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  1. What Is the Purpose of an Editorial Page?

    The editorial page serves as a place for the newspaper publisher to express his or her opinion. It can also contain opinion pieces written by local residents and readers. The publisher will often write an editorial to express the newspaper’...

  2. What Is an Editorial Column?

    An editorial column is an article written by the editor or editorial staff of a publication which shares the publication’s views or opinions on a topic.

  3. Uncovering the Editorial Approach and Values of The Epoch Times Newspaper

    The Epoch Times is a globally recognized newspaper that has gained popularity for its unique editorial approach and commitment to upholding certain values. At the core of The Epoch Times’ editorial approach is a steadfast commitment to purs...

  4. Editorial Writing 101

    Editorial Writing 101 - Download as a PDF or view online for free.

  5. Editorial writing

    In general, an editorial should be organized in 4 steps: 1. State the. Different newspapers will have different ideas

  6. Editorial writing

    WRITING AN EDITORIAL: • Drafting: write the first draft • Body should have clear. WRITING AN EDITORIAL: • Revising

  7. Editorial Writing

    Editorial Writing, How does it differ from other writings? Kinds of Editorial, Parts of Editorial page, How to write.

  8. Editorial writing

    Editorial writing ... The EDITORIAL PAGE of any newspaper is the voice of the editorial staff and the. To explain and

  9. Editorial Writing

    Structure of an Editorial ○ Body – expresses an opinion □ Present your opposition first. Structure of an Editorial ○ Conclusion

  10. Editorial writing

    Editorial liners – short, witty paragraphs, either serious or light. Example: Love. How to write? Understanding the

  11. Writing Editorial

    Structure of EditorialStructure of Editorial • 1. Introduction – state the problem1. Introduction –. Additional Tips on structuring

  12. Editorial writing

    Editorial writing - Download as a PDF or view online for free.

  13. Editorial Writing

    Courtship in the Philippines: “Courtship is the best part of a girl's romance and. Stages of courting as well as in writing an editorial.

  14. Editorial writing

    Editorial of Criticism – It points out the good or the bad features of a. • Editorial of Commendation, Appreciation