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How to Write an Effective Business Plan Cover Letter

Written by Dave Lavinsky Business Plan Cover Page

Anyone who is seeking investment or a loan should have a well-written and well-researched simple business plan template . It will not only help you to make a good first impression with potential investors and lenders, but it can also provide them with all of the information they need in order to make their decision about funding your business.

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When approaching investors and lenders, you will want to make sure that you have a cover letter to introduce your business plan. In this article, you will learn what a business plan cover letter is, why it is important, and a proven template for you to use.

A business plan cover letter is a type of professional correspondence that you send with your business plan to introduce yourself and your plan to a potential investor or lender. It is important to make a good first impression with your cover letter, as it is likely the first thing the reader will see.

Why is a Business Plan Cover Letter Important?

The main purpose of the cover letter is to make a good first impression and to sell your business idea. It is also your chance to explain why your business is a good investment or business loan candidate.

Optionally, you can explain why you are approaching the potential investor or lender and what they can gain from investing in your business.

How to Write a Cover Letter Properly

In order to compose an effective cover letter, you should keep several things in mind.

First, try not to exceed a half-page for your cover letter. The person that you are sending it to is likely going through a large stack of business plans, and they don’t have time to read a long cover letter from every business owner in need of funding. It should be long enough to make a good impression, but short enough to create interest to entice the reader to read your business plan to learn more.

Second, you should make sure that your cover letter is well-written and professional-looking. It is important to take the time to draft a good cover letter, in the proper business cover letter format, as it can help to make a positive impression on the reader.

Finally, you should tailor your business plan cover letter specifically for the person or company you are sending it to. If you were sending it to a small business investor, you should mention that. If you were sending it to a bank, make sure to mention your plans for repayment of the loan. 

However, because most business plans are sent to investors or lenders via email, a formal cover letter isn’t always needed. Rather, you can simply put a note in the body of your email.

Regardless of the method of delivery, your contact information should be included, as well as any other important details that will help your reader contact you to talk through your funding options further.

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Growthink’s business plan cover letter template.

Below is our sample business plan cover letter template that can either be sent via email or printed:

[Your Name] [Business Name] [Street Address] [City, St Zip]

[Name of Investor/Lender] [Title] [Company] [Address] [City, St Zip]

Dear [Name of Investor/Lender]:

Attached please find the business plan for [Business Name].

I think you will find it very interesting and hopefully a fit with your investment criteria.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss further, please email me at [your email address] or call me at [your telephone number].

[Sign here if cover letter sent by mail, fax, or delivered in person]

[Your Name] [Business Name] [Title]

Other Business Plan Cover Letter Examples

Use the cover letter examples below to help inspire you to create your own cover letter for your new business venture or to grow your existing organization.   

Olivia’s Bakery

Dear Investor,

Olivia’s bakery is a family-owned and operated business that has been in operation for over five years. We are a full-service bakery that specializes in creating delicious, fresh pastries, cakes, and breads.

Our bakery has been a staple in the community and we have developed a strong following of customers who appreciate our unique products. Our goal is to continue growing our business by expanding our product offerings and reaching new customers.

We believe that our bakery has great potential and would be a valuable addition to your portfolio. We would be grateful if you could take the time to review our business plan and provide us with your feedback. We would love for you to stop by our bakery and try some of our goods.

Please feel free to call me at 555-555-1212 if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Hudson Boutique Hotel

Dear Mr. James Peterson,

The Hudson offers an upscale experience in a smaller city setting with all of the comfort and amenities of home. We offer our guests free Wi-Fi access as well as complimentary breakfast and on-site parking. Our rooms are modern and elegant, and we provide luxury bedding that helps ensure a quality night’s sleep.

Our location at 412 National Street is just two blocks from downtown and within walking distance to several popular restaurants and shops. Please refer to the attached business plan for more information on location specifics. This document also outlines our company philosophy including management team profiles, financial projections, and more.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am eager to discuss our plans to expand the boutique hotel further with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 555-555-1212 should you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting.

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ABC Widgets Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

ABC Widgets Inc. is a widget manufacturer that has been in business for over 10 years. We specialize in the production of high-quality widgets for both commercial and residential use. We have a strong reputation for providing an excellent customer experience and our widgets are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our business and are in the process of constructing a new widget factory. This facility will allow us to increase our production capacity and meet the growing demand for our widgets.

Please find attached a copy of our business plan which provides more information on our company and product offerings. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to review our plan and provide us with your feedback. We would also love to schedule a meeting so that we can discuss our expansion plans in further detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

My name is John Doe and I am the owner of XYZ Tours, a travel agency based in New York City. We have been in business for over 30 years and specialize in group tours to European destinations.

I am writing to request your support for our organization as we continue to expand operations and reach out to customers nationwide. Our goal is to be the leading tour operator in the Northeast by 2023 and we can achieve this with your help.

With a location just steps from Columbus Circle, XYZ Tours has easy access from Midtown Manhattan making it an ideal destination for tourists from all over the country. As one of our valued partners, you will receive preferred pricing on all of our services including transportation, lodging, and entertainment options.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 555-555-1212.

Owner, XYZ Tours LLC.

The Smith Corporation

Dear Mr. Brown,

The Smith Corporation is a leading producer of high-quality office furniture. For the past 30 years, we have been committed to providing our customers with the best products and installation services in the industry.

We are pleased to announce that we will be expanding our operations and are in the process of constructing a new production facility. This facility will allow us to increase our production capacity and meet the growing demand for our furniture.

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How to Write a Business Plan Cover Letter That Wins Investors

Business Plan Cover Pages

Business Plan Cover Pages

Ayush Jalan

Business plan cover letter

Writing a business plan cover letter is an important part of presenting your business plan to potential lenders and investors when seeking investment. It’s the first thing an interested investor will read, and it’s your chance to make a good first impression.

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In this article, we’ll see an overview of what a business plan cover letter is, why it’s important, and how to write it. We’ll also share a template, some examples, and useful tips you can use to write a formal cover letter for your own business plan and make it stand out.

What is a business plan cover letter?

A business plan cover letter is a formal document that accompanies your business plan and serves the purpose of introducing you and your business venture to potential investors or lenders. In other words, it’s a way for you to sell your business idea and show why you believe in it.

In the same way that a job seeker presents a cover letter alongside their resume to an employer in order to get hired, you need a cover letter to go alongside your business plan in order to secure funding or a business loan.

Why is a business plan cover letter important?

Through a cover letter, you show the investor why you are a good fit, what value your business can bring to them, and why they should invest in your company instead of your competitor.

To increase your chances of getting funding, it’s wise to tailor your cover letter based on the investor reading it. This means researching the companies the investor has previously invested in, their risk tolerance, and the values they look for in a business partner.

Although your business plan already details all crucial data, the cover letter should provide a glimpse into the current financial position of your company including its profitability, debt, projections, and more.

The idea here is to let the investor know what they are getting into and reduce uncertainties. If they like your cover letter, they will be more interested to go through the whole business plan and ask questions before investing .

How to write a business plan cover letter?

business plan motivation letter

Before you start writing a cover letter, make sure you’re done preparing a business plan and that there are no errors in it. A well-written cover letter isn’t going to get you very far if the business plan itself is not properly made.

Once your business plan is ready, follow these steps to write a cover letter:

Step 1. Create a header

The header of your business plan cover letter should include your name, the name of your business, your address, and your contact information. Next, write the date. And finally, write the name of the investor, the institution they are affiliated with, and their address.

If you’re sending the document via email, there’s no need to write a header, and you can jump to addressing the recipient with a formal greeting.

Step 2. Address the recipient

Unless you don’t know the name of the recipient, don’t make the mistake of addressing them as “Dear Investor” as that may give the impression that you haven’t researched the person you’re sending your business plan to.

Addressing the name of the recipient such as “Dear Mr. Green” or “Dear Ms. Jones” sets a good tone and is preferred over a generic greeting.

Step 3. Write a strong opening

The first paragraph of your letter should immediately grab the reader’s attention. This means stating the intent of the letter, the reason you want to work with this investor, and how you will use their money to scale the business.

Explain why you think your business is a good investment opportunity, and mention details such as the type of ownership, legal formation, the structure of the business, its history, and any notable achievements.

Step 4. Support your statements

Claims made without evidence don’t mean much, so you’re going to need to provide some form of data or facts to prove that you’re worth the risk.

This is admittedly hard to do if you’re a startup since most startups fail. That’s why it’s a good idea to track these key startup metrics to assess your financial position and the overall viability of your business idea.

Step 5. Close with an acknowledgment

The last paragraph of a cover letter should emphasize three things: your interest in working with the investor, the value of this opportunity, and the timeline of how you’re expecting things to happen.

Once done, thank the reader for their time, express your eagerness to see their response, and request a meeting to discuss things further. End the letter with a formal sign-off.

Tips for writing a business plan cover letter

Here are some tips for writing a business plan cover letter:

  • Keep the letter short and descriptive, no more than one or two pages.
  • Use a formal, conversational tone, and avoid using slang, jargon, and contractions. The easier it is to read your letter, the better.
  • Address the reader by name, and avoid using “To Whom It May Concern.”
  • Mention your professional background, the competency of the management team, and how it all benefits the business.
  • If you’ve acquired funding in the past, highlight the individuals, institutions, or banks that have invested in your company.

Business plan cover letter template

[Your Name] [Your Company’s Name] [Your Address] [Your Contact Information] [Date]

[Investor’s Name] [Investor’s Company Name] [Investor’s Address] Dear [Name of Investor],

I am writing to request your investment in [Your Business Name]. We are [ brief overview of your business ] and we believe that [Your Business Name] has great potential to be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

[Provide a brief description of your current financial situation and how the funds will be used]

[Mention your unique selling proposition]

Please find attached a copy of our business plan which provides more information on our company and product offerings. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to review our plan and offer your feedback. We look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, [Your Name].

Business plan cover letter example

William Cutler Cutler and Colors Co. 132, My Street, Kingston New York 12401 [email protected] February 17, 2023

James F. Miller Miller Industries Pvt. Ltd. 1234 NW Bobcat Lane, St. Robert, Missouri Dear Mr. Miller,

Cutler and Colors is an emerging fashion retailer in New York City specializing in men’s garments, and we’re looking to expand to six more cities in the U.S. by the end of 2023. With your financial support, we project to double our production and strengthen our supply chain efficiency.

We believe Cutler and Colors will be a valuable addition to your portfolio. We currently have $220,000 of our own funds invested in the business and are looking to raise an additional $500,000. The money will be used to hire more staff, set up new stores, purchase new equipment, and advertise online.

By streamlining our supply chain, we intend to undercut our competitors and offer high-quality garments at an affordable price.

Please find attached a copy of our business plan which provides more information on our company and product offerings. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to review our plan and provide us with your feedback. We look forward to working with you.

Sincerely, William Cutler

Lure investors with a great first impression

Writing a good cover letter is key when presenting your business plan to potential lenders and investors. Your cover letter should be well-written, professional-looking, and tailored to the interests of the investor reading your business plan.

Be mindful of the length of your cover letter; it should be short enough to retain the reader’s interest and long enough to cover the subject. If you’re sending the cover letter over email, it’s a good idea to follow up after some time in case you don’t get a response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a business plan cover letter be.

Ideally, your cover letter should not exceed one page; if there’s more to add, a maximum of two pages is considered permissible. That said, it’s usually better to write a shorter cover letter than a longer one.

Can I include statistics in a business plan cover letter?

Yes, you can mention data in your cover letter to support your claims, but don’t overdo it since your business plan already highlights your financials and future projections in great detail.

Can I skip writing a business plan cover letter?

If you’re sending a physical copy of your business plan to an investor or lender, it’s absolutely crucial that you attach a cover letter with it. However, a cover letter is not that necessary if you’re sending it via email as you can simply write a note in the body of the email.

About the Author

business plan motivation letter

Ayush is a writer with an academic background in business and marketing. Being a tech-enthusiast, he likes to keep a sharp eye on the latest tech gadgets and innovations. When he's not working, you can find him writing poetry, gaming, playing the ukulele, catching up with friends, and indulging in creative philosophies.

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Popular Templates


5 Steps to Writing a Business Plan Cover Letter [+ Templates!]

Every business plan needs a cover letter. Also known as an introduction, executive summary , or overview, your cover letter is your first impression.

It sets the stage for the rest of the document and tells the reader what to expect. Most importantly, it compels the reader to spend the time it will take to review the plan in full.

But how do you write a cover letter? What should it say?

There will be no guesswork here. We’re covering all of the essential deets to include. Plus, we’ve got templates to make your life easier.

Graphic showing cover letter development on a computer

What’s in this guide :

Why your business plan cover letter is important

What to include in your cover letter, how to write your business plan cover letter, 3 business plan cover letter templates.

Without a great cover letter, your business plan will lack context and urgency—making it less likely that your audience will read it.

A cover letter surfaces the most important details from the plan, allowing you to craft a cohesive story. For instance, you might focus your cover letter on your market research findings, your estimated profit margin, or how your company is preparing to achieve your business goal. Essentially, it allows you to direct readers’ attention where you want it to go .

A business plan can also motivate you . Entrepreneurs with completed business plans are 260% more likely to start their businesses. When you write a great cover letter, it can serve as a reminder of why you’re putting in the hard work and keep you on track.

What should you include? That depends on the type of business plan you’re writing. Is this a plan to launch a startup, release a new product, or improve an existing business?

Here are some essential pieces of information to include for different types of plans. (Remember that while the business plan will delve into all the details, the cover letter will summarize the most important information.)

New business plans :

Market research

Problem or opportunity statement

Outline of initial offerings (products or services)

Business and pricing models

Time to profitability

Business risks and mitigation plans

Competitive landscape

New product launches :

Product landed cost

Product price for each channel (wholesale, DTC, Amazon, etc.)

Projected profit margin for each channel

Product branding and marketing plan

Plan for product validation and prototyping

Business improvement projects :

Current state of the business

Opportunities for growth

Opportunities for expense cutting

Opportunities for process or productivity improvements

Prioritization of improvement projects

Project goals

Project timelines

Third-party service pitches :

Client goals and objectives

Service scope

Service deliverables

Project or implementation timelines

Expected outcomes

In most cases, the cover letter should fit within one page, but for very long business plans, you might need a page and a half or even two pages to fit the overarching story you want to convey.

You should address the cover letter to your intended reader. That might be a loan officer for a business loan, a potential investor, a business partner, or a client.

Business plan cover letter example

Cover letter examples can offer inspiration and provide a jumping point for your writing.

Here’s an example of a cover letter for a business consulting plan :

Image of a business plan cover letter template

Notice how the example focuses heavily on the pain points of running a business: working hard, listening carefully, watching cash flow, etc. The cover letter makes the point that when you’re in the weeds of your business, it can be tough to envision the big picture and steer the ship.

Above all, a cover letter should be compelling. So make sure to include illustrative language, metaphors, clear pain points, and goals to bring the proposed plan to life.

Your cover letter is one of the most important sections of any business plan or business proposal . Follow these simple steps and writing tips to win over stakeholders.

Step 1. Write your business plan first

It’s nearly impossible to write a great cover letter without writing your business plan first. Why? Because your cover letter surfaces the key points from the plan so readers know why they should read the plan and what to focus on.

To write an excellent business plan, you must first begin with research. You might put together a small focus group, interview target customers over the phone, assess a handful of competitor products, and analyze influencers’ social media content within your industry.

Now that you’ve done your research, you can start writing your plan.

Make sure to include these sections:

Market problem

Your proposed solution

Your business model

Target customers

Marketing plan

Your competitive advantage

Financial projections

Required funding

Step 2. Write a strong introduction paragraph for your cover letter

Now it’s time to write the perfect cover letter.

While your cover letter will summarize a variety of points, the first paragraph should have a clear focus. It shouldn’t bounce all over the place, but should make a single compelling argument. You can start with the market opportunity, the unmet customer expectations, the prospective client’s key pain points, or the stellar profit margin your business plan is proposing.

And remember that a good hook makes the reader want to keep reading. So spend plenty of time coming up with a great first sentence that will creatively lead into your opening argument.

Step 3. Write your supporting paragraphs

The next step is to write the supporting paragraphs that drive home your key argument.

For example, if your opening paragraph states that your business plan will address a $1 billion dollar market opportunity, then the remaining paragraphs should clarify the market need (what do customers expect and why haven’t your business competitors risen to the challenge?), how you will address that need (what products or services will you offer?), and what you need from the reader (an investment, a loan, their experience as your co-founder, etc).

Consider using bullet points to quickly list out important details like market research findings, product launch plans, or business goals.

Step 4. Revise your cover letter

Don’t expect to knock it out of the park on the first try. Give yourself time to revise the cover letter over a couple of days. When you take a break before editing , you’re able to look at your writing more objectively—almost as if it was written by someone else. You also allow yourself the space to come up with creative, fresh ideas for hooks, key arguments, etc.

Step 5. Double check that the rest of the business plan follows suit

And lastly, you need to check that your cover letter matches your business plan (and that your business plan matches your cover letter) . This song-and-dance might take some time because whenever you add new info to your business plan, you need to consider if it’s important enough to be featured in the letter. And anything you add to your letter certainly needs to be covered in the plan.

Your reader is going to want to find more details within your business plan, so make sure you’re titling sections clearly. For instance, if you mention “market research” in your cover letter, then title the matching section the same way. Your cover letter serves as a reference point for what readers should hunt for in the plan, so keep that in mind when you’re formatting and adding the finishing touches.

A business plan is most commonly written when starting a new business. But documented plans are also useful when launching a new product, embarking on a big project, or pitching a service. These cover letter templates can be adapted for just about any use case.

1. Accounting plan cover letter template

If you’re sending your business plan to potential investors, lenders, or someone else you’re trying to convince, this template may be helpful. It’s short, to-the-point, and full of confidence.

Image of an accounting plan cover letter template

2. Investing plan cover letter template

This cover letter template is perfect for new business plans in the investing, fintech, and financial services industries. It hones in on the core pain points of amateur investors in need of financial planning.

Image of a cover letter for a financial advisor business plan

You can adapt the pain points shared into more of a summary of your market research and the target audience’s needs. Or, you can use this template to pitch financial services directly to potential clients, making sure to include the details of the services in the rest of the plan.

3. Business project cover letter template

This project proposal template can easily be adapted for any business plan, product launch, or operational improvement project. The cover letter is written with compelling language that clearly states the needs and challenges of the project, as well as how you will address them.

Image of a project proposal template

To make this template your own, start by summarizing the risks of the project, and then segway into how your business plan mitigates those—whether through hiring, training, project management, software implementation, or a combination of these and other strategies.

Send business plans and proposals that get accepted

Whether you’re sending documents to investors, partners, clients, coworkers, your boss, or other stakeholders, one thing is certain: you want your plan to be accepted.

By analyzing over a million business proposals and plans sent with our software, we found that documents are more likely to close when they include images, e-signatures, intake forms, and editable pricing tables. With Proposify , you get all of these features plus viewing analytics, so you can check when your emails and plans have been viewed. This will help you know who to follow up with to close the deal.

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Sample Letters


Writing a Strong Business Plan Cover Letter (with Examples)

Use these sample business plan cover letters as templates for your formal cover letter. last updated on december 1, 2023  .

  • Use a formal, conversational tone
  • Do not use slang and contractions
  • Do not make it too wordy
  • Give a list of the main points with an explanation for each
  • Use the active voice and short sentences
  • Make the business sound interesting, so they want to read the plan


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  • Writing a Business Partnership Letter of Intent (with Sample)
  • Advertising
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  • Assessments
  • Certificates
  • Announcement
  • Invitations
  • Newsletters
  • Questionnaires
  • Food & Beverages
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing Examples
  • Transportation

Business Proposal Cover Letter Examples – PDF

business proposal cover letter examples

Importance of a Cover Letter in the Business Proposal

Business proposal cover letter template.

business proposal cover letter template

  • Google Docs

Business Funding Proposal Cover Letter Template

business funding proposal cover letter template

Business Proposal Cover Letter Example

business proposal cover letter 01

Structure of the Cover Letter

1. introduction, 3. conclusion, foundation proposal cover letter example.

foundation proposal cover letter 2

Editable Business Proposal Cover Letter Example

business porposal cover letter step 1

How to Write a Business Proposal Cover Letter

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase marketing ROI by over 50%
  • Rationalize your pre-sales and post-sales process
  • Acquire new client segments including the untapped local client base, and lower your new client acquisition costs by over 30%”

cover letter for business proposal 1

More Design

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How to Write a Winning Proposal Cover Letter (Plus 5 Real Examples)

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Loopio

First impressions are important—especially in the world of proposals.

That’s why writing a good cover letter is an essential step towards winning a bid. In the request for proposal (RFP) process, this single-page letter marks your first opportunity to grab a prospect’s attention and make it clear that your company is uniquely positioned to solve their problem. So if you’re currently using boilerplate copy… Stop. Immediately .

In this blog, you’ll learn how to write custom proposal cover letters that grab a prospect’s attention and increase your chances of winning RFP responses . Plus, five examples of real proposal cover letters from industry pros.

In this article, you’ll learn: 

What is a Proposal Cover Letter?

  • What to Include in a Proposal Cover Letter
  • How to Write a Proposal Cover Letter
  • 5 Real Proposal Cover Letter Examples ⭐

Next Steps: Build Quality Proposals Faster

A proposal cover letter is a single-page document used to pitch your business offerings to a potential client. In it, the customer can tell whether you’re genuinely engaged and have done your research—or if you’ve simply copy and pasted generic language from past business proposals.

It’s also your first opportunity to convince a client to why they should continue reading your proposal. Considering the average team spends 32 hours writing a single RFP response , it’s critical that your proposal cover letter makes a good impression.

Eileen Kent, President, Custom Keynotes LLC

What Should You Include in a Proposal Cover Letter?

Like any good cover letter, your proposal should open with a unique offer or positioning. It’s important to establish early on why your team is best suited to solve a client’s problem.

A strong proposal cover letter includes:

  • A greeting : Introduce your company and what you do.
  • Clear summary: Describe your value propositions at a high-level. Be sure to connect these points to your client’s needs. ( Also known as an executive summary. )
  • Personalized offer: Explain to the client what you can uniquely provide to solve their problem.
  • Relevant references: Help the prospect understand why they should choose you over competitors.
  • Visuals: If you have a designer on your team, include visuals that help emphasize the most important content on this page. For example, use callout boxes to make value propositions stand out for busy procurement teams who are skimming the page.

From the offer you present, to the visuals you include, the details in your proposal cover letter should be all about the client. The goal is to show how your company shines before they even get into the details of your proposal. Demonstrate the qualities that you bring to this potential customer by starting out your relationship on the right foot.

Jon Williams, Managing Director of Strategic Proposals , shares the key points you should concisely hit to be successful.

business plan motivation letter

How to Write a Winning Proposal Cover Letter

From reading the RFP thoroughly, to outlining a clear offer, there are six critical steps that seasoned proposal professionals recommend you take to craft a quality cover letter. ( Psst…you can fast-track these steps by using AI for proposal writing . )

Step 1: Read the RFP Cover to Cover

This step seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many teams skip it. You must read the RFP thoroughly, from cover to cover, before beginning your letter.

While reading, take note of any recurring themes from your prospect. Perhaps they focus on quality of design and ease of use. Or maybe they emphasize needing certain functionalities or features—whatever the case, Kori Warriner of KCI Technologies recommends you consider the following questions as you read through the request for proposal:

Questions to consider:

  • What is the client’s reason behind the project? (revitalization, aging infrastructure, etc.)
  • ​​Where is the funding for the project coming from?
  • Does the client have any hot-button issues regarding the project?
  • What is the desired end-result?
  • What would speak to the client? (retirement-friendly, aesthetics, budget, etc.)

Kori Warriner, Marketing Coordinator

While questions may differ by industry, the idea remains the same. Reading the RFP thoroughly helps you better understand the problems your prospect is facing. Which in turn help you paint a clearer picture of how your company can support them.

(It can also help spark ideas for win themes, or specific language, that truly resonates with the prospect—more on that later.)

“Instead of saying ‘we are pleased’ or other overused statements such as that, I introduce my company, and then switch back to talking about what we can do to help the client reach their goals,” Kori explains.

Step 2: Capture Your Prospect’s Attention Early

Chances are, your prospect is extremely busy. They’re likely to skim your proposal cover letter—which is why you should focus on making it memorable. Use it to create a connection to your prospect and capture their attention early in the proposal.

In the structure of a proposal , the first paragraph is the best place to earn your reader’s attention, shares Senior Proposal Consultant Kelly Allen.

“Try to capture the reader in the first paragraph by relating to them in some way. If they are a current client, leverage your relationship. If not, demonstrate a clear understanding of what they need.” Kelly Allen, Senior Proposal Consultant, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

Step 3: Use Clear, Competitive Win Themes

Once you identify their distinct needs, you can formulate which key themes need to be identified in your cover letter. Then, narrow it down to the most persuasive reasons that your prospect should choose your proposal over a competitor. Eileen Kent, President of Custom Keynotes, explains that these are also known as “ win themes ”.

Win themes should be based on what the customer told you they wanted. Position yourself as the one company that can deliver exactly what your prospect is looking for. To do this well, it’s essential that you also understand what your competition is doing.

Here’s how to brush up on what your competitors are offering:

  • Review competitors’ websites
  • Read competitors’ financial statements
  • Look at review websites like G2 or Forrester reports including your competition
  • Ask if clients are willing to share competitors’ past RFPs (You never know, unless you ask)

At this stage, you’ll want to focus on how you can stand out from the competition. Eileen also recommends acknowledging any elephants in the room. By that, she means anything that the client may consider your team’s weakness.

She recommends addressing weak points head on to leave a good impression, “The elephant in the room could be your business size. Address it by talking about how you formed a tight team who have exceeded performance expectations, and worked together for years, so they see that as a strength instead,” she explains.

Step 4: Provide a Personalized Offer

Now that you’ve grabbed your prospect’s attention, you need to maintain it. Do this by outlining clear benefits, which speak directly to their pain points in an enticing and clear way.

You should outline how your product will positively impact the buyer and identify what they will get out of your partnership.

Cristina Miller, Proposal Writer, Gallup

Step 5: Use a Strong Closing Statement

Your closing statement should be concise, reiterate your capabilities, and highlight the value you deliver. But don’t forget that it’s also an opportunity to connect with your prospect through the proposal process.

“To build a connection, you have to ignore outdated writing advice and not be afraid to use real language” says Rebecca Baumgartner, Sr. Manager, Proposals, PFS .

“Whoever is reading your cover letter can immediately tell if you’re hiding behind jargon or parroting the language of the RFP because you don’t understand what they need,” she explains.

“But when you write authentically, you have the opportunity to show the client you’ve been listening.”

Rebecca Baumgartner headshot

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

When crafting your proposal cover letter, there are a few final checkpoints to leave your prospect with a good impression.

Graphics aren’t necessary for a proposal cover letter, but they can be helpful. For example: highlighting a quote from a customer in a different font, or using callout boxes to emphasize your key value propositions. Use visuals that help to emphasize your main points, not distract from them.

Here’s what Izane Cloete-Hamilton, CPP APMP, of nFold recommends.

  • Use a company letterhead
  • Address the letter to the individual specified in the RFP
  • Sign the cover letter from a senior person at your company
  • If the response is from a strategic partnership between two companies, use dual signatures
  • Ensure your letter is no longer than one page

Izane Cloete-Hamilton, nFold

Proposal Cover Letters (5 Real Templates)

Now that you know what steps to follow, it’s time to look at some real examples of business proposal cover letters. While you don’t want to copy a boilerplate letter, these templates may provide helpful guidance for your next proposal.

Here are the types of proposal cover letter examples you’ll see above:

  • Real proposal cover letter example from a security company
  • Example proposal cover letter for an amusement park
  • Real proposal letter & executive summary from an enterprise design consultancy
  • Winning cover letter example from KCI technologies
  • Another proposal cover letter example from a security company

Looking for a sample grant proposal cover letter? Check out this article .

Rachelle Ray, RMR Consulting

To make more time for writing winning proposal cover letters, you’ll need to make some efficiency gains in your overall RFP process. Start by setting your team up with a proposal software that can improve speed and collaboration amongst your team.

Take Aspen Medical for example. Their business development team started using Loopio’s proposal platform in October of 2019. Within a few short months, they were putting together proactive proposals in just 15-30 minutes and seeing a big return on investment (ROI).

In fact, a survey of 165 companies RFP ROI found that those who consistently use proposal software have achieved results of:

  • 51% more RFP responses
  • 42% less time spent answering proposal questions
  • 85% of companies win more business

If you’re looking to improve the pace of your next proposal, try Loopio’s software.  

Improve Your Proposal Writing 📝

Want to learn how to master your craft? Read more about proposal writing skills or how to craft a repeatable RFP response template .

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