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30 Tips For Finding Great Research Paper Topics for Middle School

Useful information: What is research paper writing and how to format it?
  • Is going vegan good for your health?
  • The dinosaurs: what should happen for them to evolve again?
  • The history of music and its meaning in modern life
  • Greenhouse effect: is it natural or artificial
  • What are the possible consequences of drugs legalization
  • World War II and its impact on the rights of women
  • Schools, learning and social networks
  • The causes, effects and consequences of earthquakes
  • The geological periods of Earth development
  • The history of cryptography
  • The nature of sports. Why competition is so important for humanity?
  • How a person’s behaviour changes in the crowd?
  • What is propaganda and how it works?
  • Is sexual education important? Why?
  • How much can we play computer games to not get addicted?
  • The prison system: shall it be reformed?
  • The types and forms of poetry: how does poetry evolve?
  • Internet safety: what to do if you are threatened or blackmailed?
  • The endangered cultures: is it important to preserve them in the age of globalization?
  • Gender roles in media and books for children
  • The effective strategies of waste recycling
  • Shall some media be banned from TV or is censorship always bad?
  • Human morality. Is it a national trait or a social construct?
  • Multicultural community: do the cultures mix?
  • Healthy self-esteem: what can influence it?
  • Forming of social hierarchy: does it differ from one group to another?
  • Family issues and their impact on the development of the children’s personality
  • What Jupiter contains of?
  • What is more perspective planet for colonizing: Mars or Venus and why?
  • Are cryptocurrencies real currencies?

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Science Struck

Science Struck

Stop Worrying, 7th Grades! Here are 35 Rad Science Fair Topics

Making projects for science fair topics for 7th grade is a unique way in teaching children scientific concepts that are difficult to understand. Which is why they must be fun, creative, and easy to try.

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Science Fair Topics for 7th Grade

Academics beyond textbooks and classroom walls make a better impact. Science fairs projects are one such kind of learning medium, where the toughest topics can be explained with interesting models and graphical representations. With a little help, any subject can be turned into an eye pleasing science fair project. To make science fair topics for 7th grade worth the effort, let the students pick the topics they like.

List of Science Fairs Topics for 7th Grade

  • How does a magnet affect radish plant growth?
  • Does temperature affect the performance of a fuel cell?
  • Which building design will best withstand an earthquake?
  • What techniques do air traffic controllers use to control air traffic? How efficient are these techniques?
  • How does temperature affect the survival rate of aquatic plants?
  • Can animals see in the dark better than humans? Explain how.
  • Does shoe design really affect an athlete’s jumping height?
  • What kind of fertilizers work better? Natural or synthetic?
  • What light brightness makes plants grow the best?
  • How much weight can the surface tension of water hold?
  • Can people tell artificial smells from real ones?
  • How does music affect animal and plant behavior?
  • What is the best way to prevent an ice cube from melting?
  • How is out heart rate affected by the food we eat?
  • What are the terrible effects of acid rain?
  • Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate?
  • Do antioxidants really improve a human’s life span?
  • How does temperature affect the growth of yeast or mold on bread?
  • Does the species of wood affect the rate at which it burns?
  • How does talking on a cell phone or listening to music affect reaction time?
  • Do we remember a sequence of letters and numbers better if they hear or see the sequence first?
  • What is the importance of breakfast in our lives? How does it affect our metabolism rate?
  • How does music influence learning and memory?
  • Do daily memory-oriented activities slow memory loss at occurs with aging?
  • How does caffeine and nicotine affect bacterial growth?
  • What antibacterial properties do extracts from basil and mint plants have?
  • What effects do garlic and vitamin C have on high blood pressure in people?
  • Does the Atkins high-protein diet really work?
  • How does exercise affect heart rate recovery?
  • How does light affect the vitamin C content of juice?
  • How effective are herbal oils and DEET as mosquito repellents?
  • Can vocal wave form patterns be used to identify individuals?
  • Can computer systems for recognizing human motion be used to counter terrorism?
  • How does sunspot activity affect radio reception?
  • How does the air temperature affect carbon monoxide emissions when a car is first started?

Participating in science fair projects encourages the child to read and learn more about myriad subjects. Getting involved in your child’s academics will not only motivate the child but also help you develop a bond of trust and reliability. However, you need to support the child and not do the project for him. Doing the entire project by yourself will make your child handicapped and defeat the whole purpose of the science fair.

The above list science fair topics for 7th grade are extremely easy to do. Ask your child to write a script to explain to the viewers what the project is all about. The simpler the script, the easier it is for him to understand and to explain it. Science fair projects help a great deal in explaining scientific concepts in a jiffy.

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Articles by Publication Date

Where was the research.

7th grade science research paper topics

How well can a computer think?

+ Link to make your own large learning model + Blackboard video version of article + Audio version of article

7th grade science research paper topics

What made woolly mammoths Ice Age icons?

+ Audio version of article + Link to National Parks Service paleontology lessons + Link to woolly mammoth DNA activity using BLAST

7th grade science research paper topics

How do viruses trick their hosts into feeding them?

+ Audio version of article + Link to HHMI Biointeractive lab on viruses + Blackboard video tutorial

7th grade science research paper topics

When and where did humans domesticate wolves?

+ Audio version of article + Link to HHMI interactive lab on evolution + Curated links to activities about canine evolution and phylogenetic trees

7th grade science research paper topics

What does hummingbird coloration tell us about competition?

+ Two reading levels available + Interview and photos with the researcher + Curated links to activities investigating polymorphisms and hummingbirds

7th grade science research paper topics

Why are flights getting bumpier?

+ Audio version of article + Blackboard video version of article + Link to NASA climate lessons for educators

7th grade science research paper topics

How is heart disease different for women and men?

+ Audio version of article + Lesson idea video on circulation game + Curated links to heart structure and function activities

7th grade science research paper topics

Why is it so hard to bring back extinct species?

+ Audio version of article + Curated links to de-extinction activities + Link to DNA Interactive

Popular Articles

7th grade science research paper topics

Can we grow safe and nutritious food in space?

7th grade science research paper topics

How could baby dinosaurs live in the Arctic?

7th grade science research paper topics

Where did cats first start living with people?

7th grade science research paper topics

How can tardigrades survive without water?

Article collections.

7th grade science research paper topics

Gross and Disgusting Science Articles Collection

7th grade science research paper topics

6 Articles About Space and Astronomy

7th grade science research paper topics

8 Science Articles for 5th Graders

7th grade science research paper topics

5 Science Articles about Vaccination

Popular lesson ideas.

7th grade science research paper topics

Ask-A-Scientist Podcast E9: Dr. Jay Falk, hummingbird researcher

7th grade science research paper topics

Teaching Activities About Ecology and Biodiversity

7th grade science research paper topics

Ask-A-Scientist Podcast E6: Dr. Junjie Yao, glassfrogs researcher

7th grade science research paper topics

Data Graphing Activity for 4th-7th Graders

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7th grade science research paper topics

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7th grade science research paper topics

Seventh-Grade Research Paper Topics

Kristine tucker.

Seventh-grade students learn how to locate reliable research material online.

Seventh-grade teachers often assign research papers to help their students learn to locate, analyze and document research material. Ask your students to select a research topic in a specific area, such as literature, science, history or technology, if you want to stress a particular subject. Or, allow them to choose a topic from your list of suggestions, such as "how to" or "pros/cons" papers. Research topics should tie into your seventh-grade curriculum so students gain a deeper, broader understanding of relevant subject matter.

Explore this article

  • Current Events
  • "How-To" Themes
  • "Pros and Cons" Papers
  • Social Issues

1 Current Events

Ask your students to choose a current events topic so they learn how to conduct research in newspapers and on Internet news websites. Ensure they have access to reputable newspapers, magazines and online resources. Suggest local, national or international news stories that cover major events, political issues, crimes or pop culture.

Encourage your students to select debatable, highly informative or thought-provoking current events; daily weather reports and sports scores are too basic. The goal is to help them learn to distinguish fact from opinion and locate reputable information. Set a requirement that they must consult a specific number of resources, such as two newspapers and two online news websites.

2 "How-To" Themes

Opt for a "how-to" theme if you want your students to research key steps in a process, according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Tell your class that the topics must relate to social studies, science, history, literature, technology or business. You don't want students researching overly familiar topics, such as how to ride a bike or how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Suggest plausible topics -- how a bill becomes a law, how to open a savings account, how to take care of a chinchilla, how to become president of the United States, how to write a poem or how a magnet works. Encourage your students to choose a "how-to" topic that they currently know little or nothing about. They can research information in books, textbooks, encyclopedias, academic journals and on reputable websites.

3 "Pros and Cons" Papers

Encourage your students to select a research topic that covers both the pros and cons of a particular issue, according to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. Seventh-graders must learn how to analyze both sides of an issue to avoid bias, evaluating a variety of resources to draw logical, well-supported conclusions. Suggest possible topics, such as the advantages and disadvantages associated with the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, positive and negative effects of the Crusades, benefits and drawbacks to having metal detectors in schools or the pros and cons of texting as a form of communication.

4 Social Issues

Instruct your seventh-graders to research social topics, such as violence in schools, drug or alcohol abuse, animal rights, homelessness, police brutality, illiteracy, teen suicide or eating disorders, recommends the Linden Public Schools in New Jersey. They must use statistical data, commentary from professionals in the field and research from medical or psychological journals to back their findings. Encourage them to address opposing views in their papers, providing reasons why those angles are wrong or misleading. Provide research materials, such as periodicals, books, EBSCO computer services and Internet access to help them locate viable information.

  • 1 Purdue Online Writing Lab: Research -- Where Do I Begin?
  • 2 Common Core State Standards Initiative: Enlish Language Arts Standards -- History/Social Studies -- Grade 6-8

About the Author

As curriculum developer and educator, Kristine Tucker has enjoyed the plethora of English assignments she's read (and graded!) over the years. Her experiences as vice-president of an energy consulting firm have given her the opportunity to explore business writing and HR. Tucker has a BA and holds Ohio teaching credentials.

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7th grade science topics

This collection includes resources to support teachers and students as they engage in the topics outlined in the 7th grade NYC Science Scope & Sequence. Resources support the following units: 7:1 Geology; 7:2 Energy and Matter; 7:3 Dynamic Equilibrium: The Human Animal and 7:4 Dynamic Equilibrium: Other Organisms.

Please note that the files in this collection can not be downloaded from WeTeachNYC because they link out to an external site.

Included Resources

This collection of resources supports unit 7:1 of the 7th grade science Scope and Sequence: Geology.

Energy and matter

This collection of resources supports unit 7:2 of the 7th grade science Scope and Sequence: Energy and Matter.

Dynamic equilibrium: The human animal

This collection of resources supports unit 7:3 of the 7th grade science Scope and Sequence:  Dynamic Equilibrium: The Human Animal.

Dynamic equilibrium: Other organisms

This collection of resources supports unit 7:4 of the 7th grade science Scope and Sequence: Dynamic Equilibrium: Other Organisms.

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80+ Science Research Paper Topics Ideas For Students

Scientist stirring the flask

Essay writing or writing dissertation is an integral part of education at any level, middle school, high school, or college. Some of the most common essays are on science research topics, and they are also quite interesting. However, choosing research paper topics isn’t as straightforward as you’d like. You’ll need to carry out a survey on and draw inspiration from several scientific research topics before finally choosing one. Choosing science topics, especially if they are argumentative essay topics , to write about can be a frustrating task, especially when science is a pretty wide subject. If you need inspiration on interesting science topics, we’ll give you some science research paper ideas. But, first, let’s talk about how to choose the best science research paper topics – it makes things easier.

What Are Some Science Topics You Can Write About?

Interesting science research topics, ideas of science research topics for high school students, science research topics for college students, science research topics for middle school, scientific research question examples, science presentation ideas, cool science topics to research, ideas of scientific topics for research on nanotechnology, fascinating ideas for science research projects, interesting science topics for high school research papers, tips for choosing science research topics.

Being a very broad subject, students often find choosing a science topic for a research paper difficult. However, the secret is knowing what scientific research questions will make for a good paper, and what people will want to read. So, when choosing science topics for papers, here are tips you can follow to make the task easier.

  • Choose cool science topics you’re interested in and that’ll interest your readers.
  • Search online for research question examples science for ideas on what your paper should be about.
  • Avoid choosing too-broad research topics for high school, to ensure your work is well detailed.
  • Consider contemporary scientific research questions concerning recent happenings; they can be fun to write
  • Read your notes and online academic papers for inspiration on good science research paper topics.
  • Choose simple but highly informative research topics for high school students.
  • Choose good science topics you have some knowledge of and can confidently talk about.
  • Learn how to choose science topics for high school to make things easier.
  • Be familiar with the dos and don’ts of choosing scientific research paper topics.
  • Choose a scientific topic for research papers that has enough accessible information.

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Science Topics

Knowing the dos and don’ts of choosing a science title helps you select a good topic and ultimately write an outstanding paper. So, when searching for science topics for presentations,

  • Do understand that there are different topics in science you can research on;
  • Do read extensively for science research paper ideas; it helps you know what to write about;
  • Don’t include words like “Research of” or “Study of” in your chosen science topics to research;
  • Don’t choose high school science research paper topics with scanty or inaccessible information available;
  • Do check online for interesting science research ideas on how to write your paper;
  • Feel free to ask your instructor, colleagues, or seniors for scientific research ideas.

When searching for interesting science topics or social media research topics related to science to writing on, you will find different ones on different subjects, which can be confusing. You can follow the tips we listed for choosing science-related topics for a research paper. Meanwhile, here are some science paper topics you can use if none is forthcoming.

  • Is there a move for the Covid-19 vaccine?
  • What “flattening the curve” means
  • Molecular evidence of humans interbreeding with Neanderthals
  • Impact of cardio exercise on heart health
  • The importance of exploring the solar system
  • Can a comet strike the earth?
  • The Hubble Space Telescope
  • Top ten chemistry careers
  • Acid rain effect aquatic plants’ growth
  • Room color and human behavior
  • How can plants grow in pots?
  • Water’s surface tension weight capacity
  • What does the paleo diet mean?
  • Is Pluto still a planet?
  • The future of commercial space flight
  • Do you inherit fingerprint patterns?
  • Ways in which handwashing prevents the spread of the Covid-19 virus
  • Molecular biological research on rare genetic disorders impact on understanding cancer
  • Do men pass on genetic abnormalities to their posterity as they age?
  • How can men’s exercise affect the traits they pass on to their children?
  • Is there really life on Mars; has there ever been?
  • Ways of solving the problem of junk space
  • The importance of Dark Matter
  • Black holes
  • Different ways to keep ice from defrosting
  • Are pet hairs harmful to the human body?
  • Some of the germs you’ve seen in your school
  • The effect of music on your assimilation ability
  • The types of food dogs prefer the best
  • Good hygienic practices for keeping clean
  • Foods that develop molds the fastest
  • How different body parts aid the effective functioning of the system
  • Do worms in the soil really affect plant growth and how?
  • Can light brightness make plants grow well?
  • What kinds of fertilizers work best, chemical or natural?
  • Can mice (or any animal of your choice) learn?
  • How can age affect the human reaction?
  • Why does water boil faster when put in salt?
  • Can food affect the heart, how?
  • Can background noise interfere with learning and assimilation?
  • Can Higgs Boson destroy the universe?
  • Effects of sunspots on man
  • Should humans live in space?
  • The most important technological innovations in medicinal chemistry in recent years
  • The danger of chemicals emitted from pharmaceutical companies
  • The importance of big data and bioinformatics to chemical research
  • The sugar chemistry behind making candy
  • Biomacromolecules
  • Trends in India’s medicinal chemistry research
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Reproduction in mammals
  • How do fish mate?
  • How useful are science museums in teaching science?
  • Why do birds have beautiful feathers?
  • The safety of offshore drilling
  • The importance of climate change legislation
  • Hydraulic fracking’s negative effects
  • Uses of microelectronics
  • Nanotechnology in medicine
  • Nanotechnology for cancer treatment
  • Can nanofibers repair brain injuries?
  • Effect of nanomedicine on human lifespan
  • Nanomaterial
  • How nanotechnology helps in patient diagnosis
  • How to reduce antibiotic use in agriculture
  • The ethics of stem cell research
  • The best leukemia treatment
  • Gene therapy
  • Causes of skin cancer
  • Colonoscopy testing on colon cancer
  • Why eliminating malaria is difficult
  • The possibility of predicting the next pandemic
  • Do childhood vaccines prevent diseases?
  • How cells shield the body against diseases
  • Should wild animals interact with humans?
  • Are self-driving cars good?
  • Regulating sugar use
  • Different types of headaches
  • Can migraine cause death?
  • The ideal weight for living long

Feel free to choose from this scientific research topics list for your science research paper. There are many things to research where science is concerned, including stem research topics , among others. There is no shortage of scientific topics to research and choosing the best one gets easy when you know how to. If you’ve chosen a topic and you need help writing on them, you can contact our professional writing service. We have a team of experts who can write on any science topic and ensure you meet your deadline.

250+ Research Paper Topic Ideas For Every Learner

Since you are reading this page, you might be looking for good research topics for your school or college papers or just need a little bit of inspiration to start or continue. Regardless if you are looking for psychology research topics for college students or hope to find something that will simply stand out, remember that choosing a good topic is already half of a successful paper. If you choose something you know well and the subject meets your list of arguments, continue with an outline and come up with an excellent paper. Your topic must be competitive and unique, which is why it is so important to look through the list of possible research paper ideas.

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper?

research paper topic ideas

Before you give up on your challenges and think about a cheap research paper , take your time to learn what it means to choose a good topic. You should start with the following checklist that will help you to brainstorm the best research paper topics:

  • Explore Things That Interest You.
  • Check Your List of Relevant Sources.
  • Consult Your Grading Rubric.
  • Brainstorm Competitive Research Topic Ideas.
  • Talk to Your Course Instructor or a School Teacher.

Moreover, always take time to check similar research papers but remember about possible plagiarism risks and always provide due reference if you mention any idea that is not yours.

What is a Good Topic for a Research Paper?

As a rule, a good topic for a research paper must meet provided assignment requirements to the letter. If you are not sure about some aspect, always ask your college professor or talk to your teacher in advance.

Next, you must choose something that you know well and provide more than one opinion unless you are asked to provide your opinion only . It is also recommended to avoid topics that are too broad because you may easily make your research too vague.

Most importantly, your chosen topic should also reflect your main thesis statement or an argument that you make.

The List of Research Topics by Field of Study

As you are thinking about various research paper topics ideas, it is high time to consider taking a closer look at our helpful list that has all the necessities provided by categories. Regardless if you need something useful for your middle school paper or you keep looking for something controversial and demanding, our 250+ research topics list includes it all.

Science research paper topics

  • Should nanotechnologies be made available to the general public?
  • Should genetic experiments be banned completely?
  • What are the challenges of conversion to green energy?
  • How can additional research in the field of Chemistry improve food quality?
  • The connection of chemicals in the seawater and the weather changes.
  • The implementation of bioluminescence aspects in medical applications.
  • The boron nitride research and crystallization.
  • The future of non-petroleum manufacturing.
  • The ethical side of pharmaceutical competition and pollution.
  • The ways how biocomputing technology assists in scientific research.

English research paper topics

  • The consequences of negativity in modern literature.
  • Professional jargon on social media.
  • How does language help to shape one's cultural identity?
  • The link of language aspects to literacy.
  • The use of language in political competition.
  • The challenges of modern English literature.
  • How can specific words impact our perception of things?
  • Neuro-linguistic programming in the English language.
  • The linguistic peculiarities between middle and low-class communities.
  • The use of automatic grammar checkers in education.

Literature research paper topics

  • The portrayal of gender roles in the literature of the 18th century.
  • How has the mystery genre changed with the arrival of digital technologies?
  • The digital books vs books in print.
  • How has modern literature changed in the last two decades?
  • The challenges of modern book authors.
  • The perception of religion in modern literature.
  • The analysis of "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien.
  • How do allusions and metaphors help in literature?
  • Do history books help college students to learn the subject?
  • How can reading books improve a person's mental state?

History topics

  • The Declaration of Independence 1776 analysis.
  • The challenges of slavery in the United States.
  • What has caused the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863?
  • The Civil War’s causes and effects.
  • The cultural impact of Native Americans.
  • The echoes of the Vietnam War.
  • The Black Lives Matter Social Movement
  • How has industrialization changed American society?
  • Interwar Period in popular media.
  • The portrayal of the Great Depression.

Healthcare research topics

  • How should stem cell research be approached?
  • Will portable medical devices create a revolution in the ER department?
  • Is the building of artificial organs ethical?
  • The causes of colon cancer.
  • The link between antibiotics overuse and the increase in epidemics.
  • What causes the long-forgotten diseases to return once again in 2021?
  • How do annual doctor visits prevent diseases and help people to stay healthy?
  • Is autism an illness and how can it be helped?
  • The ways to help people with epilepsy.
  • The origins of the West Nile virus.

Law and criminology research paper topics

  • The problem of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • What causes hate crimes towards a race?
  • The list of war crimes committed by the United States.
  • An analysis of police brutality.
  • What causes human rights activists to become biased?
  • How can juvenile crimes be decreased?
  • Should the drug courts be modified?
  • What are criminal justice ethics?
  • The pros and cons of capital punishment?
  • Crime prevention with the help of social media.

Anthropology research paper topics

  • The agricultural practices and religious beliefs.
  • The role of omen in Ancient Roman culture.
  • Analysis of the burial customs in Europe.
  • The body image modification challenges in 2021.
  • The role of cinematography in history studies.
  • What causes the biocultural evolution of humans?
  • The digital communication aspects.
  • Immersion between Western and Eastern cultures.
  • Biological deformation during the Vietnam War.
  • The challenges of biological determinism.

Math research topics

  • The types of Math used in our daily life.
  • The use of numerical data in healthcare.
  • Analysis of the binomial theorem.
  • The use of a philosophical approach in Maths.
  • The use of geometry for the creation of a matrix.
  • How can imaginary numbers help in prognosis?
  • How can discrete geometry be approached?
  • What are the main challenges of students failing to cope with Math problems?
  • The use of n-dimensional spaces in 3D design.
  • The use of Maths and Horn's paradox.

Social science topics for research papers

  • The role of social movements in 2021.
  • How can the youth culture shape be helpful to prevent crimes?
  • The problems of class conflict and inequality in the United States.
  • How can gender studies help people to approach their sexuality?
  • The challenges of food sociology.
  • How can community work help students learn better?
  • How can social media contacts improve one's social skills?
  • How has mass media changed in the last two decades?
  • The reasons behind the major gender stereotypes.
  • The race and the cultural perceptions.

Ethics paper topics

  • The pros and cons of plastic surgery.
  • Should abortion be banned in the United States?
  • How safe is animal testing?
  • Why should capital punishment be banned?
  • The reasons behind human trafficking.
  • Are human beings good or evil by nature?
  • Should the pharmaceutical industry be fully governmental?
  • Is ethnic adoption racial?
  • The pros and cons of childhood stardom.
  • Should euthanasia be allowed?

Education research paper topics

  • The pros and cons of Montessori schools.
  • Should children adopt technology from early childhood?
  • The challenges of computer literacy in 2021.
  • How have the learning styles changed during Covid-19?
  • Should the government fund education and make it free?
  • The charter school’s pros and cons.
  • The use of technology in education.
  • What are the main issues of school safety in 2021?
  • How good is online education?
  • Should school exams and tests become universal?

Research Paper Topics Based On Different Education Levels

We all know what it felt like to be a middle school student who needed just a bit of help and inspiration to start writing. Keeping this fact in mind, we came up with a helpful list of research paper topic examples based on various educational levels.

Middle School Paper Topics

  • My role model.
  • What does friendship mean to you?
  • How can social media increase our safety?
  • The social movements in my community.
  • How can school students fight procrastination?
  • The ways to combat bullying in school.
  • Why living with a pet makes people better.
  • The subject I would like to add to my school curriculum.
  • My favorite personality in American history.
  • Should children be allowed to vote and why?

5th-grade research paper topics

  • Why do people have to sleep?
  • Who has founded hip-hop music?
  • How do smartphones connect?
  • How do our pets recognize us?
  • How did the ancient sailors navigate through their journeys?

6th-grade research paper topics

  • Does the curse of the pharaohs really exist?
  • How do dolphins communicate?
  • How does our brain retrieve memories?
  • How can we help grandparents become better with computers?
  • The importance of Martin Luther King Jr. for me .

7th-grade research paper topics

  • How can children address global warming and climate changes?
  • The great inventors in history (Thomas Edison, for example, or N. Tesla).
  • How can video games help us do better at school?
  • What causes tornadoes and how can we stay safe?
  • The cultural peculiarities of X country.

8th-grade research paper topics

  • What is the code of samurai warriors?
  • How has The Black Lives Matter movement changed lives in my local community.
  • The use of the Internet among teenagers and the apparent dangers.
  • How can we make school safety better?
  • How has popular music changed during the last three years?

High School research topics

  • What was the significance of the Magna Carta for England?
  • The ways high school students can get ready for college.
  • How tobacco use affects our lungs.
  • How can sports or music make us better at socializing?
  • The history and significance of the Olympic games.
  • The ecological issues in my local community.
  • What is necessary to create a successful video blog post?
  • The best ways to study more efficiently when in high school.
  • The tips and tricks to using Google in 2021.
  • How can social media help students become more inventive?

9th-grade research paper topics

  • How will genetic engineering change our future?
  • The main beliefs in the Roman Empire.
  • How can social movements control the perception of the world's issues?
  • The causes of the Great Depression.
  • My favorite personality in 19th-century literature.
  • The First Moon Landing in the popular media.
  • How has rap music brought up the majority of social problems?
  • How can science help to prevent and identify crimes?
  • Startup projects and the school students.
  • The ways we can participate in international volunteering.

12th-grade research paper topics

  • Would the elimination of the grading system in schools improve the learning outcomes?
  • What are the main goals of feminists?
  • The diversity in school.
  • Should students who graduate create special clubs or unions?
  • The censorship and the Internet.

Senior research paper topics

  • Should recreational marijuana be banned?
  • How have our lives changed since September 11th?
  • Will AI tools appear helpful in education (prognosis paper)?
  • The link of social media use to anxiety and depression.
  • Do smartphones increase or decrease our productivity?

College research paper topics

  • How can a college student cope with college debt?
  • The weight gain problem among first-year college students.
  • How can approaching mental help services keep anxious students safe?
  • The use of additional online courses and academic success.
  • The most efficient methods to improve one's memory.
  • The effect of college challenges on future choices.
  • The cons and pros of remote education.
  • How can college bullying be reduced?
  • The importance of sports and music while in college.
  • The Waldorf education and modern college life.

Good Research Paper Topics

Without a doubt, we all need good research paper topics as we do not want to spend too much time and would rather wish to have something funny. Here are some ideas to keep your creativity high:

Funny Research Paper Topics

  • What was the life of a Sparta warrior?
  • Should plastic surgery businesses be banned?
  • The pros and cons of playing video games at work.
  • Can telling a lie be beneficial?
  • Are we really what we eat?
  • Can our childhood shape our destiny?
  • How does the sixth sense work?
  • How can you keep your brain always engaged?
  • The most efficient ways to remember things.
  • Do we form our taste in music by instinct or it is acquired?

Easy research paper topics

  • Do men really have to protect women?
  • The role of AI for social media.
  • The false image of forensic science created by popular TV shows.
  • Why do people watch horror movies?
  • How can students make their opinion heard?
  • Why did the Black Lives Matter movement become so popular?
  • The pros and cons of the small living space.
  • The link between profit and social responsibility.
  • The reasons why people become biased.
  • The pros and cons of being a celebrity.

Interesting research paper topics

  • Is Atheism considered a religion?
  • Is coffee harmful to our health?
  • The mental aspect of being a Vegetarian.
  • How can everyone become happy?
  • The pros and cons of technology use in a child's life in 2021.
  • What causes people to choose certain behavior types when stressed?
  • The impact of video games on the human brain.
  • How can music become a mental remedy for people facing PTSD?
  • The global warming challenge vs myths.
  • How should people address the Covid-19 problem?

Other great research paper topics

The ones who would like to turn to more challenging topics for research paper can consider the list below. It includes everything from controversial to creative subjects.

Controversial research paper topics

  • The negative aspect of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Should social media bloggers become involved in politics?
  • Should vaccination be obligatory?
  • How does censorship affect our freedom of speech?
  • Climate change is the largest myth.
  • The pros and cons of gender equality.
  • The portrayal of heroes in action movies.
  • Can scientists be objective?
  • Is democracy the best approach?
  • The gun control laws in 2021.

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • There should be more than 12 jurors present in courts.
  • The felons should be allowed to vote.
  • Religious institutions should pay taxes.
  • AI technology should be under strict control.
  • Climate change is a reversible process.
  • Cheerleading should be considered a sport.
  • College athletes should receive more financial support.
  • Palm oil production causes deforestation.
  • Genetically modified foods are dangerous.
  • The animals should be considered as individuals.

Environmental topics for research papers

  • The problem of the wildfires and the temperature rise.
  • How can noise pollution be addressed?
  • The use of remote sensing to prevent damage.
  • How can urban ecology be improved?
  • The pros and cons of renewable energy.
  • The negative effect of sunlight on human skin.
  • How can the rivers be kept clean?
  • The practices of Native Americans in relation to nature protection?
  • Environmental protection as a science.
  • The challenges of Bioremediation in 2021.

Global issue topics for research papers

  • The impact of Covid-19 on planet Earth.
  • The pros and cons of remote education.
  • The negative influence of social media.
  • The risks related to bitcoin mining practices.
  • How can people challenge illegal gambling?
  • The police violence and the safety issues.
  • Should people still read the books in print?
  • The role of grandparents in the lives of modern children?
  • How should college students approach plagiarism?
  • The ways to challenge air pollution.

Analytical research paper topics

  • Why do people have various phobias?
  • How can one get rid of alcohol addiction?
  • What is the moral side of telling a lie?
  • What causes our body to ask for more sugar?
  • How do our memories often become false?
  • Is love only a mixture of chemical reactions?
  • What is the essence of being a true American?
  • How do European people perceive Americans?
  • Ways to improve communication between parents and children.
  • Why do we have nightmares?

Religion paper topics

  • How do people understand the will of God?
  • Are all religions biased?
  • Can religions become united?
  • What are the ways to settle down various religious conflicts?
  • Do religious people take a special niche in society?
  • Should religious education be compulsory?
  • Should alternative religious practices be banned?
  • The religion on social media.
  • The innocence of children in various religions.
  • The pros and cons of religious literature.
  • How can playing a musical instrument improve a person's mental state?
  • How have music listening practices changed during the last two decades?
  • The history of rock music.
  • Is metal music always aggressive?
  • The acoustic peculiarities of the banjo.
  • Should music producers have due education?
  • The role of rap music in modern social movements.
  • How can AI compose music?
  • The role of Physics in the creation of innovative synthesis methods.
  • The music among the world's tribal people.

Entertainment and Sport

  • Should sports bets be made illegal?
  • The moral side of martial arts.
  • Should women compete against men in most sports?
  • Should college athletes have adjusted study curriculums?
  • How can children become engaged in sports?
  • The political bias in sports.
  • Should the Olympic Games be a shared event?
  • How can sports help to fight addiction?
  • Video games are not a sport.
  • The philosophy of chess.

Technology topics

  • Technology makes us lazy.
  • How the use of smartphones helps to save lives.
  • The use of AI-powered technologies in education.
  • Can a modern person survive without technology in 2022.
  • The generational gap and technology.
  • The negative impact of social media on physical communications.
  • The history of the Internet.
  • The ways to prevent online risks in 2022.
  • How can technology prevent human trafficking?
  • How can we provide equal technology all over the world?

Creative research paper topics

  • The use of children's programming on TV channels.
  • The media bias problem.
  • How has Instagram changed our body image perceptions?
  • What does being successful mean in 2022?
  • How can we improve our social skills?
  • The ways how joining a band can make you creative.
  • How can watching history films improve our modern skills?
  • The role of college students in the scientific research world.
  • The reasons behind the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • How can people with special needs receive better education?

As a rule, your research topic must pose a strong argument or explore a certain idea. If some topic is too broad for your needs, think about ways how it could be narrowed down to meet your thesis. The trick is to make it unique and let it stand out from the rest!

Learn to Inspire

As you are making your topic choice from the list above, it doesn't matter if you are looking for some medical research topics or want to explore something else because the most important in either case is to find something that inspires you. By doing so, you can impress your school teacher or a college professor by showing genuine passion and knowledge regarding the subject. Feel free to learn with the help of our research topic ideas and remember that the more you brainstorm various ideas, the better!

Order your paper now!

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7th grade science research paper topics


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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, 113 great research paper topics.

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General Education


One of the hardest parts of writing a research paper can be just finding a good topic to write about. Fortunately we've done the hard work for you and have compiled a list of 113 interesting research paper topics. They've been organized into ten categories and cover a wide range of subjects so you can easily find the best topic for you.

In addition to the list of good research topics, we've included advice on what makes a good research paper topic and how you can use your topic to start writing a great paper.

What Makes a Good Research Paper Topic?

Not all research paper topics are created equal, and you want to make sure you choose a great topic before you start writing. Below are the three most important factors to consider to make sure you choose the best research paper topics.

#1: It's Something You're Interested In

A paper is always easier to write if you're interested in the topic, and you'll be more motivated to do in-depth research and write a paper that really covers the entire subject. Even if a certain research paper topic is getting a lot of buzz right now or other people seem interested in writing about it, don't feel tempted to make it your topic unless you genuinely have some sort of interest in it as well.

#2: There's Enough Information to Write a Paper

Even if you come up with the absolute best research paper topic and you're so excited to write about it, you won't be able to produce a good paper if there isn't enough research about the topic. This can happen for very specific or specialized topics, as well as topics that are too new to have enough research done on them at the moment. Easy research paper topics will always be topics with enough information to write a full-length paper.

Trying to write a research paper on a topic that doesn't have much research on it is incredibly hard, so before you decide on a topic, do a bit of preliminary searching and make sure you'll have all the information you need to write your paper.

#3: It Fits Your Teacher's Guidelines

Don't get so carried away looking at lists of research paper topics that you forget any requirements or restrictions your teacher may have put on research topic ideas. If you're writing a research paper on a health-related topic, deciding to write about the impact of rap on the music scene probably won't be allowed, but there may be some sort of leeway. For example, if you're really interested in current events but your teacher wants you to write a research paper on a history topic, you may be able to choose a topic that fits both categories, like exploring the relationship between the US and North Korea. No matter what, always get your research paper topic approved by your teacher first before you begin writing.

113 Good Research Paper Topics

Below are 113 good research topics to help you get you started on your paper. We've organized them into ten categories to make it easier to find the type of research paper topics you're looking for.


  • Discuss the main differences in art from the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance .
  • Analyze the impact a famous artist had on the world.
  • How is sexism portrayed in different types of media (music, film, video games, etc.)? Has the amount/type of sexism changed over the years?
  • How has the music of slaves brought over from Africa shaped modern American music?
  • How has rap music evolved in the past decade?
  • How has the portrayal of minorities in the media changed?


Current Events

  • What have been the impacts of China's one child policy?
  • How have the goals of feminists changed over the decades?
  • How has the Trump presidency changed international relations?
  • Analyze the history of the relationship between the United States and North Korea.
  • What factors contributed to the current decline in the rate of unemployment?
  • What have been the impacts of states which have increased their minimum wage?
  • How do US immigration laws compare to immigration laws of other countries?
  • How have the US's immigration laws changed in the past few years/decades?
  • How has the Black Lives Matter movement affected discussions and view about racism in the US?
  • What impact has the Affordable Care Act had on healthcare in the US?
  • What factors contributed to the UK deciding to leave the EU (Brexit)?
  • What factors contributed to China becoming an economic power?
  • Discuss the history of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies  (some of which tokenize the S&P 500 Index on the blockchain) .
  • Do students in schools that eliminate grades do better in college and their careers?
  • Do students from wealthier backgrounds score higher on standardized tests?
  • Do students who receive free meals at school get higher grades compared to when they weren't receiving a free meal?
  • Do students who attend charter schools score higher on standardized tests than students in public schools?
  • Do students learn better in same-sex classrooms?
  • How does giving each student access to an iPad or laptop affect their studies?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Montessori Method ?
  • Do children who attend preschool do better in school later on?
  • What was the impact of the No Child Left Behind act?
  • How does the US education system compare to education systems in other countries?
  • What impact does mandatory physical education classes have on students' health?
  • Which methods are most effective at reducing bullying in schools?
  • Do homeschoolers who attend college do as well as students who attended traditional schools?
  • Does offering tenure increase or decrease quality of teaching?
  • How does college debt affect future life choices of students?
  • Should graduate students be able to form unions?


  • What are different ways to lower gun-related deaths in the US?
  • How and why have divorce rates changed over time?
  • Is affirmative action still necessary in education and/or the workplace?
  • Should physician-assisted suicide be legal?
  • How has stem cell research impacted the medical field?
  • How can human trafficking be reduced in the United States/world?
  • Should people be able to donate organs in exchange for money?
  • Which types of juvenile punishment have proven most effective at preventing future crimes?
  • Has the increase in US airport security made passengers safer?
  • Analyze the immigration policies of certain countries and how they are similar and different from one another.
  • Several states have legalized recreational marijuana. What positive and negative impacts have they experienced as a result?
  • Do tariffs increase the number of domestic jobs?
  • Which prison reforms have proven most effective?
  • Should governments be able to censor certain information on the internet?
  • Which methods/programs have been most effective at reducing teen pregnancy?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Keto diet?
  • How effective are different exercise regimes for losing weight and maintaining weight loss?
  • How do the healthcare plans of various countries differ from each other?
  • What are the most effective ways to treat depression ?
  • What are the pros and cons of genetically modified foods?
  • Which methods are most effective for improving memory?
  • What can be done to lower healthcare costs in the US?
  • What factors contributed to the current opioid crisis?
  • Analyze the history and impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic .
  • Are low-carbohydrate or low-fat diets more effective for weight loss?
  • How much exercise should the average adult be getting each week?
  • Which methods are most effective to get parents to vaccinate their children?
  • What are the pros and cons of clean needle programs?
  • How does stress affect the body?
  • Discuss the history of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
  • What were the causes and effects of the Salem Witch Trials?
  • Who was responsible for the Iran-Contra situation?
  • How has New Orleans and the government's response to natural disasters changed since Hurricane Katrina?
  • What events led to the fall of the Roman Empire?
  • What were the impacts of British rule in India ?
  • Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary?
  • What were the successes and failures of the women's suffrage movement in the United States?
  • What were the causes of the Civil War?
  • How did Abraham Lincoln's assassination impact the country and reconstruction after the Civil War?
  • Which factors contributed to the colonies winning the American Revolution?
  • What caused Hitler's rise to power?
  • Discuss how a specific invention impacted history.
  • What led to Cleopatra's fall as ruler of Egypt?
  • How has Japan changed and evolved over the centuries?
  • What were the causes of the Rwandan genocide ?


  • Why did Martin Luther decide to split with the Catholic Church?
  • Analyze the history and impact of a well-known cult (Jonestown, Manson family, etc.)
  • How did the sexual abuse scandal impact how people view the Catholic Church?
  • How has the Catholic church's power changed over the past decades/centuries?
  • What are the causes behind the rise in atheism/ agnosticism in the United States?
  • What were the influences in Siddhartha's life resulted in him becoming the Buddha?
  • How has media portrayal of Islam/Muslims changed since September 11th?


  • How has the earth's climate changed in the past few decades?
  • How has the use and elimination of DDT affected bird populations in the US?
  • Analyze how the number and severity of natural disasters have increased in the past few decades.
  • Analyze deforestation rates in a certain area or globally over a period of time.
  • How have past oil spills changed regulations and cleanup methods?
  • How has the Flint water crisis changed water regulation safety?
  • What are the pros and cons of fracking?
  • What impact has the Paris Climate Agreement had so far?
  • What have NASA's biggest successes and failures been?
  • How can we improve access to clean water around the world?
  • Does ecotourism actually have a positive impact on the environment?
  • Should the US rely on nuclear energy more?
  • What can be done to save amphibian species currently at risk of extinction?
  • What impact has climate change had on coral reefs?
  • How are black holes created?
  • Are teens who spend more time on social media more likely to suffer anxiety and/or depression?
  • How will the loss of net neutrality affect internet users?
  • Analyze the history and progress of self-driving vehicles.
  • How has the use of drones changed surveillance and warfare methods?
  • Has social media made people more or less connected?
  • What progress has currently been made with artificial intelligence ?
  • Do smartphones increase or decrease workplace productivity?
  • What are the most effective ways to use technology in the classroom?
  • How is Google search affecting our intelligence?
  • When is the best age for a child to begin owning a smartphone?
  • Has frequent texting reduced teen literacy rates?


How to Write a Great Research Paper

Even great research paper topics won't give you a great research paper if you don't hone your topic before and during the writing process. Follow these three tips to turn good research paper topics into great papers.

#1: Figure Out Your Thesis Early

Before you start writing a single word of your paper, you first need to know what your thesis will be. Your thesis is a statement that explains what you intend to prove/show in your paper. Every sentence in your research paper will relate back to your thesis, so you don't want to start writing without it!

As some examples, if you're writing a research paper on if students learn better in same-sex classrooms, your thesis might be "Research has shown that elementary-age students in same-sex classrooms score higher on standardized tests and report feeling more comfortable in the classroom."

If you're writing a paper on the causes of the Civil War, your thesis might be "While the dispute between the North and South over slavery is the most well-known cause of the Civil War, other key causes include differences in the economies of the North and South, states' rights, and territorial expansion."

#2: Back Every Statement Up With Research

Remember, this is a research paper you're writing, so you'll need to use lots of research to make your points. Every statement you give must be backed up with research, properly cited the way your teacher requested. You're allowed to include opinions of your own, but they must also be supported by the research you give.

#3: Do Your Research Before You Begin Writing

You don't want to start writing your research paper and then learn that there isn't enough research to back up the points you're making, or, even worse, that the research contradicts the points you're trying to make!

Get most of your research on your good research topics done before you begin writing. Then use the research you've collected to create a rough outline of what your paper will cover and the key points you're going to make. This will help keep your paper clear and organized, and it'll ensure you have enough research to produce a strong paper.

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Want Updates?

101 research paper topics.

  • Why do we sleep ?
  • How do GPS systems work?
  • Who was the first person to reach the North Pole ?
  • Did anybody ever escape Alcatraz ?
  • What was life like for a gladiator ?
  • What are the effects of prolonged steroid use on the human body?
  • What happened during the Salem witch trials ?
  • Are there any effective means of repelling insects ?
  • How did trains and railroads change life in America?
  • What may have occurred during the Roswell  UFO incident of 1947?
  • How is bulletproof clothing made?
  • What Olympic events were practiced in ancient Greece?
  • What are the major theories explaining the disappearance of the dinosaurs ?
  • How was the skateboard invented and how has it changed over the years?
  • How did the long bow contribute to English military dominance?
  • What caused the stock market crash of 2008?
  • How did Cleopatra come to power in Egypt what did she do during her reign?
  • How has airport security intensified since September 11 th , 2001?
  • What is life like inside of a beehive ?
  • Where did hip hop originate and who were its founders?
  • What makes the platypus a unique and interesting mammal?
  • How does tobacco use affect the human body?
  • How do computer viruses spread and in what ways do they affect computers?
  • What is daily life like for a Buddhist monk ?
  • What are the origins of the conflict in Darfur ?
  • How did gunpowder change warfare?
  • In what ways do Wal-Mart stores affect local economies?
  • How were cats and dogs domesticated and for what purposes?
  • What do historians know about ninjas ?
  • How has the music industry been affected by the internet and digital downloading?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden ?
  • What was the women’s suffrage movement and how did it change America?
  • What efforts are being taken to protect endangered wildlife ?
  • How much does the war on drugs cost Americans each year?
  • How is text messaging affecting teen literacy?
  • Are humans still evolving ?
  • What technologies are available to home owners to help them conserve energy ?
  • How have oil spills affected the planet and what steps are being taken to prevent them?
  • What was the Magna Carta and how did it change England?
  • What is the curse of the pharaohs?
  • Why was Socrates executed?
  • What nonlethal weapons are used by police to subdue rioters?
  • How does the prison population in America compare to other nations?
  • How did ancient sailors navigate the globe?
  • Can gamblers ever acquire a statistical advantage over the house in casino games?
  • What is alchemy and how has it been attempted?
  • How are black holes formed?
  • How was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln plotted and executed?
  • Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
  • How do submarines work?
  • Do lie detector tests accurately determine truthful statements?
  • How did Cold War tension affect the US and the world?
  • What happened to the lost settlers at Roanoke ?
  • How does a hybrid car save energy?
  • What ingredients can be found inside of a hotdog ?
  • How did Julius Caesar affect Rome?
  • What are some common sleep disorders and how are they treated?
  • How did the Freedom Riders change society?
  • How is internet censorship used in China and around the world?
  • What was the code of the Bushido and how did it affect samurai warriors ?
  • What are the risks of artificial tanning or prolonged exposure to the sun?
  • What programs are available to help war veterans get back into society?
  • What steps are involved in creating a movie or television show?
  • How have the film and music industries dealt with piracy ?
  • How did Joan of Arc change history?
  • What responsibilities do secret service agents have?
  • How does a shark hunt?
  • What dangers and hardships did Lewis and Clark face when exploring the Midwest?
  • Has the Patriot Act prevented or stopped terrorist acts in America?
  • Do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates?
  • How are the Great Depression and the Great Recession similar and different?
  • What are the dangers of scuba diving and underwater exploration?
  • How does the human brain store and retrieve memories ?
  • What was the Manhattan Project and what impact did it have on the world?
  • How does stealth technology shield aircraft from radar?
  • What causes tornadoes ?
  • Why did Martin Luther protest against the Catholic Church?
  • How does a search engine work?
  • What are the current capabilities and future goals of genetic engineers ?
  • How did the Roman Empire fall?
  • What obstacles faced scientists in breaking the sound barrier ?
  • How did the black plague affect Europe?
  • What happened to Amelia Earhart ?
  • What are the dangers and hazards of using nuclear power ?
  • How did Genghis Khan conquer Persia?
  • What architectural marvels were found in Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire ?
  • From where does spam email come and can we stop it?
  • How does night vision work?
  • How did journalists influence US war efforts in Vietnam ?
  • What are the benefits and hazards of medical marijuana ?
  • What causes desert mirages and how do they affect wanderers?
  • What was the cultural significance of the first moon landing ?
  • What are sinkholes and how are they formed?
  • Have any psychics ever solved crimes or prevented them from occurring?
  • Who is Vlad the Impaler and what is his connection to Count Dracula ?
  • What are the risks of climate change and global warming ?
  • What treatments are available to people infected with HIV and are they effective?
  • Who was a greater inventor, Leonardo di Vinci or Thomas Edison ?
  • How are the Chinese and American economies similar and different?
  • Why was communism unsuccessful in so many countries?
  • In what ways do video games affect children and teenagers?

This is an image of a young woman in a library. She is sitting at a desk with a pile of books and looking toward the ceiling. She appears to be in deep thought.


I like using this website when I assist kids with learning as a lot of these topics are quickly covered in the school systems. Thankyou

Mackenah Nicole Molina

Wow! I always have trouble deiciding what to do a research project on but this list has totally solved that. Now my only problem is choosing what idea on this list I should do first!

Most of these my teacher rejected because apparently ‘these aren’t grade level topics, and I doubt they interest you”

I’m sorry to hear that. Sounds like you will have a potentially valuable character-building experience in the short-term.

Edwin Augusto Galindo Cuba


research kid

I need one about animals, please. I have been challenged to a animal research project, Due Friday. I have no clue what to research! somebody help, thanks for reading!

You can do one on bats

For international studies you can do Defense and Security.

This was very helpful.

Research on Ben Franklin? I think THAT will get a real charge out of everyone (hehehehegetit)

Mandy Maher

“Is it possible to colonize Mars?”

maddy burney

these are silly topics

thx for making this real.

more gaming questions!!!!!!

Is it still considered stealing if you don’t get caught?

Yes, yes it is still considered stealing.

I need topics on memes

Mary Nnamani

Please I need project topics on Language Literature

Marcella Vallarino

I would appreciate a list of survey questions for middle school grades 6-8

I need a research topics about public sector management


publish research that are interesting please……

hey can you do one on the burmiueda triangle

Anybody know video games effect kids,and,teens. There Fun!!


I need a topic about woman history if any of u can find 1 please that would be great!

You could research about the history of the astronauts, and of human past (WWI, WWII, etc.)

so about women? Manitoba Women Win the Right to Vote in Municipal Elections, The First Women, January 23, 1849: Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first woman to graduate from medical school and become a doctor in the United States, Rosa Parks Civil Rights Equal Pay. I have way more. so if you need more just ask.

communism is good

what are you a communist?!?!

Did FDR know about the upcoming attack on Pearl Harbor on 07 DEC 1941.

do you know how babies are born

Christine Singu

kindly assist with a research topic in the field of accounting or auditing

need more about US army

Please can yiu give me a topic in education

I think one should be how can music/Video games can affect the life for people

or How Do Video Games Affect Teenagers?

zimbabwe leader

I think a good topic is supporting the confederate flag!

Need a research topic within the context of students union government and dues payments

do more weird ones plz

joyce alcantara

Hi pls po can you give me a topic relate for humanities pls thank u.

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55 Clever 7th Grade Science Fair Projects and Classroom Experiments

Did you know you can use cabbage to test pH?

7th Grade science projects and experiments including glass filled with rainbow water to measure density and a pinball machine made of plastic cups and paper.

Whether you’re prepping for a middle school science fair or looking for ways to make classroom lessons more exciting, hands-on activities are the answer. This huge list of seventh grade science ideas covers biology, chemistry, physics, and more. Take a look and get inspired!

(Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

1. Drive a balloon-powered car

Balloon-powered car made from cardboard (Seventh Grade Science)

Engineer a balloon-powered car using basic materials from around the house (even the wheels are bottle caps!). Experiment to see how far or fast you can make the car go.

Learn more: Prolab

2. Construct a DIY Grow Box

DIY plant grow box made with aluminum foil

When you build your own grow box, there are lots of seventh grade science fair projects you can do with it. The only special supply you need is a plug-in light socket .

Learn more: Uplifting Mayhem/Grow Box

3. Sort jelly beans to learn genetics

Jellybeans sorted into two plastic cups labeled

If you’re learning about how genetic traits are passed along from parent to child, try this jelly-bean demo. When you’re finished, you can enjoy a sweet treat!

Learn more: The Owl Teacher

4. Make a tea bag float on air

Three empty teabags burning

This easy experiment is a cool way to show kids how heat affects air molecules, making hot air rise. They’ll need some supervision with the fire, so try this out on the playground for extra safety.

Learn more: Coffee Cups and Crayons

5. Crush a can using air pressure

Student's gloved hand holding tongs over a crushed soda can sitting in a bowl of water (Seventh Grade Science)

Sure, it’s easy to crush a soda can with your bare hands, but what if you could do it without touching it at all? That’s the power of air pressure!

Learn more: Steve Spangler Science/Can Crusher

6. Construct a geodesic dome

Geodesic dome made of rolled up newspaper and blue masking tape, supporting a magazine

Budding engineers will love designing, building, and testing the strength of the fascinating geodesic dome. This experiment requires nothing more than newspaper and masking tape!

Learn more: Science Buddies/Newspaper Dome

7. Design a solar oven

Pizza boxed turned into a solar oven, propped open with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows inside (Seventh Grade Science)

Students experiment with the best way to build a solar oven, exploring thermal energy, reflection, convection, and other physics concepts. They can serve up their experiment results along with their final reports!

Learn more: Children’s Science Center

8. Spherify your favorite beverage

Pile of small yellow balls made by spherifying green tea

Spherification is a hot trend in top restaurants, but seventh grade science students can easily replicate it at home with a spherification kit . This is a cool chemistry experiment and tasty too!

Learn more: Science Buddies/Spherification

9. Design a helping hand

Collage of photos showing a variety of student-made mechanical hands (Seventh Grade Science)

This is a great individual or group seventh grade science project, as it encourages students to use and hone their design and engineering skills to make a working model of a hand.

Learn more: Science Buddies/Robotic Hand

10. Learn how salt affects density

Plastic cups labeled

Explore the salinity of various bodies of water, then re-create their waters to see if you can make an egg float or sink. Experiment with other objects too.

Learn more: Uplifting Mayhem/Salt Water Density

11. Watch the greenhouse effect in action

Glass jar with a thermometer inside, covered with plastic wrap, next to another thermometer lying on the sidewalk

Climate change can be a contentious topic, so start by teaching kids about the greenhouse effect, which is easy to see and understand. Then, urge them to explore data collected by other scientists so they can learn to make informed decisions about topics like global warming.

Learn more: Teaching Science With Lynda

12. Marvel at a density rainbow

Stemless wine glass holding a rainbow of layered liquids (Seventh Grade Science)

We learn early on that oil floats on water, but where do other liquids fit in? Students find out when they conduct this colorful density experiment that has them layer different substances, making a rainbow.

Learn more: ThoughtCo/Density Rainbow

13. Discover computer coding with LEGO bricks

Collage of LEGOs arranged alongside coding symbol cards (Seventh Grade Science)

Chances are good at least some of the kids in your class will go on to work with computer code someday. Introduce the concept now with LEGO bricks.

Learn more: Little Bins for Little Hands

14. Burn calories to explore stored energy

Collage of tin pans with burning bread cubes (Seventh Grade Science)

Ever wonder how scientists determine how many calories are in your food? Try this experiment to find out!

Learn more: Science Buddies/Calories Experiment

15. Test PH using cabbage

Student with a test tube holder with test tubes containing purple liquids

Teach kids about acids and bases without needing PH test strips. Simply boil some red cabbage and have students use the resulting water to test various substances—acids turn red, and bases turn green. Find a terrific kid-friendly test tube set here.

Learn more: Education Possible

16. Purify water with charcoal

Bottle of powdered activated charcoal next to two jars of colored water (Seventh Grade Science)

Plenty of homes use water filtration systems these days, but how do they really work? This chemistry experiment explores how charcoal filters impurities from drinking water.

Learn more: The Homeschool Scientist

17. Ride the wave (machine)

Series of sticks held together by duct tape, with clay on the ends of the sticks

Learning about wave action? Build this surprisingly easy wave machine for hands-on exploration.

Learn more: Engaging Science Labs

18. Mummify a hot dog

One raw hotdog and one mummified hotdog sitting on a paper towel

Are your students fascinated by ancient Egypt? Then we’ve got the perfect seventh grade science project for your class! No need for canopic jars ; just grab some baking soda and get started.

Learn more: Science Buddies/Mummified Hot Dog

19. Construct a water clock

Several small bowls next to a water clock made from a jar of water, styrofoam cup, wood craft stock, and jingle bell (Seventh Grade Science)

You’ll blow your seventh grade science students’ minds when you tell them they’re going to build a clock using engineering that’s been around for thousands of years. The supplies are simple, but the results are pretty neat!

Learn more: STEAM Powered Family

20. Design your own slime

Teachers' hands stretching some green slime (Seventh Grade Science)

Chances are good your students already love making and playing with slime. Turn the fun into an experiment by changing the ingredients to create slime with a variety of properties, from magnetic to glow-in-the-dark!

Learn more: Science Buddies/Slime Varieties

21. Explore how sugary drinks affect teeth

Four colored cups containing different liquids, with an egg in each

The calcium content of eggshells makes them a great stand-in for teeth. In this experiment, students use eggs to determine how soda and juice stain the teeth and wear down the enamel. (Bonus: Have students try different toothpaste and toothbrush combinations to see how effective they are.)

Learn more: Feels Like Home

22. Extract DNA from an onion

Large red bowl of ice with a thermometer and a measuring cup with frothy white liquid (Seventh Grade Science)

This experiment takes a bit of time and requires a few special supplies, but kids will truly feel like scientists when they extract onion DNA via a test tube. Most of what you need you can find at home, and you can get 95% ethanol at Amazon .

Learn more: Science Buddies/Onion DNA

23. Put together a DIY barometer

Aluminum can topped with green rubber and a stick, next to a vertical ruler

This simple but effective DIY science project teaches kids about air pressure and meteorology. They’ll have fun tracking and predicting the weather with their very own barometer.

Learn more: Edventures With Kids

24. Stretch your mind with a flexibility experiment

Three students lying on their backs stretching one leg in the air while another student stands nearby (Seventh Grade Science)

Find out how important stretching really is by comparing the flexibility of willing test subjects before and after stretch exercises. This is a great experiment for fitness fans.

Learn more: We Have Kids

25. Copper-plate some coins

9 volt battery with electric wires running to a penny, with a cup of blue liquid

Students need just a few simple supplies to perform this classic seventh grade science project involving electrolysis and electroplating, but the results are always impressive. Get copper strips  and 9V battery snap connectors with alligator clips on Amazon.

Learn more: KiwiCo

26. Swab and test for germs

Petri dishes marked floor, fridge, sink, and more, each showing some bacterial growth (Seventh Grade Science)

There’s never been a better time to learn about germs and bacteria. This is the kind of experiment that will make your seventh grade science students feel like real scientists!

Learn more: Angelicscalliwags

27. Tinker around with hydraulic power

Student's hand holding a syringe connected to plastic tubing

Give kids a thorough understanding of hydraulics with this ready-to-use unit, which culminates in designing your own hydraulic invention!

Learn more: Teacher Geek

28. Collect and control biofilm

Two plastic milk jugs sitting by a sink, covered with green film

Bacteria that accumulate on objects in the water form a substance called biofilm. In this ecology project, students build an apparatus to collect biofilm and then experiment with ways to reduce the amount of biofilm that accumulates over time.

Learn more: The Homeschool Scientist/Biofilm

29. Learn whether color affects memory

Colorful markers next to note cards with historical names and dates

Can certain colors improve your memory? This experiment explores that idea using only colored and black markers and a set of willing participants.

Learn more: Education.com/Colors and Memory

30. Grow and experiment with crystals

Closeup of blue flowers covered in tiny crystals

There are so many ways to experiment with crystals, teaching kids about supersaturated solutions. Check out the link below for great ideas, like making an edible crystal flower.

Learn more: ThoughtCo/Crystals

31. Use a fidget spinner to explore the laws of motion

Collage of child's hand holding a fidget spinner with lights

Fidget spinners are a great way to keep some kids focused, but did you ever consider using them for a science experiment? This one explores Newton’s first law of motion, aka the law of inertia. Fun and educational!

Learn more: From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom/Fidget Spinners

32. See if caffeine helps you type faster

Man typing at a computer with a cup of coffee in front of him

People seek out a jolt of caffeine when they’re feeling sluggish, but does it really help them perform better? This science experiment tasks students with answering that question using the scientific method.

Learn more: ThoughtCo/Caffeine Energy

33. Design a pinball machine

Student-created pinball machine made from cardboard box, paper cups, and other basic supplies

Give your class basic supplies like rubber bands, plastic cups, and cardboard boxes. Then challenge them to create their very own pinball machines!

Learn more: Student Savvy

34. Build a Da Vinci bridge

Da Vinci bridge built from unsharpened pencils and rubber bands (Seventh Grade Science)

There are plenty of bridge-building experiments out there, but this one is unique. It’s inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s 500-year-old self-supporting wooden bridge. All you need are unsharpened pencils and loom bands .

Learn more: iGame Mom

35. Create a taxonomy system

Seventh grade science student sorting a pile of seeds and making notes in a notebook

Students can step into Linnaeus’ shoes by creating their own system of taxonomy using a handful of different dried beans. This is a fun seventh grade science project to do in groups, so students can see the differences between each group’s system.

Learn more: Our Journey Westward

36. Generate electricity

Simple generator powering a small LED lightbulb

In this science fair project, kids build a generator from scratch. The supplies are readily available online, and there are plenty of experiments students can perform once it’s built.

Learn more: Sciencing.com

37. Play around with oxidation

Series of paper cups containing small items like a penny, paper clip, screw, and more

Oxidation experiments can be as simple as dropping objects into water to see if they rust or made more complex by altering the conditions to see if rusting can be delayed or prevented.

Learn more: Teach Beside Me

38. Spin Beyblades to explore angular momentum

Student's hands holding a white Beyblade top (Seventh Grade Science)

There’s nothing kids love more than getting to play with their toys during school hours. Use their favorite battling tops to explore the relationship of weight to angular momentum.

Learn more: From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom/Beyblades

39. Blow hot or cold bubbles

Frozen soap bubble sitting on snowy branches

Blowing bubbles may sound like too much fun for a science project, but when conditions like temperature are altered, the experimental part kicks in. If it’s cold enough, students can even blow frozen bubbles!

Learn more:  ThoughtCo/Frozen Bubbles

40. Test out DIY lip balm recipes

Small containers of homemade lip balm, with paper labels and colorful Sharpie markers

Try this experiment for the seventh grade science fair: Cook up batches of lip balms using different recipes and then test them to see which is the most effective.

Learn more: Science Buddies/Lip Balm DIY

41. Whip up some eggshell chalk

Pink sidewalk chalk stick sitting on a paper towel

Use the calcium in eggshells to make your own sidewalk chalk. Kids will love grinding the eggshells into powder and then decorating the sidewalk with their results!

Learn more: Kidspot

42. Dive into an exploration of swim bladders

Plastic bottle with rubber tubing and a blue balloon, inside the outline of a fish

If you’re learning about fish anatomy, or just exploring buoyancy, this simple experiment is a fun way to dive into the concepts. ( Find more balloon science here. )

Learn more: Science Buddies/Swim Bladders

43. Bake an edible cell model

Cake turned into a cell model with gummi candies and labels (Seventh Grade Science)

Sure, students could build a cell model out of clay, but cake and candy are so much more delicious! Check out the link below to see how one teacher does it.

Learn more: Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

44. Determine whether texting is a new language

Cell phone and notebook with list of texting terms

Kids are fluent in text-speak, but does it really count as a whole new language? In this project, students research language and the history of texting and then compile a texting glossary and consider texting’s practical applications.

Learn more: Education.com/Text Language

45. Swing a glass of water

Teacher holding a platform swing from four strings with three glasses of water on it

This classic science experiment teaches kids about centripetal force. Be forewarned: This could potentially make a bit of a mess, so consider taking this one outside.

Learn more: Steve Spangler Science/Centripetal Force Board

46. Acidic rain and plants

Acid rain experiment for 7th graders.

This experiment tests whether acid rain has any effect on plant life, using vinegar in place of any fossil fuels. A great extension of this experiment would be to do a research project on the effects of pollution and what can be done to decrease these effects.

47. Serenade your plants

Does playing music for plants affect their growth?

Your students will have a blast with this tried-and-true experiment. Have some fun experimenting with different music genres (R&B, country, etc.) to see what effect different music has on the growth of plants.

Learn more: Science Project Ideas and Dengarden

48. Heat (or cool) balloons

The effect of temperature on a balloon's elasticity.

This demonstration of the elasticity of balloons when exposed to varying hot and cold temperatures will introduce your students to the concepts of the volume of gas and density. ( Find more balloon science here. )

Learn more: Education.com

49. Detect the effect of detergent on surface tension

The effect on surface tension by detergent.

The surface tension of water can be tested using different powders, such as talcum powder, and dish soap. Extend this experiment using hard water or other types of detergent.

Learn more: Royal Society of Chemistry and Sciencing

50. Cook up instant ice

How to make instant ice in 5 seconds or less.

Your students can explore the concept of nucleation (the process of chain reactions) when they make their very own instant ice.

Learn more: STEAMsational

51. Simulate plate tectonics

Graham crackers and plate tectonics

Who knew graham crackers could so easily show your students what different plate boundaries look like? After simulating Convergent, Divergent, and Transform fault boundaries, your students can even have a tasty snack (not the graham crackers they put in water though, because … gross).

Learn more: Playdough to Plato

52. Evaporate water with food coloring

Simple evaporation experiment using food coloring.

The water cycle has a lot of parts and a ton of vocabulary. This quick and easy demonstration will show evaporation in action using food coloring. (You can use a hot plate in place of a stove).

Learn more: Capri + 3

53. Determine resonant frequency

Experience the science of sound with wine glasses.

We’ve all seen this “trick” in movies, where someone “plays” the wineglasses and creates notes that come together in a recognizable song. It’s not actually a “trick”… it’s science! Your middle schoolers will enjoy exploring resonant frequency with different amounts of liquids.

Learn more: Science Buddies

54. Yo-yo to show friction

Using yo-yos to demonstrate friction

Teachers, we recommend saving this one for when you have the physical space and the mental energy to deal with middle schoolers experimenting with yo-yos. … With a good amount of scaffolding and solid safety procedures, this hands-on demo will show your students how friction and angular momentum work.

55. Construct casein plastic

Make plastic toys using milk.

Shock your students by building the background knowledge that prior to the 20th century,  all plastic items were made from milk! You don’t need a ton of materials for this project, and we definitely encourage having some fun with different types of molds.

Keep the STEM learning going with these 15 Items All Middle School Math Classrooms Need .

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Whether you're looking for science fair ideas or hands-on classroom activities, you'll find lots of seventh grade science projects here!

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A Selection Of Research Paper Topics For 7th Grade Students

When choosing a title for your 7th grade research paper, you have to keep in mind several things. First, as a teenager you’ve had some real life experience, so you can always write about that. In fact, writing about something personal can inspire a really strong paper. Then, you are likely to continue your research further in school, so it may be better if you choose a problem that has enough information on itself. Finally, your paper has to be connected with something you’ve been learning throughout the year. If all this seems too intimidating to you, check the selection of the strong 7th grade research paper topics below:

  • Dress code at school: should teachers wear uniforms too?

Being a student for several years now you probably know how uncomfortable uniforms can be. However, they serve a certain purpose. So should teachers have a dress code as well?

  • Grading at school: should students evaluate teachers’ work?

Do you think teachers’ progress should be evaluated just like students’ is? Would it make any difference to how the staff would treat undergraduates?

  • Cosmetics and medicine testing on animals: are there any ways we can avoid that?

It’s a well-known fact that live creatures are used in scientific testing when some new substance is involved. Do you think there are any alternative things/means we can use to stop killing animals?

  • Single-sex schooling: pros and cons.

Some researches show that men benefit more than women from such kind of an educational system. But is school only about studying? Do your own investigation on what are other advantages and disadvantages of a unisex school system.

  • Googling vs. remembering: should students be allowed to use smartphones in class?

People nowadays have very little motivation to memorize facts or dates since they can easily look them up anytime they need them. However, can students really benefit from such an approach? Memorizing can be a good brain exercise that can help you keep your mental health too.

  • Early romance: when do people should start seeing each other?

It’s a very controversial topic, but you certainly have some personal experience to base your point of view on. Surely, you can fall for someone even in the kindergarten, but when can these affections be considered as serious ones?

  • Homework in education: advantages and disadvantages.

This topic can seem a very easy one for you. However, make sure you do the necessary research and provide substantial proof to all of your statements.

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A List Of Good Research Paper Topics For 7th Graders

7th Grade is time for that all-important practical on how to write research papers. Throughout your school career and on through college you are going to be asked to write papers. If you learn the best methods for researching and writing a good paper in 7th Grade then you have learned the basics that will help you all the way up through a Doctorate – should you chose to go that far with your education.

First things first, you need a topic for your paper. Your teacher will set you a limited range of choices, and you’ve got to choose the best one for you. Perhaps your teacher has decided that he or she wants an essay about Current Affairs. To find out more, you would need to look for your ideas by checking what news is trending online. Then find out more by checking out the online section of local and national newspapers where you can learn about crime or politics.

Maybe your teacher has set you a “how-to” paper. You can go searching on one of the video sites for how-to home movies and start looking for more information from there. Pros and Cons and social issues are also hot subjects for 7th Grade papers.

Still got a problem with sparking an idea for your paper? Here are a few hints to get you started.

Research Paper Ideas

  • Would it be a good thing if teachers wore a uniform to work?
  • In your opinion have humans become too reliant on computers and technology?
  • What would the world be like if anything were permitted?
  • There is evidence that boys learn better in a unisex environment, and girls learn better in a mixed school. Should boys and girls be taught separately?
  • If women held most high-level jobs, would you think it fair not to introduce quotas putting more men into top jobs?
  • Should smartphones be required for school so that you can look up the answers when the teacher asks a question in class?
  • Would teachers do a better job if students graded their teachers’ work the way teachers grade their students’ work?
  • If we stopped cutting down all forests would that impact on world food production?
  • Should we fix the problems here on Earth before we spend more money on space exploration?
  • Are there better ways to test medicines than using animals in scientific research?

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We always open for new ideas and suggestions. If you feel you can contribute to our educational resource, feel free to contact us.

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A Collection Of Good 7th Grade Research Paper Topics

If you are in 7th grade, you may have to suddenly raise your standards as this is the entry point to high school. There is a chance that you may even be flummoxed with the burden of research papers. Yes, they will be kept rather rudimentary for your sake.

Teacher’s headache

Choosing topics for you may be a headache for the teachers. They know they cannot overload you with information or ask you for something special. They also know that your interest has to be wrought out from the topics.

The options available

You may still find cornucopia of topics in opinionated subjects, but when it comes to exact science, the choice is limited. After all, you cannot be expected to find about the Field Theory.

A captivating idea

You may try the expedient of sharing ideas for topics with mates and then presenting them to your respective teachers. This will help in strengthening the bonds between you and the teacher. This will also enrich them.

Methodology carving

You should anyhow be ready in crafting ideas for Methods. You may go through the previous samples and ask from seniors how they managed their papers. There is a lot to learn from experience.

Typical trouble

There is typical trouble in inspection when it comes to subjects like Math. The subject is anyway a dread to most students; the additional news comes as heartache. The teachers have to take care of possibilities.

The artful conclusion

You should instill the art of conjuring artful conclusions; irrespective of the topic or subject at hand. This comes from practice and an instinctive eye that needs to be honed. You may develop that by practicing essays.

Meanwhile, here are 10 stimulating research paper topics for Grade 7

  • 1. Find out the impact of landfills on neighboring areas and water bodies
  • 2. Does bullying affect the victim more or the perpetrator: Make a detailed survey?
  • 3. Find out how community markets exist and excel despite competition
  • 4. Assess the impact of tone, diction and syntax in a journal
  • 5. How do guys and girls tend to behave after break-ups: The general picture?
  • 6. Is there any connection between Unitary Method and Measurements?
  • 7. Create expressive examples of work, power and energy on your own
  • 8. Which is the greater evil: Indiscipline or lack of responsibility?
  • 9. Find out the common features between Himalayas and Mt. Kilimanjaro; Ganges and Nile
  • 10. Create a perfect education system model which may be effective in the long run

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In a surprising finding, light can make water evaporate without heat

Press contact :, media download.

8 images show discs of hydrogels, labeled A-H. The bottom rows are very wet, and the top looks dry.

*Terms of Use:

Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial entities, press and the general public under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license . You may not alter the images provided, other than to crop them to size. A credit line must be used when reproducing images; if one is not provided below, credit the images to "MIT."

Green leaves with water droplets.

Previous image Next image

Evaporation is happening all around us all the time, from the sweat cooling our bodies to the dew burning off in the morning sun. But science’s understanding of this ubiquitous process may have been missing a piece all this time.

In recent years, some researchers have been puzzled upon finding that water in their experiments, which was held in a sponge-like material known as a hydrogel, was evaporating at a higher rate than could be explained by the amount of heat, or thermal energy, that the water was receiving. And the excess has been significant — a doubling, or even a tripling or more, of the theoretical maximum rate.

After carrying out a series of new experiments and simulations, and reexamining some of the results from various groups that claimed to have exceeded the thermal limit, a team of researchers at MIT has reached a startling conclusion: Under certain conditions, at the interface where water meets air, light can directly bring about evaporation without the need for heat, and it actually does so even more efficiently than heat. In these experiments, the water was held in a hydrogel material, but the researchers suggest that the phenomenon may occur under other conditions as well.

The findings are published this week in a paper in PNAS , by MIT postdoc Yaodong Tu, professor of mechanical engineering Gang Chen, and four others.

The phenomenon might play a role in the formation and evolution of fog and clouds, and thus would be important to incorporate into climate models to improve their accuracy, the researchers say. And it might play an important part in many industrial processes such as solar-powered desalination of water, perhaps enabling alternatives to the step of converting sunlight to heat first.

The new findings come as a surprise because water itself does not absorb light to any significant degree. That’s why you can see clearly through many feet of clean water to the surface below. So, when the team initially began exploring the process of solar evaporation for desalination, they first put particles of a black, light-absorbing material in a container of water to help convert the sunlight to heat.

Then, the team came across the work of another group that had achieved an evaporation rate double the thermal limit — which is the highest possible amount of evaporation that can take place for a given input of heat, based on basic physical principles such as the conservation of energy. It was in these experiments that the water was bound up in a hydrogel. Although they were initially skeptical, Chen and Tu starting their own experiments with hydrogels, including a piece of the material from the other group. “We tested it under our solar simulator, and it worked,” confirming the unusually high evaporation rate, Chen says. “So, we believed them now.” Chen and Tu then began making and testing their own hydrogels.

They began to suspect that the excess evaporation was being caused by the light itself —that photons of light were actually knocking bundles of water molecules loose from the water’s surface. This effect would only take place right at the boundary layer between water and air, at the surface of the hydrogel material — and perhaps also on the sea surface or the surfaces of droplets in clouds or fog.

In the lab, they monitored the surface of a hydrogel, a JELL-O-like matrix consisting mostly of water bound by a sponge-like lattice of thin membranes. They measured its responses to simulated sunlight with precisely controlled wavelengths.

The researchers subjected the water surface to different colors of light in sequence and measured the evaporation rate. They did this by placing a container of water-laden hydrogel on a scale and directly measuring the amount of mass lost to evaporation, as well as monitoring the temperature above the hydrogel surface. The lights were shielded to prevent them from introducing extra heat. The researchers found that the effect varied with color and peaked at a particular wavelength of green light. Such a color dependence has no relation to heat, and so supports the idea that it is the light itself that is causing at least some of the evaporation.

The researchers tried to duplicate the observed evaporation rate with the same setup but using electricity to heat the material, and no light. Even though the thermal input was the same as in the other test, the amount of water that evaporated never exceeded the thermal limit. However, it did so when the simulated sunlight was on, confirming that light was the cause of the extra evaporation.

Though water itself does not absorb much light, and neither does the hydrogel material itself, when the two combine they become strong absorbers, Chen says. That allows the material to harness the energy of the solar photons efficiently and exceed the thermal limit, without the need for any dark dyes for absorption.

Having discovered this effect, which they have dubbed the photomolecular effect, the researchers are now working on how to apply it to real-world needs. They have a grant from MIT’s  Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab to study the use of this phenomenon to improve the efficiency of solar-powered desalination systems, and a Bose Grant to explore the phenomenon’s effects on climate change modeling.

Tu explains that in standard desalination processes, “it normally has two steps: First we evaporate the water into vapor, and then we need to condense the vapor to liquify it into fresh water.” With this discovery, he says, potentially “we can achieve high efficiency on the evaporation side.” The process also could turn out to have applications in processes that require drying a material.

Chen says that in principle, he thinks it may be possible to increase the limit of water produced by solar desalination, which is currently 1.5 kilograms per square meter, by as much as three- or fourfold using this light-based approach. “This could potentially really lead to cheap desalination,” he says.

Tu adds that this phenomenon could potentially also be leveraged in evaporative cooling processes, using the phase change to provide a highly efficient solar cooling system.

Meanwhile, the researchers are also working closely with other groups who are attempting to replicate the findings, hoping to overcome skepticism that has faced the unexpected findings and the hypothesis being advanced to explain them.

The research team also included Jiawei Zhou, Shaoting Lin, Mohammed Alshrah, and Xuanhe Zhao, all in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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