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How to Find Free Clip Art

If you have a graphics project and you’re trying to come in under budget, you might search for free clip art online. It’s possible to find various art and images that are available for download without charge.

What is Clip Art?

Clip art includes images and pictures that you can import into various programs or into documents. Clip art images will be either vector graphics or raster graphics. Artists might create clip art by hand or digitally using software. Although clip art has been around for decades, the creation process has become very simplified compared to how artists made clip art several decades ago.

Clip art in vector graphics format isn’t limited by a predetermined number of pixels. This means that you can resize the image to make it larger, and it won’t lose its crisp lines. The main file extensions for vector graphics are .svg and .eps, and you’ll need to work with the vector image using special editing software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Clip art in raster graphics format will have the .jpg file extension. These images aren’t resizable without losing resolution quality. So, to make a raster graphics image larger without making it fuzzy, it will need to have a high resolution.

Royalty-Free Clip Art

Royalty-free clip art includes images you can download and use without restrictions. This means you can use the images privately for your own use, such as in scrapbook layouts or personal art projects that you won’t be distributing anywhere. You can also use these images on websites and even on business cards or other items you print. The only limitation placed on royalty-free clip art is that you can’t resell the images to other people, such as if you decided to start your own clip art business to list and sell the images.

Searching for Free Vector Graphics

When you want to find vector graphics for a project, search for public domain images. These vector graphics will usually be housed on websites that categorize them according to different subjects, such as animals, foods, holidays, people, plants, recreation and more. Peruse the different categories to find graphics you want to download. Depending on the website, when you find a piece of clip art you want to use, you may need to register to download it, or you might just right-click it to save it to your computer. After right-clicking, choose “save image as,” and then choose the location where you want to download the image.

Searching for Free Raster Graphics

When you want royalty-free raster graphics, you can search for this format using an Internet search engine. Some websites will require that you register for an account before downloading. When you’re looking for clip art for personal use, it’s reasonably easy to find free downloads. Some websites will charge you for clip art used commercially, especially if you want an extended license.

Cautions About Public Domain

Public domain works are available to use without restrictions. But, researching an image can be challenging because often several jurisdictions are involved with an image’s public domain status. So, when you find a clip art file that is presented as in the public domain, it’s wise to research its public domain status and any possible copyrights that may be in place before proceeding with commercial use to make sure that you’re not violating a copyright in place.


art projects about nature

Nature Art, Crafts & Activities


  • Grades 6-12
  • School Leaders

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25 Fun and Easy Nature Crafts and Activities

Take inspiration from the great outdoors!

Nature crafts feature

Some days, you simply have to put the books aside and head outside. These nature crafts are the perfect accompaniment to a stroll in the great outdoors. Pick up the items you need, then make some amazing crafts for play or display!

1. Assemble a one-of-a-kind tree

Nature Crafts

Grab the free printable template at the link, then gather items on a nature walk to create unique trees like no one has ever seen before!

Learn more: Raising Hooks

2. Turn maple seeds into dragonflies

dragonflies made from painted maple seeds

Even adults will want to get in on nature crafts like this one. Paint the maple seeds or leave them as they are to create these lovely little dragonflies.

Learn more: Buggy and Buddy

3. Display a bouquet of pine cone roses

Nature Crafts

Pine cones are pretty on their own, but this colorful project makes them even prettier to look at!

Learn more: Creative Green Living

4. Light up nature luminaries

nature luminaries

Use clear contact paper to make these simple luminaries, perfect for a summer evening picnic.

Learn more: Kids Craft Room

5. Press flowers and leaves to make bookmarks

Nature Crafts

This is one of those nature crafts that makes a perfect gift. Learn how to make them at the link.

6. Wear colorful marble acorn necklaces

necklace made from marble acorn

How cool are these? Glue colorful marbles (bake them in the oven first to get the crackled appearance) to real acorn tops to make the most incredible necklaces.

Learn more: Rhythms of Play

7. Weave with natural objects

Nature Crafts

This nature craft gives kids some excellent fine motor skills practice, with cool results they’ll love to display.

Learn more: DIY Thought

8. Put together bark owls

Tree bark shaped like an owl

You’re going to want to make a whole flock of these happy little bark owls! Use them for fall decor or turn them into holiday ornaments.

Learn more: Fireflies & Mud Pies

9. Test your memory

Nature Crafts

Take a nature walk and gather two of every item. Then place them into small boxes with lids, and play a game of memory. So fun!

10. Play a game of tic-tac-toe with rocks

Tic tac toe played with rocks

Take this beloved game outside when you make a board and playing pieces with items found in nature.

Learn more: Run Wild My Child

11. Paint a portrait with leaves and flowers

Nature Crafts

We love the creativity this nature craft encourages. Kids can make their own portraits, or try to capture someone they know and love.

Learn more: Adventure in a Box

12. Spin some nature pinwheels

Nature Crafts

Grab some big leaves and turn them into clever little pinwheels. Learn how it’s done at the link.

Learn more: Mother Natured

13. Make your own natural paintbrushes

paintbrushes made from natural materials

Turn items like pine needles and grasses into paintbrushes you can use to create other cool nature crafts. These are so much fun to experiment with.

Learn more: Apple Green Cottage

14. Hang pretty nature suncatchers

Nature Crafts

Let the sun shine through your collection of leaves and flowers, all displayed in mason jar rings. Hit the link to find out how to make your own.

Learn more: Hand On As We Grow

15. Spell your name with yarn-wrapped twigs

The letter M made from yarn-wrapped twigs

What a fun way to practice your ABCs! Wrap yarn around twigs to create a whole alphabet of letters.

Learn more: A Few Good Things

16. Imprint clay with items from nature

Nature Crafts

Press leaves, flowers, twigs, and more into clay to make intricate impressions. When the clay is dry, paint them for a finishing touch. This is another one of those nature crafts that makes a great gift.

Learn more: My Bright Ideas

17. Dress up in a nature bracelet

Hand with flower bracelet wrapped around it

Some of the best nature crafts are so easy: Simply make a bracelet of masking tape, sticky side facing out. Then, stick flowers, leaves, berries, and more to it to make a stunning nature bracelet.

Learn more: Craft, Learn & Play

18. Print with leaves on rocks

Nature Crafts

Here’s another simple nature craft with cool results. Press leaves into paint, then use them to stamp impressions on flat rocks.

Learn more: Projects With Kids

19. Crown yourself the queen or king of nature

nature crafts

These nature crowns are perfect for imaginative play. Kids will love wearing them to rule the Tree Kingdom or Creekside Empire.

Learn more: Small Hands in the Big World

20. Play with stick fairies

Stick with leaves wrapped on it to resemble a butterfly

How cute are these? Make a whole family of stick fairies and put on a puppet show about all their adventures.

21. Build fairy houses from rocks

fairy house made from rocks

Speaking of fairies, those little sprites are going to need a place to live! These adorable little houses will look terrific when scattered around the garden.

22. Display flowers in a twig vase

Tin can repurposed to be a plant holder

Give a tin can a makeover with this simple nature craft. Just glue twigs around the can to make a unique vase.

Learn more: Instrupix

23. Craft pine cone hedgehog friends

Nature Crafts

These colorful hedgies are fun for play or display. Kids will want to make an array!

Learn more:

24. Find big leaves to make prints

Big leaves with prints on them

Head outside and grab the biggest leaves you can find. Then, add a variety of paints to create brilliant multi-hued leaf prints.

Learn more: Kleas

25. Turn leaves into masks

Kids wearing masks made from leaves

Here’s another use for big leaves: Turn them into the coolest masks! Press and dry them, cut out eye holes, then paint in the details. Awesome!

Learn more: Babyccino

Love spending time outside? Check out this big list of outdoor science activities and experiments .

Plus, these scavenger hunts will keep kids busy indoors and out..

Take a stroll outside to gather materials, then make beautiful and unique nature crafts using sticks, stones, leaves, acorns, and more.

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art projects about nature

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8 Nature Inspired Art Activities

cut out of a turtle held up to a tree

There are so many magical things about nature that just take our breath away. It’s no wonder why artists explore this theme time and time again. When the seasons change and the world around us start changing, it can bring a new sense of discovery and provide fresh inspiration. Sometimes this feeling is exactly what we need to engage our students.

As the season’s change and new growth is filled all around us, here are 8 nature-inspired activities you can explore with your students:

1. animal-inspired silhouettes.

cut out of a turtle held up to a tree

One of the best things about nature is going outdoors and getting to experience it! This activity, inspired by the work of Nikolai Tolstyh , will show students a different way to explore positive and negative space. Students can use animals or any other silhouette inspired by nature. What makes the negative space of the shape stand out is by finding an interesting backdrop in nature. During this activity, students can explore how different combinations of colors and settings will change the look of their image.

2. Nature Color Bleeds

artwork and lesson plan laying in grass

This Nature Color Bleed activity is the perfect way to combine the magic of color mixing with elements of nature. Students can explore color mixing with watercolors, marker prints, and so much more. Using imagery from nature, students can create their own nature scene. This activity is also a good way to reinforce concepts like contrast and emphasis.

3. Nature Made Painting Utensils

paintbrushes made of natural materials

One fascinating thing about teaching students about prehistoric art is discussing the natural materials used to create. Sometimes it’s hard for students to believe that people once created paints from fruits and plants. Or that they didn’t have utensils like paintbrushes! These discussions provide the perfect way for students to think like their prehistoric ancestors and try to create their own. Take a trip outside and collect grasses, brushes, and other natural materials. Students can come back into the classroom to construct and test them out. This type of activity can turn into a design thinking challenge and becomes a collaborative effort to see how others approach the same activity.

4. Botanical Illustrations

watercolor paintings and illustrations of flowers

Did you know that the art of botanical illustrations can be traced back to between 50 and 70 CE? Illustrations of plants and herbs were documented to record medicinal remedies and purposes. These illustrators were also scientists and botanists who recorded their skills in exciting ways. The same approach can be tried with students today. Whether exploring plants or animals, this type of practice can be a great activity to refine watercolor or drawing skills.

5. Study Natural Phenomenons

visual journal page with nature inspirations

From fire tornadoes to rainbow trees, there are so many natural phenomenons that occur that they don’t even seem real!  These peculiar phenomenons are the perfect hook to engage students. Encourage your students to do some research to find a natural event that truly fascinates them. The next task is to use this phenomenon as inspiration to create a piece of art. The amount of exploration and ideas are endless!

6. Clay Planters

Clay Planter

Creating with clay is exciting; better yet, creating functional pieces will really engage your students! There are so many different techniques one could explore when trying to create a ceramic container for plants. Creating small pinch pots, slab planters with drainage holes, and wall hanging pockets for air plants are all methods you could try.

7. Abstracted Mountains

artwork with abstracted mountainscapes

Artist Christa Rijneveled explores mountains in abstracted ways. With the use of unique colors, lines, and patterns, she creates visually eye-catching work that causes your eyes to move around the canvas. Using her work as inspiration, students can explore the way lines move through a piece to create a visually engaging experience.

8. Use Nature for Symmetry

artwork with citrus fruit

From animal prints to plant formations, there are so many examples of symmetry that naturally occur. Whether exploring sacred geometry or fractals, almost all of it can be found somewhere in nature. One example that you can bring into the classroom to have students see radial symmetry is bringing in citrus fruits. Slicing fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges will not only make the art room smell fresh but will show students symmetry in action. This is one way students can refine their observational drawing skills.

Inspiration from nature is all around us! When you are feeling less than inspired to plan a lesson or need something to engage your students, start by looking outside. With all of the fascinating events that occur in nature, you’re sure to find ways to bring it into the art classroom successfully.

What’s your favorite activity that combines nature and art? How does nature influence the work you create as an artist?

Magazine articles and podcasts are opinions of professional education contributors and do not necessarily represent the position of the Art of Education University (AOEU) or its academic offerings. Contributors use terms in the way they are most often talked about in the scope of their educational experiences.

art projects about nature

Abby Schukei

Abby Schukei, a middle school art educator and AOEU’s Social Media Manager, is a former AOEU Writer. She focuses on creating meaningful experiences for her students through technology integration, innovation, and creativity.

hands drawing a sun

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winter nature artworks

Meaningful Artmaking Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With the Holidays

Celebrate Differences poster

3 Ways to Cultivate an Inclusive Art Studio for All Abilities

The Craft Train

Crafty ideas for kids and parents

27 ways to create nature art

January 30, 2021 By Kate Leave a Comment This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you.

Today I’m sharing a collection of 27 inspiring nature art ideas for kids of all ages from preschooler and up.

Nature makes a fantastic art medium because it’s versatile, beautiful, colourful, textural and environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s free! Can’t beat that.

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27 nature art ideas for kids

I love getting my kids outdoors to experience and appreciate nature. It sends them the message that our world and the environment is important, and it also gives them a break from the sensory overload that comes with our consumer-driven, indoor, digital lifestyle. 

You don’t need to do ‘activities’ to get outside and experience nature, kids will naturally play and create their own games, memories and experiences.

Still, it can add to the fun to create something together with your child, or set up an area where they can create on their own like the mud kitchen I’ve featured in this round up. Both art and nature help kids (and adults) to relax and unwind, so by combining them it must be even more so. At least that’s my theory!

27 ways to create nature art:

21 inspiring process art activities using nature that kids will love

  • Make some sensory mud pies like  Rhythms of Play have created in their adorable mud kitchen
  • Use log stumps as a base for creating nature portraits like Adventure in A box
  • This gorgeous floating nature art activity is by Learn with Play at Home

Leaf art ideas: leaf prints, nature bugs and pressed leaf art

  • Create leaf mandala prints on scrapbook paper. Ours are made from Autumn leaves but these can be created with Summer leaves too.
  • Collect and press leaves to create some pressed leaf art on recycled cardboard
  • These nature art bugs are made from leaves and sticks collected from our garden

21 beautiful nature art ideas for kids

  • Here is a fantastic idea for an Autumn leaf art prompt by Adventure in a Box
  • My daughter and I both enjoyed drawing with nature and chalk
  • Drawing at dusk by torchlight looks like so much fun, by Make it Your Own

21 beautiful and inspiring ways for kids to create art using nature

  • Have you ever tried making earth art in the sand ? It’s a great process art activity for kids and adults alike
  • Or you could simply stay in your own yard and make some garden nature art
  • I love this idea for insect nature art by Laughing Kids Learn

21 beautiful ways to create art with nature

  • You could try stamping with mushrooms like this activity from Mother Natured
  • I love the colourful results of painting with natural loose parts  , by Montessori Nature
  • Take out a large sheet of paper and try this large scale leaf art activity, by Laughing Kids Learn

21 gorgeous and inspiring nature art ideas for kids

  • I’ve always wanted to try marbling art . Penny from Mother Natured has tried it using nature and the results are stunning!
  • Use natural loose parts combined with drawing to create nature animals , by Make it Your Own
  • Here is a colourful way to incorporate nature and watercolours together, by The Pinterested Parent

21 beautiful and inspiring ideas for kids to create art using nature

  • Try painting on bark , by The Pinterested Parent
  • Here is a simple, beautiful and non-messy way to create leaf prints by Picklebums
  • Or you could use nature as a brush and try flower painting , like Finlee and Me

21 beautiful ways to create art using nature

  • Create sculptural art with this rock balancing stone stack from Rhythms of Play
  • I love the results of these simple nature stampers used in play dough by Danya Banya
  • Use rocks to make ochre paint  , my girls adore this simple activity!

nature art ideas for kids

  • My kids had great fun painting gum leaves. We did this as a Christmas art activity but you could do it any time of year
  • Create a leaf mosaic art dreamcatcher using a recycled plastic lid as the base
  • Paint some folk-art inspired garden rocks . They become a fun DIY toy to inspire imaginary play.

Are you feeling inspired to go outside and create some nature art? I hope so. 

27 nature art activities kids will love

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Kate Grono

I’m basically a big kid who never grew up and still loves to muck around with paint, glitter, glue and toilet rolls. With the crafts shared here on this website I’m hoping to give other parents and carers inspiration to get crafty with their kids at home – make our projects, or use them as a source of inspiration to spark ideas of your own. When it comes to crafting no rules apply!


art projects about nature

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Rhythms of Play

Rhythms of Play

Art, Crafts, DIY; Raising Creative Outdoor Kids

Best Nature Craft Ideas and Art Activities for Kids and Adults

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What are some good craft ideas? We’ve put together a great list of nature crafts and nature art projects for kids and adults of all ages you can try at home or in the classroom. (First published on August 31, 2018; this page is regularly updated and republished to add nature craft ideas and improve the content.)

This incredible collection of nature craft projects and nature art activities includes fun and easy ideas for crafting and creating art with acorns, flowers, leaves, mud, pinecones, rocks, shells, sticks, twigs, walnut shells, and more! We have arranged this list into categories based on the natural materials needed–and put them into alphabetical order–to make it even easier to find a new nature craft to try at home or in the classroom. Please scroll down to see them all!

We will continue adding easy crafts to this list of nature craft ideas as we create more nature crafts and nature art projects for kids and adults, so be sure to bookmark this page for easy reference! Making nature arts and crafts with these fun ideas helps children develop their creativity and improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, in addition to several other benefits. You might also enjoy this list of Fall Nature Crafts because autumn is one of the best times of year to make crafts with nature’s treasures.

Nature crafts and nature art activities; fun ideas for kids and adults.

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The Best Nature Crafts and Nature Art Ideas that use Materials Found in Nature

When children ask, “What can I do for arts and crafts? or “What can I craft when I’m bored?” First, encourage them to go on a nature walk to hunt for and collect natural materials they can use to make nature arts and crafts.

Next, gather a few simple art and craft supplies such as paper, scissors, paper plates, pom poms, googly eyes, buttons, fabric, ribbon, clay, glitter, glue sticks (or hot glue), etc. Then use the natural treasures you find in nature to engineer crafts and use them for process art activities.

When your kids run out of ideas, offer your favorite nature crafts and nature art project ideas from the lists below. You will notice that each art and craft project idea has a craft supply list and a step-by-step tutorial to make it easy.

nature arts and crafts ideas made with natural treasures collected outdoors

But please remember that these nature craft ideas are only suggestions. Encourage children to use the ideas shown here to create natural arts and crafts using the natural treasures they find outdoors in any way they please. In other words, use the lists of nature activities below as a springboard to inspire children’s natural creativity.

We’ve alphabetically arranged this list of nature crafts and nature art ideas to make it easy to find fun craft ideas with the kind of natural supplies and materials you have available. Click on the creator of each nature art or craft idea for all the DIY details. You might also enjoy this nature-matching game .

easy arts and crafts ideas made with natural materials found outdoors in nature

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Acorn Crafts

Here are a whole bunch of acorn craft ideas you can make with all the acorns and acorn caps that you find in nature:

art projects about nature

  • Rustic Acorn Marble Ornaments | Rhythms of Play – Collect some acorns and find marbles to make these rustic DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree.
  • Acorn Frame | An Extraordinary Day   – Make a simple photo frame with acorns and acorn caps.
  • DIY Acorn Wreath |  Tried and True – Use acorns to make a rustic wreath to hang on the door.
  • Acorn Marble Necklaces | Rhythms of Play – Make gorgeous necklaces using natural acorn caps and glass marbles. Acorn jewelry is a fun nature craft and homemade gift idea for kids and adults! (photo below)

Gorgeous homemade DIY acorn necklaces made with marbles.

Fresh Flower Crafts

These nature craft ideas use real fresh flowers as the primary crafting material. This list of easy craft ideas includes nature activities and crafts that use real flowers to create natural art you can hang and enjoy. Encourage children to get outside to collect spring and summer flowers to make the fun nature arts and crafts on the list below. You might also enjoy this list of flower art projects and painting ideas for kids and adults.

  • Top 10 Flower Suncatcher Crafts for Kids | Rhythms of Play – Use real flowers to add a pop of color to your windows with this easy nature craft idea for kids and adults.
  • Nature Craft Printables: Masks, Crowns, Tiaras, and More | Rhythms of Play – Make nature crafts using natural materials (including real flowers and leaves) to make masks, crowns, tiaras, and more!
  • Flower Nature Crafts for Kids and Teens | Rhythms of Play – Here’s a fun list of nature craft ideas made with fresh flowers and other natural materials. (Photo below)

real flower craft ideas for kids and adults

Related: Marbled Clay Fall Leaves

Leaf Art Projects and Painting Ideas

There are many fun ways to make nature arts and crafts using real leaves. Here’s a list of autumn leaf art projects and painting ideas you can try. And we have fall leaf crafts on the list below. Or check out this list of fall art projects and painting ideas for even more autumn leaf art and craft ideas.

  • Watercolor and Fall Leaf Art | Rhythms of Play – Use real fall leaves and watercolor paintings to create gorgeous nature art.
  • Leaf Baby | Rhythms of Play – Make this cute leaf baby craft with real fall leaves. A book-inspired nature craft and activity for kids of all ages.
  • Invitation to Create Fall Leaf Art | Rhythms of Play – Use this step-by-step tutorial to create fall leaf art with this easy nature art invitation using real fall leaves.
  • Best Fall Nature Craft Ideas | Rhythms of Play – Here’s a list of fall nature arts and crafts with a few more ideas you can try.

Leaf Crafts  

Leaf nature crafts are not only for the fall. There are leaf arts and crafts on the lists below that you can try at home or in the classroom with children from toddlers to teens all year. Check out all of the fun ideas below.

  • How to Press and Preserve Leaves | Rhythms of Play – Preserve the vibrant colors of autumn leaves and save them for leaf crafts and leaf art projects. Learn six easy ways to preserve fall leaves with this tutorial.
  • Fall Leaf Crown Craft | Rhythms of Play – Make a beautiful fall headdress (crown or tiara) for a girl or boy of any age with this fall leaf craft idea.
  • DIY Leaf Lantern | Rhythms of Play – Use a gorgeous array of autumn leaves to make beautiful fall lanterns and glowing luminaries with this step-by-step craft tutorial.
  • Fall Leaf Lacing Beginning Sewing Activity | Rhythms of Play – It’s fun and easy to turn sturdy fall leaves into lacing cards with this beginning sewing project and craft for kids. And using real leaves makes this beginning sewing lesson an economical (and eco-friendly) handwork idea for preschoolers and kindergarteners.
  • Thanksgiving Leaf Turkey Crafts | Rhythms of Play – Make leaf turkeys for Thanksgiving using natural fall leaves with this fun list of nature crafts for kids and adults.
  • Thankful Tree with Real Leaves | Rhythms of Play – Make a thankful tree with bare branches and real fall leaves. Making a gratitude tree at home or in the classroom is much easier than you think.
  • Heart Leaf Lanterns | Rhythms of Play – This leaf nature craft makes a gorgeous centerpiece with a candle for your dinner table and a great hostess gift idea. You can make this simple mason jar leaf luminary with or without the kids.
  • Turkey Leaf Lanterns Nature Craft | Rhythms of Play – Use a mason jar, tissue paper, and an autumn leaf to make this simple nature craft for kids and adults. (photo below)

DIY turkey leaf lanterns made with real autumn leaves Thanksgiving craft.

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Mud Art and Play Ideas

Mud is a classic art and craft material of childhood. It’s a sensory play material like play dough, but FREE. It’s fun to make mud pies on sunny days and rainy days . Mud is a craft material you can use to make nature art in many creative ways. Have a look at the list of mud play ideas below for inspiration:

  • Mud Pie Nature Art | Rhythms of Play – Try this new twist on a classic mud pie with kids’ fun outdoor sensory art activity. (photo below)
  • Paint with Mud – This is a fun sunny day and rainy day activity for kids. Mud painting is a nature art idea children from toddlers to teens love to create in any weather, spring, summer, fall, or winter. First, use sticks or paintbrushes to paint with mud on paper, the driveway, or the sidewalk. Next, wash it away in the rain, or have the kids wash it off with the hose when they finish creating mud art!

Child making mud pies in the mud kitchen

Related: Apple Button Tree Craft for Kids

Nature Mandalas

Creating mandalas in nature is a fun STEAM activity for kids and adults with several educational, psychological, and spiritual benefits. Try either of the nature mandala craft ideas below!

  • Nature Mandala Art and Craft Ideas | Rhythms of Play – See a few gorgeous nature mandala craft examples and Learn how to make mandala arts and crafts with nature’s treasures with these easy step-by-step instructions. (Photo below)
  • Mud Pie Mandala Art | Rhythms of Play – This easy project tutorial will show you how to use mud and natural craft materials to make mud pie mandalas.

what is a nature mandala

Oak Ball Crafts

Have you ever crafted with those funny little apple-shaped growths found on and around oak trees? We have, and it’s fun! Try either of the oak ball nature art and craft activity ideas below:

  • Oak Apple Nature Craft | Rhythms of Play  – Paint oak balls to look like apples with this fun nature craft for kids from toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, to teens. (photo below)

art projects about nature

Related: Arts and Crafts for Kids

Pinecone Crafts

There are so many fun ways to use pinecones for arts and crafts. Try any of the pinecone craft ideas on the list below to get started. You might also enjoy this list of winter art projects and painting ideas for kids and adults.

  • Rhinestone Pinecones | Rhythms of Play – Add a little bling to the pinecones you find in the great outdoors with this simple fine-motor nature activity and craft for kids.
  • Easy Pinecone Ornaments | Rhythms of Play – Use this pinecone craft DIY to make rhinestone pinecone ornaments for your Christmas Tree.
  • Pinecone crafts and activities for kids | Rhythms of Play – Here’s a fun list of pinecone crafts and activities for kids and adults.
  • Pinecone Rosebud Card | Rhythms of Play – Use a small pinecone and a twig to make this easy and gorgeous rosebud card for mom, grandma, nana, aunt, or teacher. (photo below)

DIY pinecone rose bud nature craft for kids.

Rock Crafts and Stone Art

Here’s a list of rock nature crafts for young and old alike. Pick any of these rock crafts and painted rock ideas, and get rocking!

  • How to Paint Rocks | Rhythms of Play – Rock painting is a fun nature craft for kids and adults. Learn how to paint rocks with the rock painting ideas on our rock craft ideas list.
  • Painted Rock Fairy Houses Craft | Rhythms of Play – Turn any garden into a fairy garden with these cute painted rock fairy houses.
  • Stone Owl Nature Craft | Rhythms of Play – Make stones into owls with this simple nature craft for kids.
  • Rock Balancing Stone Stacking Art | Rhythms of Play – Stack rocks on top of each other to create fun stone sculptures with this fun nature art activity for kids and adults. But before you do, please click the link above to learn why rock balancing is discouraged and illegal in some areas. (photo below)

Child balancing a rock on top of a stone stack to create nature land art.

Shell Crafts

Use the shells you collect on your daily adventures and family travels to make nature arts and crafts. Once finished, shell crafts make great gift ideas. Find inspiration in the list of shell art and craft ideas below:

  • DIY Shell Frames with Handprint Keepsake | Rhythms of Play – First, decorate wooden frames with shells. Next and add photos, artwork, handprints, or footprints inside. Finally, hang them on the wall or give them away as gifts.
  • Shell Sunflower | Rhythms of Play – Make sunflower crafts using shells with this simple nature craft tutorial.
  • Stone and Shell Owls | Rhythms of Play – Here’s a cute stone and shell craft idea for kids and adults. Small bicuspid shells make great owl eyes!
  • Soothing Sea Shell Sensory Bottle | Rhythms of Play – Add seashells to any bottle from the recycle bin to make this calming sensory bottle DIY for kids.
  • Easy Shell Daisy Nature Craft | Rhythms of Play  – Use shells to make the simple daisy craft idea in the photo below.

Easy daisy shell nature craft for kids and adults.

Sun Art and Craft Activities for Kids

Have fun making arts and crafts on a sunny day with these sun art and craft ideas for kids and adults.

art projects about nature

  • Shadow Outdoor Art Project for Kids | Rhythms of Play – Make art with shadows and recycled DIY chalk paint with this fun outdoor STEAM project.

Shadow art outdoor science is a hands-on STEAM activity for kids.

Twig Stick and Bare Branch Arts, Crafts, and DIYs

There are several creative ways to use twigs, sticks, and bare branches to create nature arts and crafts. Check out some of the fun nature activities you can make with sticks of all shapes and sizes, including driftwood, with the list of twig craft ideas below:

  • Easy Felt Flowers on Twig Stems | Rhythms of Play – Enjoy flowers in the home all year with this easy twig craft idea for kids and adults. Psst, moms, grandmas, and teachers love it when they get a single felt flower, or an entire bouquet, on twig stems!
  • Nature Paintbrushes | Messy Little Monster – Make paintbrushes out of natural materials to create art with this fun nature activity for kids.
  • Rainbow Wind Chimes | Happy Hooligans – Homemade rainbow-colored wind chimes are a super easy nature craft for kids.
  • Sea Glass and Driftwood Wind Chime s | Rhythms of Play – Here’s a garden craft made with sea glass beads and a piece of driftwood, or branch, that kids and adults can make together.
  • Yarn Sticks | Babble Dabble Do – Start with a stick hunt outside, then grab a bunch of yarn to wrap them to make this easy nature craft.
  • Nature Weaving | The Chaos and the Clutter – Use sticks–and other items from nature–to weave beautiful nature art.
  • Spring Easter Tree | Rhythms of Play – Decorate an Easter Egg Tree with this fun DIY project you can make at home or in the classroom with kids of all ages.
  • DIY Butterfly Tree | Rhythms of Play – Make a butterfly tree centerpiece for your dinner table or window with this easy DIY.
  • Giant Stick Spider Web | Rhythms of Play – Make a spider web decoration with sticks with this fun Halloween stick craft idea.
  • Thankful Tree with Real Fall Leaves | Rhythms of Play – Use bare branches and natural fall leaves to create a thankful tree.
  • DIY Rainstick Musical Sensory Bottle | Rhythms of Play – Children of all ages love to self-soothe with this simple see-through rainstick made with sticks and other naturally sourced and recycled materials. (photo below)

DIY rainstick musical sensory bottle made with sticks in a recycled bottle.

Walnut Shell Crafts

How do you make crafts with walnut shell halves? We have a few simple walnut shell art and craft ideas for kids or adults. But before you get started with the walnut craft ideas below, let us show you the best way to quickly and easily crack walnuts open into perfect halves for crafts.

  • Walnut Shell Manger Ornament | Rhythms of Play – Make walnut shell ornaments for the Christmas tree with this easy walnut shell craft idea.
  • Easy DIY Nativity Scene with Walnut Craft | Rhythms of Play – Use craft sticks, peg dolls, and a half walnut shell to make this simple handmade nativity set.

art projects about nature

  • Walnut Turtles |  No Time for Flash Cards – Did you know you can use walnuts to make turtle shell crafts? So cute!

Walnut shell manger craft.

Nature Crafts and Nature Art Projects for Kids

Use any nature craft and nature art idea on this massive list of ideas to create arts and crafts with natural materials. You might also enjoy fall nature crafts and this list of outdoor learning ideas and nature activities for kids .

Learn more about Rhythms of Play HERE !

More Activities and Ideas for Kids

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  • 15 Reasons to Climb a Tree
  • Nature-Inspired Sensory Bottles
  • Growing Sunflowers with Kids

Nature art activities and nature craft ideas for kids and adults of all ages!

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art projects about nature

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Fun Nature Crafts for Kids

nature crafts for kids

  • Outdoor activities for kids
  • Outdoor Learning - Forest School Activities
  • Scavenger hunts for kids
  • Flower painting ideas
  • Leaf crafts for kids
  • Tree crafts for kids

nature crafts for kids

Nature Crafts from Messy Little Monster

Butterfly life cycle.

Butterfly life cycle nature craft for kids

Apple Bird Feeder

Apple bird feeder nature craft for kids

Nature Suncatcher

nature suncatcher nature craft for kids

Andy Goldsworthy Art

Andy Goldsworthy art nature craft for kids

Flower Petal Suncatcher

flower petal suncatcher nature craft for kids

Painted Leaf Monsters

painted leaves nature craft for kids

Mini Fairy Garden

Mini fairy garden nature crafts for kids

Painted Rocks with a Camping Theme

Painted rocks nature craft for kids

Stone Faces

painted rock faces nature craft for kids

Nature Paintbrushes

Nature paint brushes nature craft for kids

Nature Paint

Nature paint nature craft for kids

Leaf Suncatcher

leaf suncatcher nature craft for kids

Leaf Hedgehog

leaf hedgehog nature craft for kids

Leaf Puppets

leaf puppet nature craft for kids

Nature Tic Tac Toe

Nature tic tac toe nature craft for kids

Nature Owls

pine cone owl and conker owl nature craft for kids

Playdough Bird Nest

playdough bird nest nature craft for kids

Clay Nature Faces

clay faces nature crafts for kids

Sunflower Suncatcher

Sunflower suncatcher nature craft for kids

Playdough and Nature Tree Craft

nature playdough activity for kids

Dandelion Honey 

Dandelion honey

Spring Nature Craft

Spring nature craft for kids

Leaf Bracelet

leaf bracelet nature craft for kids

Tree Nature Craft

tree nature craft for kids

Nature Prints

nature prints nature crafts for kids

Campfire Nature Craft

Campfire nature craft for kids

DIY Stick Toys

stick craft nature crafts for kids

Nature Frame

nature frame craft for kids

Painted Rainbow Leaves

Rainbow painted leaves nature craft for kids

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art projects about nature

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art projects about nature

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Home » Art » Bold Beautiful Nature Art Ideas for Kids

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Bold Beautiful Nature Art for Kids | 24 Stunning art nature art projects for kids

Bold Beautiful Nature Art Ideas for Kids

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Nature is beautiful. It’s colourful and full of glorious texture, that children LOVE to explore, touch and collect everything it has to offer. In today’s post, I will be showing you 24 Nature Art Ideas for Kids that push creative barriers without being overly complicated or material intensive and most importantly, are kid-friendly! They’re bold, bright and beautiful, using the full spectrum of materials from stones to sand, petals to tree stumps. So no matter where you are in the world there will be something for you and your children.

Shall we take a closer look?

24 Bold and Beutiful Nature Art Ideas for Kids 

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Bold Beautiful Nature Ideas Art for Kids | 24 Stunning art nature art projects for kids!

  • This beautiful Petal ‘Stained Glass’ Display from The Artful Parent is the perfect activity for very young children.
  • I love the playful appearance of these Stick People from Mollymoo.
  • These gorgeous Dyed Rocks from Twitchetts are given a semi-precious stone quality that can created at home. You will love the technique and coupled with the positive affirmations, they double up has charming kindness gifts between friends.
  • I adore the bold colours of these Chalk Painted Leaves – this is a no-fuss easy art idea for kids!
  • How amazing does this Paper Weight Beach Rock from Happy Hooligans look?
  • Using a Tree Stump or Wood Slice as a canvas, why not try making Nature Portraits (by Adventure-in-a-Box) ?

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Bold Beautiful Nature Ideas Art for Kids | 24 Stunning art nature art projects for kids!

  • Transform sticks, leaves and foliage into fabulous Nature Paint Brushes (by Messy Little Monster).
  • These Nature Collages are certainly bold, bright and beautiful – An inspirational post with many creative designs from The Craft Train.
  • Mud, glorious mud…. Children will love to get their hands stuck into to this activity to create Muddy Mandala’s and Art (By Rhythms of Play).
  • Are you planning a trip to the beach any time soon? why not try your hand at this Sand Cast Starfish Art idea  by Crafts by Amanda.
  • If you love pop art then you will love this Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art Leaf picture by the Kids Crafts Room.
  • Art doesn’t get easier than Pinecone Painting and its great fun too!

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Bold Beautiful Nature Ideas Art for Kids | 24 Stunning art nature art projects for kids!

  • How brilliant is this Leafy Robot ? I adore this idea from Mother Natured.
  • Flower Printing by Playful Learning is a must try. Combined with scrape painting and you have stunning results.
  • Camouflage Art from Fireflies and Mudpies will be popular with preschoolers and toddlers.
  • T-shirt Nature Printing by The Pinterested Parent – What’s not to love about this idea?
  • This beautiful Galaxy Painted Stone by Color Made Happy is incredibly simple to recreate – you will be surprised!
  • Leaf printing with a difference. This art idea explores positive and negative space, as well as encouraging children to play with colour mixing to recreate Autumn shades.

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Bold Beautiful Nature Ideas Art for Kids | 24 Stunning art nature art projects for kids!

  • With this handy free printable from Mother Natured, Nature Portraits couldn’t be easier!
  • There’s something rather quaint about this Natural Loom for Nature Weaving ( Babble Dabble Do).
  • I love how these sticks are arranged and decorating to create this super cute Stick and Leaf Owl – by I Heart Crafty Things.
  • I love the simplicity of this Nature sculpture Idea from Red Ted Art, which encourages children to look closely at natural forms.
  • Create beautiful Petal Mandala Art with A Little Pinch of Perfect.
  • And finally, explore colour combinations with these Kandinsky Inspired Rocks .

You have now seen all 24 Bold and Beautiful Nature Art Ideas for Kids

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gorgeous collection of Nature Art Ideas. For more ideas inspired by nature, take a look at our collection of 50+ Nature Crafts for Kids !

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Bold Beautiful Nature Art Ideas for Kids | 24 Stunning art nature art projects for kids

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art projects about nature


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