cut the given images at the bottom of the worksheet and paste it on the image where they belong. 

Animal Habitats Worksheets 

Write the names of the animals as per their habitats in the space provided

Help your children learn about the habitats of the animals using the worksheets given below. Kids need to write the list of animals that belong to each of the habitats mentioned in the columns below. 

Animal Habitats Worksheets 

Free Download Animal Habitats Worksheets

Types of Animal Habitats Worksheets for Kids

The different types of animal habitats worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

  • Matching worksheets: In this worksheet, kids need to match the animals with their habitats. This activity helps them recognize the habitats of animals, such as grassland, wetlands, forests, mountains, arctic and antarctic regions.
  • Cut and paste worksheets: In this worksheet: kids need to cut and paste the images of the animals to their respective habitats. This is a fun activity to teach animal habitats to children. They enjoy the activity and gain knowledge at the same time. 
  • Labeling worksheets: In this worksheet, you need to allow kids to label the images of the habitats of animals on the space provided. They can carefully look into the images and write the names of the animals where they belong. 
  • Coloring worksheets: In this worksheet, you can encourage children to color the habitats of their favorite animals. In this way, they learn to understand the animals and the place where they live. Besides this, young children enhance their coloring skills and improve their knowledge of animal habitats. 
  • Fill in the blanks worksheets: In this worksheet on animal habitats, kids must fill in the blanks of the sentences. For example, the habitat of a camel is _______. The answer is Desert . Similarly, kids must answer all the questions mentioned in the worksheet. With this, they learn to recall or remember the information and improve their spelling skills. Explore spelling activities for kids . 

Types of Animal Habitats 

The different types of animal habitats are mentioned below:

  • Grasslands: This is the region where small and larger grasses grow. Many animals live in the grasslands, such as zebras, lions, rhinos, deer, etc. 
  • Desert: This is the region where water is scarce with no vegetation. The animals living in the desert are prone to hot temperatures and easily adapt themselves to weather conditions. The most common animal that you find in this region is the camel. 
  • Mountains: This is the region where you find the weather conditions extremely cold. Most animals living in this region adapt themselves to these conditions. The animals living in this habitat are bears, mountain goats, antelopes, etc. 
  • Oceans: The oceans cover about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. Many animals living in the oceans adapt to the marine environment easily. They develop gills as respiratory organs to breathe underwater. Some animals living in the oceans are blue whales, sharks, starfish, turtles, etc. 
  • Forests: This is the habitat where you find many animals living under the trees and around the bushes. Some animals living in these forests are monkeys, elephants, tigers, snakes, gorillas, etc. 

Benefits of Animal Habitats Worksheets for Kids

The benefits of animal habitats worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

  • It increases the knowledge of animal habitats for children. 
  • It creates a fun and entertaining learning environment for children. 
  • It boosts the confidence of children to learn something new.
  • It increases the retention of the information they are learning.
  • It helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of children towards learning the concept. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Animal Habitats Worksheets

What are the animal habitats worksheets.

The animal habitats worksheets for kids are a great tool to learn about the places where the animals live, grow and reproduce. Kids learn about the habitats of animals through different kinds of worksheets, such as coloring, labeling, matching, etc.

What are the benefits of animal habitats worksheets?

The benefits of animal habitats worksheets for kids are that it enables them to increase their knowledge of animal habitats creatively. Most importantly, it engages children and keeps them involved in learning about places where their favorite animals live.


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