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20 kick-ass network research projects

By Network World staff

Network World |

While start-up funding and the emergence of exciting new network startups has fizzled over the past year, research projects at university and other labs continue to sizzle. Here's look at 20 of the coolest:

Plotting a cheap, distributed zero-day worm defense 

Shutting down zero-day computer attacks could be carried out inexpensively by peer-to-peer software that shares information about anomalous behavior, say researchers at the University of California at Davis . The software would interact with existing personal firewalls and intrusion detection systems to gather data about anomalous behavior, says Senthil Cheetancheri, the lead researcher on the project he undertook as a grad student at UC Davis from 2004 to 2007. The software would share this data with randomly selected peer machines to determine how prevalent the suspicious activity was, he says. If many machines experience the identical traffic, that increases the likelihood that it represents a new attack for which the machines have no signature. The specific goal would be to detect self-propagating worms that conventional security products have not seen before.

MIT's sticky notes killer (though they say it isn't) 

MIT computer science professor David Karger's research team has developed software dubbed List.it that's designed to computerize many of the things people currently do through sticky notes: organize email addresses, passwords and the like. The software lives in your Firefox browser and can be downloaded here. The software comes out of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), a perennial hotbed for IT inventions. "I would never make the claim that we're trying to replace Post-its," says Michael Bernstein, a graduate student in Karger's lab. "We want to understand the classes of things people do with Post-its and see if we can help users do more of what they wanted to do in the first place."

Researchers devise undetectable phishing attack With the help of about 200 Sony Playstations, an international team of security researchers have devised a way to undermine the algorithms used to protect secure Web sites and launch a nearly undetectable phishing attack. To do this, they've exploited a bug in the digital certificates used by Web sites to prove that they are who they claim to be. By taking advantage of known flaws in the MD5 hashing algorithm used to create some of these certificates, the researchers were able to hack VeriSign's RapidSSL.com certificate authority and create fake digital certificates for any Web site on the Internet. Although the researchers believe that a real-world attack using their techniques is unlikely, they say that their work shows that the MD5 hashing algorithm should no longer be used by the certificate authority companies that issue digital certificates. "It's a wake-up call for anyone still using MD5," said David Molnar a Berkeley graduate student who worked on the project.

Website Morphing 

Web sites that automatically customize themselves for each visitor so they come across as more appealing or simply less annoying can boost sales for online businesses by close to 20%, MIT research says. These sites adapt to display information so everyone who visits sees a version best suited to their preferred style of absorbing information, say the four researchers who wrote about such sites in "Website Morphing", a paper published in Marketing Science last year. So the site might play an audio file and present graphics to one visitor, but present the same information as text to the next depending on each person's cognitive style. Morphing sites deduce that style from the decisions visitors make as they click through pages on the site.

Making quantum computers a reality 

Researchers in the U.K. and the U.S. published a paper detailing discoveries that might bring a fully functional quantum computer one step closer to reality. Quantum computing, which has been researched for decades, has traditionally had a problem of keeping data in a coherent format, making it difficult to run programs or computing tasks. The researchers have found a way to preserve electrons, which store the data, longer, which allows a system to process data more coherently and run programs more effectively. The group's research focused on phosphorus atoms in silicon. The best attempts previously have flowed a current past the electrons via small electrical wires, but that has brought in a lot of quantum noise, removing a key advantage of the material.

Separately, researchers from Toshiba and Cambridge University's Cavendish Laboratory are reporting a breakthrough they say could make quantum cryptography a reality in the near-term. The gist of the research is that they've come up with a much less complicated way (a "decoy protocol" generated using a laser and a compact detector) to support quantum cryptography, one that does not rely on cryogenic cooling or complicated optical configurations.Making your PC talk in its sleep 

Microsoft and University of California, San Diego researchers have developed a device they say can save on energy costs by enabling end users to put their computers into a "sleep talking" mode that falls somewhere in between awake and sleep modes. They say it could save 60% to 80% on energy usage. The USB device, dubbed Somniloquy, features a low-power processor that works at the PC's network interface level on wired and wireless networks. It boasts an embedded operating system and flash memory, and disguises itself as a sleeping PC to other systems on a network. But it can also wake up the actual PC in times of need, such as if a large file is coming in.

Separately, University of Liverpool researchers have developed software called PowerDown that they say could save big organizations close to US$17K per month simply by automating the shutoff of computer systems not being used. 

Giving the boot to rebooting PCs 

NSF-funded researchers are applying ultra-thin ferroelectric materials found on ATM and other smart cards to computers, with hopes that one day this could result in low-power/high-speed memory devices and computers that turn on faster. The researchers, from Cornell University, Penn State University and Northwestern University, reported their findings in the journal Science on April 17 in an article titled "A Ferroelectric Oxide Made Directly on Silicon." The researchers have put strontium titanate on silicon in such a way that the material has been "squeezed into a ferroelectric state," according to the NSF. More research needs to be done to develop faster booting computers, but the researchers are encouraged by initial results.

Violent video games good for your eyesight 

More evidence that video games are good for you : A Tel Aviv University and University of Rochester researchers have found that playing violent video games can improve teens' vision. In particular, the games (such as first-person shooter games) have been found to help players train their brains to better discern subtle differences in color or shades of gray. "We think that the games are taking the brain's visual cortex to the limits, forcing it to adapt to the added stimuli of the action games," said Uri Polat of Tel Aviv University's Goldschlager Eye Institute, in a statement.

Another recent study out of Michigan State University found that video games could deliver skills to players that could help them perform delicate acts such as surgery. In fact, one researcher suggested that the fact more boys play video games gives them an upper hand over girls in this area.Another recent study found that the tools used to build 3D shooter games can also be applied to designing systems to help people evacuate burning buildings.

Defining cloud computing obstacles and opportunities 

UC Berkeley researchers have outlined their view of cloud computing , which they say has great opportunity to exploit unprecedented IT resources if vendors can overcome a litany of obstacles.The 11 researchers' cloud computing forecast is documented in a paper called "Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing." The research group works in the Reliable Adaptive Distributed Systems Laboratory (RAD Lab), a 3-year-old outfit funded by companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Sun. "We argue that the construction and operation of extremely large-scale, commodity-computer datacenters at low-cost locations was the key necessary enabler of Cloud Computing," they write.

But to take full advantage of the opportunity, vendors need to rethink the way they build their products. Application developers need to ensure their offerings can not only scale up, but scale down quickly to satisfy the needs of customers who resort to cloud computing to meet short-term needs. Developers of applications and infrastructure software also need pay-as-you-go licensing models that conform to the reality of cloud computing. Makers of infrastructure software must also craft products designed to run on virtual machines, a foundation technology in large-scale data centers used by cloud computing suppliers.

Researchers tout wireless microgrippers 

In the not-too-distant future, your surgeon may be someone who -- instead of wielding a scalpel -- injects you with a flock of dust-sized wireless devices that grab and remove infected or damaged tissue in response to chemical signals. These microgrippers, less than 1/254th of an inch (1/10th of a millimeter) in diameter, have been developed by researchers at John Hopkins University, and tested in biopsy-like procedures with animal tissue. One writer described them as working like a hand: a "palm" surrounded by six "fingers" that can open and close around an object. The crab-like devices are moved and guided by external magnets, and grab or release in response to non-toxic biochemicals or temperature changes.

Arizona State, HP dare you to break their electronic displays 

HP and Arizona State University researchers have introduced the first prototype of a paper-like computer display made mostly from plastic that has a lot going for it: it's affordable, flexible and takes it easy on the power. Applications could include electronic paper and signage, according to the two outfits. The displays are based on self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL) technology from HP Labs. Other organizations, such as DuPont Jeijin Films and E Ink, also made possible the first prototype.

Researchers target software freezes with "Gadara" 

University of Michigan researchers have devised a controller they say can anticipate when software programs might freeze up in order to make sure they don't. This issue is becoming more important than ever as multicore and shared systems crank up the number of processes being handled at any time. Their Gadara system uses feedback techniques comparable to those used by cruise control in cars as well as control logic, and is designed to fix things without needing to have the original programmer get involved. "This is a totally different approach to what people had done before for deadlock. Previously, engineers would try to identify potential deadlocks through testing or program analysis and then go back and rewrite the program. The bug fixes were manual, and not automatic. Gadara automates the process," said Stéphane Lafortune, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Gadara developer.

Talk-powered cell phones? Nanoscale piezoelectrics could make it real 

It's possible that in the future your voice conversations on your cell phone could generate enough electrical power to run the phone, without batteries. And not just phones. The technology , which converts mechanical stress like vibrations into electrical energy, could power a whole range of low-power mobile devices and sensors. That's one possible outcome of recent work by a team of Texas A&M and University of Houston researchers, who appear to have discovered that by building a certain type of piezoelectric material to a specific thickness (about 21 nanometers, compared to a typical human hair of 100,000 nanometers), you can boost its energy production by 100 percent.

Building brainier computers 

IBM Research  is working to bring the brain's processing power to computers , in an effort to make it easier for PCs to process vast amounts of data in real time. The researchers want to put brain-related senses like perception and interaction into hardware and software so that computers are able to process and understand the data quicker while consuming less power, said Dharmendra Modha, a researcher at IBM. The researchers are bringing the neuroscience, nanotechnology and supercomputing fields together in an effort to create the new computing platform, he said. The goal is to create machines that are mind-like and adapt to changes, which could allow companies to find more value in their data. Right now, a majority of information's value is lost, but relevant data can allow businesses or individuals to make rapid decisions in time to have significant impact, he said. "If we could design computers that could be in real-world environments and sense and respond in an intelligent way, it would be a tremendous step forward," Modha said.

Researchers show off advanced network control technology 

computer world projects

12 Interesting Computer Science Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [Latest 2023]

12 Interesting Computer Science Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [Latest 2023]

In this article, you will learn 12 Interesting Computer Science Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners (2023).

  • Face detection
  • Online auction system
  • Evaluation of academic performance
  • e-Authentication system
  • Cursor movement on object motion
  • Crime rate prediction
  • Android battery saver system
  • Symbol recognition
  • Public news droid
  • Search engine
  • Online eBook maker
  • Mobile wallet with merchant payment

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Computer Science Project Ideas

Computer Science skills are a highly sought-after skillset in IT/ITeS and STEM-related job roles. Some of the most coveted Computer Science skills in the modern industry include coding, computation, data processing, network information security, web architecture, algorithm design, storage systems & management, and mobile development. Learning these skills opens up new and exciting employment opportunities in the present and future workforce. So, if you are a computer science beginner, the best thing you can do is work on some real-time computer science project ideas . Relevant projects not only improve your practical knowledge but also improves your resume. To gain more weight, consider our free courses developed to increase your skills in a short duration.

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We, here at upGrad, believe in a practical approach as theoretical knowledge alone won’t be of help in a real-time work environment. In this article, we will be exploring some interesting computer science project ideas which beginners can work on to put their Python knowledge to the test. In this article, you will find top computer science project ideas for beginners and mini-project topics for CSE 3rd year to get hands-on experience.

But first, let’s address the more pertinent question that must be lurking in your mind: why build computer science projects?

When it comes to careers in software development, it is a must for aspiring developers to work on their own projects. Developing real-world projects is the best way to hone your skills and materialize your theoretical knowledge into practical experience. But if you want to step up your game and learn real-life industry projects, assignments and case studies check out our Advanced Certificate Programme in DevOps where you can showcase your expertise and skills to potential employers using an e-portfolio.

You will need to acquaint yourself with new tools and technologies while working on a computer science project. The more you learn about cutting-edge development tools, environments, and libraries, the broader will be your scope for experimentation with your projects. The more you experiment with different computer science project ideas, and mini-project topics for CSE 3rd year, the more knowledge you gain.

Computer Science study encompasses programming , design, analysis, and theory. Hence, Computer Science project ideas involve designing and developing various application-based software products and solutions. So, if you wish to know about a few exciting Computer Science project ideas, this article is just what you need! But, if you want to accomplish more, and gain superiority, consider pursuing our Advanced Certificate Programme in Cyber Security designed for working professionals and provides 1:1 high-performance coaching.

Traditionally, different specialization fields opted for a theoretical and instructions-oriented approach. However, today, most job roles demand professionals who have hands-on industry experience. Computer Science is one such discipline where academic learning does not suffice – students need to undertake practical training through real-world Computer Science projects and assignments. It aims to impart students with practical knowledge of operating computer systems. 

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So, here are a few mini project ideas for cse for beginners:

Top 12 Computer Science Project Ideas

This list of computer science project ideas for students is suited for beginners, and those just starting out with Python or Data Science in general or final year project topics for computer engineering in diploma .  These computer science project ideas will get you going with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career as a software developer.

Further, if you’re looking for computer science project ideas for the final year, this list should get you going. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into some computer science project ideas that will strengthen your base and allow you to climb up the ladder.

1.  Face detection

computer world projects

It is of high importance and it serves various purposes in many fields. Most importantly, the technology of face detection has increased the surveillance efforts of the authorities. 

Face detection coupled with the technology of biometrics and security has helped to identify people’s faces which has resulted in various processes such as starting an app, security, or guiding what the next action steps of the application would be.

The technology of face detection uses facial algorithms to identify the reach of facial prints. The technology can adapt and recognize which facial features to detect and which ones to ignore.

One of the best mini project ideas for cse to start experimenting with your hands-on computer science projects for students is face detection software. This project focuses on building face detection software using the OpenCV library. The face detection program will be modeled in a way that it can detect faces in live stream videos from a webcam or video files stored in a PC’s local storage. The software uses pre-trained XML classifiers to detect faces in real time and track them. You can also use different classifiers to identify various objects through this detection program.

To run this program, you need to install the OpenCV library on your local machine. Also, it would be best if you created appropriate paths for the XML classifier files before executing the program. 

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2.  Online auction system

computer world projects

The online auction allows the users to procure the benefits of the auction from any geographical location. The sellers can showcase their products or services to buyers across the locations. This helps in wider reachability and a huge expansion of the business. 

Another useful feature of online auctions is the instant feedback feature that allows the bidders to track the price increase due to higher bidding. 

The bidders or buyers from across the globe can log in at any time of the day to track or bid. This way they do not lose out on the opportunity due to different geographical timelines.

In an online auction, buyers and sellers engage in transactional business, wherein buyers purchase items through price bidding. Here, the bids have a starting price and an ending time. Potential buyers who place the highest bidding price for an item are declared the winners and owners of particular items. 

In this project, you will create a secure online auction system using the fraud detection method with binary classification. If a user wants to buy a product through an online auction, they must provide their identification details like PAN number, email address, license number, etc. The system will then screen the users, authenticate, and authorize them. Only authorized users can bid in the auction. The system will be designed to predict fraudulent users in the early stages, thereby eliminating the risk of online fraud and scams. These beginner-level computer science projects will help build a strong foundation for fundamental programming concepts.

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3.  evaluation of academic performance.

computer world projects

Evaluation of academic performance allows the institutions to track the student’s performance. This not only helps in enhancing the student’s performance but also improves the teaching techniques and teacher’s performance.

The teachers could chart out teaching objectives that help them in achieving those objectives. This way, the teachers can adopt the successful pedagogy and ignore those pedagogies that do not add value to the student’s performance.

This is one of the most interesting mini project ideas for cse which involves the creation of an evaluation system that can analyze the academic performance of students by utilizing the fuzzy logic method. In the fuzzy logic method, you will consider three parameters, namely, attendance, internal marks, and external marks, to evaluate the final academic performance of students of an institution. The fuzzy inference system is much more accurate than conventional techniques.

While developing this Computer Science project, make sure that the student information uploaded is correct (devoid of errors). Faulty data entry may lead to inaccurate results. 

4.  e-Authentication system 

There are various types of authentication systems such as OTP, password, biometrics, etc.

The authentication system allows for a better user experience without having the need for multiple setups. It is also useful for tightening security. The enhanced security features pave the way for more number of users to adopt the technology.

The e-authentication has seen wider adaptability. It is used to access government services, transactional processes, online platforms, and more. The users can secure their identity with the means of an e-authentication system, thus providing scope for higher security.

This project focuses on building an e-Authentication system using a combination of QR code and OTP for enhanced security. The e-Authentication system is designed to avoid the hacking of accounts through shoulder surfing and misuse of login credentials. To be able to use the system, a user has to first register in the system by entering the basic registration details (name, address, zip code, etc.).

Once the registration is complete, the user can access the login module to authenticate the account by entering the email id and password combination they used during registration. Then, the user can proceed to the next authentication step using either of the two options – QR (Quick Response) code or OTP (Time Password). As per the option selected by the user, the system will generate a QR Code or an OTP. While the QR code will be sent to the user’s mail id, the OTP will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number of the user. 

The system randomly generates the QR Code and OTP at the time of login. It makes the login more secure. However, to use this system, one always needs an active Internet connection.

5.  Cursor movement on object motion

This is a project where you will design a cursor that can move through the desktop and perform actions based on hand gestures. The system’s object movement will be based on RGB (red, green, and blue) colour – it can detect RGB colour objects that will function as the mouse. It would help if you imported the Java AWT library to coordinate with the cursor. The system setting uses a webcam to track the movement of the red, green, and blue objects and based on the object movement patterns, accordingly trigger an event. 

The cursor movement system will acquire a single frame from the video recorded by the webcam and flip the frame for the user to see. It converts the captured image into a binary image wherein the RGB objects will become white. The system further adds a bounding box around the object that the user can move throughout the display.  

6.  Crime rate prediction

There are various benefits attached to crime rate prediction, such as taking preventive measures, tracking the culprits, advanced decision-making processes, etc.

The methodology allows the decision-makers to predict the crime and perform law- enforcement measures to mitigate the repercussions.

This way, the stakeholders can provide satisfaction, increase their lifestyle experience and most importantly identify the negative externalities and take appropriate actions to curb them.

The stakeholders can allocate the budget based on the statistic, this helps in effective resource allocation. The concerned agencies can utilize their resources to better use. The crime prediction system helps in faster justice delivery and reduces crime rates. 

This is one of the most innovative mini project ideas for cse . As the name suggests, this Computer Science project involves building a prediction system that can analyze and predict the crime rate of a particular location. Naturally, the system needs to be fed with relevant data. It uses the K-means data mining algorithm to predict the crime rate. The K-means algorithm can cluster co-offenders and organized crime groups by detecting relevant crime patterns via hidden links, link prediction, and statistical analysis of crime data. 

It functions somewhat like this – the admin will feed the crime data into the system. The algorithm will analyze crime data stored in a database and extract information and patterns from it. It will then collate the crime groups based on the patterns found in the dataset. The clusters will be made based on factors like where the crime took place, which people were involved in the crime, and when the crime occurred. 

7.  Android battery saver system

computer world projects

The battery saver project is useful for the users to track the usage of the application. The users can track which of the applications are consuming the maximum energy. 

This way the users can optimize their application management. The optimization of the application can limit the application usage, and this end up limiting the battery. 

The battery saver in the mobile phone would also allow the users to procure the list of applications in one place, the consumption rate is also accurate. 

This is of a simple computer science project yet an exciting one. The Android battery saver is designed to analyze the battery usage data from built-in classes and create a consolidated list of apps that drain the power of the Android phone. The system can also determine the battery level of the phone. In situations where the battery level is low, and numerous apps are consuming too much power, this system will trigger an alarm telling the user to force stop or close the apps that are drawing power.

While the battery saver system has no backend, it uses Android Studio as the frontend. Since the system feeds on data from an Android phone, it does not need a backend framework. The primary aim of this battery saver system is to notify users of the apps that are high on power consumption, thereby allowing them to take specific actions to stop battery drainage. 

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8.  symbol recognition .

This is one of the excellent computer science project ideas for beginners. The proposed project seeks to build a system that can recognize symbols inserted by the user. This symbol recognition system leverages an image recognition algorithm to process images and identify symbols. First, the system converts RGB objects into grayscale images which are then further converted into black-and-white images. During the process, image processing is applied to remove unwanted objects and environmental interference. The system further uses optical character recognition for recognizing the images with 60-80% accuracy. This is one of the interesting computer science projects. 

In the system, all symbol templates will be stored in a specific directory. The size of each image is fixed to allow the easy recognition of the symbols with accuracy. The templates will remain in black-and-white form, and the system will create a dataset of these templates. When a user inputs a query image into the system, it will resize the query image, compare the resized image values against the template image values in the dataset, and finally display the result in text format. So, while the system takes inputs as images, it delivers output in a textual form.

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9.  Public news droid

There are various benefits to adopting the public news droid as one of the most effective  mini project ideas for cse , such as-

  • Easy to navigate
  • Instant updates 
  • The users receive all the news, even if they are not trendy or hyped about it. 
  • Accessible by the registered users
  • Feature to report news if it is malicious, or irrelevant

This is one of the excellent computer science projects for beginners. The public news droid is an informative software application that informs users about the trending news, occurrences, and interesting events happening in and around their locality. Thus, the idea behind creating this information system is to keep the users informed about the happenings in their vicinity. The system uses Android Studio as the front end and SQL Server as the back end. 

The system involves two modules, one for the admin and one for the user. The admin monitors the accuracy and relevancy of news and information. For instance, if the admin encounters fake news or app misuse, they can take necessary action to stop the spread of such irrelevant information. On the contrary, users can view news and informative articles only of their respective localities/towns/cities, and they can add news related to any other city. Mentioning  computer science projects can help your resume look much more interesting than others.

To use the app, users need to register into the system to use this app and add all the necessary details. Once the registration process is successful, the user can see the latest news, refresh the app, browse for more information, add new information and upload it (within 450 words), and so on. Users can also add images and titles for the news they add. 

10.  Search engine 

computer world projects

The search engine is highly useful, it helps in bringing the visibility of the brand, target-based ads, brand awareness, performance management, increasing website traffic, and more. 

The brands can make their visibility grow by using proper keywords and using various other methodologies. Moreover, the brands can utilize the search engine to overcome the competition and grow their business. 

The more people are able to see the brand, the better its authenticity would be. It will eventually result in the revenue growth of the brand. 

This search engine is developed using web annotation. It is one of the trending computer science projects where when users enter specific words or phrases in a search engine, it automatically fetches the most relevant pages that contain those keywords. Web annotation makes it possible. Web annotation helps to make an application user-friendly. Thanks to web annotation, users can add, modify, and remove information from Web resources without altering the resource itself. 

This project uses web annotation on pages and images. When the user enters words, names, or phrases in the system, it will fetch the information and pictures having the same annotation. Then the system displays a list of results that contain the image or content matching the user input. For this search engine, you need to use an effective algorithm to generate a query result page/search result records based on users’ queries.

11.  Online eBook maker

One of the best ideas to start experimenting with your hands-on computer science projects for students is working on an online eBook maker. This online eBook maker will allow users to design and create eBooks free of cost. The system has two modules – admin login and author login. The admin can accept requests from users (authors), check and validate their details, evaluate completed eBooks, and process the request by mailing eBooks to the authors. Users can register in the system using the author login.

After filling in the necessary details, users can create new books, specify the context of books, add the title, and a number of pages, add a book cover, etc. Existing users can simply log in using their ID and password, and they can either create new books or resume editing the existing (unfinished) eBooks. Authors can keep only three incomplete eBooks at a time, of which they must complete at least one book before starting a new book. 

12.  Mobile wallet with merchant payment

computer world projects

There are various benefits attached to the mobile wallet, such as-

  • Cashless payment
  • The applications are protected with a password
  • The QR code generation, allows the users to ensure safe transactions.
  • The amount first gets stored to the merchant’s wallet, eventually reaching to their bank accounts.
  • Reduces fraud detection

This can be an interesting and useful computer science project ideas. As you can guess by the name, this is a QR code scanning application designed for handling and facilitating liquid cash transactions between sellers (merchants) and consumers. The aim of building this app is to provide a secure, reliable, and efficient platform for monetary transactions on both ends. Each time, the system generates a unique QR code ID, and all passwords are encrypted using AES Encryption Algorithm. 

There are two parts of this application – an Android application for merchants that can scan the QR code and the other part for the consumer for generating the QR Code. The front end uses Android Studio, and the back end uses SQL Server. This system functions something like this – when merchants scan the QR code generated by the app, the desired amount is transferred into their wallet which is easily transferable into their bank accounts. As for the consumers, they need to add money to their wallets via their credit/debit cards linked to their bank accounts. They can save the card details for future use. Merchants can also change their personal and bank details. And this is the perfect idea for your next computer science project!

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Some Bonus A-Level Computer Science Project Ideas

Basic Hospital Management System

The hospital management system is useful for managing resources and operating the hospital effectively. The hospital management infrastructure is useful for managing patient details, infrastructure management, drugs management, dispensary, etc.

The staff trusts the hospital management application to run the day-to-day functions. Thus, technology becomes of high importance.

The health management system facilities in better decision-making and revenue management. Apart from serving the patients, the hospitals have to take care of the revenue for acquiring talented doctors and providing decent health facilities. 

This is a programming and database management app designed as a centralized system for hospitals to digitize and handle huge data ( like patient details, appointments made, results of lab tests, patient diagnosis information, etc.). This is one of the best computer science project ideas that can add value to your resume.  

Developing a hospital management system is easy for beginners. A functional and effective hospital management system can be created with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. 

The system should be able to receive new entries, store them safely, and enable hospital staff and system administrators to access, and use the data. 

You should develop the hospital management system in a way that should assign a unique ID to each patient registered at the hospital. The system must include all necessary details of hospital staff besides patients in a local database.  

When the data increases, it becomes challenging for the staff and hospital administrator to find the required data of a particular patient or staff. So, it is important to have search functionality to make the search process across thousands of data much easier.  

While it is enough to use the local storage to run the hospital management, you can also use a cloud database. Both of them have their pros and cons. You must leverage the advantages and disadvantages to make computer science topics more challenging and interesting. Check out this Github project for reference.

Real-time Weather Forecasting app

This is a beginner-level web development & programming app that will serve best as a mini-project topic for CSE third-year students or a final-year project for those pursuing diplomas in Computer science. The main objective of the app is to create a web-based weather application that can provide real-time weather details (like current temperature and chances of rain) of a particular location. The app can also predict if the day will be rainy, cloudy, or sunny.  

Developing a weather forecasting app is the best way to put your coding skills to the test. To create a weather forecasting app, you will need a stronghold on the basics of web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For providing the best backend performance, good knowledge of Node.js and express technologies is a must. 

It is important to know how to use API calls to scoop out weather information from other websites and display relevant information in your app.  

For the app’s best User Interface, you have to place an input text box in which the users can enter the location for which weather information is needed. As soon as the search button is hit, the weather forecast for the input location should pop out. Check out this Github project for reference.

It is an interesting app that involves application designing & development, multi-thread processing, socket programming, and networking.  

Such computer science topics aim at developing a chat application to facilitate instant messaging. Users can create personal accounts in the chat app from where messages can be sent to other chat app users. Check out this Github project for reference.

Tips For Beginners To Make Computer Science Projects More Innovative and Interesting:

While designing a computer science project, adopting creativity and making it more innovative may offer a rewarding experience for beginners. This may also draw significant attention to their capability and help them make a statement. Here are some tips that will assist beginners in infusing innovation into their mini project ideas for cse.

Explore More On Your Interests:

As the choice of the topic is one of the most important aspects for a beginner, it is essential to choose topics and ideas that genuinely interest an individual. Passion for a particular subject will drive your curiosity and boost motivation resulting in more innovative ideas.

Conduct Through Research:

Once you have chosen the topic, consider conducting in-depth research for securing a deep understanding of the existing technologies, solutions, and best practices for the project. This will help you to get significant insights into what has already been attempted before and how you can design a new approach to make it interesting. 

Ideate And Brainstorm:

Random thoughts sometimes form the basis of the development of an innovative idea. Therefore take out some time for brainstorming and pen down all your random thoughts. This will lead you towards more creative thinking and making new innovations.

Put Emphasis On Practical Solutions:

Look for ways to address the challenges in the real world as a computer science project dealing with practical solutions would be more valued and create an impact.

Take Baby Steps:

For beginners to make a topic more interesting, the best idea would be to adapt bay steps. Begin with a scope that seems manageable at first and expand on it later. Focusing on solving specific problems first, along with the implementation of particular features efficiently, would help in gaining confidence and skills. After this, one may expand more to enhance the quality of the project and make it more innovative.

Consider Collaboration With Others:

Teamwork often leads to innovative ideas and solutions. Entering into a collaboration with fellow beginners or individuals who have gained considerable experience may often give rise to fresh perspectives and diverse project ideas. 

Stay Updated With Market Trends:

Incorporation of the latest trends and advances in computer science projects will undoubtedly make it more interesting. Therefore it deems necessary to ensure acquaintance with the latest trends and advances in the oeuvre of computer science. Following blogs of the particular industry, exploring new technologies that are making waves as well as attending webinars may help one to remain updated.

Design for User Experience:

While developing the project, consider the user experience. A user-centric design, smooth navigation, and intuitive interface prove effective in enhancing the overall appeal of the project, retaining a sense of innovation.

Make Use Of Creative Visualisation:

If the project includes the representation of data, implement creative ways to visualize them. Unique visualization techniques can make your project unique and enhance comprehension of data.

The meaning of innovation doesn’t always necessarily mean the creation of something entirely new. It may also encompass finding unique ways in solving a particular problem, making improvements on existing solutions, or incorporating new technologies. It is by staying curious, ensuring an open mind towards learning, and enjoying the entire procedure that you can make your computer science project more innovative and interesting as a beginner.

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Wrapping up.

These are some cool mini project ideas for cse that you can toy with! Once you finish with these simple computer science projects, and final year project topics for computer engineering in diploma , I suggest you go back, learn a few more concepts and then try the intermediate projects.

When you feel confident, you can then tackle advanced projects. If you wish to improve your python skills, you need to get your hands on these computer science project ideas . Working on real-world projects allows you to apply your knowledge and skills to practice. Also, if you can create a few of these Computer Science projects, you can add them to your resume – it will definitely help you to stand out among the crowd. I hope you will learn a lot while working on these computer science projects.

If you’re interested to learn more about Java, and full-stack software development, check out upGrad & IIIT-B’s Executive PG Programme in Software Development – Specialisation in Full Stack Development  which is designed for working professionals and offers 500+ hours of rigorous training, 9+ projects, and assignments, IIIT-B Alumni status, practical hands-on capstone projects & job assistance with top firms.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A web architecture is the structure of a website, including its underlying servers, databases, networks, routers, and protocols. It is the design of the system that makes up the World Wide Web. It is also the management of the software and servers used to run websites. Web architecture is an important part of any web presence. It dictates how a user navigates from one website to another and influences the overall experience. It should focus on providing a positive online experience, and should always be used to enhance the overall user experience, but it should not be confused with the design of the website itself.

Data mining algorithms are a set of software tools and algorithms used to extract information from large amounts of data. They are used to determine which data points are most relevant in a given dataset and are used in a variety-generation algorithm, which is used to generate new lines of data. Data mining algorithms are the steps used to find patterns and trends in large data sets. They are important tools helping organizations make more informed decisions and better serve their customers. Data mining algorithms are used in a wide range of applications, including business intelligence, marketing, and fraud detection. They are also used to understand the behavior of large sets of data, to identify relationships and patterns, and to make predictions.

The need for effective e-authentication is due to the fact that users are increasingly using profile verification and sometimes password reset options to protect their accounts on online services, such as social networking sites, and to improve their online security more generally. The use of e-authentication is becoming a common way to prove identity when buying products or services. The process allows users to prove their identity using digital methods instead of traditional documents like ID cards. E-authentication is becoming more and more common, and there are a number of ways it is shaping our digital world.

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Top 30+ Computer Science Project Topics of 2023 [Source Code]

Home Blog Web Development Top 30+ Computer Science Project Topics of 2023 [Source Code]

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Choosing the best computer science project topic is critical to the success of any computer science student or employee. After all, the more engaging and interesting topic, the more likely it is that students or employees will be able to stay motivated and focused throughout the duration of the project. However, with so many options out there, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of best computer science project topics for students and employees. From machine learning algorithms to data mining techniques, these ideas are sure to challenge and engage you. And while thinking about computer science project topics, if you find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends, go for the best online course for Web Development . This is because the coursework is updated frequently, and there are always new things to learn.

Till then, pick a topic from this blog and get started on your next great computer science project. You will find employees, interns, freelance, as well as final year projects for computer science.

Top Computer Science Project Topics with Source Code

Computer Science Project Ideas

Source: crio.do

1. Hospital Management System

Type :  Application development, Database management, Programming

There is no shortage of computer science project topics out there. But if you are looking for something that's both technically challenging and socially relevant, consider a hospital management system. Such a system would include features like:

  • Developing an application to manage patient records.
  • Creating a database to store patient information.
  • Programming a system to track medical appointments.
  • designing an algorithm to improve the efficiency of hospital processes.
  • Investigating the security risks associated with hospital data.
  • Examining the impact of computerized systems on hospital staff morale.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing hospital management software.

Source Code: Hospital Management System

2. Weather Forecasting APP

Type: Application development, Web development, Programming

A weather forecasting app is a great idea for final year projects for CSE and can be used to provide users with real-time information about the weather, allowing them to make better decisions about their activities. To develop such an app, you will need to have a strong understanding of computer science concepts such as data structures and algorithms. In addition, you will also need to be familiar with the various APIs that are available for accessing weather data.

Source Code: Weather Forecast App

3. News Feed App

Type: Application designing, Application development, Programming

A news feed app is a great choice for a computer science project. Not only will you learn how to create a user interface, but you'll also gain experience with databases and newsfeed algorithms. To get started, you'll need to gather data from a variety of sources. You can use RSS feeds, APIs, or web scraping techniques to collect this data.

Once you have a dataset, you will need to process it and transform it into a format that can be displayed in your app. This will require some basic Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. Finally, you will need to design an algorithm that determines which stories are displayed in the news feed. This can be based on factors such as recency, popularity, or user interests. By working on a news feed app, you will gain valuable skills that are essential for any software developer.

Source Code: News Feed App

4. Optical Character Recognition System (OCR)

Type: Algorithm design, Optical recognition, System Development, Programming

An optical character recognition system, or OCR system, can be a great computer science project topic. OCR systems are used to convert scanned images of text into machine-readable text. This can be a difficult task, as there are often many different fonts and formatting styles that must be taken into account.

However, with the right approach, an OCR system can be an extremely useful tool. Not only can it help to reduce the amount of paper used in an office setting, but it can also help to increase efficiency by allowing users to search through large amounts of text quickly and easily. If you are interested in working on a project that will have a real-world impact, then an OCR system may be the right choice for you.

Source Code: OCR System

5. Library Management System

Type: Database management, System design, System development, Database manipulation, Programming

Libraries are increasingly using computers to manage their collections and circulation. As a result, Library Management Systems (LMS) have become an important tool for library staff. LMSs are designed to help libraries track and manage their books, e-books, journals, and other materials. They can also be used to manage patron information and circulation records.

Library Management Systems can be a great Computer Science project topic because they provide an opportunity to learn about databases and information management. In addition, developing an LMS can be a challenging programming project that requires the use of advanced data structures and algorithms. As a result, working on an LMS can be a great way to develop your skills as a computer programmer.

Source Code: Library Management System

6. Virtual Private Network

Type: Application development, Data security, Networking, Programming

A virtual private network (VPN) is a great project topic for computer science students. VPNs allow users to securely connect to a private network over the internet. By Encrypting data and routing traffic through a VPN server, VPNs can provide a high level of security and privacy. In addition, VPNs can be used to bypass internet censorship and access blocked websites. As a result, VPNs have become increasingly popular in recent years.

There are many different ways to set up a VPN, so computer science students can choose a method that best suits their skills and interests. With a little research, computer science students can create a functional and user-friendly VPN that will be sure to impress their instructors.

Source Code: VPN Project

7. e-Authentication System

Type: Authentication, Information security, System Development, Programming

There are many computer science project ideas   out there, but one that is particularly interesting is an e-authentication system. This system would be used to authenticate users and provide them with access to secure online services. The project would involve developing a database of user information, as well as a mechanism for authenticating users.

Depending on the scope of the project, it could also involve developing a user interface and testing the system. This would be a great computer science project for students who are interested in security and authentication. It would also be a good opportunity to learn about databases and web development.

Source Code: e-Authentication System

8. Real-time web search engine

Type: Machine learning, AI, Web annotation, Programming

Real-time web search engines would be a great project for computer science. The idea is to create a search engine that can index and search the web in real time. This would be a major undertaking and would require a team of computer science experts. However, the rewards would be great.

Such a search engine would be immensely useful to everyone who uses the internet. It would also be a major coup for the team that developed it. Therefore, if you are looking for a computer science project that is both challenging and impactful, a real-time web search engine is a great option.

Source Code: Real-time Search Engine

9. Task Management Application

Type: Application design, Application development, Authentication, Database management, Programming

One computer science project idea is to develop a task management application. This application would allow users to create and manage tasks, set deadlines, and track progress. The user interface could be designed to be simple and intuitive, with drag-and-drop functionality for task creation and manipulation. The application could also include features such as automatic task scheduling and reminders, integration with email and calendar applications, and the ability to share tasks with other users.

While developing this application, students would learn about database design and development, user interface design, and data structures and algorithms. Ultimately, the goal would be to create an application that is both functional and easy to use.

Source Code: Task Management App

10. Chat App

Type: Application Development, Application designing, Networking, Socket programming, Multi-thread programming

A chat app is a great way to get started with coding and can be one of the ideal mini-project topics for CSE. Not only will you learn how to create a user interface, but you'll also learn how to work with databases and manage user input. Plus, a chat app is a useful tool that you can use in your everyday life. To get started, simply choose a coding language and framework. Then, create a new project in your chosen IDE and start coding! You can begin by designing the UI and then move on to adding features like messaging and file sharing.

Once you have completed the project, you will have a valuable skill that you can use to build other apps or start your own chat app business. And if creating apps intrigues you a lot, you can consider taking a Full Stack Engineer course to polish your skill and attract various hiring companies. With this course, you will gain a deep understanding of how to build, implement, secure and scale programs and access knowledge across the business logic, user interface, and database stacks. Moreover, the professionals may also assist you with your final year project topics for computer engineering.

Source Code: Chatapp

Best Computer Science Project Ideas for Students 

Here is a list of the best innovative project ideas for computer science students that you can explore.

1. Face Detection

One popular computer science project is building a face detection system. This involves training a machine learning algorithm to recognize faces in images. Once the algorithm is trained, it can then be used to detect faces in new images. This can be used for a variety of applications, such as security systems and social media apps.

Source Code: Face Detection

2. Online Auction System  

Another popular project idea is to build an online auction system. This can be used to sell products or services online. The system would need to include features such as bidding, payments, and shipping. It would also need to be secure so that only authorized users can access the auction site. 

Source Code: Online Auction System

3. Evaluation of Academic Performance  

This project focuses on developing a system that can evaluate the academic performance of students. The system would need to be able to input data such as grades and test scores. It would then use this data to generate a report card for each student. This project would require knowledge of statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms. 

Source Code: Student Performance Analysis

4. Crime Rate Prediction  

This project involves building a system that can predict crime rates in different areas. The system would need to input data such as population density, unemployment rate, and average income. It would then use this data to generate predictions for crime rates in different areas. This project would require knowledge of statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms. 

Source Code: Crime Prediction App

5. Android Battery Saver System  

This project focuses on developing an Android app that can save battery life. The app would need to be able to track the battery usage of other apps on the device. It would then use this information to provide recommendations on how to save battery life. This project would require knowledge of Android development and battery-saving techniques.

Source Code: Android Battery Saver

6. Online eBook Maker 

This project focuses on developing a web-based application that can be used to create eBooks. The application would need to allow users to input text, images, and videos into the eBook maker. It would then generate a PDF file that can be downloaded by the user. This project would require knowledge of web development and design principles.

These are just a few ideas for computer science projects that you can try out. If you're stuck for ideas, why not take inspiration from these?

Source Code: Online Ebook Maker

7. Mobile Wallet with Merchant Payment  

With a mobile wallet, users can make payments by simply waving their phones in front of a contactless payment terminal. This is not only convenient for consumers but also for merchants, as it reduces the time needed to process payments.

For your project, you could develop a mobile wallet app that includes a merchant payment feature. This would allow users to make payments directly from their mobile wallets to participating merchants. To make things more interesting, you could also add loyalty rewards or coupons that could be redeemed at participating merchants.

Source Code: Mobile wallet

8. Restaurant Booking Website  

Another great project idea is to develop a restaurant booking website. This type of website would allow users to search for restaurants by location, cuisine, price range, etc. Once they have found a restaurant they are interested in, they will be able to view available tables and book a reservation.

To make your project stand out, you could focus on making the booking process as smooth and seamless as possible. For example, you could allow users to book tables directly from the restaurant's website or through a third-party platform like OpenTable. You could also integrate with popular calendar apps so that users can easily add their reservations to their calendars.

Source Code: Restaurant Booking System

9. SMS Spam Filtering  

With the rise of smartphones, text messaging has become one of the most popular communication channels. However, this popularity has also made it a target for spam messages.

For your project, you could develop an SMS spam filter that uses artificial intelligence techniques to identify and block spam messages. To make things more challenging, you could also develop a system that automatically responds to spam messages with humorous or sarcastic responses.

Source Code: SMS Spam Filtering

10. Library Management System  

In this project, you will build a library management system that will allow users to borrow and return books from a virtual library. The system will keep track of which books are currently available and which have been checked out. To complete this project, you will need to design and implement a database system to store information about the books in the library. 

11. Twitter Sentiment Analysis  

Twitter sentiment analysis is a great way to learn about how people feel about certain topics in real-time. In this project, you will build a system that collects tweets from Twitter's streaming API and analyzes the sentiment of each tweet using natural language processing techniques. You can then use the results of the sentiment analysis to generate real-time visualizations of how people are feeling about various topics on Twitter.

Source Code: Twitter Sentiment Analysis

12. Election Analysis  

In this project, you'll collect and analyze data from election campaigns around the world. You can then use the data to answer questions such as "Which candidate is most popular in each country?" or "What issues are most important to voters in each country?" To complete this project, you will need to gather data from multiple sources and analyze it using statistical techniques.

Source Code: Election Analysis

Final-Year Project Ideas for Computer Science Students

As a computer science student, you have the unique opportunity to use your skills to create projects that can make a difference in the world. From developing new algorithms to creating apps that solve real-world problems, there are endless possibilities for what you can create. 

To get you started, here are the top innovative final-year project ideas for computer science students: 

1. Advanced Reliable Real Estate Portal

As the world becomes more digitized, the real estate industry is also starting to move online. However, there are still many challenges with buying and selling property online. For example, it can be difficult to verify the accuracy of listings, and there is often a lack of transparency around fees. 

As a computer science student, you could create a more reliable and transparent real estate portal that helps buyers and sellers connect with each other. This could potentially revolutionize the way people buy and sell property, making it simpler and more efficient. 

Source Code: Real Estate Portal

2. Image Processing by using Python  

Python is a versatile programming language that can be used for a wide range of applications. One area where Python is particularly useful in image processing. You could use Python to develop algorithms that improve the quality of images or that help identify objects in images. This could have applications in areas like security or medicine. 

Source Code: Image Processing Using Python

3. Admission Enquiry Chat Bot Project  

The process of applying to university can be very daunting, especially for international students. You could create a chatbot that helps prospective students with the admission process by answering their questions and providing information about specific programs. This would make it easier for students to navigate the university application process and increase transparency around admissions requirements. 

Source Code: Admission Enquiry Chatbot

4. Android Smart City Travelling Project  

With the rise of smart cities, there is an increasing demand for apps that make it easy to get around town. You could develop an Android app that helps users find the fastest route to their destination based on real-time traffic data. This could potentially help reduce traffic congestion in cities and make it easier for people to get where they need to go.

Source Code: Smart City Travelling App

5. Secure Online Auction Portal Project  

Auction websites are a popular way to buy and sell items online. However, there are often concerns about security when conducting transactions on these sites. As a computer science student, you could create a secure online auction portal that uses encryption to protect users' personal information. This would give users peace of mind when buying or selling items online and could help increase trust in auction websites. 

Source Code: Auction portal

6. Detection of Credit Card Fraud System  

With the increase in online shopping and transactions, credit card fraud has become a major problem. With your knowledge of computer science, you can help solve this problem by developing a system that can detect fraudulent activity. This project will require you to analyze data from credit card transactions and look for patterns that indicate fraud. Once you have developed your system, it can be used by businesses to prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place. 

Source Code: Credit Card Fraud detection

7. Real Estate Search Based on the Data Mining  

The process of buying or selling a home can be a long and complicated one. However, as a computer science student, you can make this process easier by developing a real estate search engine that uses data mining techniques. This project will require you to collect data from various sources (such as MLS listings) and then use analytical methods to identify trends and patterns. This information can then be used to help buyers and sellers find the perfect home. 

Source Code: Real Estate Search Based Data Mining

8. Robotic Vehicle Controlled by Using Voice  

With the increasing popularity of voice-controlled devices, it's no surprise that there is also interest in developing voice-controlled robotic vehicles. By taking such projects for computer science students, you can help create this technology by developing a system that allows a robotic vehicle to be controlled by voice commands. This project will require you to design and implement software that can interpret voice commands and then convert them into actions that the robotic vehicle can perform. 

Source Code: Voice Controlled robot

9. Heart Disease Prediction: Final Year Projects for CSE  

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. However, with early detection, many heart diseases can be effectively treated. As a computer science student, you can develop a system that predicts the likelihood of someone developing heart disease based on their medical history and other risk factors. This project will require you to collect data from medical records and then use machine learning algorithms to develop your prediction system.

Source Code: Heart Disease prediction

10. Student Attendance by using Fingerprint Reader  

Taking attendance in class is often a time-consuming process, especially in larger classes. As a computer science student, you can develop a fingerprint reader system that automates the attendance-taking process. This project will require you to design and implement software that can read fingerprints and then compare them against a database of students' fingerprints. Once the match is made, the student's name will be added to the attendance list automatically.

Source Code: Attendance with Fingerprint Management

11. Cloud Computing for Rural Banking Project  

This project aims to provide an efficient and secure banking system for rural areas using cloud computing technology. The project includes the development of a web-based application that will allow users to access their accounts and perform transactions online. The application will be hosted on a remote server and will be accessible from any location with an internet connection. The project will also include the development of a mobile app for users to access their accounts on their smartphones.

Source Code: Banking System

12. Opinion Mining for Comment Sentiment Analysis 

This project involves developing a system that can automatically analyze the sentiment of comments made on online platforms such as news articles, blog posts, and social media posts. The system will use natural language processing techniques to identify the sentiment of each comment and generate a report accordingly. This project can be used to monitor public opinion about various topics and issues.

Source Code: Opinion Mining Sentiment Analysis

13. Web Mining for Suspicious Keyword Prominence  

This project involves developing a system that can crawl through websites and identify keywords that are being used excessively or in a suspicious manner. The system will flag these keywords and notify the administrator so that they can further investigate the matter. This project can be used to detect spam websites or websites that are engaged in black hat SEO practices.

Source Code: Web Mining

14. Movies recommendations by using Machine Learning  

This project involves developing a system that can recommend movies to users based on their previous watching history. The system will use machine learning algorithms to learn the user's preferences and make recommendations accordingly. This project can be used to create a personalized movie recommendation system for each user.

Source Code: Movie Recommender System

15. Online Live Courier Tracking and Delivery System Project  

This project aims to develop a system that can track the live location of courier packages and provide real-time updates to the sender and receiver about the status of the delivery. The system will use GPS technology to track the location of courier packages and update the status in the database accordingly. This information will then be made available to users through a web-based or mobile application.

Source Code: Courier Tracking & Delivery System

How to Choose a Project Topic in Computer Science?

Choosing a project topic in computer science can be challenging. However, there are a few steps you can take to make the process a little easier.

How to Choose a Project Topics In Computer Science

1. Define your goals

The first step is to define your goals for the project. What do you hope to achieve by the end of it? Do you want to develop a new skill or build on existing ones? Do you want to create something that will be used by others? Once you have defined your goals, you can narrow down your focus and start thinking about potential topics. 

2. Do your research and Get inspired by real-world problems  

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, it's time to start researching potential topics. Talk to your supervisor, read through course materials, look at past projects, and search online for ideas. When doing your research, it is important to keep your goals in mind so that you can identify topics that will help you achieve them. 

3. Consider the feasibility  

Once you have shortlisted some potential topics, it's time to consider feasibility. Can the topic be completed within the timeframe and resources available? Is there enough information available on the topic? Are there any ethical considerations? These are all important factors to take into account when choosing a topic. 

4. Make a decision  

After considering all of the above factors, it's time to make a decision and choose a topic for your project. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want to do at this stage, as your supervisor will be able to help guide you in the right direction. The most important thing is that you choose a topic that interests you and that you feel confident about tackling it. 

Looking to master Python? Discover the best online Python programming course that guarantees results. Unleash your coding potential and become a Python pro today!


If you are a student looking for a computer science project topic or an employee searching for interesting ideas to improve your skills, we hope this article has given you some helpful direction. We have provided a variety of project topics in different areas of computer science so that you can find one that sparks your interest and challenges you to learn new things.

We also encourage you to explore the resources available online and through your own community to continue expanding your knowledge in this rapidly changing field. On that note, KnowledgeHut’s best online course for Web Development can help you with the different aspects of computer science. With experienced professionals as your instructors, you will be able to gain knowledge and expertise that will benefit you both professionally and academically. Why wait? Learn something new today!

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Final year projects for computer science are important because they allow students to apply the knowledge and skills that they have acquired over the course of their studies. By working on a real-world problem or challenge, students have the opportunity to develop practical expertise and learn how to work effectively as part of a team. 

Yes, final year projects can be very important for landing a job after graduation. Many employers use final-year projects as a way to assess a candidate's skills and abilities, and they may even use it as a tiebreaker when reviewing multiple candidates who are equally qualified. As such, students should take their final year projects seriously and put forth their best effort. 

Final-year projects also provide students with valuable experience that can help them in their future careers. If you select the best project topics for computer science students and work hard, you may be successful in your final year project.

Failing in a final-year project can be discouraging, but it is not the end of the world. One way to try and ensure passing is by taking mini-project topics for computer science. This will help show that you have the ability to complete projects and pass with flying colors. Additionally, try and get feedback from your professors on what areas you need to improve in.


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Your Guide to the Best Set of Final Year Computer Science Project Ideas

Table of Contents

The computer science discipline is still a very popular field of study today; it brings several applications that span a wide range. More often than not, final year students find it quite overwhelming to choose the right computer science project. 

Projects are the only thing that matters on final graduation. One can choose a job or further education in any IT-related industry where projects have a significant effect. Project work demonstrates the depth of knowledge and some soft skills, such as creativity and problem-solving. The final year Projects will also improve your interview prospects. Therefore, it is necessary and mandatory for students to complete a project in their final year of graduation.

This article provides you with the top computer science project ideas you can implement in your final year. Here, we will give you ten such ideas that will help you implement an outstanding project. These projects are related to various business sectors and are implemented using Python , R, Java , and other frontend technologies.

Get the Coding Skills You Need to Succeed

Get the Coding Skills You Need to Succeed

What Is a Project?

Project work is a collection of activities that offers students the opportunity to 

  • do independent research
  • and conduct independent action based on their skills, interests, and personal experiences.

 An instructor or other guide observes and guides the project work as it progresses.

Here is a video on final year computer science projects ideas.

What Is the Domain?

In general, a domain is a particular field of thought, activity, or interest, especially one over which you have control and know in and out. Computer science indicates the domain of interest. To know more about computer courses , Explore!

Best Domain to Choose for Conducting the Project

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Web Technology
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning

Projects for Final Year Computer Science Students

1. hangman game .

  • Hangman is a popular guessing game, wherein one player thinks of a word, and the other one tries to guess it by suggesting letters within a limited number of guesses. The goal here is to discover the missing words. 
  • You can declare a class to create a GUI version of the game. The user attempts to guess the letters in a secret word and loses after a specified number of guesses that are not in the word. The user guesses a letter by clicking a button whose text is that letter. You need to create separate classes to define a listener that will respond to the events that occur when the user clicks any of the buttons. The constructor will create the main panel, and a method should be called any time a new game starts. The main program makes it possible to run this class as an application. The main routine creates a window, sets it to contain a panel of type Hangman, and shows the window in the center of the screen.

2. Restaurant Booking Website

  • This idea will help restaurant owners handle online food orders, table booking, inventory control, generating bills, managing menus, and various customer services. 
  • Here, you can have different Staff Management Modules, Transactions, Login Admin, Reservations, and Menu Management. You can use CSS, HTML, and J avaScript to build the website and use the MySQL database to manage backend data.

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3. Library Management System

  • Library management involves maintaining the database of new books, the record of books issued, and their respective dates. The main goal of this computer science project is to provide an easy way to handle and automate the library management system. 
  • This project also provides features and an interface for maintaining librarians' records, students' history of issues, and fines. Here, you need to create two modules - a user module and an admin module. These will have information about new user registration, the student login, issue date, return date, etc. There will be another admin module. To create this project, you can use Java programming language, MySQL, Net beans IDE, and PhpMyAdmin to handle server-side queries, if any, easily.

Boost Your Coding Skills. Nail Your Next Interview

Boost Your Coding Skills. Nail Your Next Interview

4. Web Scraping Using Beautiful Soup

  • Our next computer science project is Web Scraping Using Beautiful Soup. Web scraping, also known as Web crawling, scans a collection of web pages to extract raw data from the web. 
  • As computer science engineers, you can use Beautiful Soup for web scraping to collect data from web pages and store it in various formats for analysis and decision making. Beautiful Soup is a Python package for parsing HTML and XML documents and extracting data from them. It works with your favorite parser to yield idiomatic ways of searching, navigating, and modifying the parse tree. 

5. Twitter Sentiment Analysis

  • Sentiment analysis makes use of machine learning and natural language processing techniques to analyze users' sentiments based on their emotions. It focuses not only on polarity that is positive, negative, or neutral but also on feelings and emotions such as happiness, sadness, etc. We can also carry this analysis out from tweets to understand the public's mood towards a brand or for an event like general elections in a country. 
  • In your computer science project, you can extract tweets based on specific hashtags and analyze the data using R and Python programming language. R provides TwitteR and Python has tweepy to perform sentiment analysis.

6. Building Chatbots

  • A chatbot is an application to conduct an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech. We use chatbots a lot in customer interaction, marketing on social network sites, and instant messaging the client.
  • spaCy is nothing but an open-source Python library for Natural Language Processing. The library is designed for developers to build interactive NLP applications, which can process and understand large volumes of text. ChatterBot is a Python library that is designed to produce automated responses to user inputs. It combines various ML algorithms to generate several types of responses. This enables developers to build chatbots using Python to talk to humans and deliver relevant responses.

Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

Your AI/ML Career is Just Around The Corner!

7. Uber Data Analysis

  • The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) datasets about Uber's ridership are popular in data analytics. You could use this data in your computer science project to analyze Uber bookings in New York city for a particular location. 
  • Using Python and its libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Seaborn, you can find which hour of the day or day of the month has the highest pickups. 

8. Election Analysis

  • You might have watched election results on news channels, and there is much excitement for the same. Various channels show different results for exit and opinion polls.  
  • The interactive charts shown by news channels are done using data analytics and data visualization. Python and R are widely used for analyzing election data. In your computer science project, you can analyze any election data using R to understand the political scenario that existed in the past and how it could change in the upcoming years.

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9.  OpenCV Face Detection

  • This computer science project aims to detect an object of interest, such as a human face, in real-time and keep track of the same object. 
  • Python and OpenCV can be used to build this project. Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) is primarily a library of programming functions aimed at real-time computer vision. It identifies the features and patterns on a human face to detect where ears, eyes, nose, and other parts are located.

10. SMS Spam Filtering

  • Finally, we have SMS spam filtering as our last computer science project idea. Short Message Service or SMS is one of the most widely used communication services. You often receive spam messages that include advertisements, free services, awards, promotions, etc. 
  • You can create a spam detection model using TensorFlow and Deep learning algorithms. Deep neural networks such as Recurrent neural networks and LSTMs can predict the spam short text messages with close to 99% accuracy.

11. Handwritten Digit Classification Using CNN

  • Handwritten digit classification is a model built using the CNN (convolutional neural network)algorithm. 
  • CNN comes under deep learning, a subset of AI which will classify the digits written in hands.
  •  CNN is a seven-layer model which will extract the feature from the input dataset and identify the digit. 
  • We use stochastic gradient descent and backpropagation algorithms to train and test the MNIST dataset. 
  • You can download the dataset MNIST using the Tensorflow and Keras libraries

12. Placement Cell

  • The placement cell is an application built for colleges. 
  • We use HTML, CSS, PHP, and JAVASCRIPT for the front end and MY SQL for the back end. 
  • It contains two modules: User and admin. If an unknown user, he must register and upload all the required details. 
  • This application includes all details about upcoming and ongoing placements in the college. 
  • This application will also contain the details of the students who have applied for the placement drive

Learn 15+ In-Demand Tools and Skills!

Learn 15+ In-Demand Tools and Skills!

13. Car Data Set Analysis

  • This Project will give an idea about the car and its parameters and help the buyer to buy an efficient car.
  •  We will apply different data science techniques to the dataset to remove all the outliers.
  •  And apply the Random Forest algorithm and linear regression to find the accuracy.

14. Wireless Sound Control

  • This model is built using the python libraries such as OpenCV, Pycaw, TensorFlow, etc. 
  • The main objective of this Project is to provide a contactless experience to the users while controlling the system volume.
  •  Using MediaPipe, we have built a model to control our system volume by hand gestures. 
  • We can increase or decrease the system sound by moving our hands in front of the camera.

15. Smart Farming Using IoT Technologies

  • Smart farming is a device built to detect the soil's temperature, moister, and humidity. 
  • This device will help the farmer to know the conditions of the soil. 
  • We need an Arduino Nano IDE, temperature and moisture sensors, and some jumper wires to build this device. 
  • This device will have a direct content with the soil, and the measurement is shown on the monitor screen.

Those were the top computer science project ideas that can help you ace your final year project.

You can create an election analysis project in R programming that shows how to create a map of state-by-state percentage vote share of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential elections. Watch this video to learn more: US Election Analysis .

You can build a Python project to understand how to perform data analysis using an Uber dataset with information about Uber bookings from different parts of New York City. Click on the video link to learn more: Uber Data Analysis .

This article has provided you with a set of computer science project ideas that are creative and interesting. You can work around these ideas and tips to build a great project that stands out. Do you have any questions about this article on 'Your Guide to the Best Set of Final Year Computer Science Project Ideas'? Please mention them in this article's comment section. Our qualified experts will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can watch this video: Final Year Computer Science Project Ideas to learn more about this topic. 

1) Which is the best project in the final year? 

The best project in the final year is subjective and depends on your interests and skills. Choose a project that aligns with your passion, challenges you, and offers practical learning opportunities.

2) How do I choose a major project for CSE? 

To choose a major project for Computer Science Engineering (CSE), follow these steps:

a) Identify your interests and strengths within CSE. b) Research current trends and emerging technologies in the field. c) Discuss project ideas with professors, peers, and industry professionals. d) Consider the project's feasibility, scope, and potential impact. e) Select a project that excites you and aligns with your academic goals.

3) How to do a mini project in CSE?

To do a mini project in Computer Science Engineering (CSE):

  • Choose a specific problem or concept within CSE.
  • Define clear objectives and deliverables for the project.
  • Conduct thorough research and literature review related to your project.
  • Design and implement a solution using appropriate tools and technologies.
  • Test and evaluate your project's performance and functionality.
  • Create a concise report or presentation showcasing your work.

4) Is the final year project hard? 

The difficulty of the final year project varies for each individual. It depends on the complexity of the chosen project and your familiarity with the required technologies. Proper planning, time management, and seeking guidance from mentors can help make the project more manageable.

5) Is the final year project compulsory? 

In most academic institutions, the final year project is a compulsory requirement for graduation in Computer Science Engineering (CSE). It provides students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills gained during the course and demonstrate their ability to solve real-world problems.

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Final Year Project Tips That Will Save the Day

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10 Best Computer Science Projects To Hone Your Skills

computer world projects

Computer science is that branch of science, which deals with the study, development, and maintenance of computers and computer systems. It is also a diverse field that is the superset of data science, information technology, networking, programming, web development, and a galore of other full-fledged research and interest areas.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the traditional way of pursuing education. As such, more and more people prefer to enroll online for distant and virtual modes of learning; if you’re also looking for a suitable computer science degree that you can complete without going out, check out these best online computer science degree programs .

Learning computer science demands developing and building a lot of skills. What could be better than a project to learn - and/or assess your ability that you’ve developed up until now in - computer science! Now, where to get the best computer science projects? Right here! But wait?

Still thinking, “why I need a computer science project to learn/assess my ability in the same?” Let’s answer that first:

  • Computer Science Projects - Stepping Stones For A Better, Rewarding Future

Students often tumble over the question of what benefit they will get by working and developing projects in computer science, data science, or programming.

Also, if they are also, somehow, bothered thinking why they should give their best when working on computer science projects, then don’t worry because we are going to make things clear.

Most computer science courses' curriculum focuses on developing various skills, namely web development, programming, data analysis, content management, and more, but the implementation of these skills is something that students have to take care of themselves.

By working on a computer science project, candidates can also carve an opportunity for themselves to implement and test what they have learned. They can develop multiple computer science projects during the process and add them later to their portfolio, which will eventually help them land a good job, or, maybe, champion a college major or some specialization.

So, if anyone wants their future as an IT professional to be bright, they must work on one, or more, of the most popular computer science projects listed here. Much said already! Without wasting - any more - time, let’s get started with our pick of the top 10 computer science projects.

  • 10 Best Computer Science Projects

1. Real-Time Weather Forecasting App

Type - Application Development, Programming, Web development Expected Time to Complete - 1 to 3 days Level - Beginner


  • To develop a web-based weather application that provides real-time weather information of a location, such as
  • Current temperature, and
  • Chances of precipitation.
  • Also, it tells if it is going to be a sunny, cloudy, or rainy day ahead.

Project Overview

If you do not have any prior experience working on computer science projects, it’s better to get going with a project idea that is simple and effective.

The development of a weather application, which provides weather data for a particular location, would be a great way to test your coding skills.

To develop a weather application, all you need is the basic knowledge of the trifecta of web development, i.e., HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For creating a proper back-end of the app server in JavaScript, you will have to get familiar with Node.js and Express technologies.

It would be best to learn how to use API calls to get weather data from another website (like weatherstack.com) and display selective data right inside your webapp.

For the weather application’s UI, you need to conjure an input text box where users can enter the name of a location for which they wish to check the weather. As soon as the user hits the search button - most likely to be adjacent to the text box, but you are free to get creative as per your liking - the weather forecast for the entered location should be displayed.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

  • Weather Forecast Android App
  • Weather Forecast App

2. Basic Hospital Management System

Type - Application Development, Database Management, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 2 to 4 days Level - Beginner

  • To develop a system that hospitals can use to digitize and manage their data, such as patient information, appointments, lab test results, patient diagnosis details, etc.

Developing a basic hospital management system is quite easy, even if you are a beginner. You can develop a functional hospital management system leveraging basic forms of HTML and CSS.

The developed system should get new data entries, store them, and let hospital officials and/or a system administrator(s) access and view data.

You need to design the hospital management system, so it automatically assigns a unique ID to each patient registered at the said hospital. Other than the patients, the system should also store information about the staff members, all in a local database.

When the database grows, it might become difficult for the hospital staff or the system administrator to find data related to a particular patient or staff member. So, it’ll be a good idea to add search functionality to make it easier to find specific details across hundreds - or even thousands - of stored records.

While you can use the local storage of the machine that runs the hospital management system, it is also possible to use a cloud database. Both have their distinct advantages over one another. You must figure them out on your own to make the project more challenging.

  • Hospital Management
  • Hospital Management System
  • Sozer Hospital Management System

P.S. - Want more computer science projects focusing on HTML? Try these best HTML projects .

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3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System

Type - Algorithm Design, Image Processing, Optical Recognition, Programming, System Development Expected Time to Complete - 4 to 6 days Level - Intermediate

  • The optical character recognition (OCR) system should be able to process images and identify characters.
  • Also, the system needs to give users the flexibility to search and manipulate the data.

To accomplish this project, you need to work with an algorithm that makes image recognition possible. This algorithm will enable the processing of images and search for characters in them.

Before working on the OCR system development, you must get a clear idea of how optical recognition technology works. Make sure that you build a good understanding of all the underlying concepts beforehand.

The two most popular technologies to develop a character recognition system are Python and MATLAB. It is advisable to select that particular technology which you want to use more frequently in the future.

While planning the project development work, you may need to set some accuracy level for your OCR system to achieve at the end of the project. Remember, the more accurate your OCR system in processing and identifying the characters in an image, the better.

  • Tesseract OCR

4. News Feed Application

Type - Application Designing, Application Development, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 3 to 6 days Level - Intermediate

  • Development of an online news feed application that gives users access to the latest news and events.
  • The application should also be capable of fetching and displaying local as well as global news.

Building a news feed application is a great way to boost your app development skills as a computer science student. You can either create a web-based news feed application that runs inside browsers or a dedicated mobile app for smartphone users or both; the choice is completely yours.

The biggest challenge you need to tackle while developing the news app is ensuring that the app loads in the minimal time while delivering robust performance. The app should be capable of handling multiple requests from different users at the same time without crashing.

To get the latest and trending news, you can use free news APIs offered by various providers, like Bloomberg , Guardian, and Financial Times. Just keep in mind that the freely-available news APIs offer a limited number of API calls on a daily or monthly basis.

You need to create the front-end and the back-end of the app and thus require both front-end and back-end development technologies. The app can be easily created using any popular programming language, like JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.

  • Making Headlines
  • NewsFeed MVI Dagger

5. Library Management System

Type - Database Management, Database Manipulation, Programming, System Design, System Development Expected Time to Complete - 4 to 7 days Level - Intermediate

  • The library management system should make it easier for library professionals to manage their day-to-day activities, such as
  • Issuing books,
  • Keeping a record of all the books issued, 
  • The books that are available for borrowing et cetera.

Developing a library management system will help you become well-versed in database management and data manipulation. The library management system intends to bring automation and eliminate traditional paperwork.

To work on this project, you need to step-up your knowledge about database management (SQL and/or NoSQL database), UI design, and back-end logic development.

The library management system should allow students to create personal accounts that they can use to view the list of available books and initiate requests for issuing the same. Also, the system needs to have separate administrator access for library officials to update the availability of books, review book issue requests, and maintain a list of defaulters.

Additionally, it can also track the fine levied on unreturned or overdue books. It is also possible to add some more advanced features to the library management system, such as issuing ebooks and sending automated SMS notifications to students regarding the due dates for returning the books.

  • A Library Management System with PHP and MySQL
  • Library Management System
  • Library Management System - Java
  • LightLib Library Management System

6. Virtual Private Network

Type - Application Development, Data Security, Networking, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 5 to 8 days Level - Intermediate

  • The project demands creating an application that allows users to convert their public network into a private network.
  • The connection to the internet established using the VPN application will be encrypted, thus ensuring data exchange between the user and the server.

If you are interested in computer networks and the internet, creating a virtual private network (VPN) system would be something that is going to help you boost your knowledge and skills in this particular niche of computer science.

The VPN system proposed in this project will let users add a secure extension to their public networks. But first, you should know that there are two different approaches for creating a VPN, namely  IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Although both are good options, SSL is the better choice for developing a VPN.

The project will help you get familiar with various principles and technologies associated with computer networks such as authentication, public-key infrastructure (PKI), et cetera.

  • Lethean VPN
  • Neutron VPNaas
  • Private Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster

7. e-Authentication System

Type - Authentication, Information Security, Programming, System Development Expected Time to Complete - 4 to 7 days Level - Intermediate

  • In this project, the aim is to develop an e-Authentication system that uses QR code and One Time Password (OTP) to assess the user's authenticity.
  • The e-Authentication system can be used to add an extra layer of security for users logging into their accounts on a website or application.

For any website or application where users can create and log in to their accounts, it is essential to rule out the possibility of unauthorized access. To accomplish the same, you can develop an e-Authentication system that uses QR code and OTP to ensure secure user login.

Once a user registers or creates an account on a website/app using a set of credentials, usually the email and password, the e-Authentication System will be put into work when the same user will log into their account.

After entering the email id and password for logging in, the user will then be asked to authenticate themselves using either a QR code or an OTP.

If the user selects and proceeds with the QR authentication method, a random QR code will be generated by the e-Authentication system and sent to the user’s registered email id. On the other hand, while opting for the OTP authentication method, the user will receive an OTP code on the registered email or phone number.

The user will only be logged into their account if they complete the authentication process initiated by the e-Authentication system.

  • JWT (JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel & Lumen)

8. Real-Time Web Search Engine

Type - AI, Machine Learning, Programming, Web Annotation Expected Time to Complete - 6 to 10 days Level - Master/Expert

  • This project requires developing a web search engine that displays a list of web resources relevant to the user's search term.

If you have prior experience working on smaller or entry-level computer science projects and want to move a step further, then working on developing a web search engine is a good idea.

For crafting a search engine, you need to use web annotation to allow your search engine to access web pages and other online resources. Like a typical search engine, you need to provide a text box in which users can type their queries and hit the search button or hit enter to get relevant results.

The results displayed by the search engine needs to be arranged in the form of a list. Also, you can limit the number of search items displayed on a page to 10 or 15. This way, the search engine needs to have multiple search result pages.

For search suggestions and ensuring that the most relevant results are displayed, you can use AI and machine learning. However, incorporating such advanced technologies in your search engine will make the project more complex, more time-consuming, but yes, more fascinating too.

  • RofiFtw (Rofi for the web)
  • AskLawrence Search Engine & Screen
  • Sociopedia Twitter Knowledge Engine
  • Web Search Engine

9. Task Management Application

Type - Application Design, Application Development, Authentication, Database Management, Programming Expected Time to Complete - 5 to 9 days Level - Master/Expert

  • To develop a dedicated task management app that allows users to
  • Create personal profiles,
  • Log in to their accounts securely with a proper authentication process,
  • Add multiple tasks within the app,
  • Manage multiple task lists, and
  • Mark tasks as completed.

This is yet another project that will test your technical knowledge and coding skills to a greater extent. The task app needs to have an intuitive interface that will make it easier for users to interact with the app and manage their tasks.

The task app must allow users to create distinct accounts and start managing their everyday tasks effectively. A user's data should only be accessible to him/her, and an authentication system needs to be in place to safeguard the account from unauthorized access or accidental login.

As for the app, the user should add individual tasks or organize multiple tasks under a single task list. Also, the user should have the flexibility to create multiple task lists and manage several tasks altogether. Once completed, users can mark a task as completed.

For successfully developing the task, you need to have the knowledge and prior experience of working with full-stack development technologies such as MEAN stack (JavaScript) and LAMP stack.

  • Pomo (Command-line application following the Pomodoro time management technique)
  • Task Management Application using Vue.js

10. Chat App

Type - Application Development, Application Designing, Multi-thread Processing, Networking, Socket Programming Expected Time to Complete - 5 to 10 days Level - Master/Expert

  • The project requires the development of a chat application that supports instant messaging.
  • The chat app will allow users to create personal accounts from where they will send messages to other chat apps users.

The project is about developing a chat application using Python. Users can sign up to create their accounts and send instant text messages. The project largely focuses on utilizing concepts of socket programming and multi-thread processing.

The project is a little tricky to work with. You need to understand how sockets work and understand various principles related to computer networks.

You need to set up a server to handle user requests to connect and exchange messages in real-time. The chat app functionality can be extended by allowing users to exchange files along with normal text messages.

  • Firebase Codelab: FriendlyChat
  • WebSocket Chat
  • Simple WebSockets Chat App

That wraps up our list of the best 10 computer science projects. Working on these projects will allow you to successfully prepare yourself for embarking on a professional journey in the lucrative field of computer science and IT or, at the very least, to assess your abilities in the same.

What’s important is that you gain something from these, which you will definitely, if you work on these computer science projects with pure dedication. If that’s done, then that fulfills the purpose of this write-up. Best of wishes! Stay safe, keep learning, and keep growing.

Computer science is a complex, interdisciplinary field of study. In addition to programming, web development, networking, et cetera, computer science succeeding also requires good mathematical abilities. Try these best computer science mathematics tutorials to enhance the same.

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  • 10 Best Online Computer Science Degree Programs in 2023
  • OpenAI Might Be Leading The Race, But What Are The Best LLMs? Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Want To Learn PHP Web Development? Check Out These PHP Courses PHP Courses

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  1. How Many Computers Are There in the World?

    As of October 2014, there were nearly 2 billion personal computers used worldwide. By comparison, the 1 billionth personal computer was shipped in 2002, although 1 billion computers were in use in 2008.

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    Government employees use computers for communication, word and data processing and project management among other applications. Computers have become part of daily life, and like businesses and individuals, federal and state offices use com...

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    The answer can only be approximated and also depends on what is defined as a computer. Computer and Internet penetration varies significantly from region to region in the world. In North America, 78.6 percent of the population has access to...

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    projects used technology such as artificial intelligence, IoT, virtual

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    Behance is the world's largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work.

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    HP and Arizona State University researchers have introduced the first prototype of a paper-like computer display made mostly from plastic that has a lot going

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    ... world Computer Science projects and assignments. It aims to impart students with practical knowledge of operating computer systems. upGrad's

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    Unleash Your Inner Superhero: Top 10 Real-World Computer Vision Projects · 1. Defect Detection in Manufacturing: The Flawless Factory · 2. Smart

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    Desktop Publishing Project (Gujarati) With Outer Shadow Effect. Quick view · Add to wishlist · D.T.P (Desktop Publishing) Project Book. ₹115.00. Add to cart.

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    Computer projects · ZipGuides · Bird Art Prints & Posters | King & McGaw · INFOGRAPHIC: Endangered animals from around the world · Animal News · Here's Where The

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    Recycled Computer Projects · The 18 coolest remakes of the World Map you'll find on the web - Blog of Francesco Mugnai · Cat house from recycled PC monitors.

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    If you are interested in working on a project that will have a real-world impact, then an OCR system may be the right choice for you. Source

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    Here is a video on final year computer science projects ideas. ... world problems. Find our Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web

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    A Computer Science graduate interested in mixing up imagination and knowledge into enticing words. Been in the big bad world of content writing