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AIOU Urdu Code 6416 Assignments of B.Ed and BS Class Spring 2012 to Spring 2020

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Aiou bed 1.5, bed 2.5, bed 4 solved assignments - spring 2023.

Welcome to our website. If you are a student of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and pursuing BED 1.5, BED 2.5, BED 4, ADE program, then you have come to the right place. We offer solved assignments for BED 1.5, BED 2.5, BED 4, ADE program that you can download easily from our website. Apart from this, we also have helping books available for purchase that can assist you in preparing for your exams. To stay updated with our latest resources, we recommend that you subscribe to our AIOU Studio 9 YouTube channel, where we regularly upload informative videos related to AIOU and its programs.

Passing Policy:

To pass a subject, you need to get at least 50% marks in the final exam and 50% marks on all the work you did throughout the course. This includes assignments, workshops, quizzes, and the final exam. The final result is calculated by giving 20% weightage to assignments, 30% weightage to workshops and quizzes, and 50% weightage to the final exam.

BED 1.5, BED 2.5, BED 4, ADE program

Solved Assignments of Spring / Autumn 2023.

b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu


b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu

6400 6416 brother plz

Sir 8605 ki PDF q nai open ho rai

Sir B.E.D ki or codes me add kre

6473 ,6488 ki be plz

Sir b.ed 1.5 ki chye thi

8615_16_17_18 ki kR dain

sir 8603 k assngnment uplord kardy

Aoa sir g b.ed 6488,6478 be upload kar da

Aoa Sir, b.ed code 5436, 6400, 6416 k solved assignment b upload kr dein ...

8627, 28, 29 and 8639 requirement hai

bahi 8627,8628,8638,8629 ki b upload ker dain jaldi say

A. O. A sir kindly upload assignments of 8627,8628,8629 & 8638 plz

8603 ki assignmnt 2 b upload kr dain

6476 aur 6477 mil skti hain ?

8607,8625,8626 upload plz


I need 5436,6416 PDF main chahiye send karen

For any solved assingments WhatsApp me 03496436664

6412 cahiyee

lesson plain ap k pass hn kia

sir plz 6416

Kindly upload 6483 and 6478 plz

Ma education course upload please

8619,8620,8621,8622 upload plz

8610,8612 upload plz

Sir b.a ka akhri semester hy lain Abhi tk admission confirm ni hua Sir kya krna chay plz bta dain

Enter your comment...sir 6401,6465,8605 k b upload kray plz

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Code 8605 ki assignment q nai milrhi Khan se mile gi

8619 8620 8621 8622 ki solved assignment upload kr den plz

6401 ya cord add kara sir plz

8619 8620 8621 8622 ki solved assignment upload kr den plz plz plz

b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu


Sir plz upload the assignment 8605

sir uploaded 8603 and 8605 assignment no 2

8608 or 8613 ki help koi kr skta hai to cpntct kry. 03346446888

Dear kindly uploadADE AUTUMN 2019 ASSIGNMENTS PLEASE 6404.6405.6406.6407.6408.6409

Good work sir

8623 aor 8625 ki 2nd assignment

Slam sir bed 4 year 7 semestr ke assigment che hn

Course 452 ki assignments hn?

یار کوئی 5403 کی حل شدہ اسائنمنٹ ہی سینڈ کر دے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

کسی کے پاس6465 ہے تو سینڈ کر دیں

8605 and 8603 ki 2nd assignment send kr dien.. Please.

8601.8602.8603.8604.8605.8606 open nai ho raha ku

6470 ,6471 assignment kindly

Watsapp plz 6447


Assalam o alaikum plz share assignment 6494

Plz 6494 upload kardein b.ed

6401 assigment 2

Code6465 and 6401 ki assignments b add kr dain plz

6466 ki assignment upload kr dan plz

Code 6401 assignment no. 2 add kren

Sir plz sent me assignment 6476.6477.6486.6487.plz sent me.

Please send 6482 assignment

8603,08605 ka 2nd part upload kr dain plz

Upload 6401 assignment no 2 autumn 2019

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please upload 6468 assignment Autumn 2019

Plz upload code 6401 assignment no. 2 autumn 2019

Good work...

Code 6479 ki assignment add k d plz

مجھے بی ایڈ کے سیکینڈ سمسٹر خزاں 2019 کے مندرجہ ذیل ایسائمنٹس چاھیے 8634 8635 8636 8637 بہت مھربانی ھوگی

Sir b.ed 4 year code 8657 ki assignment upload ni ki ap ny

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6401 upload kr dein bhai please

6473 ki solved assignment autumn 2019

سر 6416 کی assignments krden

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6493 ke assignment

Kindly 8603 nd 8605 ki 2nd assignment snd kr dyn

Kindly send 8603 nd 8605 2nd assignment

6401 gernal matmatics and statics assignment need

Kindly share 6482 thanks

Need hand made written b.ed assignments.. Tell me detail about this

Muhammad asim

I need 8638 assignment

Sir plzz 6474 assignment add kr den

please provide 6478 solved pdf

6472 please

Respected, mujhy 6481, 6482 codes ki assignments ki zrurt he. ap ny urdu ki koi b assignment tyar nhi ki. agr ap k pass data he to kindly wo send kr dyn. me 1 ya 2 din me pdf formate me type kr k apko send kr skta hon. ta ky ap Urdu subjects ki assignments ki services b dy skyn.

b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu

6469 6479 6493

Urdu mein b assignment ka pdf hona chahye

6473 ki assignment upload kar dain............

Sir 6401 ki asinment kar day plz

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6479 code plz in pdf

6479 code plz

6492 assignment

Sir 6482 ki solved assignment chahye the?

sir 6492 ki 2nd assignment autumn 2019 ki upload kr dein

6468 and 8503

6479 code ka written assignment de de pdf par plz

Sir 6482 ki agr solved assignment hy tu plz send krna

8623,8624,8625,8626 plz upload 2nd assignment

6479 assignment 2

Aoa 6482 hy to plz upload kr dein

6410/ 6495 ki assignment chahye. B. ED ki.

Assalamualaikum Sir code 8622 ki assignment mil skti h kya please

i need 6476,6477 solved ssignment


6476 ki assignment bi dydo

9001 perpar hai 2020

6455 assignment???

Assignments of 0260 and 1430 are available.....

b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu

i need 8623,24,25,26 2nd assignmnt 2019 autum can you send me plz?

Sir please end term assignments sent Karen .8623,8624,8625,8626 ,8611 ki b.ed 1.5 second semester 2019

Dear sir please upload pdf file of 6481,6482

Sir 8612 ki b upload kr dy plz

Sir cde 8623,8624,8625 and 8626 inki b assignments upload kr den plzz..

Sir ap baki kb tk update krin ga 8601 , 8603, 8609, 6488, 6468

8611 spring 2020 assignment in urdu please

Sir MSc Pak Study ki assignments upload kar dain

sir plz upload 8608 8609 8612 8613 8614

sir please upload 8626 solved assignment and also 8626 book

Sir kindly upload b.ed 8601,8603,8604,8605,8606 Assignment

I need assignment of 8623, 8624, 8625, 8626. Plz share these assignment. Jazak Allah

aoa.sir pls b.ed 1st smester 2020(1.5) code# 8601,8603,8604,8605,8606 ki assignments bhi uplode kr dain.

Assalam o alaikum sir

Sir b.ed 2.5 yr spring semester 2020 k solved assignment upload kr dain... Code 8601,8602,8609

8619,8620,8621,8622 in codes ki b solved assgnmnts upload krden...

8625,8626 ki bhi solved assignments upload kr den plz

Sir 8623 to 8626 nhe ha plzxx wo bhe upload kr dien

6480 6470 6466 8604

8603 uplod kr dy

Please provide 8601,8602,8603,8604,8605,8606 solved assignments spring 2020

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Sir 8623,8624,8625,or 8626 ki PDF upload KR dain

sir 8601,8603,8609,6468,6488 ke kb assigement upload krin ga kindly reply

Aslamoalaikum sir plz yeah code bih add karain 6479 6469 6494 6493 plz sir

Sir plz 8623, 8624, 8625 upload

8601, 8603, 8604, 8605, 8606 wali assignments bhi add kary please

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Kindly upload 8638 assignment

8604 or 5 please

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Chemistry and biology pdf plzz

Sir b.ed code 8601 8603 8604 8605,8606 en ki bi solved assignment upload kar dain...please please

8609,8612,8614 ki pdf assignments

Sir 8610,8612 ke assignments b upload kr dyn plz

Salam.sir kasy han plzz sir 8627 spring 2020 ki assinngment up lode krr day jazakallah

Salam sir plzz upload assingment 8627 spring 2020

8607.23 24 25 26 bhai kardy g

8601 8602 8603 8605 8606 kb upload hngi

Aoa Sir kindly upload b.ed 8601,8603,8604,8605,8606 Assignment

Kindly upload 8601,8603,8604,8605,8606

Sir pdf chayia

8601,8603,8604,8605,8606 COURSES ASSIGHMENTS??

8601 8603 8609 ki bhi upload or dain plZ

Sir 8601, 8603, 8604, 8605,8606 solved also

Sir 86 23,24 ,25 ,26 kab tak upload hajyngy

b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu

8607, 8623,8624,8625,8626 plz

Kindly Upload assignments of 8601-8603-8604-8605-8606

Sir kindly upload b.ed 8601,8603,8604,8605,8606

8601,8603,8604,8605,8606 b add krdyn plzz

Respected sir kindly b.ed 2.5 autumn 2020 ki assignment 8604,8614,8607,6475,6480 and 6466 please sir upload kr dein

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b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu

a.a sir ....sir mjy 3rd smester science subjects B.ed 2.5 koi nso;ve assignment chahy.jin k course code ye hn.6452,6457,6438,6455,6460

IS 8612, 8614, 8609 not available ????

Sir kindly upload 8609,8612,8614


Sir kindly upload 8627,8628,8629

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جزاک اللہ خیرا بھائی

Sir plz upload assignment code of 8623,8624,8625

Sir ap keh ray k LMS py upload hon gi assignment ... Us p to 5mb ki file upload kr skty ... Type kr k .... Aur ap n PDF ma pehla page handwritten assignment ka lgaya ha.. k imtahani mshq sirf hath s likhi jay... .Kya ya sb?????

Kindly post 8623 8624 8625 8626 assignment 1 and 2

Kindly post assignment 1 and 2 of 8623 8624 826 and 8626

6458 ki assignment hai kisi ke pass

Plz upload 6466 6458 6443 here



b ed aiou solved assignments 2020 in urdu

aoa sir 8619,20,21,22 be send kr dyn

aoa.....sir assignments by post ni send krni,,????..sirf LMS p upload krni h..?

8623 8624 8625 ki kb tak upload hon gi assignments

Sr kindly upload 8627,8628,8629,8638 assignment solved


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Aiou solved assignments | aiou solved assignments autumn spring 2022-2023, aiou solved assignments for spring 2022 and autumn 2022 are available for matric, fa, ba, bs (old), associate degree, bsc, b.ed, ma, msc, and m.ed levels. any student can download aiou solved assignment from here. click on the concerned assignment name for the download assignment ., allama iqbal open university all program assignments , c hoose the class:, follow us $type=social_counter.

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5403 Basic of ICT (Urdu) AIOU Solved Assignment Autumn 2020 B.Ed | PK24JOBS

Aiou solved assignment autumn 2020 b.ed.

AIOU solved assignment Autumn 2020-2021  – Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) course code 5403  subject   ( Basic of ICT- Urdu)   Assignments No 1-2    semester autumn 2020  B.Ed Level (1.5 Years, 2.5 Years and 4 Years)  are available in soft copy (PDF file). All details related to  AIOU Solved Assignments  are as under:-

AIOU Solved Assignments Autumn 2020 FA

AIOU Assignment Autumn 2020 Free Download

Assignment 1, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});, assignment 2.

Download AIOU Solved Assignment Autumn 2020

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