biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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Assignment 4 a.

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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biology assignment 4

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Biology 205 Lab Manual

Assignment 4: protocol (final submission).

Resources: Course Assignments

Module 4 assignment: cell builder.

Create a model of a eukaryotic cell using any material of your choice. In your model be sure to include all the organelles appropriate to your cell (either plant or animal). Once complete, take multiple photographs of your model from all angles. Include these images in a document that also contains the following in table format:

  • A detailed key/legend that matches the model;
  • Each organelle or part with its basic function;
  • A disease or disorder that is associated with the malfunction of each cellular component
  • How this organelle is visualized microscopically

Note for the disease information, you can list a disease in either animals or plants, regardless of what type of cell you are modeling. In other words, its okay to discuss a “human” disease even if you are making a plant model, provided the organelle is present in both types of cells.

Some suggestions for 3D models include Legos, a decorated cake with candy toppings, or standard Styrofoam base with appropriate pieces attached. You can also draw or illustrate a model. Here is an example of what you might make.

Basic Requirements (the assignment will not be accepted or assessed unless the follow criteria have been met):

  • Assignment has been proofread and does not contain any major spelling or grammatical errors
  • Assignment includes appropriate references
  • Assignment includes photographs or images of created model from all angles.
  • Assignment includes a key documenting how each organelle is represented in the model.
  • Assignment includes a completed table such as the one illustrated in the example document.
  • Assignment includes a disease caused by malfunction of each identified component in the model.
  • Assignment includes at least 7 organelles in the model and table.
  • Performance Assessments: Cell Builder. Authored by : Shelli Carter. Provided by : Columbia Basin College. Located at : . License : CC BY: Attribution

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