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The air transport liberalization in the European Union (E.U); preannounced the change of how the airline transport industry will operate in the 21 st century. This article emphasizes the need of reforming airlines' contemporary strategic thinking, structure and processes. The airline companies should be proactive and apply several alternative strategic actions towards survival and success and be competitive in the current fierce airline arena.

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Journal of Air Transport Management

Benjamin Koch

Duhan Can CAKI

The importance of the airline transportation sector in service sector is developing rapidly with each passing day. The new entrants to the market are trying to take some market share and existing firms are trying to increase their market share. These airline companies operating in highly competitive environment are committed to providing quality service in order to meet customer expectations and preferred customer-centric work. The way to retain or gain customers depends on creating brand loyalty in low cost airline industry which is open to international competition. Therefore, the measurement of service quality, customer brand preference and assessing customer loyalty constitute the main objective of the study. In this study, a questionnaire was carried on in order to make clear the common preference of low-cost airline passengers in Ankara Esenboğa Airport. As a scope of this study, we will evaluate the questionnaire of the relationship between service quality of Turkish low cost airline businesses and brand preference. Keywords: SERVQUAL analysis, Low Cost Airline Business, Pegasus Airlines, Anadolujet Airlines

kasım kiracı , Temel Ustaömer

Air transportation market is one of the fastest growing industries thanks to economic deregulation. This situation leads to intense competition among airlines. Airlines started to apply various competitive strategies to succeed in competitive environment and to increase their market shares. This study focuses on Islamic airline business model practice, which is not mentioned in the literature before. In this context, Rayani Air " s competitive strategy and business model practice were analyzed and according to Porter " s competitive strategies and airline business models, its position was determined. In addition to that, it is anticipated that " " Islamic airline " " practices in aviation industry will become widespread and more airlines will apply focus strategies. At the same time, airlines with Islamic business model practices will focus on a new passenger mass which is in increase trend in terms of population and income. Özet Havayolu taşımacılığı, piyasanın deregule edilmesi ve daha liberal bir hal alması sonucu en hızlı büyüyen sektörlerden biri konumuna gelmiştir. Bu durum havayolu şirketleri arasında yoğun bir rekabet ortamının meydana gelmesine zemin hazırlamıştır. Havayolu şirketleri artan rekabet ortamından başarılı çıkmak ve pazar paylarını arttırmak amacıyla çeşitli rekabet stratejileri uygulamaya başlamışlardır. Bu çalışmada literatürde daha önce değinilmemiş bir iş modeli uygulaması olan İslami havayolu üzerine odaklanılmıştır. Bu kapsamda İslami havayolu uygulamasının ilk örneği konumundaki Rayani Air " in rekabet stratejisi ve iş modeli uygulaması incelenmiş, Porter " in rekabet stratejileri ve havayolu iş modelleri açısından konumu belirlenmiştir. Buna ek olarak diğer hizmet sektörlerinde görülen İslami uygulamalardan hareketle, havacılık sektöründe de " İslami havayolu " uygulamalarının yaygınlık kazanacağı ve bu sayede havayolu şirketlerinin piyasaya daha yoğun bir şekilde odaklanacağı düşünülmektedir. Aynı zamanda havayolu şirketlerinin İslami iş modeli uygulamalarıyla nüfus ve gelir bakımından yükseliş trendinde olan yeni yolcu kitlesi üzerine odaklanacakları beklenmektedir. Anahtar Kelimeler: İslam Havayolları, iş modeli, rekabet stratejiler JEL sınıflandırması: L2, L5, L9


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