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How to lower your small business energy costs

A pro's guide to taking the hustle out of getting the best small business gas and electricity prices.

Getting the best energy deal for your business isn't as challenging as you may think. Here's our handy five-step guide to sorting your business' energy contract like a pro. Quickly. And simply. 

Step 1: Get the cheapest energy price for your small business – go online

For some time now, new regulations have meant that all energy suppliers must publish their best business gas and electricity prices online. So, you no longer need to have lengthy negotiations with each supplier, wasting time and your own energy, to get to their best small business energy prices. Now, all you need to do is go online . The prices suppliers will show you will always be the cheapest business energy quotes they can give you. For example, EDF Energy will always offer its best prices to customers who come to them directly for a quote. What's more, although prices still vary from supplier to supplier, it’s easy to compare prices if you know what you’re looking for. Read on, and we'll tell you what you need to be looking for.

business electricity rates edf

Step 2: Choose the tariff that works best for you and your small business

Don't be overwhelmed by all the small business tariffs out there. We can explain them to you so you can choose between them. Broadly, they fit into two camps: fixed or flexible (also called variable). Here’s what you need to know: Fixed Most small business customers choose fixed-term tariffs because they usually offer the best prices and they are guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

  • Your small business gas and electricity prices per unit stays the same for the term of your contract, making it easy for you to budget
  • Check your emails and post – if you’re on a fixed-term contract, suppliers will usually write to you around 60 days before your contract ends to let you know your renewal offer
  • You’re protected from price rises as the market fluctuates
  • But you do need to be able to commit to a long-term contract

Flexible Small business customers who can’t commit to a fixed-term contract tend to go for a flexible one. Prices can be higher, but there’s less pressure to commit to a long term.

  • You might find this useful if you've just opened your business, you're moving to new premises soon, or you're just not comfortable committing to a longer-term contract
  • Your energy price per unit will rise and fall with demand on the market
  • You’re generally able to end your contract by giving 30 days’ notice

If you’re looking to switch, make sure you’ve given at least 30 days’ notice before the end of your contract and cleared any outstanding balance – this should allow you to switch as soon as your contract ends

Explore our fixed and flexible small business tariffs.

business electricity rates edf

Step 3: Compare the real costs of each business energy quote

Once you know what type of tariff you need, it’s time to get some quotes and compare them. Before you start, it’s best to get an up-to-date meter reading so you can get the most accurate quotes. Whatever you do, don’t make your decision based on the annual estimate alone. When giving you an annual estimate, different suppliers may include or exclude different costs. The real trick is to compare small business energy prices like-for-like. To do this, here are three cost areas you'll want to look at.

Ensure that fixed really is fixed – check the flexibility of the non-energy costs (sometimes called pass through costs) such as Feed in Tariff Levy (FiT) or Capacity Market charges If, like most small businesses, you opt for a fixed contract, be sure to check the conditions around non-energy costs. Some suppliers don’t fully fix this cost and you could end up with extra charges mid-way through your contract.

Know what’s included or not – check the Climate Change Levy (CCL) and VAT Some suppliers don’t include these in their quote because certain businesses and organisations (for example charities or some businesses based in a residence) are entitled to exemptions or partial exemptions. So be sure to adjust your comparison of the total costs to compare like-for-like. EDF Energy has a handy guide to CCL and VAT  if you want to find out more.

Factor in discounts and extra charges Some suppliers, including EDF Energy, offer discounts for paying by monthly Direct Debit. This can be an easy way to shave a few pounds off your bill. On the flip side, some suppliers may charge you a premium for paying by cash or cheque, so always account for this in your small business energy plan.

Step 4: Make sure you get the service you need

Not all energy suppliers offer the same levels of customer service or online tools to help you manage your energy account. And as you know, time is money – and you may not want to waste yours. So decide what help you'd like to have to hand, and what you can do without, then factor this into your comparisons. It's easy to dismiss service when you've found a low price. But so you don't regret your decision later on, here are some questions to ask yourself now:

Does the supplier make it easy for me to manage my account? Some suppliers enable you to manage your account online or by using an app. This can save you hours across the year waiting in calling queues.

Can I get help from customer services when I need it most? Check what times the suppliers’ call centers are open.

Are there any extra ways the supplier will help me save? A good supplier will also help you use less energy and spend less money on your energy bill, helping to reduce your overall small business energy costs. They’ll give you comprehensive guidance to use less. Discover more ways to cut your small business energy bills.

A baker sprinkles icing sugar sugar on his cakes

Step 5: Get in early to save your small business money

If energy prices are on the rise, as they have been over the last year, it might pay to line up your next contract up to six months before your current one ends. Make sure to keep your account up to date with regular meter reads to ensure you’re only paying for what you use and avoid building up potential debt.

Compare energy prices for small businesses early. If you see an offer that works for you, you can usually accept it there and then. Of course, you’ll still have to wait six months before your current contract's up, but you’ll likely lock in a lower price than if you wait.

Handy tip: If you’d like a no-obligation reminder that you've got six months left on your current energy contract, you can give EDF Energy your email address and renewal date and you'll get a timely nudge.

There you have it. Our five-step guide to sorting your small business' energy contract like a pro. No hustle. No hassle.

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Compare edf business prices in under 60 seconds, compare business energy suppliers in under 60 seconds.

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business electricity rates edf

How to compare EDF business energy with Business Energy UK

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to picking the right energy supplier for you. From the different types of tariffs and endless deals, we understand that it can become quite difficult to decide on what's best for you.

business electricity rates edf

EDF Energy certainly has a promising reputation but if you are looking for a more in-depth look at what they have to offer then look no further. Below we discuss the ins and outs of the company as an energy supplier from their various tariff rates to the pros and cons of the company.

For more information on all of the offers available from different suppliers, use our comparison tool .

business electricity rates edf

Who is EDF Energy?

business electricity rates edf

So first of all, who exactly is EDF Energy? The company was initially owned entirely by the French state and was the main provider of electricity in France through their nuclear power station.

In 2009, they acquired access to nuclear power stations and gas power stations in the United Kingdom and as a result, became one of the largest providers of energy to the UK.

Since then, EDF Energy has grown quite a popular reputation for outperforming similar companies, such as Scottish Power and Npower with regards to customer satisfaction.

EDF Energy is extremely focused on reducing its carbon footprint with a goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions. This ambitious target can be achieved by moving to other cleaner methods of producing energy such as solar, wind and nuclear. One of the most impressive parts is that they plan to do all this at no extra cost to their customers.

EDF Energy business electricity rates and tariffs

EDF Energy provides a number of different tariffs , including fixed rates as well as variable tariffs which allow customers to choose what is best for them.

You can compare electricity and gas rates for businesses by using our comparison tool, making it very easy to decide what providers have the best value for money.

Fixed-rate contract

Fixed-rate tariffs are a great option for those who want to commit to a rate for a period of time. The rate for fixed-rate contracts is a lot cheaper than the other contracts. They allow you to focus on your business and not worry about your next bill breaking the bank.

In addition to this, fixed-rate contracts prevent you from getting shocked by price rises that can go unnoticed, the price you agreed to is what you will be charged for the length of your contract.

EDF Energy online accounts make it super simple to manage all of your payments and activity around your tailored plan. There is a fixed rate contract specifically for tariffs that are managed entirely online.

This is the cheapest option that EDF Energy offers which takes out the need for lengthy conversations with call centres and instead uses a much simpler chat service.

Variable-rate contract

EDF Energy also offers a type of variable rate contract that gives businesses the freedom to upgrade or change providers whenever they please. Instead of committing to a fixed rate for the entirety of the contract, you will be charged according to the electricity and business gas prices at that time.

This option will be more expensive, which is the expected consequence of going with this type of contract. However, EDF Energy does have an advantage over some of the other providers - they do not charge fees if you decide to switch to a different service and do not require notice before leaving.

Again, this type of contract can be managed online to pay bills through your business account where every transaction is saved and provides a payment history to check if it is still the best plan for you.

Deemed or out of contract rates

All energy providers will have deemed or out of contract rates for when contracts run out and are not renewed. These prices are almost always much higher than the standard contract rates so it is important to take note of when the agreed contract comes to an end.

The EDF deemed electricity price has a standard meter charge of 90p per day outside of the contract as well as 25p per kWh.

The EDF deemed gas price has a standard meter charge of £1 per day and 5.3p per kWh.

The rates differ depending on the type of meter being used as well as what day it is with off-peak times being slightly less. It should be said, however, that all of these rates will be much higher than any other normal contract so it is important to renew or switch providers as soon as you notice that your contract has run out.

business electricity rates edf

Additional EDF Energy business contract information

There are a few more points that are worth noting with regards to signing a contract with EDF Energy.

EDF Energy has started installing smart meters all around the country making it super easy for business customers to have complete control and knowledge around their energy use. This will help show if the costs match the amount they are paying and allow them to make changes to reduce power usage and charges.

If you decide to move your business to a new location, EDF Energy has an entire team designed to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible.

They also have a unique offer where the first one thousand customers that own an electric vehicle and agree to a fixed-rate contract will have the first 3 months paid for.

Pros and Cons of Switching to EDF Energy

Sometimes paragraphs of information can make it even harder to decide what provider has the best deal for you. This is why we have decided to list some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of EDF Energy to make it simpler to choose whether it is right for you:

  • They have multiple types of contracts to choose from to meet your specific needs.
  • They are a leading force when it comes to striving for net-zero carbon emissions and low carbon electricity.
  • EDF Energy has years of experience in the industry and has developed a good reputation over the years.
  • They do not discriminate between businesses, whether that's small local businesses or giant businesses with multiple chains.
  • If you use direct debit to pay the energy bill for your business then you will receive a 7% discount for every payment.
  • They offer competitive rates that match and often beat other providers.
  • EDF Energy confirmed that you will incur additional charges through deemed contracts if you fail to renew previous contracts.
  • Although EDF Energy is striving for zero net emissions, this is only a goal and not yet a reality. Increasing the number of wind farms is one of the ways that the EDF group aims to make this goal a reality.

How to make EDF Energy your business energy supplier

If you decide to use EDF Energy as a supplier, then there are a couple of steps to take.

You can either visit the EDF Energy website and apply for a quote or compare EDF prices with Business Energy UK. This will give you an estimated rate depending on the type of contract you want. This will also help you decide what type of contract best suits your business needs.

The next step will be providing some basic information such as addresses, average energy use and the name of the previous provider.

EDF Energy will then do the rest and contact your previous supplier to switch you over, making it as hassle-free as possible. You should receive one last charge from the old supplier and the next one should be from EDF Energy. It's as simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is edf energy a good energy supplier.

Yes, they outperform some of the top providers and have a good customer rating meaning that most customers think the prices are fair and customer support is helpful. To compare different suppliers click here .

How do I contact EDF Energy?

For general questions related to your account, call 0333 200 5100 during the hours of 8 am -6 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am -2 pm on Saturday.

For more urgent support there is a priority service helpline which is available Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm and 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday on the number 0800 269 450.

Can EDF Energy lower my gas and electricity bills?

By comparing EDF Energy prices to your current provider, you may find that you are overpaying every month on your energy bills. It's definitely possible that you can save money with EDF, so it is worth doing research into the types of rates they can offer you.

Are reviews from EDF Energy customers positive?

No company is perfect but you will find that EDF Energy has an overall positive review from customers, as they are rated "Great" on Trustpilot .

business electricity rates edf

Utility Bidder

EDF Energy Rates, Tariffs & Reviews

EDF have been voted the Best of the Big Six in the UK for providing customers with the Best Online Experience.

First, please enter your postcode or address

Can’t see the address? Enter manually

An estimate is fine if you don't have a bill to hand

Let’s save time, can we automatically gather meter information?

Do you know your electric meter number?

Does your meter number end in any of the following?

Guide Author

James Longley

Managing Director

EDF Business Energy

EDF  has been voted the Best of the Big Six in the UK for providing customers with the Best Online Experience. EDF energy is actually a subsidiary of the French government owned energy company EDF or Électricité de France to give it its full title.

Your at-a-glance guide to EDF

EDF Energy Overview

As one of the  Big Six energy companies  in the UK you can expect the full service that comes with being a major player. It offers 24/7 access to its online management tools as well as access to live chat 24/7 which is a tool smaller companies can’t offer.  It also has free dedicated UK business advisers and an energy app which making checking your energy usage even easier.

The company offers two tariffs for business.  Fixed which is ideal for those who prefer price security. The contract length can be fixed to suit your needs and the price is usually cheaper than the variable contracts available. A key benefit of this is that if your business pays by direct debit you get an additional 7% off (discount is applied before VAT and CCL costs ). At the of the fixed term, which can be up to four years, you can automatically renew or, of course, switch to another supplier – which is where  Utility Bidder  comes in.

If you would prefer not to fix, its flexible business energy contract offers more flexibility and means you have no commitments. This give you time to weigh up your options and it has no exit fees so you are free to leave at any time, providing you have no outstanding balance.

EDF also have an option especially for new start-up businesses.  This recognizes that moving into new premises and starting a new venture means you have a lot to sort out. This option means you just have to take a short term fixed contract of between 6 – 9 months while you get a few months breathing space to decide what you want to do. This is a great idea that doesn’t commit your business to an energy provider and gives you time to speak to a broker like  Utility Bidder  who can find you the best price for your gas and electricity new business.

Like most energy providers EDF is also now playing its part to encourage businesses to use more sustainable energy. In the first step for going low-carbon EDF can offer remote monitoring which looks at consumption, patterns and equipment. It will then build an energy profile for your business and suggest changes and improvements that make an impact on usage. The next level would be to install hardware on site which takes continuous readings.

Businesses can also decide to become  Demand Side Responsive . DSR will see businesses reducing or shifting their electricity demand at peak times.  EDF’s Power Shift platform rewards business who can be this flexible. This generates revenue for your business, adds to your sustainability credentials, helps you understand your usage and save on your energy bills.

EDF only works with third party intermediaries like Utility Bidder who pass its strict vetting process and they hold us to a very high standard in order to enjoy preferred supplier status.

Services Business gas, business electricity, business energy Specialisms? One of the “big six” energy providers in the UK

Why Choose EDF?

  • It has a great support system for start-up businesses
  • It recognizes the great work that third party intermediaries like Utility Bidder do
  • It offers 24/7 support for business customers

EDF renewable energy

EDF, as well as being one of the biggest energy providers in the UK, is also the UK’s biggest producer of low-carbon electricity thanks to its operation of 10 nuclear power plants across the UK. Furthermore, EDF were also the energy and sustainability partner of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

As EDF are the UK’s largest generator of low-carbon energy , they can pass on our expertise to save you money and help you meet your sustainability targets. Let us help you compare EDF energy tariffs for your business and help you find the best deal.

EDF Reviews

You can view EDF reviews here.

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Paul Kay was fantastic in securing us a great deal and explaining everything in full. Thanks and would wholeheartedly recommended.

Excellent service from Kenny in the Manchester office, he worked hard to find the best price for me and explained everything along the way. Will definitely use him again in the future and would recommend.

I spoke to Paul Kay this morning who in the space of 30 mins looks to have halved my salon electric bill, he was personable, knowledgeable and honest. The proof will be seeing if the bills actually reduce and if so I will leave another review but so far an excellent service

I dealt with Utility Bidder over the past couple of days, amazing service and prompt. Paul Kay gave excellent customer service! would highly reccomend.

Without a doubt utility bidder has saved my sanity. They have sorted months of going around in circles with a supplier in under a week.

I would highly recommend to everyone I know.

Had a lovely phone call from Connor this morning, he was very helpful, explained everything very clearing and all I had to do was agree to everything that was suggested and he done the rest! Very happy with the service

I have just worked with Alex from Utility Bidder to sort our electricity contract today. He has got us an excellent price for our charity and it has all been sorted in half an hour (possibly less!). He was extremely helpful. THANK YOU

Had a call from Alex York who within minutes had arranged a new electricity contract with a new supplier. He was extremely courteous, professional and friendly. Highly recommend.

Robert Johnson has just completed my renewal contract with my energy supplier. He was very helpful and very efficient. It’s the first time I have used Utility Bidder and I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them. Thank you for making it so easy.

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business electricity rates edf


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Business Electricity from EDF Energy

French state owned electricity supplier EDF Energy has become an increasingly prevalent player in UK energy in recent years.

Having established a dedicated business focus, whether SME or Corporate, EDF Energy has a range of different business electricity tariffs to suit businesses of any size.

EDF Energy acquired the former South Eastern and South Western electricity businesses and also took control of the UK nuclear generator British Energy.


EDF Energy Checklist

  • Are their prices  fully fixed ?  For SME customers all contracts allow pass through of costs, for larger business customers a choice of fixed or pass through contracts are provided
  • Do they include metering and transportation costs in the price?  Yes
  • Do they include  FIT   and   RO  and   CFD   in the price?  Yes
  • What is their  back billing   policy?  Limited to three years
  • Do they require a  letter of authority ?  Yes
  • Does the contract lapse on  change of tenancy ?  Yes


  • Is your  contract end   date on the invoice?  Yes
  • Is your  termination   date on the invoice?  No
  • When will your renewal letter arrive?  60 days before end date
  • When do you need to terminate? At least 30 days before end date
  • Do they require  termination   letter by recorded delivery?  Yes
  • Will they  rollover   your contract?  Yes
  • How high are the  out of contract rates?  18.06p/kWh Electricity, 5.90p/kWh Gas


  • Do they mandate  Direct Debit  payment terms?  No
  • What are their  Direct Debit   terms?  Fixed, Monthly
  • Do they offer  Cash / Cheque   payment terms?  Yes
  • Do they support reduced rate  VAT declaration ?  Yes
  • Do they bill monthly or quarterly?  Quarterly
  • Do they provide  online billing ?  Yes
  • Do they install smart meters as part of the supply contract?  No
  • Do they support existing  smart meters   with full functionality?  No
  • Do they provide  New Connection & Upgrade Services ?  Yes
  • Do they support IGT meters?  No
  • Do they support all electricity profiles including half hourly?  EDF’s SME business only support standard profile meters however their I&C business contracts will support Maximum Demand and half hourly meters
  • Do they support related and aggregated meters?  Support related but not aggregated meters


  • Do they offer green and renewable products?  Yes
  • What is their  Fuel Mix ?  3.5% Gas, 56.1% Nuclear, 26.8% Coal, 13.5% Renewable

Other things to know about EDF Energy

  • Offers 1-3 year contracts for its SME customers
  • Provides a 7% Direct Debit Discount
  • Offers a range of different products specifically designed for businesses at various times in their lifecycle;
  • Offers the same price for both new and renewal customers;
  • Offers a dedicated offering for start up or moving businesses;
  • Offers variable price contracts with no fixed end date or exit fees;
  • Offers standard fixed price contracts;
  • Offers dedicated contracts for high and low users;
  • Welcomes customers of any credit score (Delphi);
  • Offers deals specifically designed for property businesses such as landlords and developers;
  • Operates a free phone number for their UK-based business energy team;
  • Provides free energy efficiency advice;
  • Provides online account access and online meter reading;
  • Will take on smart meters from any source but will operate them as traditional manually read meters;
  • Offers three contract types: Fixed + Peace of Mind, Fixed + Reflective,  and Fixed + Protect;
  • Fixed + Peace of Mind fixes all elements of the price
  • Fixed + Protect fixes all elements but allows for changes above certain tolerances to be chargeable
  • Both Fixed + Peace of Mind and Fixed + Protect:
  • Are available for up to 24 months in duration
  • For both NHH and HH customers
  • For customers consuming up to 50GWH per year
  • Fixed + Reflective is only available to HH customers and passes through third party costs
  • It also includes a volume tolerance above which additional charges may be made
  • Is available for up to 24 months in duration
  • For customers consuming between 10 and 50GWH per annum
  • EDF T&C’s Fixed
  • EDF T&C’s Fixed Protect
  • EDF T&C’s Fixed Peace Of Mind
  • Commodity :  Inclusive, Fixed
  • Transportation : Inclusive, Fixed
  • Metering :  Inclusive, Fixed
  • FIT :  Inclusive, Fixed
  • RO :  Inclusive, Fixed
  • CFD :  Inclusive, Fixed
  • Commodity :  Inclusive, Fixed unless tolerance threshold of 20% is breached
  • Transportation :  Inclusive, Fixed
  • FIT :  Inclusive, Fixed unless tolerance threshold of 40% is breached
  • RO :  Inclusive, Fixed unless tolerance threshold of 40% is breached
  • CFD :  Inclusive, Fixed unless tolerance threshold of 40% is breached
  • Commodity :  Inclusive, Fixed unless tolerance threshold of 10% is breached
  • Transportation :  Inclusive, Variable
  • Metering :  Inclusive, Variable
  • FIT :  Inclusive, Variable
  • RO :  Inclusive, Variable
  • CFD :  Inclusive, Variable
  • Where a change in law occurs affecting delivery of the contract.
  • Where the customer fails to fulfil their obligations under the contract.
  • Where the installed metering system changes.

Back billing and EDF Energy

Edf energy and letters of authority, change of tenancy and edf energy.

Business Juice Top TipAlways ensure that you take opening meter readings on the day, or as close as possible to the day, that you move into the premises to ensure that you only pay for the energy that you use.
Business Juice Top TipEvery Business Juice client receives a unique key facts statement detailing all there is to know about their energy contract including all the important dates relative to your deal. Sign up today and take control with Business Juice.

Terminating with EDF Energy

Business Juice Top TipTerminating your contract is key to gaining freedom of movement and having access to the best deals for your next business energy contract. It pays to always be aware of your termination obligations so as to ensure that you act as soon as conditions allow in order to help you get the best out of the business energy market. Or better still sign up for our evergreen letter of authority and we will terminate on your behalf well ahead of time and provide you with a range of market leading options at the right time to suit your business.

Rollover contracts and EDF Energy

  • Coal: 26.8%
  • Nuclear: 56.1%
  • Renewable: 13.5%
  • Other sources: 0.1%
  • And produced CO2 of 259g/kWh and High Level Radioactive Waste of 0.0045g/kWh
  • Coal: 34.0%
  • Nuclear: 21.6%
  • Renewable: 16.7%
  • Other sources: 2.1%
  • Producing CO2 of 428g/kWh and High Level Radioactive Waste of 0.0017g/kWh
Business Juice Top TipBy selecting a supplier with a fuel mix that suits your business’ environmental credentials you can gain access to a renewable solution without paying premium green prices. By using Business Juice we can match up your needs with appropriate the fuel mix and enable your business to take support renewable initiatives.

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business electricity rates edf

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Business energy suppliers we compare

A useful guide to compare edf business energy.

EDF Energy is one of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers of energy here in the UK. This means that EDF business plans are a popular option for many. The EDF business UK tariffs are available to both small and large organisations, with a variety of tariff options. This guide will provide you with an insight into the service you could expect from EDF  business energy  UK wide.

EDF business compare for business

EDF is a subsidiary of EDF group, a French state-owned supplier, which is one of the largest suppliers in Europe. The company supplies two thirds of its electricity supply from their nuclear power stations. Although, they do state they plan to increase the sustainability of their supply, while still offering competitive EDF business rates.

The range of EDF business prices and tariffs, could mean your business benefits from EDF business gas and electricity options. Whether you run an SME or a large business, you will be eligible for an EDF business quote.

EDF business compare electricity options

If you are looking for EDF business rates for electricity, there are some competitive options available. The actual price of EDF business electricity tariffs will depend on details bespoke to your business. For example, your businesses location and how much electricity you will consume.

There are a variety of fixed and variable rate options for SMEs. Although, large businesses benefit from the most flexible contracts. For example, large businesses could arrange the Blue for Business tariff. This tariff provides low carbon electricity, without an additional premium.

EDF business compare gas options

In a similar way to the electricity tariffs, there are a variety of EDF business gas options available. Depending on your business’s location, it will be possible to arrange competitive EDF business gas prices. There are fixed and variable rate contracts for SMEs, with options to fix rates for up to 3 years. At present, EDF does not provide gas to large businesses.

business electricity rates edf

EDF business compare deals with our quick and simple tool

If you are searching for convenient EDF business comparison UK wide, we can help. As a broker we have partnered with the ‘Big Six’ suppliers, alongside hand-picked independent suppliers. Our comparison tool is designed to quickly capture your details, so that we can negotiate the deals. This will include the best EDF business energy rates and also tariffs from other suppliers.

So that we can find the ideal EDF business solutions for you, we will require a few key details. This can be found on your electricity or gas bills and include, how much energy you use and your rate. Once we understand your consumption habits, we will quickly negotiate the best tariffs for you. Our aim is to find you affordable energy rates, reliable suppliers and excellent customer service levels.

business electricity rates edf

EDF business compare quotes and switch

Once we have negotiated a variety of contract options, you will be sent the list to compare. The first thing you are likely to compare is the price of the EDF business energy quote. You should compare the unit price per kWh and the standing charge, as they will vary between tariffs and suppliers. However, it is also important to consider other aspects which are important to your individual business.

EDF business compare reviews

It is important to read EDF business energy reviews, as it will help decide whether they will meet your expectations. There are many EDF business reviews available on their website, although forums are also a great place to read reviews.

Consider the contract terms and conditions

Depending on the tariff you choose, there may be charges related to contract changes such as:

EDF business moving out of current premises

EDF business new connections

EDF business renewals of contracts

How will you manage your account?

If your business would like online account management and UK based call centres, these are factors which you should consider. Whichever tariff you sign up to with EDF, your business will have access to an online account and convenient app. If you do need to contact customer services, your business will be assigned a dedicated UK business advisor.

Do they provide energy efficiency advice?

EDF business energy is aiming to help businesses use energy more sustainably. As part of their business aims, they are currently rolling out smart meters to business customers. If you are not automatically sent a meter, it is possible to make an appointment online for a quick installation. They will also help you to manage your energy usage more effectively, through energy profiling and monitoring.

Switch to EDF business energy

If you decide that EDF business energy will provide the service you require at a competitive rate, it is time to switch. When we negotiate quotes on your behalf it is completely free of charge. This means that once we pass your details across there is no bill for you to pay. The EDF business energy team will arrange the switch of your energy and there is no disruption to your supply.

All you need to do is provide an EDF business meter reading, which will be used to calculate your bill. You will need to pay your old supplier for any energy used up until the switchover date. In many situations the complete switch will take just 4-6 weeks.

EDF business compare tariffs

EDF business tariffs are divided into options for SMEs and larger businesses. Although, the main EDF business supply tariffs are based around the traditional fixed and variable rate options.

If your business is an SME, you will be able to choose between the New Start and Fixed for business tariffs. Although, the New Start tariff is only available for electricity supplies. Both options feature fixed rates for the contract length and automatic renewal onto their Easy Fix tariff. If you are looking for a short contract, the New Start tariff features lengths of 6-9 months.

For SMEs, EDF business variable rates will fluctuate depending on the wholesale energy price. There is no fixed end date, which means your business is free to switch to a new tariff, without providing notice.

If your business spends more than £30,000 on energy per annum, you are likely to be considered a large business. This means you will have access to a variety of fixed and variable contracts.

An option is the Fixed + Reflective tariff, which uses an EDF business smart meter to provide half-hourly usage updates.

As with all suppliers, the EDF business deemed rates are the most expensive way to pay for energy. Currently SMEs will pay 18.06 pence per kWh for electricity and 5.9 pence per kWh for gas, for out of contract usage. EDF large business deemed rates will also be expensive, so it is worth negotiating a contract.

EDF business compare online and save today!

Our EDF business online comparison process is quick and simple. Whether you are an EDF large business user or an SME, our tool will help you access competitive quotes and  compare energy suppliers . If you would like to find out more about EDF business energy, please contact our dedicated energy team.

Prefer to talk with the experts?

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